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Regardless of historical time and place, the trauma and terror imposed upon children are the same repeating experiences and the resolve patterning future choices of conflict.

#StitchedInkMedia #Trauma #Terror #Conflict #UN #Middleeast #History #Politics #Children #Choice #World #health

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Wow. This article floored me. The bravery of this young woman to own her story.

Content warning: do not click through on this gift article if you do not want to read about rape, incest and sexual abuse.

#RoeVWade #Dobbs #USpol #abortion #choice #Kentucky

‘Everybody’s daughter’: The rape victim behind Kentucky’s viral abortion ad

Shell Sheddy
2 days ago

Sandra Day O'Connor was a Moderate and stabilizing force on the Supreme Court, but she supported #CHOICE
& #AffirmativeAction for ALL of US

Adrian Segar
3 days ago

How you program conferences depends (or ought to) on your answer to the question: Do conference attendees know what they want?

#meetings #EventDesign #sessions #choice #ParticipantDriven #events #eventprofs

Do conference attendees know what they want? Photograph of a puzzled woman holding a camera lens to her ear.

I think #GaaS / #GamesAsAService takes #choice away from the player ..

Turning"#Gaming" into a #microtransaction" infested #ad #hell that only #serves rich moneybags..

And you ask me why I care #less and less about "" #games"" ?


Fu #Capitalism
Thats what

*holds #waterhose*
"Now off my lawn #greedy corps !"


Catherine Ivers Norton
5 days ago

Integrity starts with self sovereignty - the power to choose the direction of our lives and to exercise exclusive control over our emotions, minds, and bodies.

Ask: How able am I to say "no" to things I don't want to do and "yes" to those I do?

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mindfulness #presence #awareness #integrity #sovereignty #choice #confidence #strength #intention

A self assured woman relaxes on a sofa exuding calm confidence. The caption reads, "Invoke personal sovereignty."

@tendigits Thank You for reminding me of what I used to endure. The best ones now are ones spent in service, meditation, fasting and/or solitude #Choice #OrphanByDefault

Shell Sheddy
2 weeks ago

#VoteBlue 💙🌊💙 unite to help US help each other...Trump openly promises #Vengeance,#FascistControl, loss of more Rights& imprisonment of opponents-immigrants-Press-all that HE doesn't like;
#VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy #VoteBlueToProtectWomen #CHOICE #VotingRights #VetsCare #stopClimateDestruction #LGBTQIArights #humanRights WE all need to do what we can

Gregory B Sadler
2 weeks ago

Here's a short piece unpacking insights Plutarch provides in On Contentment about the role we play in our own happiness or misery, depending on which memories we choose to focus on
#Plutarch #Memory #Philosophy #Happiness #Choice #PersonalDevelopment

Adrian Segar
3 weeks ago

We spend too much time distracting ourselves from what matters. Business models increasingly prioritize amusement over making things better.

#distraction #amusements #different #choice #MakingABetterWorld

distracting ourselves from what matters: an illustration of an old-fashioned scale with two pans on a balance arm. The pan on the right is heavier/lower and contains images of entertainment stars. The pan on the left contains an icon of a person bent over with the world on their back.

The problem isn't that you don't have a choice; it's that the choices you're given are toothless i.e. choosing a new insurance company vs choosing a breakfast cereal

#toothless #choice

David August
3 weeks ago

Knowing we can be a villain makes it possible to chose not to be a villain.

#inspiration #restraint #agency #choice #villains #HumanNature

Screenshot of a tweet by Cohava ~

Hot take. The reason why it's important to humanize villains is not so you can condone their actions, it's so you realize that, given the right circumstances, you could become a villain too. And that is what some people cannot handle. 

3:10 AM • 4/9/21 from Earth
3 weeks ago

November 14, 1916: Margaret Sanger was arrested for operating a birth control clinic. She also created the American Birth Control League, 1921, which would later become Planned Parenthood. Ironically, she opposed abortions and, as a nurse, refused to participate in them. She also supported eugenics.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #MargaretSanger #feminism #BirthControl #choice #abortion #eugenics #racism #PlannedParenthood

Cover of Birth Control Review July 1919 with cartoon image by Lou Rogers, "Must She Always Plead in Vain?" By Margaret Sanger -, Public Domain,
Stefano Marinelli
3 weeks ago

I vividly remember when, less than 20 years ago, they used to ask me, "Why do you want to do this with Linux|Free|Open|NetBSD when it can be done with Windows? Everyone uses it!" Today, the question is similar but different: "Why do you want to do this on Free|Open|Net|DragonflyBSD when it can be done with Linux? Everyone uses Linux for this!"
The problem is precisely this: if everyone is doing it, do we really take it for granted that it's the best solution? I stay informed and have everything in production: all the BSDs and many Linux distributions, choosing the best tool each time, in my opinion, to achieve a result.
Why people always feel the need to conform to everyone and everything, and continue to decide what's better based on trends, personal beliefs, or social conventions, will forever remain a mystery to me.

#Linux #BSD #OpenSource #Technology #Choice #Individuality #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonFlyBSD

Its been a long #while since I last saw this...

But my #internet #bucket and the #arrival of a new #medic made me curious

#Mixtape is still a horrible mode and I #miss #arenas
#Apex #GameAlcea

The #Club I'm in is still filled to the #brim
#GaaS is still a bad #choice

Guess I'll try out #Conduit , cruise a few #rounds with #Wraith and call it quits

#Terrible #company acceptable systems

#StephenBarton is the #main pull

This game has #phenomenal #music

Illuminati Press Office
3 weeks ago

The #Illuminati supports individual autonomy and freedom of choice. We are pleased to see that Threads users now have the option to keep their posts from being shared on other social media platforms. #Empowerment #Individuality #Choice #Privacy #Autonomy

3 weeks ago

Biden administration files statement of interest in favor of a lawsuit against Alabama efforts to criminalize out-of-state abortion travel.

#choice #biden2024 #alabama

#Question: Will you please give an example of the practical exercise of constant #awareness #and #choice #in #everyday #life.

#Krishnamurti: Would you ask that question if there were a poisonous snake in your room? Then you wouldn't ask, "How am I to keep awake? How am I to be intensely aware?" You ask that question only when you are not sure that there is a poisonous snake in your room. Either you are wholly unconscious of it, or you want to play with that snake, you want to enjoy its pain and its delights.

Please follow this. There cannot be awareness, that alertness of mind and emotion, so long as mind is still caught up in both pain and pleasure. That is, when an experience gives you pain and at the same time gives you pleasure, you do nothing about it. You act only when the pain is greater than the pleasure, but if the pleasure is greater, you do nothing at all about it, because there is no acute conflict. It is only when pain overbalances pleasure, is more acute than pleasure, that you demand an action.

Most people wait for the increase of pain before they act, and during this waiting period, they want to know how to be aware. No one can tell them. They are waiting for the increase of pain before they act, that is, they wait for pain through its compulsion to force them to act, and in that compulsion there is no intelligence. It is merely environment which forces them to act in a particular way, not intelligence. Therefore when a mind is caught up in this stagnation, in this lack of tenseness, there will naturally be more pain, more conflict.

By the look of things political, war may break out again. It may break out in two years, in five years, in ten years. An intelligent man can see this and intelligently act. But the man who is stagnating, who is waiting for pain to force him to action, looks to greater chaos, greater suffering to give him impetus to act, and hence his intelligence is not functioning. There is awareness only when the mind and heart are taut, are in great tenseness.

For example, when you see that possessiveness must lead to incompleteness, when you see that insufficiency, lack of richness, shallowness must ever produce dependence, when you recognize that, what happens to your mind and heart? The immediate craving is to fill that shallowness; but apart from that, when you see the futility of continual accumulation, you begin to be aware how your mind is functioning. You see that in mere accumulation there cannot be creative thinking; and yet mind is pursuing accumulation. Therefore in becoming aware of that, you create a conflict, and that very conflict will dissolve the cause of accumulation.

Monika Barget
4 weeks ago

When you realise that your #shoe #choice has totally paid off... 😁 #rain #winter #UtrechtCentraal #traintravel #staygrounded

me standing in a huge puddle at Utrecht Centraal train station
Tim Board
4 weeks ago

When I first moved to #Japan, I used to think about #America a lot, especially during the #holidays. But gradually, that changed. The land where I live became a part of me. It became a part of my past, my present, and my #identity. I looked up and suddenly realized that this place had become the home of my choice, which is always more important than your home of #birth.
#home #Japan #日本 #九州 #鹿児島 #霧島 #choice

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1 month ago

Ohio voters just said with one voice
That abortion should have its own choice
It's a right now protected
With laws selected
So this right will never be destroyed

#ohiovotes #abortionrights #choice #limerick #poetry

1 month ago

Abortion Rights Supporters Win Big in Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia(video)..#USA..#choice

Why #Google search is your phone’s default, and not easy to change - The Washington Post

> Google goes to great lengths to be your default search #engine and keep you from switching. Here’s why you should make your own #choice.

Owen King
1 month ago

Very proud of Ohio tonight. 😊

#reproductiverights #choice

1 month ago

Voted! Get out there #Ohio and exercise your democratic duty! Early #voting is super easy and can save you lots of time.
#womenshealth #issue1 #Choice

Ohio Voted Sticker

Trouble with #feedback
only rarely it is unbiased, considerate, concrete , specific & actionable at the time
very little to no assistance, practical incentive or even sufficient reason is not presented ( its assumed to be obvious) for that time is not there, even if you are halfway there. Exceptions to it are seen as an inability of authority or subordination and reasoning for it is seen as being argumentative ( although they are glad to even see) , as it can't exist at large scale and whoever is small is after #growth #capitalism , so time being a resource , is most spent with those who needs it least, as human resource. contradiction of being productive and this is something i can generalize from my experience. So paying attention is worthless.
expressing your difficulty at any stage rarely seen as something positive .
when its obvious enough , there most opt to remain silent and let it pass as they do it for their advantage \ convenience
given this its rarely feedback
yes thats how most of the mainstream market and industry works nd its justified as a norm and arbitrage of #choice
knowing what you are doing , why, how it can be valued \ reasoning is perhaps the most important skill, as this is what missed most

Catherine Ivers Norton
1 month ago

The one who waits usually experiences time more slowly than the one who responds. We could avoid situations where waiting might become uncomfortable, or simply learn to live with uncertainty.

Philosophy tells us we will be the same person whether we ever hear from the other party or not. So feeling cranky about waiting is a choice.

Psychology reminds us to be considerate and timely in our responses to others.

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #philosophy #spirituality #mentalhealth #mindfulness #presence #patience #choice #thoughtful

A woman waits impatiently by a clock. The caption reads, "The passage of time is relative. "
Adrian Segar
1 month ago

How you program conferences depends (or ought to) on your answer to the question: Do conference attendees know what they want?

#meetings #EventDesign #sessions #choice #ParticipantDriven #events #eventprofs

Do conference attendees know what they want? Photograph of a puzzled woman holding a camera lens to her ear.
1 month ago

War is not a necessary precondition for genocide, and genocide does not necessarily occur during war.

Russia is perpetrating a war against Ukraine.

The state of Israel is perpetrating a war against Palestinians and Hamas.

Hamas is perpetrating terrorists on humanity by using humans as shields.

And I am very suspicious of anyone right now who acknowledges one of these truths but denies the other.

People heads stuck in sand.
Pirate Praveen
1 month ago

@Deus @Slow @u_tamtam I think one crucial thing missing in these comments is, "Not everyone wants to or have to make the same choices about an app or service to be talk to each other." A federated system allows everyone to make different choices without losing the ability to talk to each other. So the real answer is, if you are not convinced by Prav, you don't have to use it and you are not forced to use Prav just because all your friends are already using Prav. #XMPP #Federation #Choice

"No violations of the travel prohibition (for an abortion) have been reported in the counties with similar measures already on the books. The measures would not punish women who are seeking the abortion but would present legal risks to people who help transport them to get the procedure."
#Choice #Abortion #SCOTUS #ChristoFascism

Adrian Segar
1 month ago

Do conference participants want less control? Restricting conferences' responsiveness to real participant needs should concern us all.

#meetings #EventDesign #controls #participants #choice #curation #eventprofs

conference participants control: photograph of a complex control center in an industrial plant
1 month ago


Another organization announced a separate "ai.txt" initiative which they proposed. They claimed some AI crawlers were already respecting it, but I started watching the counts - each day there are a few hits to robots.txt on my server, but not a one for ai.txt yet.

#standards #choice

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

DEE SNIDER Is 'Mortified' By Thought Of His Granddaughter Having 'No Right To Choose What Happens To Her Own Body'
TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider, who was famously called to testify before the U.S. Senate...


1 month ago

Lubbock County, Texas, joins a group of other rural Texas counties that have voted to ban women from using their roads to seek abortions...#Texas..#GOP..#whitenationalism..#choice..

1 month ago

Voters in at Least 10 States Are Trying to Protect Abortion Rights. GOP Officials Are Throwing Up Roadblocks..#USA..#choice

any experience with any of your rational decision / #choice turning in to irrational & did you regret it then?

#philosophy #survey

Stitch Media
2 months ago

Rules should be put in place to stop governments from using taxpayer monies to fund advertising and marketing aimed at persuading opinion based on manipulated facts (also taxpayer funded).

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Canada #Facts #Disinformation #CPP #Opinion #Taxes #Bias #Persuasion #Marketing #DeepPockets #Choice

2 months ago

World at risk of collapse under the weight of increasingly enormous vehicles

"Parking spaces in Australia may soon become bigger as a response to the nation’s love affair with SUVs and large cars, but planners fear parking lots are at risk of collapse under the weight of increasingly enormous vehicles."

"Larger vehicles made pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of small cars less safe, as well as simply taking up more room on the road....Studies have found that children involved in a fatal crash are eight times more likely to have been struck by an SUV than a standard car...Our propensity to buy these vehicles is driving road safety backwards."

"More than 50% of new vehicles sold in the country last year were SUVs, a share that has almost doubled over the past decade."
#Australia #consumers #choice #BigAnything #cars #FossilFuel #SUVs #carbon #emissions #safety #failure #ClimateCrisis

2 months ago

This afternoon I have been thinking as far ahead as I probably never did in my life.

I am forced to do so because applications for the 2024 Erasmus Mundus Programme are opening soon, and I need to decide whether and where to apply.

Do I want to keep studying?

What will I be interested in in one year?

I have very little idea of who I am right now, I definitely cannot envision the best choice to make in one year…

Damn, it is so hard.

#future #University #choice #choices #lifeChoices #Erasmus #ErasmusMundus #Europe

Gravy Train to Oligarchy

Historian Nancy MacLean explains that Virginia’s white elite and the pro-corporate president of the University of Virginia, Colgate Darden, who had married into the DuPont family, found James Buchanan’s ideas to be spot on.

In nurturing a new intelligentsia to commit to his values, Buchanan stated that he needed a “#gravy #train,” and with backers like Charles #Koch and conservative foundations like the #Scaife Family Charitable Trusts, others hopped aboard.

Money, Buchanan knew, can be a persuasive tool in academia. His circle of influence began to widen.

MacLean observes that the #Virginia #school, as Buchanan’s brand of economic and political thinking is known, is a kind of cousin to the better-known, market-oriented Chicago and Austrian schools — proponents of all three were members of the #Mont #Pelerin #Society, an international neoliberal organization which included Milton #Friedman and Friedrich #Hayek.

But the Virginia school’s focus and career missions were distinct. In an interview with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), MacLean described Friedman and Buchanan as yin and yang:
“Friedman was this genial, personable character who loved to be in the limelight and made a sunny case for the free market and the freedom to choose and so forth.
"Buchanan was the dark side of this: he thought, ok, fine, they can make a case for the free market, but everybody knows that free markets have externalities and other problems. So he wanted to keep people from believing that government could be the alternative to those problems.”

The Virginia school also differs from other economic schools in a marked reliance on #abstract #theory rather than mathematics or empirical evidence.

That a Nobel Prize was awarded in 1986 to an economist who so determinedly bucked the academic trends of his day was nothing short of stunning, MacLean observes. But, then, it was the peak of the #Reagan era, an administration several Buchanan students joined.

Buchanan’s school focused on #public #choice #theory, later adding constitutional economics and the new field of law and economics to its core research and advocacy.

The economist saw that his vision would never come to fruition by focusing on who rules. It was much better to focus on the rules themselves, and that required a “#constitutional #revolution.”

In 1965 James M. Buchanan launched a center dedicated to his theories at the University of Virginia, which later relocated to George Mason University.

Nancy MacLean describes how he trained thinkers to push back against the Brown v. Board of Education decision to desegregate America’s public schools and to challenge the constitutional perspectives and federal policy that enabled it.

She notes that he took care to use economic and political precepts, rather than overtly racial arguments, to make his case, which nonetheless gave cover to racists who knew that spelling out their prejudices would alienate the country.

All the while, a ghost hovered in the background — that of John C. #Calhoun of South Carolina, senator and seventh vice president of the United States.

Calhoun was an intellectual and political powerhouse in the South from the 1820s until his death in 1850, expending his formidable energy to defend slavery. Calhoun, called the “#Marx of the #Master #Class” by historian Richard Hofstadter, saw himself and his fellow southern oligarchs as victims of the majority.

Therefore, as MacLean explains, he sought to create “#constitutional #gadgets” to constrict the operations of government.

Economists Tyler #Cowen and Alexander #Tabarrok, both of George Mason University, have noted the two men’s affinities, heralding Calhoun “a precursor of modern #public #choice theory” who “anticipates” Buchanan’s thinking.

MacLean observes that both focused on how #democracy constrains property owners and aimed for ways to restrict the latitude of voters.

She argues that unlike even the most property-friendly founders Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, Buchanan wanted a private governing #elite of #corporate #power that was wholly released from public accountability.

Suppressing voting, changing legislative processes so that a normal majority could no longer prevail, sowing public distrust of government institutions— all these were tactics toward the goal.

But the Holy Grail was the #Constitution: alter it and you could increase and secure the power of the wealthy in a way that no politician could ever challenge.

Kevin Russell
2 months ago


I think the best way to find community is following a hashtag. Clicking a hashtag gives you a column to scroll, but first, at the top, is a follow button!

Clicked, it adds that hashtag as if a person to your home feed, until you undo it (why?)

👉 Then follow the best users of that tag, then follow their best follows.👈

#Climate #Choice #bloomscrolling

2 months ago

Today in Labor History September 22, 1947: Norma McCorvey, American activist was born. She was the plaintiff in Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortions in the U.S. She later became an anti-abortion activist. However, before she died, she admitted that she had been paid to speak out against abortion. She had also accepted money to renounce her lesbian identity. The video clip, above, is from the satirical film, Citizen Ruth, with Laura Dern portraying a McCorvey-like character.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #abortion #Choice #RoeVsWade

Chu 朱
3 months ago

We need to stop falling into the RW trap of framing this as #Choice or #reproductiverights

This is #WomensHealth

The issue here is women dying. Let's stick to that and drop the choice narrative. These are horrible people who are misogynistic to the core. Denying rights is the product.

When talking about abortion, stay on message about women's health.

3 months ago

“The law requires the creation of an additional district that affords #Black Alabamians, like everyone else, a #fair & #reasonable opportunity to elect candidates of their #choice. The 2023 Plan plainly #fails to do so." - US Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus, & US District Judges Anna Manasco & Terry Moorer.

3 months ago

🌟 Third-party clients give you the freedom to customize your Pixelfed experience.

We're making it easier for developers to build exciting new experiences with our new API documentation website.

3rd party developers have access to the same APIs that our official app uses!

The magic of #federation is the power of #choice over #competition.

When you're this open, everyone wins 😁

3 months ago

@dungeons Greetings, adventurers. We've a choice to make. The dagger and sling both offer similar damage, but the dagger is more expensive. Sling's advantage is it's long range. Padded armor is not worth the price, it's weaker than your current kit. With our aim to thrive, not just survive, the smart choice is the sling, it'll serve you well in battles from a distance. Don't waste your gold, the town offers more abundance. Be wise, choose the sling. #DnD #choice

4 months ago

@reneestephen @tod

They absolutely *could* pay. They can also choose *not* to pay (and not link). They picked the second option.

If you are trying to say that you want to force them to "choose" the other option, then say so explicitly. It would be unconstitutional, but you could at least be honest about your goals.

#choice #law #diktat

4 months ago

The fight over whether courts can ban mifepristone is headed back to the Supreme Court
A far-right court just tried to ban an abortion drug. Here’s why you can ignore that decision...#USA..#choice

@atomicpoet @wjmaggos

We are all equipped with #choice. I came here for the #conversation, spent 2 minutes in the #confrontation, learned about #block and #mute and here we are.

I think #guidance on happy use of the Fediverse makes sense. Ppl coming here after years on #Farcebook and #xitter (pronounced Shitter in deference to #president #Xi), have gotten used to being torn apart over an asterisk or a comma.

Here it takes a moment to realise those people aren't here. They are still on #shitter.

Many folks, me included, didn't even know there was a word for #ablism for example. I do now and try to keep it in mind, simply because #someone pointed out of to me.

These #discussions can become the core of what the #Fediverse is so about.

goblin jane 🍄
4 months ago

if you had the choice to never experience one thing, but be forever plagued by the other, what would you choose?

#poll #silly #glasses #socks #WhatIf #choice #dirty #wet

Babs E. Blue
4 months ago

OMG....TY Ohio....this is incredible!

Per @MuellerSheWrote

BREAKING: ISSUE 1 IS DEFEATED IN OHIO! An incredible victory for democracy and choice!

#DemoracyWins #Ohio #Choice

Do Republican politicians fear the anti-abortion lobby more than constituents? Seems that way.

Ahead of Ohio abortion vote, Republicans try to change the rules #choice #women #womenshealth #womensrights #health #healthcare #abortionishealthcare #GOP #Republicans #Issue1 #politics #OHpol #Democrats #democracy #referendum #constitution

It's time for the #identifying or #identifies #language relating to #LGBTQIA people to be #discarded into the #dustbin of #history.

Saying we "identify as" suggests that we have a #choice in this.

Not one #gay or #trans person chooses or chose to be gay or trans, we just are.

4 months ago

A fascinating study into the environmental impact of our diets has been released. The Guardian and BBC articles offer different bits of information, so do look at them. The key finding, really, is that reducing your meat intake does make a big difference in lots of ways - water use, carbon emissions, land use.

#GoodNews #Diet #Meat #Fish #Vegetarian #Vegan #Climate #Water #Land #Carbon #Choice

5 months ago


Military members are OBLIGATED to follow orders, to be deployed where deemed necessary, to fulfill their Oath in service to our country and each of us. They have a RIGHT to health care, as determined by their health care provider and their own decisions.

They must not (we all must not) be held hostage by faux “christians” who only insist on their values when it concerns OTHERS’ bodies.

The USA is a constitutional Republic, NOT A THEOCRACY.
Your religion must not determine my rights.


Meme: Black background with a circular stained glass window depicting traditional Christian themes and figures. Cyrillic text in blue and red on the right reads: “Your religion does not determine my rights. Script in red reads, “The USA is not a theocracy”
Markus Tacker
5 months ago

Two great vegan food finds from #Sweden: #quorn and #choice ice cream. Too bad both are hard to come by here in Norway.

A display fridge in a supermarket (ICA) stocked with Qorn products.
Vegan ice cream cone "Choice".

Why is this so buried in the #Fedora #telemetry thread. Should be highlighted more. The proposal is undergoing modifications for the better imo.

I think our proposal is accepted @aks ☺️

#linux #gnome #privacy #choice

5 months ago

What will data privacy look like in 10 years?

"People need to make a #choice and get out of their comfort zone", @jon says.

Yesterday at TOA in Berlin, Nikolaus Röttger and Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner had a great discussion on "Reversing Big Tech" and why we became the first #browser to have our own server on #Mastodon - Vivaldi Social.

#TOABerlin #TOA23 #conference #tech #BigTech #bigtech #socialmedia #privacy #web

Watch the video 👇

Video Vivaldi CEO and moderator on stage discussing what data privacy will look like in 10 years
5 months ago

I say with no sarcasm whatsoever that casual users should feel free to use #twitter or #threads if that makes them happy. I believe in #choice and giving up your #privacy is also a personal choice.


If you switch from #spaceman site to #reptileman site as some sort of moral stand it is my right to laugh in your face.

Colin McMillen
5 months ago

Pour les nouvelles et nouveaux à qui l'interface web ou les apps les plus connues ne conviendraient pas, je rappelle que vous pouvez aussi accéder à Mastodon avec ma petite appli depuis votre Apple //c, ( ou depuis votre SE/30 avec celle de @smallsco , Macstodon ( !
#retrocomputing #choice

Screenshot de mon fil Accueil sur mon application Mastodon pour Apple //c.
Kevin Russell
8 months ago


I would hope the NWHN would also train for smash and grab operations to break women out of jail, tansport women across state lines, hide and find papers for women on the run from fascist States like #Idaho or #Florida.

Mission Impossible, (She/Her)

A denial of any intention to train for, plan or carry out such missions is the best response.

#smashAndGrab #breakout #transport #goons #preistpolice
#StateLines #women #choice #rights #escape #prisonbreak #ConcentrationCamps

Boots Chantilly
8 months ago

Oh, what a morning.

I wear this necklace often. It sparks interaction, & frankly, that's its purpose. It's provocative. Mostly, I hear from women in my age group who express some sort of "we won't go back" sentiment. But every once in a while,
I'm confronted by an antichoicer who finds it offensive. That doesn't rly bother me; I've never shied away from confrontation. & I'm old, so I've been arguing for #choice for a very long time--I'm always able to calmly (but firmly) +

Selfie of me (face & shoulders) sitting in my desk chair barely smiling, with a silver fauxhawk, wearing dangly earrings & a necklace with a coat hanger pendant.
8 months ago

#SupremeCourt #blocks lower court #rulings #restricting #abortionpills The decision temporarily forestalls what would have been an unprecedented court-ordered rollback of #FDA powers. Justice Samuel A. #Alito Jr. granted the government’s request for a #stay until Wednesday, and asked for additional #briefing by next Tuesday. #Choice #WomensHealthcare #Privacy #Democracy #Medicine This is far from over.

sketch_2022_04_14 #Processing #py5 #Python #choice #CreativeCoding

Again fiddling with the non-repeating choice idea, my not-a-functional-mind went back to the procedural ideas and, now with a great tip by @arthur, I can choose how many steps back not to repeat! :)

# code below on the left and on the right a resulting image with a sequence of vertical colored rectangles that do not repeat a color on the last 3 steps.

import py5
from random import choice

options = [10, 35, 50, 65, 80]

def make_nr_choice(collection, avoid_last_num=1):
    from collections import deque
    if len(set(collection)) <= avoid_last_num:
        raise ValueError(
            f'Len of provided collection ({len(collection)}) must be bigger than '
            f'number of previous items to avoid repeating ({avoid_last_num})')
    def nr_choice(memory=deque([], avoid_last_num)):
        options = list(set(collection) - set(memory))
        chosen = choice(options)
        return chosen
    return nr_choice

def setup():
    py5.size(800, 800)
    nr_choice = make_nr_choice(options, 3)
    x = 0
    while x < py5.width:
        c = nr_choice()
        py5.fill(c * 3, 200, 200)
        py5.rect(x, 0, c, py5.height)
        x += c

8 months ago

“The next weeks and months are going to tell us an awful lot about what happens when women who have been insulted and ignored repeatedly by the courts rise up to organize and vote, only to learn they are being boxed out of the voting booth as well.”

@Dahlialith #abortion #choice #freedom #rage #deepseethingrage

Dr Annetta Mallon
8 months ago

Palliative care maintaining a determined "pain meds are enough at end of life" stance (they often aren't) and religious organisations and their representatives insisting that a 'Special Sky Daddy and a book of magic' merit overturning an individual's choice, dignity and agency for VAD is unforgivable.

Assisted dying legislation must empower individuals, not corporate interests (religious and care-home based).

Read about some avoidable and horrible outcomes in VIC here, with caution.

#GDEP #VAD #choice #dignity #respect #AssistedDying #EndOfLife #legislation #transparency

A variegated blue and green background with a white square, the trademark GDEP logo, and text. "VADis an individual's decision. Respect for your VAD Choice is essential - no matter where you live. Australia needs VAD laws to support dying with dignity in ALL care homes."
10 months ago

Sara Khadem: Top Iran chess player exiled for refusing headscarf

When one of the world's most promising chess players, 25-year-old Sara Khadem, decided to play at an international tournament without her headscarf, in solidarity with the protest movement in Iran, she thought a warning would be the worst that would happen to her.

Instead, she can't return to Iran - there are arrest papers waiting for her, and she now lives in exile in southern Spain, with her husband and one-year-old son.

Sara Khadem said there was a slow evolution of her decision to play in the tournament in Kazakhstan in December last year without her headscarf. The contestants only wore them in front of the cameras, and she felt that was hypocritical. Given the sacrifices being made by the women and girls on the streets of Iran, some of them risking their lives, it was the least she could do, she said.

#iran #women #misogyny #religion #hijab #choice #Islam #fundamentalist #patriarchy #atheism

Itamar Medeiros
10 months ago

“Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It’s not a matter of being better at what you do—it’s a matter of being different at what you do,” once said Harvard Business School's Michael Porter.

#Strategy equals #choice between what to do and what not to do. Organizations with a solid approach to strategy will have a better chance at winning. #DesignStrategy #DecisionMaking

Jon S. von Tetzchner
10 months ago

Are you free to use whatever browser you want at your school or workplace or are you forced to use, say, IE/Chrome/Safari?

#browser #choice

Vivienne Dunstan
10 months ago

A new set of #InteractiveFiction game #awards is taking votes right now on the best games of 2022, whether traditional #parser text #adventure #games, web #choice games or another form of interactive fiction. Awards decided by public vote. If you’ve enjoyed even one piece of interactive fiction released last year please add your votes. The awards are being run via the IFDB website and more details are in the IntFiction forum. #TextAdventure #ComputerGames #CreativeWriting

Red Faster
11 months ago

@teej_was_here on the subject of #Twitter #Mastodon and #Fediverse I think #choice is important. What do you want?

Dennis Alexis Valin Dittrich
1 year ago

"…define #DarkPatterns as user interface design elements that compromise user #autonomy by preventing informed choices and that may lead to adverse outcomes for the user, such as invasion of #privacy, financial #loss, and technology #addiction.

… From a user perspective, existing research predominately focuses on the immediate influence of dark patterns on users’ choices."

#choice #information #manipulation

ht @darkpatterns

Bob Williams
1 year ago

Why do most PCs run #Windows? Is it because #Microsoft made a better #OperatingSystem? Or is it because they persuaded PC manufacturers to pre-instal Windows? #Microsoft gets paid for every new PC sale in the form of a Windows license, and OEMs are incentivized to sell more because it lowers their per unit costs and gets them better deals in the future.
Remember, you have a #choice.
#Linux #opensource #openSUSE #ArchLinux #LinuxMint #Ubuntu #RedHat #Fedora

Justice Seeker
1 year ago

Something is wrong with this. Agree? #choice #abortionishealthcare

Please note abortions are being banned before assault rifles. It's not about the sanctity of life. It's about control and power.
David Zappelli
1 year ago

@georgetakei The problem with #liberals is that we always allow things to be put in opposition, "this or that", when it should be inclusive, such as "this and that."

Why do conservatives take full ownership of the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act? Plus patriotism?

It's not just freedom "of" religion, or freedom "from" religion, but our #choice on how we practice our #religion, #spirituality, or #belief, as well as #patriotism itself.

1 year ago

Time for our #introduction. We're OSOM (that's pronounced like "awesome"), and we're an #android smartphone startup by the engineers who built the Essential PH-1.

OSOM is all about customer #privacy and #choice — it's more than lip service when we say that. We're a team of rockstar designers and engineers, and we're hiring. If you're a Linux/Android developer, take a look:

Our first phone, the Saga, is coming early next year. Follow us for more!

An OSOM smartphone in a state of partial assembly on a table, being examined with a tool.