Geoff Berner
5 hours ago

"Don't Ask for Too Much and You're Sure to Get More in the Long Run!"--The Center Left "Pragmatic" Sucker's Manifesto. #Politics #BCpoli #canpoli

6 hours ago

No pride, not sorry, not stopping the development of the greenbelt, not telling the truth, not genuine, not honest, NOT "RIGHT & HOUNORABLE", not leadership, not democracy...... Not doug ford.

Remember when our lying sack-o-shit premier said this to Canada's baloney newsmedia the other day? was another complete and total lie.

#fuckoffdoug #dougfordresign #consarecriminals #onpoli #canpoli #journalism

6 hours ago

A minority of haters should not and cannot control the rights of our country.


Activists and supporters gather at the Manitoba legislature Sunday during the Rally for Trans Youth. The event started with speeches at the legislature and was followed by a march down Broadway to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
Winnipeg Free Press, 2023-09-25 John Woods
#protecttranskids #trangender #transphobia #extremism #humanrights #CanPoli #parentalrights

7 hours ago

It being common knowledge and fundamentally and evidentially obvious that republicans and their conservative counterparts are operating against good faith and in opposition to an inclusive democracy: ALL newsmedia should be reflecting that particular truth in their reporting of these entities.

#canpoli #onpoli #journalism #news #reporting

caffeinatedgeek :mfv:
9 hours ago

@wpgguy I agree. The speaker needs to show that accountability matters. Even when those asking for it are hypocrites. #canpoli

Unfortunately, I agree with NDP House Leader Peter Julian, the Speaker should Resign:
""The Speaker has to be above reproach," he said. "This is an unforgivable error that puts the entire House in disrepute. Unfortunately, I believe a sacred trust has been broken.””

#CdnPoli #CanPoli #RussiaUkraineWar #WaffenSS

Ended up finding the 1986 Report produced by the Dechênes Commission. I can see why their conclusions about the Ukrainian unit sparked controversy, particularly from Jewish groups. Their description of information from the Wiesenthal Documentation Centre is less than glowing.

"The Wiesenthal Documentation Center was generally a source of names of individuals alleged to be war criminals. As a rule, the Center provided little more than an individual's name, rank, place and date of birth together with the generalized allegation of war crimes such as being a member of the Galicia Division of the Ukrainian Waffen-SS. Occasionally, the Center provided an address in Canada of an individual having a name similar to that of a suspected war criminal. Generally, however, it must be stated that the Center's information was long on allegations and generalities, and short on evidence and specifics.”

It's also worth noting that there were two parts to the report, Part 1 was public, Part 2 was, and I assume remains, confidential.
#RussiaUkraineWar #CanPoli #CdnPoli #Russia #Ukraine #WWII #Waffen #Holocaust

If the Honourable Speaker or his staff had only spent 10 minutes and consulted Wiki about the “1st Ukrainian Division”.

“there is no proof to demonstrate that the renaming was done formally and the German Army's High command continued to list it as the Ukrainian 14th SS Grenadier Division in its order of battle. The division surrendered to British and US forces by 10 May 1945.”

**The Division Surrendered to British and US Forces**


Oh but there is more:
“Former soldiers of SS "Galizien" were allowed to emigrate to Canada and the United Kingdom in 1947.”

"The [Deschênes Commission’s] decision to find the Waffen-SS 14th Galicia Division not guilty of collective war crimes was particularly controversial, as the SS had already been determined to have committed war crimes as an organization at earlier war crimes trials”ênes_Commission

“Historian Irving Abella stated to Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes it was relatively easy for former SS members to enter Canada, as their distinctive tattoos meant they were reliably anti-Communist.”

I wonder if the veteran in the Gallery on Friday had one of those tattoos…
#CanPoli #CdnPoli #RussiaUkraineWar #Ukraine #Russia #Holocaust #WWII

The list of international news organizations that picked this up is long. I haven't bothered to look, but I'm sure RT is having a field day. I searched for Waffen SS Ukraine Unit and this is what appeared in DuckDuckGo. #RussiaUkraineWar #Russia #News #Propaganda #CanPoli #CdnPoli

Search results showing news stories about the apology by the Speaker. Includes from top to bottom: Washington Post, CBC, Globe and Mail, The Guardian, CNN, APNews, ABCNews, National Post and AlJazeera.

Great job Canada and the Speaker of the House and Prime MInister in particular. The Putin narrative of Nazis being in control in Ukraine had been rightfully shut down and largely abandoned as a talking point for Russia, but with one singular, idiotic, and dramatic flourish involving a 98 year old (possible war-criminal?) being given a standing ovation in Parliament on Friday, Canada has ensured the narrative lives on. Bravo. Putin must have fallen off his gilded chair in laughter. #CdnPoli #CanPoli #RussiaUkraineWar #WaffenSS #Nazis #WWII

Awkward Brandon Scott Jones GIF by CBS - A gif of people clapping uncomfortably.
Angus MacPherson
11 hours ago

ok this rota guy has to resign. and maybe be expelled from caucus.


Today’s cartoon from Aislin (Montreal Gazette)
#Ottawa #CanPoli

Cartoon of the top part of the peace tower, Parliament Hill, showing the iconic clock, green copper roof, and on the flag staff, the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag.
Charlotte Hunter
13 hours ago

Ontario. Métis. Facts.

#Indigenous #Metis #Ontario #CanPoli #ONPoli

"The peition of undersigned half-breeds residing in the Town of Penetanguisene ... are generally speaking, in poor circumstances, and that they do not share in any advantages in presents issued to the Indians as a number of the half-breeds, from the Sault St. Marie and other places on the shores of Lake Huron have done for the last two years..."

- Petition from the "Halfbreeds residing in the town of Penetanguishene," 1840
"... your Petitioners most humbly beg your Excellency will take their case under your Excellency's consideration and that your Excellency would be please to allow them to have the same advantages that persons of the same class (living at the Sault St. Marie and other places on the shores of Lake Huron) derive from the issue of Indian present to them and their families."

- Petition from the "Halfbreeds residing in the town of Penetanguishene," 1840

Excellent thread from Dr. Mike Moffat taking a look at the Conservative's recently released housing policy, and why it's weak and certainly doesn't reduce bureaucracy.

(Wish he was on Mastadon)

#CanPoli #HousingCrisis

Is this why we've been bombarded with solicitors and flyers since buying and moving into our new home? It's been weekly... if not twice a week.

Is your data safe with Canada Post? What we know about privacy law violations | Global News

#canadapost #CanPoli

Jo Jitsu
1 day ago

You'd think the 98 year old nazi honored in error would have had some imposter syndrome or apprehension about being invited to be honored. But seems not. He showed up for glorification. He obviously said nothing about his past, like 'are you sure? do know I was fighting for the Nazis, right?...'

Do you think this is a man with remorse?

#canpoli #cdnpoli

David Megginson
1 day ago

"… we thank him for all his service."

"[I] subsequently become aware of more information which causes me to regret my decision to do so."

I'm curious what "service" Canadian House Speaker Rota thought he might be thanking 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka for, if it wasn't in Waffen-SS Galicia Division. And what did the MPs (from all parties) think they were applauding?

At very least, our representatives need a history lesson.

#AntiSemitism #WarCrimes #CanPoli #WW2

The stupidity of honouring this person... background checks? History Lessons? Anyone? ANYONE!?
What an incredible own goal, but then, this government and PM has done that kind of thing very well. I would expect more from the Speaker though.
All this does is feed the propaganda and narratives 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
"Canada's Jewish community stands firmly with Ukraine in its war against Russian aggression. But we can't stay silent when crimes committed by Ukrainians during the Holocaust are whitewashed," the group said in a statement published Sunday..."
#RussiaUkraineWar #Ukraine #Russia #Nazis #CanPoli #CdnPoli

1 day ago

One reason why #canpoli sucks so much is that all the parties gave a standing ovation to a nazi :ablobsadpats:

We all make mistakes in life. One mistake I made was in voting for the man on the right in this picture, Dimitri Lascaris. He was running for leader of the Green Party of Canada at the time and was, I thought, an exciting eco-socialist option. He has always been anti-NATO and anti-USA hegemony, and that's fine. But now he has turned into a mouthpiece for Russian propaganda in Canada. He repeats the same words as Putin. Here he is, last week, speaking to the RT newschannel from Athens, Greece on the 'persecution' of pro-Russia journalists. I wonder how much he gets paid for towing Putin's line. Screw you Dimitri. I'm sorry I shook your hand.
#RussiaUkraineWar #Canada #CanPoli #CdnPoli #Russia #Ukraine #FakeNews #Propaganda #GPC #GreenPartyofCanada

A screenshot from a YouTube video of RT channel where a woman is on the left and lascaris is on the right.

I visited a few public profiles on X of major political figures or journalists I used to follow. In all cases, the vast majority of tweets on their front page were at least a year old, often 2 or 3. Only the Canadian PM account had a tweet made this year in its top three. For anyone not already on X, the place is completely irrelevant.
#Twitter #BCPoli #CanPoli #CdnPoli

Screenshot of the Canadian PM account. First post is of Parliament Hill in 2018. The second is from last year about the Queen. The third, not pictured is from June this year.
Sandy Garossino, an influential journalist in Vancouver. The top 3 tweets are all from Jan or February last year.
Keith Baldrey is a local political journalist in Vancouver. His top 4 posts are from 2019 to 2021
Rob Shaw is a political columnist in Victoria BC. His top three are in 2018 and 2022.

All Canadians of all political stripes should read this article by Charlie Angus of the NDP.
Is it time for "an online registry of domestic extremist activity"?
#canpoli #cdnPoli #BCPoli #Extremism #Hate #FarRight #Online #Twitter #Facebook

Zeb King 🇨🇦
2 days ago

"Thierry Giasson, a professor of political science at Laval University, also pointed to the likelihood of parties being accused of hypocrisy for taking hard stances against Meta while continuing to advertise on its platforms."

#YYJ #BCPoli #CanPoli #SocialMedia #Meta

🇨🇦 McRocker
2 days ago

@CanadianPolling @338Canada #CanPoli

Maybe it's because none of them are worth remembering...just one homogeneous group of blah...and, yes, I will both sides this opinion.

Meanwhile, on the equinox in Canada, north of 60:
"Tiny shards of ash fluttered to the surface of dimly apocalyptic streets. By 8:45am, the sky outside remained remarkably and eerily dark – and, if anything, appeared to be getting darker.”

#climateChaos #climateChange #climateEmergency #EndFossilFuels #AJustTransition #WarEffortToCleanEnergy #NWT #CanPoli #CdnPoli #Wildfire #CanadaWildfires

Ulrich_the_Elder 🇨🇦 🇺🇦 😷
2 days ago

@LALegault If you like trump and harper policies and hate women and people of colour then Squinty McProudBoy and his "base" of racists, white supremacists, nazis, fascists, misogynists and assholes are your people.
#Canada #Canpoli #SquintyMcProudBoy

3 days ago

Poilievre came out in support of hate. Took his mask off.

Long 2 years till election, Poilievre won't be able to play pretend, his party won't let him. Already screwing up his play on India's assassination of Canadian in Canada

#CanPoli #Canada #ConvoyOfHate #Transphobia

Pierre Poilievre replied with: 
Justin Trudeau always divides to distract from all
he has broken. This time, he is demonizing
concerned parents.
Parents should be the final authority on the
values and lessons that are taught to children.
Trudeau should butt out and let parents raise
their kids.

JustinTrudeau stated:
 Let me make one thing very clear:
Transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia have
no place in this country. We strongly condemn
this hate and its manifestations, and we stand
united in support of 2SLGBTQI+ Canadians
across the country — you are valid and you are
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
3 days ago

President Zelenskyy's speech to the Parliament of Canada.

#ukraine #canpoli

🇨🇦 McRocker
3 days ago

@Dunstable @Yup_Its_Holly #ableg #CanPoli
I collect CPP and contribute to Alberta's economy by paying property (provincial & federal) taxes, purchasing groceries, buying goods & services in Alberta.


4 days ago

Danielle Smith thinks that a province that represents 11.7% of the Canadian population is entitled to 53% of the Canada Pension Plan fund. Can I have what she's having? 😆

#ABpoli #CanPoli

Zalenskyy in Canada to address Parliament (1PM Eastern) and will be making a number of stops in Ottawa and Toronto.
#RussiaUkraineWar #Canada #CanPoli #CdnPoli #Ukraine

Mike. 🩼🇨🇦
4 days ago

Ford is backing down on his theft of the #GreenBelt after a month or so of constant feedback and angry Ontarians


4 days ago

Glad the Greenbelts back.
...and can I just CONTINUE to say: #fuckoffdoug #dougfordresign

#onpoli #canpoli

Diane Bruce
4 days ago

"Yet as we look at the world we see supposedly free institutions in many countries not so much overthrown as abandoned willingly, apparently with enthusiasm."

Walter Dewey, 1939

#Philosophy #CanPoli

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
5 days ago

Had my first run-in with Facebook's blocking of links to Canadian news sources. I tried to link to a CTV story & my post just didn't appear. No notice, no warning. Just silently didn't appear after submitting.

Thanks Bill C-18!

#CanPoli #billc18 #media

5 days ago

Stable, happy, reasonable people don’t go out of their way to punch down on others, whether about gender or sex or race or masking…

#canada #canpoli #onpoli #trans #Gender

Hateful people said Hey! ... Good people across Canada said NO! 4 of 5 top stories on right now are #LGBTQ #TransRights #SOGI #antifascist #canpoli #cdnpoli #bcpoli

A screenshot of 4 top stories on CBC in “Popular Now in News” the headlines are:

Protesters and counter-protesters shut down Ottawa streets over LGBTQ rights in schools
924 reading now
Rallies against LGBTQ rights in schools met with counter-protests across Canada
404 reading now
Protests for and against teaching gender diversity in schools happening across B.C.
401 reading now
Protests over LGBTQ school policies descend on government buildings and parking lots in Newfoundland
Nathanael Newton
5 days ago

I attended the counter protest in downtown Ottawa today, I couldn't stay for the whole time because I have more interviews to do with the national art gallery.

I got a quick interview in this video with local NDP MPP Joel Harden

#canada #canpoli #transrightsarehumanrights #live #parliament

Ulrich_the_Elder 🇨🇦 🇺🇦 😷
6 days ago

One other reason that the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada refuses to get a security clearance is, perhaps he is under the control of some foreign power? There is no HONEST DECENT reason to refuse a security clearance. He also constantly whines that he is left out of conversations where a security clearance is required.
#Canada #SquintyMcProudBoy
#Canpoli #CPCfail

David Harrison
6 days ago

Oh, NOW the convoy idiots want to leave Ottawa.

#CanPoli #OnPoli

Zeb King 🇨🇦
1 week ago

Wow... Australia doesn't have a national Human Rights Act? Apparently, there is no equivalent to Canada's Charter of Rights (1982) or Canada's Bill of Rights (1960) in Australia. #CanPoli #australia

@GottaLaff @atrupar

It’s almost as if corporate media hasn’t learned anything from what happened to the country the last time they platformed him. They offer him a megaphone to spread democracy damaging lies…and then they’re surprised when democratic institutions are damaged as a result. They’re choosing to be complicit in the violence his behaviour encourages. (Canadian media is doing the same thing with our demagogues.)
#uspolitics #CanPoli

Bloody Canadian Media Companies: I subscribe to cable minimally, basically just to get live/local news, some movie channels, and the two national sports channel, TSN (BellMedia) and Sportsnet (Rogers). All in, with a $15 landline, an outdoor security camera, and 1Gbps Fibre Internet, it costs about $230/mo. TSN has 5 live channels. Five! This morning they have two dedicated to the same Formula 1 broadcast and two showing their Sports newscast on repeat.

Meanwhile, on their app, they have TSN+. This used to be included in the main subscription. It shows La Liga football matches, among other things. There are two La Liga matches and one world Rugby match available.

I wanted to watch Valencia v Athletico Madrid today but NO.

$8/mo extra please.
😤 😠 😡
#media #Canada #gouging #sports #affordability #CanPoli #Bell #Rogers #Cable #Digital #TV

A photo of the TSN channels on cable. Two are showing Formula 1, two have Sportscentre, and one is US College Football.
A picture of the selection in the TSN app of TSN+ channels including F1, two La Liga matches, and Rugby. All have little locked signs on them.
A picture of the subscribe screen asking for $8 more a month.
Diane Bruce
2 weeks ago

"Common Sense" is just another term for the good ol' 1950s where men were men and women stayed at home in the kitchen and "those people" was a term.

#CanPoli #Feminism #LGBT

Mike. 🩼🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

Over $2000 for rent now on average. Basically 100% of a minimum wage earners income.

Boomers: housing should not be more than 30% of your income!

Now: we have working homeless in the streets because this rich country of ours now makes it impossible to survive

Disabled: ya, you're totally f*%#$ked


Zeb King 🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

"In the 2009 case of AC v Manitoba, the Supreme Court ruled that a minor’s views are determinative of their best interests if they are sufficiently mature. In such cases, youth are constitutionally entitled to 'exercise personal autonomy in making medical treatment decisions free of parental or judicial control.'” #AbPoli #CanPoli #BCPoli @KaliCooper

Liam Egan
2 weeks ago

I learned a new phrase today reading the #GlobeAndMail

Gish gallop

"But with just 30 seconds to make their cases, they had little chance of dispelling all those myths and falsehoods. The Gish gallop won: Both resolutions passed with an overwhelming majority."

I am gifting another globe article that I think is worth a read, even if you only learn what Gish gallop is.

#GishGallop #CanPoli #NeverVoteConservative

I propose a new Political Party: Democratic Socialists for the Earth and Humanity.
It can exist in any country.
The Manifesto:
Full societal change:
- End Fossil Fuel use and CO2 emissions within 10 years through immediate mass economic restructuring.
- Full Healthcare (Dental, Medical, Drug/Addiction, End of Life)
- Public Services: Mass Transportation, Telecommunication, Fuel and Electricity
- Free Education inc University/College.
- Public Affordable Housing.
- Guaranteed Livable Basic Income.
- Minimum Liveable Wage
- 95% tax rate on earnings over Maximum Living Wage.
- Abolish Debt and Lending.
- Decolonization and End of Discrimination based on race, gender or any other metric.
- The Natural World has same basic rights to life as any human.
- Denuclearization of Military
- Global Peace, Integration and Cooperation.
- Convert Standing Armed Forces to Defense Force for dealing with domestic and international disaster relief and aid.

Why you ask? Because I do not see a single party that advocates for all of this. Not one. Much less *delivers* all this.

What did I miss?
#lateNightThoughts #Socialism #Greens #Politics
#CanPoli #BCPoli #GlobalPoli #UN

2 weeks ago

Canada’s Nazi party shows it’s true colours, copying policies from the hateful Republicans that the Cons idolize. Absolutely disgusting and un-Canadian! #canPoli #NeverVoteConservative

Matthew Guy
2 weeks ago

Conservative are set for a majority say recent polls.

We need to stop that.

Join and/or donate to or now. Election time vote for the candidate to defeat the Conservative.

#cdnpoli #canpol #canpoli #cdnpol #liberal #ndp #federal #politics #ActionNotAnger

Conservatives set for majority say the polls...

Time to act to defend progress in Canada 

Donate or volunteer to or
The Tyee
2 weeks ago

Poilievre would be the most right-wing prime minister in our modern history.

Six of his claims to keep in mind — and expose — before the next election. Jonathan Sas writes. #CanPoli

A side profile of Pierre Polievre.

Young salmon and trout die in the Cowichan River due to extreme heat and low water levels causing algal blooms. And in a few weeks they might have to start trucking salmon up river (again) from the estuary because the water levels are so low.
#climatechange #climateEmergency #Cowichan #VancouverIsland #Salmon #BCPoli #CanPoli #EndFossilFuels

3 weeks ago

GUESS WHO'S HUNGRY AND POOR AND DESPERATE IT'S ME AS ALWAYS! Still no groceries and my gofundme is a depressing joke 💔


#disability #blm #BlackMastodon #disabilityaid #mutualaid #vancouver #pwd #actuallyautistic #Housingforall #Crowdfund #vanpoli #canpoli #CanadaDisabilityBenefit #C22


Raymond Scott Pert
3 weeks ago

Honest Government Ad | Canada 🇨🇦

> It's Canada's turn. After many many (really very many) requests from Canadians, we've finally made an Honest Government Ad for you, eh! 🇨🇦

(Warning: video contains four letter words) #Canada #cdnpoli #canpoli #bcpoli #abpoli #climatechange #bigoil #fossilfuels#JustinTrudeau #onpoli #topoli #DougFord

3 weeks ago

As my goal of being housed by December is being laughed out of existence, I would love it if you kept me in your thoughts :)


#disability #blm #BlackMastodon #disabilityaid #mutualaid #vancouver #pwd #actuallyautistic #Housingforall #Crowdfund #vanpoli #canpoli #CanadaDisabilityBenefit #C22


Corporate Social Media has managed to fully stab itself in the back in Canada. The link at my local newspaper when you click on their Facebook or Instagram buttons sends you to a webpage that says:
"Don't lose out on trusted local journalism.
While we no longer will be found on these platforms, we're not going anywhere."
And as for clicking on The Bird logo (what, no X?). It's just a big dumb login screen.
Irrelevance never looked so good.
#DumpZuck #DumpMusk #Fediverse #TwitterMigration #DeleteFacebook #Journalism #Media #CanPoli #C18 #OnlineNewsAct #TrustLocalNews #Google

A screenshot of the linked page shows pictures in a grid across the screen and the headline “You will soon lose access to local news on Facebook and Google”.
A big dumb “Sign in to X” login screen.
Zeb King 🇨🇦
3 weeks ago

I'm considering the following resolution for a political party convention in November. Follow this thread if you’re interested. The resolution calls on the party to establish a Mastodon presence 🧵
#NDP #CanPoli #BCPoli @jsatre @cgainor @SueStroud @mkaragianis

3 weeks ago

Still trying to get grocery money together while waiting for a mutual aid check to clear later this month. Any help at all would be so deeply appreciated

#disability #BlackMastodon #disabilityaid #mutualaid #pwd #actuallyautistic #Housingforall #Crowdfund #canpoli #CanadaDisabilityBenefit #C22

Dan Neuman
3 weeks ago

Here’s a reminder of what happens when you elect an anti-science government: you can lose up to 20 years of progress on your life expectancy. Way to go, Premier Moe. #CanPoli #Cdnpoli #COVID19 #SKpoli #ABpoli

Chart showing the change in life expectancy at birth between 1980 and 2021, in Canada, Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. All areas peaked in 2019, but Canada and Ontario only dropped about 0.6 years, whereas Alberta dropped 1.7 years and Saskatchewan dropped 2 years.

@gemelliz @the5thColumnist @LALegault @wandrecanada @ianhecht @CodieneC @AlisonCreekside

We also shouldn’t forget the role played by 3rd party ‘action groups’ like the Canada Proud network that have been used to skirt election advertising rules and to poison the political discourse by radicalizing the easily-influenced through propaganda while causing moderates to tune out entirely.

#CanPoli #OnPoli

David Megginson
4 weeks ago

Jumping over from a FB conversation on one of @simonstl 's posts, it's important to note that there's no period in U.S. (or Canadian) history where both of these things were true:

  1. Political discourse was relatively civil and cooperative.

  2. People who aren't white, male, cis, straight, affluent, non-disabled settlers had a significant political voice.

In other words, politics used to be more polite precisely because it was an old boys' club.

#USpolitics #CanPoli

Jesse Schooff
4 weeks ago

Next, Rogers immediately reneges on the commitments they made as part of their merger with Shaw by trying to jack prices to the MVNO they sold off to Quebecor. So tell us again how the merger will lower prices and create competition for consumers?

Our government and institutions are supposed to regulate industries, but instead the tail is wagging the dog. It's about time someone had the courage to stare corporate mouthpieces in the face and call their spin exactly what it is: Bullshit.

#canpoli #Rogers #Shaw #canadaTelecom

Jesse Schooff
4 weeks ago

Having freshly gobbled up Shaw, Rogers Communications moves quickly to punish Canadians for disliking them. First, they've successfully sued the Competition Bureau for $13 million in taxpayer-funded dollars, effectively fining the competition bureau for doing their jobs.
#canpoli #Rogers #Shaw #canadaTelecom

The Tyee
4 weeks ago

A new form of climate denialism? Politicians claiming to be climate leaders, while approving planet-wrecking infrastructure in the same breath. Emiko Newman and Erin Blondeau write. 🌎🏭 #canpoli

In May this group of young people delivered about 100 cover letter applications to BC MP Carla Qualtrough for good, green jobs that don’t yet exist to show support for a national Youth Climate Corps. The group of young people stand holding their cover letters and a poster with an informative climate inaction poster in front of a building.
Zeb King 🇨🇦
4 weeks ago

The 🇨🇦 province of Alberta is clearly captured by the petroleum industry,

"Guilbeault (Canada's Minister of Env) had said because Alberta company Suncor wants to focus more on oil and gas production, it furthers the case for a federal emissions cap.

Smith (Alb Premier) says Guilbeault's comments provocatively attack Alberta's energy sector, which she says is environmentally responsible and ethical."

#AlbPoli #canpoli #climatechange