Mike Cohen
3 weeks ago

Happy floofy Friday #CatsOfMatodon

Floofy tuxedo cat laying on the sofa
Mike Cohen
3 weeks ago

Happy PURRsday #CatsOfMatodon

Tabby cat laying on his perch looking weary
3 weeks ago

Athena is resting after a long night of swishing tail against wet painting, and subsequently leaving pthalo blue in random spots throughout the house, and then being bathed. This is the face of a cat who is unrepentant, but sorry that I’m annoyed. 🤣 #catsofmatodon

Adorable tuxedo cat, unrepentant after wreaking havoc. She is sitting on piles of paperwork, because she is way more important that car registration or reading whatever clippings the in-laws have sent.
🏳️‍🌈 Kerri and Jigglypuff
1 month ago

Jigglypuff appreciation post


Tabby laying in bed.
Tabby cat looking at camera with head tilted
Tabby cat looking up
2 months ago

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#CatsOfTwitter #CatsOfMatodon

3 months ago

#catsofmatodon #caminonorte Found this cutie guarding the street!

3 months ago

TGI Friday! Happy weekend everyone! #CaturdayEve #cats #catsofmatodon #casstodon

Cass is lying in my arms looking upside down at the camera
Kevin RR :verified:
3 months ago

Don’t you hate when bookends knock all the books off the shelf? 🐈📕🐈‍⬛

3 months ago

I guess she wants to go on vacation?


Cat in a cardboard box
3 months ago

Our sweet kitty Marwood #catsofmatodon

Ron Franke
3 months ago

Nick solving the cold wet afternoon problem. #catsofmatodon

Nick in front of the fire on a cold wet afternoon.

Jade is here for the caturday just in time for bed, soooo sleepy 🥱.

#caturday #caturdaySaturday #sleepyKitty #CatsOfMatodon #cat #cats #bedtime

Little bright eyed Jade, she's clearly ready for bed.
Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
4 months ago

everyone love cats till they wake up a mouse #CatsOfMatodon

Frank & Joe
4 months ago

Allowing me to take a break from rubbing his belly so that I can kiss the paw 😸 🐾 #CatsOfMatodon #MastoCats #Cats #Spoiled #TheHardyBoyCats

A relaxed tabby on his back with a paw stretched out
William C. Tracy
4 months ago

Kippy has an opening for a tummy rub this #Caturday if you need one...
#cats #pets #catsofmatodon

4 months ago

First attempt at turning Harley invisible

#catsofmatodon #cats

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
4 months ago

If you know an orange cat you know this is true #CatsofMatodon

Tini Malitius
5 months ago

I know it's not Saturday, but I really, really love my cat. He's the best. Look at how cute he is. He's a prince. A perfect little prince. K. Byeeee ✨

#cats #catsofmatodon #love

NerdyNate :nerdynate:
5 months ago

Merry Christmas to all from Rory and Crosby #caturday #CatsOfMatodon

Evelyn WaughⓋ
6 months ago

Tweety: Preparing for the ice storm #catsofmatodon

RP (H)
6 months ago

Today we have introduced Maple to The Stairs. Source of immeasurable fun and tire him out nicely. We've also enjoyed what is apparently cat yoghurt. This evening he has 'helped' wrap 2 presents up. He's eating like a horse now he's more energetic too. Vaccinations tomorrow and booking the chop for asap. #CatsOfMatodon #MapleSyrup #kitten

Doug Doan 🌱
6 months ago

My 3 trouble makers. #catsofmatodon

3 cats on a balcony
6 months ago

I rescued this box from the recycling bin because a cat can never have too many boxes 📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦📦 #CatBoxSunday #CatsOfMatodon #MastoCats #MastodonMigration #CatsRUs #Cats #CatWorldDomination #TwitterMigration

6 months ago
Black and whit shot of a cat sleeping on the foot end of the bed. It’s tucked in and you cannot see the face behind its body and tail. Ears are just sticking out.
Seek and Destroy
6 months ago

I shall sleep on your bean bag hooman

Ivor Hewitt
7 months ago

Ripley starting the serious process of floof washing. #CatsOfMatodon

Fluffy ginger Maine Coon washing herself.
7 months ago

Someone has a case of the Mondays.

#cat #cats #catsofmatodon #mastodoncats #businesscat #doyoulikemytie

ID: Toni's cat wearing a tie, giving the camera a "You've cat to be kitten me right meow" look.

I see there's a #Caturday trend going on around here. Here are my three little ladies. Names are in the image description. #CatsOfMatodon

My middle cat Lizi, white except for her tail and behind which are black, trying to sleep.
My oldest cat Tantzi, dark grey and white, doing what she does best, sleeping.
My youngest cat Mitzi, the tortie, making sure her belly is warm under the radiator.

Happy #caturday. This is Patterson, who took his trip over the rainbow bridge last week. We miss him ❤️

#cat #CatsOfMatodon

Grey and white cat looking at the camera
Connor Morozumi
7 months ago

This past year I’ve been teaching myself how to draw. Or really YouTube has been teaching me how to draw. Also here’s an #introduction to our excellent cat Fennel #CatsOfMatodon

A color pencil portrait of a dilute tortie grey and golden orange cat is sitting on a gold chair next to the cat itself. The cat in the drawing looks happy while the cat in the picture looks incredulous. Both are looking at the camera
Ivor Hewitt
7 months ago

Almost all of Ripley in her cat pod. A second ago there was a "stretch" and the leg shook. 😁

Large round wicker 'cat pod' with a large fluffy ginger leg hanging out.
7 months ago

Silvie contemplating the outside world. #CatsOfMatodon

Andrea Marie
7 months ago

Testing the waters a bit more, here are my furbabies on this #caturday morning. #CatsOfMatodon
Parker the Maine coon - he’s 15.
Callie the Calico - she’s 13.
Spencer the Black Panther - he’s 7.

My Maine coon Parker, he’s 15.
My calico Callie. She’s 13.
My black Panther Spencer. He’s 7.