6 days ago

A relaxing goose scene, just because!


Two Canada geese near a small pond in the afternoon sun.
Shantell Powell
1 week ago

Geese fattening themselves up for the long flight south. #CanadaGeese #CanadaGoose #geese #WildlifePhotography

Christine Beeton
4 weeks ago

Portrait of an attack bird.

Photo taken as I was surrounded while sitting on a bench outside the Frankfurt airport last July. I played dead and it worked, they stared me down and moved on. I survived this close encounter with Canada geese.

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Gull (Thomas)
1 month ago

Canada geese in an amusing pose. The one on the right is the smallest adult Canada goose I've ever seen; maybe a subspecies? #Geese #CanadaGeese #Photo #Photography

A couple of Canada geese, sitting on the gravel path with their wings slightly open and facing away from the camera.
1 month ago

Canada geese flying into sunset crowds. The colorful sunset was a surprise after a gray day, and I abandoned my family at dinner to rush out in my paddleboat to catch the light.

August 25, 2023. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

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Four Canada geese in silhouette flying into pink and orange sunset clouds.
Ira Gershenhorn
1 month ago

@Lyle I suppose canada geese are to marine areas (and golf courses) what white tailed deer are in other places.
#CanadaGeese #WhiteTailedDeer

Weirdo Bug Guy
2 months ago

I'm home from my visit to Canada, and I have finally gotten around to editing some photos that have been in my backlog for a while.

Canada #geese are famed for their aggression, but they can also be quite peaceful at times. We passed by a flock of them and I was delighted in their serenity.

#canadaGoose #canadaGeese #birds #photography #wildlife

The head and long neck of a Canada goose on a grassy background. They are black from the bill to the very end of their neck, save for a white marking on their cheek that goes under their chin on to the other side of their face
The head, neck and chest of a Canada goose. Their chest is a grayish white, and their folded wings are a grayish brown
A similar image to the previous one, with the goose leaning slightly forward
A Canada goose lying in the grass
Alameda Post
2 months ago

Seagull and Goose debate "What's in a name?" in this installment of our weekly cartoon drawn by Alameda native, Brice.

#alameda #birdwatching #CanadaGeese #geese #TwoBirdsFromAlameda

I went kayaking with @Knightky on the Nottawasaga River today. I saw bald eagles, cormorants, turtles, crows, mallard ducks, Canada geese, blue herons, and a kingfisher. It was a good day. #wildlife #kayaking #cormorant #CanadaGeese #BlueHeron #turtles

One cormorant perches in a tree as another flies to join.
A kingfisher takes flight amongst the reeds.
A turtle suns herself on a log floating in the river.
Three Canada geese sun themselves on a big rock in the river. They are standing one one leg like flamingos.

Canada geese like me. These ones were not interested in being petted, but they were fine with eating from my hands. #CanadaGeese #CanadaGoose #CobraChickens #Wildlife #geese

A pair of Canada geese eagerly take food from my hands, but easily dodge me when I reach out to pet them.
H Polley
2 months ago

This gang of eleven immature Canada Geese walked past us *very* carefully this morning. Then they walked in front of a baby carriage, panicked, and flew off in every direction. They have a lot left to learn about urban living. #birds #CanadaGeese

An orderly single-file line of young Canada Geese walk down a path near a bay.
3 months ago

Today I was sent a video taken at #HicklingBroad. The sound track had a reference to #geese but none were visible in shot. I had a thought that I'd try to splice in some #canadageese from our #lake, but #Hickling doesn't have the volume of lilies that I captured in our lake, so in the end I didn't use the clip I took, but it's worth sharing here.

A lake thick with vegetation on the banks and many lilies in the water. A pair of CanadaGeese with their young are seen, then the camera pans to a pair of swans on the bank.
4 months ago

The goslings are now teenagers! #morningWalk #canadaGeese #cobraChickens #goslings

The video is a walking view of feeding teenage goslings and their parental Canada Geese , all feeding in the grass beside the sidewalk
Alameda Post
4 months ago

Mouf visits Alameda's Upper Washington park to check out the facilities, recreation structures, and all the people exercising and playing in this week's Bear's-Eye View of Alameda.

#mouf #alameda #swingset #squirrels #sundogday #basketball #horseshoes #CanadaGeese #bearseyeview #ArnerichField #WashingtonPark #UltimateFrisbee #UpperWashingtonPark

Canada geese are the original inspiration for Klingons and I won’t hear it any other way. #CanadaGoose #CanadaGeese #Klingon #BirdOfPrey #StarTrek

Klingons refer to these ships as Birds of Prey because they fully understand the fierce warrior's soul that inhabits an angry goose. Honk honk qapla’. 

Picture of a flying goose paired with a Klingon bird of prey. They have the same silhouette.
London Ontario Canada
4 months ago

Just a regular day for a walk in London Ontario. #LdnOnt
@BBFFLdnOnt #CanadaGeese 🇨🇦

London Ontario Canada
4 months ago

Just a regular day for a walk in London Ontario. #LdnOnt
@BBFFLdnOnt #CanadaGeese 🇨🇦

Paula Kirman
4 months ago

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services had to come to the assistance of some high-risk pedestrians near Bonnie Doon Mall this afternoon. Eventually a group of people kept the mom and her chicks surrounded and safe while waiting for Wild North Alberta to arrive to relocate the family.
#yeg #BonnieDoon #CanadaGeese #UrbanWildlife #yegphotographer #CanadaGoose

5 months ago

Canada Geese are such a beautiful waterfowl and fortunately for us, we have many of them that have chosen to make Florida their year-round home. No migration for these avians. These three were down by the lake near my home when I photographed them. Two were sipping as one stood guard.
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Available here:

A photo of three Canada Geese down by the lake on a sunny afternoon.  Two are sipping water and the third is standing guard watching for any problems.
Forestland Fernie
5 months ago

How about two, "Good morning, Friends!"?

Thought I would share another angle of the #woods and pond.

As before, today's #PondReport is sunny, warm, calm, and with a lot of budding, and blossoming going on at 56°F.

**added feature: a bonded pair of #CanadaGeese floating effortlessly around the water while keeping a close eye on us.

#forest #trees #spring #sunny #ponds

Sunny morning reflected in the calm waters of a pond; the forest can also be seen in the reflection.  A pair of Canada geese are effortlessly floating around the pond.
5 months ago

I interrupted something… #canadaGeese

Two canada geese are having an argument, then they notice they are being watched….
5 months ago

"Maintain eye contact. Give them space, as much space as you can. If they do come toward you aggressively, do not run. That is exactly what they want you to do," he said.

In an email sent to employees, the department [of National Defence] gave some tips on how to handle an aggressive bird, including giving it some space, raising your arms to appear bigger, and backing away slowly.

The cobra chickens are back and breeding! Stay safe #Ottawa

#Geese #CanadaGeese

6 months ago

And while we're at it, a flock of Canada geese also enjoying the post-sunset light.

April 13, 2023. Wolverine Lake, Michigan.

#sunset #sun #goose #geese #CanadaGoose #CanadaGeese #bird #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #michigan #puremichigan #photography #landscape #nature #naturephotography

A small flock of eight Canada geese in silhouette against pink clouds in a light blue sky.
A small flock of eight Canada geese in silhouette against pink clouds in a light blue sky.
A small flock of eight Canada geese in silhouette against a light blue sky with orange clouds above and bare trees beneath.
A small flock of eight Canada geese in silhouette against a light blue sky with orange and pink clouds with bare trees beneath.
Elaine Anderson
6 months ago

Geese and their shadows on the Recreational Canal wall, Welland, Ontario. #SilentSunday #WellandCanal #WellandOn #CanadaGeese #photography #GoldenHour

Two geese walk along the top of a canal wall. The grey wall is stained with white and rusty areas. Behind and to the left of each goose are their shadows on the white wall which is topped with a railing. Bare trees can be seen in the distance.

Also the geese are returning, but they may have some regrets.

"This isn't what the brochure looked like at all! It's all ice! Where's the open water?? Are you sure this is the right place???"

#geese #CanadaGeese #honk #wildlife #yeg #Edmonton

A pair of Canada Geese on the still-frozen North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. One is standing, the other sitting.
Angelique Sophia
7 months ago

A few photos of the flurry of feathers.

#seagulls #CanadaGeese #BirdNerd


Ring-billed Gulls fly against a bright blue sky with a layer of clouds at the bottom and the outline of trees. One has a white wing with a black tip outstretched.
Many Ring-billed Gulls fly in the sky over lakefront parking looking for snacks. A Canadian Geese is on the ground..
7 months ago

Encountered a surprising number of #birds on my cold walk at #Ogmore #Castle yesterday. They were dealing with the brief blizzard much better than me. Pictured are #CanadaGeese, #Teal, #Shelduck and #MuteSwan, Also seen were #Mallard, #Cormorant, #Goosander, #LittleGrebe and #GreyWagtail

#DailyPhoto #birdphotography #Cymru #Wales

A variety of birds swimming in a river. nearest to the camera are a few Teal, the Male has a chestnut coloured head with broad green eye-patches, a spotted chest, grey flanks and a black edged yellow tail. The females are mottled brown.  Just behind them are a pair of Shelduck with dark green heads and necks, chestnut belly stripes and red bills.  In the middle distance the river curves sharply to the right and a pebble beach has formed .  Just behind that a single Canada Goose can be seen with a black head and neck and large white throat patch.  There are a few other, unidentifiable, birds also on the water.  White spots of snow can be seen falling
Looking down the River Ewenny. Its undulating left bank is covered in thin patches of snow. Further on is a line of trees before the land rises and is covered in thicker snow. On the river 2 bright white Mute Swans have their beaks buried under their wings. Further on a flock of Canada Geese are swimming down river, their black heads and necks and large white throat patches clearly visible.  A few other, unidentifiable, smaller birds are also on the water.  Snow is falling
Six Canada Geese, with black heads and necks and large white throat patches are feeding in a marshy field lightly covered in snow which is still falling all around them
A Shelduck flies through heavily falling snow, its neck and wings outstretched clearly showing  its dark green neck, red bill, white wings with thick black borders of black primary feathers, a white back with a chestnut coloured band and a white tail
Paddler 🇨🇦
9 months ago

After 3 days of blustery winter weather it was nice to get a #hike in at #PioneerTower along the #GrandRiver in #Kitchener, #Ontario.

We hiked 8.8KM along the river & spotted some #birds that we thought would have migrated south by now:

#GreatBlueHeron (what???)
#Robins (AKA Christmas Robins LOL)

We also spotted these year-round birds:
#BaldEagle (Juvenile)

A great day indeed!

Pioneer Tower in Kitchener. Conestogo Wagon as a wind vane. Snow on the ground
A snowy scene along the Grand River in Kitchener. The river is partially frozen. Branches are weighed down by snow.
Looking down a frozen Grand River in Kitchener. Dried shrubs and grasses are snow covered in the foreground.