4 weeks ago

Kernel panic while booting Ubuntu 23.04 #boot #kernel #2304 #btrfs #busybox

#TIL that #BusyBox had been written initially "to install #Debian from #floppy disks".

Citing from the article that @steven mentioned and @sjvn wrote:

»Perens said […]: "I created Busybox (The Swiss army knife of embedded Linux) to install Debian from floppy disks. At the time, it took one 1.44MB floppy to load the kernel, and then you had to put in another floppy for the root filesystem. Busybox was built to fit all of the necessary command-line tools on that second floppy. […]"«

Pentagrid AG
1 month ago

Today we published an advisory for Busybox cpio. When extracting cpio archives with BusyBox cpio, the cpio archiving tools may write files outside the destination directory and there is no option to prevent this.

Full advisory:

#itsecurity #infosec #pentesting #Busybox

mind you this could even save more space...

Tho I've to see how much #toybox is a drop-in replacement for #BusyBox and how much I need to restructure the files...

But OFC you'll find all the files at the repo:

deltatux :donor:
2 months ago It's not really the distro itself being lightweight but the desktop environment.

If you want absolute lightweight, consider
#AlpineLinux + #LXQT. LXQT is even more lightweight than #XFCE. Alpine doesn't take much resources because it's mainly built on top of #Busybox, but keep in mind that it uses musl for its C library so depending on what you're running, it has a very small incompatibility.

If Alpine doesn't work for you, then
#Debian + LXQT is pretty lightweight.

@lunaa @yura @torvalds I know...

There's a reason Distros like #AlpineLinux, #ChimeraLinux and almost all #embedded systems using #Busybox or #Toybox want to get rid of #glibc if not replace it with something like #uClinux, #musl,or another #libc...

Because glibc bricking stuff with minor updates kills any #CCSS and any non-#FLOSS that can't be recompiled.

And what RMS et. al. may see as intentional, I think is the biggest issie that prevents #Linux from dominating #Desktop|s!

@arialdo @xenodium and even if I wanted to have these, why would I "choose" these over #Busybox's integrated substitutes and/or #Toybox + "portable" / standalone binaries of the tools in question.

Just admit that you want an #IDE + #Userland in one big application and accept that as your choice...

Paolo Redaelli
3 months ago

@nixCraft AFAIK
#Busybox were created to slim down disk occupation of basic #POSIX commands and it achieved this design goal very efficiently.
#Systemd has some controversial design choices but as others has already pointed out when used wisely is a good tool

@vwbusguy @benjamineskola @josephholsten @fuchsiii personally, I've also had some use time with #ash on #Busybox but that's just because I have on occasions dealt with #embedded devices and have a copy of #Floppinux.

And yes, I'm still intrigued on the idea of a #1440kB distro that one can blindly autoboot into and that automatically opens up #SSH to allow for remote login if not automatically opens it's own SSH tunnel.

Kinda like #XeLL...

Thomas Liske
3 months ago

The real challenge is how to replace /usr while the system is using it.

On Debian there is the package #busybox-static which provides a self-contained shell with basic commands (we need mv, mkdir & mount).

- copy /usr to the new partition (I use a rsync spell)
- let the system switch to a rescue shell, something like: telinit 1
- prepare your fstab
- start a *static* busybox shell: busybox sh
- mv /usr /usr.old
- create a new /usr directory and mount the new fs
- reboot
- rm -rf /usr.old

Screenshot of a terminal window showing that the mkdir and mv command inside a busybox shell is provided by busybox itself. These commands will work while /usr is renamed and the new partition is not yet mounted.
Sailfish OS News Network
4 months ago

#SailfishOS Community News, 18th May, Busybox ash

The latest Community News by #Jolla about following topics:

- The change from #GNUBash to #BusyBox shell in Sailfish OS and the differences between them.
- App roundup: Fibonacci, #ChatGPT (Update), Patience Deck, Hafenschau.
- Repository roundup

4 months ago

@ska Denys Vlasenko is presumably still actively responsible for the runit clone in BusyBox. Xe last touched BusyBox 6 days ago.

#BusyBox #runit

5 months ago

If you ever need to find out which process is lisening on a port on an embedded system like a #qnap #nas and netstat is build so minimal that it wont spit out the port lsof may be your fried:
sudo lsof -itcp -P | grep 80

#tip #embeddedlinux #busybox

@lunareclipse if you just want it to be a stupid server that doesn't even need to call, sms, wwan but only do like Ethernet over a USB dongle [potentially even get powered vis PoE] then maybe #Armbian or some #Busybox / #Toybox distro may also work.

6 months ago

Alpine Linux als Desktop

Die leichtgewichtige und auf Sicherheit getrimmte Distribution Alpine Linux lässt sich mit wenig Aufwand auch als Desktop-System nutzen. In dieser Anleitung erfährst du Schritt-für-Schritt, was dazu nötig ist.

#Alpine #Busybox #Musl #OpenRC #Linux

sometimes #BusyBox is amazing when i really dont want to figure out how to do this with powershell

Me, running `ls | grep command-block` and getting results in Windows Terminal. The prompt is customized via Starship.
Rob Russell
6 months ago

Nice to-the-point post from @geerlingguy helped me set up a #raspberrypi as an NFS server. A single-purpose NFS server can make a nice way to delivery files when you cross-compile on a different machine.

One thing I learned while setting up a client though, it seems like NFS shares in fstab aren't always mounted at boot. I had to add a little rc script on a #busybox system to mount the share right after the network comes up.

Crunchy Flakes
7 months ago

So well… i found a bug in busybox. Its wget implementation runs a ssl_helper process when handling https urls. But it does not “waitpid” for that child process to exit. When running in a container without an init process this leads to one zombie process per https url. Nice… #docker #busybox #bug

Something is off in #busybox version 1.36: wget doesn't succeed with "Connection reset by peer", whereas the same thing works properly with version 1.35.

Seeigel ☑️
10 months ago

Ok, that failed completely! #restore with #Timeshift was fine, when rebooting a strange encryption message came and then I learned about the #Busybox!! Not bootable anymore. Maybe another try tomorrow…

IT News
10 months ago

Telnet Gets Stubborn Sony Camera Under Control - According to [Venn Stone], technical producer over at LinuxGameCast, the Sony a500... - #digitalcamerashacks #softwarehacks #firmwarehack #busybox #telnetd #telnet #sony

Ben S.
10 months ago

Updated #FreshTomato #firmware on my #Netgear #R7000 #router and #ASUS RT-N66U that I use as a switch + WiFi AP.

For some reason it was a pain to get the WAN working again. Rebooting the cable modem and R7000 eventually cleared it up?

Noticed that #busybox #ntpd on the firmware doesn't respond to ntpq queries and is rather config-limited, so I installed the #entware version on the R7000's USB stick.

Also uninstalled #avahi because it's now built into the firmware - neat! Now do #wsdd2 please!

1 year ago

@Fu @agx His phone OS is, but there is also #postmarketOS which I wouldn't call GNU (being based on #alpinelinux and #Musl and #Busybox) but also isn't Android.

Boiling Steam
1 year ago

Alpine Linux is reducing dependencies on Busybox: #linux #alpine #busybox

IT News
1 year ago

A Linux Distribution for DOOM - If you’ve gone further into the Linux world than the standard desktop distribution... - #distribution #linuxhacks #bootable #busybox #fbdoom #games #linux #doom #iso

CK's Technology News
1 year ago

Build a minimal #Linux with only #Busybox in 1 hour

CK's Technology News
2 years ago

#Busybox: a small package with a large code base

2 years ago

I don't understand, it's 5 years ago but #busybox never fix this simple bug.

CK's Technology News
2 years ago
IT News
2 years ago

Running Modern Linux from a Single Floppy Disk - There was a time when booting Linux from a floppy disk was the norm, but of course... - #softwaredevelopment #3.5floppydisk #embeddedlinux #linuxhacks #floppydisk #busybox #linux

3 years ago

Logical News wurde soeben publiziert! Vielen Dank an @iXmagazin #busybox #embeddedsystems

Die Linux-Distribution Tiny Core liegt in Version 12.0 vor. Embedded-Systeme kommen mit einem 11 MByte kleinen Image aus, Desktops beanspruchen 15 MByte.
Tiny Core 12.0: Viel Linux auf 15 MByte
Aleks ANDRE 🌻
3 years ago

Okazis problemo dum la eklanĉo de #LinuxMint kun mesaĝo rilate al #Busybox kaj #initramfs. Kaze ke vi trafas la saman problemon, nur sufiĉas ke vi petu kontrolon kaj riparadon de la disko per:

fsck /dev/sda1 -y

(se via sistemo troviĝas ĉe /dev/sda1)

3 years ago

Having been looking around the lbu command on #Alpine (which is not #GNU/linux but #Busybox+musl/linux). Very fun and state of art, suitable for being a machine for networking purposes.

#Wireguard on it works like a charm. Server side is #Freebsd, solid firm. Now all my device traffic goes through its tunnel, relief 😅. i can have some study on #socialissues now.

Ubuntu Peronista
3 years ago

Al descender del Avión Negro, nada mejor que un Paraguas Negro.

Y al encontrar el error #initramfs de pantalla negra con #BusyBox en #Ubuntu, ¡nada mejor que una solución #Militante y cabecita negra, de manos del Conductor del #Justicialismo!

Sayed Nayab Basha
3 years ago

In this tutorial, we are going to install Linux kernel modules in the busybox filesystem /lib directory.
#raspberrypi #busybox #kernel

Sayed Nayab Basha
3 years ago

In this tutorial, we create squashfs root filesystem, copy kernel, filesystem and dtb to the SD card. We modify U-boot env variables so that the Linux kernel and the filesystem boots from the SD card.
#raspberrypi #busybox #squashfs

Sayed Nayab Basha
3 years ago

Compile busybox without static building enabled and copy all the necessary shared libraries to run a binary from the toolchain directory to busybox filesystem.
#raspberrypi #busybox #embeddedlinux

Sayed Nayab Basha
3 years ago

Generating minimal root filesystem with busybox for Raspberry Pi 3 Modle B. Busybox install basic Linux utilities, an init program and a shell required to make Linux system usable.
#busybox #raspberrypi #raspberrypi3

4 years ago

rustybox: A free-range, non-GMO fork of #busybox in 100% #Rust

4 years ago
Linux ☑️
5 years ago

Adélie Linux.

In BETA phase now, already intriguing.

Based on "GNUless" Alpine Linux, but aiming for common desktop use. Userland instead of GNU Core: BusyBox.

For C standard library, it uses musl, instead of GNU glibc.

"We do believe that Linux should be usable by anyone, regardless of income level or past computer experience. We don't believe that Linux has to be hard to use."

Eye on this one.


#AdelieLinux #alpha #musl #BusyBox #Linux #nonGNU #GNUless

Linux ☑️
5 years ago

Adélie Linux.

In ALPHA, already intriguing.

Based on "GNUless" Alpine Linux, but aiming for common desktop use.

Userland instead of GNU Core: BusyBox.

For C standard library, it uses musl, instead of GNU glibc.

Devs state: "We do believe that Linux should be usable by anyone, regardless of income level or past computer experience. We don't believe that Linux has to be hard to use."

Urged to keep an eye on this one!


#AdelieLinux #alpha #musl #BusyBox #Linux

Linux ☑️
6 years ago

Alpine Linux 3.7.0 (a security oriented distro) was released a bit ago.

-Support for EFI finally here.

Alpine uses Busybox as a userland instead of gnu core, musl libc instead of glibc etc. Yet they are optional.

Without taking any stance on it; no systemd on Alpine Linux either.

Could it be said that Alpine Linux is not GNU/Linux (oh boy here we go again) but rather just a "Linux" ?

How does it thrive as a daily driver? #security #distro #Linux #Busybox #musl #EFI