Ok, no, this is absolutely friggin' surreal - no, it is actually spooky.

I never searched for an album or playlist called "Celeste", but I listened to many other playlists this year and they must have contained tons of pieces from this album.

WT-??? How can it be that my Top #1 album was "Celeste Piano Collections" ... I mean, .. umm, ... no, I have no idea... I know: The universe is still trying to tell me something... 🤔🤷🥰


Screenshot of Apple Music's Replay, section "Top Albums", shows "Celeste Piano Collections" as #1.

This is spooky.

My friend Maia Gorgon is doing another Celeste run! She's been improving so much, I'm so proud of her~ Stop by and say hi!🐍

#celeste #twitch #VTuber

3 days ago

I think i'm getting addicted to #celeste, it's truly a masterpiece.

4 days ago

I don't normally do vanilla, but I am today... Vanilla Contest level pack for Celeste

#VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #Twitch #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer #Celeste #CelesteGame

FierceAxolotl :twitch:
6 days ago

I really hope we collect the moonberry today 🌚

Join us as we attempt getting the most difficult Steam achievement in #Celeste. And things should be working MUCH BETTER thanks to the new PC:)


#IndieGames #IndieGame #PrecisionPlatformer #Platformer #Twitch #Gaming #Games #CelesteGame

Screenshot of the videogame Celeste, specifically the screen in Farewell where the moonberry is. It's edited to include the logo of the game and a photo of Fierce wearing a green shirt. It reads "Celeste Farewell moonberry".

🔁 Boosts welcome to help me figure this out

#Steam is telling me its servers are too busy to allow me to buy #Celeste for myself or #ItTakesTwo for me and husband @rigger when I start the "Checkout" flow.

I'm getting that error this morning. I got it last night before I went to bed. I tried on my desktop PC running Windows 10. I tried on Steam(.)app on my iPhone.


I don't buy it one second. I'd have heard if Valve was being DDOSed for 10 hours.

So what's going on? I have my suspicions, but I'm curious what others think?

Also, suggestions because I REALLY want to play IT TAKES TWO with my husband. My only idea rn is to see if Matthew can gift purchase it for me from his account.

I'm toning down the amount of time on Fedi; feel welcome to ask clarifying questions, but may be a moment before I reply. Thanks!

#Steam #Valve #Gaming #VideoGames #ItTakesTwo #Celeste

1 week ago

First time finishing #Celeste
121/175 Strawberries
4663 Deaths
Cleared in 15:40:21 on version

2 weeks ago

Going live with a new Celeste modpack. Vanilla Contest. A set of maps that aim to make interesting levels without adding extra mechanics

#Celeste #CelesteGame #VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberUprising #VTuberEN #Catgirl #Twitch #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer

2 weeks ago

Schedule for next week. In addition to this today at 6:30PM GMT (in about 90 mins) I will be a guest on as a game exchange. I will be attempting to teach her to play FFXIV for the first time, then next Sunday she will be teaching me how to drive a train (I will almost certainly be awful and everyone is gonna die)

#VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #VTuberUprising #Celeste #CelesteGame #BeyondASteelSky #PointAndClick #Amiga #Retro #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasyXIV #FFXIV #TrainSimWorld #Collab #Twitch #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer

Stream schedule for
Monday 7:30 PM - Celeste
Tuesday 6:30 PM - Beyond a Steel Sky
Wednesday 7:30 PM - Interphase (Amiga)
Thursday 6:30 PM - Final Fantasy 14 MSQ (Endwalker)
Saturday 6:00 PM - Final Fantasy 14 raids
Sunday 6:30 PM - Train Sim World (feat
Matt :fatpikachu:
2 weeks ago

I'll be playing Celeste live on YouTube. After beating Mario 3D World, I craved more good platformers, so now watch as I get the golden strawberries. #streaming #celeste

trinux ۞
2 weeks ago

Terminé la demo de #Bzzzt. Bastante divertido y duro. Está baratito pero tengo #Celeste por terminar y este es, prácticamente, lo mismo. Aunque parece algo más sencillo en mecánicas; al menos las que salen en la demo. No tiene el engancharse / rebotar en las paredes.

Steve-o Stonebraker
2 weeks ago

I have decided that the music in #Chicory is as wonderful as the writing and mechanics. "Sips River" is the perfect blend of peaceful and melancholy.

Turns out the composer, Lena Raine, also did the music for #Celeste

Is a #Bandcamp purchase still the best way to support musicians? I know they were recently purchased by a new company and people weren't optimistic about its future...

2 weeks ago


I'm super stoked for our next longform stream game, a mountain I've been looking forward to scaling with all y'all for quite some time! Come join us as we launch into Celeste this evening for my first playthrough!

Come hang!! :3

#vtuber #envtuber #celeste #platformer #platformers #platformergames #mountains #twitch #twitchgames #helf #iamacat

Maia is climbing Celeste on Twitch! She's at Summit and soooo close to finishing the main game for her first time! Stop by and cheer her on~💖

#twitch #vtuber #celeste

Moved yet again, this time to a self-hosted firefish instance :3

I'm an AuDHD transbian girl being gay and silly on fedi.
​:spinny_cat_trans:​​:spinny_cat_lesbian:​ I only recently started transitioning and I'm trying to be more open about my emotions. ​:neocat_floof_cute:​

Expect lots of shitposts/random nonsense, selfies, gay yearning and emotion dumping (both positive and negative, but under a CW). ^^

I like video games, mostly indie and Nintendo ones (e.g. osu!, Touhou, TLoZ, Metroid, Celeste, Crypt of the NecroDancer etc), and I also stream them. ^^

I also listen to a lot of video game music and their covers, and I can talk about languages, though I almost never post about either for some reason.

Disclaimer: the above info is correct at the time of writing, but it
will become outdated over time, as my hyperfixations shift around every few months. My overall set of interests is fairly static tho, so if I will be circling back to the previous ones eventually. ​:neocat_floof_happy:​

I'm also a GNOME developer (mostly maintaining libadwaita and a few third party apps), and I will occasionally post updates about that, but this is my personal account first and foremost, so don't expect a lot of posts about it :3

I'm also developing a game emulator frontend called Highscore, but how many spoons I have for it varies wildly over time

#introduction #introductions #trans #gay #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #neurodivergent #VideoGames #osuGame #touhou #touhou_project #TheLegendOfZelda #zelda #metroid #nintendo #Celeste #CryptOfTheNecrodancer #CadenceOfHyrule #vgm #VideoGameMusic #GNOME #libadwaita

FierceAxolotl :twitch:
3 weeks ago


We continue our #Celeste-bration (of 1K #Twitch followers) with attempting the most difficult Steam achievement for Celeste: collecting the #moonbery! Let's see how far we get 🌝

Still #cosplay-ing as Madeline, of course!


#twitchStreamer #twitch #indieGames #videoGames #gamer #gaming

Photo of Fierce wearing a long red wig and a blue sweater, as they're cosplaying Madeline from the videogame Celeste. In the background, you can see the plushies of Madeline, Badeline, and the Twitch logo.
FierceAxolotl :twitch:
3 weeks ago


We start our Celeste-bration (of 1K #Twitch followers) with some food! That's right -we're #baking the OFFICIAL #Celeste #StrawberryPie LIVE 🥧

And I'm #cosplaying
as Madeline for our very first Food & Drink stream 🍓


#CelesteGame #TwitchStreamer #Cosplay #IndieGame #videogames #Strawberry

Photo of Fierce wearing a long red wig and a blue sweater, as they're cosplaying Madeline from the videogame Celeste. Fierce is next to a big bowl of strawberries and other cooking utensils. In the background, you can see the plushies of Madeline, Badeline, and the Twitch logo.
3 weeks ago

don't you hate it when you're looking for secrets but accidentally go the "correct" way and it locks you out of going back? DX

#celeste #celestegame #celestegameplay #furry #furries #furryfandom #furrytrash #justbored #justboredgaming #highlight #highlights #short #shorts

4 weeks ago

#novembit day 4! Posting this one late cause i finished very late last night haha. I’ll always love Celeste and this was really fun to recreate! #pixelart #pixelfed #pixelartist #celeste #strawberry #wingedstrawberry

Rose 🧡🌹
1 month ago HOLY CRAP!!!!!
MY first sub hour!!!!!



I didn't realize until this evening it's been nearly a year since I last did any kind of Celeste run run. Not bad for being rusty and having a d-pad registering diagonals when it shouldn't.

#celeste #speedrun #platformer #transrightsarehumanrights 💖

A screenshot of the final results screen at the end of an Any% run of Celeste showing the main characters at a table looking at a strawberry pie. The screen also indicates 1 Strawberry of 175 was collected and the player "died" 212 times.
FierceAxolotl :twitch:
1 month ago

💙 You're Invited 💙

Besides showing off my #Madeline #cosplay this #Halloween, I'm inviting you all to a #Celeste-bration NEXT WEEK. Thank you, Axolotl Fam, for the big milestone we achieved together. And thanks @exok_games for creating the best #videogame ever!


#CelesteGame #IndieGames #IndieGame #Baking #Pie #Gaming #VideoGames

Postcard with a Canada stamp and with a photo of Fierce cosplaying as Madeline, wearing a blue jacket and with long, red hair. Fierce is cooking a big strawberry in a pot, next to the plushies of Madeline and Badeline. The postcard reads, "To: Axolotl Fam. From: You're invited to a Celeste-bration of 1K followers! Mon Nov 6: baking the strawberry pie IRL. Thu Nov 9: collecting moon berry in-game. @ 6PM EST."
1 month ago
trinux ۞
1 month ago

¡Qué cunda el ejemplo! #Celeste tiene un cargador de modificaciones llamado (acertadamente) #Everest. Es software libre y te lo puedes descargar ya en #flathub. Celeste es un juego de plataformas de precisión. ¡Preparate para morir!

1 month ago

The mysterious #Celeste (or what I came here for) did not let us down. Perfectly dramatic music for the occasion.

#samhain #maastricht #MetalheadConcerts

The band Celeste on the stage, hardly visible as they are bathed in many strong white light beams.
1 month ago

It's out!

This is Journey, a beginner-friendly Celeste custom map from yours truly.

#celestegame #celestemod #celeste

#Celeste her vocals were really strong this round, her facials were ok, her dance was a little soft at times.

#Samara I found that compared to her teammates Samara did not stick out that much, which is a compliment, you want to blend with your group well, her vocals were good, her dance and facials were also good.


1 month ago

Schedule for this week. NA people please note time changes, as the UK has done DST, but the Americas don't do that until next week.

All times GMT:
Monday 7:30 - Celeste (Map TBC)
Wednesday 7:30 - Interphase (Amiga)
Thursday 6:30 - FFXIV Shadowbringers MSQ (Emotional Damage time)
Saturday 5:00 - FFIXV Raids (ARR and HW EXs)

#VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #Twitch #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer #CelesteGame #Celeste #Retro #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #Amiga #FFXIV #FinalFantasyXIV

LumKitty's stream schedule. Details in main text
1 month ago

I'm guesting on Linokii's stream today, doing multiplayer Celeste for their streamversary!

#VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #VTuberUprising #Collab #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer #Celeste #CelesteGame #Twitch

1 month ago

Qui se cache derrière la nouvelle compagnie aérienne Celeste ?

👉 La future compagnie bretonne a obtenu le soutien de toutes les collectivités locales mais aussi de nombreux entrepreneurs de la région. Tous veulent sécuriser des liaisons régulières vers les principales métropoles françaises, alors que Chalair vient de suspendre son Brest-Orly.

#transport #aviation #bretagne #celeste

Estelle Platini
1 month ago

"Au total, l’argent public, sous forme de capital ou d’avance remboursable, représente plus de 60 % du plan de financement de la [nouvelle] compagnie aérienne, qui s’élèverait à hauteur de 8,2 millions d’euros."

#ParisBrest #planificationÉcologique #transitionÉnergétique #FRPol #politique #assistanat #aviation #Finistère #Celeste #transports par Mickaël Correia pour #Mediapart @Mediapart

1 month ago

I will be releasing a new Celeste project, most likely before the end of this month!

Here's some more info:

-This will be a brand-new map from yours truly!

-It's made with beginner players in mind.

-Unlike most of my other projects, this one is NOT strictly vanilla. It is the very first project i created using helper mods.

-It's fun to speedrun. (i have done a bunch of runs myself)

#celeste #celestegame #celestemod #celestecustommaps


5 years ago I bought #Celeste (specifically September 29, 2018).

At the time I assumed it was a simple difficult platformer.

And well, back in 2020 when I was listing games that hold special meaning to me on some Discord server I said the following:

> Celeste almost got on my list, it was very close to appearing on it, but I decided to not put it here. it's a really good game, but not special enough for the list i have made

ha ha.

As if things were that simple. I think even back then I knew I was lying to myself, because it's the only game on the list that I specifically mentioned that wasn't on the list.

Exactly five years later I came out as #trans. Honestly, I was quite surprised when I looked at the date when I purchased the game. My Celeste journey is still not over. I want to finish it properly, both in game, and in real life.

I can do this.

I want to finish the climb, and beat everything that I gave up on before (8-C and 9).

I want to transition too, after 27 years.

This game very much helped me discover myself. I feel much happier knowing what I know now.

You have changed my life.

Thank you, @maddy.
Thank you, @noelfb.
Thank you, @kuraine.
Thank you, @amora.
Thank you, @saint11.
Thank you, @gabbydarienzo.
Thank you, Sven Bergström.
Thank you, Greg Lobanov.
Thank you, @nsuttner.
Thank you to everyone I haven't mentioned who worked on Celeste.
And thank you, people who played Celeste for supporting the developers and helping me discover this game in the first place.

Thank you.

I've decided to replay #Celeste and this time I managed to get to the secret room in Chapter 6.

Previously, Chapter 8-C and 9 were too difficult for me, hopefully I will manage to beat those. I want to finish this journey :blobhearttranscat:.

The spoilered image features the secret room in Chapter 6.

Secret room in Celeste's Chapter 6 featuring references to Maddy's previous games.
Adam Heine
1 month ago

2517 - I did it! I beat Getting Over It!

I'm not sure I've ever been more thankful to beat a game (though Celeste came close and was a big reason why I came back to this one).

#gratitude #GettingOverIt #Celeste

Title image of the game Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. The main character is a dude sitting in a pot holding a sledgehammer, and he's looking at the beginning of the mountain he has to climb.
Screenshot of the "Got Over It." achievement. "You reached the top of the mountain. 8.8% of players have this achievement."

I'm live!

I didn't forget to charge my controller this time :3, so we'll be playing some Celeste suffer.. I mean enjoying B sides :3

#stream #twitch #celeste #goinglive #linuxgaming

I'm live!

I didn't forget to charge my controller this time :3, so we'll be playing some Celeste suffer.. I mean enjoying B sides :3

#stream #twitch #celeste #goinglive #linuxgaming

dopey (they/them)
2 months ago


(Not so) New intro since I moved instances! (from

Other hashtags:

I sometimes talk about NSFW stuff (always with a CW) or reblog NSFW posts. Don't follow if you're a minor.

Drawing of Spider-Gwen.
Drawing of my OC Sam playing a bass.
Pixel art recreation of Maya Fey's animated sprites from Ace Attorney.
Pixel art character with animated facial expressions.
2 months ago

Schedule for this week (all times BST). There might also be an unscheduled run of Hildebrand (FFXIV) in a couple of hours.

Monday 7:30 PM - Celeste 7D (Monika)
Tuesday 6:30 PM - Doki Doki Literature Club (part 3) (No Monika)
Wednesday 7:30 PM - Repton: The Lost Realms (3-E)
Thursday 6:30 PM - Final Fantasy XIV - Shadowbringers MSQ
Saturday 6:00 PM - Final Fantasy XIV - Raid: Coils T13

#VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #VTuberUprising #Catgirl #Miqote #FFXIV #FinalFantasyXIV #Celeste #CelesteGame #DokiDokiLiteratureClub #DDLC #Repton #Retro #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #BBCMicro #Twitch #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer

LumKitty's twitch stream schedule. Times given in main post
Drew Naylor
2 months ago

The Frozen Peak from #SeaOfStars (remixed from #TheMessenger) gives me #Celeste vibes and could work very well in it. I've been thinking this since I got to that part and just remembered thanks to a recent The8BitDrummer clip.

#VideoGames #gaming

2 months ago

Well the covid jab hasn't knocked me out yet, so we're gonna do Celeste D-Sides until it does!

#VTuber #ENVTuber #VTuberEN #Celeste #CelesteGame #Twitch #Stream #Streamer #SmallStreamer #Catgirl

Junebug 🌿
2 months ago

Celeste is my favourite game. Here is some older fanart I drew in 2019 when I first got the game and climbed to the summit!

#Art #Celeste #CelesteFanart

Digital halfbody drawing of the character Madeline. She is wearing a blue jacket and a backpack and is looking upwards towards something out of frame with a both uncertain and determined expression
Junebug 🌿
2 months ago

No more running.

I finally completed the Celeste B-Sides! :D On to Farewell !

#Celeste #CelesteFanart #Art

Portrait drawing of the character Madeline from Celeste. She has very long pink hair that is flowing around her and glowing slightly. She is holding a reddish pink crystal heart to her chest and smiling.
Sarma / Amras
2 months ago

(images contain Celeste story spoilers)

This toot is for me; I want to remember this.

There's a post-game level in #Celeste I've been dreading for literal years, because the cycle timing refused to gel with my brain.

Now that it's done, I'm fairly confident I can do literally anything I set my mind to.

This toot doubles as your regularly scheduled reminder that the Celeste soundtrack slaps:

The drawing displayed at the end of the "Celestial Resort" level, with "B-Side Complete" written at the top.
630 deaths on Celestial Resort B-Side

I'm live!
Playing more Celeste, hopefully finishing up A sides and going into the B sides!

#twitch #stream #celeste

caite m
2 months ago

Hello i'm playing the lovely cooking game #Venba, and then doing some #Celeste any% gaming! (practice or runs, unsure yet)

Screenshot of caitelatte's Starting Soon twitch stream banner, which has a alligator, capybara and a cat sitting at a table under the text "Starting Soon", and a skeleton in a grey jumper with an octopus wearing pirate hats, and a kirby in a burger

I'm live!
Playing some Celeste, enjoying the ascent up the mountain and then the grind of extra sides. We'll see if i get this far today, i hope i will tho

#stream #twitch #celeste

3 months ago

Ich habe gestern endlich Mal wieder #Celeste etwas weitergespielt und Frage mich ehrlich, wie Leute es schaffen, dieses Spiel länger als eine halbe Stunde am Stück zu spielen. 😅 Ich liebe es, aber das Stresslevel kann schon sehr hoch sein.

Viktor Glukozavr Kurochkin
3 months ago

What are the first titles you think of when you hear #indiegame ? For me it's usually #hollowknight, #celeste and #supermeatboy Not an analysis, just first things that came into my mind.

P.S. The image is Hollow Knight promo.

#indiegames #indiegamedev #gaming #videogames

3 months ago

hihi! new #introduction because my instance moved once more :neofox_heart:

i'm a #ChronicallyIll, #bipolar, #enby who lives with their black cat and loves thinking too much about fiction

#horror, #podcasting, stories, and #VideoGames are my passion

some media i love: #DoctorWho, #bloodborne, #celeste, #house, #ajj, #lost, #hannibal, most imaginative #indies, #megaman, #digimon, #tmnt, #AudioDrama #cartoons

rye, red hair parted down the middle, looks to their left while their black cat (fennec) sits in their lap and looks at the camera
older picture of rye wearing a red sweater with white laces, holding a thai iced slushie with boba while they drink it. red hair swiped to the right
picture right before rye cut their hair and started parting down the middle -- swiped to the right. they are smiling, full-teeth, lying down and looking up at the camera wearing a blue sweater and an n64 shirt
3 months ago

jsuis TROP en retard dans le partage de mes dessins donc jvais spam!!! Madeline fanart!!!!!

#celeste #celestefanart #madeline #madelinefanart #cartoon #cartoonart #digital #digitalart #art #fanart #mastoart

jeune femme blanche se tenant de face. elle a les cheveux roux, au vent, partant vers sa gauche. elle a  une grange rousse, des yeux noirs. elle sourit. elle porte un sous pull violet foncé, un pull bleu clair avec une fraise ailée dessus, une jupe plisée violette claire, des chaussettes arc-en-ciel (rouge, orange, jaune, bleu, violet) et des converses violettes foncées. le fond est rose/rouge claire. autour de sa tête il y a un cercle de la meme couleur que le fond mais en moins foncé.
3 months ago

Watching top #Celeste players conquering the extremely difficult Strawberry Jam Grandmaster challenges.

Reddit screenshot:

"Have y'all considered therapy??? (Impressive)"

"Climbing mountains (towers) is cheaper than therapy."
3 months ago

The #Celeste gaming experience

Madeline does squats when she wins
baxter :verified:
3 months ago

I recently turned 40 and decided that I would embrace my oldness and buy a record player.

Currently listening to the #Celeste soundtrack. It’s so good. Lena Raine made something beautiful.

❤️ @EXOK & Fangamer

(Also I know I shouldn’t have my speaker so close to my record player but I need to clear some space. Plus it makes for a good photo)

Photo of my record player and speaker with the Celeste soundtrack playing.
4 months ago

I received some goodies in the mail today!

From The Yetee, a batch of gaming t-shirts and a pillow.

#Celeste #Gaming #MailCall #Metroid #VideoGames #Zelda

Top: a Metroid pillow with Samus charging up a shot to fire at Ridley.

Center, left to right:
A Celeste shirt featuring Madeline and Badeline.

A Legend of Zelda shirt with Link and Tatl against Majora's Mask, which has taken the form of two hands surrounding Link.

A Metroid shirt depicting Samus in front of a planet with a tail of Metroids between the two.

A Metroid shirt showing Samus surrounded by several small animals and holding one of them, while a large flightless bird is behind her.

Just saw a guy on a #bianchi #racingbike. The bike was black! Didn't know you are actually allowed to buy them in anything other than the iconic bianchi turquoise #celeste ;)

How long will he last? #celeste #trans

(I forgot I saw this video in my recommended a couple days ago lol)

A screenshot of four livestreams from a YouTuber (@twigziy). The thumbnail of each of the videos is the Celeste logo with two stock photos of men in suits edited in.

The titles of the videos are: 
"straight male plays celeste (i swear i'm cis)"
"straight male plays celeste 2"
"celeste day 3 (still cis)"
"cis male plays celeste day 4"
FierceAxolotl :twitch:
4 months ago

Hi, welcome in! I'll do a updated #introduction:

Here with the #Axolotl Fam we like to play #cozy & tough #WholesomeGames, fundraise for (mostly) Mexican orgs, and hang out with friends. Some of our fav games: #Celeste, #GRIS, #Tunic, #Spiritfarer.


#TwitchStreamer #Twitch #IndieGames #IndieGame #Charity #Bilingual #Mexico #NonBinary #Gamer #Gaming

Small info section that reads FierceAxolotl (they/them) with email: Fierce's regular streams are Monday & Thursdays at 6PM Eastern (USA).

It also has a description of Fierce: Fierce is a fiercely kind, bilingual (ENG/ESP) Mexican immigrant living in the US. They play cozy & tough games on Twitch while having a good time with friends.  And in the process, why not help our world by fundraising and spreading kindness to others and oneself? ❤ You can also find Fierce as a mod in other channels!

Teams & Collabs includes Cafe Cultivar Community Manager, The Indie Game Collective Showcaser, Wholesome Direct 2022 & 2023 Co-Streamer, and Cosmic Hearts Team Member. Streams include wholesome & cozy indie game showcases, charity campaigns (Mexican orgs preferred), Spanish/English content, co-streams & interviews, and more! Check it out!
4 months ago

hihi! new #introduction because the instance i'm on has moved/rebranded ​:neofox_heart:​

i'm a
#ChronicallyIll, #bipolar, #enby who lives with their black cat and loves thinking too much about fiction

#horror #movies, storytelling and #VideoGames are my passion and i want to find #WritingCommunity

some media i love:
#DoctorWho, #bloodborne, #celeste, #house, #ajj, #lost, #hannibal, most imaginative #indies, #digimon, #tmnt, #cartoons

rye, red hair parted down the middle, looks to their left while their black cat sits in their lap and looks at the camera
older picture of rye wearing a red sweater with white laces, holding a thai iced slushie with boba while they drink it. red hair swiped to the right
picture right before rye cut their hair and started parting down the middle -- swiped to the right. they are smiling, full-teeth, lying down and looking up at the camera wearing a blue sweater and an n64 shirt
Rye, hair parted down the middle, just out of a shower, wearing a black and white striped shirt
FierceAxolotl :twitch:
4 months ago

Here's Claire (from #AShortHike) and Madeline with Badeline (from #Celeste) climbing Mount Cat-Tree 🗻

I feel like they would be besties. I hope @EXOK & @adamgryu agree 😆🫶

#IndieGames #Plushies #VideoGames

A plushie of Madeline (a red-haired girl with a blue puffer jacket), a plushie of Badeline (who looks like an evil Madeline yet with pink hair and a purple puffer jacket), and a plushie of Claire (a dark blue bird with a red dress). The three of them are on top of a grey cat tree.
4 months ago

okay another migration another #introduction this will be the last one i swear
i am Monologue, my interests include:

#freesoftware, #privacy and #linux, currently using #debian.

i like to play
#indiegames, my favourite genres include #metroidvania s #rougelike s and #platformergames, i really like #celeste, #hollowknight, #bindingofisaac and #hyperlightdrifter.

i am a paper shape shifter aka i do
#papercraft and #origami.

i am a potential
#weeb, started to take interest in reading #manga s. i finished #tokyoghoul and caught up to #chainsawman, #yofukashinouta and #theeminenceinshadow, all recommendations are welcome.

i like a wide range of
#music my favourite genres are #rock and #metal but i am willing to listen to almost anything.

i also speak
#turkish aside from english so expect #glub s in turkish as well.

well that's about it really, if those sound interesting feel free to give me a follow.

3 hours on #train today.
Figured it'd give #Celeste a go on my #SteamDeck

Bottom half of the image is a steam deck running the game Celeste. The top half of the image is the inside of a train carriage
4 months ago

Stoked to finally get a physical copy of #celeste! Thanks, @EXOK. 🍓🪽

A copy of Celeste: Deluxe Edition for the Nintendo Switch sits on a wooden coffee table with books and board games in the background.
An open case for Celeste: Deluxe Edition for the Nintendo Switch reveals a small Hiking Guide booklet and the Celeste Switch cartridge itself.
4 months ago

New short video posted about a pretty cool Celeste Mario rom hack mashup!
#romhack #celeste #supermario #NES #Nintendo

HappiePlant :flow:
4 months ago
4 months ago

How is 4B so dificult!?!

(It took me the better part of a week to beat this level in #celeste) Love this game!

njamster :godot:
4 months ago

I'm currently toying around with #AutoTiling – and looked into how #Celeste is doing it. Its tilesets follow a common template (image 1). To my surprise it does *not* include all possible inner corners, though! It's noticeable in-game as well (image 2 or highlighted in image 3). Obviously saves time (16 tiles less), but for a game that includes multiple variations for most of its tiles, it seems rather odd? 🤔 Am I missing something here? @saint11

#GameDev #TileMap #TileSet

According to my internet research, this is the template shared between tilesets in Celeste: 48x120 pixels in total, divided into tiles of 8x8 pixels each. There's four different variations for each tile in one of the following categories:

- top edges
- bottom edges
- leftside edges
- rightside edges
- single horizontal middle tiles
- single vertical middle tiles
- single vertical top edges
- single vertical bottom edges
- single horizontal left edges
- single horizontal right edges
- single block tiles
- upper left corners
- upper right corners
- lower left corners
- lower right corners

The fifth column includes 15 different inner corner tiles, but notably misses the variations that would directly oppose an outer edge or corner. 

The last column includes 12 different variations of so-called "inground blocks", tiles that are used to blend between the edge tiles and the background shared between different tilesets in the game.

The remaining three tiles are unused/black.
A screenshot from the game Celeste, showing a level that (presumably) uses tilesets that follow the template shown in the previous picture.
The same screenshot as in the previous picture, with tiles highlighted in green where technically should be an inner corner tile directly opposing an outer edge. Instead the regular outer edge tile (without an inner corner) is reused there.
4 months ago

Just in case you wondered about my trans card, yes I do have #Celeste on Epic, Itch, and Nintendo Switch.

5 months ago

Finally climbed the mountain. #Celeste #switch
Mild end game spoiler in image.

Screenshot from the game. Characters are eating pie. It shows some stats. I've played for almost ten hours, died nearly 2.5k times and collected 58 of 175 strawberries.
FierceAxolotl :twitch:
5 months ago

So yesterday was not only #Nonbinary Peoples’ Day, but also I DID THE THING: I beat #Celeste 7C

I love how much this game challenges me. Thank you @EXOK
for making #CelesteGame
💗 8C and Farewell are next!!

#TwitchStreamer #Twitch #Platformer #IndieGame

dopey (they/them)
5 months ago


I'm updating my introduction since there's a lot of new people coming over. Hopefully, this is easier to skim through.

Other hashtags:

I sometimes talk about NSFW stuff (always with a CW) or reblog NSFW posts, so maybe don't follow me if you're a minor.

Drawing of Spider-Gwen.
Drawing of my OC, Sam.
Pixel art animation of Maya Fey.
Pixel Art portrait of Anya Forger.
5 months ago

As the tradition goes, here is my #introduction ​:celbounceline:​

Hello, I am ctrl, your average non-binary transfem catgirl developper. Unsurprisingly, i dabble in
#Rust, and i'm trying to learn #Haskell. I also really love to code in #C.

I play a lot of video games, with my top 3 favorites games being
#Celeste #BreathOfTheWild and #Payday2.
Sometime i try to speedrun Celeste too :3

I fucking love
#Linux, and one-day i'll take a *BSD for a ride, cause it seems really cool.

I have
#ADHD, probably #Autism and definitly some flavor of #depression or #anxiety.

I speak english, and i'm learning portuguese slowly with the green bird app. I may or may not have some notions in french.

One day I'll design my own programming language, and I'll code a
#kernel with it.

And welp, if you have any questions, just shoot, I would be happy to answer them.

6 months ago

Storytime, I took an interest in reverse engineering through playing video games. Researching about them, and archiving data. Right now my goal is to find as many modern resources on the subject as I can, then curate all of that information into a book or maybe even a tutorial series.

There's a long road ahead, but I'm at least halfway there. If you're a beginner like me or you've an interest in game hacking or binary analysis you're welcome to join me.

Some of my favorite games are #celeste #sekiro and #ApeEscape

My interests include but are not limited to:

#infosec #gaming #reverseengineering #gamehacking #cybersecurity #programming #art #mindfulness #zen #music #sciencefiction #writing

I'm writing my own sci-fi novel as I delve into the windows API, if you want beta readers for your book, I might read it, haha. #introduction

wolfie 🐺
7 months ago

woah getting close to 2 mins! #Celeste

chapter one end screen of Celeste showing a time of 2:08.197
8 months ago

Celeste Classic is now available on Playdate! #playdate #celeste

An animated screenshot of Celeste Classic running on the Playdate.
wolfie 🐺
8 months ago

finally got a better #Celeste time!

chapter complete screen from Celeste, showing 2:26.795
9 months ago

#CelesteGame #Celeste
The Strawberry Jam Collab is out!

This is a huge community collaboration effort, just like the 2020 Spring Collab. I'm very much in the minority in that I don't recommend the Spring Collab as the first mod to try after the base game, because my personal experience with it is that it's quite hit-or-miss in terms of which maps I enjoy, but my favourite Celeste map (ever, including base game) is from the Spring Collab ("The Climb"). I

10 months ago

To celebrate the #NewYear, GameGrooves is slashing prices by 50%!

From #MarioKart to #Pokemon, from #Zelda to #Castlevania, from #Persona5 to #Celeste, there's a cover album for everyone!

11 months ago

#gaming #celeste

holy shit when does this fight end

I think this is the last fight of the game? it's so long, it's fun but so long

Steve Streza
11 months ago

The memorial at the start of #celeste is haunting once you know what the game is trying to say.

Screenshot from the game Celeste, a large gravestone: "Celeste Mountain. This memorial dedicated to those who perished on the climb."
no more sans serifs
11 months ago

It’s taking me around 3-5hrs to complete one act of #Celeste Farewell (last) stage. At this rate, it’ll take me around 30hrs to finish the entire (just one) level. 🫠

For context, it took me around 30hrs to finish the entire base game levels and their B side (except for chapter 8). I also vaguely remember finishing the C sides in that time frame but I’m not sure.

11 months ago

Our #Celeste tribute EP, "Over the Summit," releases on Friday, December 30th, but you can pre-order it today to receive three full tracks!

Steve Streza
1 year ago

"From the creators of #Celeste" is a magical sentence, let's frickin go, #Earthblade looks gorgeous and I will play it the moment that comes out. #TheGameAwards

Alan Zucconi
1 year ago

One of the best examples of accessibility for motor impairment is "Celeste" Assist Mode. 🧗‍♀️

It allows to change several gameplay parameters such as how many times you can jump in mid-air, and even to turn invincibility and endless stamina on/off. 🎮

I also appreciate how "Celeste" calls this ASSIST MODE, which highlights how those features benefit ALL players. Not just the ones living with a disability. ✨

#gamedev #accessibility #disability #games #gamedevtip #celeste #assist

1 year ago

ANYWAY let's do a quick test of image stuff whilst I post tags that might help folks find me.

Interests include:
#FFXIV (main on Lich)
#Celeste (the video game)
#Spelunky (1, HD and 2)
#HollowKnight (recent!)
#TheBindingOfIsaac (not sure of what tag, but the game on Steam)
#WormsArmageddon (the strategy game from the late 90s)
#Pathfinder (I'm in 2 games; could join more 👀)
#DOOM (the shooting games!)

(intensity of interest can fluctuate!)

A picture of a character with dark hair and purple clothing, wearing a blue jetpack. She is surrounded by blocks that are covered in detailed glyphs.
A picture of a curved tree with hanging branches, with circles at the ends of the branches. The circles have intricate net designs within them, and the tree has curved lines drawn on it. Standing next to the tree is an individual with a horned white head, wearing a grey cloak covering their body, and with a simple weapon on their back. These are in a rocky cave, with silhouettes of stalagmites and a chain in the foreground.
A picture of a character with short, dark-purple hair with yellowed tips, red eyes that are partially obscured by tinted glasses, tan skin with freckles and markings, and long horizontal pointed ears. They are wearing a black jumper with a dark ascot scarf, and a purple coat with stitches and patches. They are also wearing fingerless gloves with gold trim, an orange earring with a wicked smile partially on display, and a staff of intricate design on their back. The character is smiling, and is holding their arms up horizontally, with a fist pressed into an open palm. The background is out of focus.
A picture of a character with red hair, goggles, wearing red and blue clothing, stands against a dark sky whilst standing on a grey brick that sits on a red brick building. They are throwing a blue boomerang. In the top-right there's a blue-violet star, and "Mana" above it. There are also several red hearts, some of which are faded, and "Life" above those hearts. The top-left has ten items on display as shortcuts, with "Items" above them. In order, the items are a pickaxe, an axe, a sword, a bow, a hammer, 63 torches, a boomerang that is currently selected, a copper ore block, 2 yellow stars, and 5 grey bricks. The moon is partially out, in its First Quarter phase, and there are clouds partially obscuring a starry sky. The red brick building has a number of torches on its walls, two doors, and houses a man with brown hair, a grey shirt, blue jeans and dark shoes. The house also contains a wooden treasure chest, a semi-circular stone hearth, a wooden chair, a grey anvil, a small bench with two bottles placed on top, and a table roughly the same height as the man. There are also three wooden platforms in the house, the top room of the house is lined with glass blocks, and there is a glass window at the front of the house. The house has a floor made of sand and stone in two distinct parts.
1 year ago

As for current video games (Follow up to the introduction post) :
& more.
Sure, I'm probably not going to post on most of them, but these are games I am currently following the hashtag of

1 year ago

People are doing a top five favorite #videogames thing? I'll join too! In no particular order.

#Xenoblade (specifically the first one I haven't played the others)

Honestly my list could change each week cuz I also love:

I just like a lotta games.