the unbeliever
53 minutes ago

Rauf - his "I've heard this before" face

6 hours ago

I also really enjoy the reactions feature, which allows for any emoji to be used as a "like/fave".

Someone posts something sad? You can react appropriately instead of wondering if the Star sends the wrong message.

Or you can use it to be funny, like reacting with a dog on a
#caturday photo

Happy belated #caturday everybody! #cats #cat #catsofmastodon # 

Cream Tabby in a woven basket with a hole in the middle.  One paw out, relaxed, and looking near the camera
8 hours ago

Athena cat was quite perturbed when I didn’t take her picture for #caturday. Her response from missing her closeup was to swat river rocks from the top shelf, onto my current canvas. And thus, to avoid future sabotage; I give you Athena looking smug, and my latest painting: “The goddess has notes. “ 🤣

Tuxedo cat on a chair, with an expression well known to her fans as Resting Bitch Face.
Abstract painting in reds, pinks and blues, with chaotic lines where rocks have maneuvered through the paint as glaciers moved across the tundra.
Jeffrey Vagle
9 hours ago

Past #caturday, but Tilly cares not.

Follow up from #caturday - managed to capture the elusive kitty at last, although it bolted on approach. #CatsOfMastodon

blurred image of a tuxedo cat in motion underneath concrete stairs.
10 hours ago

Domesticity at its finest.

#happy #cat
#cat #love #catnap

Every day is #caturday

Alt: a fluffy cat is curled up in a round yellow velvet chair. A shaft of afternoon sunlight from the window behind him bathes him in warmth.

Peter Murray
12 hours ago

It isn’t Caturday, but it sure feels like a #Caturday. #CatsOfMastodon

14 hours ago

A #Caturday & #CatsOfMastodon bonus cat picture. You're welcome.

Close-up photo of a sleeping black DSH (Jetta) cat's rear paws hanging out from a kitchen towel wire bin.

No it's my paper, mine! 🐱 #Cats #CatsOfMastodon
#Fedicats #Mastocats # #ねこ

(I missed #Caturday so it's a mea culpa)

A brown tabby cat sits in a pile of papers on a desk, clutching them tightly as if in ownership
Dismal Manor Gang
18 hours ago

@billadler @yoshi1965 #Caturday should be moved to #MirthlessMonday as cats are the only thing dispelling the Monday back to work blues.

Fede Garcia | 🇦🇷
18 hours ago

Agarrar la pala? Me arruga la ropa…
Feliz #caturday !
#catsofmastodon #Jamon

Jamon, el gato vaca… meta dormir el guacho xD
Fifi Schwarz
23 hours ago

Op schoot liggen doet ze zelden, maar zodra we haar over haar buikje aaien, krult Maddy haar pootjes om onze hand en gaat ze toch een partij liggen knorren!
#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

British shorthair silver tabby, curled around a hand that is carressing her tummy. Not in the picture, but certainly at play: delightful purring sounds
Eve :verified:
23 hours ago

#cats #catsofmastodon #cat #Caturday
Wotan, rot/weisse Katze: .li, ich habe eine Witz für dich:
Warum sind Katzen so gut in Videospielen?
Weil sie 9 Leben haben, natürlich!

Wotan, red/white cat: .li, I have a joke for you:
Why are cats so good at video games?
Because they have 9 lives, of course!

.li, getigerte Katze: Nicht schon wieder...
.li, tabby cat: Not again....

Wotan, rot/weisse Katze liegt in einem Katzenbett welches in eine Holzkiste ist

Wotan, red/white cat lies in a cat bed which is in a wooden box.
.li, getigerte Katze liegt in einem Katzenbett und hält eine Pfote über die Augen

.li, tabby cat lies in a cat bed and holds a paw over his eyes
Trendy Toots
1 day ago
Trendy Toots
1 day ago
1 day ago

Some late #Caturday pics. I was visiting my brother's family yesterday, and got to see his #cats. The two gray/calico ones are sisters, and the black and white one is a male they adopted, who's not quite a year old.

The gray ones have met George, but the black and white one hasn't yet. The towel one of them is sniffing is one I had George laying on in his carrier, and I wanted them to sniff it. They all did, with no real objection. The hope is that eventually they can all coexist if they have to, eg if we go somewhere as a family, George can have company, and we can get one pet sitter.

I didn't bring George for this visit, but will attempt it eventually. In the mean time, they are all wonderful cats and more or less coexist with each other.

#cat #GrayCats #CowCats #CatIntroduction #sniffing

A large black and white cow-patterned cat curled up and asleep on a couch.
A gray speckled cat stretched out asleep on the back of a couch.
A gray speckled cat crouched on a carpeted floor and sniffing a folded towel.
1 day ago

The dishwasher helper is kinda sharp

Black cat laying on the floor under an open dishwasher.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
1 day ago

@Lesley I’m trying to remember to do it each week. #Caturday is an important #Mastodon event!

@searambo It's ALWAYS #Caturday and never too late!

Betty the Tuxie girl helping her dad install her cat shelf.
Maryanne Wachter
1 day ago

I’m *really* bad at catching #caturday (going to blame jet lag this time) 🤦‍♀️ but #MurphyNCooper seem very pleased that I am back home

Two cats grooming the hand of their neglectful owner at the same time

I'm a day late but happy belated #Caturday from me and Yvaine and her belly.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #cat 😺

Photo of a grey tabby cat laying upside down on a couch and doing a big stretch, showing off the white fur of her belly.
Mandu 🥟
1 day ago
woman wearing sunglasses sitting on green chair outside surrounded by 10 or so cats looking at her. caption: "When your plan to conquer the earth is coming together nicely"
2 days ago

Do I have the only two #cats completely oblivious and/or impervious to #catnip?

I've never seen two grown cats just go "meh" over catnip shaken into a sock & the top tied in a knot. It's an age-old, time-proven #cat #toy but no, Clark and LJ are not having it.


a couple of bastids!

#catsofmastodon #catsodon #mastocats
every day (except today apparently) is #caturday

Violet Blue
2 days ago

My last night in a safe spot; I just made a midnight catnip pineapple offering to the hotel cat 🥰 #caturday

2 days ago

#pica the tabby cat has opened registration for her three week course on relaxing. Ideally you should have completed sleeping as a prerequisite… but she has been known to take bribes. Seating is limited. Tuition: 100 cans of “gravy centers” beef flavored cat food. (half paid in advance) #caturday #everydayiscaturday

Pica enjoys a scritch eyes closed and very happy
Pica has big eyes and uses them to manipulate you
pica shows off the beans a little
Douglas VB
2 days ago

It's still #caturday at our house. Look at those little teefies!

Cat teeth
2 days ago

I am really falling down on the job on #caturday postings. But this was taken last night so it should still count.

I never cease to be amazed by how merely moving the bag or setting it on its side (or end) makes it an entirely new toy worthy of attention.

Cat staring out of a paper bag on a kitchen floor; a second cat ponders the mystery from outside.
Closeup of a cat staring up and out from a paper bag, eyes dilated and expression very serious. There is nothing going on inside her head.
Naomi Lawson Jacobs
2 days ago

A bit late for #Caturday but here’s Biscuit enjoying some more sunshine anyway

An orange-and-white cat sprawled out on a patio in the sunshine
Pedro Cambra
2 days ago
A car smelling a daisy
2 days ago

extending #caturday to both Friday and Sunday to account for global timeszones

2 days ago

@Mungencakes excuse me, but Simon also loves sun naps #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

Brudi Bräu
2 days ago

And here's a belated #caturday picture, Old Dirtnose silently protesting us playing cornhole.

A cornhole board on cobblestone with a cat sitting on the hole of the board and the corn bags lying beneath it.
Leo :mastodon:
2 days ago

Lo so, era ieri il #caturday 😽. Ma ero in giro a farmi i gatti miei ed oggi sono ricomparsa. Buona domenica da Marilù👋🏼


La gatta bianca Marilù che mi aspetta per le coccole
La gatta bianca Marilù che mi aspetta per le coccole
Tucker Teague
2 days ago

One last #caturday post before the day is done.

Oscar the cat surveys his domain, planning for tomorrow and happy it’s a three day weekend.

Take care everyone.

He always prefers water from our glass

#caturday #cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon

A gray cat drinking water from a glass, the head pushed half in
2 days ago


Hello to Greg from Jake who likes sleeping on the pillow at the back of the couch.

#Caturday #RescueCat #TabbyCat #UncomfortableCat

Jake, a large orange and white tabby cat, is snoozing on the pillow at the back of a grey couch.
2 days ago

Late #caturday entry.

Black cat walking on the edge of a metal bedframe. Likely the cat is looking up at a bug on the wall.
Mandy May
2 days ago

Just in time for #caturday

Fierce beast attacking Florida residents revealed as domestic cat with attitude | US news | The Guardian
>Suwannee county sheriff seeks to capture ferocious feral feline after two people need hospital treatment

A drawing of a cat walking atop a fence, before a full moon.
Dr. Kelly O. Sullivan
2 days ago

Photo of Dash earlier today seeing that husband managed to leave the door to the garage wide open and the garage door was open. #catsofmastodon #caturday

A mostly white Turkish Van is perched atop a cat tree staring intently towards a door you cannot see and which I closed before I took this picture

Carefree and cozy #Caturday

Greg the orange and white tabby sleeping soundly on a green pillow complimenting his colouring perfectly. It appears as though he’s melting into it.
2 days ago

I just wanted to record a podcast but Lilibet says it's #Caturday so she gets to do the podcast. #FosterKittens #podcasting

A little two-month-old calico tabby kitten sitting on a laptop that's got GarageBand running. She looks very serious about this.
2 days ago

Walter had his first catnip today. #caturday

A Siamese cat laying on his back, high on catnip
Wasabi the Black Cat 😼
2 days ago

Taz is very concerned.

#Caturday #cats

Grey tabby cat ****VERY**** close to the camera, looking right at us.
Donald Ham
2 days ago

For all the strays and various homeless cats that have been part of our family, these two are the only boys.

I know it's not real, but Max, the tuxedo cat on the left, just flat out told me on the ride home from Fort Lauderdale's humane society, "my name is Max, not Tux!"

They scrapped sometimes, as boys will. But they truly were bonded members of the family. They loved to join me on the couch.

Loving memories of both.

Max, 2004-2018
Stripey, 2008-May 23, 2023


Tuxedo Max and his friend Mr. Stripes cuddle with me on this photo from about 2014.

Max is lower left, his head on my leg. Stripey, a long haired orange boy, has his head on my right leg.
2 days ago

Supper time on #Caturday

Willie the tortie cat on my shoulders
2 days ago

[Part 2/2]
Mom took her to the vet and he said that she was malnourished and suffering from a respiratory infection. So he treated her for it and she's been relatively healthy since then minus her dealing with minor respiratory issues and having to get some teeth pulled 2 years ago. I do think this will be her last year though since she's getting skinnier and sleeps more. Here's another picture of her and my old cat Joey sleeping with me when I was sick as a kid.

Picture of me at the age of 7 or 8 years old laying on the couch with the flu with my cats Joey and Pooky.
2 days ago

[Part 1/2]
Its #caturday so here's a picture of my oldest cat Pooky, taking a nap. We got Pooky as a kitten when I was about 7 or 8 years old while visiting a farm that my dad was working on, where she keep following us around meowing. We left and came back with some wet food and feed her, she was so hungry she bit me lol. My Mom asked the farmer if we could take her and he said he didn't care and that she would probably get run over by a tractor or something.

Pooky taking a nap on the couch
Trendy Toots
2 days ago
Aure Free Press
2 days ago

Fierce beast attacking Florida residents revealed as domestic cat with attitude

Suwannee county sheriff seeks to capture ferocious feral feline after two people need hospital treatment
#Caturday #news #USA

Oliver Reichenstein
2 days ago
Yuzu sleeping
Kriszta Satori
2 days ago

I think the boss lady is getting annoyed (look at her back, radiating mild annoyance) because she works tons on #TheGlobalJigsaw #podcast (walks on the keyboard, throws shade at the screen, etc) and still there are some catpeople out there who haven't listened. #Caturday is the day when new episodes drop. They are all opening new horizons (am totally horizoned up btw) - here is another chance to check them out:
or you could search for it wherever you get your #pods 😊

Flat Calico cat with a blue collar with her back to the camera, colourful carpet in the background, her back looks mildly annoyed
Bethany Berger
2 days ago
Two fluffy black cats lying in a bed with their arms around each other
Peggy Collins
2 days ago
Colorful artwork of a green-eyed Calico cat with a stained glass effect, by artist Peggy Collins.
3 days ago

Happy #Caturday from Jesse James, who feels terrible about bringing in the tiny mouse and letting it go under the refrigerator.

Photo of a cute orange and white shorthair tabby cat who is laying flat against the floor, half-way inside a paper grocery bag—and is looking off camera with a guilty expression.
Mindy Kinnaman
3 days ago

It’s #caturday, and I’m 4 hours away from my babies. Miss their cute little faces.
#CatsOfMastodon #Mastocats

A tortie sits and a grey tabby lays on a red blanket on a grey couch.
Tim Bray
3 days ago

Outside one of the remaining two video-rental shops in Vancouver, 2023/05/23.

#caturday #photography

On a sidewalk advertising stand, a nice chalk diagram of a cat wearing Arabic headgear with prominently displayed paws and claws, labeled "Clawrence of Arabia"
Mark A. Rayner
3 days ago

That went exactly as planned. Totally meant to do it.

#caturday #cats #cat #catstodon #catsofmastodon #goofball #funny #humour #humor

Louanne Cooley
3 days ago

Keeping an eye on the bees getting a drink. Considering an attack.

#caturday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #garden

A grey cat sits in a garden watching a pink glass insect watering dish filled with rocks. One paw is in the air and he is focused, ready to catch a bee, not thinking about what a bad idea that would be.
berserk du soleil
3 days ago

happy #caturday. here's harrison smushed into his tiny little house in two directions

#cats #catsofmastodon

An orange cat is resting inside a section of cat tree with his head and legs spilling out in a funny way
An orange cat is resting inside a section of cat tree with his head and legs spilling out in a funny way. They are switched (right to left) from the last picture
3 days ago

0.23 seconds after you kicked off your shoes to rest on the couch:

#caturday #pica #inevitable

A cat climbing on to you