TrangAston :verified:
2 hours ago

#IDMastodon #JN.1 is on the move #Get boosted .Update that Novavax is now approved (finally) in 🇨🇦 . Excellent efficacy & less reactogenic profile compared with mRNA (generally fewer side effects).

Is the Novavax #COVIDVaccine Better Than mRNA Vaccines? What We Know So Far.

6 days ago

Y’all, get your boosters if you can. The past three days I have been freaking out because some people I interacted with at the conference I attended on the weekend got COVID, but it seems I was unscathed. I had my COVID booster 3 weeks ago and a flu shot 5 weeks ago. I know we are tired of vaccines but the booster really seems to have worked. #covidvaccine

Denis - The COVID info guy -
1 week ago

The World Health Organization authorizes emergency use of Novavax's updated COVID shot in individuals aged 12 and older.

The emergency use listing helps speed up the regulatory approvals to import and administer the vaccines by member states, according to the WHO.

#Novavax #COVIDvaccine @auscovid19


2 weeks ago

I have some questions regarding #Covid #vaccination for the #virology community.

Does contacting Covid have broadly the same effect on the immune system as vaccination? If so, would it therefore be sensible to schedule a winter booster vaccination as long after infection as is possible within your country's booster programme window?

#immunology #virologist #vaccine #CovidVaccine #Covid19

2 weeks ago

I had a Covid and flu shot four hours ago and happy to say zero reaction as of yet. Probably the only time I’ve had any vaccine and didn’t get a big swelling in my arm and minor fever chills at some point. I had to call off sick from work after the Moderna vax part 2. So far it’s a 👍🏻👍🏻

#COVID19 #covidvaccine

Denis - The COVID info guy -
2 weeks ago

🇦🇺 Australia’s reworked molecular clamp vaccine for Covid-19 has cleared early stage human testing, potentially offering one-stop protection against a range of pandemic viruses.

University of Queensland scientists in technology that hit the wall at the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020 when the original Clamp vaccine returned false positive readings to HIV.

#COVID19 #COVIDvaccine @auscovid19


Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 weeks ago

PSA for UK friends who would like to get #vaccinated for #covid and/or #flu (most of you, right?) 💉

The NHS booking platform will allow ANYONE to book a #vaccine appointment if you answer "yes" to "do you regularly look after someone who is ill, an older person or disabled?"

Most pharmacists are not interested in policing who is getting jabbed, & will give you a bonus free flu jab too ✨

Pass it on!

@novid #CovidisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #CovidVaccine #Covid #Novid #Covid19 #CovidIsntOver

1 month ago

-Do you want Pfizer or Moderna?


-You have to choose

-okay, Moderna

How’s anyone supposed to make an informed decision? I just picked randomly. I remember it was a big deal to choose at first but nowadays, how’s am I supposed to know?


S t a c i e
1 month ago

I’m waiting at the pharmacy for my COVID and flu vaccines. There is the most annoying couple waiting near me. She seems just as annoyed with the guy she’s with as I am. At least I’ll eventually be able to get away from his annoying personality.

#COVIDVaccine #FluVaccine #COVIDIsNotOver

Rufus J. Cooter
1 month ago

What has two thumbs, and five COVID shots?

[not pictured: thumbs, COVID shots 1 thru 4]

#CovidIsNotOver #COVIDVaccine

Me, masked up at the community clinic by me, (which actually will give COVID shots to walk-ins, unlike the local pharmacies, which claim to do so, but always seem to have some excuse for, "sorry, we can't today...") taking a post-vaccine selfie
1 month ago

Update: we're in a rug situation now. I'm in my corgi onesie, she's a corgi onesie. We're both wrecked. Thankfully, it's worth it.

#CovidVaccine #DogsOfMastodon

Moxxi the corgi is laying on her side on a rug. Next to her are human legs in an orange onesie and a hand.

Received my fifth #CovidVaccine dose today, my autism grows again :autistic: 💪

Madhouse Muse 😷🦋
1 month ago

"Patients with asthma, COPD and interstitial lung disease have reduced SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-specific antibody, B-cell and T-cell responses, which signals poorer protection against COVID-19, according to results published in ERJ Open Research."

#Covid #Covid19 #COVIDVaccine #asthma #COPD #immunity #sarscov2

Fall #COVIDvaccine shot uptake is an “abysmal” 7%; #wastewatertesting impaired
Meanwhile, a quarter of the country's #wastewater testing sites are offline.

Sarah Doomsayer
1 month ago

My partner and I *finally* got our invitation to get our covid vaccines. I see there's a choice between an unbranded mRNA and the Novavax non-mRNA. I didn't expect a choice, so I haven't been paying attention. Which one is better for this round?

#COVIDvaccine #CovidIsNotOver #Zeroes

1 month ago
bend your own rules
1 month ago

Today was #covidvaccine day for my small humans, and as we have for every covid vaccine day, we made ridiculous sundaes

We celebrate surviving a pandemic and vaccines in my house

a ridiculous sundae with ice cream, crumbled up cookie, banana, chocolate syrup, cherry, sprinkles
1 month ago

My other reward of the day was to get my COVID and flu shots. Arm is slightly sore, as expected, but hey with any luck, I'm covered for a few months.

#COViDVaccine #COVIDBooster #VaxSelfie #GetYourShot

Close and blurry and altogether bad shot showing the top of my left shoulder, where two circular self-adhesive vaccine barriers (a ring of foam with a transparent center through which the shot is administered.
1 month ago

Double jab today. Tbh the arm w/ flu #vaccine is more sore than the arm w/ #covidvaccine

Oddly, my teeth feel kinda “cold” again (jab 5) Any of you have a *weirder* response to the jab than that?

Gustav Svärd
1 month ago

Så, då var fjärde dosen tagen! Najs.

#CovidVaccin #CovidVaccine #VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork

Cheerful Madness!! 🖤🩶🤍💜
1 month ago

Beaucoup de gens m'ont dit qu'ils refusent le vaccin anti-COVID sur la base que le vaccin a été créé à partir d'ARN messager, alors que l'existence de ce procédé est avérée depuis plus longtemps que 2020! Ces gens ont donc déjà été innoculés avec ce type de vaccin sans même le savoir! Je suis en train de regarder ce documentaire d'Arte qui retrace la création du vaccin contre COVID #ARNmessager #vaccin #COVIDvaccine #vaccinCOVID

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
1 month ago

That’s a rainy #Jabapalooza wrap! 450 happy patients (92 year old and 2 year old pictured here, with permission). 90% of patients wanted both #CovidVaccine and #Flu shot. All are going home with RATs (rapid antigen #COVID19 tests). Also drive-thru for children with disabilities.

Happy 2 year old
Happy 92 year old
Jabapalooza in the rain

That’s a wrap for tonight! #Jabapalooza to give #CovidVaccine and #flu shots to my dear high risk patients. Oldest today was 104 (he was delighted with the lollipop!), youngest was 6 months. Sent each person home with a box of RATs, and masks for those without.

Nonagenarian patient
Madhouse Muse 😷🦋
2 months ago

Got my #Novavax booster today at Costco. #CO2 level near the pharmacy area wasn't great, especially inside the tiny vaccine room where my #Aranet4 read 1180+. But the pharmacist was wearing a mask (she apologized that it wasn't an N95 but employees are only provided surgical masks 🙄). Thankfully there was a HEPA filter running.

#GetBoosted #Covid #COVID19 #CovidIsNotOver #CovidVaccine

At Costco Pharmacy area, Aranet4 CO2 monitor shows a CO2 level of 924ppm.
Photo of vial and box for Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine, Adjuvanted 2023-2024 Formula
Dan Shick
2 months ago

it's just about time for my #CovidVaccine appointment. gimme that XBB.1.5 sauce! hope I don't pass out or puke on "em.

Denis - The COVID info guy -
2 months ago

A Melbourne-made COVID vaccine that shows promise in fighting off mutant “escape” strains up to 22 times better — and with fewer side effects — than other jabs could change the landscape.

#COVIDvaccine @MonashUni #COVIDisNotOver @auscovid19


2 months ago

Got my COVID booster this morning (Moderna). Now waiting for the reaction...

It's all about the antibodies.

#COVIDBooster #COVIDVaccine #Moderna

The USS Enterprise encounters the giant space amoeba in Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Immunity Syndrome."

For those in #Scotland who wish to 🛡️protect🛡️ their friends and relatives.

Please do visit
or the booking portal:

#FluVaccine #CovidVaccine #BoostsWelcome

2 months ago

Day 21 and I *finally* woke up without congestion. Still have the lingering “smoker’s cough” (no, I don’t and have never smoked). Thankfully, that appears to be the only symptom that is sticking around at that point. Get the #COVIDvaccine booster folks. #Eris sucks.

2 months ago

#mRNA #Covid #CovidVaccine quandary: I had 3x Pfizer & did great. Then I had 2x Moderna & was DESTROYED for days both times. If I go back to Pfizer for this year's shot, is that likely that I'll get a strong reaction to that too, or is it more likely it was Moderna-specific so Pfizer will be its old mild-reaction self for me? Has anyone had any experience with this--switching platforms then switching back to the first one? #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #Novid

Good news! @OttawaHealth is planning to distribute XBB.1.5 #COVID19 mRNA vaccine to community #CovidVaccine providers (that includes family docs!) and OPH clinics in mid/late October. So we can offer it at the same time as #flu shots. #Ottawa, let’s have a #Jabapalooza Oct 22nd!

Boxes of masks and RATs - thanks to @DonateMask - for community and for patients.

#MaskUp, get the new #CovidVaccine and flu shot, run HEPAs, open windows, improve ventilation, test, support people to isolate when sick.

We have all the tools to mitigate #COVID19, RSV, flu.

Boxes of masks arriving at our clinic
Thomas Connor
2 months ago

Stabbed once more! First time with Pfizer, so we'll see how I feel tonight/tomorrow. #CovidVaccine #KeepOnGettingYourShots

Madhouse Muse 😷🦋
2 months ago

The FDA has finally approved the #Novavax booster. Anyone 12 years and older who have previously been vaccinated with a Covid vaccine (and have not already gotten the latest mRNA Covid booster) are eligible to receive 1 dose; unvaccinated can receive 2 doses.

#Covid #COVID19 #Vaccine #Vaccination #COVIDVaccine #CovidIsNotOver

2 months ago

The newest #COVIDVaccine is coming out, just in time to get it with your flu booster.

I wish @CBCTheNational had featured a little more of their interview with @MoriartyLab


Steven Zekowski
2 months ago

Thanks. I’ve been wondering why #HealthPartners, 1 of #minnesota’s largest #healthcare systems still doesn’t have new #CovidVaccine (nor did #CostcoPharmacy when I checked couple of days ago).

Cat Gold 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Getting vaxed is an act of care for everyone around us, and should not be restricted to certain groups. Vaxing a fraction of the population makes no sense from a #PublicHealth perspective - only an electoral one.

Reminder: there is no shortage of #covid #vaccines here. The govt just does not want to spend the £10pp it costs to vax all of us.

tl;dr: Go get that vax! 💉

@novid #CovidisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #CovidCautious #CovidVaccine #PublicHealth #Vaccine #Vaccinated #VaccinesSaveLives

Jeff C. 🇺🇦
2 months ago

You’ll find the same pattern under a lot of similar ads, not just this one.

And it’s not just ads for masks, either. Anything having to do with vaccination (including non-Covid vaccines) or even Covid tests will frequently have a bunch of laugh and angry reactions under them.

#Covid19 #Covid #CovidVaccine #Vaccine #Pandemic

Jeff C. 🇺🇦
2 months ago

You can’t tell me that there isn’t a concerted — likely organized — effort to weaken public health in the US.

#Covid19 #Covid #Pandemic #CovidVaccine #Vaccine

Screenshot of a Facebook ad for an N95 mask featuring a woman wearing a mask.

Below, it shows a total of 202 reactions from users who saw the ad: 144 laughing, 37 angry, 19 thumbs-up, 1 heart, 1 sad.
Samhain Night
2 months ago

Side effects of the Pfizer vaccine, day 2:

Sore and achy on the side that I got the shot on, but not as bad as I feel after a full day of housekeeping. Joints are a little sore, the shot site on my arm feels like I banged it into the corner of a bookshelf. I might maybe take a Tylenol later, I might not.

To be fair though, I have to drink about 62 oz of water every day to stop my ankle from swelling, and this might account for the lack of aches and pains from the shot, too.

Are COVID vaccines seriously only obtainable on weekdays from 10-3 in Kitchener? Does anyone give them to people with day jobs? #CovidVaccine #BoosterShots #EssentialWorkers @waterlooregion

Dr. Sbaitso
2 months ago

After #fluvaccine and #covidvaccine yesterday, I feel like I got run over by a Power-Wheels Steamroller, AND lost a game of punchbuggy with Charles Atlas. How're you feeling, @wendynather?

Tina 💙🎶🌻
2 months ago

I was just thinking, gosh I feel so tired... and then I remembered that I had a covid shot today. I had forgotten. I wouldn't say I have sick/ flu-like feelings, just very tired. And I'm so glad I got the shot.

#covid #vaccine #CovidVaccine

Samhain Night
2 months ago

Got my Covid vaccine shot! Safeway has the Pfizer on, if anyone is having trouble finding a pharmacy that has them in stock.

Gentle reminder that it takes 2 weeks to a month for the vaccine shot to take effect, and that even so, you should still mask up. 💜
#Covid #Vaccine #CovidVaccine

Firehorseart lives! 🦌
2 months ago



In the UK, only the elderly and most vulnerable will be offered a COVID vaccine this autumn.
aged 65 years old or over (you need to be 65 years old by 31 March 2024)
aged 6 months to 64 years old and are at increased risk
living in a care home for older adults
a frontline health or social care worker
aged 16 - 64 years old and are a carer
aged 12 - 64 years old and live with someone with a weakened immune system

#CovidUK #CovidVaccine #covid

2 months ago
3 months ago

Also, if you want to get the new #COVIDVaccine #COVIDBoosters but don't have insurance, there's a bridge program for you (or anyone you know in those circumstances--please spread the word!)


More than half of #Americans plan to get updated #COVIDbooster
There's a sharp #partisan divide, but interest blows away uptake of the last #COVIDvaccine booster. In the Politico/Morning Consult poll, 79% of #Democrats said they planned on getting the updated shot, but only 39% of #Republicans said the same.

The Flight Attendant
3 months ago

2023 COVID-19 Pfizer BioNtech (COMIRNATY) booster shot update. 6 hrs after, my shoulder, neck & scalp ached. Slight headache. Woke up 12 hrs after shot with slight fever & chills. Got terrible sleep. 22 hrs later my whole upper body aches. Feel hungover & slightly congested. My husband says his arm aches a little & that's it. I'd rather feel hungover for a day than get covid again! #vaccinessavelives #getVaccinated
#COVID19 #covid #covidVaccine #covidBooster #vaccinated #comirnaty #pfizer

3 months ago

I'm at CVS to upgrade my immune system with Spikevax™ 2023/2024

Also getting the regular flu shot...
#covid19 #covidvaccine

The Flight Attendant
3 months ago

Covid 2023 #booster achieved! I highly recommend Walgreens for your #COVIDbooster shots! I made appointments easily online yesterday. They were really busy but I was in and out of there in less than an hour. 😊🌞💉💉💉😋🥰

Photo of shoulder with a red upside down Walgreens bandaid on a person wearing a black mask and seatbelt
The Flight Attendant
3 months ago

I'm getting ready to head to Walgreens for my updated 2023 COVID-19 Pfizer BioNtech (COMIRNATY) booster shot. My husband got his earlier today and says his arm doesn't hurt. I'm scheduling our annual flu shots for October. Encouraging everyone to schedule your boosters! 👍🥰 #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDbooster #covidvaccine #booster #vaccines #vaccinesSaveLives

Anna Nicholson
3 months ago

@ashedryden Got my flu booster a couple of weeks ago (only the second year I’ve been eligible for that) – and I think I was the only person masking in the vaccination centre 😷

But here in Scotland the NHS is only offering Covid boosters to people in more vulnerable groups (and those who care for them)

So I’m going to have to be even more cautious for the next year or so, I imagine, as I doubt I have much if any immunity to the variants going around at the moment 😞

#CovidIsNotOver #CovidBoosters #NHSScotland #CovidVaccine #WearAMask

Folks: be as Covid smart as you can be.

One of every 50 people you meet in the US (as a whole) has #Covid right now, matching the first two PEAKS in 2020.

I'm going to be getting a #covidvaccine as soon as available at my provider.


Jeff C. 🇺🇦
3 months ago

Just scheduled my Covid+flu vaccination for early next week.

Remember, folks, a vaccine or booster you got 1-2 years ago isn’t particularly helpful now. This will remain an ongoing effort for some time.

#CovidVaccine #Covid19 #Vaccine

The chief of staff of @CHEO asked #Ottawa to #MaskUp in 2022. As an infectious diseases expert, she was shouted down by anti-vax/anti-maskers. As a trustee in #Ottawa, I still receive antisemitic death threats for my motion in Nov 2022 for @OCDSB to temporarily mask.

Facing the triple threat of #COVID and #rsv and #flu, a layered approach is wisest again: #n95, #COVIDVaccine boosters, test, and support ppl to stay home when sick.

4 months ago


It's not as if governments and public health are going to push it either.

I had an adverse reaction to the vaccine and need to see an allergist two weeks before a shot to get several shots of monoclonal antibodies to prevent a bad reaction (not life-threatening so far). And then get the vaccine in an allergy clinic in a hospital. It's a pain. Can't wait for the new one.

Meanwhile, my friends whine about having to walk into a pharmacy and get jabbed. "Again?" My eyes are rolling out of my head. I just don't understand.

#CovidVaccine #SARS-CoV-2 #CovidIsNotOver

Jeff C. 🇺🇦
4 months ago

Why an employer would rescind a Covid vaccine mandate at this point is beyond me.

The fact that we’re not overwhelmed with Covid like we were before is precisely because of high vaccine uptake. Change that and we’re just asking for trouble.

That this is being done concurrent with ‘Return to Office’ nonsense makes all the more bewildering.

Nobody wants to work next to a willful disease vector.

#COVID19 #Vaccine #CovidVaccine

Our fall #COVIDvaccine boosters will likely be a monovalent #XBB formula
An advisory committee for #FDA voted unanimously (21 to 0) to recommend updating #COVID19 vaccines for the 2023-2024 period to be a monovalent formula targeting the latest #omicron subvariant lineage of XBB. If all goes smoothly, the FDA is expecting new #COVID shots around September.

Denis - The COVID info guy -
10 months ago

Karl Stefanovic says he's done with COVID vaccines as he blasts move to offer millions a 5th jab.

#COVID19Aus #COVIDvaccine @karlstefanovic @nick_coatsworth

Shout out to all the children, youth, and adults who are planning to #MaskUp when they return to school/work. Everyone 5 and over is also eligible for a bivalent booster (minimum 84 days since a previous #CovidVaccine dose). If you/your family are sick, please stay home. #WeNotMe

Bill Dobie
11 months ago

Grateful for science, but combining my covid booster and flu shot on the same morning as jet lag hits me may have been poor judgment. Nothing a nap can’t fix I’m sure too. #covidvaccine #jetlag #flushot

Loek van Kooten, MA
1 year ago

Getting the BA4/5 vaccin for my kids tomorrow in Germany. #COVID19Vic #COVIDisAirborne #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #covid

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
1 year ago

That’s a wrap! We’ve just helped paediatric patients with disabilities to access #CovidVaccine and a #FluShot. Goodnight. Tomorrow (Tues) my article on #hate will be in
Give it a rest if you’re just here to insult or harass. Surely there’s something nicer to do.

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
1 year ago

I’ll be offering drive-thru #CovidVaccine and/or a #FluShot for any #Ottawa children, youth, or adults with disabilities in Ottawa who would find that helpful. Monday, Dec 5. We also have N95/KN95 masks in child and adult sizes, as well as RATs if anyone needs them. Let me know.

Marco Rizzi
1 year ago

A horrifying account of how the proposal for the TRIPS waiver for #CovidVaccine was killed by relentless industry lobbying. That initiative could have been an important step towards access and vaccine equity, which is still tracking very poorly.