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#Censorship favoring #Fascsim: Robert De Niro says anti-Trump speech censored at Gotham awards ceremony
Actor said that his address had been edited to remove polemic against falsifying history

Adam Lein
3 hours ago

Ha! Looks like Facebook Threads & Instagram are restricting comments for talking about enshittification & the Fediverse? #tech #enshittification #censorship

Try Again Later We restrict certain activity to

protect our community. Based

on your use, this action will

be unavailable for you until 2023-11-28. Tell us if you think

we made a mistake. OK Tell us
Russia-Ukraine Daily News
9 hours ago

🇩🇪 🇷🇺 A Russian businessman has successfully taken legal action to ban a book in Germany about the Kremlin and its spy agencies, in a case that freedom of speech groups have described as an alarming attack on public interest reporting.

#russia #censorship

Arawak Spike
14 hours ago

Gotta say,Mastodon is conspicuously silent regarding the Palestinian plight with exception of a few accounts, I think there is #censorship happening

17 hours ago

It’s also made it harder to search for sex-related content on Threads that could be related to health, or simply factual information, rather than titillation.

Read more 👉

#Sextech #Censorship #Facebook #Instagram #SexualHealth

Jason Kautz :mastodon:
18 hours ago

They censored television because there were only a handful of networks with enough money to participate in the market, in the first place. They'll do the same with #AI.


20 hours ago

Shtaya points out that there's massive #censorship of 'Palestinian content' on [centralised] social media platforms --- both posts by Palestinian people, and posts by anyone, in any language, anywhere else in the world on topics supporting Palestine.

It's not just individuals posts.
It's entire topics that speak up for Palestine that will be labelled as, for example, 'incitement' and hence off limits.

This censorship happens both at the request of Israeli officials, and initiated by platforms themselves.


Ramzi Mourad 🍉
21 hours ago

#instagram is censoring comments I post from my account. The restriction is till December
I have been posting #boycottisrael or #boycott on some brands
#censorship #meta

Screenshot showing my instagram account beige restricted from commenting on posts
Screenshot showing my instagram account beige restricted from commenting on posts
22 hours ago

How one #Russian nonprofit is trying to #crack through the Kremlin’s #censorship wall.

Running an #internet #freedom organization in an authoritarian country is never easy, but for Roskomsvoboda, the past two years have been particularly difficult.


23 hours ago

A drawing of a nude Donald Trump. A punching bag sculpture shaped like a woman’s torso. A display of women’s party shoes standing proudly on prayer rugs. All are pieces of #ContemporaryArt that have provoked debate and, sometimes, violent reactions.

These pieces and dozens more that were subjected to some sort of #censorship have found a home in #Spain at #Barcelona’s #Museum of #Forbidden #Art, or “Museu de l’Art Prohibit” in #Catalan.

#BannedArt #CensoredArt

1 day ago

#Israeli Minister of Communications and Member of #Knesset, Shlomo Karhi, speaking on behalf of the #Likud party, announced the new measure on Monday after they reached a "principle understanding" with tech entrepreneur #ElonMusk.

#Musk landed in #TelAviv on Monday, where he is due to meet #Israeli President #IsaacHerzog. According to Israeli media, he will also meet Prime Minister Benjamin #Netanyahu.

#Starling #censorship #Gaza

The Japan Times
1 day ago

A mountain town in China's Yunnan province has become a haven for those seeking to escape the pressure of a country where personal freedom is increasingly being restricted. #asiapacific #socialissues #china #xijinping #tech #telework #censorship

1 day ago

“The Mandates of Conscience”: Michelle Alexander on Israel, Gaza, MLK & Speaking Out in a Time of War

At a recent event organized by the Palestine Festival of Literature, "leading writers & academics came together to speak out against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

"The event was held at the Union Theological Seminary in Manhattan. But it almost didn’t happen. Four other venues refused to host the gathering."

#Gaza #USPol #Censorship

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#UK #Censorship #OnlineSafetyAct #Privacy: "Free-speech campaigners are broadly unhappy with the final Online Safety Act. Barbora Bukovská, senior director for law and policy at the human rights organisation Article 19, says that while the final version has been “slightly improved” by the removal of “legal but harmful”, the act remains an “extremely complex and incoherent piece of legislation that will undermine freedom of expression and information, [and] the right to privacy”. It will be “ineffective” in making the internet safer, she adds."

2 days ago

There are a couple of things wrong with #Hollywood, from #inequality of pay and treatment to the lack of #diversity, #oppression, and #abuse of power that included harsh treatment of child actors, but now, more than ever, the ugly side of Hollywood revealed itself with its #censorship and #blacklisting of #actors who speak about #Palestine.

2 days ago

#Hostages maintain #kibbutz like community in captivity, says #Israeli #correspondent.

Alon Ben David, a senior defense correspondent for #IsraeliChannel13, has #disclosed key #insights into the conditions of #IsraeliHostages recently released by #Hamas, despite a #censorship ban.

Additionally, he #confirmed that #statements made by previously released hostage, Yochved Levishiz, about her experience were #accurate, countering accusations of media harm against her.

2 days ago

Lightning devs must ‘wake up’ and fix security bugs, not please VCs: Bitcoin dev - Antoine Riard, who left the Lightning Network in October, argues ... - #centralpointoffailure #replacementcycling #venturecapitalism #lightningwallets #lightninglabs #antoineriard #censorship

Chris Offner
2 days ago

Tested it myself and ChatGPT 3.5 refuses to answer it because it "is not directly related to [my] academic interests"? 😂 I guess penis-related questions are deemed irrelevant to computer science students. 🤓🥲

ChatGPT 4 answers it just fine. A bit offensive that it uses inches instead of a civilised unit like cm though.

#LLM #AI #chatGPT #chatGPT4 #openAI #GPT4 #censorship

2 days ago


>> #Democracy can and must tolerate such friction.

True, but this is not the time to give oxygen to #BDS, #BDSMovement

>> Dialog and debate instead of bans and authoritarian #censorship … I also highly doubt that top-down lecturing will change any antisemite's mind

There! You just made the case for taking a hardline stance against BDS. No amount of "dialog and debate" or "lecturing" will stop the damage that BDS is causing

BDS is a COLOSSAL danger to world #peace and #security

3 days ago

Google Calls for a System That Supports the Digital Ecosystem at the CRTC Hearings

Google made an appearance at the Online Streaming Act hearings at the CRTC. They asked for a system that helps the digital ecosystem.

Earlier, we reported on Bells outrageous appearance where they basically demande

#Censorship #BillC11 #Canada #CRTC #Google #OnlineStreamingAct #YouTube

AS 396507
3 days ago

Our #Tor #bridge management shell script now asks for and configures #IPv6 addresses in its latest update, v0.2.3, though in testing using a v6 bridge line in Tor Browser does not seem to work. No errors in notices log however.

The private bridges in this screenshot are not long-term bridges, so if you extract them and use them, they will cease to function soon. Once we're comfortable with our configs via this script, we'll roll out many new public bridges on this /24 subnet.

#privacy #censorship #anonymity

Linux terminal window displaying Emerald Onion's Tor bridge management script. First it curls the github link location and runs it as sudo, then shell script runs and is showing two installed tor bridges
3 days ago

Skirts take some getting used to 😝 #femboy #model #outfits #miniskirt #legs #gaynsfw #queer #censorship

3 days ago

Decentralized file sharing, explained - Decentralized file sharing is a peer-to-peer network system where... - #decentralization #blockchain #censorship #wikipedia #torrent #tokens #dapps #opera #dlt #p2p

Tobias Raayoni Last ♾️
3 days ago


Although I am also strongly against any antisemitism including anti-Zionism, I think the senate overreacted! #Berlin is such a proudly tolerant city with a vibrant diversity it is a shame to shut down a cultural center for taking a controversial stance in a place that is all about controversy.

#Democracy can and must tolerate such friction.

Dialog and debate instead of bans and authoritarian #censorship - especially in these times of #disinformation and confusion.

I also highly doubt that top-down lecturing will change any antisemite's mind, especially among the artsy lefty subcultures.

Therefore I support although I disagree with their political stance.

3 days ago

Internet Blockade: India deploys shutdowns in name of security

The data compiled by global digital rights group Access Now and the #KeepItOn coalition shows that India enforced at least 84 shutdowns in 2022. Out of this, nearly 60% of India’s internet shutdowns last year occurred in Jammu and Kashmir, where authorities disrupted access due to “political instability and violence,” according to the report.

#kashmir #jammu #manipur #InternetShutdowns #censorship #AccessNow #KeepItOn #FreeSpeech #dissent #india

4 days ago

“A Level Playing Field is Not Enough”, Bell Tells CRTC During Online Streaming Act Hearing

A transcript is now available of some of the CRTC hearings on the Online Streaming Act. It shows how entitled Bell feels.

Earlier this week, we noted some of the comments made by Bell at

#Censorship #Bell #BellCanada #BillC11 #Canada #CRTC #hearing #OnlineStreamingAct

4 days ago

Threads, like Meta’s other prize stable ponies Instagram and Facebook, does not allow sexually explicit content on the platform.

Read more 👉

#Sextech #Censorship #Facebook #Instagram #SexualHealth

David Fi&er
4 days ago

A joint statement from Scholastic Canada, Annick Press, and Owlkids Books on children’s access to books (pdf)

#librarians #censorship #reading

4 days ago

The Harvard Law Review Refused to Run This Piece About Genocide in Gaza

The piece was nearing publication when the journal decided against publishing it. You can read the article here.

#HarvardLawSchool #HarvardLawReview #GazaGenocide #gaza #palestine #israel #hamas #IDF #zionism #WarCrimes #censorship

The New Oil
4 days ago

Congress, Stop Supporting #Censorship! #KOSA Threatens Free Speech in the US.

#uspol #privacy #cybersecurity

Syphilia Morgenstierne
4 days ago

Over 90% of pro-Palestinian content deleted since Oct. 7 on social media following Israel's request. Individuals in the media are responsible for this. Haven't they learned anything?
#ApartheidIsrael #Media #Censorship #Palestine

Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 days ago

#Israel #Palestine #Gaza #HumanRights #FreedomOfSpeech #Censorship #CancelCulture: "The experts pointed out that artists, academics, journalists, activists and athletes have faced particularly harsh consequences and reprisals from states and private actors because of their prominent roles and visibility.

“People have the right to express solidarity with victims of grave human rights violations and demand justice, whether from one side or the other or both,” the experts said.

They noted with deep concern that several artists around the world have been targeted because of their art or political messaging, pressured to change topics of artistic expression, and labelled either as troublemakers or as indifferent to the suffering of one side or the other. “Some artists have been deprogrammed and censored for calling for peace, others have lost their jobs, and some artists have been silenced or side-lined by their own cultural organisations and artistic communities,” they said."

4 days ago

Bitcoin Mining Pool F2pool Acknowledges OFAC Transaction Censorship; Backpedals After Community Backlash - F2Pool, a Bitcoin mining pool, has admitted to filtering transactions coming from ... - #bitcoinmining #censorship #bitcoin #f2pool #news #ofac

John Sóos 🍉
5 days ago

@miki_lou @LALegault Joe Sacco, the world renown creator of the brilliant graphic novels, “Palestine” and “Footnotes in Gaza” was interviewed on CBC when the network had already prevented their journalists & broadcasters from using the word, “Palestine”. The artist shone and the CBC came across as being enormously ignorant, while spewing forth vile anti-Palestinian racism. #Palestine #Canada #media #censorship #cdnpoli

5 days ago

Platforms like Threads are experimenting with Hashtags that are essentially detached metadata, not represented in the {tweet, source of truth}; slight trust & safety problem… #VerbTheOppressedOutgroup

Having experienced “graph search” years ago within [META], I fear that it is solving for “engineers who don’t want to be doing free text search, who think that the Twitter advanced search dialogue is ugly and complex with too many input fields, and who believe that tying user intent to a pre-existing static graph must really be a simple matter of programming.”

Oh, and “giving users the power to dictate conceptual search terms and conversation rendezvous is dangerous for trust and safety.” It’s a bit obvious if someone posts #VerbTheOppressedOutgroup explicitly in their text and yet for some reason it doesn’t turn up in search results for that hashtag.

#censorship #trustAndSafety #verbTheOppressedOutgroup #VerbTheOppressedOutgroup

AS 396507
5 days ago

Emerald Onion is thankful for less #censorship on the internet.

We've been working on a new bridge management shell script, which aims to make it easier for #tor bridge operators to deploy and manage #obfs4 bridges on #Debian and #Ubuntu systems.

feedback welcome ^_^

5 days ago

I find it outrageous and incredibly offensive how often subtitles are censored.

I've experienced it on broadcast TV. On Amazon. On YouTube. And elsewhere.

Deaf people do not need swear words hidden. Those of us with hearing loss don't suddenly decide, "Ah, yes, because I can't hear fully, I don't want to experience swearing anymore."

Stop censoring our content!

#Subtitles #ClosedCaption #Censorship

The New Oil
5 days ago

Gazans Are Trying to Stay Online Under Siege. New Tech Is Struggling to Help.


LA Legault ✌🏻
5 days ago

🇨🇦 If you want to understand the level of #censorship of Canadian news media right now, read about CTV (our biggest private broadcaster) banning the word “Palestine.” #journalism #media

#CTV forbids use of ‘#Palestine,’ suppresses critical stories about #Israel

Revath S Kumar :javascript:
5 days ago

Missouri library to ban porn star book after waitlist clears, despite being on adult section

"It contains important information about health, safety and consent that are not contained elsewhere in our collection."

#books #censorship #FreeSpeech #LGBTQIA

5 days ago

The #KOSA Bill threatens to censor online content under the guise of trying to "protect the children". 🤔

The bill's vague language opens the door to dangerous legal interpretations that will do more to push censorship on the American public than protect the nation's youth. 🚫

Contact your senators and make your voice heard against this attack on free speech! 👇

#freedomofspeech #usa #censorship #lgbtq #senate

Sen. Marsha Blackburn along with her colleague Sen. Richard Blumenthal introduced the KOSA bill in February of 2023.
6 days ago

Musk’s Lawsuit Is About Destroying Free Speech

The point of this lawsuit is to intimidate anyone who speaks out against antisemitism, white supremacy and other forms of bigotry.

#Advertising #Censorship #FirstAmendment #Law #MediaMatters #Twitter

"And today, profoundly disturbed by the quick retreat to censorship — and troubled by the lack of reflection on how the progressive shift away from broad support of free and even offensive speech has made us especially inept at navigating this moment."

#Israel #Hamas #Palestinians #antisemitism #Islamophobia #censorship

1 week ago

#Argentina’s president-elect wants public companies in private hands, with media first to go

November 20, 2023

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — "Argentina’s right-wing president-elect gave the first indications Monday of how he plans to start shaking up South America’s second-largest economy: with a slew of privatizations.

"Populist #JavierMilei, a libertarian economist and self-described 'anarcho-#capitalist,' won a presidential runoff election on Sunday with 55.7% of the vote. He said Monday that he would move quickly to privatize the country’s state-owned #media outlets and look to do the same with other public companies.

"'Everything that can be in the hands of the private sector will be in the hands of the private sector,' Milei told Bueno Aires station Radio Mitre.

"Experts immediately questioned how far Milei would get in fulfilling that vision without the support of Argentina’s National Congress, where his party holds a relatively small share of seats. However, some analysts said his resounding election victory could give him leverage."

#Fascism #Censorship #AnarchoCapitalist

1 week ago

ive found one funny thing

you remember youtube was found of slowing down anybody with an adblock a few days ago?

yeah, well it apparently applies to countries where there's no adsense and thus no ads. like russia. if you're in russia, youtube traffic shapes you until you turn on a proxy

the first time the russian government didn't have to do anything to ban russians from accessing information

#google #adblock #censorship #firefox #russia

The Citizen Lab
1 week ago

@citizenlab's @emiledirks and Jeffrey Knockel uncover hard and soft #censorship on 7 #China search platforms after the death of former Chinese Premier #LiKeqiang.
These are triggered by keyword combinations and demonstrate China's control over the narrative around politically sensitive topics.

Jack of all trades
1 week ago

An interesting look at the music of Shostakovich and the political context surrounding its creation.

#USSR #SovietUnion #censorship #music #communism #Stalin

Ang Black
1 week ago

Repulicans salivating
Anti-censorship tools are quietly disappearing into thin air in China | TechCrunch

> #China — the biggest internet market globally with more than 1 billion users — is no stranger to online #censorship. For years, authorities in the country Client software Clash, which helps users bypass firewalls and circumvent China's censorship system, has abruptly left the Web world.


1 week ago

Pressure to remove topics like #MassIncarceration from #SchoolCurriculum in places like #Florida & from the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) #AfricanAmerican #History course reveals precisely why we must continue teaching it. Those pushing #censorship are afraid of mass incarceration for the same reason they’re afraid of the history of #slavery: Because reckoning with these histories raises the #MoralImperative to repair them.


I just hate it when my science textbooks have too much science in them, don't you?

#USPol #Republicans #RepublicansAreTheProblem #censorship #science

Between Wanderings
1 week ago

Falsifying the content of old literature is a rotten idea.

If we erase all evidence of past prejudices from the culture, then we are doing something dangerous to ourselves and others: aiding the bigots who want to teach younger generations that systemic prejudice never existed, and that the movements to end those prejudices were lying and were frivolous and dishonest.

Leave the past intact. We need it.

#Jewish #literature #Jews #Mazeldon #antisemitism #censorship

1 week ago

LGBTQ+ people have long had a saying: 'Scratch a 'phobe [homophobe], find a queer.' It looks like 'Scratch a self-described protector of children, find a sex offender' is just as true, if not quite as elegantly stated. Like this Moms for Liberty guy in Philadelphia, people who want to police other people's reading habits and sexualities are usually trying to hide their own issues and insecurities.

#MomsForLiberty #censorship #hemophobia #SexOffenders #authoritarianism

The Republican-controlled #Texas Board of #Education has rejected various science textbooks for having too much information about #ClimateChange, for *being published by companies with environmentally-friendly policies*, and because they "portrayed fossil fuel use in an insufficiently positive light".

Holy shit. Disgusting. #USPol #Republicans #RepublicansAreTheProblem #censorship #science

Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

Yeah, I'm high, and I'm watching stupid stuff on #YouTube.

Here's a bit of stupid stuff: that time that Disney+ decided to paste a digital carpet on Daryl Hanna's butt to hide....


I'm going to be honest. I don't know what they were trying to hide exactly. It is not like you can see anything in the original.

Maybe they figured a teenage boy would go frame by frame and come to a frame showing something. 🤷

#Splash #DarylHannah #censorship #Disney #DisneyPlus #DisneyPus

Search Climate Toots
1 week ago

#X or #Twitter is getting great reviews for promoting tweets against the War Crimes in Gaza.

Not surprising since they are owned by Quatar and Saudi Arabia.

Maybe they also want to keep the Palestinian oil in the ground!

Occasionally corporate media do some good.

#Censorship #Propaganda

Here we go again, @mosseri , you and #Instagram shutting down the voices of the oppressed. Taking the side of the war criminals in their pursue of genocide.


#Censorship #Meta #Mosseri #StopTheGenocide #FightTheGenocide #Gaza #Palestine #FreePalestine #FreeGaza #FromTheRiverToTheSea #PalestineWillBeFree

Screenshot of shaunking @ instagram, displaying an image of video creator saleh_jaf2 @ instagram. It's a blank page.

Shaun's comment:
Instagram just deleted Saleh’s account. He was one of the most followed journalists in Palestine and one of the most followed Palestinians in the world. He’s a HERO that should be celebrated but instead @meta & @zuck & @mosseri are doing this! It’s absurd and dangerous.
1 week ago

Muslims are being harassed, assaulted, and slaughtered by Hindu nationalists—and Indians aren’t allowed to watch

India is trying to erase evidence of its citizens' crimes. Kaushik Raj writes.

#IndianMuslims #muslims #AntiMuslimViolence #BJP #hindutva #SocialMedia #censorship #india

Joshua Holland
1 week ago

This piece mentions Elon Musk saying that anyone who uses the slogan “from the river to the sea” will be banned from Xitter and the fact that he’s suing Media Matters for noting that ads are being placed next to Nazi content and *still* refers to his supposed “commitment to free speech.” It’s just wild how much the press has internalized his blatant bullshit.

#elonmusk #censorship #twitter

Joshua Holland
2 weeks ago

We’re like five minutes away from Texas defining talk of anthropogenic climate change as pornography.

“Texas education board rejects climate change lessons in textbooks” #climatechange #fascism #texas #censorship

2 weeks ago

Smearing Photojournalists as Hamas Collaborators Gets Them Added to a Hit List

Israeli officials are accusing major news media of coordinating with Hamas, painting Palestinian stringers as terrorist operatives.

#Censorship #IsraelPalestine #MediaActivism #Photography #WarAndMilitary

2 weeks ago
this: The U.S. government has a special law restricting satellite imagery that depicts Israel.

Here's an overview of that law, and how satellite companies are navigating a hotly contested conflict zone:

How long has the U.S. restricted satellite imagery of Israel?
It's a unique situation: For years, federal law has limited the quality of commercial satellite imagery U.S. companies can sell — if the images depict Israel and Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories such as Gaza.

It's not unusual for countries to attempt to restrict satellite imagery of sensitive locations on their own soil. But in this case, the law seeks to protect an entire — and separate — country.
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

11-15-23 Nicole Sandler Show – KPFK Preemptively Censored Me & Not Even Jason Leopold’s FOIA Prowess Can Help
View on Zencastr

Well that was interesting. I have a story to tell you about that bastion of free speech, Pacifica Radio's ailing Los Angeles station KPFK.

They offered me the job of Program Director a few years ago. I t
#NicolesBlog #censorship #foia #JasonLeopold #KPFK #MichaelNovick #MylaReson #PriorRestraint #WhiteHouseCocaine

Steven Zekowski
2 weeks ago

When I went to read that article, I happened to notice this one at the bottom of the page.

“Anti-Racist” Dinner Party Hosts Say CAA Dropped Them Over Israel “Genocide” Rhetoric
"[CAA] did not return a request for comment."
#NewMcCarthyism #censorship #genocide #israel #gaza

Sally Strange
2 weeks ago

All my friends and family know who Greta Thunberg is but none of them (except my partner, because I told them) know that Ms. Thunberg has been getting arrested a lot. So interesting.

Anyway Thunberg is appearing in London court today for a plea hearing.

#media #censorship #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDenial

Texas Observer
2 weeks ago

Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian wants the Board of #Education to reject accurate descriptions of #science in school books. An important vote is coming soon that could shape how students learn about the #environment.

From our friends at @insideclimatenews:

#Texas #schools #ClimateChange #Republicans #censorship #news #politics #USpol

Texas Observer
2 weeks ago

We're pleased to see our Special Investigative Correspondent @stevanzetti thriving on another of his many beats: shedding light on the latest ways Elon Musk is being terrible ...

#news #politics #SocialMedia #censorship #ElonMusk

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 weeks ago

#SocialMedia #Palestine #Gaza #ContentModeration #Censorship: "Palestinians have long fought private censorship, so what we are seeing now is not particularly new. But it is growing at a time when online speech protections are sorely needed. We call on companies to clarify their rules, including any specific changes that have been made in relation to the ongoing war, and to stop the knee jerk reaction to treat posts expressing support for Palestinians—or notifying users of peaceful demonstrations, or documenting violence and the loss of loved ones—as incitement and to follow their own existing standards to ensure that moderation remains fair and unbiased.

Platforms should also follow the Santa Clara Principles on Transparency and Accountability in Content Moderation notify users when, how, and why their content has been actioned, and give them the opportunity to appeal. We know Israel has worked directly with Facebook, requesting and garnering removal of content it deemed incitement to violence, suppressing posts by Palestinians about human rights abuses during May 2021 demonstrations that turned violent."

2 weeks ago

Last week, voters in suburban Philadelphia flipped their book-banning majority-#Republican school board to majority-#Democrat. All five open seats were won by Democrats.

#BookBans #Books #Censorship #Democracy #Libraries #USPolitics

3 weeks ago

#Luxembourg #Government #Censorship
Bon et ass eng Saach vun Übung, mee et geet awer!

The Pictures are copyrighted and cannot be shared anymore!
3 weeks ago

#Ramaswamy just went after #antisemitism when in his very LAST response he said he wished #ElonMusk was moderating! Then he said antisemitism should not be dealt w/ by means of #censorship. #NBC missed an excellent follow up opportunity, they 100% should have asked if - in that case - Vivek would condemn the US #House of Representatives for #censoring #Palestinian Rep Rashida #Tlaib. You know, there’s no way in hell he’d do that.

#hypocrite #republicans #RepublicanDebate

"...the culture war divides of state and national politics came to the Santa Fe school board race, with Vigil-Stockton and McKenna calling for the removal of certain books from classrooms or school libraries, such as “anti-American” books or those discussing LGBTQ+ relationships. Vigil-Stockton, a Republican, was endorsed by the county Republican Party. Boses, a Democrat, called the issue “a distraction” from more important issues facing Santa Fe schools."
3 weeks ago

Over the past few years all the major tech companies of the GAFAM have shadow-banned or literally banned most of the collectives using Now we've learned that the Turkish state has blocked access to our domain due to "distribution of terrorist propaganda". More than ever, the State, the cops and those in power want to keep revolutionary ideas and counter-information out of the mainstream.

This seemed like a good time to remind people that is also accessible as an onion service using Tor Browser with the following link :

If you don't have Tor Browser, you can download it on the Tor Project website:

If your ISP blocks access to the Tor Project website, you can visit this page for alternative ways to download the Tor Browser :

Furthermore, with all the mainstream social media algorithms showing us almost nothing but ads, you may feel like you're now missing some good anarchist content you were enjoying in the past. If it's the case, you can subscribe to a Peertube channel's RSS feed or also subscribe to the newsletters of different projects to never miss a video.

#anarchism #repression #censorship #tor - A Free Hosting/Streaming service for anarchist & anti-colonial videos.  No advertising, no algorithms, multilingual, free to use. Email to set up a free account

An illustrated post about Bad Art - we've all made some - or have we? And who decides?

#Art #MastoArt #FediArt #Drawing #Creativity #Design #Bad #BadArt #Censorship #Speech #Voice #YesYes

A drawing of an image in a frame of the words "BAD ART" with people looking at it saying, "what the..." and "garbage" and "terrible" and "ridiculous" and the last person says, "I kind of like it"
3 weeks ago

About that boat tracking system and port schedule page that seemed to have lost track of the ship 🤔

It's clear from on the ground reporting that the ship was in port this morning.


#AIS #censorship #SIGINT #OSINT

4 weeks ago

Without you, the world as we know it today would have been a complete dystopia. We are grateful for your work.

#censorship #freeSpeech #freeAssange #freeRoss #pardonSnowden #privacy #antiEstablishment #korruption

3 portraits of heroes of our times

@CodaStory: When AI doesn’t speak your language "Better tech could do a lot of good for minority language speakers — but it could also make them easier to surveil" (by Avi Ackermann)

@ai @surveillance #freedomofspeech #surveillance #censorship #ai #llm #to_read

The European Network
1 month ago

In Barcelona, censored art now has its own museum.

Since 2018, Catalan collector Tatxo Benet has purchased almost 200 artworks from around the world that were subjected to censorship for one reason or another. Around 40 of these are on display in his Museum of Forbidden Art, which opened on 26 October.

#Spain #Barcelona #Museum #Art #ForbiddenArt #Censorship

Israel-Palestine war: Egypt's media regulator blocks Mada Masr over coverage of Israel's bombing of Gaza #censorship

So... #Instagram has removed the #EyeOnPalestine account. Gone. No more.

Care to explain why, @mosseri , in the middle of a war you have chosen to remove an account which documents the atrocities commited by the genocidal Israeli war machine? Care to explain why, when children are dying, and/or orphaned, you choose to remove an account that shows these children to the world? Care to explain why, when civilians—be they children, or adults, women or men—are being buried in the rubble resulting from Israeli bombing, you choose to remove an account showing these war crimes to the world?

Shame on you @mosseri

Edit: The backup account has now been taken down aswell.

#Gaza #Palestine #Censorship #StopTheGenocide #FightTheGenocide

DW Innovation
1 month ago

News Media Scan, launched by DW in coop with @ooni allows users to check which news websites in their country / region are blocked and which are accessible.

It "empowers the public to document and collect evidence of news #media #censorship to support a #free and #open #internet around the world."

More info and a download link to the free #Android app over here:

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Does mass media pave the way to fascism? | Wellcome Collection | Betteridge’s Law, Applies

There’s a TikToker who recently coined the most-ever pithy summary of Darwin’s Origin of Species:

I figured out why there’s animals:
it’s because you can’t fuck if you’re dead*

In a similar vein there should be a summary of Fascism along the lines of:

If you want massed rallies of zombie-like followers,
try “mass communication” by any means possible

…but alas Civil Society prefer to wag the dog by its tail and look at any novel mass communication means to spread fear that it may be used by <outgroup> to <pursue undesirable ends>.

A classic of the genre, from 2018/history, but at least with some self-awareness:

Today, we live in an age of anxiety about ‘post-truth’ politics. ‘Fake news’, targeted messaging and seductive persuasion are rife. Digital technologies have created extraordinary new possibilities for the analysis of voter behaviour and also voter manipulation. But many of our contemporary concerns about the new dark arts of political persuasion and unconscious psychic life have a longer history. In the mid-20th century, psychologists’ curiosity and dismay about our susceptibility to manipulation and control crystallised. Their writings, though flawed and dated, still offer us food for thought in a new age of economic convulsion, population movement and toxic populist fervour. In the 1940s, Money-Kyrle was worried about the power of radio and other mass media to reveal and provoke our worst selves. In the 21st century, he would have been looking online.

I wonder if the “flawedness and datedness” will ever really stop?


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