1 year ago

My photo-illustration uses the background of a desert oasis because that's where Tristan's wild ancestors came from. He's still a lot like them when it comes to survival.

Being domesticated, he can ask his people for what is missing. After a few days, when Tristan's interest did not wane, I wondered why he would persist in sitting with his nose above the output vent.

I was explaining that this made the air better for all of us to breathe. Then I don't zap kitties. We all like that.

Tristan agreed, then looked deeply into my eyes.. This is a signal he has a complex request. So I settled in for a cat conversation.
NEW POST! Tristan Teaches Their Person and they listen. - <3 the Way of Cats
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image of a brown tabby cat drinking from a white bowl with blue and gold stripe set against a desert background illustrating Tristan Teaches Their Person
1 year ago

Being willing to share is something all friends have in common. Our routines should mesh with each other.
That's how cats work.
The two of us, feline and human, are still drawn together. Which is why I tell people how easy cats are. Once we have the proper environment for them.
That's how we satisfy our cat's instincts for territory. And our own, for companionship. We blend.
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image of a black kitten exploring the keyboard of a laptop with a colorful sunset wallpaper on the screen illustrating Willing to Share