Lt. Commander Reggie
2 days ago

War is profit; war creates violence-proficient soldiers to beat poor people down specifically Black people to ensure there is always a lower class to toil and labor; war destroys the environment for the majority of children (rich peopleโ€™s children will be fine for longer); and war ensures capitalists obtain more wealth through the one unlimited resource: human death

#CapitalismKills #antiBlackRacism #antiBlackRacismKills

3 days ago


Thank you for those diligently aggregated bits of information.

The coming agony is already being felt.

For the ears:


4 days ago

Nov 27 EWE: #CapitalismKills โ€” Revealed: Saudi Arabiaโ€™s grand plan to โ€˜hookโ€™ poor countries on oil. The ODSP plans to accelerate the development of supersonic air travel, which it notes uses three times more jet fuel than conventional planes, and partner with a carmaker to mass produce a cheap combustion engine vehicle. #ClimateCrisis

1 week ago


Alles wird immer noch grรถรŸer, schneller, weiter... warum nicht auch die Tรถtungsmaschinerie moderner Kriege?

Sorry, ich muss k****n


Amata (they/she)
1 week ago

Edraith says less celebrating genocide and more running in the woods today.

I wish we had a different day to get together with friends and family. I wish people knew the actual history of thanksgiving. Too many 'celebrate' because its the day they can be with people, that everyone has off work - which while we take what we can in this world, these same folk also rarely know the gruesome truth, or if so, don't talk about it.

We can hold both truths, while we fight for better.

But the past horrors we cause, repeats when it is ignored...

#capitalismkills #colonialism #thanksgiving #murder #genocide

a pretty brown and white aussie leaps over a fallen tree. background is blured and dog is in focus
Lt. Commander Reggie
1 week ago

If the only way to become rich and therefore โ€œfeel comfortableโ€ is to steal labor from others, no wonder capitalists want other humans deadโ€ฆ those others humans simply donโ€™t matter #CapitalismKills

Oh looky there! Tone-deaf rich white guy "economist" who called for more US job losses while posing in front of a balmy beach backdrop joins board of tone-deaf rich white tech bros.

#OpenAI #LarrySummers #USPol #USPolitics #Finance #CapitalismKills #Technology

Screenshot: CNN headline "Economist Larry Summers joins the board of OpenAI as ousted CEO Sam Altman returns." Photo of sad sack Larry Summers looking pensive and serious with his right hand beneath his chin.
Screenshot: Headline from January 2023 "Tone deaf Larry Summers calls for job losses with beach backdrop." Larry Summers, leaning back, relaxed, with his dress shirt collar splayed open sits smugly in front of a lush, tropical backdrop of palms trees waving in the breeze, a manicured green lawn, and a bright blue ocean in the background, while confirming his psychopathy to his interviewer by insinuating that more Americans should lose their livelihoods and risk living on the streets for the sake of capitalism and his stock market portfolio. Beneath the video, "During a live TV broadcast, former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said job losses will be important to build a stronger economy while helping the nation's inflation pressures."
Eva_RespectExistence โ„๏ธ
2 weeks ago

Jaja, der "grรผne Wasserstoff", mit dem #fossile Konzerne + ihre politischen Handlanger uns ihre mรถrderische Ideologie des ewigen Wirtschaftswachstums noch ein bisserl lรคnger schmackhaft machen wollen...
Von der #Bundesregierung mit einer #HermesBรผrgschaft abgesichert, sollen #Saudi_Arabien + eine Tochter von #ThyssenKrupp (was fรผr ein Dreamteam!) das Gas in der #Neom "Megacity" produzieren, inkl. #Menschenrechtsverletzungen, #Vertreibung, #Folter, #Mord.

Eva_RespectExistence โ„๏ธ
2 weeks ago

@Kaya @eazy Weil sich mit Polizeiarbeit, Brรคnden oder Verwaltung kein #Profit machen lรคsst, sondern sogar Geld - unser Steuergeld - kostet.
Bei kranken Menschen + unterbezahlten Pflegekrรคften ist das anders: Mit ihnen lรคsst sich viel Geld verdienen.
Und diese Profite รผberlรคsst Vater Staat gern den Konzernen + Investoren.

2 weeks ago

Smarte Planwirtschaft als gesellschaftliche Lรถsung des Jahrhunderts der Katastrophen. Ein spanendes Interview bei der DLF-Sendung โ€žSein und Streitโ€œ mit Max Grรผnberg #DieLinke #capitalismkills #klimakrise

Agent Josรฉphine Baker
3 weeks ago

"Why are we destroying the economy for people who will die soon anywayโ€ (Shafi)

#capitalismKILLs #GierTรถtet

"Information control has replaced infection control."

"Another lesson of the pandemic is that if there is no testing and reporting of cases and deaths, a huge amount of real human suffering can be very successfully swept under the rug."

"Given that we only had real data on Omicronโ€™s intrinsic lethality after the gigantic wave of infections was unleashed onto the population, we have to conclude that 12โ€“15,000 dead a day is now a threshold that will not force the implementation of serious nonpharmaceutical interventions for the next problematic COVID-19 serotype."

"Can we expect public health bodies and regulatory agencies, whose job it is to enforce these standards, to fight for workplace safety given what they did during the pandemic? It is highly doubtful. After all, they stubbornly refused to admit that SARS-CoV-2 is airborne (even to this very day in fact โ€“ the World Health Organizationโ€™s infamous โ€œFACT: #COVID19 is NOT airborneโ€ Tweet from March 28 2020 is still up in its original form."

#Healthcare #PublicHealth #COVIDIsNotOver #COVID #COVID19 #CapitalismKills #MaskUp @novid

Luis Falcon
1 month ago

Ady Barkan, activist who championed #healthcare reform, dies at 39. ๐Ÿ˜ข

Access to Healthcare must be a non-negotiable human right.

#SocialJustice #SocialMedicine #CapitalismKills #AdyBarkan

A back and white picture of Ady Barkan
Brent Pruitt :: Artist
1 month ago

another fine example of terrible job descriptions: #job candidates should have

"passion for human centered design"

i am curious as to how 'design' would not be 'human-centered'?

#CapitalismKills #JobSearch #job #capitalism #Terrible #MentalHealthMetaphor

Brent Pruitt :: Artist
1 month ago

highlighting one stand-out, the company profile begins:

"We specialize in human capital"

yes, sign me up as one of your human cattleโ€ฆ

erm, capitalโ€ฆ yea, that

#CapitalismKills #JobSearch #job #capitalism #Terrible #MentalHealthMetaphor

Brent Pruitt :: Artist
1 month ago

nothing quite like reading terribly written #job descriptions for terrible jobs with terrible pay to make someone terribly depressedโ€ฆ

#CapitalismKills #JobSearch #Terrible #MentalHealthMetaphor

3 months ago


My husband runs a prison library & I am part of a re-entry support team at my #Episcopalian parish. Each of us witnesses to the gratuitous abuse inflicted daily on incarcerated persons.

There's really no intrusion or display of dominance too petty. #smfh
#AbolitionNow #AbolishICE #CapitalismKills

Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 months ago

If Andrew Tate & Jordan Peterson represent what modern Capitalism wants to prop up as a voice for Menโ„ข, Im happy / proud to be both unpropped up & an anticapitalist Feminist crank.

#Incels #fascism #feminism #CapitalismKills #latestagecapitalism #misogyny #techbros #EcolePolytechnique

Caro S.
3 months ago

My cooking listen this evening: Work Isnโ€™t Fulfilling Because Capitalism Is a Death March, a Movement Memos #podcast where @MsKellyMHayes speaks with Sarah Jaffe "about the manipulation, surveillance and criminalization of workers under capitalism, and what we can do about it."

#labor #work #CapitalismKills #labour #exploitation

3 months ago


#smfh we'll take a couple thousand in Tacoma if those landlords don't need them

#CapitalismKills when human needs become commodities

Hospitals should not exist to make a profit.

Roads do not make a profit.
Firefighting services do not make a profit.
Police departments do not make a profit.
Public schools do not make a profit.

Nationalize all US hospitals.
Hospitals should serve the public and save lives, whatever the cost.
The US can afford to provide everyone health care. Period.

#Healthcare #HealthCareIsAHumanRight

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
3 months ago

There are some interesting observations for the Tampa Bay rรฉgion of Florida.

1. St. Petersburg gets it's water from the City of Tampa. So St. Petersburg is not listed as a polluted water source, but it actually is.

2. A lot of our bottle water, which society sees as clean as god*, comes from Zephyr Hills, which has some of the highest levels of contaminants in the region.

*Bottled water is simply a method to sell plastic bottles, and the product does not have the same health and safety requirements as tap water.


Duchess of Umbrage
4 months ago

So I just found out I was exposed to the โ€˜Rona over the weekend. Entire extended family, plus a few wild cards, all up in my grill exhaling and hugging and whatnot. One ofโ€™em is now down for the count and confined to barracks.

I was scheduled for a root canal tomorrow but obviously have had to postpone so I donโ€™t potentially infect anyone else, and meanwhile my tooth is KILLING me. Even more meanwhile, the new booster wonโ€™t be out โ€˜til mid-September and will cost an eye-watering $110.

I absolutely cannot BELIEVE this is all still happening. Itโ€™s just grotesque.

(We were all outside, btw. So hopefully nobody else caught it)

#CovidIsNotOver #CapitalismKills

4 months ago


I stopped buying candles in glass a while back bc it's really hard to recycle those containers... getting the wax out is too hard & I hate throwing them out. And I'm not the grrrrl to craftily refill them

I've found a decent source for scented pillar candles but stores like Target & Fred Meyer prefer the containers bc they're filled with softer, cheaper wax. Trash + Profits go together in capitalism ๐Ÿ•ฏ๐Ÿ“ˆ๐Ÿ—‘


4 months ago

I recently took an indoor training course in which I was the only one #masked. That didnโ€™t bother me as itโ€™s not the first time and Iโ€™ve grown quite accustomed to peopleโ€™s strange looks.

What truly affected me was the sad fact that when we partnered up at the start, I was last to be picked due to my #mask.

It was clear everyone felt that if they partnered with me theyโ€™d have to mask up as well. I told the last unfortunate fellow who was forced to sit with me that was not the case, he was relieved.

Over the 2 day course I found out my new partner had already taken the same course a month previous and barely retained anything.

I was shocked by his inability to remember numbers or follow basic instructions in a timely matter. Despite this, I continuously helped him along, explaining things thoroughly through my mask. At the end he gratefully thanked me for helping him so much through the course.

Upon leaving on the last day, I overheard my former partner admitting to the teacher that since heโ€™s had #covid (multiple times) he now has difficulty remembering things, which is affecting his studies.

So, next time you need to partner in a course donโ€™t assume the only person masked is an incompetent fool, when itโ€™s most probably quite the opposite.

My wife and I have managed to avoid #covid19bc thus far through maintained #masking and social #distancing. Life changed and weโ€™ve adjusted. Masking shows our strength and resilience not our weakness.

#COVIDIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborne #CapitalismKills #BringBackMasks #masks4healthcare #Eugenics #bcpoli #cdnpoli