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The greatest Onion News video piece ever. Please share with someone who isn't going to want to know this right now, man. #buzzkill #YoureHighAndEverybodyKnowsIt

Arielle Castillo 🤖
3 months ago

If you were a solo woman traveler with a free day in New Orleans before or after meeting up with friends to travel onward, what would you do?

Bearing in mind I don’t wanna drink and am a vegan 😅 #buzzkill

Merch Hall, if anyone is still keeping track.


Vitalight CO2 meter with a reading of 1516, which is in the red zone for CO2 concentration.
Useless Idiot 🇳🇱 🥀⌛
4 months ago


Not sure, but the white lady might be a bit later. She could just be bored out of her skull.


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NEW #NoAgenda Paint!!
it's TURDSday!!!! which also means it's another show day for No Agenda AND race day for me!

come cheer me on in the main stream or show your love by watching one of my streams! Tonight @9:30pmEST
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#crackpot #buzzkill #AdamCurry #JohnCDvorak
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another top 10 for the No Agenda truck. it was another tough race, but I made it to the end...
check out my stream or watch the main broadcast every Thursday night over on #noagenda #itm #thankyouforyourcourage #crackpot #buzzkill #AdamCurry #JohnCDvorak #iracing

Huge congrats to the on winning the Golden Horseshoe Conference for the first time in 30 years! 🐝 #HamiltonProud

#HamOnt, let's show our support as they play in the #SutherlandCup 🔨

#Ticats | #Buzzkill | #GOJHL…

The @HamiltonKiltyBs  are the 2022/23 Golden Horseshoe Conference Champions!

📸 | @519sportsonline 

#SutherlandCup | #GOJHL
Sir Dewcifer
8 months ago

That video of French police charging into and being beaten back by firefighters .... is from 2020

Tech news from Canada
9 months ago
IT News
9 months ago

This Hacker Tool Can Pinpoint a DJI Drone Operator's Exact Location - Every DJI quadcopter broadcasts its operator's position via radio—unencrypted. Now, a gro... - #security/cyberattacksandhacks #security/nationalsecurity #security/privacy #security #buzzkill

Ben, Writin’ Movies
10 months ago

@sweetest_delilah Honestly? Not really! 🫤 #buzzkill

11 months ago

Giant Freakin Robot: Ryan Seacrest Making A Terrible Change To The Biggest Show Of The Year.
Why is Whiny Seacrest even a thing?
Not sure why actors with familiar voices aren't hosting gigs instead. Alternate them as well, Mariah, Cher, Bette Midler, Ariana, Elvira, Reese, Radcliffe, Bale, Ryan Renolds with Blake, both Farrell's, DiCaprio, or any models, literally anyone is better than Seacrest.
Who ever said, "Oh Seacrest? The American Idol host? Awesome!"

James Davis Nicoll
11 months ago


Onward into the future! And to start 2023 off on an up note, while I would be more than happy to be a finalist for almost every speculative fiction award this year, please don’t nominate me for a Hugo in 2023.
#awards #buzzkill

Impacts churn the Earth's surface into glowing magma, which is still likely better than 2023 is likely to be.
IT News
1 year ago

Turns Out Fighting Mosquitoes With Mosquitoes Actually Works - New evidence indicates that an effort to stamp out disease-carrying insects is working. T... - #science/biotech #buzzkill #science

1 year ago

"ADHD Isn't a superpower, it's a disorder" said the guy on the internet, helpfully damping any level of positivity among those of us praising "Unlicensed" for its representation. #ADHD #Unlicensed #JosephFink #BuzzKill

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#CrackPot & #BuzzKill do not need #aThird.

#ThirdPerspective, #No... #Replicate, don't #Concentrate

What gives #IndependentVerification?

(sorry guys, workshoping this for maybe some half ass clever shit to put on the echo chamber of #CensorshipKills Twitter tomorrow...

2 years ago

Rude in the most wholesome way I can recall.


3 years ago

@roman They don’t call him #Buzzkill for nothing.

3 years ago

He has been living up to his moniker lately, #Buzzkill indeed.

4 years ago

First #comedy shows of the year! #MasterPancake theater and #Buzzkill at the Buzzmill :-). It started raining contrary to weather reports so fingers crossed the route home stays clean and clear.

Sir Chris on the Pike
6 years ago

I think it's silly to think that rats can't make it into planes. Commercial airlines do ship things. They actually ship a lot of very fresh foodstuffs for restaurants and so forth. And all sorts of other stuff that's neither luggage or air hostesses or pilots or passengers, right? I am sure they're constant stowaways. Plus, the luggage trains could be somewhere rats stay when in the cold: they're warm vehicles, right? Be creative, #buzzkill -- you got it in you, brother! :) #itm