8 hours ago

Patricia Goh, CEO, SEA Investment, #CLI shared her insights on the dynamics of #realestate #investment at the @ULIAsiaPacific #Investment Forum 2023, highlighting the benefits of investing in the #logistics asset class & leveraging local partners for operational capabilities.

it's me, Alex.
17 hours ago

'Here, this Android app will do the trick on your mobile phone. Just access the output via your cloud. Super easy!'

'Yes, but I bet there is a 20 year old command line tool without proper documentation to archive the same :sickmeme: '


#linux #cli #tinkering

1 day ago

Simon_Treacy, CEO of #PERE, #CLI shared his views on where #realestate investment opportunities lie in the wake of global economic changes & CLI’s strategy in the dynamic #APAC region at the @UrbanLandInst #AsiaPacific Summit.

Joseph Zikusooka
1 day ago

💡 TIP: Discard changes recently made to a file in your git repository

git checkout -- docs/README.rst

#ZikTIPs #git #developers #Linux #CLI #Opensource

2 days ago

🕷️📽️Step into the Spider-Verse with #CapitaLand's latest collaboration with @SonyPictures across its shopping malls in China! From exclusive film merchandise to extraordinary installations, join in the web of excitement and embark on an adventure like no other! #SpiderVerse #CLI

2 days ago

Patrick Boocock, CEO, #PrivateEquity #AlternativeAssets, #CLI, provided insights on debt opportunities in the current economic cycle, #PrivateCredit investment opportunities & CLI’s deal structuring capabilities at the @UrbanLandInst #AsiaPacific Summit.

Daniel Fisher (lennybacon)
3 days ago

Ich habe vor einiger Zeit mal ein CLI-Tool gesehen, was im Sinne von Modern Linux das bessere PGP ist. Gerade im Bezug auf die hierarchische Darstellung von Keys. Ich find es aber nicht mehr… kann jemensch helfen? #help #modernLinux #cli #pgp

Sam Howell
3 days ago

I realised something important today. Encrypted #ZFS datasets will not automatically be sent encrypted with `zfs send`. To ensure the destination receives the dataset in encrypted form, you need to include the send option `w` or `--raw` for a raw stream. The same applies when using #Syncoid, which I'm now happily relying on for snapshots and scheduled #backups.

#admin #gnu #linux #cli

Joseph Zikusooka
3 days ago

💡 TIP: If you have another user set up on your Linux PC running xorg, here's a quick way to launch any graphical application from that other account on your GNOME desktop i.e. without switching or logging out:

xhost + && ssh otheruser@localhost DISPLAY=unix:0.0 signal-desktop

Also see the "pkexec" command

#ZikTIPs #GNOME #Linux #Fedora #CLI #Opensource

4 days ago

hey, all blind people.
what client for macOS, for mastodon, do you recommend?
I want new features, so semaphore and the lag behind even the older cake is out too.
it needs to be free, as I am paying my cash to my brother for a new phone, so nada for buying shit until 2024
I can even use #cli interfaces, if they are clean and simplistic enough.
you are the hero if you'll find a perfect client for me.

4 days ago

I'm not a fan of terminal music players, I haven't gotten used to using them. But Tori is simple and easy to use and I would say that even novice GNU/Linux users would feel comfortable with it. It supports both local files and urls and you can also create playlists.

My crappy netbook has a new default music player.

#cli #linux

Coming up empty, but does anyone know if there's a #k9s like tool for AWS ECS? #cli #devops #containers

6 days ago

My newest article. I want to share a few commands that have proved to be useful over the years, enjoy these little tips, they will enchance your productivity.

#linux #devops #sysadmin #cli

Stewart Russell
1 week ago

echo '*** An important reminder to use your new knowledge only for good, which includes annoying those who oppress you ***' | fmt -w36 | lolcat -f -F 0.6 | ansi2html -ip | sed 's,$,<br />,g;' > ~/Desktop/h.html ; open ~/Desktop/h.html

#cli #shell #lolcat #colours

a block of text on a white background, with the characters coloured in diagonal rainbow stripes. The text reads: *** An important reminder to use your new  knowledge only for good, which includes annoying those who oppress you ***

There seems to be a distinct lack of #CLI tools to #diff #binary files. Sure I can

diff -u <(hexdump -C a) <(hexdump -C b)

but that falls apart as soon as the change is, say, inserting 5 bytes into the middle of the file.

The best thing I found was

radiff2 -du a b

which doesn’t look particularly readable, but can at least handle such a case. The -ss, -c & -r options might be useful, too.

There’s also

xdelta3 -e -s a b | xdelta3 printdelta

Haven’t found a nice viewer for either though.

I’m looking for an open-source tool to write loop points into #WAV files, for #looping a section of the audio contained in the file.

By now I know that these are stored as #RIFF `smpl` chunks (see for the binary structure), and I could generate the binary data myself, but I need a tool to write the chunk into an existing file. #CLI preferred, or a #Python library.

#Exiftool & the #libsndfile tools can’t.

#Linux #audio #musicproduction #sampling #DAW #askFedi :BoostOK:

:mastodon: Mike Amundsen
1 week ago

Bye Bye Swagger and Postman — Built-in Rest Client of VS 2022

"the use of .http files provides below advantages compared to tools such as Postman and Swagger. I believe it’s worth giving it a try." -- #AtakanKorez

#api360 #vs2022 #cli

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Just published Kitten’s¹ new database² commands:

- kitten db [table name] to see info the database/a specific table
- kitten db delete [table name] to delete the database/a specific table
- kitten db tail <table name> to follow a specific table

Full docs:


#Kitten #SmallWeb #SmallTech #JavaScriptDatabase #javascript #database #JSDB #web #dev #js #NodeJS #commandLineInterface #CLI

1 week ago

PiLisp's REPL has some peculiar defaults and I wrote about them:

#lisp #repl #shell #cli

2 weeks ago

They sit and watch the sun do down. But, they know, time is running out.

Can we use fiction writing as a way of thinking about how we cope with a climate-changed future?

#literature #writing #sciencefiction #cli-fi #fictionwriting #fiction

2 weeks ago

Passwords and #CLI.

How to avoid web page login over and over 😉

#shell #terminal #1password #tmux


Jan Katins
2 weeks ago

TIL: #jj a #JSON Stream Editor for the #cli (, which seems to be an easier syntax than #jq but covers probably most of my json needs.

When using a #cli, what would you prefer?

1. Using `hsml compile .` explicitly and get a warning/error when not providing an input file/folder?


2. Using `hsml compile` without an input and it will use the current working directory as default/fallback?

Feel also free to comment why you prefer the one over the other 🙂


2 weeks ago

Heute ist Freitag, was bedeutet, dass heute Abend ab 21:00 wieder Browserfenster in die Kamera gehalten werden.

Es ist mal wieder so weit:

hat offen. Die Thementische haben sich IMHO bewährt.

Oben: Alles mögliche: #Meisen #Dudelsäcke #stricken #Fahrrad #Fotografie

Unten: #CLI #Linux #Nerd #RFC

Ich persönlich aus $Gründen wieder vermutlich erst ab 22 Uhr. 😉

#tvgn #TabsVonGesternNacht

2 weeks ago

I'm in need of a little Nerd-Pr0n... what little useful thing comes into your mind as tool of at the Linux command line? Not a super-nerdy command to sophisticated resolve a problem, but a tool for actual problems that would also be useful for n00bs to take their fear about using the CLI?

So curling is a nice trick - but yesterday I discovered v2 of the service (probably around for a million years but new to me).


yt-dlp and wget to fetch files from the Intenets without having to open a browser were on the list yesterday as well, but I'm eager to (re)discover some other nice tools.

#Linux #CLI

Screenshot der Terminalausgabe von curl, einem Wetterbericht für die Kommandozeile
Sam Howell
2 weeks ago

Don't take the unnecessary risk of running #Wireshark as #root. Instead, create your capture file (.cap, .pcap) with #tcpdump (`sudo tcpdump -i eth0 -w file.pcap`), then open it for analysis in Wireshark as your regular non-root user. 👍
#networking #cybersecurity #soc #gnu #linux #cli

This article covers how to stress test your CPU in Linux, it covers
GtkStress which is a GUI tool and s-tui which is a command-line tool

#Linux #stresstest #CLI #TUI #CPU

Ed Howland
2 weeks ago

For #ScreenReader users, this #CLI based file manager is very easy to use:
Note: Use the wiki to learn its many commands and key bindings
If not using #ArchLinux, use the #OpenSUSE build server to get a binary for your #Distro
#A11Y #Accessability #Linux #Bash #XDG #FileManagers

Just publish the first version of `gimoji`, a tool that makes it super easy to add emojis to your commit messages:

It primarily works as a git commit hook (don't worry, it takes care of setting that up for you as well) so it seamlessly fits into your current workflow.

#git #emoji #rustlang #cli

Mauve 👁💜
2 weeks ago

does anyone know of an alternative to bash for #Linux which has support for comment text editing keyboard by the things like control z and using your mouse to select text in the prompt to delete?


I wrote down what I have in mind to plan the #cli for #hsml

Please do not hesitate to communicate additions or suggested changes

Just got a #CLI-only system running. I tried to write a Mastodon post, but it ended up pretty long, so here it is on my #Gemini capsule:


#Linux #GNU #Guix

I'm thinking about how I could a good #cli for #hsml
I may orientate on existing CLIs like #Rust, #deno or #pnpm

so e.g.

hsml compile # compiles all .hsml files to .html inside current folder and recursive below
hsml compile ./example.hsml # just compiles the given file
hsml fmt # formats
hsml fmt # just formats given file
hsml parse ./example.hsml # parses the given file and std::out as json AST

But I'm not sure if this fulfills all need or if I need to change something

3 weeks ago

Wondering if there's a tool out there to chat in #twitch channels via #cli in #linux/unix like OS'es 🤔

#hsml now has the ability to read a file from the command line and create an HTML file from it 🥳

At the current stage 🚧 of the project, I don't want to release the crate just yet, so you'll need to clone the repo if you want to try it

Then just run e.g. `cargo run -- example.hsml` and an `example.html` will be written (or panic 😜)

*The #cli arguments are subject to change at any time before an official release*

*It uses #clap under the hoo*d

#Rust #html #wip

How could I miss out on #VisiData for so long? This might become my new favorite #CLI tool.

If you do _anything_ with data and enjoy working in the terminal, check it out. It can

• provide a #TUI for viewing and editing data in #CSV, #Excel, #SQLite, #JSON, #YAML & #XML files and quite a few more
• sort, filter, join and edit that data, across files and across formats
• convert between the formats (interactively or not)
• record & play macros
• be scripted in #Python

Eduardo Padoan ☕
3 weeks ago

With fish_add_path, alias/funcsave, fish_greeting, and omf themes, the only stuff on my right now is a bunch abbrs #fish #shell #cli #fishshell

Willem Van den Ende
3 weeks ago

What is your favourite #typescript #cli library? I have #yargs but am having some difficulty extracting common parts out of command handlers (initializing and tearing down external state is duplicated).

Aegewsh 📡
3 weeks ago

llm, ttok and strip-tags—CLI tools for working with ChatGPT and other LLMs #cli #chatgpt

3 weeks ago

Markdown Viewers for the Linux Command Line

Updated with...
- add viewer frogmouth
- add software license
- change glow version
- change last paragraph

#commandline #linux #terminal #tui #cli

Markdown logo with text that reads, Markdown Viewers.
Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
3 weeks ago

Started to play around with GitHub #copilot for #cli a bit. This is the first of three videos. Spoiler, it gets better 😁

thomas 🌸
3 weeks ago

Let's say you're building a Deno module, and it has some main programmatic functionally under mod.ts.

What should the executable file name of a #Deno module be named?

#code #opensource #cli #terminal #bin #module #programming #package

some cat
4 weeks ago

anybody have any recs for a #matrix #tui / #cli client? :blobcatthink:
i can offer several meows, if wanted.
the gratitude is non-negotiable. there will be gratitude.

4 weeks ago

sudo apt install rolldice

this can always be handy ...
ça peut toujours être utile ...
#ttrpg #jdr #floss #cli

4 weeks ago

Some updates on my utility scripts (
- added a script to search for code projects called 'projectsof'
- updated the Ledger CLI helper script to allow interactive CLI entry!

#dev #clojure #babashka #ledger #cli #scripts #tools #tech

1 month ago

This fills me with such conflicting “feels”.

Future? Innovative?

I get that it might be a really good IRC client but I don’t know how anyone can post a screenshot of an IRC client running in the terminal and use the phrase “The future is now!”. Maybe it is shitposting as marketing copy?

#IRC #CLI #Terminal

A screenshot of the content from a website that produces the WeeChat command line IRC client. 

The future is now!

WeeChat brings a lot of innovative features, which makes it different from other console/terminal based chat clients.
Look by yourself (the list is not exhaustive):

• 256 colors
• Mouse support
• Customizable bars
• 8 script languages
• Horizontal/vertical split
• Dynamic filtering of lines
• Incremental text search
• FIFO pipe
• Spell checking
• Scripts manager
•Remote interfaces
• Upgrade without quitting
1 month ago

You know that someone is a serious command line user when you see this in a Makefile

.PHONY: docs

#textual #CLI #Makefile

#Unix #shell fun fact:

“source” is a #bashism. The actual #POSIX name of the command is “.”. That’s right, a single dot.

Many people expect . to be some kind of a shortcut for “source”, and yes, they’re equivalent in #bash, but “source” is not guaranteed to exist in other shells. dash doesn’t have it, for example.

So, if you want to write your shell scripts as compatible as possible, use “.”, not “source”.

#Linux #CLI

Sam Howell
1 month ago

Before executing important commands and scripts over #SSH, use #screen in case of disconnect. If your connection drops or you close the terminal, you can SSH back in and enter `screen -r` to recover from where you left off. Being reunited with that hanging command prompt will be a relief! #tuesdaytip #gnu #linux #cli #admin

One-liner to add #asdfvm plugins from your .tool-versions file:

awk '{print $1}' .tool-versions | xargs -I % sh -c "asdf plugin-add %;"

#zsh #cli #shell

1 month ago

Did you know there is a tool on your Raspberry Pi that will print out a diagram of the circuit board including ports and model name to the console? I'm not sure how I missed this over all these years!

"pinout" will print out your board image, info about the built in ports like USB/Ethernet and also what the GPIO ports are labeled and their purposes. #raspberrypi #cli #gpio

a Linux console screenshot showing a Pi Model #B V1.2 circuit board and information about the ports and pins on the board
Joan Leon
1 month ago

📝 Command Line Tip

Run "curl" to get your public IP

I created an alias to remember it 😊

#CLI #CommandLine #Network

alias mypubip='curl'
1 month ago

#Frogmouth könnte wieder etwas für die CLI-Sammlung von @leyrer sein.

#markdown #CLI

Erik Ableson
1 month ago

@paul So been there, so many times. Plus the internal debate once it’s been running for a while whether it’s worth hitting Ctrl-C and restarting with rdisk…

#macos #disk #cli

Carlo Zottmann
1 month ago

One of my biggest small wins this month: learning how the #macOS `security` #CLI tool works. It can write and read #Keychain entries:

1️⃣ `security add-generic-password -a czottmann -s "My secret API key" -w` asks for the PW and stores it.
2️⃣ `security find-generic-password -a czottmann -s "My secret API key" -w` retrieves and outputs it.

Super useful: if you store a password that way, `security` whitelists itself for password-less access to that password — great for use in scripts!


TIL the command line tool ack has a some easter egg options. They're listed in the man page if you want to see them all. My favorite is `ack --bar`.

#ack #cli

Screenshot of a terminal emulator running the command `ack --bar`.  The output is an ASCII art image of the Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar, with a speech bubble containing the sentence "It's a grep!"
conputer dipshit
1 month ago

I've been working on a little #ChatGPT #CLI in Deno. it lets you chat, pipe a file to it, and post the conversation to a Github gist. It's really simple — the whole thing is a 130 line Deno script plus a couple of bash one-liners.

source here:

curious if anyone is interested in reading more. I've been kinda working on a blog post

note the API is way slower than in the GIF, I sped up those frames (GPT told me how)

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

Wondering how to get readline working in a non-primary Node.js cluster process while keeping colour output via Chalk in your CLI app?

(I’m pretty sure you’re not but, hey, I ran into this today and I’m documenting it in hopes it might help someone else sometime.)

Check out the implementation in Kitten’s development-time process manager (this little file is what Kitten uses in place of a heavyweight module like Nodemon):

#Kitten #nodeJS #cluster #readline #chalk #cli

Davy :ferris:
1 month ago

The new major version of jql has finally been released this weekend 🚀 🎉 🔥 !

This is a complete rewrite of the code:
- separate crates (parser / runner / binary)
- nom is used for the parser
- better errors

I started the project in 2018 and it was time to clean-up the code. The previous grammar / logic had some serious limitations.

The performance has also improved

Bonus: new logo by myself 🐺

#rust #rustlang #json #cli #tools #dev #release

Logo of jql, a vector image of a simplified jackal head inside a colorful circle.
Emma the Curious 🧐
2 months ago

Speculative fiction can offer us different visions of our future.

Are you Team Cli-Fi or Team Solarpunk?

#Cli-Fi #Solarpunk

Ricky White
2 months ago

As someone new(ish) to C#, I find myself creating a CLI app using .NET 7. (Will be #opensource eventually)

What good package options is there for creating nice CLIs? Looking for one that supports subcommands.

#dotnet #csharp #cli

Aral Balkan
2 months ago

Never in a million years did I think I’d be using a command-line email client but Himalaya is actually really nice (I did set up some fish shell abbreviations for common commands, etc.) I’m particularly enjoying being able to compose messages in my regular editor (Helix Editor).

I’m sure I’ll still be using Fastmail’s web interface too but this is nice to have alongside.

(This is one for the developers/tinkerers out there.)

#Himalaya #cli #email #linux #HelixEditor

2 months ago

I made a #tool for #mastodon!

Some people have great taste, so mastodon-follows is a little tool that allows you to generate a HTML file from information about the people others follow, so you can quickly work out who to follow too. The major advantage over just viewing their page is the detail info, and the one-click links.

It's command line, and needs PHP. For now it solved my problem, I may improve that later!

Check out

#mastodontips #follows #followers #php #cli

2 months ago

#CLI of the week is not really a proper CLI as a binary, but a function about timezones, and #fzf.

If you have some useful functions you can't live without, please share them.

#shell #terminal #linux #unix

#100DaysToOffload : 48/100

Just in case someone is interested: I mantain a small #cli program called #tiempoRs that I use to track time spent in different activities. It's written in #rustlang.

it's compatible with #timetrap but extends its functionality and fixes some bugs and weird behaviors.

2 months ago

#CLI of the week : duf ! A better df utility.

#terminal #shell

#100DaysToOffload : 44/100

#GUI is better than #CLI.

2 months ago

one way to reduce stress — script and record your #CLI demos

2 months ago

Do you use some useful #git aliases? A better workflow? Let's share our configuration!

#cli #shell #terminal

Sébastien NOBILI
2 months ago

Just upgraded @atuin

I've started using it daily last summer. It's a pleasure, thanks a lot 🙂

#cli #shell #zsh #efficiency

I just read this #article - check it out: "The Landscape of npm Packages for CLI Apps" - A survey of popular packages for Node.js CLI development and recommendations for new command-line apps.
#Js #Node #Cli #Npm#Otter