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1 day ago

Ein kurzes Astroglas und Verwirrung um Zeiss – die Fotonews der Woche 22/2023

Sigma wagt sich einmal mehr an einen Lichtriesen, der natürlich groß und teuer ist. Ideal für Astrofotografie, wie auch die neue Pentax.

#Fotografie #Canon #Nikon #Sigma #news

Das Objektiv Sigma 14mm f/1.4 DG DN Art
1 day ago

Q: How can I save a Quick Find? Whenever I leave the found items, I lose it and have to search again.

A: Your last used query and its results are kept, and of course stay always available in the Find dialog, until you run a new Find query.
Whenever you leave the Find results to explore items, you can return to the last Find results by simply clicking the Find icon in the toolbar!

Also, to persistently keep your Find query or its results, e.g. to survive the next app restart, you can save your query to the SmartFolders, or the Found Items into an album.

Find out about this, and more, in the new #abeMeda 7.7 :

#abeMeda7 #Windows #RAW #Olympus #Canon #Nikon #Fuji #DigitalAssetManager #Photography #MusicLibrary #VideoTools #PhotoLibrary #AudioProducer #MusicStudio #BookLibrary #PhotographySoftware #PhotographyWorkflow #Photosoftware #DAM #MediaPro #iView #Software #PostProduction #Archives

the "Find" icon in the toolbar, to switch to the Find dialog - where all your queries and found items are kept!
2 days ago
Nevin Thompson
3 days ago

Sunset in the dry season. #photography #canon m6 mk ii with a 22mm lens

3 days ago

It works and actually does not perform too bad I would say...
#Canon #Powershot #G2

Field of grains (unfortunately I do not know which kind), some houses and a church are visible behind the field.
3 days ago

yes !
j'ai réussi à filmer l'atterrissage d'une mésange !

#canon #remote #bird #nature #wildlife

vidéo amateur d'une mésange atterrissant sur le col d'une amphore, puis plongeant dedans pour y préparer son nid
Ich bin kein Roboter
4 days ago

Vermutlich eine Madeira-Eidechse oder Madeira-Mauereidechse (Teira dugesii), 2021 auf #madeira aufgenommen #canon m100 #reptiles #naturephotography

4 days ago


New Horizon

Shot on Kodak Colorplus 200 with a Canon Epoca camera.

#ShittyCameraChallenge #Canon #epoca #colorplus200 #kodak #roof #house

Color Photo of a roof against a sky with clouds.
4 days ago

Printer not showing Duplex Printing Option in Kubuntu 22.04 #kubuntu #printing #canon #cupslpd #duplexprinting

TildalWave :toot:
4 days ago

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night, Take these sunken eyes and learn to see, All your life You were only waiting for this moment to be free" (The Beatles)

Taken #handheld on a #Canon body with #IBIS and a #vintage Soligor C/D 60-300mm f/4-5.6 MC lens at f/8 and a Vivitar MC7 2x #Teleconverter for combined 600mm reach at f/16. 1/160s ISO-1600 -1EV.

#BirdsOfMasto #Blackbird #VintageLens #Telephoto #Photography #Birding #UrbanWildlife

A single male common blackbird (Turdus merula) is sitting on a dried branch of an old maple tree in late afternoon and observing its surroundings. The branch is covered in vivid lime and pale teal lichen species. There's a leaf-rich tree canopy in the background.

Hopefully getting ready to join the #ShittyCameraChallenge, @ShittyCameraChallenge . 🤞

#Canon #Powershot #G2

B&W photo of a Canon PowerShot G2, the battery charging next to it.
Marvin Johanning
5 days ago

Thank you, @internetarchive

I wanted to update the firmware (to version 1.1.6) of the used Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II that I bought recently because the firmware that is currently on it only supports SD cards < 2 GB and CF cards < 8 GB. But as Canon has removed all the firmware from their website, the only option for me would've been to send it to them for a fee and have them update it in the factory.

Fortunately, the Wayback Machine had the file I wanted and I was able to download it! Very nice :-)

#photography #photos #fotografie #canon

6 days ago

There are very few products for which I have what could be described as “brand allegience”. I’m a die-hard user of #Apple and #Canon but a (small) part of that is that it would be too expensive at this point to replace all my gear. And I’m pretty happy with it all anyway, so there’s no need.

However, I think I’ve discovered the consumerist hill on which I will die, the master whose flag I will hoist in high, and whose product is the only one of its kind I ever want to use: #Welly adhesive bandages.

They’re flex fabric instead of gross plastic, the adhesive actually sticks (even when they get wet) and they have amazing patterns. Plus, they’re marketed as “bravery badges”. Oh, and they come in actual metal tins, the way Band-Aids used to before they went chickenshit and switched to plastic and cardboard packaging.

I know this is all a very specific post, and it sounds like an ad (it is in no way an ad) but I genuinely love them. With as often as I end up with bumps, scrapes, and cuts, I have very strong opinions on what makes a good bandage. As far as I’m concerned, Welly is it.

A square yellow band-aid tin with a friendly, waving, orange monster painted on it and the word “welly” embossed across the center.
My freckled shin, sporting an adhesive bandage that’s blue with friendly orange monsters on it.
John Gordon ⚡️
6 days ago

Yesterday was the first day of the summer 2023 Blaze 10U season for my daughter. Here she is catching. Only got to play one inning as catcher (her favorite position), out of the two games they played yesterday, but she managed to get two of the three outs (both tagged trying to steal home).

These were taken with my aging Canon 20D and a 300mm zoom lens that is anything but fast!

#photography #softball #catcher #Canon20D #Canon

My daughter in her full catcher’s gear reaching forward to catch an incoming softball.
6 days ago

Here's part of the ruined Abbey in #Leicester from 2018.

I suppose it also qualifies for the #shittycamerachallenge because it was taken using a #Canon Epoca - #35mm film


Stone wall with small central doorway and five large windows above. Trees along the top of the frame
Marvin Johanning
1 week ago

New camera and my first full-frame camera!

I've always loved Canon's old 1Ds cameras, so I decided to get this Canon 1Ds Mark II from 2004 — and I love it!

Really fun to shoot with in combination with my 50 mm f/1.8 lens and it's built like a tank. Also really like the photos it produces. I rarely actually have to edit the RAW files to have them look how I want them to look.

#photography #photo #photos #fotografie #canon

A photo of a very big camera standing on my desk. It has a small lens attached to it.
Thomas Wong Matthews
1 week ago

Sometimes when the exposure isn't jiving with me, I convert a 35mm film negative to B&W in Lightroom/Photoshop. The original isn't great, but I really love how this version of the photograph looks. Originally shot w/Kodak Portra 400 film with my Canon AE-1 and scanned with a Plustek OpticFilm 8100 scanner. #canon #kodak #photography #filmphotography #blackandwhite #flowers

A black and white photograph of roses. Originally shot in colour, converted to B&W in post-production using Lightroom and Photoshop.
Sebastian Müller
1 week ago

Neue gebrauchte Linse für die #CanonM6II und das erste Bild ist ein #BMW #Barockengel auf dem #Freiburg|er Rathausplatz.

#canonphotography #canon #CanonM6

1 week ago

God must be mathematician. :)
One from our garden.

#photography #closeup #sensor #canon #5dmkII #sigma #105mm #plant #garden #fern

Detail of a fern about to take its final form.
Trevor Smith
1 week ago
Dustin [BusySignal]
2 weeks ago

In photographing the Jones Beach Airshow for the last 15 years - this is a recent formation that is just so incredible to witness first hand. I strongly suggesting seeking out some videos so that you can experience how this routine around show center starts to look like it is just one plane where as it comes through you can see 4 stacked tightly.

#Aviation #AviationPhotography #Thunderbirds #USAF #JonesBeachAirShow #BethpageAirShow #Canon #TeamCanon #CanonUSA

Dark•:•Star :StarWars:
2 weeks ago

Einige wissen es vielleicht vom letzten Sommer:
Der See, der versteckt an meinem Haus liegt. Dahin kommt man nur über einen kleinen Pfad (Bild vom 11.7.22), der, von der Straße her, überhaupt nicht auffällt :-)

Nun war ich heute an "meinem" See, um Infrarotfotos zu machen.

Und, ich merke, wie sehr doch die Lichtverhältnisse einen starken Einfluss auf die Infrarotaufnahmen nehmen. Und in der Bearbeitung werde ich langsam besser 😅
Hier zwei IR-Aufnahmen, einmal mit der #Sony und der #Canon (ISO100, gleicher Filter IR720 und gleiche Bearbeitung in LR und PS).

Am Straßenrand liegt versteckt ein Zugang zum See. Eingerahmt von Büschen und hohen Bäumen.
(Bild 1)
Aufnahme vom See in Infrarot mit der Sony DSC F828. Die Bäume leuchten schneeweiß, der See und der Himmel in einem dunkleren Blau.
Hier wieder eine Aufnahme vom See mit der Canon EOS 2000d. Auch hier leuchten die Bäume schneeweiß, aber der Himmel und der See nehmen ein etwas helleres Blau an als bei der Sony.
2 weeks ago

I found this scene rather interesting as the tumbleweeds were slowly taking over. I showed this photo to my step-father (it’s his family’s farm) and he found it funny that I was so interested in a manure spreader! :)

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Black and white photo of a very old manure spreader with tumbleweeds swarming it.
Dark•:•Star :StarWars:
2 weeks ago

Im Moment bin ich dabei ein altes Hobby von mir aufleben zu lassen: Infrarot-Fotografie

Nun ja, jetzt weiß ich wieder, wieso ich damals so viel Zeit auf der Jagd mit den richtigen Einstellungen verbracht habe, dazu die richtigen Lichtverhältnisse (und Motive).

Es gibt zwar sehr viele Videos und Blogs dazu aus den letzten 10 Jahren - aber, es ist kaum möglich, diese mehr als einen Ratgeber zu betrachten.

Ich habe mit der gleichen Kamera, den gleichen Einstellungen, den gleichen Filtern fotografiert - und trotzdem anderes Ergebnis 😅

Hier drunter, die ersten Versuche - nicht richtig gut, aber es wird nach und nach :-)

#Infrarotfotografie #Fotografie
#Sony #Canon

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

In the olden days 10 or 15 years ago, an entry-level camera like the R100 would be marketed toward parents. Today, they're using phones. But I still see a (much smaller) market for students & hobbyists who want to try "real" photography.
#mirrorless #camera #Canon #photography

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

The crop-frame EOS R100 camera body warms my heart, too. $600 with the RF-S 18-45mm, $480 with no lens (upgrading beyond the kit lens will make this a much better camera). My first DSLR was of this ilk, a Rebel XT back in 2005.
#Canon #photography #mirrorless #camera

Stephen Shankland
2 weeks ago

Oh goodie, Canon now has an RF 28mm F2.8 STM lens pancake lens — $300 — for its mirrorless cameras. It's almost a pocketable camera. Me, I'd love a 35mm pancake.

#Canon #lens #pancake #photography

Stephen Shankland
3 weeks ago

Eye-tracking autofocus is a game changer. Can use my Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens actually at f1.4 now. Previously that depth of field was too shallow to depend on for most subjects (with my focusing abilities, at least). I welcome this AI.

#dog #Photography #Canon #bokeh #AI

Andrew Linke
3 weeks ago

It’s time to get a decent interchangeable lens camera again.

My budget is around $1000, but I could wait a few months and save up more for a truly amazing upgrade.

The problem is that I can’t decide if I want to…

A. Get a recent entry-level / prosumer DSLR or mirrorless camera (likely used) with a basic prime and macro lens.

B. Get an older pro-level camera and several lenses. All used, but likely high quality due to their initial expense.

#Nikon #Canon #Olympus #Fuji #Sony #Pentax

3 weeks ago

Got myself a #Canon FT QL on eBay. It is in well used condition and I think I need to take it apart to clean for example the timing mechanism (which is very unprecise, especially at slower exposure settings).

Still, I will take my first few roles with the camera as is, if only to have a before & after comparison :)

1 month ago

Ich versuche seit 1,5h den Drucker ins WLAN zu bekommen.
Meine Stimmung ist kurz vor dem Ausrasten. #canon

1 month ago

Ich versuche seit 1,5h den Drucker ins WLAN zu bekommen.
Meine Stimmung ist kurz vor dem Ausrasten. #canon

1 month ago

この季節になると柏餅が美味しそうでいろんなところのを食べてみるのだけど、今季ヒットは東京駅で買った寛永堂さんの(高いけど。食べ物日記に書くつもりで袋だけ取ってある)。今朝のは川越亀屋さんの。小さ目だけどなかなかおいしい。#コーヒー #トラベラーズ ノート #万年筆 #coffee #fountainpen #travelersnotebook #photography #canon

Today is Japanese national holiday, Children's Day (mainly for boys). Traditionally, Kashiwa-mochi, rice cake wrapped by an oak leaf is special sweets for the day. In the west part of Japan OAK does not grow naturally, so Chimaki (rice cake wrapped by bamboo leaf) is the sweets of the day.

Kashiwa-mochi (Rice cake wrapped by Oak leaf) with coffee