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Have you checked out Campfire's new reading experience yet? "A Brackish Shore" by Leigh Hellman, originally published in our fairy tale anthology MAGIC AT MIDNIGHT, can now be read on Campfire!

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A graphic featuring the cover of A Brackish Shore and the text: Originally published in the Magic at Midnight anthology: A Brackish Shore by Leigh Hellman. Now available on Campfire! Grab your copy today!

I had the please to do all things design for my brothers and his now wife's (👋) #wedding this summer! They wanted it to be like a nice #evening around the #campfire with friends (and it totally was! ^__^) so I tried to capture that feeling in this #illustration.

Their #cats are named after #Ghibli characters, so obviously I had to include that ^__^

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Vector illustration in violet and blue of a nature scene with a villa and a lake in the background and animals sitting around a campfire, talking, in the foreground. There's a giant black cat behind the villa.
3 weeks ago

Making today's afternoon's #coffee in my nearby #forests
#campfire #nature

3 weeks ago

Forwarded from TrishaWcFireWx (who is now just on Watch Duty and Facebook)-- 5 year anniversary of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. #CampFire

Names of all the victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA
Hippy Steve
3 weeks ago

Oof. 5 years ago today the #CampFire started. a few hours later the town of Paradise was effectively gone.

I must follow, if I can
1 month ago

In my youth I exhibited an acumen for music and was told by my parents that I was to do it all “to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31). Though I studied classical music I was sort of sending energy to the Most High while I played it. My favorite composer was Bach, who was actually a church musician, and most of his works were actually meant to be performed as part of a Lutheran worship service.

The music I played in my 20s and 30s was even more explicitly “to the glory of God.” In college I started playing in worship bands. Recorded a multi-platinum record with one of them. Later on I helped plant a “Reformed” church and delved into the rich history of hymnody, finding a gravitas that was missing from modern worship music. I arranged the SATB voices for fingerstyle guitar because we didn’t have a choir and the congregation didn’t know how to read the harmonies.

Then I became an atheist.

Then a wildfire burned down my town, along with all of my instruments.

It took almost four years before I was able to replace the 1925 German violin I had lost, thanks to the settlement we received from the utility company that started the fire. The replacement instrument isn’t 100 years old, and it isn’t German, but it’ll do for the time being.

Now I play with several “old-timers” in a session every Friday night, at a bar. We play traditional Irish music. Not Bach. But it has that rich history and tradition like the hymns. Public domain stuff. But it’s decidedly secular (as evidenced by the flowing pints). I’m playing for the fun of it. When I close my eyes and get in the zone, there aren’t any spiritual vibes I’m exuding. The passion is a passion for music in and of itself, rather than for a higher power.

#campFire #celtic #music #secularism

Aaron Lord :csharp:
1 month ago

H.R. 5863 will provide tax refunds for income received from the PG&E lawsuit for the 2018 #CampFire and other fires caused by PG&E shoddy infrastructure in Northern California. If it passes it will be a boon to the economies of the affected towns, where many underinsured are still living in trailers or have moved to rentals because they can’t afford to rebuild.

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1 month ago

In the evening, we made a big fire. And in the morning we made our italian espresso coffee in the in the remaining embers. 🥰 ☕️
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【ご支援のお礼】#CAMPFIRE 活動報告【最終】 | ぴーなっと@公式 #pixiv #ブルマ

【続々ご支援のお礼】#CAMPFIRE 活動報告 | ぴーなっと@公式 #pixiv #ブルマ

2 months ago

Today's afternoon's #coffee in my nearby forests.
#campfire #coffeefire

Last fire of the season - thankfully the rain cleared up just as #Thanksgiving dinner was ready! #canada #rvlife #campfire #ontario

【続ご支援のお礼】#CAMPFIRE 活動報告 | ぴーなっと@公式 #pixiv #ブルマ

I guess it's #Ottober this month :otter_bonk:​

Shoutout to when @AceBun could make a fire with witchcraft or something, idk, couldn't figure it out.

🎨 by RevaTheScarf idk tell them to get a Mastodon I'm too lazy to find a profile to link to :otter_rip:​

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My otter holding two sticks looking confused while Fen, in full cub scout gear, enjoys the fire he just made

【続ご支援のお礼】#CAMPFIRE 活動報告🎉 | ぴーなっと@公式 #pixiv #ブルマ

Gazdag Péter Medde
2 months ago

Campfire! 🔥

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IT News
2 months ago

Scaled-Up Matches Are Hilarious And Moderately Effective - Regular matches are fine for lighting candles and the like, but they’re a bit smal... - #classichacks #campfire #matches #giant #match #prop

2 months ago

Great night for a backyard campfire! #campfire #backyard #schwarckwald

Inara :therian:
3 months ago

Cozy and homely hang out and meditation spot

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🏙️ Guten Abend... Gute Nacht / #GoodEvening... #Goodnight 🌠
🔥 Artist: #HAMMO / #TheHammo in City: #Manchester UK 🇬🇧 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Comic #Camping #Marshmallows #Campfire #Trailer #GuteNacht #Traum #Dream 🌟

Streetart. On a single-axle car camping trailer is sprayed / painted a campfire scene. The background is a blue forest at night and the figures are painted in orange and yellow. In the style of comic painting, a couple is depicted around a campfire, sitting on tree trunks. She, with glasses and long hair, is playing the guitar while he, with a mustache and cap, is sitting across from her, roasting a marshmallow. He has a banjo standing next to him and surely he's about to join in.

My first campfire of the year. Gonna toast some marshmallows. #campfire #firepit

A blazing fire pit surrounded by lush greenery.
3 months ago
3 months ago

#NIST Issues New #Guidance for #Emergenc Response During #Wildfires #LessonsLearned from the 2018 #CampFire in #California include strategies for protecting lives when there is not enough time to safely #evacuate all residents.

Morris Wayts
3 months ago

So I was wondering how all you #writers convince your life partners to spend unreasonable amounts of money on writing tools - which you want and reduce overhead, but could do without - from your joint budget?
Because, I really could use some of your tricks, you know? 🤣

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Sylvia Wright
3 months ago

@ai6yr In my post-#CampFire panic phase, when I thought seriously of leaving the NorCal WUI for coastal Florida, I looked at Cedar Key. Also Fort Myers. #cantrunfromclimatechange

3 months ago

@mappingsupport Holy crap on this #CampFire map where people took shelter...

3 months ago

Gift link from Washington Post: After the blaze, coping with ‘fire brain’

#CampFire #ParadiseFire #MauiFires #LahainaFire #Recovery

We - (now ex) Californians - tried to tell everyone this in 2018 when the #CampFire burned 3/4 of Santa Rosa and the surrounding area to the ground and several times the next few years when the same happened to the mountains surrounding Napa and Santa Rosa burst into flames. Fire + Wind is extremely dangerous and destructive… #lahina 😢 #Hawaii

Hawaii is a warning - The Atlantic

The old one
5 months ago

You book a week at a campground and find out they don't have or allow wood or charcoal fires or BBQs. Propane BBQs are fine and there are propane campfires as pictured here.

Keep in mind that if there is a fire ban on, both propane BBQs and fire pits are allowed.


#Campground #Camping #Campfire #CrinstamCamp

A propane fueled campfire surrounded by stacked stone with two Muskoka chairs to the sides with a forest behind and and sun shining through the trees
5 months ago

Looked like a mess when I sketched, I was surprised to discover it actually looks like what I was drawing.

Have a good week, everyone!



#arthabit #tinysketchbook #fire #campfire

fire sketch
PS Jen
6 months ago

We're trying this corporate #swag Solo Stove Smokeless Fire pit at our camp today. It really is a nice option for a minimal #campfire. My husband uses his flint and steel kit to light some tiny kindling and tinder. #camping #MemorialDayWeekend

A flint and steel kit in an Altoids tin is held in a pair of hands over a camp site.
A Solo Stove smokeless fire pit glows with a tall flame in front of a seated camper and his red minivan.
A pair of hands lighting a tiny campfire with a flint and steel catches a spark.
Hippy Steve
8 months ago

@zutalorz @feditips

Social media posts absolutely can save lives. There are people who only made it out of Paradise during the #CampFire because fire #scanner enthusiasts made the urgency of the situation clear.

Adequate disaster tracking for fires, floods, severe weather, earthquakes, active shooters, etc. relies on keyword searching. hashtags take time to congeal and by the time they do they're noisy with 'OMG' or prayers posts.

10 months ago

i've been producing IDM, ambient, drum'n bass for years, but this last album is more for the #lofi #campfire romantics out there. forest rustle, some #guitar, simple #beats, there an owl there the current location for the speakers. 33 minutes. 1€ and it can be yours. 🌲

an ancient temple in the half-forgotten woods reveals a door to the secrets of bardic trickery.

Hot and cold. 🏕️

#camping #outdoors #campfire

Snowy mountain, icy river, campfire
1 year ago