Last night I shared some of my thoughts on the new #NikonZF #camera and reflected on my time using #film cameras back in college. You can read it over on Cohost.

Dave Rogers
10 hours ago
Red Olympus E-PL6 with red Olympus 15mm/f8 bodycap lens and a tan half case. Black grip, black dial, black shutter button, black hot shoe, chrome accents. Front view.
Red Olympus E-PL6 with red Olympus 15mm/f8 bodycap lens and a tan half case. Black grip, black dial, black shutter button, black hot shoe, chrome accents. Top three quarter view of the front.
How-To Geek
15 hours ago

The Best Waterproof Cameras of 2023

Check it out! 👇

#Camera #BuyingGuide #Hobbies

16 hours ago

The men who killed Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi, the chief of right-wing group Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena, had tea with him at his house in Jaipur first.
#Camera #KarniSenaChiefShotMultipleTimes

Zap Productions
19 hours ago
20 hours ago

Two students were injured after a school bus lost control and crashed into a tree in Pune this morning. The bus was packed with school children when it hit the tree on the roadside, showed a CCTV footage.
#Camera #SchoolBus #Tree #Pune

2 days ago

"This is a question that comes up time and time again, especially among both critics and proponents of the system,” said computer scientist Dan Calacci"

Do Video Doorbells Really Help to Deter Crime?

#surveillance #security #police #camera #computer #doorbell #news #video #record

Red Panda Coding
2 days ago

It was a cold #winter morning in #Zurich, #Switzerland, and a lone figure with his #fuji #camera went out at #dawn

Part one of some, might take some time to edit all of them.


Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 days ago

Yet another company putting money over people.

Filmic team laid off by parent company - Desk Chair Analysts

#App #BendingSpoons #Camera #Filmic #Layoffs #TechNews

A screenshot depicting LUT imports on Filmic Pro.
Zap Productions
2 days ago
How-To Geek
3 days ago

How to Scan QR Codes on Windows 11

Check it out! 👇

#Camera #Windows #Windows

Dave Mark
3 days ago

New ad from Apple shows off iPhone 15's ability to shift focus.

Worth watching, though I kind of found the people in the ad slightly annoying. Just me?

Ad absolutely does its job, though.
#Apple #Ad #iPhone #Camera

IT News
3 days ago

Honey, I Ate The Camera - We like cameras here at Hackaday. We like them a lot. But until now that liking ha... - #instantcamera #classichacks #fujiinstax #camera

3 days ago

Once one of my fave apps, seems enshittification has claimed Filmic.

I stopped using it after they tried shifting to a subscription model. Seems I wasn't alone. Terrible end to a great camera app.

#tech #technology #geek #camera #iphone #photo #news #photography #android #business

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
3 days ago

TLDR: look at the photo, especially at the hand of the woman trying on the dress 😉 There is no mystery in it, but only a perfect representation of how the software operating underneath „improves” the #photos taken, in milliseconds. I would like to see this #photo in a live photo version.
#iPhone #camera glitch explained: This is no crazy conspiracy #TDBNews

Thomas Wong Matthews
4 days ago

Into the Lens — What is it that you see? Accompanying this photo is an animated video demonstrating the original negative scan with dust and scratches, colour conversion, and the dust and scratches manual clean-up removal. Not sure what my local lab does with my negative film, but they don't treat it very well.

📷 Canon AE-1 Program
🎞️ Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

#35mm #Photography #FilmPhotography #Fujifilm #Camera #Closeup #Canon #BelieveInFilm #GIF #AnalogPhotography #Edmonton #Alberta #Canada

A close-up colour photograph of a Canon New FD 50mm f/1.8 lens, a perfect circle directly in the middle of the shot. The front of the lens is in crisp focus, with the camera body and hands out-of-focus in the background.
An animated before-and-after three frame video with a 'wipe left' effect applied, showcasing the conversion from original negative, to a colour photograph, and then the dust and scratches removed.
Peter Czanik
4 days ago

The article "What did an #iPhone #camera do to this poor woman's arms?" by Engadget reminded me once again, why I prefer to take pictures with my good, old Fujifilm X-T30, even if not always at hand, like my mobile...


4 days ago

I had a small amount of unexpected free cash this month and decided to treat myself as it’s been a shitty year.
Bought an Instax Wide 300 instant camera as I’ve been coveting one for ages. Wasn’t fully ready for how chonk it is, but it’s great fun to use.
#camera #photography #instax

A black and white photo of person with very short hair holding an Instax wide instant camera. You can’t see their face as the camera is hiding it.
4 days ago

Patreon Exclusive! Pixel Fold Camera Review: The Pixel that Lies to You?

I waited for Android 14 AND app updates, and was close to naming this the "Folding Phone Camera of 2023", but what's going on with the sensors?
Should we grade foldables on a curve?

#tech #technology #geek #pixel #pixelfold #google #teampixel #giftfromgoogle #photo #photography #review #video #camera 📚
4 days ago

Quickly and easily change the settings on your Android phone to ensure that every selfie you take matches the view you saw on your screen when you were taking it.

#android #camera #mirrorselfie

5 days ago

#ReverseEngineering of the #SamsungNX social media uploads right from the camera reveals a huge surprise: camera engineers are bad at encryption and #security 🤦🤷

#CryptoFail #Samsung #camera

Zap Productions
5 days ago

Glimpse of St. Kieran’s Street • Limerick, Ireland

Hasselblad 500C/M • Kodak Tri-X 400 • 2023

#FilmPhotography #Kodak #TriX #Film #Camera #120film #Photography #BW #Limerick #Ireland #Hasselblad #500CM #Monochrome #Art #Glimpse #StKierans #Street #People #Umbrellas #Outdoors #October_25_2023

Janne Moren
5 days ago

Thinking of using your phone #camera as part of your next #experiment ? Maybe you want to rethink that, and go back to regular (expensive, fiddly) camera modules.

H/T @ianfogg

#science #Research #photography

IT News
5 days ago

The Minimum Required For a Film Camera - Film cameras can be complex and exquisitely-crafted masterpieces of analogue techn... - #pinholecamera #classichacks #35mmfilm #camera

6 days ago

The day I realized I was fascinated with moss, lichen, and everything small, but got frustrated with the limits of my toy camera.
Estérel, Laurentides, Quebec, February 24th, 2004.
#ThrowBackThursday #photography #lichensubscribe #mosstodon #trees #macro #macrophotography #camera

Triptych of close ups on tree bark. The left one shows grey lichen on what appears to be a cherry tree trunk. The center one is pine tree bark. The right one shows yellowed moss and grey lichen on a dead tree trunk. The three images are not quite on focus and the photographer was a little frustrated that day because she was unable to achieve a good quality image with the camera she had on hand.
Greg 🇳🇿 🇨🇵
6 days ago

Does anyone en #France have an old #SLR #camera that they'd be willing to sell to me. I'm really keen to get into some 'amateur' photography here in #Bretagne, France, but haven't had much luck with second-hand cameras & can't in anyway, shape or form afford a new one. Any help would be much appreciated. Merci.😃

Jari Pennanen
1 week ago

Sony is trying to squeeze its camera buyers $149 for overlay grids. I always hoped that when phone cameras took over the consumer market, the camera makers would make their firmware more hackable, not less. Instead, we get this.

#Camera #Sony

2 weeks ago

In the tropics playing with cameras. #filmcamera #photography #camera #mediumformat

A Bronica SQ-A medium format film camera sits on a table with a coffee mug.
Looking down into the viewfinder of a Bronica SQ-A camera. Tropical vegetation is visible through the 80mm lens.
Børge A. Roum
2 weeks ago

If you're interested in the @Fairphone 5, but are unsure about the camera, here are some photos taken by some person. I think they look great!

#Fairphone #camera #photography #fairtrade

British Tech Guru
2 weeks ago

I popped into my local Walmart. I was idly looking to see what they had in the way of video cameras so I could look up the specs online. I'm thinking of getting something I can use for YouTube but it seems they don't have anything. Is this just the one Walmart or is it EVERY Walmart?

#walmart #camera #photo #photography #vlog #YouTube

Empty shelves at Walmart in a locked camera display case. No cameras are present.
Mike McCaffrey :pdx_badge:
2 weeks ago

Yeah, I'm done with whatever #AI bullshit that #Google has shoved into the #Android #Camera app that is hallucinating details into my photos however it sees fit.

Zoomed in view of a squirrel photo where the post processing has added unnatural geometric zigzags to the texture of the fur.
2 weeks ago

Happy birthday to me! 🥳

A bit belated, but lookie what just showed up at my door. My birthday present to myself. YaY!!!

#sonya7RV #sonyalpha #camera

Sony A7RV sitting all pretty like on my side table.

Lens is a Tamron 20-40mm f/2.8 Di III VXD
Zap Productions
2 weeks ago

Crypt Entrance, St. Michan’s Church • Dublin, Ireland

Hasselblad 500C/M • Kodak Tri-X 400 • 2023

#FilmPhotography #Kodak #TriX #Film #Camera #120film #Photography #BW #Dublin #Ireland #Hasselblad #500CM #Monochrome #Art #Crypt #Entrance #SaintMichan #Church #Ancient #Outdoors #October_26_2023

Alex Luyckx
2 weeks ago

I wrote a piece for the Nice Film Club, a lovely film lab in New York City, on what to look for when aiming to buy a Leica M-Series rangefinder.

#leica #leicamseries #nicefilmclub #camera #filmphotography #believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice

Angry Tea Lady
2 weeks ago

I was also wondering: I have to go to town to buy a #camera case that fits my everyday bag for I want to travel with it, what would be a safe set up to take the camera to the shop with me? I will be using public transportation. Is it better to wait having the box to take pictures? #beginnerphotographers #photographytip #photographytips #photographers #photographersofmastodon

Angry Tea Lady
2 weeks ago

For anyone wondering about the specs (because that makes everything) the #camera is the hybrid #Fujifilm X-S10 (black) kit with the #lens XC 15-45mm f/3,5-5,6 OIS PZ
From advice (that I listened) one lens is enough to begin, this one seemed nice because it's not too specific so it will do for my use as I can have both subjects and landscapes and won't be doing video

2 weeks ago

Just lately I’ve been crossing off my wish list cameras at an alarming rate. First there was an Agfa Billy-Clack, then I found a Reto 3D on sale, and most recently acquired the oldest camera on my list, the Kodak 1A Autographic Jr. Of course, there are plenty of cameras still to go, the Kodak vest camera and the Polaroid Big Shot, for example, but today I was happy to have the Kodak 1A Autographic Jr.

First launched around 1914, the Kodak 1A Autographic Jr was described in the 1915 Kodak catalogue as, ‘a compact, reliable camera … and so thin as to be pocketed without inconvenience.’ I’m not sure what kind of pockets they used to have back in the day, but the 1A Autographic Jr is a beast. Measuring 20x10x4cm and weighing about 0.8kg, it was anything but pocketable by today’s standards.

From it’s launch in 1914 to when Kodak stopped production in 1927, about 800,000 units of the Kodak 1A Autographic Jr were produced. During that time it went through several variations of frontispiece — the lens, aperture and shutter assembly — but the overall body remained the same, with its bellows, removable back and the unique ‘Autographic’ feature that gives the 1A its name.

On the back of the camera is a little flap, and if this is lifted, below you can see the film plane. The Autographic cameras were equipped with a small stylus (mine has been lost over the years) and on the back of the film was a carbon paper layer that if you wrote on with the stylus (press down heavily it says in the manual) would imprint details onto the film, generally in the space between the frames. Thus you could annotate you films with a ‘date stamp’, or description.

Regarding the films used in the cameras, the 1A Autographic uses 116 film, which of course is no longer available. First introduced by Kodak in 1899, 116 film is 70mm wide, roughly 1 cm wider than 120 film, and produces 6.5×11cm negatives. On the flap on the back of my camera is embossed, ‘use Autographic film no. A-116’, which gave the same size pictures as 116 film but instead of paper the film was wound with a sheet of carbon paper and thinner red backing paper which allowed the user to write information on the back with the stylus. The A-116 film used in the 1A Autographic camera gave twelve exposures compared to eight exposures in the 1 series.

From what I can tell, my Autographic 1A is one of the later models in the series. It is fitted with a Diomatic shutter N°0, which was introduced to the Autographic 1A in 1925, and features shutter speeds of 1/10, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100s plus B (bulb) and T (time). When you set a shutter speed, exposure is determined by the dial on the front underneath the lens. In the 1925 description of the camera it says, ‘the correct speed … for dull, gray, clear or brilliant light is indicated by a sliding scale which controls the diaphragm.’ These criteria would have been set for Kodak orthochromatic film, which from what I can tell had a film speed of ISO 30-40. I’m hoping that modern films have enough latitude that sometime I can use this awesome little ‘exposure meter’.

When I first saw Kodak 1A Autographic Jr on the Kamerastore website it was priced at an amazing 15€ and was in the ‘Not passed’ category, which was a sure sign that there was something wrong with it. From the image on the website you could see that some of the leather was peeling, and it was described as being in ‘generally bad condition’. However, that has never put me off before, and it didn’t deter me this time.

When the camera arrived, it certainly lived up to the description on the website. The leather was badly scuffed and was peeling in several places, the red window in the back of the camera was missing, which was highlighted on the website entry, and the back was firmly jammed onto the camera, which was not mentioned, but was normal for an ‘untested, sold as-is’ camera. Solving the issue of the jammed film back was quite straightforward. A small screwdriver was inserted into a gap between the back and the camera body and gentle pressure applied. The back moved slightly, then came apart from the body. Clipping it back on, the back now fits snugly in place. While the back was off, I took a quick look inside. Of course it was quite dirty, but apart from that, and the missing red window, it was in reasonably good condition.

When the front door was opened, the bellows came out quite easily. A quick check suggested they were in pretty good condition, but when I performed the lamp test later — shining a light through the bellows from inside the camera in the dark — they were anything but light tight, with a little Christmas tree of pinholes visible in the dark. However, what was more pressing was that the shutter was sticking. On the left (looking from the back) is a cocking lever and to the right is the shutter lever. The shutter cocks fine, but when I fire the shutter it hesitates half open for a second or so before firing. I’m hoping that this sticky shutter is just some 100-year-old gunk that’s making it stick and a bit of lighter fluid will get it firing again.

I had been thinking about what camera I’d like to use in the next #ShittyCameraChallenge, which is starting in December. Originally it was probably going to be the Agfa Billy-Clack, which of course I can still use in the Challenge, but now I hoping that I can get the Kodak 1A Autographic Jr, with its sticky shutter, no red window and pinhole-filled bellows, working again. If I can get it going it’ll be awesome.

If you are on Mastodon, you can now follow this blog directly. Just go to Mastodon and follow my WordPress account at All new posts will be automatically updated to your timeline on Mastodon.

#116Film #ArtDeco #Autographic #Bellows #Camera #Experimental #Film #FrugalFilmProject #Kodak #Retro #Shittycamerachallenge #Vintage

Kevin Boyd
3 weeks ago

Mulling my planned camera upgrade that is happening this month.

Body will be either a Canon R6 Mark II or R8.

Lenses… undecided. If I pick the R6 Mark II, I can only get the kit lens (RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM, non-L-series)

If I pick the R8:

Choice 1: RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM, with a RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM (neither are L series)

Choice 2: body only + RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Choice 3: body only + RF 14-35mm f/4 L IS USM

So many choices…

#Camera #Photography #Canon #CanonRF

Zap Productions
3 weeks ago

Shinny Cowboy • Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Hasselblad 500C/M • Kodak Portra 800 • 2023

#FilmPhotography #Kodak #Portra #Portra800 #Film #Camera #120film #Photography #FortWorth #Texas #Hasselblad #500CM #Colour #Art #Installation #Shinny #Cowboy #Hat #Plaza

Angry Tea Lady
3 weeks ago

My brain wants to buy an Olympus but my heart wants to buy a Fujifilm despite being told and KNOWING it is USELESS and more expensive to begin with (according to two friends who do photography - I've set a budget of 600e for reconditioned camera hybrid boxes with a basic lens, it might be too much to begin with but else it's 300 for the whole with 2016s models...) #beginnerphotography #beginnerphotographers #beginnerphotographer #camera #cameras #photography #olympus #fujifilm #photo

Zap Productions
3 weeks ago
Zap Productions
3 weeks ago
IT News
3 weeks ago

Hot Wheel Car Becomes 1/64 Scale Micro RC Car, Complete With Camera - If you enjoy watching skilled assembly of small mechanical systems with electronic... - #microcontrollers #esp32-cam #hotwheels #toyhacks #camera #esp32 #micro #car #fpv #rc

3 weeks ago

@tapasinthesun picked this one today, a Zenit 122 for £37 at a recommended 2nd hand camera shop here in Budapest with excellent reviews. Worth the extra paid for piece of mind (I think the price is reasonable..?), with a guarantee. (Planning a return trip here early next year).
Also picked up some out of date colour film (expired 2000) for £5.
Fingers crossed!
#camera #vintage #photography

Colour image of a Zenit 122 35mm camera.
Colour photo of a box of old hungarian Colour 35mm camera film.
Zap Productions
3 weeks ago

Grounds of Kilkenny Castle • Kilkenny, Ireland

Hasselblad 500C/M • Kodak Tri-X 400 • 2023

#FilmPhotography #Kodak #TriX #Film #Camera #120film #Photography #BW #Kilkenny #Ireland #Hasselblad #500CM #Monochrome #Art #Grounds #Kilkenny #Castle #Outdoors #October_23_2023

Joe B
3 weeks ago

If you’re in #singapore I’m selling a bunch of #canon #camera kit on Carousell. It’s in great shape, I’m just downsizing to a smaller body and fewer lenses.

Check out 'Canon EOS T6s and lenses'

3 weeks ago

GrapheneOS Camera app version 64 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

#GrapheneOS #privacy #security #camera #android

Howard Cheng
3 weeks ago

As I go through the process of working out what gear to get next (or If I need it?), I wanted to reflect on my journey of camera bodies to help me through the process.

I've started penning my thoughts in the hope that it may help some aspiring photographers decide on their next gear set or ecosystem.

My thoughts ended up being a log longer than I had thought it would be, so here's part I of my miniseries: There and (Kind of) Back Again.

#Photography #Camera #Gear #GAS

Zap Productions
4 weeks ago

Jerome A. Harney, Barber • Paris, Kentucky, USA

Hasselblad 500C/M • Kodak Tri-X 400 • 2023

#FilmPhotography #Kodak #TriX #Film #Camera #120film #Photography #BW #Paris #Kentucky #Hasselblad #500CM #Monochrome #Art #Jerome #Harney #Barber #Shop #September_30_2023

Sarah A
1 month ago

#AllCall to those with more experience. I want to get a camera for my desktop in case it's ever needed. What is something under $60 that is a good camera that I can somehow put on a tripod on my desk as my monitor is off to the side. I don't need it in front of me as I can't see. I would also prob need it to connect to either usbC or usbA and I would need it to be accessible to set up as I don't always have sighted help all the time. I'm new at this stuff.
#Camera #Technology

1 month ago

Calendrier d'avant l'avent : jour 1

Appareil photo en bois pour photographes en herbes

#camera #photo #photography #AppareilPhoto #photographe #handmade

Photos représentant 3 appareils photos en bois
L'appareil est réalisé en planche de récup, l'objectif est fait de rondelles de bois du jardin de diamètre et d'épaisseur différentes collées les unes sur les autres, l'écran en chute d'exotique brun foncé.
Il y a un petit trou pour la prise de vue, une petite rondelle en bois pour le bouton de prise de photo, et une dragonne en cuir (2 rouges, 1 violette)

Entièrement réalisé à la main.
Dès 3 ans
Environ 8x6cm
Test technique : mon enfant joue avec le sien depuis 2 ans et ne l'a toujours pas cassé (mais il y a des traces de dents sur un coin)
1 month ago

Was outside today with the #camera #phone #Xiaomi13Ultra. Look at those beautiful results 🥹😍 Some are captured with SuperRAW. All edited in Lightroom Mobile, just like I've had a dslr with me.

#Leica #photography #smartphone #xiaomi

Leaf with water drops
Purple flower in focus
Stapled wood
Red flower in wild meadows
2 months ago

Picture on the left: Bess, taken with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Picture on the right: Bess, taken with the Pixel 8 Pro.

Both photos are unedited and pulled directly from the camera and are approximately taken in the same position.

#Photography #Cat #Cats #Kitty #KittyOfMastodon #CatsOfMastodon #Pixel8Pro #Pixel #iPhone15 #ProMax #iOS #Android #Camera #Tech #AllThingsTech

Photo of my 15 year old female black kitty named Bess. The photo was taken from the same position as the other photo that is being posted here and this one was taken on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Photo of my 15 year old female black kitty named Bess. The photo was taken from the same position as the other photo that is being posted here and this one was taken on the Pixel 8 Pro.
Richard Rathe
2 months ago

360 Videos from my recent visit to Chaco Culture Historical Park...

These are two different renderings of the same footage. I was following the Pueblo Alto Trail through a huge crack in the cliff face. It was very windy down in the slot! At the end you can see the Kin Kletso Ruins in the near distance.

#Chaco #ChacoCanyon #Chaco2023 #NewMexico #AncestralPuebloans #NaturePhotography #Video #360Video #ThetaS #Camera

360 Video from my recent visit to Chaco Culture Historical Park
"Little Planet" 360 Video from my recent visit to Chaco Culture Historical Park
2 months ago

Mini #geolocation tutorial, challenge from @marcprecipice -- quick one to show how you can find someone's location even from a zoom camera shot. Marc took a photo and challenged me to find him. #geolocate #camera

Marc Hedlund: okay so can you geolocate me from this shot?
iPhone photo in question, showing a skyline of some sort and buildings.
Stephen Shankland
2 months ago

Here's my exclusive deep dive on the Pixel 8 / 8 Pro camera and video upgrades. Top feature: Video Boost, which uses Google data center AI models too big for the phone to improve video. Uploading to the cloud means Night Sight video for the first time at the cost of a couple hours of waiting.
#Google #Pixel #Pixel8Pro #Pixel8 #Photography #Camera #NightSight

Close-up of the "bay" blue Pixel 8 Pro camera bar
Raymond Larabie
2 months ago

In the dance of high contrast, shadows pirouette off staggered, rust-kissed metal doors. Almost too compelling, my camera couldn't resist. Snap! Snap! 📸
#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #contrast #shadows #rusty #dance #metal #compelling #snap #camera #monochrome #pretentious #bombastic

Valentin Sawadski
2 months ago

Introducing OpenDataCam!

An open source tool to quantify the world. Use it to count moving objects from cameras and videos.

Learn more about it on

#iot #ai #camera #opensource #analytics #opendatacam

3 months ago

Would anyone recomment an IP #camera that will work purely locally, with no cloud etc connections, available in EU (PL)? Most likely will be inside, though ones able to survive outdoors are appreciated as well. Ideally to be connected with #HomeAssistant and/or #Frigate (once I get around to setting that up 😅 ) #HomeAutomation

Stephen Shankland
3 months ago

I feel particularly pleased that I successfully predicted how Apple might use its larger, high-resolution main camera sensor to offer a range of zoom options on the iPhone 15 Pro & Max. It's in our (now updated) story on periscope cameras.

#iPhone15Pro #photography #camera

Zap Productions
3 months ago
ken Tucky Swinson
3 months ago

sorry if im oversharing, but im so happy with this last batch of handmade cups, i just have to show off!

ill be the first to admit i have a pot(tery) problem. nothing should be this fun!

hope you are having a great day!

#pottery #cat #love #rainbow #coffee #handmade #kentucky #photography #camera #photographer

handmade cup with a cat taking a photo of doves flying into a rainbow
Stephen Shankland
3 months ago

It's likely the iPhone 15 Pro will get a periscope (aka folded) camera, which would dramatically improve its telephoto reach and catch Apple back up to rival flagship Android phones. Here's my breakdown of what's going on in this critical area of smartphone photography.
#photography #iPhone #iPhone15 #iPhone15Pro #camera

Stephen Shankland
3 months ago

For that niche of people (like me) who have mirrorless/DSLR cameras, GoPros, or drones, Samsung has some new pro-branded SD and MicroSD cards. 130MBps write speed, good for 4K video. 200MBps read speed should be helpful for video transfer. $73 for 512GB MicroSD, $93 for 512GB SD. Curious: Samsung touts their lower power usage.

#FlashMemory #Samsung #camera

Ash Qin 📷
3 months ago

Ever feel like you're being watched?

#Photography #StillLife #Urban #City #RepublicOfIreland #Camera #CCTV

A metal square pole suspends three warn CCTV cameras, looking to be monitoring everything.