Rainbow Ravels
3 weeks ago

I just posted a listing for a couple little chicken-shaped catnip toys! They're fundraisers for the #ArtisansCoOp:

The cat in this video is @RagdollAngel, and the specific toy is a prototype that she's claimed.

#Handmade #CatToy #CatsOfMastodon

Fluffy Ragdoll kitty playing with a chicken-shaped catnip toy

Whipped up this #fish #cattoy prototype for a woman who asked for it at the farmer's market. Bringing it to her today. 😊 She wanted something long enough her #cat could hold and kick it at the same time. We'll see how it holds up! Included a couple leaves of my cat nip plant and I had to go hide it in the car because my cats could smell it in the bag in my purse 😂
#fiberart #needlefelting #wool

🥥 This #CatToy cartoon is what got you a follow from me. Much love and mad propz! 🥥

5 months ago

Was tempted to buy this yesterday, so that when Duolingo is getting annoying, I can set my cats on the green owl!
#Duolingo #GreenOwl #languages #CatToy

A cat fabric toy in a pet shop window that resembles the Duolingo logo/mascot of a green owl, though with pink floral wings. It is in a packet that says "Trixie" (brand) and "Spielzeug" (toy) and has a picture of a tabby cat on it
6 months ago

I have been looking at my little mushroom canister prototype trying to figure out how to turn it into an acceptable cat toy that can be filled with catnip or treats and it just occurred to me this morning.
I added a coaster as a liner (because it was what was sitting close by) then made two crochet buttons on the side, made a strap that goes through the lid to hook on the buttons.
#crochet #ideas #cattoy #cat #catnip #searsmushroomcannisters #mushrooms

Side by side photos of two small crocheted canisters decorated with mushrooms in the old style of a sears ceramic mushroom canister. One image shows the lid off so the canister can be filled.

#TabbyTuesday A tragedy struck my house over the weekend when I misplaced my favorite feather toy. But my mom made me a new one! Thanks mom! 😻 #CatsOfMastodon #Catting #PlayWithYourCat #CatToy

A Classic Tabby cat playing with a homemade flannel fabric and feather toy on top of a grey blanket.
His & Hearse Press
7 months ago

Belly woke up today and chose violence 🔪

*sorry not sorry for all the cat content* 😆

#HisAndHearsePress #Cat #CatToy #CatToys #GothCatLady #Squee #Catnip #WokeUpAndChoseViolence #CaptionThis #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #Caturday #CaturdayEveryday

A black background with a purple damask frame. A startled looking tabby cat appears to be clutching a bloodied knife, but it’s a catnip stuffed cat toy.
His & Hearse Press
7 months ago

As an extremely mature and responsible adult (with a credit card), I’m taking my new cat ownership duties seriously. Very. Seriously.

Blood stained catnip flavored butcher knife?! What a time to be alive.

#HisAndHearsePress #Cat #CatToy #CatToys #GothCatLady #Squee #Catnip #CatnipToy #ButcherKnife #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #Caturday #CaturdayEveryday

A purple damask background with four plush replicas of cutting tools. There are two bloodied knives, an axe, and a butcher knife. They are catnip filled cat toys.
A tabby cat aggressively biting a bloody looking plush butcher knife toy filled with catnip.
A tabby cat aggressively biting a bloody looking plush butcher knife toy filled with catnip. She’s got an evil look in her eyes.
A tabby cat biting a bloody looking plush butcher knife toy filled with catnip. She has a surprised look on her face, as if she were just caught doing something naughty.
Lojie :blobcatcoffee:
8 months ago

@madnuttah Yay, a new toy!

In my home, the current favorite #CatToy is a dragonfly (Libelle) on a long wire.
It makes the most erratic movements in the air.

Great fun here, and surprisingly sturdy!

Cat toy (plastic and metal wire) in the shape of a dragonfly on a long wire.

Had to share this with the @techandcoffee telegram group. Figured would share it here too. Xmas gift from my sister to my cat. #TechAndCoffee #cat #cattoy #christmasgift #telegram

Cat toy with a drawing of a cat playing with yarn exposing it's butt hole.

Made some plastic clips to hold together pieces of cardboard to use as cat toys

You can find CAD (SolveSpace) and stl files in the links below:


#3dprint #CatToy #SolveSpace #cat

Close-up photo of a "T"-shaped plastic clip holding together two cardboard walls
Photo of some pieces of cardboard joined together using various plastic clips.
Picture showing pieces of cardboard joined together using various plastic clips
Again, picture of some pieces of cardboard held together with plastic clips
9 months ago

The cat-gang got some new puzzle toys today (meant for dogs). They haven't really figured out the big one, the little one was easier.

#caturdayeveryday #caturday #cat #cats #kitty #catsofmstdn #catsofmastadon #catsareassholes #catitude #catpasity #catcontent #treats #treatpuzzle #puzzle #cattoy #dogtoy

Four cats and two puzzle toys
Meg Maker
9 months ago

One of these things isn't a cat toy, so what's it doing on the rug?

(One can forgive the cats their categorical error, tbh.)

#cat #cats #CastOfMastodon #ChristmasTree #ChristmasOrnament #CatToy

Photograph from above of a cat resting on a rug, looking at three stuffed animals. Two of them, a fox and squirrel, are cat toys, but the third, in the middle, is a mouse Christmas ornament that has been pulled off the tree.
4 years ago
5 years ago