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Yes! Er hat's durchgezogen! 😻😼😸

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5 minutes ago

Peeping tomcat -- A community cat looks in the window to check if breakfast will be ready soon.

2022 Update: A Metro Cat Rescue volunteer noticed that Silver Cloud was not eating. He was brought inside and taken to the vet. Sadly, Silver Cloud tested FIV positive. Because of Metro Cat Rescue, he now lives in a home.
* * *
Metro Cat Rescue needs your support now to continue to be there for kittens and cats in need.

#Caturday #CatsofMastodon #Cats #Catrescue #cat

I must’ve had a mouse on my head for them all to be looking at me simultaneously #caturday

3 cats all staring at the camera simultaneously as the photo was taken

I have a feeling April Fool's on #Mastodon will be a far more enjoyable experience than the other place, which was full of reactionary morons amplifying the most obvious falsehoods created to enrage and annoy the justifying their gullibility with "yeah but it sounds like something that would happen!"

Feels like here we'll just get "Happy #Caturday" photos but it'll be a picture of a raccoon instead of a kitten and we'll all be like "oh, you"

Sven Rohweder
7 minutes ago

Lemmy wünscht einen hypnotischen #Caturday

Ein schwarzer Kater blickt dich direkt an
7 minutes ago

"she's taking pictures of us for the internet again"

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

A cream Burmese and a chocolate Burmese lying parallel to each other in their basket, their heads facing the camera and their bodies stretched out behind.  Their ears are flattened and their eyes narrowed, and they seem most displeased.
10 minutes ago

Our community cat enjoying spring.
#cat #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

Our community cat is relaxing on a warm spring day.
12 minutes ago

If you've ever wondered what really happens when a model comes to our house for a photo session - the cats pose for photos. I don't know how many cell phone photos models have taken of our cats over the years.

Anoush Anou and Jackson

Inspired by the Kodak Girl

#KodakGirl #Photography #ModelPhotography #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

Anoush Anou, a woman with long dark hair pulled back in a loose bun, wearing a dark colored sleeveless dress, photographing Jackson, a brown and white tabby cat posing on a column, with her cell phone
Y U R E ii 💫
13 minutes ago

Have a nice day everybody! Happy #Caturday 👋🏻
Please interact by saying HELLO 🥺👋🏻

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Hourly Kitten
15 minutes ago

Credit: Astharoshe Asran

at least one cute kitten or cat
16 minutes ago

Y para este #caturday , quizá la partida de piedra tijera papel más larga de la historia.

Michi (gata oscura) y Mochi (gato oscuro) tumbados uno frente al otro casa uno con su pata delantera derecha estirada.
Mary Austin
17 minutes ago

Forget April Fool's, it's #Caturday !

Here are 50 new pictures in the "My House, Not My Cat" group, which is maybe the only good thing left on #Facebook . (Thank goodness you don't have to go on Facebook to read the stories.)

#CatsOfMastodon #cats

Damien Ryan
19 minutes ago

You better not think about getting up! #caturday

Ginger cat's face lying comfortably on a pyjamed lap
Gerry Gosselin :donor:
30 minutes ago

Today’s caturday comes with sad news. This good girl has small intestinal cancer. We’re awaiting test results to identify exactly what kind and come up with a treatment plan. She still loves belly rubs and doesn’t seem to be in pain. We’re hoping for the best. #caturday

Black and white cat waiting for a belly rub.

*Beethovens 5. melodi*


mjau, mjau, mjau... mjaaaaaauuu


Dora Hathazi Mendes
39 minutes ago

Happy Caturday 🐾🌺 Sharing with you my New pet portrait commission, about the white cat Amelia with flowers.
Thank you so much dear Vanessa for your custom order and for supporting my art! 🎨🐾❤ Dora
Find in my Cat Paintings Collection

#Caturday #cats #catart #catpaintings #whitecatsociety #whitecats #watercolor #art #paintings #catlovers #petart #petportraits #catsofmastodon #MastoArt #catsofmasto #watercolour #originalart

White Cat Painting original handmade watercolor by Dora Hathazi Mendes.  Art prints available
42 minutes ago

#caturday heute Familienausflug zum doc des Vertrauens.

3 Transportboxen mit maunzendem Inhalt
46 minutes ago

My cat Fi begs treats (I cannot give him as I only give him 2 times in a day,Sorry about the mess)

Tabby cat is tapping a tapper ware which contains treat ,asking treat.Human says “You already ate,I will give you later”in Japanese.
47 minutes ago

Aww, look at them like little furry matryoshka dolls!
#caturday #cats #katzen

My horoscope says I'm going to be making changes at home.

So I moved the cat from the sofa to the bed.

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

My grey and white Persian cat, Little Man, laying on his back in bed.
Rob Adamson
53 minutes ago

Lazy Saturday! Renovation work be damned. I’m chilling on the sofa as the cats are. #Caturday

For #Caturday I give you two British Short Hair cats, Josh and Abbie asleep on the sofa. Snuggling each other amongst the throws and cushions. Josh is a 12 year old black and white cat. Abbie is a 5 year old jet black cat.
54 minutes ago
A tabby cat relaxing on the stairs
Russ Swan
55 minutes ago

Meet Hank. He has appointed himself my editor-in-chief. #caturday #catsonlaptops #catsofmastodon #cats

A tabby cat looks very comfortable lying on a laptop keyboard
Signor Tigrillo
55 minutes ago

Mi è appena arrivato un selfie del mio amico Buio (nome nomen), che non ha il profilo su superpets e quindi anche lui è qui per partecipare al #caturday 😻😻

Gatto nero di nome Buio sovrintende alla cucina
Stef Isen
1 hour ago

Today it was Freyja's turn to need rescuing from the pergola! 😿

#cat #cats #catsofmastodon #kitten #kittens #portugal #AdoptDontShop #rescuecats #Caturday

Eve :verified:
1 hour ago

#catsofmastodon #cats #cat #Caterday #caturday
Alle stärken sich mit Leckerlis bevor es raus geht in den Regen 😻
Everyone strengthens themselves with goodies before going out into the rain 😻

Left side Mars, black eating out of bowl goodies, 2 red cats, Snickers all red bottom of picture, Wotan red/white cat next to Mars eating goodies from the floor, and .li, tabby cat on the right by the front door, eating goodies from the floor
1 hour ago

Bonjour la commu :).
Aujourd'hui mon grand chaton d'amour Néo fête ses 8 ans, il devient donc officiellement un jeune senior 😻.

Chat blanc rayé gris posé sur un drap bleu
1 hour ago

It's already daylight!! 😎​
(It was so cloudy, I wasn't sure?)

What plans have you made today? 🤔​

♪ Don't feel like picking up my phone ....🎤​

#Cats #Caturday #Video #Goals #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #FediCats #Lazy

A cat sits quite comfortable with rear paws out as if on a stool. A tiny table in front, and staring at a TV, the image spins around to see the cat from all angles, and the lyrics to Bruno Mars Lazy Song goes by the screen, Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed, don't feel like picking up my phone

Happy Caturday! A small selection of a few neighbourhood strays 🐱

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Cat #Cats #Thessaloniki #Greece

A ginger and white cat hidden inside a bush, with the sun partially shining into its face, looking into the camera.
A young gray calico cat relaxing on a rooftop and looking into the camera.
A gray and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on the sidewalk and looking a bit grumpy.
A young gray tabby cat on the side of the road next to some grass, looking into the camera.
Åsa M Larsson
1 hour ago

Happy #caturday

A Bengal cat is squinting against the sun as she is enjoying the spring weather outside
1 hour ago
Hourly Kitten
1 hour ago

Credit: Eran Finkle

at least one cute kitten or cat
🍂Ela feérica curvy🍂✨
1 hour ago

Mantequilla podría haber escogido ser normal pero escogió meter una pata en la chancla tiburón para atrapar la cuerda SOBRE LA QUE ESTÁ TUMBADA Y QUE TIENE COGIDA CON LA PATITA LIBRE.

Encima esa cara de "no es lo que parece", pues tú dirás qué es entonces, tú dirás.

#caturday #michis #PetsofMastodon

Gatita blanca y gris con una pata dentro de una chancla de tiburón tumbada sobre una cuerda y mirando a cámara
1 hour ago

Happy #Caturday from #PatchTheStudioCat seen here not giving a single solitary about the #bass :catjam:

#OptimumCatBassThreshold #CatBass

Shot opens on a Studio monitor loudspeaker, with a large woofer on top. Then pans across to reveal Patch, the studio cat, lying on the woofer on the other speaker. Not giving a single solitary Fek about the bass.
Noah Doersing 🐦🎨🌿
1 hour ago

It's #caturday, but because I'm all out of cat pictures, here's a dog instead – I hope the internet can forgive me.

A corgi licking its mouth. Impressively wide tongue.
1 hour ago

Behind every strong, independent woman, there's a #cat that won't let her pee on her own.
#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

Sameena Jehanzeb
2 hours ago

Schlafzimmersituation. ♥️
#caturday #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Zwei schwarze Katzen liegen entspannt im Fußbereich des Bettes.
Hourly Kitten
2 hours ago

Credit: Oliver Liegmann

at least one cute kitten or cat

The other one has me pinned down, cos obviously.

#caturday #catsofmastodon

A tabby cat asleep on a bed. A human foot is poking out from under the covers.

Saturday morning. I’m basically just a cat bed at this stage.

#caturday #catsofmastodon

A bedraggled lady lying in bed, partially obscured by a sleeping cat.
Rui Carmo
3 hours ago

Anonymous cat is living its best life. #caturday

Dorothy Berry-Lound Art
3 hours ago

I called this 'Wake Me When It Is Dinner Time'.
#Caturday #CatsofMastodon #Cat #CatLovers

A tabby kitten is fast asleep in a terracotta plant pot. You can see his head with his eyes closed and his chin is resting on a paw that is over the edge of the pot. The rest of him is inside the pot. Copyright Dorothy Berry-Lound
Alfred & Breeze
3 hours ago

Happy #Caturday from Alfred who's pondering the meaning of life
#CatsOfMastodon #FediCats

Close up in the face of Alfred, a big orange cat. He's resting his head on his front paws, and his eyes are wide open, focused on something off camera. He looks like he's having deep thoughts.
Same as the other photo, except he's looking straight ahead. His green eyes are beautifully brought out by the green sheet on which he's lying
Albee & Nyusha
3 hours ago

Happy Caturday from us two – watching a washing machine and watching the world 😽
#AlbeeTheCat #BritishShortHair #NyushaTheCat #TurkishVan #Caturday #Cat #Cats #FediCat #FediCats #CatsOfMastodon #Katze

Small white cat sat on the floor watching a washing machine
Furry cat on a sofa with his leg draped over the edge
⠠⠵ avuko
3 hours ago

There was a piece of gift wrapping paper to lie on. So that is what she did.

We now know exactly what her next birthday present is gonna be:
Just an empty carton box, in some wrapping paper.

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

Cat lying comfortably and squarely on a piece of wrapping paper.
JuneSim63 💚
3 hours ago

At least the laundry pile has defeated him this time.
#Caturday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Large fluffy black cat asleep next to a pile of freshly laundered towels, on a wooden chest.
Hourly Kitten
3 hours ago

Credit: Steve Jurvetson

at least one cute kitten or cat
4 hours ago

My cat I s obsessed with my detangling hairbrush. The moment I started to brush, he jumped in my lap and then gave me this face

#caturday #CatsOfMastodon

Black cat with tilted head, begging to be brushed
Mrs K Husky
4 hours ago

Happy Caturday from Sweep.
#catsofmastodon #caturday #cats #photography

Sweep a tri coloured cat sitting like a human with TV remote controls in front of her on a black leather sofa with a white fleece blanket
Hourly Kitten
4 hours ago

Credit: Alan Huett

at least one cute kitten or cat
Hourly Kitten
5 hours ago

Credit: Sylvia

at least one cute kitten or cat
Alberto e Fabio 🏳️‍🌈
5 hours ago

Pesce o non pesce, oggi è #caturday !!!

Gatto tigrato accucciato all'ombra quasi sonnecchiando.
Martin Woodward
6 hours ago

Happy #caturday from a very unimpressed Holly. I apparently interrupted some very important looking out the window time

6 hours ago

I’m cat 2 not cat 6 #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

A black cat with green eyes looks up from playing with blue network cable
Hourly Kitten
6 hours ago

Credit: LNB Photo

at least one cute kitten or cat
Ice Nine
7 hours ago

Not only is this a #Caturday, but it's also a #NotMyCat to boot!

A tabby and white at sitting on a bench, with golden eyes.

This cat is apparently called Oliver, but I wouldn't know for sure - he's not my cat and also he can't speak, just make funny meows.

In the background, it can be made out that Oliver is sitting outside, due to the presence of poplar trees in the distance.

He likes pats, but only on his own terms it seems.
7 hours ago

The sun will soon rise on another #caturday

#pica is ready

Pica pulling a maximal cat yawn/laugh showing off her teefs.
7 hours ago

Het is #caturday en ik denk er ook nog eens aan.

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
8 hours ago

is it #caturday yet?

🐰Hase Caesar🐇
10 hours ago

Caesar und Luna vor etwa 3 Jahren (Sommer 2020). Da waren beide noch ganz jung. 😻

#catsofmastodon #caturday

Fernby Films
10 hours ago

Happy #Caturday peeps!

11 hours ago

I see a cat, I boost it. It is the right way to Mastodon. 😉

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #Katzen #MastoCats

13 hours ago

The #DailyDashboard ! When there's a too-small box, there's a way #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday

Dashboard the Siamese cat, awkwardly curled into a small shallow box lid, bulging out of it

Early #caturday with this furry little guy who knows I’m sick & is doing his best to help me out.

Scapy The Cat with his head buried on my chest
✨Cosmic Social Worker✨
17 hours ago

@darth you can also follow hashtags, like #DogsOfMastodon or #CatsOfMastodon or #Caturday

An early #Caturday post. Our new stray kitten Jasper

A grey and white tabby kitten lounging behind its food bowl.
Tomomi I
1 day ago

Everyday is #Caturday
These community kittens are growing up and doing well.

Kittens by the ocean
Lance Taylor 💾
1 day ago

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur, Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr.. Purr.. Purr. #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Lacey #Caturday

You def have to follow #dogstodon, and #caturday is also an option.

This couldn't wait for #Caturday

A hen has kittens hidden underneath it. The video has the hen standing up and revealing the kittens.
4 days ago

Looks like this would be a good abject for an Early 20th Century painting

#cats #cat #love

Every day is #caturday

Andy Paciorek: Uncanny Noir💀☕
4 days ago

The watcher ...
My house-cat Shah on patrol as his visitor the semi-feral Midnight makes her now nightly appearance.

#caturday everyday #cats

A grey cat sat in dark doorway. Only it's white moustache, bib and socks visible
Eve :verified:
4 days ago

#cat #cats #caturday #Caterday #catsofmastodon
.li is afternoon chilling
.li is trying to dream of a box
.li dream has come true

.li is afternoon chilling
.li is trying to dream of a box
.li dream has come true

Found on Reddit, omg cutie 😭😍♥️

#cat #cats #kitty
#catsofmastodon #caturday

Amy Hoy
6 days ago

you think they want something?

#caturday #CatsOfMastodon

foreground: a plate of chicken and broccoli on legs under bed sheets. mid-ground: a big grey cat and fluffy white cat stare avidly at the plate.