The catio is finally tolerable again. That white stuff was definitely not a hit. 🥶😻 #CatsOfMastodon #Catio #WhiskersWednesday

My black girl cat sits in a sunlit corner of the catio behind her favorite ladder, her tailed wrapped around her paws. The sun is highlighting her chest, face, slightly wet nose, and beautiful yellow eyes. She’s looking off camera as if she’s spotted something.
Almost the same shot as the previous one, but zoomed in close on her face. She has turned her head a bit towards us, but not completely. Her eyes did the rest of the work, so she’s looking directly at us, giving us the side eye. Her eyes are half closed, making the look quite smug. We get a better look at her wet nose, black whiskers, beautiful yellow eyes, and white undercoat.

Slippery when white #CatsOfMastodon #Catio

My black girl cat explores the catio that is covered in an inch of snow. She occasionally shakes her paws because this weird white stuff sticks to them. All the little holes in the netting around the catio has accumulated snow too and must be sniffed. She goes under her snow covered ladder that is closer to the garden outside. Suddenly there’s a sound from beyond the garden and she hurries inside towards the camera. As she accelerates she slips a little but quickly gets back on her feet.

White #catio this morning. First time she’s experienced snow out there. #CatsOfMastodon

My black girl cat hesitantly approaches the slightly open door to the catio. Everything out there is covered in an inch of snow. She carefully sniffs the air and finally steps out into the white blanket. She looks back and meows with wide open eyes.

It's snowing 🌨️pretty hard here. Too cold🥶 to go out to the #Catio. Small humans are screaming n playing in the snow. So loud! #Caturday #TuxieGirl #Betty

A small Tuxedo Girl cat watching the falling snow outside her Catio from her indoor window seat.
Tuxie Girl Betty looking sad at the turn of the weather and not being able to go out to the Catio .
Ed Wiebe
3 weeks ago

He’s watching the birds from his #catio.

A cat is sitting beside potted grass inside a catio, a glorified outdoor cage.

#TabbyCat #Stevie watching the neighbor cat from up in his high chair bed, while #Betty very
steps through the cat door to try to get some #Catio time. #CatsOfMastodon #Thursday

A black and white Tuxie girl cat sneaking through the cat door to the Catio. Her housemate is sitting in the blue bed on the high chair. She's trying to avoid a confrontation. Or she's planning one!

On this #Caturday I was mean, AGAIN to my fursib #Stevie, who is so sweet. He came in from the #Catio and even though I've had my "Be Calm" meds, had a FULL belly, had played with dad, I STILL was a bully to Stevie. Dad chased me to my room, while Stevie got love n ham from the humans. I can't seem to help myself from being #UglyBetty ☹️

A little Tuxedo Girl cat sitting in her orange bed.

I'm learning to hangout on the #Catio at night by myself while #Stevie is inside sleeping with the humans. #TuxieGirl #Betty #Catstodon

A tiny Tuxedo Girl cat out in her Catio at night.
A little Tuxedo Girl cat perched up on her Catio climber at night.

#ZSHQ on patrol out in the #Catio earlier. Squizzers be everywhere! #TuxieGirl #Betty

A Tuxedo Girl cat intently watching a squirrel off camera in her Catio.
Catlady with 5 Cats
2 months ago

Thank you all for sharing my last post, and all the favs! It's amazing to me that so many even saw the kitties pics on here! How lovely. Definitely needed that cheering up as I'm not doing to well right now due to having lots to worry about.
So thank you! #cats #catsofmastodon #sunny #catio #home #life #photos

Hero, a tabby cat boy is curled up in the sun on our small balcony table. Hero is a 3 legged rescue cat who was injured when he was abandoned as a kitten. But he's the happiest kitty ever! Hero is 4 years old.

Oh, hi. Just a little Tuxedo Girl Cat dancing in the sun ☀️ on her #Catio. #TuxieGirl #Betty #Catstodon 🐈‍⬛

A tiny Tuxedo Girl cat enjoying her catio
A sweet little Tuxedo Girl cat soaking up the fall sun on the Catio.

Bask in those signals! #CatsOfMastodon #Catio

A black and white Maine Coon is resting by a hedge, looking at my black girl cat who is crouching down on the catio, looking him right in the eyes. He gets up and starts walking towards her. She puffs up and stands up. Immediately he stops and reacts by turning his head while still keeping his eye on her. He licks his lips turning his head and moves veeery slowly.
PS Jen
2 months ago

ADU, ADU on the back patio,
Where the deer and the antelope once ranged sits a #catio.

There's a spot in my parents home that I can convert into the perfect courtyard catio like this. And it will look something like this, but with proper fencing of course 😁One day, darling. One day!

#Cat #Cats #Catio #Courtyard #Garden

A courtyard with lush plants
Ed Wiebe
3 months ago

Both kitties are out enjoying their #catio this morning. Yes, we have a camera so that we can enjoy their antics.

Two cats are sitting in an outdoor catio. This is a patio for cats. It's fenced in on all sides. One cat is curled up on a shelf. The other is sitting on a piece of wood in the flower bed that forms the floor for much of the space.
3 months ago

The 'Catio' is taking shape. It is secure, with wire mesh all round, as they've already climbed the stone walls. The cats like the sand floor for rolling in, and, if we're not careful, for other functions.

Next, I'll get in some play materials, branches, wood to scratch on and some turf at the far end for extra interest. #catio

A stone wall at the end of a yard has been sectioned off with wire mesh on a wood framework. Sand is being laid on weed suppression fabric on the ground. It is large enough for people to move around in.

I've had my 🍗chimkin breakfast with warm broth. I did zoomies and visited my box. Was out in my #Catio for a bit too. Now I'm doing #SundaySnuggles #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyCat #Stevie

TabbyCat Stevie napping in green n white polka dot bed.

#Caturday 🐈has begun with RAIN 🌧️here! Our prediction was🌧️ happily incorrect! The #HeatDome is leaving our area and temps should return to normal horrible hot, rather than nightmare horrible hot. The #Catio is fully open again 😸#CatsOfMastodon

A Tabby cat getting ready to exit the inside of the house onto the Catio.
Daisy dog on patrol out in the Catio.

This #Thursday at 4:00 PM my #Catio is 106° in the shade under a dangerous #HeatDome on it's way to #Chicago. Hope that city is prepared to care for all its vulnerable citizens EQUALLY. 🥵 As for me, I went outside very early. Now I have to stay inside. #CatsOfMastodon #TuxieGirl #Betty

A tiny tuxedo cat warming herself on her indoor heating pad in the AC.

It's 105° on my #Catio. Cat 🐈 mom says I HAVE to come inside. 😿The Catio is now closed 🔒. I cry n cry to go out. She says no. Again. Not good for me to be out in the 🥵excessive heat. Very sad. Catio has been closed at noon now for 7 days. 🌡️

A not too happy Tabby Cat sulking because he can't be outside on the Catio in 105° heat. Cat mom has closed the Catio until temps are below 90°.

#WhiskerWednesday under a ☀️🥵#HeatDome in the #MidWest is going to be horrible. The feel like temp is going to be 115° with humidity in 60%-80% . My #Catio will be closed in about 20 minutes due to #ExessiveHeat. I don't like being stuck inside all day, especially since all the drapes are closed 😿. But mom butler staff says it's not safe outside, so I must put up with it.

Tabby cat Stevie scratching a natural branch on his Catio.
Stevie sitting among some potted impatient flowers on his his Catio.

#TongueOutTuesday *Sigh* My #Catio was closed again by noon due to excessive heat. I cried n cried😿 to go out but cat mom remained firm. It's not safe for cats. When is this #HeatDome gonna end? 🥵 #TabbyCat #Stevie #CatsOfMastodon

A Tabby cat grooming himself outside in his Catio.

#MastodonMonday Getting my #Catio time in before cat mom makes me go inside ahead of the 🥵nasty #HeatWave 🌡️temperatures under the #HeatDome here in #Kansas #TabbyCat #Stevie

A Tabby cat enjoying his morning Catio.
4 months ago

Lucy ‘suffering’ in the sunshine

Lucy is confined to a #catio in this photo, although she does have supervised outings in the yard

She pleads plaintively to go outside the catio, where she does the same thing - basks in the sunshine

#cats #catsofmastodon

A white cat with a bit of tabby markings on her head laying on her back while the sun warms her ample tummy.

@GertrudeZane We're avoiding the hellish #Heat . #Catio has been closed since 11:00 AM though. It's really BAD. But cat daddy has stocked up on fuses, food, n ice. Mom has her ice packs in the freezer n us pets are getting extra cool water with our meals n treats.

108° right now. Horrible 🥵 hot. Don't even want to guess what the feel like temp is. Our AC is working over time but it's still 80° inside. Mom butler staff closed the #Catio hours ago so us pets are all inside. Mom is loading us up with extra water in our food too. #Caturday #HeatWave #CatsOfMastodon

A TabbyCat napping inside cuz it's dangerously hot outside.
Betty looking out into the closed Catio. It's closed due to excessive heat warnings.

I've had my #FriYay breakfast & now I'm watching the birbs n butterflies 🦋 out on my #Catio. Gonna be hot today. #TabbyCat #Stevie #CatsOfMastodon

Tabby Cat Stevie up on the Catio corner high chair watching the bird feeders and the butterflies coming to visit the wildflowers.

#Today is the first time I was able to use my #Catio cat flap all by myself AND the first time #Stevie didn't harass me. #CatsOfMastodon #CatioLife #TuxieGirl #Betty

A Tuxedo girl cat out on the Catio near her yellow ladybug bed.
Ed Wiebe
4 months ago

The proud hunter brought in his catch this morning, an earthworm. He only has access to a #catio so his options are limited. #cats

A male cat is lounging and looking toward the camera. He has a white muzzle and a grey and tan striped head.

'Should I stay🎵 or should I go'?
🎶 #TuxieGirl #Betty trying to decide on using the cat flap to go out to the Catio. #Catio Life

A Tuxedo Girl cat thinking about using the cat flap to go out to the Catio. She's not crazy about how it feels on her body, but ultimately she's decided the reward is worth the annoyance. On day 3 she's started using it without help.

#Today is #FriYay 😺 I'm making myself comfortable out in the #Catio this morning. Still working on learning how to use the cat flap. I'm able to use it, but don't like it still. It's weird. I don't get how it has to be pushed with my head or nose. #CatioLife #Catting #CatsofMastodon

A Tuxedo Girl cat lying on her Catio lounger.

Lookit everybody!🦎I caught a lizard on the #Catio! #TabbyCat #Stevie 🐈 Maybe #Today will be a good day after all, despite the fact that I have to share my house n Catio with #TuxieGirl #Betty 🐈‍⬛🙄 #Catting #CatsOfMastodon

TabbyCat Stevie hunted a lizard in his catio. He brought it in to our bedroom, his lair.

Not #Today! No #TuxieGirl #Betty you can't come back in! What? Mom sez I have to let you use the #Catio whenever you want? Like SHARE it, you mean? Mom! Why?! #TheJourney continues. #CatsOfMastodon #StevieBetty #Together

TabbyCat Stevie trying to intimidate Betty from coming back inside from the Catio. Crate training will be used to help him get desensitized from seeing her use the Catio. #TheJourney continues.
Stevie after a crate training session of watching Betty enter/exit the Catio cat flap about a dozen times. Was able to use treats for this training.

#TuxieTuesday I spend most of my time foraging for food. Nobody EVER feeds me at this hotel. And even if they do, the portions are woefully inadequate. Luckily, I'm a really good forager! There's a freeze dried minnow but in here! Plus there are any number of dust bits on my #Catio. #TuxieGirl #Betty 🐈‍⬛#CatsOfMastodon

A Tuxedo Girl cat diving head first into the center space of a cement brick looking for cat treats. Also in frame are some potted cat safe plants of the Catio.

#TuxieGirl #Betty I'm liking my new #Catio attraction! #CatsOfMastodon #Catting #CatioLife I ❤️love this thing! Thanks Cat Daddy!

A Tuxedo girl cat using her swinging tunnel to find treats out in the Catio.

I got new stuff out in the #Catio! #TuxieGirl #Betty This is the new Swinging Tunnel with portals so I can see the birbs n squirrels! Now #TabbyCat #Stevie & me can be out here together ( SOME day) but at a distance. #Sunday #CatsOfMastodon

TuxieGirl Betty using her new natural beach inclined balance beam to reach the new Swinging Tunnel w/portals in the corner of the Catio.

#SlowCatIntro going on week 13. Humans are definitely fatigued. Last night's bedroom desensitization session went fairly well. #TuxieGirl #Betty🐈‍⬛was pretty calm. I only hissed a little bit. After a few minutes dad took her away, and I got ham treats! 😻 Later we'll do the same on the #Catio. We're both taking calming drops. One week of this & then it's on to reopening the Catio cat flap to facilitate free range capability... 🤞#CatsOfMastodon #TabbyCat #Stevie

Tabby Cat Stevie guarding Cat mom's flip flops.
TuxieGirl Betty inside her large carrier that we're using as an intro aid to get her and Stevie to share space together peacefully.

#TwitchyTailTuesday! Birbs are🐤 out getting their breakfast. I'm on #ZSHQ patrol in my #Catio. Lots of noisy lawn brigades and 🚜 garbage trucks on my street. Also saw 🐶dogs walking their hoomans, & the 24/7 gardener up the street.

#ZSHQ #ZombiePatrol Mom staff told me about birbs. About 6 of them out there. #Today is the first time I really stalk them on my #Catio. Mostly I spend my time mad foraging for food. But I'm starting to like watching the wildlife out here. #CatioLife #CatsOfMastodon

#TuxieGirl #Betty stalking some birds beyond the Catio fencing. She is unusually not interested in the wildlife outside the Catio. But hopefully as she has more opportunities to be out and feeling secure, she'll enjoy watching the squirrels & birds.

#Midwest #HeatWave continues with high humidity & temps over 100° for more than 10 days. Energy bills are going to be skyhigh for many. At Our House 🏠 window coverings are completely closed, the #Catio closes at noon, fans are on, fresh water in all the bowls, oven and stove are closed. And still, we burn 🔥🥵 #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyCat #Stevie #TuxieGirl #Betty #CatioLife

Tabby Cat Stevie napping outside in his bed on the Catio. He has a brown n blue blanket
TuxieGirl Betty using her balance beam branch in her Catio. In frame are pink flowers and background full of summer elm trees.

#SharkWeek 🦈
Meet the rare and 🦈exceptionally dangerous #Catio shark 🦈 #CatsOfMastodon

#TuxedoCat #Betty lurking in the heat on her lounging platform.
A #Catio shark flattens herself on the lounging platform to better position herself to swipe at her passing prey.

Every single day he comes—sometimes multiple times—to ask for an almond. And I’m not sure who’s the happiest, me for the visit or him for the treat.
Sadly I think it’s a sinus infection he’s struggling with. Wish there was something I could do.
I read that magpies don’t inhabit birdhouses, but I’m building it anyway. If for nothing else as a little homage to him. #BirdsOfMastodon #CatsOfMastodon #Catio #Birdhouse

The magpie named Quasi for his swelling around his eyes lies at the foot of my hedge, waiting for a treat. The grass is green and he’s looking straight into the camera.
My black girl cat sits on the catio. She’s on the left side of the frame. At the center is an almond on the other side of the netting, waiting to be snatched up by Quasi the Magpie who’s lying at the bottom of my hedge at the right side of the frame. He’s waiting for my girl to leave though. She’s trouble.
All the panels for the birdhouse roughly cut out. It’s a slow process. I’m a lazy perfectionist. Not a good combo if you want things done fast. Maybe it’ll materialize this month?

The weekend has been so noisy and a bit frightening with all the #SkyBooms 🎆. Daisy Dog has been quite scared. Mom attends me in the #Catio to make sure I'm safe. Stevie doesn't mind the #SkyBooms. There will be more for a whole week mom says. Keep your pets inside all week. #Monday #TuxieGirl #Betty #CatsOfMastodon

A Tuxedo Girl cat sitting on her playbox in her Catio.

#TabbyTuesday Just me n mom butler staff out on the #Catio tonight. #Stevie #CatsOfMastodon

Night time on the catio

Now I just need some furniture out there. Double digit temperatures would be nice too. #WhiskersWednesday #Catio #CatsOfMastodon

My black girl cat sitting atop her ladder on an otherwise empty catio. Her nose is up in the air smelling all the interesting scents out there.

What better way to spend your #Caturday than building a #Catio. Here’s my girl’s first daring steps into it. #CatsOfMastodon

My black girl cat slowly walking out onto my patio which is surrounded by 1 and a half IKEA Gunnön pavilion merged together with netting on all sides.
11 months ago

Unpopular take, but if people really love their cats they will keep them inside or get a catio for their safety. What a harsh, senseless death. No photo, just a Nextdoor post. #cats #catio

The post reads, "Our sweet family cat was found disemboweled in a neighbor's yard today. It looks like he encountered a wild animal last night."