#Caturday #SlowCatInto Day 9 Update. I watched #CatTV with mom n Daisy Dog. Afterwards I participated in 4 separate two minutes lessons on 'Dogs will walk through the house on the floor even when I don't like it', during which I did not hiss, or attack said dog. Got treats too. Helped dad with an upgraded 'Dining at the Door' experience. #TuxieTude #CatsOfMastodon

Betty the Tuxie girl helping her dad with a project. Tools, bits & bobs clutter the table.
Dad works on the new upgraded 'dining with a view at door' experience for Betty & Stevie. Floor to ceiling climber and china cabinet in frame also.
Tuxie girl Betty at viewing window of the recently renovated 'Dinning at the Door' restaurant experience.

#Caturday morning cartoons 😺I wonder if Betty likes this channel too?
Paul Dinning YouTube channel #CatTV #ClassicTabby

A Classic Tabby cat watching CatTV Paul Dinning YouTube channel

🌧️Raining #Today My #Catio is a bit damp n chilly. Mom and Daisy are inside making banana bread. Betty is napping in her sanctuary room. Came in to see THIS on #CatTV 🙀 #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTude #ClassicTabby

A Classic Tabby cat watching mice on CatTV ~ Paul Dinning Mice in the Jerry Mouse Hole on YouTube

Betty's reaction to seeing another cat on YouTube #CatTV #AdoptDontShop #TuxieTude #CatsOfMastodon #SlowCatIntro

Newly adopted Betty reacts to seeing another cat on YouTube CatTV channel. She is sitting on a tall dresser against a yellow wall.
Margaret Sefton
1 month ago

I wish I had a cat, but I'm allergic. Still, I love me some #Caturday. I also love #CatTV on youtube. 😂 Birds and squirrels galore. 🐿️ 🐦

ps I always find it interesting when cats seem to hang around me when I'm in the home of a cat parent. I think they sense my self-protective reticence!

Bitte nicht schütteln
2 months ago

Frohes Fest. 🥳
#CatTV #Insomnie #Schlafstörung #Einschlafen #Einschlafhilfe
Hier nun für diejenigen wackeren MitstreiterInnen, die voraussichtlich bis 6 Uhr wachliegen werden, weil ihr Nachbar ja unbedingt um 2 Uhr nachts herumrandalieren musste:

No #WhiskerWendsday photos. Just feathers. We fed the birds all winter to help them out. Their numbers have declined sharply in our hood. But they are coming back! #CatTV #TabbyTude #ClassicTabby #BirdFeeders #NorthernCardinal #CatsOfMastodon #CatioLife

Northern Cardinal and friends at a feeder.

@LadyGreysmoke That's some good #CatTV right there!

Rasta™ OLD
3 months ago

"I'll catch you, rascally mouse"

IRL, he's not a big mouser. But his step-brother is. We'll need their skills honed by the time the summer home opens up for the year..

#Cats #Mouse #CatTV #CatsOfMastodon #Mastocats #Video #Fedicats #Caturday #AltText

A cat, sitting way too close to the screen, sees a mouse dart out and try to make it back into its hold before the cat can slap him. It's CatTV, videos of mice and birds and things that amuse the pea brain on my desk.
3 months ago

Bella enjoying some #CatTV

Bella the cat watching birds on the TV

It's National #LoveYourPet Day. My guardians made this #Catification in the sewing room for me. Now mom can work in here while I play with my string toys and then nap on the #CatWall! I also have #CatTV windows and scratchers.

Rasta™ OLD
4 months ago

He likes to watch the news too.

#Cats #CatTV #CatsOfMastodon

A cat looks up and follows the TV with his eyes

#Hedgewatch #ZSHQ I'm giving this cold squirrel 🐿️ a pass #Today as he gets a meal from the corn 🌽 feeder. He needs some quick energy to help keep him warm. #CatTV #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

A squirrel gets corn from a feeder on a snowy cold, windy day from a backyard feeder.

Good morning #mastocats!
Lucifer seems to be bord of #catTV
No, not really! #catsofmasodon maybe it's just a silent scream!

Lucifer, the black cat, is sitting on the back of the couch with his back to me looking out the window, as he turns to look at me, he yawns.
Still yawning, the black cat turns so his profile is making it look like he is screaming.
Olivia Appleton
4 months ago
Ophelia, a gray cat with black flecks and orange undertones, is staring at the camera. Her eyes are intensely focused, and her pupils are closed in enough that they appear like slits
Rasta™ OLD
5 months ago

My screen is busy: the kid and I are watching a movie. #Video
It's like Hitchcock's, "The Birds."
#Cat #CatTV #Birds should be using my older PC monitors, I don't want the feathers ripped off my good screen 🤣

A cat watching bird videos on computer screen.

#FridayFeelings #ZSHQ It's "too cold" for me to go out onto my beloved #Catio. I'm reduced to zombie hunting from inside the house. I can report that there are tons of squizzers out at my #CatTv stations eating the food my mom put out fur them. The birbs are happy eating black sunflower, nyjer & other seeds. I saw Cardinals, Blue Jays, finches, sparrows and woodpecker.

A silver blotch tabby named #StevieTheCat sitting on a display case staring out the window onto his #Catio on a cold January day.
A silver blotch tabby cat named #StevieTheCat stands up to look out onto his #Catio from the window. He is sad because it's too cold to go out and his cat door has been closed.
Thomas F. :verified:
5 months ago
Katze sieht Pika (hasenartig) im Fernsehen.

Cat watches micelike being on TV
5 months ago

I have hung a suet feeder in the tree. Now to wait for the birbs (99% house sparrows) to find it. #CatTV

6 months ago

Halfway between a window and a warm fire. #CatTV

Close-up of a tabby perched atop a cat tree beside a window, gazing at the fireplace.
Pamela Merritt
6 months ago

Thank you, Roku. (I get to open one present early :)

They offer a gorgeous screensaver of a salt water tank. Of course I picked that one.

Soon I'll be taking pictures of the back of cat heads.

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #CatsOfTwitter #CatLife #CatTV #CatCare #Caturday

Saltwater fish tank with colorful fish, coral, and bubbles
6 months ago

#ZSHQ #ThanksGiving 🦃Patrol Report: 🐿️ I got a situATION here! Lookit this. Damn zombie squizzer🐿️ interlopers all up in my territory. Like they don't know I'm RIGHT HERE. Hey! That's NOT fur you! Get off my lawn! And get a haircut! #CatsOfMastodon #CatTV

Stevie The Cat outside on his Catio on top of a high chair watching a squirrel at the birdfeeder

#StevieTheCat will zoom, nibble gobble, zoom, #Cato #CatTv nap

Stevie The Cat looking for his girlfriend from his catio
Cowboy Cat Ranch
7 months ago

They love it (:

#catsofMastodon #cats #cattv

7 months ago

Happy #caturday from Weasley the ginger who encouraged me to get out of bed this morning so he could use the warm spot for cozy bird sightseeing #cattv

7 months ago

My Netflix play list has been overtaken by kid shows. I play coco melon and Shaun the sheep for the cat. 🐈 now, J. is going to take away my Netflix account. Can I borrow your’s? It’s for the cat!!! I swear. #netflix #savethecat #cattv #cat #catsofmastodon #cocomelon #shaunthesheep

David de Groot 𓆉
1 year ago

When #CatTV is back on (King Parrots feeding), but they're just sitting there eating seed and not doing anything amazing...

Tabbycat sitting on a cat tree looking out a glass window towards some birds (out of frame).
Tabbycat sitting on a cat tree, staring at the camera.
David de Groot 𓆉
1 year ago

#CatTV is on. The #KingParrot couple had come for seed and we have Pepsì visiting. He’s intently watching the birds.

#Bird #caturday #catsOfMastodon

Check out the box I made for the outside cats... I suppose if you put food, or at least water out, you'd get visited. - Put out a fresh water dish and see what happens?
Click on the hashtag...

A Bit of Snow...

Momma Cat

#CatTv Feb 5

Cat TV #2 LOL😸

Astro, Momma Cat, and Chinny.

#CatTv Feb 2

Playing around making GIF's from the trail cam pictures.

Momma Cat - Grey
Astro the White and Grey kitten.

#CatTv Feb 1