2 weeks ago
Cat sitting on a yoga mat in front of exercise equipment
1 month ago

#Today #CatsOfMasodon
Almost done with my cardio on the treadmill while visiting with you lovely people, speeds the time along.
Had to stop snap this picture. It’s not the holy triangle🤔
It could be a volatile explosion at any moment, water bottle nearby.

Three cats one black and white tuxedo, one orange and white and brown tabby, all looking at each other in the triangle in a very confrontational way.
Dave Morris
1 month ago

The front doorway. #CatsOfMasodon

2 months ago

Current view (mild threat) #CatsOfMasodon #percy

Dave Morris
2 months ago

Her new favourite spot. #CatsOfMasodon

Lyra, a ginger and white cat, sits happily in a sunny doorway, next to a green front door.
2 months ago

Biscuit is definitely my daughter’s cat #Caturday #CatsOfMasodon

Young girl with messy hair in pajamas lying on sofa with blanket petting orange cat with door and wall in background and drawings pinned up
2 months ago

More slippers, who does not love Piggies, Koalas and Penguins Slippers
#CatsOfMasodon #crochet

A pair of pink pigs children slippers
A pair of children grey and pink Koala Slippers
A pair of black and white Penguin Slippers for children
2 months ago

Slippers slippers and more slippers, Cats, Sloths, Pandas, and Unicorns #CatsOfMasodon #crochet @crochet

Yellow Crocheted cat slippers
Black and white Panda Slippers
White Unicorn Slippers
Brown and tan Sloth Slippers
2 months ago

He was Norway#5 until he didn’t get adopted then he became Someway, then, the Little Guy, my diabetic sweetheart.
#WhiskersWednesday #CatsOfMasodon

Brownish shorthair tabby cat looking into the camera.
2 months ago

Welltinho fazendo pose
#catsofmasodon #cats #cat #caturday

Gato café com leite em pose de lado como se tivesse posando para uma pintura em cima de superfície cinza metalizada (carro do vizinho)
2 months ago

The Chomsky–Foucault debate was a debate about human nature
#cats #catsofmasodon

Um gato café com leite gordinho olhando para um gato preto mais magro, em um piso cimentado com plantas ao redor, a interações é amistosa
3 months ago

A little Sunday snack. Crustinis, french baguette, brushed with evoo, fresh cracked pepper, fresh cracked salt, and crumbled freeze dried basil. Served with various cheddar cheeses, a little brie, assorted sauage, and for my man, Oh Snap Hottie Bites, and for me, OH Snap Dillies Bites. #cats #MaineCoon #Blackcat #CatsOfMasodon #lunch

3 months ago

Let’s see I’ve never been up here…
#CatsOfMasodon #Cats #caturday

Bl/wt shorthair tuxedo cat Dommie investigated the heat pump in cathouse. Thought bubble (am I in trouble?)
Same cat Dommie further investigating heat pump.
Same cat jumping down from heat pump after deciding it works well and more trouble lies ahead.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 months ago

Malala fell asleep in my hug as we settled into the new house.

#Caturday #Catstodon #CatsOfMasodon #GreyCats #GreyCatsRule #CatsMakeEverythingAlright

3 months ago

Dominant Dommie behaved himself today. He didn’t break any cats, just his steps.
#cats #CatsOfMasodon

Bl/wt shorthair tuxedo cat in the cathouse looking at the steps up to the perch that he just broke playing hard.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 months ago

Having been relocated, Malala and Marjon are engaged in deep discussions about our decision to move from a tiny apartment to a house that is twice as big.

#Caturday #GreyCats #BlackCat #GreyCats #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #GreyCatsOfMastodon #Moving #Relocating #Catsodon #catsOfFediverse #CatsOfMasodon

A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat has turned to look at the black cat.
A grey cat and a black cat sitting on the floor in a hallway. The grey cat is looking forward. The black cat has narrowed his gaze.
A black cat is inside a carpeted closet. A grey cat is approaching from a room with a hardwood floor.
A grey cat examines a shower stalky while a black cat is standing looking out the entrance to the bathroom.
Daniel Gibert
3 months ago

Building a drop trap to catch the cats of our neighbourhood colony. The test subjects are giving us their approval. They entered voluntarily. #cats #catsofmasodon

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 months ago

Marjon ”meerkats” in response to noisy neighbors.

#Caturday #BlackCats #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsRule #Catstodon #Cat #CatsOfMasodon #Cats

A black cat sits upright in a “meerkat” position facing right.

I her favourite sunbathing place :blobCat_flushed:​

#Caturday #cat #kitty #meow #CatsOfMasodon

Tricolor cat with well visible white fluffy belly lying on a garden table covered by blue cloth. Cat looks like it is smiling.
Tricolor cat partially curled, with right paw up, above head. It has closed eyes and end of the tail up. There are visible dark grey spots on its rear paws and pink toe beans.
Patricia Mercer
4 months ago

Morning bath #catsofmasodon

Dora Hathazi Mendes
4 months ago

Kate Fluffy Cat Painting sold as a Framed Print  to a buyer from Chicago, IL - US. Thank you so much for supporting my art!
❤🐾🎨 Dora
#art #thankyou #painting #cats #catart #watercolor #petportrait #MastoArt #MastoCats #catsofmasodon #art

Fluffy Cat watercolor painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes . Art prints available
4 months ago

How is this comfortable?

#Caturday #CatsOfMasodon

Orange and white cat sitting in a strange position with all 4 paws in front of him
4 months ago

This cat is clearly used up, it must have been a tough day or something.
#cats #catsofmasodon

Good morning #mastocats!
Lucifer seems to be bord of #catTV
No, not really! #catsofmasodon maybe it's just a silent scream!

Lucifer, the black cat, is sitting on the back of the couch with his back to me looking out the window, as he turns to look at me, he yawns.
Still yawning, the black cat turns so his profile is making it look like he is screaming.
Claire :donor:
5 months ago

I would have preferred to experience this with a heavier layer of clothing between her claws and my leg, but I can’t get over how cute those paws are 💕

#CatsOfMasodon #peets

A tabby cat digging her claws into a real fabric, flexing her paws to make them look as if they’re drawn as cartoons
5 months ago

Soirée carton aujourd'hui ! Trop choupinou !
Non mais sérieux, je craque, il est tellement mignon !

#catsofmasodon #mignon

Chat tigré trop mignon dans un petit carton, qui regarde en l'air avec de grands yeux (les 3 photos sont identiques)
5 months ago

Fifi contemplates the sunrise over the city #CatsofMasodon

Cat silhouette in front of city view window
Flauschfläche :verified:
6 months ago
BnW Cat
Onyx masked tuxedo rescue cat
6 months ago

favorite box, right by the radiator #CatsOfMast #catsofmasodon #caturday #catsinboxes

Jennifer Watling Neal
6 months ago

Cece is keeping an eye out for good #caturday posts today! #CatsOfMasodon

A cute calico tabby cat peeking out from a Sherpa blanket. She has one eye open

What's in the booooox!? Oh it's just Franklin

#mastocat #catsofmasodon #cat

A black cat sitting in an open cardboard box, with a somewhat mischievous expression

The winter holidays are one of Ellie's favorite times of the year. She's remarkably respectful of the decoration, and will sit and stare at the lit tree for long periods. She probably nibbles on it too, but she's graceful enough to do that when I'm not around...

#catsofmasodon #mastocat #cat

A portrait of a beautiful brown and black tabby cat sitting gracefully in a vaguely holiday themed setting, with out of focus multicolored lighting and a snowman decoration in the background.
Michael Coorlim
6 months ago

Fog is perplexed by the tree that has sprung up in her sunroom. #cat #catsofmasodon

A lynx point Siamese cat sits in front of a fir tree
Liselotte :twitter_heart:
6 months ago
Kimberli Hull
6 months ago

Nerello the #cat. #catsofmasodon

Nerello the cat
6 months ago

Guen and Nenya. 😍 They are just so sweet together.


Black and white cat cuddled sleeping together
Black and white cat sleeping face to face closeup
6 months ago

Came back from voting in the GA runoff to find a kitten hiding under the hood of my wife’s car. Doesn’t seem feral so we’re looking for an owner. Meanwhile, he’s in good hands. We thought we would just get voting stickers. #cats #catsofmasodon

Adorable gray tabby kitten enjoying being held by someone wearing a comfy sweatshirt.

Eleanor is relaxing today, because someone has to! She's not spoiled, but yes that is her own personal couch. It was a hand-me-down!

#catsofmasodon #cats

A brown and black tabby cat laying on a rainbow blanket on a mini couch.
🏳️‍🌈 Kerri and Jigglypuff
7 months ago

Jigglypuff is really fitting in here and she's getting used to being here. She's finding new places to rest. Hopefully the 2 weeks at Christmas will go smoothly.

Sunday we go home for 3 weeks then back here. She loves people.


Laonge Lizard
7 months ago

My Lois was very dramatic this morning…#cats #catsofmasodon #loiswatch

7 months ago

It's getting colder out, which means it's Maisie forcing her sister Matilda to cuddle with her season
#cats #catsofmasodon

7 months ago

Hmm I think I interrupted an afternoon snuggle snooze. Will I be forgiven? #catsofmasodon

Grey cat and tabby cat cuddle snoozing.
Corinna 🦕
7 months ago

Happy #Caturday from Vera! #CatsOfMasodon

A beautiful black cat