PS. Oh, and Bob the neighbourhood stray saying Hi and having his morning drink from the pond. #catsodon #CatsOfMastodon 💦 🐈

My crossed leg and foot is visible in the bottom of the picture. The rest is the pond with its flat rocks around it and reflections of the bushes in the water. On the left, Bob the large orange-with-white short haired cat is sitting on one of the flat rocks at the water’s edge. He is carefully dipping his paw into the water to make it move and bringing his face closer to drink.
1 day ago

Camouflaged! Laurie blended into the dark shade under 'his' hedge so well that, from just a few feet away, it was almost impossible to see him (until he opened his eyes).

#CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #BlackCats #Rescue #AdoptDontShop #Cats

A black cat with yellow-amber eyes is lying in the dark shade underneath a Laurel hedge.  He's so well camouflaged that only his open eyes give him away.
2 days ago

Die schwarze Wäsche ist heute sehr flauschig #catcontent #catsofmastodon #catsoffediverse #catsodon

Schwarzer Kater der in einem grauen Wäschekorb liegt
2 days ago

@JigsawPieces might get a desk guardian, I think this is more "keyboard goblin" 😂

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon (and posting a day late for #caturday even tho it was taken then)

A picture of a black & white cat sitting on a keyboard whilst being stroked by me.
2 days ago

breaking mews: they have hella fleas so I'm taming them by enticing them with my collection of NES games so that I can foster them and get them some relief. they are making themselves at home. friendly and curious. I probably have 3 cats now. #mastocats #catsofmastodon #catsodon

a young black and white tabby cat is rolling around the floor and stretching their paws out in front of some boxes that hold old NES carts. they quickly get distracted by a hanging cord.
2 days ago

Be sure to get at least one square #caturday per week. #catsodon

A large black and white cat has curled up to sleep in a low sided Ramen carton.
Lorna Peel
3 days ago

Happy 20th birthday to Footie!

#Caturday #Cats #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon

A photograph of my brother's cat Footie, who turned 20 last Thursday. She's a black and white cat and is sitting on a plank surrounded by daisies and buttercups.
John Patterson
3 days ago

Happy "gotcha" day, Ellie!

From skinny rescue cat in 2019 to desk guardian in 2023.

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

A black and white cat lying in a cat pen, waiting to be adopted
A black and white cat reclining on desk like it's hers (obviously), guarding mouse, keyboard and desk!
4 days ago

Someone wasn't too pleased to be making her annual trip to the vet.

#catsodon #cats #cat

A sad looking ginger cat behind the front grille of a cat carrier

I mean.. it really is a hard life.
#Whiskers #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon

Whiskers the black cat is lying on a small quilt in my lap. Her front legs are stretched out and her paws are casually crossed.
Kali Rose Wolf
1 week ago

I may be not feeling the greatest, but at least I still have my little kitten ball #catsodon #catsofmastdon

Picture of a tortishell cat in a little ball, her head looking at the camera
1 week ago

Do I have the only two #cats completely oblivious and/or impervious to #catnip?

I've never seen two grown cats just go "meh" over catnip shaken into a sock & the top tied in a knot. It's an age-old, time-proven #cat #toy but no, Clark and LJ are not having it.


a couple of bastids!

#catsofmastodon #catsodon #mastocats
every day (except today apparently) is #caturday

Naw McNopington
1 week ago

Someone enjoyed their pretend haircut so much they started getting sleepy.

#cats #catsodon #caturday #cat #catcontent

Cat sitting in red chair, wrapped in barbers cape getting a pretend haircut.
John Patterson
1 week ago
A black and white cat crouches on a desk, staring at you with intense green eyes.
1 week ago

Bob (the local stray, we think) is here sitting with us. He doesn’t seem to see the fish… though they definitely see him. #pandemicPond #catsodon #CatsOfMastodon

An orange car sits on the flat rocks that surround the small upper pond. He is gazing across the water.
2 weeks ago

having Little Jimmy [cat] lying on my legs is bad because I have to use the bathroom but it's good because it keeps me from going to the kitchen to get a snack

#cat #love
#catsodon #catsofmastodon #mastocats
every day is #caturday

2 weeks ago
a grey & whitie cat sitting on the sill keeps watch at the picture window while his tabby brother is stretched out on the couch
2 weeks ago
A black and white cat is lying on a piece of tissue paper, facing the glass sliding door and looking outside
John Patterson
2 weeks ago

Today's working conditions.

#cat #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

A cat reclines comfortably across a desk and the edge of a laptop.
John Patterson
2 weeks ago

The two bigger inhabitants of the house both went out for long runs this morning, but Ellie's only plan was to snooze on the sofa. Maybe she had the right idea!

#cat #cats #caturday #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

A small black and white cat curled up to sleep on a sofa, peering suspiciously over her tail at you.
Daniel Durrans
2 weeks ago
Photograph of my cat, standing up on his hind legs so that his front paws can rest on my leg. He is stretching his head up and back while I scratch his head. He has his eyes closed and looks like he is in heaven.
2 weeks ago

This little one has found a way to live in my building's basement. They get in and out somehow. I use this back way to take my old dog out in the middle of the night and this one got very used to seeing me and now sleeps outside my back door. #mastocats #catsofmastodon #catsodon

a black and white tabby with a pink nose sits casually on the top stair of an old rundown looking stairway. they are looking straight at the camera with two mildly different colored blue and green eyes and a slightly clipped left ear.
3 weeks ago

She wanted her lunch. #cats #catsodon

Close up of a cat with her mouth open looking like she is either miaowing or giving out. Cat is very fierce.
3 weeks ago

Rua is resting up for the Caturday nap he plans to take later.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #Caturday #PowerNaps

Big orange Manx cat laying on his side on a couch, asleep, nestled in the midst of colorful cushions. The little tuft he claims is a tail is clearly visible.
John Patterson
3 weeks ago

Sleeping hard on MY seat (the cat, of course, begs to differ).

#cat #cats #caturday #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

A small black and white cat curled up asleep on a sofa, surrounded by an orange throw and deep blue cushion.
1 month ago

Rua is on the prowl.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

Big orange Manx cat walking down the rim of a raised garden bed with a very intent look on his face. The cat is walking toward the camera and appears so big that he looks about to jump out of the photo. He is wearing a colorful collar that makes it hard for him to hunt birds. A mess of catmint leaves are visible to the right of the cat; a green lawn is visible to the left.
Snu Bear
1 month ago

Mummies leg is a gud pillow.

#caturday #catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #cats

A sleepy Siamese cat resting her white paw and head on her human mum’s leg.
Naw McNopington
1 month ago

Took Cappy to get his driving permit today. #Cats #catsodon #CatsOfFediverse #catlife

Cat sitting inside car seat on passengers side.
1 month ago

A rare photo of the two Manxes not trying to kill each other. In fact, I've never seen them both sleeping on the couch at the same time until now. That's Rua (orange) and Olive (black).

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #Caturday

Two Manx cats asleep on a red futon couch next to a bunch of pillows. One cat is an orange tabby, the other is a very deep black. Their bodies are pointing away from each other bevause neither likes the other very much.
1 month ago

If you follow me, you'll probably know that I lost my cat Natasha on Monday after her health took a drastic turn for the worse. You may also know about my resident feral, Stripy Cat, who's been coming around for years.

So here's what happened yesterday.


#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #FeralCats #WeirdMastodon

1 month ago

Things turned bad very suddenly and unexpectedly. Natasha passed peacefully early on Tuesday evening.

We traveled together for 14 years of her 17 years. My heart aches.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #Goodbye

Long-haired black-and-white cat sits in a basket on on the floor, between a Mexican rug and a shelf full of record albums. She's looking up directly into the camera, waiting for you to scratch her under the chin just so.
1 month ago

Death Kitty celebrated Caturday by escaping her harness and going for an unauthorized stroll across the street.

She is not in the least bit repentant.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #caturday

Black Manx cat laying on her side, mostly on top of a green-and-blue plaid blanket. Her yellow eyes are looking directly into the camera. She is not sorry for anything.

A sunbeam early on #Caturday is a nice thing, even if it is eventually ruined by the Kitty Boy. #Whiskers #Atlas #Catsodon

Whiskers is a black cat. She is sitting quietly in front of the blue door of the TV stand bathed in sunlight.
Atlas the fluffy tabby cat appears. Completely overshadowing Wkiskers. She disappears behind him.
They touch noses.
Western Exposure
1 month ago

What #Kandinsky was really on about...
#caturday #catsodon #mastoart #fedicats

A whimsical take on Kandinsky's 1926 work Several Circles, interpreting the two largest blue and black circles as a cat's eye. (And he did have a cat, so ...)
1 month ago

Rua enjoying Portland, Oregon's warmest day so far this year (upper 70s F).

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #WarmSunshine

Happy orange Manx cat sitting in the middle of a fieldstone patio, eyes half closed and enjoying the warm sunshine. Several containers of plants and a green yard chair are visible in the background, along with two red tulips.
Paul Chambers
1 month ago

Yesterday, we clipped the #CatsOfMastodon nails. We do them every other Saturday.

They never have really put up a fight but this was the first time #SissyCat purred while getting them clipped.

#LittleBit is in it just for the treats. 😸

Little Bit is now two and Sissy is a year and a half old.


(Sissy previously archived posts and images at hashtag #Sissy, but changed tag to #SissyCat due to adult posts on Sissy tag. See her old posts there.)

Sissy, a tabby cat, lounging on a couch arm. Image, March 2022
1 month ago

Death Kitty rails at the injustice of her imprisonment.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #caturday #TheCruelWorld

Black Manx cat leaning up against a gate, looking up to see if there's some way over it. The bright blue lead on the cat's harness is clearly visible. The cat clearly believes that all the good stuff is on the other side of the gate.
1 month ago
John Patterson
1 month ago
The view from a man sat in front of a computer on a desk. There is a small and mostly black cat doing its best to occupy the space between the man and the keyboard.
joy larkin 🌺
2 months ago

I put a new comforter on the bed and apparently a certain someone is a big fan. #caturday #catsofmastodon #fedicats #catsodon #cats

Kiki, a black and white female tuxedo cat with her head down looking at the camera. She is laying on top of a dark gray bed comforter.
Kiki, a black and white female tuxedo cat with her head up looking inquisitively at the camera. She is laying on top of a dark gray bed comforter.

Everything Olive sees is hers.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #ManxCats

Black Manx cat on front lawn near the trunk of a Japanese maple tree. The cat's black fur is shining in the sunlight as she surveys her domain.

Rua always enjoys #caturday, especially when he's outside on a warm afternoon.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

Closeup of an orange Manx cat with his eyes closed in bliss while getting his head scratched. Cat is sitting on his human's lap, wearing a wide, brightly colored anti-hunting collar.
2 months ago
A close up framed on an orange tabby cat sitting on a couch next to an Amiga 600 in the foreground.
2 months ago

@ancient_catbus OMG I was curious about this and... well, it's a whole THING y'all! 😹 #catsodon

A series of images are shown of various white refrigerators from half to full size, all in the shape of various insanely cute white cats.
2 months ago

Clark in the late afternoon sun


#cats #cat #love
#mastocats #catsodon


Every day is #caturday

Snu Bear
2 months ago

Meanwhile between my knees…

#caturday #catsodon #cats

A Siamese cat nestled, sleeping, between my legs which are covered by an orange wooden blanket.
Snu Bear
2 months ago

Why yes, I did place my cardigan over miss Julie while she was napping on the recliner so she could reach maximum cosy.

#cats #caturday #catsodon

A close up of a Siamese cat curled up on a cream blanket, covered with a beige knit cardigan, like a litter blanket.

Rua is still not quite ready to teach his invisibility master class.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #invisibility #hiding

Orange Manx cat thinks he's totally hidden even though his front and back paws are plainly visible as they stick out from under a yellow wool blanket.
2 months ago

Little Jimmy is judging you even from this undignified pose

#cats #catsofmastodon

Every day is #caturday

2 months ago
Comme je vous le disais, je bats ma chatte.

(Qui adore regarder le jardin de façon mélancolique de l'intérieur alors qu'elle y était, dix secondes plus tôt. Elle a une chatière !)

#CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #Cats #Tortoiseshell
Chat en demi-sommeil sous mon aisselle, sur plaid bleu
Tête de chat aux yeux fermés, gratouille sous le menton
Chat tous radars déployés en direction du jardin, à la fenêtre, vu de dos
Ombre de chat sur le sol
Snu Bear
2 months ago

How our afternoon is going.

#cats #catsodon #caturday

A Siamese cat snuggled into the lap of a lady wearing black leggings and a beige cardigan

Kitty boy #Atlas has something to say and you better listen! #CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

2 months ago

It’s #WhiskersWednesday so here’s Jack again with his beautiful long whiskers.
#CatsOfMastodon #catsodon

White cat’s chin with long whiskers and a pink nose
Naw McNopington
2 months ago

My sweet girl supervising my work.
#cat #catsodon #Caturday #catsoffediverse #catsofmastadon

Cat sitting in cat tree looking to left

For the #CatLovers this #Caturday a shout out to the simple things in life.

#Kittens #books #Readers #MastoArt #FediArt #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #SimpleThings #CatArt #CatsOfMastodon #CatsODon #MarkOnArt

Big Thanks if you enjoy what I do enough to share it here or elsewhere with friends. Supporting my work is literally feeding my cats. ❤️

You can find this here:

Digital art painting that shows a tall vertical stack of books and on the top of those books is a tiny gray and white kitten who is sleeping. The background is a deep golden yellow. The books whose spines are visible are a mix of colors primarily blue and red.
Luke Bonaccorsi
3 months ago

This is Albus, aka Alby, aka Albusaur, aka Catface, aka Menace features, aka Shitbag.

He loves eating, menacing, laying on top of me and stealing Donna's wheelchair.

Unfortunately Donna (and Albus) needs a new wheelchair because of a change in her needs and electric wheelchairs are expensive.

We've set up a #GoFundMe to try and help raise some money, any donations or shares will be hugely appreciated!

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #Cats #Catsodon #Wheelchair #Disability

A photo of a cat loafing sleepily on a purple electric wheelchair
A photo of a cat curled up like a croissant on a purple electric wheelchair
A photo of a cat laying on a purple electric wheelchair, reaching out and grabbing a blanket
A photo of a cat laying on a purple electric wheelchair looking suave

The Manxes are not trying to kill each other this morning. So far, anyway.

Olive (front) and Rua (rear).

#cats #catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #ManxCats

Two Manx cats sitting closer to each other than usual on a messy bed with a pile of books behind them. In front, the red-collared black cat sits on a green plaid throw, face to the camera with a cheerful round-eyed expression. In back, the orange cat looks on with half-closed eyes, his paws crossed in front of him.

Something new I hope you enjoy this #Caturday - especially those of you who also love your #Coffee

#CatsOfMastodon #catsodon #Cats #Feline #GingerCat #MastoArt #DigitalArt #FediArt #CatArt #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #MarkOnArt

If you choose to boost or otherwise share or support my work - thank you from the bottom of my food bills. #SupportSmall

You can find this on prints and various other products here:

Digital Artwork in illustration style - shows a large orange or ginger colored cat with white markings. The cat is smiling. Next to the cat is a big steaming coffee cup. There's a pink starburst effect behind the cat. 

Below this is the text:

"Cats plus coffee equals my motivation"
4 months ago

Just got home from holiday and unpacked and I think she's worried we're gonna go again so sitting in the suitcase 😂
#Caturday #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon

Bella, my short haired tiny tabby cat sitting in my empty suitcase on the bed looking like she's not going to be moved.
4 months ago

rearranged the books on my shelves and she made sure to reserve her spot #mastocats #catsodon

orange tabby on a shelf next to a couple books. there are books are the other box shelves. the dragon book, some doom and Wolfenstein books, the code book, etc. fluxx is also there. and a crochet Alfur from Hilda.
AndyHagon :android:
4 months ago

You can't hear Stella purring in this photo, but it's loud 😻
#Caturday #cats #catsofmastodon #catsodon #Nokia 808

4 months ago

“Why do humans like to lie in water?”

#cats #catsofmastodon #catsodon

A tabby and white cat, perched looking over the side of a white bath, looking directly into the camera.
Peggy Collins
4 months ago

This is my latest cat artwork with a stained glass look. (Not actual stained glass!) I named him Sam. I've been exploring creating 2D artwork with a 3D look.


#cats #catsofmastodon #catart #catsodon #stainedglass #AYearForArt #art #artist #artforsale #artprints #fineart #colorful #peggycollins #peggycollinsgallery

Artwork of a cat in profile with a stained glass effect.
4 months ago

L’instant Pourriel.

#chat #cat #catsOfMastodon #catsodon

Photo d’une chatte mignonne sur un plaid. Elle a posé sa patte sur la main de quelqu’un (moi).
4 months ago

Daily kitten photos: the boys are sleepy today. #catsodon #catsofmastodon

ACAB for Cutie :stl_cards:
4 months ago

He will always be my baby 🎶

#cats #catsOfMastodon #catsodon #caturday #mariahCarey

A brown tabby cat snoozin
Snu Bear
5 months ago

Happy #Caturday from Paddy aka Spuds who is doing her best to turn inside out and upside down, revealing the forbidden beans!

#Cat #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #ToeBeans

A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background.
A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background. Her pink tongue is out and her toe beans are showing.
A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background. Zoomed in a little for appreciation of pink toe beans.
Erin Whalen
5 months ago

Contrary to all modern understanding of evolutionary science, I remain irrevocably convinced that cats are really just snakes that decided to give themselves a serious upgrade.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catsodon #tabby #cat #everydayiscaturday

A sleepy tabby cat lying stretched out against the arm of a chair, with his spotted belly and inward curled hind feet facing the ceiling and his head and outstretched front paws pointing forward.
5 months ago

Happy last Caturday of 2022! Love, Meesha #caturday #catsodon #cats #catsofmastodon

Réflective Grey cat
5 months ago

@vmbrasseur If seeking a cat/kitten, I would advocate for Cat Adoption Team (aka C.A.T.). They always have adoptions available and work tirelessly to humanely control the feral cat population. The percentage of feral dumps and unwanted cats in Oregon had notably declined due to thier no kill/spay & neuter efforts. They help cats from other states - and not just when there is an emergency situation.
#catsodon #catsofmastadon #adopt #pdx