🐾 Almost all kittens we had last year were successfully adopted, but some furbabies have been overlooked because new people easily spook them.

Daisy is still waiting for someone to take her home 🏡

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Kitty boy #Atlas has something to say and you better listen! #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

2 hours ago

Chirrup and Fig enjoying treats. #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Fig on the left, Chirrup on the right, my two white and tabby garden cats, sat on low table in my garden, devouring crunchy cat treats. The soundtrack, if there was one, would be very loud purring.

I met my parents' new kitty Rose that they got today. She's so cute! #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

I'm sitting on a green futon looking down at a small tabby cat in my lap. I'm holding her in my arms and petting her. She's purring away and so cute!
2 hours ago
3 hours ago
A grey tabby cat sitting in a sunny window and yawning very wide.
Clayton Hove
3 hours ago
Spike Nesmith
4 hours ago

Poor Smudge isn’t feeling well. Coughing yesterday, puking today, feeling warm, sneezing, red eyes, and…. A snot bubble. I didn’t know cats got snot bubbles.

He is awake, sitting up, purring, he has eaten some dry food and kept it down, but he’s obviously worn out so he’ll sleep with us tonight and we can be on puke patrol.

Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

#catsofmastodon #cats

Behold! The mighty Pistachio. 🐱 #cats #catsofmastodon #caturday

Silver bengal cat
Darrell Z. Grizzle
4 hours ago

Leonidas is working from the home office this evening and is not to be disturbed.

#cat #CatsOfMastodon

Big fluffy cat asleep in an office chair in front of a desk. On the desk are a Mac Mini desktop computer and a keyboard.
4 hours ago

T-Lo goes boiiiiiiiiiiing !

She is a feral rescue who had her back right leg amputated after, we think, an accident with a truck.

#catsofmastodon #cats #feral #adoptdontshop

Bailey has been enjoying the (slightly) warmer weather with outdoor sojourns that are getting longer and more adventurous.

She even walked on the snow for the first time! (which is funny because her fur and feet seem designed for snow walking)

#CatsOfMastodon #EverydayIsCaturday

A furry grey cat standing on a patch of sidewalk surrounded by melting snow and brown grass of a backyard. She is wearing a harness with a leash attached, and is looking back toward the camera (ish).
A furry grey cat standing on a melting pile of snow in a backyard. She is wearing a harness attached to a leash.
Rocky 💜💙
5 hours ago

New bird feeder attached to the window. Kitties are loving it and it's fun to watch them right up close. #cat #catsofmastodon #dilutetortie #cats

Bird feeder in the window.
Cat looking out window at bird feeder
Rachele DiTullio
5 hours ago

Here’s a mid-week video of the kitten moving around and cleaning itself.


Thomas 🔭✨:verified:
5 hours ago

Eero on the stairs #catsofmastodon (and our dinner)

6 hours ago


Dreadful night’s sleep. Looks like it’s time for breakfast.


Calico cat sat on the floor looking upwards.
Rêves de Lune
6 hours ago
A solid black cat, wearing a cone of shame, with a toy between his front paws.
A chocolat point occicat cat sleeping on a cubic pet bed.
Enrico Hondius
6 hours ago

Jullie voelen niet hoe strak dat staartje om mijn hand geklemd zit.
#cats #katten #catsofmastodon

Zwartwitte kater (Kees) tegen mijn linkerdij, mijn hand op zijn bovenbeen, zijn staart om mijn hand gekruld. We zitten op een rood bankje, ik draag een oranje trui die ernstig vloekt bij dat rood.
Clayton Hove
6 hours ago

“When humans try to pose like this, they end up having to go to the chiropractor.” — Violet #sheltercat #adoptdontshop #cat #cats #catsofmastodon

Anthony Pham
6 hours ago

Trying to work with Boo and Fuuka.

#WorkPets #DogsOfMastodon #CatsOfMastodon

Overhead view of Boo, the brindle chihuahua, and Fuuka, the siamese cat, sitting on my lap together at my work desk in front of a mouse and keyboard sitting on a cat paw patterned desk mat.
David Pollak
6 hours ago

Jean Luc wishes the Fediverse a playful evening #CatsOfMastodon

6 hours ago

Meet Myf the Ancient!
She's my brothers Himalayan cat and is around 15 years old. She's not a cuddler. she just wants to lounge in the sun and be fed treats.
Me too, Myf, me too!

Cream cat sitting on a wooden floor in a pool of sunshine. Green hedge in the background.

When you come to the bedroom and find your cats like this

#catsofmastodon #catscatscats #hilariouscats #caturdayeveryday

One cat loafing over a pillow while another cat has put her whole body behind window blinds and you can only see a little bit of tail and fur
curious quail
8 hours ago

we get a lot of use our of our pole, sure - but the cats have made it their whole identity

(sidenote: if you see this on your feed you have to tip him, that's the law)

#CatsOfMastodon #photography

a large fluffy longhair grey cat reclining on a wooden floor with his back feet around a golden dancing pole
8 hours ago

Getting in some last minute cuddles with Asher before I head up island for 2 nights.

#CatsOfMastodon #CatsOfSDF #GrayTuxedoCat #feline #CatLovers #furbuddy #furfriend #MyFurPal #BestFriend #Cat

My gray tuxedo cat, stretched out on bed.
9 hours ago

It's time for #Humpday kittehs!
Drop your cat pix and memes here for all to share.
#cats #CatsOfMastodon

meme of tabby cat dancing on hind legs with front paws extended, captioned when the bass drops and the catnip kicks in
9 hours ago

My office mate is becoming increasingly disruptive. #scout #catsofmastodon #catsofwestphilly

.‘. 1 1 8 i 1 - | ‘ . . s i ‘3 } . i st tin ./’"i ll 5 : .4"‘ | | 3 o - B == * ' 4 - | = ! | S « r ; - | ! -‘»‘ ke A t g o P B ‘ ; y SR " " Oie® - e " L, = x | ! e R ) | L - < ot o g , i \\ . A - 4N : "N e . | . S . " e P N ?"' U ; N P E _ & ., \ £ -;‘,\%\ "?5“‘ ”." A $ ) \\:\\‘ h: S ) o RN / .
Catherine Schmidt
9 hours ago

Black and silver tabby oozing out of a cat bed. “This is about all I am doing today.”
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Black and silver tabby oozing out of a cat bed.  “This is about all I am doing today.”
Catherine Schmidt
9 hours ago

Atticus Finch cat. Red and white Turkish Van, red cap and ears, red stripped tail, white elsewhere with a few large spots of red. He is on top of a cedar fence,sitting upright, dozing in the late afternoon light. Trees behind.
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

Atticus Finch cat. Red and white Turkish Van, red cap and ears, red stripped tail, white elsewhere with a few large spots of red.  He is on top of a cedar fence,sitting upright, dozing in the late afternoon light.  Trees behind.
9 hours ago
Orange cat, curled up but looking up as if disturbed, laying on a white cushion.
Lizzy Miller
10 hours ago

The aftermath of yesterday's boop. #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #DailyOrionSpam #WhiskersWednesday

A gray and white tabby cat sits on a cat tree. He is looking down and yawning. His eyes are closed, his nose is wrinkled, and his top teeth are poking out, vampire-style.
12 hours ago

@JoyceResistAndVote The wonder of the outdoors never goes away.🥰 The window perch is always an ears up & whiskers forward kind of seat. A bird flew in this window once and hope springs eternal. 😜 #WhiskersWednesday #CatsOfMastodon #FredTheWonderCat #Katzen

Fred our fluffy, Norwegian forest cat sitting in rapt attention, staring out the window. 
15 hours ago

Silly Bella. Sinks aren't for sleeping. #CatsOfMastodon

cute furry cat in bathroom sink

Cat assisting with work, giving emotional support #CatsOfMastodon #catsWithJobs

Black cat on the desk
Catherine Schmidt
15 hours ago

Little red kitten wrapped in a towel just peeking out. Held in one hand. Obviously in a shelter. “Purrito”
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Little red kitten wrapped in a towel just peeking out.  Held in one hand. Obviously in a shelter.  “Purrito”
16 hours ago

A good rainy #morning to you, #mastodon! Baby Sir wishes you lots of cuddles and creature comforts 💕🐈‍⬛💕

What’s on everyone’s agenda today? #catsofmastodon #blackcat #selfie

A black cat sitting on the laptop of a girl with blue hair, they’re taking a selfie
16 hours ago

It’s #WhiskersWednesday so here’s Jack again with his beautiful long whiskers.
#CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

White cat’s chin with long whiskers and a pink nose
Just a normal man.
16 hours ago

There is weather.

This displeases our small furry feline ruler.


A black cat curled up on a sofa. Her ears are pricked up and her eyes are almost completely closed so she looks quite cross.
Day Mar 🌊
20 hours ago

Sleeping like crap for like a week, can you folks share your #cats #toebeans, as today I feel like 🫠🫠🫠 thank you 🫘 #CatsOfMastodon

Erik Schouten 73
1 day ago

Het is ochtend, allemaal opstaan
#catsofmastodon #catstodon #cats #cat #mastocats #mastocat

1 day ago

Good night #mastodon, from me and the baby cats. I had the loveliest day and I hope you did too! #catsofmastodon #siamese #blackcat

Two cats, one black DSH one Siamese curled up sleeping
1 day ago

Lucy enjoyed the sunset tonight. #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #Cats

A black cat sits in a cat bed. She’s lit up by the sunset, which she is turned to watch.
1 day ago

#CatsOfMastodon I didn't adopt them,they adopted me.

1 day ago

New lumbar support pillow arrived

#CatsOfMastodon #mastocats #BlackCat #WorkFromHome #cats

A black cat sits behind a person on the seat of an office chair.
:ns_flag: Peter Smith :hfxsoc:
1 day ago

I think I like her a little.


Kati, sitting pretty on my bedroom window sill
1 day ago

Looks like this would be a good abject for an Early 20th Century painting

#cats #cat #love

Every day is #caturday

Adrianna Tan
1 day ago

My cat follows me around and squawks at me until she can sit on my lap

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats

A cat sitting next to a woman in a vest

My new little Apprentice, Winter is helping me with the evening rounds in our critical care ward at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary
Doesnt she look amazing ? #catsofmastodon

Eve :verified:
1 day ago

#cat #cats #caturday #Caterday #catsofmastodon
.li is afternoon chilling
.li is trying to dream of a box
.li dream has come true

.li is afternoon chilling
.li is trying to dream of a box
.li dream has come true
RandyNose :debian: 🐱
1 day ago

So, I wanted to post over here. Well, Just because. :blobcatshrug:
Chinny seems to have been a hit over on my Fosstodon account, so I wanted some love for / on @stux 's instance too.

I suppose I could have cropped it, but... Meh..

Created with a #Trailcam and #GIMP