In other words, America has been learning #alternativefacts for a very long time now. For what it's worth, yes I caused trouble in high school, got poor grades because I don't give a fuck about "Gatsby" or "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight," but then to everyone's fucking surprise (including my own) I was one of two people who nailed the AP History Exam. I wrote the truth about Native Genocide and I guess I was the only one with any clue that it happened. #criticalracetheory #genocide #laos #crt

In US high schools, in this current millennium, I was taught that the Civil War was a war for "states rights" and that the North was "taxing the south for no reason." We learned that Manifest Destiny was "ordained by God" and that "nobody was really living out there anyway so it needed to happen." That is how we learned about #genocide #laos #crt #criticalracetheory

The problem is that even though the US bombed Laos more than any other country in history, only about 2/3rds of the bombs went off on impact. So every year, bombs are still going off, maiming and killing children. This happens even today, fifty fucking years later. #laos #crt #criticalracetheory

I have no idea what the hell a Gatsby is or what's so great about it. This is the kind of trash they made people read in public school instead of real facts, like learning about how America bombed Laos more than any other country in the history of mankind, for no reason, no declaration of war, just a bunch of "hunches." #laos #crt #criticalracetheory

tunes :ciberlandia:
1 day ago

Messin' and playing around with new tools.
Groovy... :blobcatrainbow:

@GIMP @gmic #gimp #gmic #natron #opensource #cyberpunk #glitchart #crt #analog

Checkerboard pattern being distorted and pushed in a CRT TV frame.
Dr Sipho Morrison
3 days ago

For those interested in #CRT and in London next week, you may wish to attend the launch of Prof. Paul Warmington's latest work, "Permanent Racism: Race and Class in PostRacial Britain." It's a free event, perfect for some intellectually stimulating time out!

#CriticalRaceTheory #BlackMastodon #CRT

Christopher Rufo Launched the Critical Race Theory Panic. He Isnโ€™t Done.
Meet the man helping Ron DeSantisโ€™ efforts to turn back the clock on social progress.

* Very well-written article by Isabela Dias ( detailing Chris Rufo's evolution on the far-right, culminating in his efforts to destroy public education in Florida.

#persagen #CRT #NewCollegeOfFlorida #RonDeSantis #criticalRaceTheory #ChrisRufo #farRight

Georgiann Baldino
3 days ago

Courtesy of History New Network and the full article at New York Magazine "If conservative extremists [#MomsforLiberty] can make motherhood a tool, so too can their opponents." #CRT

Humanist Engineer
4 days ago

#Woke is #MAGA speak for the n-word they can't say anymore.

1. Ask them to define it and they can't / won't.
2. You can plug in the n-word almost any time they use it and it makes perfect sense:
โ€ข "#CRT is woke history."
โ€ข "#Juneteenth is a woke holiday."
โ€ข "#Wokeness needs to be eradicated."
โ€ข "#Immigration is woke."
3. There are a few exceptions where instead of the #nWord, it means the F-word.
โ€ข "#Pride is woke."
โ€ข "Disney/Target are woke companies."

Humanist Engineer
5 days ago

#MAGA -> English
#FakeNews -> Unpleasant facts
Patriot -> Violent fascist traitor
Liberty -> Dominating our enemies
#CRT -> Any scary idea or accurate history
#Groomer -> A person from a demographic I hate
#Woke -> n*****

Ward Sutton
5 days ago

Just as his presidential campaign launch had a "rapid unscheduled disassemblyโ€ on Twitter, my Desantis cartoon appeared in the latest issue of The Nation. I hope somebody showed it to him.
#editorialcartoon #politicalcartoon #cartoon #caricature #desantis #florida #woke #crt #dei #disney #transrights #guncontrol #votingrights #blm

6 days ago

It may be old and on Twitter, but itโ€™s still awesome to see the self-own #maga #crt #usa

2 weeks ago

The moment I turned to share this article in Mastodon, I saw the post by @nataliedavisgdread because it was boosted by @xerophile wonder when news media will be attacked for reporting on clear CRT and systemic racism in America. #CRT #SystemicRacism

Mark W. Alexander
2 weeks ago


Don't you know #CRT (aka #CriticalRaceTheory) means that anything that someone writes that someone else doesn't understand is a guillotine to #Democracy?!?


Democracy Matters :verified:
2 weeks ago

Moms for Liberty, a nonprofit claiming to advocate for โ€œparental rights,โ€ appears to be using parents as pawns to advance a far-right agenda. The group advocates to strip districts of protective COVID-19 measures and modify classroom curriculum to exclude the teaching of โ€œcritical race theoryโ€ (CRT) and sex education, all in the name of โ€œparental rights.โ€ #MomsForLiberty #GOPTerrorism #GOPBookBans #CRT #VoteBlueIfYouWantToLive

Unmasking Moms for Liberty 12-NOV-2021

2 weeks ago

What if teletext was widescreen?

#teletext #nostalgia #CRT #StableDiffusion

Dave Johnson
2 weeks ago

The reason Republicans go after trans people, CRT, etc is they have professionals who have done polling & focus groups & examined the psychology telling them there are effective targets.

As with everything they do, the goal is to get the public to move power to them so they can use that power to benefit their benefactors.

Tax cuts, get kill regulations that protect the public but impede profits, privatize public goods, etc.

This is why they do it.

#Republicans #power #trans #crt

Kitchen Priestess (she/her)
2 weeks ago

This, class, is the good old days that #Republicans want back.

This is why they want to carry #guns in public places, because they enjoy killing people and think they have every right to execute anyone they don't like, for any reason.

#WhiteNationalsim #ChristoFascists #Racism #Bigotry #Murder #Abortion #AmericanHistory

Notice here there's no "a fetus is a person with rights" nonsense going on, either.

Anyone who isn't a white christian has no rights as far as they're concerned, and aren't human, either.

****Copy this image and keep it, class.****

It's illegal to teach about these events in at least 2 states now.

They have to hide their disgusting beliefs, because when people learn about them, they reject them.

#CRT #RealHistory #BLM

On May 19, 1918, a white mob from Brooks County, Georgia, lynched Mary Turner, a Black woman who was eight months pregnant, at Folsomโ€™s Bridge 16 miles north of Valdosta for speaking publicly against the lynching of her husband the day before. The mob bound her feet, hanged her from a tree with her head facing down, threw gasoline on her, and burned the clothes off her body. Mrs. Turner was still alive when the mob took a large butcherโ€™s knife to her abdomen, cutting the unborn baby from her body. When the baby fell from Mary Turner, a member of the mob crushed the crying babyโ€™s head with his foot. The mob then riddled Mrs. Turnerโ€™s body with hundreds of bullets, killing her.
3 weeks ago

South Carolinaโ€™s Critical Race War on Education, Part 1: Origin story by Michael Harriot

To commemorate the anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, theGrio's four-part series explores how South Carolina became the home of the fight against education equity and critical race theory.

#SouthCarolina #CriticalRaceTheory #CRT #education #segregation #CivilRights

peter schultz
3 weeks ago

one must not forget the MOVE bombing. emulating a quoted boost here. @Gigi wrote out the real tough talk almost nobody wants to hear #CivilRights #MoveBombing #news #politics #CriticalRaceTheory #CRT

P.S. there is no check and/or balance, if there ever was. time for more than lip service from the Joe Bidens and Dianne Feinsteins of the world... there age is more about clinging to the past than an ability to continue in their office, because that's always been the case with them

Happy Donkey
3 weeks ago

Seems I'm stuck in the 60s today. I just watched the 2008 #movie THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES on Hulu. Excellent perfomances by all.

Notable quote: "It's not about whether you find the truth. It's what you do with it."

#CivilRightsEra #FoundFamily #CRT #UnconditionalLove #Agape

Rebecca M
3 weeks ago

Graham has a CRT for Smash melee only. You can't fool me.

#Eurovision #CRT

Graham Norton's CRT TV

Schรถn dass die "Medien-Wagen" aus der Schule einen anderen Einsatzort gefunden haben. #CRT #Eurovision

:amiga: Darth ล ฤŒ!
3 weeks ago

Today was the first time for me, not only to meet #Vectrex, but also to see #ZXSpectrum in person and play a game on it. Needless to say I want one.

#RetroGaming #RetroComputing #Gaming #VideoGames #CRT #Sferakon

jbz :catjam:
3 weeks ago

๐Ÿ“บ The Best CRT TV for Retro Gaming (For YOU)
โ€” Retro Bird

#Retrogaming #CRT

R. L. Dane
3 weeks ago


It's because #TheRight uses bogeymen like Communism, #CRT, and #LGBTQ to scare and control people.

It's straight up ungodly, and people just can't see it.

Testing out a few new/updated cores since I used it last. :)

#MiSTerFGPA #CRT #RetroGaming

Undercover Cops, showcasing the new Item M72 core.
TMNT: The Arcade Game. This core is still pretty rough (especially audio), but playable! :)
The title screen for Twisted Metal 2, showcasing the PSX core.
Another shot from Twisted Metal 2.

Help! This weird screensaver just started appearing randomly on my screen. ๐Ÿ˜ซ

#CRT #TalkingHeads

#KeithOlbermann: "Republicans ban #books 'to protect the children.'

They ban #DragShows 'to protect the children.'

They ban #CRT 'to protect the children.'

But they don't ban guns [responsible for 6,000 child deaths/year] 'because bans don't work'." ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

#GunReformNow #ThinkOutsideTheBox #TaxGunpowder #TaxCordite

1 month ago

This month's Ten Pence Arcade featured game is Super Hang-On from #Sega in 1987.

The ride-on cabinet was pretty tempting and I often played it in the wild back in the day.

I'm playing the challenge on the #misterfpga arcade core via the #mistercade. Playing with the joystick is sub-optimal but it's a great game.

Back in the 90s, I played it most on the #amiga version which, like the #megadrive, was excellent. The Amiga version had mouse control as an option which simulated the analog handlebars really well, despite the cognitive dissonance.

Also, #CRT FTW!
#videogames #ClassicGaming #ClassicGames #RetroGaming #RetroGames #SuperHangOn #arcade #ArcadeGames

A photo of a CRT screen showing the high score screen of the game. There is a motorbike on a track in the centre of the screen.
A photo of a CRT screen showing the title screen of the game. SUPER HANG-ON is boldly displayed with the classic blue SEGA logo below it.  The year displayed is 1987.
Red Faster
1 month ago

I have very sensitive eyes and #MPRT is a major QoL for me but maybe because I grew up with #CRT? The steady beaming of a plain white backlight otherwise is not visually perceptible but I swear I can feel it #PCThings

1 month ago

Alright #retrocomputing #nerds I come to you again with a #technical question.

I've got a #raspberrypi hooked up to an old #crt monitor. After messing with the #hdmi settings in the config.txt, the boot screen and the rainbow screen show up as expected. However, once it tries to load the command line, the screen freaks. The closest it gets to "working" is with all the default values, but as you can see the screen is torn and shown in triplicate.

Any ideas, friends?

a video showing a raspberry pi not booting correctly and the screen going wonky.
running under the default configuration of config.txt
Jennie Kermode
1 month ago

Here's my latest piece for Bylines, on why Kemi Badenoch's recent meeting with Ron DeSantis has worried the LGBTQ+ community #lgbtq #abortion #CRT #Florida

1 month ago

I forget if I asked Fedi for help with this in the past and if I did I completely forgot everything about it so it might as well be a new question.

I have a Sony Trinitron CRT that has a really bad green bleed at the bottom. Is there anything I can do to remedy this as someone who does not know how to open a CRT up without electrocuting themselves?

I finally also grabbed the model number which I've been meaning to do for a while. Would really love to not have to ask reddit. Boosts welcome, I know a lot of people here work on these kinds of things.

#retrogaming #crt #crts #gaming #retro #trinitron

Model number KV-20S42
N64 game, bottom half of screen tinted green
N64 game, bottom half of screen tinted green
TV on blank video input, black except green tint on bottom
1 month ago

I made a short video on the Commodore 1802 CRT monitor repair #retrocomputing #repair #commodore #monitor #crt

Dr Sipho Morrison
1 month ago

According to #CriticalRaceTheory, racism is normal.

It is embedded in our everyday lives and lurks within everyday practices and cultural behaviour patterns. It is not just about overt hostility by extremists.
It sustains white supremacy and is often unnoticed by well-intentioned individuals.

#CRT #Racism #BLM #BlackMastodon #BlackLivesMatter

Twelve :GrapheneOS:
1 month ago

I have this really odd issue with my #crt i have my systems hooke dup with rgbs (show ps2 inn this case) and that goes through an #extron crosspoint. I send it to my #ossc no issues. Send it to my crt. And I omly get signal for a second when I switch to the input as show inn the video. I am just really confused was to why this is.

Also. I am using a #scart inout on the back of the crt.

Video of a crt tv switching between channel 1 and the AV input. The home screen of a ps2 breefly flashes when the inout gets switched before fading to complet black.
:amiga: Darth ล ฤŒ!
1 month ago

:amiga: Got a new screen for my #Amiga computer! :ablobcatheart:

#RetroGaming #RetroComputing #Gaming #VideoGames #BubbleBobble #CRT #Trinitron #Sony

Good morning, lovelies. :) ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’•

Any fun retro plans for today?๐Ÿ“บ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ๐Ÿ‘พ

#Retro #CRT #Cartoons

A pic of a Sony 8042Q. A claymation cowboy is playing a guitar. 

"After these messages....we'll be right back."
Caroline Mala Corbin
1 month ago

Corbin on Critical Race Theory Bans

Recommended! Check it out! You won't regret it!
(Well, I cannot guarantee the last bit, but the paper has a nice primer on Critical race theory, and a spot on dissection of how CRT bans reflect white privilege and white fragility)

#FediLaw #LawFedi #Law #LawProf #race #racism #CriticalRaceTheory #CRT

Dr Sipho Morrison
2 months ago

There are a lot of misconceptions around Critical Race Theory but a great primer to really understand it is by checking out Rollock and Gillborn's work

What it isn't: labelling all white people as racists

What it is: race and racism are the product of social thought and power relations

#BLM #BlackLivesMatter #Racism #CRT

2 months ago

The mad scientist is working some fucking MAGICK in the lab tonight. #crt #analog #analogvideo #crttv #analogvibes #glitchart #glitch #glitchartist #anamorphic #macro

Democracy Matters :verified:
2 months ago

Here's the racist engineer of manufactured moral panic.

#CRT #Racism #RevisionistHistory

Christopher Rufo helped incite an uproar over racism education with dramatic, dodgy reporting. 11-JUL-2021

Alex Wild
2 months ago

The thing about banning talk of "systemic racism" is that, instead of systems, we'll instead have to focus on the individual bigots and the racist bloodlust which permeates this country in abundance.

#Racism #CRT #Oklahoma

Stuart D Neilson
2 months ago

#LlanoCounty [#Texas] will convene to discuss whether to cease operations of the entire library system rather than comply with a court ruling "to end the [#LGBT and #CRT] literary witch hunt".

US #federal #judge Robert Pitman in Austin ruled that Llano county commissioners violated the constitution by #banning a dozen #books - mostly #childrenโ€™s titles with #LGBTQ & #race-related themes - and orders them to put these books back in circulation in the libraries.

2 months ago

Worth reading: ๐Ÿ‘‰ A Critical Race Theory Analysis of Critical Race Theory Bans | by @CarolineMalaCorbin, Irvine Law Review (forthcoming). โ€œAfter providing a #primer on #CriticalRaceTheory, Part I explains how the state bans profoundly misunderstand #CRTโ€ฆPart II then examines these bans through a critical race theory lens. Itโ€ฆdemonstrates how the lawsโ€™ ignorance of CRT and of the role race plays in the United States reflect #WhitePrivilegeโ€ฆโ€ SSRN

It's amazing how conservative politicians who claim systemic institutionalized racism is just leftist propaganda will then openly and joyfully participate in blatant systemic institutionalized racism. I guess nothing should surprise me anymore.

#Tennessee #TennesseeThree #Racism #CRT #GOP

Caroline Mala Corbin
2 months ago

NEW LEGAL ARTICLE: I have a new paper! Please check it out!

A Critical Race Theory Analysis of Critical Race Theory Bans

It applies a CRT analysis to CRT bans, finding that the bans embody white privilege & especially its companion, white fragility....Ultimately, CRT bans prevents examintaion of the structural issues that critical race theory aims to uncover. It is a perfect vicious circle.

#lawfedi #lawprof #law #CriticalRaceTheory #FediLaw #CRT #race #racism

2 months ago


...two and a half decades leading up to the end of #WWII, in #Germany.
As #MathewCooke rightly argues, #Reconstruction, the #NewDeal, and the #CivilRights as well as the #BLM movements did not resolve these conflicts and injustices, which have indeed resulted in #SystemicRacism and a inequality of living standards and chances in life for these groups.

The vilification of #CRT and the structured assault on #US #schoolboards led by...

The Josephine Community Library District in southern Oregon is under attack. Religious extremist bigots are attempting to infiltrate their board so they can ban books and ostracize LGBTQ+ volunteers/staff.

For my part in the fight I designed and built a website to promote the ethical candidates who are running. Please share it with your Oregon peeps.

#BookBans #Libraries #Library #Fascism #Extremism #LGBTQ #Racism #CriticalRaceTheory #CRT #Oregon #PNW

The Progressive
2 months ago

The United States is moving toward a more diverse future, regardless of conservativesโ€™ regressive campaigns.
#crt #freespeech #Republicans

Electron Greg
2 months ago

Testing out my latest version of Super Star Trek on my Mini PET rather than just emulated.
#CBMPET #StarTrek #CRT

Super Stat Trek game running on my Mini Commodore PET with an amber CRT monitor. Screen showing the Short Range Scanner and summary data display.
Super Stat Trek game running on my Mini Commodore PET with an amber CRT monitor. Screen showing the Long Range Scanner display and Navigation entry dialogue.

Black History is American History.

Without Black History, there is no American History.

Say it with me, louder for the people living all the way back in the Jim Crow 1950โ€™s.


Ernie Smith
3 months ago

At $233, this is by far the most expensive thing I've ever seen in this Goodwill. This is a Radius PrecisonColor Pivot, which is selling for $100+ more on eBay before shipping. #GoodwillHunting #CRT

A Radius PrecisonColor Pivot monitor
3 months ago

I did an art!

The tail is a bit shoddy, the reason that that is that i am bad at modelling and sculpting.

The floor is made using #MaterialMaker

#mastoart #3d #3dart #blender3d #blender #render #compositing #cycles #synthwave #retro #crt #vhs

A dragon model winding around an obelisk viewed from the front. The dragon and the obelisk have glowing wireframes around their bodies of solid black. The dragons' eyes are glowing white and smoke emits from them and flows to the back. In the back there's a synthwave sun, and the wireframes colors are also held in a synthwave style.
All that has a lot of postprocessing applied, including scanlines, and it has very carefully picked amounts of noise. The sun has a bloom colored different from it itself, and it also has very aggressive chromatic abberation. The entire render has slight chromatic abberation as well.
Erika Sumner
3 months ago

โ€œBy not teaching the history of #race, we are still teaching race. By not teaching [#White] children about Americaโ€™s history of #Black #slavery and #Indigenous #genocide, we are teaching them that their privilege is deserved.โ€ #CRT

Garth Beagle
3 months ago

:apple_inc: Apple Macintosh IIx

Was this case Appleโ€™s first tower? ๐Ÿง

#apple #macintosh #macintoshiix
#iifxindisguise #classicmac #crt
#vintageapple #retrocomputing

Apple Macintosh IIx in a vertical stand
Aris Teon
3 months ago

Far right activist Xi Van Fleet, who was born in China and fled to the US at the age of 26, continued to push the trope that critical race theory is the American version of Mao's Cultural Revolution.

#US #politics #CRT

โ€˜Just the tip of the icebergโ€™: Kimberlรฉ Crenshaw warns against rightwing battle over critical race theory | US politics | The Guardian

>Exclusive: Author and academic cautions pushback against racial justice education feeds revival of segregationist policies

#racism #crt #authoritarianism

3 months ago

If you aren't following *Shannon Mattern* you may well be missing giant chunks of time re-examined, multi-disciplinary critical thinking, and a kind of hyper-sublime curiosity summoning new found critical epiphanies.

She explores historical medias, digital overlays onto archeology and social intersections that challenge our modern cultural reliance on siloed singular discipline knowledge bodies.

I just boosted one of her posts. Reflexively. Without examining it. It had the vibe. Upon examination I got lost in the rabbit hole. Wound up in an adjacent article on the same site regarding architecture and climate.

"Both material and social-cultural, both product and agent, architecture and climate therefore also have an opportunity to create alternative material and social-cultural configurations that nurture a different set of forces and functions. If architecture is climate, then climate breakdown is inherently accompanied by an architecture breakdown as well. Responding to the urgent need for reinvention in the way we understand, practice, and teach architecture demands an engagement with activism, politics, and education. Architecture must become relational, subjective, and interconnected; both planetarily bound and supported; inclusive beyond the human; caring, curious, and brave."

Nature, design, climate and consilience are here under the rubric of architecture.


H/T @shannonmattern

#DeepTime #CRT #ClimateDiary #ClimateChange #ThickTime

3 months ago

doing my usual perusal for free CRTs
"vintage gaming television"
>RF only
...nah dawg

#crt #crttv #crtgaming #analog

Stop the GQP & Fox News
3 months ago

In Florida, a teacher who tweeted about empty school bookshelves has been fired. After Ron DeSantis claimed in public the tweets were a "fake narrative," the whistleblower lost his job in an apparent act of retaliation.

#DeSantis #Florida #CRT #bookbans #bookbanning #fascism #antifascism #whistleblower #politics #uspol #uspolitics #republicans #republican #GQP #GOP #conservatism

Video of empty bookshelves.

I did an art!

The tail is a bit shoddy, the reason that that is that i am bad at modelling and sculpting.

The floor is made using #MaterialMaker

#mastoart #3d #3dart #blender3d #blender #render #compositing #cycles #synthwave #retro #crt #vhs

A dragon model winding around an obelisk viewed from the front. The dragon and the obelisk have glowing wireframes around their bodies of solid black. The dragons' eyes are glowing white and smoke emits from them and flows to the back. In the back there's a synthwave sun, and the wireframes colors are also held in a synthwave style.
All that has a lot of postprocessing applied, including scanlines, and it has very carefully picked amounts of noise. The sun has a bloom colored different from it itself, and it also has very aggressive chromatic abberation. The entire render has slight chromatic abberation as well.
4 months ago

They are entitled hypocrits! It's the same hypocrisy as "a pregnancy is a will of God but erectile dysfunction isn't"! Or "protect our children against #CRT and #Trans but guns are OK".
The truth? They are all about THEIR freedom! If you have different believes or views, you're wrong and threatening their "way of life". #idiocracy2023 #GQPClownShow #MAGAFascists