Adamas Nemesis
2 days ago

"Atlantic Landing" is what I call this, because this capture of a morning at Cape Cod looks so much like a scene that might have greeted the first explorers who pioneered a new civilization here from across the sea. There's just something cinematic about it...

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2 days ago

Today’s the day! Our fee-waived Home for the Holidays adoptathon for all adult #dogs kicks off today at our shelters in #Boston, #Methuen, #Salem and #Centerville on #CapeCod. Learn more here, via The Eagle-Tribune:


Rick Berk
4 days ago

Race Point Lighthouse sits at the very tip of Cape Cod, marking the entrance to Cape Cod Bay. I made this image on a visit there in May of 2021. It's quite a hike through the sand to get it! Well worth it though!
Prints available at

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5 days ago

During the Home for the Holidays adoptathon–Monday, December 4 through Sunday, December 10–the $350 to $500 adoption fees for adult dogs will be waived thanks to our sponsor Bissell Pet Foundation. Eligible dogs will have stars on their profiles at

Interested adopters are encouraged to visit open hours at our shelters in #Boston, #Methuen, #Salem, and #Centerville on #CapeCod. Learn more at 🐶 🎀 🐶

#rescuedogs #dogsofmastodon

Maxy is a three year old husky at the Northeast Animal Shelter available for adoption in the Home for the Holidays adoptathon. He's white with black fur on his back, tail, face and ears. He's standing outside on green turf and looking up at the camera with bright blue eyes
6 days ago

🌞 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH #News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 32F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 mi.

Former Sec. of State Henry Kissinger is dead. He was 100 years old.

The Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation measure cooled last month. #economy

Activists stopped the Pilgrim #nuclear power plant from discharging radioactive water into #CapeCod Bay, but continuing to allow it to evaporate might mean higher radiation exposure for area residents.

Break pt 2:

Redrawn Hell Human
6 days ago

... PLUS a carefully curated cross-genre sampler of my favorite new tracks by independent & underplayed artists from around the world, featuring:

Ellen Soffe
Ebony Lamb
Djeli Moussa Condé
It's Butter
Wild Wild Women
Hendo Houdini
Mary Ancheta Quartet
Piss Kitti

& many more!

Join me in the chatroom while I broadcast live from #CapeCod, Thursday 2-4pm PST / 5-7pm EST / 10pm-12am GMT on!

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2 weeks ago

#HerringPondTribe of #Plymouth pushes for federal recognition

Story by Beth Treffeisen, Boston Globe
November 22, 2023

"PLYMOUTH — Raised by a tribal elder, Melissa Ferretti remembers growing up in a two-room shack in the woods in the 1970s on the southern border of Plymouth known as 'the valley,' where her family lived off the land.

"Ferretti is a member of the #HerringPond Tribe, one of a handful comprising the #WampanoagNation, which many years ago had a small reservation in Plymouth.

"Ferretti said gaining #FederalRecognition would help the tribe keep its distinct identity.

"'When most people think #Wampanoag, they’re thinking of #Mashpee or #Aquinnah,' said Timothy Turner, owner of Native Plymouth Tours and associate director of Indigenous education for the Plimoth Patuxet Museums.

"The Herring Pond Tribe, he said, still in Plymouth 400 years after the arrival of the Pilgrims, is 'a small group of people . . . and they get left out of history because they’re not federally recognized.'

"The Wampanoag, which means People of the First Light, have called Southeastern New England home for 12,000 years, dating to when the glaciers receded, said Turner.

"The Herring Pond Tribe was at 'ground-zero' of #colonization, said Ferretti, and was part of the original #NativeAmericans who met the #Pilgrims on their arrival in 1620.

"Following the first treaty struck with #Massasoit, the Wampanoag chief, the Pilgrims signed treaties with many of the other tribes in the Wampanoag Nation, Turner said. That treaty promised mutual aid in the case of war and exclusive trade — contrary to the Peace Treaty sometimes taught.

"Like other Native Americans, the Herring Pond Tribe sees #Thanksgiving as a day of mourning. Still, members retain the tradition of gathering with families and friends around a turkey.

"Upon the Pilgrims’ arrival, it was estimated that 69 Wampanoag settlements, connected through language and at times political systems, ran along the #EastCoast from #Weymouth to #CapeCod and the Islands, and south to Bristol and Warren, #RhodeIsland according to Brad Lopes, director of Wampanoag and Indigenous Interpretation and Training at the #PlimothPatuxetMuseums and a member of the Aquinnah Tribe.

"Today, about 5,000 Wampanoag people live in New England, Lopes said."

Full article:

#DayOfMourning #IndigenousNews #CulturalPreservation #CulturalGenocide #NationalDayofMourning #CorporateColonialism

Nick DeWolf Photo Archive
2 weeks ago

cape cod, massachusetts
may 1960

in the dunes

© the Nick DeWolf Foundation
Image-use requests are welcome via nickdewolfphotoarchive [at] gmail [dot] com

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#capecod #massachusetts #sand #dunes #fence #1960s

excited for the mastodon rise
2 weeks ago

For instance, it'd be interesting to see the comparisons if the Rt 3 were replaced by rail, the sagamore bridge was replaced by rail, and the rail frequency was targeted to replace every car trip on that route. THAT'S what I want to see.

#Transportation #ClimateChange #massachusetts #cars #CapeCod

Brian Pierce
3 weeks ago

#CapeCod residents say no to offshore #wind transmission lines under beaches
Three iconic beaches are slated to be landing spots for high-voltage cables carrying power from offshore wind. But not if these residents get their way.

Echos of the #nimby battle of #robertkennedyjr and allies #mittromney Bill #koch and others that killed the #capewind project by 2015 that would've spoiled ocean views.

#nimby #ClimateChange #climatecrisis #massachusetts

Brian Pierce
3 weeks ago

I'm glad they're teaching more #nativeamerican #wampananog history on #capecod now.

As a child there in the 1970s, we learned plenty about the glaciers and Pilgrims but little in between..

#NPR #wcai

Lots of evidence of death along Wellfleet Harbor. #fish #remains #carcus #vertebrae #Wellfleet #CapeCod

What appears to be a large vertebrae on the sand.
A long dead dolphin, teeth and head mostly intact, body and guts fairly well eaten.
Remains of ???? on the beach. Seems large for a bird, possibly is another dolphin.
Peter Norton
1 month ago

Blueberries for Catbirds

It all started when a catbird boldly stole a blueberry right out of a cereal bowl as my relatives were having breakfast on their deck.

#Birdphotography #Birdphotos #birds #catbird #robin #blueberries #capecod #poetry

A gray catbird has landed on a small white bowl containing blueberries on the railing of a deck. The catbird has one blueberry in its beak, and has managed to spear a second berry so it will be able to make off with two berries in one trip.
Rik @ bikescape
1 month ago

Provincetown’s annual Traffic Hearing fields resident requests, and “doing something” to limit unnecessary car traffic in the town center is a perennial topic. Every year there’s no action. This year’s response from town staff: “Not Recommend.
Although staff strongly support measures to create a more pedestrian and bike friendly street, this proposal is impractical and unenforceable.” 🤦 #Traffic #Provincetown #CapeCod #UrbanTransportation #UrbanPlanning #BikeTooter

Test reads: “6. Request by Doug Walker to limit traffic on Commercial Street to deliveries, residents and handicapped to create a more pedestrian and bike friendly street.
Team Recommendation: Not Recommend.
Although staff strongly support measures to create a more pedestrian and bike friendly street, this proposal is impractical and unenforceable.”
Lorri M Barry Photography
1 month ago

New Seabury port, Cape Cod in the background of autumn seagrass as the sun set reflects off the calm still ocean waters of this hidden cove.

#CapeCod #Ocean #Sunset #fediart #mastoart #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #FallForArt
Find full quality image and more here:

1 month ago

Well this is how we spent Veterans Day. We were like 15m late and it was already mostly done in our section so we cruised around to other sections (one small section in the enormous Bourne National Cemetary)
#VeteransDay #CapeCod

Panorama image of Bourne National Military Cemetary in Cape Cod.
The image shows a panorama of the gravesites in one small section of the Cemetary, a rolling grassy area with trees and blue sky.
Each gravesite it marked with a small American flag, placed by volunteers ie: people who simply showed up to place flags on all the graves.

Here's some greens and blues for you today. #getoutside #cedars #massaudobon #capecod

Cedar tree with blue fruits.
1 month ago
Sunset in oranges, deep blue sky over the calm bay water.
Rik @ bikescape
1 month ago

The #Wellfleet Main St intersection with Route 6 starts construction this fall. I took a look at the engineering plan to see what improvements they’re making for #biking and #walking: #BikeTooter #CapeCod #MassDOT #sidewalk #BikeLanes #UrbanPlanning

The engineering plan for the intersection of Route 6 and Main St in Wellfleet marked up with color to show the new sidewalks and bike lanes.

Herring Cove. No wind, cool temp, the sunset that is lasting forever, beach fire, sandwiches, and of course S'Mores. #sunset #HerringCove #CapeCod #NationalSeashore #PTown #Provimcetown

Orange and red sunset over Herring Cove.

Open today! The OCAC exhibit, by 24 artists, opened at The Commons today. #art #artists #CapeCod #OuterCape #PTown #provincetown

Front and back of a postcard announcing the Outer Cape Artists Collective exhibit at The Commons Provincetown,  from October  31 - November 12, with opening reception Friday, November 3 from 5pm - 7pm. The back of the card lists the 24 exhibiting members.
2 months ago

Who could say no to these adorable faces? They’re all available to adopt fee-free this weekend! Check out for more info on the adoptathon at all four of our shelters!

#boston #methuen #salem #capecod #rescuepets #rescuedogs #rescuecats #dogsofmastodon #catsofmastodon

Cookie, a cat available to adopt fee free this weekend. He's mostly white with some black spots. His ears and the top of his head are black. He's laying down and looking at the camera with green eyes
Shadow, a mixed breed dog available to adopt fee free this weekend. He's standing on an orange couch looking at the camera with his head turned inquisitively. He's mostly gray with white paws and a white chest. He also has some white around his nose and between his eyes
Tim, a small white rat available to adopt fee free this weekend. He's in a cage and appears to be eating something that he's holding with his front paws.
Lainey, a mixed breed dog available to adopt fee free this weekend. She's standing on her hind legs and looking at the photo taker with her mouth open in a smile. She's black with a white spot on her chest.
2 months ago

Our adoptathon starts today! Stop by open hours in #Boston, #Methuen, and #Centerville on #CapeCod from noon - 3pm and the Northeast Animal Shelter in #Salem from 11:30am - 5pm today through Sunday

Learn more here, via The Eagle Tribune:

#rescuepets #rescuedogs #rescuecats

2 months ago

The event is sponsored by the ASPCA, Atlantic Subaru, Ira Subaru, and Autofair Subaru. Animals eligible in the adoptathon will have stars on their adoption profile pages. The adoptathon begins Friday and runs through Sunday during open hours at all our shelters! Check out for more info #rescuepets #rescuedogs #rescuecats #boston #salem #capecod #methuen

Bastion, a five year old cat looking for a new home, lays on a blue towel inside the shelter. He has brown fur and bright blue eyes. He's looking at the camera and wearing what looks like a yellow and black harness
2 months ago

NEW: We’re holding a fee-waived adoptathon this weekend for our underdogs–animals that are older, have some medical issues or physical challenges, or are just generally in shelters longer. That includes some cats and dogs, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, roosters and more! #rescuepets #rescuedogs #rescuecats #dogs #cats #boston #methuen #capecod #salem 1/

Wendy, a mostly black dog with white on her chest, front paws, and nose, frolics outside at Nevins Farm. Only her front half is visible and she's looking off camera with her mouth open in a smile
Roosters in a barn at Nevins Farm. They have white feathers and dark features on their faces. One is in focus in the foreground and two others are blurred behind him. They're all in a pen on brown dirt with blue walls.
2 months ago

Hello #Fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 65F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Social Security benefits will increase 3.2% in 2024, down from an 8.7% increase in 2023.

Beavers are being reintroduced to #London for the first time in 400 years. A few were released into a wetland near Ealing.

Mayors, many from towns on #CapeCod, are asking for the right to impose real estate transfer taxes on property sales. #housing

Rik @ bikescape
2 months ago

Progress on converting an abandoned roadway to a bike path here in #Provincetown. This 4/10 mile trail will connect the Province Lands Bike Trail to the upcoming 1 mile trail planned by the town along Route 6 to Shank Painter Rd. Details here: #BikeTooter #BikeTrail #CapeCod #NPS #CCNS #NationalParks

2 months ago

So many cats and kitties at our Cape Cod Adoption Center are looking for homes! The shelter in Centerville is open 1-4 Tuesdays-Sundays, no appointment needed! 1577 Falmouth Road, Centerville, MA. Stop in and adopt one of these adorable pets!

#rescuecats #cats #capecod #catstodon

Shaggy, a kitten at the cape cod adoption center. he's looking off camera, sitting up in a cage with the door open. he's small and mostly white, with gray on his back and the top of his eyes and head.
Tart, a cat with one eye who is available for adoption at the cape cod adoption center. He's a tabby, with brown fur and black stripes. he's laying in a corner next to a window and looking at the camera
Henry, a kitten at the cape cod shelter who's available for adoption. he's a taby, with light brown fur and dark stripes and spots. He's laying in an open gace and looking just off camera
trixie, a black cat with long fur who's available for adoption at the cape cod adoption center . she's looking off camera and has bright greenish eyes.
2 months ago

#DidYouKnow October is #AdoptADogMonth? We’ve got plenty of cuties in our care who are looking for loving new homes, like Kaya, Molly, Roger and Wendy. Visit to see who’s available for adoption 🐶 ❤️ 🏡 🐾

#rescuedogs #dogs #boston #salem #methuen #capecod

Kaya, a dog available for adoption at the MSPCA's Cape Cod Adoption Center. She's tan, with darker fur around her nose and eyes. She's sitting on green grass and looking up at the camera with her ears pointed and mouth open in a kind of smile
Wendy, a puppy available for adoption at the MSPCA's Boston Adoption Center. She's black with white on her chest. She's sitting in the shelter on a white blanket with pink flowers. She's looking at the camera and her ears are floppy.
Roger, a dog available for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter. It's a close up photo of his face taken while he's sitting outside on green turf. His mouth is open in a smile. He's shades of gray with light brown eyes.
Wendy, a dog available for adoption at Nevins Farm. She's mostly black, but has white around her nose, chest and stomach. She's wearing a light blue harness and sitting outside, looking level at the camera with light brown eyes. Her ears are floppy.
2 months ago

It’s #SubaruLovesPets month–a celebration of #adoptables in which #Subaru will generously donate $100 per animal adopted in #October. Big thanks to our dealership partners Atlantic, North Reading, Copeland, Ira, Wakefield, CitySide and everyone who adopts this month!

#rescuepets #rescuedogs #rescuecats #cats #dogs #Boston #Methuen #Salem #CapeCod

A moving image of animals bouncing up and down in a car. two dogs are in the front seats, a small white dog with pointy ears is behind the wheel and a small white dog with darker fur on his eyes and low ears sits next to him. Two cats sit in the back. One is orange and the other is a mix of white and brown shades.
Dennis Wilkinson
2 months ago

My wife and I meandered around Cape Cod for our anniversary today. Grabbed some seafood by the ocean, and took a walk along Coast Guard Beach.

The overcast sky looked like flat steel, and the sun was silvery, not golden. Almost looked like someone had punched a bright hole in the sky. That led me to this black & white.

#blackandwhite #monochrome #blackandwhitephotography #capecod #coastguardbeach #eastham #massachusetts #naturalmassachusetts

A black and white photograph of the sun in a flat sky, over a trail through some sand dunes.
2 months ago

Goodnight Fedifriends.
The view on #capecod near sunset on a day deemed “unhealthy” because of particulates from somewhere or another — #Quebec fires? Boston smog? — despite a strong wind out of the north all day. #apocalyptic #writingcommuity #photography

Dim, pink sun through late afternoon haze at low tide on the Bay side of Cape Cod, MA.
Sun is a pink dot in grey blue haze with calm ocean retreating at low tide.
2 months ago
Dusk in a marsh at high tide; near full moon in upper right is just getting visible as sky darkens.
2 months ago
An ocean view from high up. A para sail glides over the beach at sunset.
2 months ago

Good morning fedifriends in the #writingcommunty
#dawn #capecod #photography

Pink orange sun emerges from the ocean horizon, waves break on sure. A few clouds at the top of the picture, blue against the pink lavender sky.
Chris White
2 months ago

Dunes off the Beech Forest Trail
#Provincetown #CapeCod #Massachusetts
My #landscape#photo
#Fujifilm #XH1 Rokinon 12mm f/2 @ f/8(?) 1/400 s ISO200 from RAW

This wide format monochrome digital photograph is a northeast view of the dunes to the north of the Beech Forest Trail near Province. Tracked sand and scrub dominates the foreground, with a desiccated pitch pine near the horizon. Wispy fair weather clouds are visible in the background.
Chris White
2 months ago

Northeast wind

A #noreaster has dragged blades of grass across the sand, drawing arcs like a compass, recording the wind. Taken in early spring of this year.

#Provincetown #dunes, #CapeCod, #Massachusetts, #NewEngland USA
My #photo
#Fujifilm #XH1

This square monochrome digital photograph shows tufts of grass growing in sand. A strong wind from the left has dragged the blades of grass in concentric arcs of about 90 degrees, recording the wind direction.
2 months ago

Instructions for living a life.

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

― Mary Oliver

#MaryOliver #Poetry #ocean #sea #dunes #Capecod

View from high on a bluff over the Atlantic ocean.
2 months ago

Through the window…a rainy day on #CapeCod
#Ophelia #Ocean

A rainy day at the ocean, viewed through the window.
Peter Cohen
2 months ago

The shoulder season on #CapeCod: When locals' thoughts turn to, "When does the ice cream place do its 2-for-1 end of the season deal?"

2 months ago

Good morning from some of the adorable #rabbits and #GuineaPigs in our care! These cuties are available to adopt fee-free today through Sunday at our shelters in #Boston, #Salem, #Methuen, and #Centerville on #CapeCod, as well as the #Lowell Humane Society. Learn more & register at

A close up photo of a mosty grey guinea pig standing in some hay. he has a white streak on his face, between his eyes and around his nose.
A mostly white rabbit with tall ears stands in a shelter. his ears are black, as is the area around his nose and his eyes. otherwise, he's mostly white. he's looking off camera.
2 months ago

The event will take place at our adoption centers in #Boston, #Salem, #Centerville on #CapeCod, and #Methuen, as well as the Lowell Humane Society in #Lowell. Learn more and register at Registration is recommended, but not required.

A gray and white rabbit with tall ears lays inside a box on a light blue and white sheet.
Sharon Machlis
3 months ago

Back from a delightful end-of-summer Cape Cod vacation.

Below: Race Point, Cape Cod National Seashore, Provincetown, MA

#Photography #beach #ocean #CapeCod

Beach photo of sand, ocean, and deep blue sky with some fair-weather clouds
3 months ago

Greetings #fediverse friends:

#HurricaneLee has transitioned to a post-tropical cyclone. Areas of #CapeCod are seeing wind gusts up to 35MPH and there's high surf all along the #NewEngland coast.

The eye of the storm is now close to #NovaScotia.

I'll pass any updates throughout the day if there's more to tell. #mawx

A National Oceonographic and Atmospheric Administration map showing the cone and projected path of post-tropical cyclone Lee. It shows the eye of the storm off the coast of Maine and near the tip of Nova Scotia at 11AM on Saturday 9/16
3 months ago
3 months ago

Good afternoon from Milli! This 9 year old Lab mix thrives on family bonding time. She’s great with kids and could live with well-matched furry companions. Learn more about her here: 🐶 🐾 ❤️ #dogs #rescuedogs #dogsofmastodon #capecod

Milli the lab mix sits outside on green grass looking at the camera. She's tan, with a white chest and white feet. There's a white streak between her eyes and her snout is also white. Her ears are pointy and alert. She's wearing a red bandana.
3 months ago

Can you believe this sweet dog has been waiting two months to find her furever family? She’s available for adoption for $100 this week, a savings of more than $200 that can be put toward the treats and toys she deserves 🐶 ❤️ 🦴 Learn more about her here: #dogs #dogsofmastodon #rescuedogs #capecod

Zelda the dog stands outside on green grass wearing a bright blue harness. She's black with a white chest. The inside of her legs are also white. She has floppy ears
3 months ago

This pretty lady is Zelda! She's a 4 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound/Pit Bull Terrier mix who takes a little while to warm up to new friends, but once she does she’s a cuddle buddy for life! She loves leisurely walks and would be a perfect match for a pup sibling 1/

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #rescuedog #capecod

four year old zelda is a treeing walker coonhound pit bull terrier mix. she's sitting outside on green grass in front of a red building. she's black, with a white chest and neck. her mouth is slightly open and her pink tongue is out. she has light brown eyes
3 months ago

🌦 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 71F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

Former #Massachusetts governor and current #Utah senator Mitt Romney has announced he will not run for Senate in 2024.

Folks in #CapeCod and New England are watching the course of #HurricaneLee to see whether it will hit the region over the weekend.

The US' largest newspaper chain has hired a Taylor Swift and Beyoncé reporter. #swifties #beyhive


3 months ago

On this (finally) sunny Thursday, we’re introducing you to some of the pups in our Cape shelter looking for homes during this week’s Awwtumn fee-reduced adoptathon! First up, meet Ella. She’s a 10 year old sweetheart who loves to take walks and chill on the couch.

Ella can live with other dogs, cats or kiddos that respect her easy going nature. This week, Ella can be adopted for a reduced fee. Learn more about her here:

#rescuedogs #dogs #capecod

Ella, an adoptable dog at the MSPCA's Cape Cod shelter. She's light brown with lighter fur around her snout. She's sitting on a sidewalk outside looking at the camera. Her mouth is open and she's smiling. Her ears are pointed up
The Eyewall
3 months ago

Our evening update on #Lee shares a breakdown of impacts expected in New England and Atlantic Canada as the storm approaches. Lee will be a very serious storm surge threat for Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy, and perhaps portions of Downeast Maine.

Read more:

#Maine #mewx #hurricane #hurricanelee #massachusetts #mawx #capecod #nhwx #atlanticcanada #novascotia #nsstorm #newbrunswick #nbstorm #nbwx #pei #princeedwardisland #newfoundland #nlwx #nlstorm #weather #storm

A map showing the plausible risk for possible and likely tropical storm force winds, which includes much of New England and Atlantic Canada.
3 months ago

Storm #surge forecasts for #HurricaneLee now showing up. Biggest concern looks to be #CapeCodBay #CapeCod. (in the US) #hurricane #lee

Inundation zones of greater than 3 feet above ground in some areas near Cape Cod.
3 months ago

During the adoptathon, Jobee and his large breed dog friends aged one and older are available to adopt for $100 at all our adoption centers in #Boston, #Methuen, #Salem, and #Centerville on #CapeCod. More info on the adoptathon can be found at

Jobee is in foster care, but he visits Nevins Farm on Saturdays between noon - 3pm. Interested in adopting? Stop by to talk to staff or submit an inquiry at

Jobee lays snoozing on a gray couch covered with a plaid blanket. His face is on a pillow and he looks half asleep.
3 months ago

But, Keiley says the crisis hasn’t slowed, so we won’t either! We’re extending our slate of special adoption events through year’s end, beginning with the Awwtumn Dog Adoptathon.

Today through Sunday at all our adoption centers, large breed dogs over the age of 1 will be available to adopt for $100, a savings of at least $250 that can be put toward the care of these new pets. Find more info at

#Boston #Methuen #Salem #CapeCod

A brown dog sits in high green grass with some white flowers. She's looking at the camera with a wide open mouth and a smile on her face.
3 months ago

Did you hear? We’re waiving adoption fees on #mice this weekend! We’ve got hundreds who need loving homes. Learn more here via the Eagle Tribune:

And, there’s no rest for the weary! Beginning Monday, we’re reducing adoption fees for large breed adult dogs at all our adoption centers. Learn more at 🐶 ❤️ 🐾

#Methuen #Boston #Salem #CapeCod

A flyer for the Awwwtumn dog adoptathon. A tan pit bull mix dog is in the foreground. His mouth is open, his ears are up, and he looks happy. The background shows nice foliage and a light blue sky. Text on the slide gives information on the adoptathon. It runs from september 11 through september 17. all large adult dogs will be available to adopt for $100.
Jonathan Arnold
3 months ago

Morning Mastodonians!

Our first road trip in the #EV6 went well yesterday. We took a 90 minute drive to Hyannis on #CapeCod , walked the streets buying stuff, had an excellent fried clam lunch, did more shopping at the Cape Cod Mall while the car charged (19 minutes to go from 34% to 81%) and then drove back. Weather was beautiful, even warmer than expected, getting to about 85F (29.4C). The crowds weren't too bad, nor was the traffic. It was a good day.

A view of Aselton Park in Hyannis, with boats in the Hyannis Harbor in the distance. The grass is green and the sky is blue, dabbled with high thin clouds.
A, G and I at a table in Spanky's Clam Shack. A's sunglasses are up on her head. She is a pretty blond woman, wearing an Apple watch and a black top. G, my wife, is wearing a striped blue and white shirt, wearing her prescription sunglasses. She has reddish blond hair and looks marvelous. I'm the goof holding the camera, wearing a baseball cap and my Father of Kittens, Dinner is Coming black t-shirt.
Jonathan Arnold
3 months ago

Just a lazy early Sunday morning here. Going to take a day trip to #CapeCod today in the new car so look for more pictures. #ev6

A morning picture of our bed. Maesie, the diminutive gray and white cat, is in my lap. Obi, the brindle Plott Hound, is asleep at my feet. Phineas, the brown and white Pitbull Lab mix, is stretched out to my left. In the window is Kenny, a bigger gray and white tabby, asleep on the window cat bed
Brian Pierce
3 months ago

@CelloMomOnCars I imagine this is a big concern on #capecod.

Aaron Ouellette
4 months ago

Just what one wants to see at the beach. #BeWareOfSharks #CornHill #Truro #CapeCod

Sandy / greasy dune, with post with a med kit on it. Sign says 'severe bleeding kit'
4 months ago

We’re all smiles this Monday as we’re thrilled to say that more than 80 #dogs were adopted last week in our Holding Out for a Hero adoptathon!

We’ve still got many amazing pups in our care who need homes (including these cuties). Interested in adopting? Check out or come by any of our #shelters during open hours!

#Boston #Methuen #Salem #CapeCod

Bentley the dog lays on his back outside on green grass. He's a pit bull mix with light brown and white fur. His face is white and his mouth is open. It looks like he's smiling. His front paws are up and he's wearing a teal harness.
Max the dog stands on green grass outside in front of a metal fence. He's mostly tan, with a white line between his eye and a white snout. His neck, check and feet are also white. His mouth is open and he's smiling