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I disagree.

I thought so for a long time, too.

Later (sometimes months), it (always) turns out that it was a sentence in #CatSpeak that I had not known so far. 😉

May depend on the cat, though.

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In today's Membership post, I talk about communicating with Rhiannon, who is all about body language.

She will be three this summer, and only recently she started to understand she can vary her squeaks to give me more information.

This is what I call CatSpeak, a mutual language we and our cats use for communication.

Read more about it:

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Head of a dilute tortoiseshell kitten looking to the side with big gold eyes as she crouches over a sparkly frog toy illustrating Being Present With Our Cats.
1 year ago

The Puppet Master Theory of Cat Affection goes:

I love you. Now obey me

According to this theory, it might seem that is what our cats are saying.

If we don't know what they're saying.
(more at the link)

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Puppet Master Theory of Cat Affection: cats manipulate us. - Myths at the Way of Cats

older longhaired brown tabby with an intense expression while lying on a sage green couch
1 year ago

CatSpeak is cat language. As close as a human can.

My cat communication methods are based on feline language. Which exists, but not in a form humans notice. Because it is a body language, not a verbal one.

I have found that cats will do as we ask — when we know how to ask them.

catspeak = cat language

Cats communicate with each other using body language. While our human ears don’t move much and we don’t have tails at all, we can manage to speak Cat. Cats will use their natural abilities to pick up on what we are saying through our facial expressions and human body language.

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gray tabby teen cat sprawled on a bed with large eyes and an intent expression illustrating CatSpeak
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@TheHardyBoyCats May everyone's trackballs glide easily this weekend #CatSpeak