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@luckytran I'm getting mine tomorrow, after donating blood.

I didn't attempt to get it before because that would have pushed back the window for donation several weeks, and the pool of people who can and are willing to donate has shrunk considerably in the past three years and change--and is likely to keep shrinking, as donors get sick, thanks to the "it's over" propaganda they get from everyone, and not masking in donation centers.

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PSA: if you cannot receive an MRNA Covid Vaccine, you can now make an appointment at COSTCO to get the newly approved Novavax for COVID-19; use the link, or call to check if they take walk-ins.

Remember: you don't have to wait six months to get it.

Go forth and be safe.

ETA: screenshot of FDA fact sheet
Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted (2023-2024 Formula) is authorized for use in individuals 12 years of age and older as follows:
• Individuals previously vaccinated with any COVID-19 vaccine: one dose of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted (2023-2024 Formula) is administered at least 2 months after receipt of the last previous dose of an original monovalent (Original) or bivalent (Original and Omicron BA.4/BA.5) COVID-19 vaccine.
• Individuals not previously vaccinated with any COVID-19 vaccine: two doses of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted (2023-2024 Formula) are administered three weeks apart.
• Immunocompromised individuals: an additional dose of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted (2023-2024 Formula) may be administered at least 2 months following the last dose of a COVID-19 vaccine (2023-2024 Formula). Additional doses of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted (2023- 2024 Formula) may be administered at the discretion of the healthcare provider, taking into consideration the individual's clinical circumstances. The timing of the additional doses may be based on the individual's clinical circumstances.
Fact Sheets (English)
Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine
Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers
Last Updated
October 3, 2023

COVID booster update: While I don’t feel utterly wasted or have a horrible headache like some people did the next day, I do feel as if someone used me as a human piñata while I slept. The only parts that don’t ache are my head, my hands, and my feet.

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The new COVID vaccines should be available in Waterloo region as of next week. You can book your appointments starting later this afternoon. I think it’s Monday-Friday 10-3, but on Thursdays it will be open until 7. @waterlooregion #COVIDboosters #CovidVaccination

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If you go to Walgreens or CVS for your #COViDVaccines they may try to charge you: tell them about the Federal Bridge program.

Go to and find which pharmacies in the Bridge program near you have the new #COVIDBoosters

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Program overview for the CDC's Bridge Access Program:
Adults can get COVID-19 vaccines at no cost to them!
The distribution of COVID019 vaccines changed in September 2023 as these products moved the commercial market.

COVID-19 vaccines are still available at not cost to most people living in the U.S. through their private health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid plans. However, there are 20-30 million adults without health care insurance and additional adults whose insurance does not offer COVID-19 vaccines at no cost to them.

CDC's Bridge Access Program provides no-cost COVID-19 vaccines to adults without health insurance and adults whose insurance does not cover all COVID-19 vaccine costs.
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@leadegroot that is very strange, as far as I can see any adult can get a booster if it’s been at least 6 months since last vaccine/infection 😕 This is current as of yesterday ~

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Also also, via @RabbiRutiRegan:

Boston Children’s Hospital has appointments for Moderna boosters for kids (including under 5s), and they’re willing to give flu shots at the same visit.

617-355-5358 is their scheduling number. (For some reason covid boosters aren’t showing up in the portal.)

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Also, if you want to get the new #COVIDVaccine #COVIDBoosters but don't have insurance, there's a bridge program for you (or anyone you know in those circumstances--please spread the word!)


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Is there a COSTCO, Albertson's or (ugh) Walmart near you? They're under the contract to provide free #COVIDBoosters


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Anna Nicholson
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@ashedryden Got my flu booster a couple of weeks ago (only the second year I’ve been eligible for that) – and I think I was the only person masking in the vaccination centre 😷

But here in Scotland the NHS is only offering Covid boosters to people in more vulnerable groups (and those who care for them)

So I’m going to have to be even more cautious for the next year or so, I imagine, as I doubt I have much if any immunity to the variants going around at the moment 😞

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Jenny Lam
3 months ago

PSA: The updated #COVID #booster targeting XBB.1.5 (the new variant driving the current surge) is available at #Walgreens starting Monday! Scheduled my appointment for next week.

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Liam Egan
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It seems the only thing the Conservative Government in Ontario seems to be able to plan ahead is making sure their supporters and friends profit from them being in power. Any planning for the people of the province is always haphazard and too little too late. #ClimateChange, #Seasons, #COVIDBoosters, #LTC #Schools #Masking - all topics that this government ignore and their response is “Who knew that <fill in the blank> would be an issue.

cc: @markgrieveson

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#COVID Call to action!

@mattbc (on twitter):
"If you have a reason for requiring Novavax that is directly related to a disability (i.e. allergy to components of the mRNA vaccines), and would like to take a brief action that may help* Novavax availability...

(* it may not, I make no promises)"

#COVIDBoosters #COViDVaccines


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@mattbc The FDA approved the approved new #COVIDVaccines / #COVIDBoosters yesterday, and today the #CDC ACIP panel has recommended them, in a 13-1 vote, to everyone 6 months and older.

UPDATE: the CDC Director accept the ACIP recommendation, we ALL get boosters!

3 months ago

A few days ago, I shared a link to the public comment page for the #CDC docket item regarding #COVIDBoosters and vaccines; there was also a pretty shoddily-written NPR piece going around, basically saying, "nah, only people over 65 need the shot".

Decisions about the #COVIDVaccines will be made soon; here's a very good explainer by @mattbc (I recommend following them on Patreon--their posts are public--and listening to their calls to action).

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Call to action! The #CDC has a public comment open; let it know that you want the new #COVIDBoosters to be recommended for everyone, not just the elderly or most vulnerable, because the higher the percentage of vaccinated and boosted people, the lower risk for vulnerable people.

Download, read, tell the CDC that everyone needs and deserves protection

Public comments will be closed on midnight September 8/2023. Docket to comment on: CDC 2023-0060

screenshot of the link to regulations dot gov, with drawn arrows indicating the comment button and the end date to public comments.
3 months ago

@shawrd773 I feel zero reassurance that, for a virus that mutates rapidly, and that damages all organs of the body, regardless of severity of symptoms, the position is, "just a few people need protection" rather than "when most people are protected, then those whose systems are too compromised to get vaccinated won't be at risk, because there won't be community transmission".

Which has always been the case for vaccination for other high transmission diseases.



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Call to action! The #CDC has a public comment open; let it know that you want the new #COVIDBoosters to be recommended for everyone, not just the most vulnerable.

Remember: the higher the percentage of vaccinated and boosted people, the lower risk for vulnerable people.

Go forth and give the CDC hell! demand protection for everyone.

ETA: public comments will be closed midnight September 8/2023. Docket to comment on: CDC 2023-0060

screenshot from the link, with red arrows (added by me) highlighting the "comment" button and the notice that the comment period is about to end.
Erika Wittekind
3 months ago

I'm seeing rumors that the Covid boosters might only be recommended for elderly and immunocompromised people. There are many reasons the boosters should be recommended and available to everyone: public health vs. individual protection, long covid, long-term health effects, dangers of repeated infection, school outbreaks, etc. Please consider submitting a public comment before the ACIP meeting. Comments due Friday.
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Updated #CovidBoosters could be authorized by end of month, #Pfizer says
The drugmaker's prediction comes as #Covid hospitalizations are once again on the rise. Days after the #FDA advised the drugmakers to update the shots to target #XBB.1.5 ahead of a fall #CovidBooster campaign.

Denis - The COVID info guy -
6 months ago

"Millions of Australians are overdue for COVID-19 boosters. Why aren't they getting them?"

🔹According to data from the Australian Immunisation Register, 16.6 million adults nationally haven't had a COVID-19 vaccine in the last 6 months, while 2.9 million have.

#COVID19Aus #COVIDboosters

There’s 3 new and simplified categories for assessing individual risk. The WHO wants a new covid vaccine that more broadly covers multiple variants, that is longer in duration and that doesn’t need extreme cold. Current covid boosters don’t carry harm, rather they only provide minimal additional benefits.


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I asked my Kaiser doc when the next Covid boosters (5th shot) would be available. She said she has no word on that yet. What gives?
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Calls for another Covid booster for all Brits as country is losing its immunity - Mirror Online

Reports that China could be experiencing up to a million new cases a day has sparked global fears about the potential for new variants to emerge with Beijing to reopen its borders next week

@BarrenPlanet do you find any rebound issues after #COVIDboosters? I’m certain I do but it’s not keeping me from getting them.

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RT I Have To Remind/Educate My G.P.'s Surgery Why I Need #CovidBoosters ,Along With Yearly #FluJabs ,

Last Year: 2021 They Said No To Free Yearly #FluJab ,Despite Free 2020 One, & Explaining That: #MentalHealth Means Loads Of Free Flu Jab GAPS Due To My Mental Health, Depression &