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Everything changes -
people, places, feelings
only the ones that were
made for you
stay the same.

~ Iva

Although I haven't had time to write or publish anything lately I found myself submitting two poems just now from which one was already published 🥰

I needed this time for myself.
I needed photos of our son Chris was sending me.
I needed to feel the change that happened
I needed to feel the joy
and blessings that life
has put upon me
in the faces of the people I love.

Although we know it all we still need to be reminded from time to time because the age we live in and lives we are leading can be so confusing.

#life #mentalhealt #love #change

view on the trees from below with the blue sky behind them.
Niels Pflaeging
7 hours ago

I just posted about #OpenSpaceBeta and why it is wise to obtain #supervision as a 1st-time OpenSpace Beta "Master of Ceremonies”. If you look at employing OpenSpace Beta for the 1st time, this post In the BetaCodex group on LinkedIn is for you: #betacodex #transformation #change #changemanagement #orgdev #collaboration #agile #agiletransformation #agilescaling

Selbst wenn das papierlose Büro Realität werden würde: Visitenkarten gibt's dann immer noch – zufriedenstellende und verbreitete Alternativen fehlen bis heute. #Bureaucracy #BusinessIdeas #Change #Communication #Digitization #SocialMedia

Niels Pflaeging
9 hours ago

In organizational change & development, a pretty simple principle applies:
"Working the system is worthwhile,
working the people isn't."
A #BetaCodex white paper on the matter:
#changeasflipping #collaboration #change #leadership

Bin jetzt 2x zwischen Instanzen umgezogen und es hat wunderbar funktioniert, nach dieser Anleitung. #fediverse #instanz #wechsel #instance #change

Jason Kautz :smug:
1 day ago

I'm flexible for other people; I have a hard time changing for myself

#change #myself

Arbeiten 4.0 ist in aller Munde und damit auch das Thema New Work. Doch wie sieht es konkret aus, wenn man tatsächlich ortsunabhängig arbeiten will und welche konkreten Schritte sind dazu notwendig? Diese 7 Tipps führen zum Erfolg. #Change #Creativity #Digitization #Meetings #RemoteWork #TimeManagement #Workplace

Catherine Ivers Norton
1 day ago

Any kind of change spins the wheel of fortune. Even negative events (e.g., being fired, a car accident, or the end of a relationship) open doors to unexpected new opportunities.

Unless we are blissfully happy with the way things are now, we should deliberately shake up our routines: Drive a different route. Shop at different stores. Go places we've never been before. Smile at strangers.

Ask: What one boring thing in my routine can I shake up today?

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mentalhealth #mindfulness #opportunity #change

Sunlight shines through a hole in a golden leaf held to the sky. Caption reads, "Whenever there is a change, there is a new opportunity."
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Leben ist Wandlung – und mehr als ein äußerer Prozess. Was sich ändert, bringt mich näher zu #gott Ein Impuls von Br. Paulus Terwitte über Veränderungen und Überraschungen des Lebens.

#Wandel #Change #Veränderung

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"#Artists to my #mind are the real #architects of #change and not the #political #legislators who #implement #change after the #fact " – #burroughs

اندرو آبی
2 days ago

You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Genetically Engineered Glow-in-the-Dark Petunias…

#SingularityHub #chronicles #technological #progress by #highlighting the #breakthroughs, #players, and #issues shaping the #future as well as #supporting a #global #community of #smart, #passionate, #action-oriented #people who want to #change the #world.


Erick the Stoic
3 days ago

Rather than feeling anxiety that things are so unsettled and wishing that things were more certain, get comfortable with things being adrift and trust that at some point in the future things will be more solid.

Read more 👉

#Change #Epictetus #Future #StoicCoffeeBreak #Stoicism

Kent Pitman
3 days ago

Climate snaps routine.
We expect worse, yet change shocks.
Change is worse than worse.

#haiku #senryu #poem #ShortPoem #climate #change #ClimateChange #psychology #sociology #society

Some notes on that...

I often quote the late Prof. Amar Bose, founder of the Bose corporation, from something I heard him say at a lecture to the MIT Enterprise Forum decades ago. He spoke of about the frustration sales people at audio stores expressed about the need to set up Bose equipment differently than other sound equipment. They wanted it to be the same. He said they had to evolve the expression "Better implies different." He explained that one of the characteristics of betterness is that it meant doing something different, breaking routine.

It occurred to me today that this applies in the reverse direction, too. It may seem obvious but we behave as a society as if it's not: We expect Climate Change to make things worse, but we expect those "things" to be the same. We expect to still grow up, go to school, go to stores, chat with friends, go to movies, vacation, travel. And yet Climate Change will create fundamental obstacles that may make these things not just harder but perhaps not possible. Perhaps far sooner than we think. Look at how much a simple thing like Covid affected things, and then multiply that enormously.

In effect, worse implies different.

I don't think we're prepared.

اندرو آبی
3 days ago

This Week’s Awesome Tech Stories From Around the Web (Through September 23)…

#SingularityHub #chronicles #technological #progress by #highlighting the #breakthroughs, #players, and #issues shaping the #future as well as #supporting a #global #community of #smart, #passionate, #action-oriented #people who want to #change the #world.


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Larry #Fink

00:00:04 "behaviors are going to have to change[..]you have to #force #behaviors and at BlackRock we are forcing behaviors[..]what we're doing internally is. if you don't achieve these levels of impact, your compensation could be impacted[..]you have to force behaviors and if you don't force behaviors[..]you're going to be impacted[..]we're going to have to force #change"

3 days ago

I don't like how Gaga does #change around his statements #weight if #enough ppl #bug him...

Can't wait for mastoart & friends to start taking #offense in posts from wherever the heck this is


#NonSenseAlcea #StuffAlcea

اندرو آبی
4 days ago
WIST Quotations
4 days ago

A quotation from Johnson, Lyndon:

Presidents quickly realize that while a single act might destroy the world they live in, no one single decision can make life suddenly better or can turn history around for the good.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #accumulation #action #change #collaboration #impact #limitations #power #president

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 days ago

I love contemplating the concept of chronological age, because it represents an arbitrary yardstick, but it’s not really the most accurate way to measure the impact or length of our lives.

#birthday #age #time #author #writing #writer #AuthorsOfMastodon #change #growth

Niels Pflaeging
4 days ago

Later today I will host this free Info Hour on the #OpenSpaceBeta approach to Very Fast Organizational Transformation. Learn the latest news around OpenSpace Beta and get all your questions around Beta #transformation answered! #betacodex #collaboration #change #ChangeManagement

Eine erfolgreiche digitale Transformation ist wesentlich für den zukünftigen Geschäftserfolg – darüber ist sich die Unternehmenswelt weitestgehend einig. Bei der Frage hingegen, wer diesen Veränderungsprozess antreiben sollte, scheiden sich die Geister. #Change #Digitization #EmployerBranding #Recruiting

Sindre Wimberger
5 days ago

Keine Angst. Es gibt nichts zu ändern. Machen Sie einfach weiter.

#Change #transformation #künstlicheintelligenz #ironie

Mark 🏳️‍🌈
6 days ago

For generation alpha, they’ll grow up in the era of the tipping point. #Change is expected to accelerate between now and 2050, especially in terms of #climate catastrophe, but also in #tech advancements as well as erosion of individual freedoms. Let’s hope that my #queer brothers and sisters can still find #joy in #music and #togetherness.

Wie wir mit Fehlern, Scheitern und Kritik umgehen, hat essentielle Auswirkungen auf unseren beruflichen Erfolg. Welches sind die besten Strategien?

Wer nicht scheitert, hat nichts Neues versucht

Neulich las ich den passenden Spruch: "Wer keine Fehler macht, hat nichts Neues versucht". #Change #Conflict #Courage #Decide #Discipline #Innovation #NegativeEmotions #Success

Wisdom in Space
6 days ago

hese days, the problem isn't how to innovate; it's how to get society to adopt the good ideas that already exist.
-- Douglas Engelbart

#Quotes #DouglasEngelbart #Change #Innovation

#Photography #Panorama #Panopainting #Protest #MarchForOurLives #Florida

photo by richard rathe
Roy Osing
6 days ago

The standout leader is OK with a #fuzzy idea of where they should go.

They understand the importance of executing on a chosen path and learning on the run whether it was the right choice; that #adjusting a plan slightly out of focus is more important than wasting time searching for a perfectly clear path that doesn’t exist.

#leaders #leadership #audacious #standout #contrarian #storytellers #change #bedifferent #bedifferentorbedead #BILLION #server

Church of Jeff
6 days ago
Writing Blind
6 days ago

Just shared an all new article about a big change coming to my life. Check it out and thanks so much. #article #writing #writers #grandpa #change #scary

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From ‘Anarchist Affinity’ to ‘Collective Action’ – A brief history and future directions.
We want to be unified not just by an abstract set of ideals, but a day to day commitment to increasing our capacity to live and fight back against the blows of capitalism and other oppressive systems. To that end we wish to take part in and build projects that substantively address peoples’ real needs, showing the efficacy of anarchist politics in the process. We need a clear vision so that we aren’t just stuck trying to survive, but are able change the world so that we can live in it.
#Anarchism #LivingOurNewWorld #Inclusiveness #Solidarity #Effectiveness #Change #Vision

Penny Walker
6 days ago

September's Making the Path by Walking newsletter is out!
* Keeping up your energy in a loooong meeting
* a national engagement strategy for climate change
* things I've spotted, and things coming up #change #sustainability #facilitation
Pic: Alex Proimos on flickr

An old man asleep. He is wearing a brown and white dogtooth check jumper, and has his arms folded.
اندرو آبی
6 days ago
6 days ago

Are we on a #Sisyphean "treadmill to nowhere" with all our #gadgets and our #digitalage #devices "lulling" us into a "virtual dream" of sorts?

As #technology #accelerates at @ of #mooreslaw, and our #Neanderthal #brains "struggle" to cope with increasing #complexity and #velocity of #techdriven #change, can we "get off" in time?

My Medium #blogpost on why we need to a #avantgarde "Neo", taking the #redpill to "awaken" from this #Dystopian #nightmare .

Petra van Cronenburg
6 days ago

"We can support our current eight billion people. Scientists calculate we can support ten billion people. To achieve this, however, we must restructure our economic model. There are enough resources and wealth on Earth for everyone to lead healthy, meaningful lives. Our biggest hurdle is behavioral." @gdeihl about the origins of #neoliberalism and the chances of #change #degrowth #economy (but the matriarcal, very social pigs protest against the metaphor 😉 🐷 )

Stitched Ink Media
1 week ago

Importance of designing cleaner energy with biodiversity in mind. Nature is often conceived of many interconnected micro-ecosystems.

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Biodiversity #cleanenergy #Nature #Science #World #Solar #Climate #ClimateChange #Renewables #Change

Psychozoic Era
1 week ago

Two of the coolest things about being a time-space adventurer, are learning that it's impossible to lose something you're still capable of giving, and, finding that you can never miss as long as you're still aiming.

#psychozoicera #mindset #change #goforit #life #motivation #space

Catherine Ivers Norton
1 week ago

Have you ever felt the upswell of excitement about something you feel coming without knowing exactly what it is?

Joyful expectation makes us open and irresistibly attractive to others. Of course, they are curious and drawn to us!

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mentalhealth #mindfulness #open #curious #expectation #desire #intention #change #attraction

A shy smiling woman in bed. The caption reads, "When we know before we know."
! Quite Interesting
1 week ago

Word of the Day: WAIT-GLEED - one who sits lazily watching the trash-fire that is his employer’s latest transformational change project.

#WordOfTheDay #words #dictionary #change #transformational #projects #business #management #QI #notQI

1 week ago

First #Trial in the #Death of #ElijahMcClain Expected to Start This Week

The 23-year-old died days after an encounter w/the #police & #paramedics in 2019, which prompted investigations & demand for #change in the police force.

#Jury selection continues in a #Colorado district court for the trial of 2 officers #indicted in the 2019 death of Elijah McClain, a young #Black man who died days after being “subdued”

Stitched Ink Media
1 week ago

As a world transitions, and competition increases, energy sources with the highest emissions will naturally become the first to be neglected. Words won’t matter. The choice of action is there now and growing exponentially.

#StitchedInkMedia #Politics #Energy #Nature #Science #Carbon #Words #Conference #Meetings #Action #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #Renewables #UN #World #Profits #Exponential #Change

Catherine Ivers Norton
1 week ago

At first, there is an awareness that something is wrong. This is followed by a desire to change.

Then, it's simply a matter of replacing one set of behaviors with healthier ones.

Without awareness or desire, nothing changes.

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #psychology #spirituality #mentalhealth #mindfulness #awareness #desire #intention #change

A festively adorned humpback cattle says, "Everyone can change."
OutOfExile_IDR § Unseen®™️
1 week ago

"With Gentle Affect - Surviving Trauma"

Written with gentle affect and love for all:
Words can be a powerful thing. Sometimes we may say something unintentionally that can open the wounds of another. The range of emotion conjured, may sometimes be manifest in response. Sometimes it's an acquired instinct.

In a world that has become so full of hate, there are many that have survived great trauma. Words that may seem innocent, can be like thrusting the sharpest of double-edged swords, slashing open the heart's healing scars. Sometimes, if one pokes the hive, the bee is likely to sting out of instinctual self-preservation. It's important to be mindful of others we encounter. Only they may know the shadows that haunt within them.

Being an advocate is not an easy task. You're basically telling people what they may do is not right but, without advocacy, where does #change lie? Taking the brunt and standing firm for others that may not have the strength? If one day it may help to prevent others with invisible disabilities from being subjected, how can I remain silent.

With that said, the last time I checked, I'm human too. I have a brain, a heart and everything. I also don't harbor bitterness or resentment... It messes up the atmosphere inside.[]

"If one breaks one's leg, they may have trouble walking, patience and understanding is key. The same is true for the brain.
Today's installment was going to be about the brain and spelling. There's link to an interesting article below. I always welcome kind correction and thoughtful constructive feedback.

OutOfExile_IDR © 2022

Don't Foster misconceptions.
What goes wrong in the brain when someone can't spell:

Image by German Artist "finemayer".
Buy finemayer a cup?:

#Sensitivity #disability #TBI #InvisibleDisabilities #trauma #pain C-#PTSD #ActuallyAutisic #DisabilitySolidarity #equality
#accommodation #understanding
#disagreement #PeaceMaking
#communication #resolution #peace #consideration #coexist #healing #MentalHealth #patience

(Migrated reboot originally posted Dec 15, 2022)

Image of the Earth suspended in a field of indigo incandescent stars. The sun is shinning from the right of view. Daylight's dawn slowly makes it's Atlantic crossing from the edge of western Africa.

On the sunny side of earth, a lone dove looks down at the planet's surface holding the Proverbial olive branch in the customary place.

Artwork by: finemayer
The Marenzers Constellation
1 week ago

I want to get out of IT and go into mental healthcare. I just don't know if I have the strength to start over at 34 and the willpower to handle a job plus school for a long while...

But gosh I really am tired of pushing keyboard keys to allow a board of rich fucks to cut more jobs using my software.
#change #careerchange #newbeginnings #backtoschool #college

Kriszta Satori
1 week ago

#California sues five major oil companies for ‘decades-long campaign of deception’ about #climate #change
#Exxon Mobil, #Shell , #Chevron, #ConocoPhillips, #BP and the American Petroleum Institute


ᴺⁱˡᶻ 🍸
1 week ago

Schöne Session von Hanka zu #Change & #Kommunikation auf dem #bcki23

Viele gute Modelle und Methoden.
Dass man aus 6 Steinen so viele verschiedene Enten machen kann!
ABER: Dass #LEGO das alles unter Serious Play verkauft, ist m. E. #Marketing eines >mir< unsympathischen Konzerns.
Nen Sack Steine verticken die mit diesem Label für bis 700 Euro!

Guter Hinweis aus dem Plenum: Basteln mit Stoff- Holz- Papier- und Garn-Resten u.ä. aus dem Haushalt geht auch, ist #kreativ und viel billiger. 👍

Vortragende vor Flipchart, das mit "Lego Serious Play" überschrieben ist
Eine kleine gelbe 3nte aus 6 Legosteinen
Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

It is indeed a great story: Imagine a big problem, politicians only babble, the responsible minister does nothing: "BUT it's so complicated, BUT it takes so much time!"
Suddenly a guy builds the problem analysing machine in 2 hours. Media pick it up ...
The guy is @badlogic - read his thread!
#Change can happen. You can be part of it.
#inflation #Austria #Costs #activismIdeas

Marcia Nelson Pedde
2 weeks ago

soft scent of summer
lingers ... as autumn dabbles
in colors of change

#amwriting #nature #observations #summer #autumn #change #colors #colours #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines

2 weeks ago

This morning I was just a drop

A single drop that became a river

From this river hope was born

This hope resurrects change

And anyone that stands against that tide

Tonight we will become a revolution

- Arno Dorian, Assassin's Creed

(Not exactly the quote, but it delivers the message, even if it's from videogame)

#quote #quotes #videogames #videogame #games #game #assassinscreed #revolution #change #hope

Alaska Native News
2 weeks ago

Internal Docs Further Expose Exxon Efforts to Spread Climate Lies
[the_ad id="30587"]

"Climate change isn't just a tragedy, it's a crime," said one climate campaigner in response to documents reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Previously unreported documents published on the front page of The Wall Street Journal Thursday show that...
#exxon #climate #change #documents #revelation

Couple days ago I aggressively cut back the goatee I've sported since I retired from the Army (2009). Today I decided to shave the last remnants (kept my mustache). Navigating the rapid angle changes on my chin with a blade razor was nerve-wracking! After 14 years, it didn't feel familiar or natural at all. Fortunately I didn't slice any flesh open, even though it took several attempts to get all the nooks and crannies. Your chin is a complicated, multi-surface structure! 💈

#Shave #Change

A young man shaving under his chin, using shaving cream and a blade razor.
2 weeks ago

Autumn approaches
Changing summer's verdant hues
Into fall's glory

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #WritersCollective #writingcommunity #Summer #Fall #Autumn #Change #Seasons #Weather #Leaves

September 14, 2023

Color image of a high school football field in Northeast Ohio, with a forest of trees on three sides turning to fall's colors. The upper half of the image is a blue sky, while the lower half shows trees in full fall colors of reds, oranges, yellows, golds, and browns around the stadium, shadows and sunlight playing across them. The stadium is green and half-visible, and at the bottom of the photo, more trees in shadow play with the fading sunset light.
2 weeks ago

I don't think you can meaningfully #change the views of the extant parties to move them closer to where your beliefs land on the chart.

Anyone see an easy, direct way of fixing this?

All I can see at the moment is a possible starting #step. Stop #talking about "#left" vs. "#right" politics. #Help people who are interested in politics #understand the #Pournelle #chart, and how to place their own belief systems on it.

#Criticize the #media for using the left-right shortcut.


Asbjørn Ulsberg
2 weeks ago

For when you’ve just had it with your current baby.

#baby #change #travelling #london

A sign saying “baby change”
2 weeks ago

Okay. The New Moon's tomorrow the 14th. The Fall Equinox is a week from Saturday, the 23rd. And the full moon is two weeks from Friday, Sept. 29.
#full #fool #harvest #moon #new #phase #fall #equinox #seasons #change #september

2 weeks ago

Dear #people, thank you for being here. We apologize for the #reduction in the #quality of #traffic on experienced by #everyone who doesn't use #IPFS directly. It seems that #c4rex is doing #maintenance on the #gateway and we hope to have it up and running soon. You can #listen to the #music now, for #example, here:


-- or --

I don't want to #change the #domain #forwarding #record because of #antivirus #companies.


Vincent van Gogh style painting with a view of the planets. In the centre of the painting there are several details where one is not sure whether they are figures or shadows of familiar objects. In the middle, a landscape emerges as a view into a parallel universe.
Tom Ellard
2 weeks ago

I’ve lived in this ramshackle old house for over 30 years. It’s over 150 years old and looks every single day of it. Today we start packing up what seems to be the last Dogs In Space slumhouse in Surry Hills before it gets torn up and made pretty. It’s a little sad. Gentrification at last.

The whole place is mix of haunted house, Ripley’s, Science Museum and medical supply store. I hope we can carry all our monstrosities safely to the other side. #change

Old curios being packed into plastic bags. Hope they make it through the building works.
Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

1/2 I so often read in social media that #humanity cannot #change, that it is incurably bad. The impression may arise when one no longer looks at the efforts to do good in global catastrophes. France now not only has an internationally groundbreaking package of laws on #waste avoidance but this is also presented in an utterly positive light. Doing without #plastic is not an ascetic renunciation, but a liberation, a great trend: it makes you feel good. People change, if we help them. #goodNews

Brown paper bag with the French words: Sans plastique c'est fantastique (without plastic it's fantastic) and the logo "Défi Zéro Plastique" (Zero Plastic Challenge).
This is how big hypermarket chains react to the laws that ban plastic from packaging.
The legally prescribed packaging markings for disposal: "to be sorted for recycling" is supplemented by: and even better, reuse! The bag is made of 100% paper, and the transparent window, in former times made of plastic, is now made from cellulose from wood waste.
2 weeks ago

I love learning about the way things used to be different. Did you know that giving someone a half penny in change used to mean EXACTLY that - a penny, cut in half? Here's one from Henry III's time: 1247 - 1279. More on this here: #SaturdayNightCoinShow #Numismatics #Coins #Change #History #Learning

Henry III Long Cross Penny cut in half showing face with text around
Henry III Long Cross penny cut in half showing the long cross, three pellets in each quarter and text around edge
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 weeks ago

The Queen Mary is steered by a very teeny rudder in comparison to her overall size. Your life’s trajectory is similarly constructed. It is our own consistent actions, regardless of the size, that determine where we go.

#LifeCoach #blog #change #writing #writer #growth #chaos #life #books #LifeLessons

Branded art for my blog. Close up of a ship’s rudder, under water. A clip art photo of a man is pointing to the rudder, and a word bubble next to his head read, "This little piece of metal steers the ship!"

#Goodmorning to everyone out there in the #fediverse! It's another day, which means another chance to make a #change! Don't let anyone else tell you differently. I hope you have the courage and desire to move forward if you're unhappy or tired of how things are.

#thetaoistonline #philosophy #motivation #selfimprovement

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
3 weeks ago

Federally Sanctioned Exploitation Of Workers with Disabilities – Happy Labor Day:

On this Labor Day, Out Of Exile – Invisible Disability Rights gives thanks and honor to workers and the unions that protect them. Without unions, the experience of many workers may be similar to that of the disabled. This piece will focus on the exploitation and abuse of disabled workers by employers , and how it's perfectly legal under federal and state laws in the US. Section 14(c) of the US Department of Labor's "Fair Standards And Labor Act" (FSLA), has been virtually unchanged since it was enacted in 1938. Under the almost century old regulation, employers can apply for a certificate which allows them to pay workers with disabilities, an unspecified subminimum wage.

The average sub wage and the number of disabled people seemingly exploited by this legislation, seems to vary among the sources linked below. By any account, even one person with disabilities being preyed upon in this way, is far too many. The wages are inhumane. A 2021 Forbes article claims over 320,000 people with disabilities, the majority with invisible disabilities, earn an average of $3.34 an hour. A previous Forbes article put the figures in excess of 420,000 people being paid as little as $2.15, while others cite drastically lower wages. Some organizations like Goodwill, form their own "sheltered workshops", determining their own limits on sub wages for their disabled workers. There seems to be no bottom limit on how little individuals with invisible disabilities can be paid.

"The non-profits use “time studies” to calculate the salaries of Section 14 (c) workers. With a stopwatch, staff members time how long it takes a disabled worker to complete a task. That time is compared with how long it would take a person without a disability to do the same task. The non-profit then applies a formula to calculate a rate of pay, which may be equal to or less than minimum wage".

A decade ago, NBC reported that Goodwill industries, presumably by authority of their DOL "Section 14(c) certificate", paid disabled workers twenty-two cents an hour. The report claims that some were paid as little as three or four cents an hour. Think about paying your bills 10 years ago on a wage like this. Some nonprofits, even place Section 14(c) workers in outside, for-profit endeavors in restaurants, stores and even, "IRS centers". That sounds more like calculated exploitation, rather than accommodation and equality. Though the "NBC-Goodwill" article and figures are old, the problem is older and still continues today.

The theory of sheltered workshops is to prepare individuals with disabilities to transition to outside employment. In Missouri, disabled workers packaging T-shirts or sorting and counting dog treats to be sold for profit on Amazon, rarely "graduate" these workshops into regular paying jobs. Pay for sorting the $15 Amazon dog treats? $1.50 an hour while Jeff Bezos builds rocket ships. The title of the recent ProPublica article linked below, says it all. "Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than One Dollar and Hour. The State Says It's Fine If That Never Changes". I say, show me change in the Show-Me state and across the country.

In a follow-up to that story by ProPublica, some participants of sheltered workshops said they approved, saying the alternative is to sit at home and do nothing. Are these opinion formed as a result of gas lighting or years of oppression accepted as "just the way it is"? It's time for new attitudes and alternatives for the disabled community when it comes to wages and employment. In some states, now there are.

About 16 states have changed or passed laws regarding disability subminimum wage exploitation but, nothing to speak of federally. A three year old press release from the National Council on Disability that "Applauded the US commission on civil rights call to repeal section 14(c)", seems to be the sum of that effort. Other states have actions in progress including: Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York. If you live in any of these states, now's the time for activism and to let your representatives know how you feel. Follow the ""legislation watch" APSE link to track progress. The Alternative? Similar actions introduced in Kentucky and West Virginia died in committee allowing this despicable injustice against disabled people in those states to continue. Change is up to everyone. What will you do to help stop the exploitation and abuse?

OutOfExile_IDR © 2023

"Subminimum Wage: ...Why It Needs to End" – World Institute on Disability (WID):

"Missouri Allows Some Disabled Workers to Earn Less Than a Dollar an Hour…" – ProPublica:

More disabled workers paid just pennies in our – NBC:

"Paying Disabled People Less Than Minimum Wage: The Next Frontier for Disability Activism" – Forbes:

Some in Missouri approve of sheltered workshops:

Where Does Your States Stand – APSE:

NCD applauds USCCR:

#DisabilityEconomicJustice #LaborDay #disability #wages #equality #change #exploitation #DisabilitySolidarity #union #InvisibleDisabilityRights #unite #UnionStrong
@disability @disabilityjustice

Photo of disability activists protesting subminimum wage regulations. Numerous individuals with disabilities including several wheelchair user's in the forefront of the image, demonstrate as one is holding a sign that reads: "IT'S A CIVIL RIGHT".
Martijn BAARDA
3 weeks ago

Smoothly saying goodbye to old structures and embracing the future in harmony is not given to many people... #Change #Future #System

Steve Henderson Fine Art
4 weeks ago

She tilted the hat to the left, then the right, and considered the effect. It's amazing how just the slightest, smallest change can make the most profound difference. And not just with the way the hat looks.

The New Hat art print --

#nostalgia #nostalgic #fashion #hat #style #retro #woman #buyintoart #ayearforart #mastoart #mastodon #fediverse #fediart #fedigiftshop #stevehenderson #art #artwork #artist #home #beauty #privacy #shopping #USA #change #bedroom

Art print of an oil painting of a woman standing before a mirror, trying on a hat.
4 weeks ago

As his alarm sounded the Minotaur realized he had no love left for guarding the maze the rest of his life. Things needed to change. #grickledoodle #minotaur #maze #change #life #cartoon #art #drawing #funny

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

Nature gives us time, from one season to the next, to get used to the transition. She has so much to show, and we have so much to learn from her, that there's no need to rush.

Indian Summer greeting card --

#landscape #autumn #fall #nature #trees #art #artwork #artist #fediverse #fediart #mastodon #mastoart #buyintoart #ayearforart #stevehenderson #fedigiftshop #explore #weather #climate #seasons #change #painting #oil #oilpainting #colorful #peaceful #outdoors

Greeting card of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting an autumn landscape in eastern Washington state, USA. In the background is a large hill; in front of it are fall-colored trees, and at the base is a small stream running through a meadow landscape.
Jason Stiff
1 month ago

A new beginning at the end of the week: After 3+ years, today will be my last day forecasting the weather at Action News Now. It's time for me to return home to Montana so I can live and work much closer to my family. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and for watching my weather forecasts... I really appreciate it! Soon, I will be forecasting the weather at KTVQ and MTN, and I am looking forward to it. I'll have your 7-day weather forecast one last time at 4, 5, 6, 10 & 11pm! Thank you, everyone. Take care and be safe!

#California #Chico #Redding #NorCal #Montana #Billings #KTVQ #MTN #licenseplate #funnylicenseplates #change #thankyou #takecare #besafe #Friday #weather #wx #cawx #caweather #weatherMastodon #wxmastodon #climate

Fiona Tribe
1 month ago

When people see a role for themselves in the future they tend to stop defending the status quo.

#FutureOfWork #futures #change

Mike Kuketz 🛡
1 month ago

Nutzt für das Einreichen von #Petitionen bitte die Plattform des jeweiligen Bundeslandes oder des Bundes. Wer bspw. auf privaten Petitionsplattformen wie veröffentlicht, der erzielt höchstens mediales Echo. Im Landtag oder Bund findet das kaum/keine Beachtung. Noch dazu ist der Datenschutz auf ein Totalschaden mit Frontalaufprall. Finger weg! 👇

Mehr Infos:

#petition #change #datenschutz

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

Tolle Sache für Leute, die etwas besser verstehen wollen oder Debattenhilfe brauchen: mit Wissenschaftlerinnen sprechen! Online im Wohnzimmer oder lokal als Event. (Hier wähle ich das Genus als Aufruf: nur 3 Frauen unter 14 Menschen, das ist traurig). Von #ScientistsForFuture + #Psychologists4Future #Klimaaktivismus #Lösungen #change #Wissenschaft #SciComm #klimakrise #Klimaschutz @S4F @psy4f

Test Double
1 month ago

When you are trying to enact change, you can increase the chance of success by intentionally allowing for things to unfold, naturally but not haphazardly. Jamie Phelps shares Seven C's with helpful tips.

Anja Reul
1 month ago

Hoang Thi Minh Hong, #Klimaaktivistin & Gründerin der #Umwelt-#NGO #CHANGE wurde unter falschen Anschuldigungen inhaftiert.
Dies ist derzeit wohl eine Masche in #Vietnam, um Kritik an der #Klimapolitik & Aktionen gegen die #Klimakrise zu unterdrücken.

✍️🏻Take action to call for Hoang Thi Minh Hong’s release and stand in #solidarity with all #climatedefenders.

1 month ago

It's a very mean cliché that #conservatives are always opposing #change.

When it comes to make the rich richer, the powerful more powerful and taking away your civil rights and social achievements, they're always in, full throttle.

Marcus Gordonus
1 month ago

@gvwilson Perhaps "keeping a business in a stead state" worked only in the 19th century. #Change #Change #Change #Change #Change #Change #Change #Change

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

Some years it rains a lot here, others, not so much. About the most you can says definitively about the weather is that it is unpredictable. Like Nature, it doesn't take kindly to being boxed in, charted, manipulated, and controlled.

Land of Water art print --

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Art print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a rainy spring landscape in the high plateau region of the Wallowa Mountains, Oregon, USA. A stream runs through green meadows that are filled with evergreen trees, while in the background, clouds swirl over the tops of mountains.
Stefano Marinelli
1 month ago

And so it seems that Threads is, in fact, losing active users day by day. No surprise there. First, they announced a massive user growth (anyone with an Instagram account can sign up with a click). At first, even Europeans managed to sign up by downloading the apk, but then they locked everything down. In the end, it became just another social platform we've seen before, just like many others, from the same old company that keeps changing its look but remains the same, with no particularly notable innovations. Many have returned (or stayed) on Twitter... uh, I mean X.
Google+, in its time, brought some substantial novelties. Threads, not so much.

Patient and conscious users (especially those who experienced the dawn of the social media era) have started to also/move to specific Mastodon instances.

All in all, Musk's arrival had the same effect as breaking a bottle: shards scatter everywhere, and there's no way to put them back together.

#Threads #SocialMedia #Instagram #X #BirdSite #Facebook #Meta #Twitter #Mastodon #Innovation #GooglePlus #MuskEffect #Change #Google #Google+

Christian Pietsch 🍑
1 month ago

@Volksverpetzer Ihr treibt Leute, die euch vertrauen, im die Arme von Leuten, die nicht vertrauenswürdig sind.

Als #innit noch #ChangeOrg Deutschland hieß, bekamen sie einen der ungeliebten #BigBrotherAwards:

#Change hatte z.B. damit geworben, Daten über Teilnehmende an Petitionen an die britische Konservative Partei verkauft zu haben, damit diese im Wahlkampf diese Leute gezielt ansprechen kann.

Niels Pflaeging
2 months ago

Transformation is unnerving.
If it is not unnerving, it's not transformation.
#betacodex #transformation #openspacebeta #orgdev #change #agiletransformation

Steve Henderson Fine Art
2 months ago

Every landscape in its season has its unique personality. Here in the Wallowa Valley of Oregon, USA, spring is wet and cool, in preparation for the short summer. So much green, so much new life!

Green Mountain Valley canvas print --

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Canvas print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson, depicting a panorama of a high mountain valley. In the foreground is a large meadow, divided by fences, with green grass and trees. In the background, the mountains loom over the landscape, and it is all under a grey, brooding sky. This is a springtime rainy season in Oregon, USA.
Ukraine War Bulletins and News
2 months ago
⚠️⛔️Extinction event in Baja California waters: Extinction alert issued over endangered vaquita porpoise (BBC News VIDEO) #Ukraine #ClimateChange #Mastodon
#Change #USA #Mexico #Press #News #9yrInvasionofUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Dorothea Endres
2 months ago

What has #knitting to do with legal change? Everything! My article in the LJIL uses the example of #HumanRights concerned with the #environment in order to explore how thinking in terms of #knitting helps to understand the ways in which international norms #change #internationallaw #legaltheory #lawandhumanities #law

Todd Battistelli
2 months ago

Disagreement inside a hierarchical organization is fraught. (Disagreement in general is fraught, but that's a topic for another post.)

We can't change what we can't talk about, which is why those who are invested in the status quo work very hard to make it difficult (or impossible) to talk about the challenges we face.

However, if how we talk and what we talk about didn’t matter, those invested in the status quo would not work so hard to distort or shut down and derail conversations.

#disagreement #dialogue #facilitation #change

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 months ago

"Disability ID and Disability Deaths" Conclusion: "Justice for Elijah McClain"!
CONTENT WARNING (CW): the details and videos of this event may be disturbing to some.
The winds of change began to blow in the summer of 2020. A petition compiled over 2 million signatures, seeking justice for Elijah McClain. On June 10, 2020, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis told the public, Atty Gen Phil Weiser would be investigating the death of McClain. Also that June, protesters shut down a section of Interstate 225, demanding accountability for his death. In the series of peaceful demonstrations, protesters were also targeted by police. During those protests, when heavily militarized police arrived, the legendary chant began, "WHY ARE YOU IN RIOT GEAR! WE DON'T SEE NO RIOT HERE". Finally, there was momentum in the battle for some form of justice.

In September, 2021, over two years after the crime, a 32 count grand jury indictment charged the five first responders for their actions. The forensic pathologist who was part of the grand jury investigation, concluded the cause of death was "homicide". The individuals named in the grand jury indictment were: officers Randy Roedema, Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt, and paramedics Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichuniec. All five were charged with "Manslaughter" and "Criminally negligent homicide" among other charges. Roedema, Rosenblatt and both EMTs were additionally charged with "Second-degree assault" and "Crime of violence". The trial of officers Randy Roedema and Jason Rosenblatt, being tried together, was scheduled to start on July 10 but, was postponed, with no new date set at that time.

The indictment was followed by a series of other events. In September 2022, well after the grand jury indictment, Adams County announced, the original 2019 autopsy report had been amended. It now stated the means as "COMPLICATIONS OF KETAMINE ADMINISTRATION FOLLOWING FORCIBLE RESTRAINT". However, the cause of death was still listed as "UNDETERMINED", rather than "homicide". Interestingly enough, in November 2021, the city of Aurora agreed to pay the family of Elijah McClain, $15 million to settle a federal civil rights action.

Next week, the first of the three trials is set to begin, as paramedics Cooper and Cichuniec have a court date on August 7. Nathan Woodyard, the first Aurora officer on the scene, will stand trial alone beginning on September 18. The judge that pushed back the Roedema and Rosenblatt case, expressed hopes for a rescheduling by October. Three years will have elapsed since Elijah McClain's death, before any proceedings against police will begin. That fact alone underscores other findings of "implicit bias" in regard to racial and disability justice. Unfortunately, that problem is not limited to Colorado.

It's reported that over 1100 people were killed by police in 2022, other reports say, "half of people killed by police have a disability". It seems to be a dangerous time if someone decides another is different, especially if that someone has authority. People with disabilities are not a "new thing", and represent about 26% of the US population. Why should it be necessary to teach those sworn to "serve and protect", basics like: understanding, accommodation, proper communication, and preservation of dignity, when it comes to invisible disability? Can things like human decency, actually be taught with "adequate training"? Considering Elijah and the story of Christian Glass, is it any wonder many individuals with invisible disabilities, are afraid to call police for help? How many such crimes are covered up or not reported? Will an ID card really change anything? More importantly, why did so many have to suffer, before anyone heard them call... "I'm just different. I'm just different, that's all".

OutOfExile_IDR © 2023

Elijah McClain's last words: CW
"I can't breathe. I have my ID right here. My name is Elijah McClain. That's my house. I was just going home. I'm an introvert. I'm just different. That's all. I'm so sorry. I have no gun. I don't do that stuff. I don't do any fighting. Why are you attacking me? I don't even kill flies! I don't eat meat! But I don't judge people, I don't judge people who do eat meat. Forgive me. All I was trying to do was become better. I will do it. I will do anything. Sacrifice my identity, I'll do it. You all are phenomenal. You are beautiful and I love you. Try to forgive me. I'm a mood Gemini. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Ow, that really hurt! You are all very strong. Teamwork makes the dream work. [after vomiting] Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to do that. I just can't breathe correctly."




PART FOUR – Christian Glass:

Half of People Killed by Police Have a Disability:

Six minute video analysis of Elijah McClain's:

Full 3 hour video including multiple officers body cam footage and Elijah McClain's mother attempting to get answers:

Adams County Sheriff – no charges in the death of Elijah McClain:

Adams County coroner amendments autopsy report: includes video of the incident

Timeline, analysis of body cam footage in Elijah McClain case:

Police mock the death of Elijah McClain:

Accused killers plead not guilty:

Protesters targeted:

"Hundreds of Officers That Have Been Labeled Liars. Some Still Help Send People to Prison":

Example of Aurora PD's racial profiling:

Legal analysis by Wolfberg and Wirth:

Wikipedia page containing a link to the 911 call and police body camera:

#Justice4Elijah #ActuallyAutistic #BLM #InvisibleDisabilityRights #EndAbleism #POC #EndRacism #change #disability #accommodation #understanding #DisabilityCommunity #SpeakUp4Change #DisabilitySolidarity #MentalHealth #DisabilityRights #decency #dignity #SocialJustice #EndBigotry #PoliceViolence #NoJusticeNoPeace #StopKillingUs #ICantBreathe #TearDownTheWall
@disabilityjustice @disability @actuallyautistics

Photo taken during the 2020 protests, demanding justice in the death of Elijah McClain. Activists carrying signs march in the streets. In the foreground two protesters are carrying a huge sign with a picture of Elisha and text that reads:
"JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH MCCLAIN – 1996-2019" at the bottom, above his final words appears text reading: "@JusticeForElijahMcClain".
OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 months ago

Disability ID and Disability Deaths – How Police Killed Elijah McClain
CONTENT WARNING (CW): The details and linked videos of this event may be disturbing to some. Image-eye contact.

Even with the positives disability designator IDs might bring, it's unlikely a card will prevent authorities from abusing and killing people with invisible disabilities. Aside from a change in attitudes, there are still far too many, long-overdue reforms needed. Many instances of police induced death involving the disabled, including people with autism, brain injury, and hearing impairments, were blamed on the victim. Most were, in fact, a direct result of: Ablest attitudes (ignorance), use of excessive force, and unacceptable treatment attributed to inadequate training. Utilizing invisible disabilities to scapegoat victims and bury the case, is another tactic often employed but, "inadequate training", is not what has killed so many people with disabilities.

Mentioned in part three of this piece, the history of one particular force, is a prime demonstration of a "pattern and practice", that has destroyed lives and families of people with invisible disabilities. According to other investigations, Aurora Colorado's pattern of policing, has raised concerns of implicit bias towards the disabled, POC and other marginalized people. Perhaps, one of the most famous examples from that city, is the death of a 23-year-old black man with autism and anemia, Elijah McClain. That case, sparked outrage from both the disabled and black communities, and with the first of three homicide trials set to begin in August, now is not the time to forget what happened to Elijah. The demeaning and despicable treatment he was subjected to, is not uncommon in "policing" of the disabled.

August 24, 2019: Elijah McClain, a massage therapist, violinist and "gentle soul", was walking home from a convenience store not, far from his home. Because of his anemia, which often made him feel cold, he was known to where a ski mask. On his way home, someone in a house he passed called police to report an unarmed, "sketchy" individual. Minutes Later, Aurora PD's Nathan Woodyard saw Elijah walking to his home and stopped. Within 9 sec. of exiting his car, Woodyard had his hands on Elijah McClain. Just seconds later, officers Randy Roedema and Jason Rosenblatt showed up, also engaging with Elisha. As he explained he was an "introvert" and was "just walking home", one of the officers responded, "Relax, or I'm going to have to change this situation".

The officers had McClain against the wall before taking the five feet seven, 143 lb man to the ground. One of their body cameras was detached and landed in the grass, capturing an officer slowly walking out of view. With Elijah and police no longer being filmed clearly, one officer can be heard claiming, "he just grabbed your gun dude". Within four seconds of the allegation, Elijah can be heard choking as a result of police applying the carotid restraint, restricting his airflow. FOUR SECONDS?! One of the officers later told investigators that McClain "briefly" fell unconscious and the officers released their grasp on his neck. The chokehold was implemented only one min. and four sec. after the first officer exited his vehicle. The three officers involved, Woodyard, Rosenblatt and Roedema, all claimed their body cameras "fell off " in the "struggle" with this small statured young man.

The video footage is very difficult to listen to. Elijah McClain can be heard gasping as he pleads with officers to stop, saying, "I can't breathe". Elijah continues to plead, saying his name and that he was "just going home". Through his sobs, came the words myself and many others with invisible disabilities, will never forget. "I'm just different. I'm just different, that's all". It's hard to hear the police on the audio of one body cam but, Elijah's words are clear… "I'm so sorry. I have no gun. I don't do that stuff. I don't do any fighting. Why are you attacking me?". As officers ignore his pleas, they seem to spin tales of their "struggle" with a 143 pound person. One repeated the accusation that McClain tried to grab officer Roedema's gun, and that they "had" to use the carotid hold.

About six minutes after the initial contact by police, Elijah McClain can be heard vomiting for the first time. One of the officers commands him to "STOP" to which McClain apologized saying, "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to do that. I just can't breathe correctly". In the next few minutes, McClain gets sick "a few more times" while officers held him facedown on the ground, telling him repeatedly to stop resisting. Reports say he was also handcuffed and still wearing the ski mask when he was sick, and as a result, was struggling to breathe. He may have been trying to roll on his side or remove the mask to breathe better, as police seemed to be acting out a show of "resisting arrest" for the body cam audio.

Police can be heard threatening him, "Don't get up. It's not gonna be good for you, I'm telling you right now". Another officer standing over him said "You keep messin' around, I'm unna bring my dog out here", saying he would let the dog attack Elijah. Approximately 11 minutes after the initial contact by officer Woodyard, the cameras capture police saying, "When the ambulance gets here, were gonna go ahead and give him some ketamine". This is also when they claimed "whatever he's on, he has incredible strength." Another concurs "yeah, crazy strength". It's alarming that police and individuals of such character, have authority to mandate the administering of this powerful sedative.

The timing of the accusation that Elijah McClain attempted to grab the firearm, only seconds after body cams were removed, is highly suspect. Again, McClain was 143 lbs, being held by three much larger men. While one of the officer's body cam was still attached, another can be heard telling him to "move" his camera. I don't believe the body cams dislodged, and firmly believe these accused murderers doffed them. The Maclean's attorney said police intentionally removed their body cameras "to support a false allegation that McClain reached for a gun". Though it is not clear on the video, there is absolutely, no doubt in my mind. The same is true, regarding their claims for body cam audio that Elijah was "struggling". If he was struggling, it was likely for air and survival.

The report from paramedics, Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichuniec claimed that when they arrived, Elijah was displaying signs of "excited delirium". The snap "diagnosis" was made, despite never touching, talking to, or checking Maclean's vitals. Were these paramedics scapegoating in an effort to protect their fellow first responders? After incorrectly estimating his weight, the paramedics administered 500 mg of ketamine to McClain, a dosage for someone nearly 60 to 70 pounds larger. For those who believe in forcibly drugging people, the proper ketamine dosage for Elijah's weight, is about 325 mg. Approximately 23 minutes after Nathan Woodyard stopped "to talk" to McClain, the officers responsible were informed, Elijah, had no pulse. Less than a week later, he was declared brain-dead on August 27, 2019, and died, three days later on the 30th.

According to–CPR news: "After McClain’s death, Dr. Stephen Cina, a contractor forensic pathologist for Adams County, completed the autopsy on Sept. 3, 2019. There were two Aurora police officers and two representatives from the Adams County District Attorney’s office in attendance". I'd be interested to hear that conversation, considering the findings of the autopsy. The Adams County corner ruled the cause of death as "undetermined" saying that, "a therapeutic amount" of ketamine was found in Maclean's system. The report, reeking of scapegoating, speculated about drug use and undiagnosed mental illness, while seeming to conclude nothing but suppositional "ifs".

Excerpt from Dr. Cina's report: "The manner of death may be accident if it was an idiosyncratic drug reaction,” . “It may be natural if (McClain) had an undiagnosed mental illness that led to excited delirium, if his intense physical exertion combined with a narrow coronary artery led to an arrhythmia, if he had an asthma attack, or if he aspirated vomit while restrained."... "It may be a homicide if the actions of officers led to his death (eg. carotid control hold…)”.

That's a lot of "Ifs". I can't help but wonder "IF", the presence of officers and DA personnel "may" have influence the doctors findings. In conjunction with the corners "undetermined" autopsy determination, Adams County DA Dave Young said, he would not bring charges against the officers. This seeming manipulation of justice, by those who controlled it, was met with outrage.

Another slap in the face, illuminating the culture of APD, occurred in October 2019, less than two months after Elijah's death. Several other officers returned to the scene, taking pictures while they joyfully reenacted the cardioid hold, used on McClain. In July, 2020, after the photos were made public, three officers were fired and one resigned. It's remarkable that they were fired for mocking and taking pictures, while the officers that killed Elijah were still patrolling the streets. The shouts of "Justice for Elijah", became louder as it seemed this heinous police action was being ignored. Once again, protesters took to the streets.

Protests, investigation, Arrests and trials. Conclusion – "Justice for Elijah" below.

OutOfExile_IDR © 2023

#Justice4Elijah #ActuallyAutistic #BLM #InvisibleDisabilityRights #EndAbleism #POC #EndRacism #change #disability #accommodation #understanding #DisabilityCommunity #SpeakUp4Change #DisabilitySolidarity #MentalHealth #DisabilityRights #decency #dignity #SocialJustice #EndBigotry #PoliceViolence #NoJusticeNoPeace #StopKillingUs #ICantBreathe #TearDownTheWall
@disabilityjustice @disability @actuallyautistics

Image of a collage of four photos. 
In the top left Elijah McClain is playing the violin wearing a dark blue shirt. He was known to spend his lunch break at a nearby shelter playing his violin for "lonely kittens.

Top right: Elijah with a subtle smile, wearing his glasses and a blue, white and red checkered shirt.

Bottom left: Elijah close up wearing glasses and earbuds as he's looking thoughtfully.

Bottom right: A photograph of protesters carrying signs and shaking their fists in the air, demanding  "JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH MCCLAIN".
Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

🧵 3/3 Let's collect ideas and practical help:
Do you know of #communication and action methods or other strategies against #backlash in #change situations? They can come from any area of life - perhaps they can be customisable for #climateActivism?
Do you know #climateActivist groups teaching powerful #strategies?
(Perhaps these methods don't reach a president at once, but if they reach only one stubborn mayor, it can be a change. We are many). #solutions

Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

🧵 2/3 #Resignation is what the die-hards want. They are happy when we believe in an apocalypse.
People can fight #backlashes in #change situations. The internet and books are full of methods coming from sociology, psychology or even business. Often you read: The greater the change, the greater the need for #communication.
We have #strategies in other areas of life, f.e. here:
It's time to use effective proven methods & #strategies against backlash for #ClimateActivism!

Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

🧵 1/3 Reading newspapers today, one could think, it's time for the great #backlash
The die-hards in #power and #greed place their climate mines

I could make it a #gloom & #doom post but the backlash is a normal part of the #change process. When things change, many people’s response is to push back because they feel uncertain, threatened or disagree. Those in power don't want to lose privileges and profit. Resignation?

2 months ago

Dear #friends, I would like to #ask you a #question. I want to #verify the #domain in the fediverse environment, but due to #IPFS where I can't #change the #content (to avoid changing the IPFS #address), I'm not comfortable with the #way the #html #code is inserted. I am looking for a way to verify the domain using a #TXT record. Exactly what was discussed half a #year ago for example #here:

My question is: Is it possible to verify a domain in this way?

2 months ago

@georgetakei Actually it is. Humans and many other beings have survived for so long because they changed with their environment. It's only now we're so detached from our natural surroundings because somewhere in the past we told ourselves we're separate from nature. Which funny enough is also the reason we got ourselves into this mess. #ClimateChange #Climate #Adapt #Change #Adaption #Transformation #Science #Biology

Colorado River losing vast amounts of water due to warming climate, study finds

Roughly half the decline in the river’s flow has been caused by higher temperatures

#Climate #change is driving the #aridification of the Southwest. In multiple studies, researchers have estimated that by mid-century, the river’s #average #flow could decline by 30% or more below the average of the past century.

Already, the river’s flow has shrunk about 20% since 2000 during a megadrought that scientists have described as the driest 22-year period in the American West in at least 1,200 years

Chris Lagasse
2 months ago

This bill isn't to screw over 'healthy' foods, or even pit 'healthy' vs 'meat', as the headline implies.

The existing structure in place is exploited by capitalists. It harms farmers, consumers, and ignores the challenges we face in the coming decades with #climatechange

It's a system that hasn't been properly evaluated in ages, and needs #change.

Jeremy Osborn
2 months ago

Haven’t quit my day job (yet), but I’ve taken the next big step to being a full-time artist.

Say hi to my new Southern Vermont studio! 216 square feet with track lighting and shelves, Northern light, and the view ain’t bad either!

#change #art #LifeIsShort

A wide angle photo of the interior of a room with gray painted floors, white walls and ceiling with track lights and three windows. A wall of shelves is visible on the right.
A wide angle photo of the interior of a room with gray painted floors, white walls and ceiling with track lights and three windows. A wall of shelves is visible on the right. A ladder is propped up on the left.
A sunset over trees and mountains in Vermont with a small farmhouse visible in the lower right.
A bright green landscape with rolling hills and a blue sky. In the midground are old farmhouses. In the foreground are green plants.
OutOfExile_IDR § GoodTrouble®
2 months ago

"Can a Symbol Help Stop the Harm – Disability Designator ID and Disability Deaths" –PART TWO:

This piece was expected to be two parts. With the number of stories about people with disabilities being harmed by police, it will require more. A STRONG CONTENT WARNING (CW): the events and linked videos may be disturbing to some.

Reasons for Disability ID Programs:

The nonprofit Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) started the National Disability ID (NDID) for obvious reasons. For individuals that may need additional assistance, the NDID card may be beneficial. In the words of IDA:

"Because people living with invisible disabilities are often looked upon with misunderstanding or disbelief when asking for help, IDA wants to change the experience of millions living with invisible disabilities. Instead of spending time and energy having to explain their disability and validate their need for assistance, it is our desire and goal that they can simply receive the support they need when they display their NDID Card."

As mentioned, several states use the IDA invisible disabilities symbol as part of their disability identifier laws. To be clear, the IDA is a private nonprofit organization and the NDID symbol is their own creation, not a government program. A confidential symbol program has positives for some with disabilities but, protected information should not be in the hands of the DMV or appearing on drivers licenses. A separate card presented along with the license may be a better idea. Much like a "handicap" placard , such cards issued via doctors recommendation, would keep medical information in the hands of doctors. It is important to mention that the various state Disability ID programs are voluntary, not mandated but, the compiling of information and formation of a database for people with invisible disabilities, is a paramount concern. DMV information can be accessed by many. **

Encounters with Law Enforcement and First Responders:

Because an individual with invisible disabilities may avoid eye contact, speak quickly/slowly or appear to be anxious, law enforcement reactions may often include: judgments or assumptions that a person is "acting guilty", "under the influence" or "up to something". Many disabilities are accompanied by: anxiety, avoidance, difficulties focusing, restlessness, trouble understanding instruction, and a variety of communication limitations. Symptomatic reaction, heightened fear and/or emotion may manifest during the simplest of interactions with any first responder. Any of these factors could cause situations to escalate quickly, to the detriment of the person with disabilities. These, combined with lack of understanding about invisible disabilities and aggressiveness on the part of law-enforcement, can make a simple walk to the neighborhood store very dangerous, even deadly for anyone with invisible disabilities.

The IDA presents a few real-life scenarios on their website as an example of the lack of understanding by authorities:

In Ohio, a man with autism was pulled over by police, presented his license but, did not make eye contact. When the man started fumbling around in his car the officer made an assumption he was intoxicated, pulled him out of his car and handcuffed him. The officer later found out the man had autism. Would a disability ID card, have prevented this from happening?

After using an electric scooter to do grocery shopping, a Colorado woman with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) went to her car parked in a handicapped spot. Police then blocked her car in with their vehicle lights flashing. The woman presented an MS ID card, explained her health issue and advise them she DID have a valid handicap placard. The officer responded, "You're not disabled, I saw you walk into the store".

As disgusting and unnecessary as these two examples on the IDA website are, they pale in comparison to some of the other stories:

January 2021: Rochester N.Y. police responding to a call about "family trouble", used unnecessary force on a nine-year-old girl having an obvious mental health crisis. As the child cried, "I want my father", police handcuffed her, put her in the back of the cruiser and pepper sprayed her. Another similar incident occurred in 2022 when El Paso Texas police used a stun gun on a 10-year-old girl experiencing a mental health crisis.

September 2019: a Rio Arriba County New Mexico Deputy tasered a student with developmental disabilities for sassing him. School officials stood by and watched. Former deputy, Jeremy Barnes was fired and charged with "child abuse, false imprisonment and aggravated battery"; however, I see no mention of additional charges specific to abuse of a person with disabilities.

February 2021: A Kansas Sheriff's deputy "hogtied, tasered and used painful compliance techniques" on a 12-year-old autistic child who ran away from a foster home.. The child was handcuffed behind his back, shackled on his ankles and the handcuffs were then connected to the shackles. This "hog tying" tactic has been banned in N.Y., California and other states. The US DOJ warned police departments across the country that this tactic could interfere with the ability to breathe and cause death decades ago. According to the "order of reprimand" that was made public, the Kansas Deputy also use threats and profanities telling the child to “Cut it out. Do you understand? Fucking quit,” adding, “When the other guy gets here, you’re going to hurt more.”

With the boy obviously restrained and not a threat, the report says the officer “...struggled with, shoved, elbowed, applied pressure points, carried, pulled, ‘hog tied,’ and ultimately tasered (the boy referred to as) L.H.” The officer was fired and reprimanded but the Kansas commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training elected not to prevent him from becoming a police officer again. That doesn't seem to be a mention of charges against this officer whom, the report indicates was well aware the child was autistic.

January 2020: An autistic teen who was experiencing "a sudden sensory outburst” related to his autism, died as a result of police in Louisiana sitting on him for nine minutes and six seconds. His parents witnessed the event. Police handcuffed, shackled his ankles and held him facedown on the pavement of a parking lot "putting immense pressure on his back".

November 2015: A six-year-old autistic boy from Louisiana was shot and killed by police after his father, Christopher Few failed to stop for police. The officers that fired their weapons killing the child were Derek Stafford and Norris Greenhouse. After the vehicle came to a stop, body camera footage shows the father Mr. Few, had his hands in the air and it was determined by the investigation that he posed no threat. A Police Lt. on the scene also said Mr. few presented no threat, that's why he did not fire his weapon. No weapons were found in Mr. Few's vehicle and initial reports claimed there was a warrant for his arrest but, Louisiana State Police confirmed this was not true. There were numerous other instances of conflicting information in the case.

One of the officers, Derek Stafford, said he feared (speculated) Mr. Few would backup and hit him with his vehicle. Stafford's attorney claimed that Mr. Few had actually rammed into the vehicle of Officer Greenhouse. The video, and subsequent investigation of the incident refutes these claims. CBS News reported that Investigators say "that was a lie". In total, the two officers fired 18 shots into the vehicle where the man and autistic child were.
Stafford was sentenced to 40 years for manslaughter and 15 years for attempted manslaughter to be served concurrently. Greenhouse was sentenced in total to seven years but, was released in July 2021 after only 21 months. This is 25% of his seven year sentence.

May 2023: Cooma Australia: A 95-year-old woman dies as a result of being tasered by a New South Wales NSW Police constable. After responding to a call at about a woman holding a knife at nursing home, 95-year-old Clare was "urged" to drop a steak knife she was holding. According to police, she began to approach the constable "at a slow pace" using a walking frame (walker), when he discharged his stun gun. Ms. Nowland fell, hitting her head, suffering a skull fracture and brain hemorrhaging. She died as a result of the injuries a week later. The 95-year-old lived with dementia and was described as "frail and unable to stand unaided", weighing only 43 kg (95 pounds). Hardly a threat to anyone, even with a steak knife. The officer was charged with multiple offenses.

Part three will cover other cases including, one of the most well-known. It will also touch on the upcoming trial of the officers that killed the man.

OutOfExile­_IDR ™ – © 2023

Rochester police tasered 9-year-old girl in mental health crisis:

Teen with Developmental Disabilities tasered by NM PD for Talking Back:

Autistic boy tasered by Kansas PD:
Kansas Deputy who tasered autistic child-still a cop?:

Autistic teen dies after Louisiana PD sit on him Https://

95-year-old woman dies after being tasered:

Louisiana officer who shot 6-year-old autistic boy gets to 55 years:
Body cam footage of the event:

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Half of People Killed by Police Have a Disability:

Image is a work of art by Nangreenly on an all black background.  A man dressed in a black suit, white shirt and brown tie with blue stripes is the focus of the image.  A derby style hat is also part of the outfit.  White and gray highlights appear on the edges of the hat and suit, as if a faint light is shining from the back-left side of the man.  Between the shirt collar and hat is an empty void where this invisible man's face should be.  Nangreenly's "Invisible Man" is an image that to me, illustrates the experience of many living with invisible disabilities.  Too often, they are made to feel as if they are invisible by authorities, legislators and even some fellow citizens..  In the bottom right corner, I added the Invisible Disabilities Association's "i" symbol that appears on their NDID and some state issued IDs.
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2 months ago

"Can a Symbol Help Stop the Harm – Disability Designator ID and Disability Deaths" –Part one:
(Approx 7 Min. read)

In May, New Jersey passed bill S761, joining 12 other states in creating a "disability identifier" state ID program. With much of the media focus on autism, the law allows some with other disability related communication issues, to have an "official indication of their diagnosis", "notated" on their state issued ID. As a part, NJ will create "guidelines" for law enforcement to better accommodate people with invisible disabilities, through understanding and proper communication; rather than aggression, force, and unfounded assumptions of perpetration. Unlike other states, the NJ legislation appears to exclude many with disabilities and lack forethought regarding the medical privacies of participants.

Even with the positives of various state actions, some feel these efforts may be futile, or accompanied by inherent negatives. Here, I'll be providing details on some of these programs, their potential negatives and, in part two, the reasons for creating them. The focus will be on the tragic stories of some victims that ultimately inspired Invisible Disability ID programs. People, like Elijah McClain and others, whose wrongful deaths resulting from interactions with police and first responders, brought national attention to this epidemic. The harm and loss of life at the hands of those there to serve and protect, is a horrifying thought to many with invisible disabilities, their loved ones; and should be, to anyone of decency.

Alaska, was the first to pass disability ID "designator" legislation with two laws that seem to respect the medical privacies of' disabled citizens. Their "Disability Designator", is a "discrete symbol" on licenses, indicating a "medically verified cognitive, mental, neurological, or physical disability; or a combination thereof". Alaska and other states, use the Invisible Disabilities Association's (IDA) "i" symbol as the "designator". The reasoning behind this optional indicator is the same; to enlighten police and first responders, when they may view a person's communication or behavior as "different" or "unusual". Again, the goal is to prevent escalation and, as in many cases, harm to the individual with disabilities.

Utah's disability designator, is a symbol on a sticker affixed to the ID. As in other states that use a symbol, Utah's program offers more medical confidentiality. It indicates only, that the person has a disability, without revealing diagnosis or specifics. In comparison with NJ's "notation of diagnosis", this seems much less intrusive. Utah's list of "examples of disabilities" covers any physical or mental health issue "that may interfere with the ability to communicate with a law enforcement officer". The list is much more inclusive of all disabilities than the narrow scope of the NJ law, even including diabetes, heart conditions and drug allergies.

The Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) in Colorado, is a nonprofit organization that spearheads the effort to create the "National Disability ID" (NDID) symbol program. They advocate nationwide with state and federal government, and were part of the 2022 federal identifier bill, HB–7217. Unfortunately, that bill died in committee. The IDA logo, a blue lowercase "i" shaped like a vertical Nike-style "swoosh", is used as Colorado's DL disability identifier as well. They began issuing their NDID–National Invisible Disability ID cards, prior to the passing of any legislation. Below, is an IDA link where people with invisible disabilities can obtain their own NDID, or "International Invisible Disability ID" card with little effort or personal information.

Following Alaska, Colorado passed House Bill HB21–1014, making them the second state to pass "Symbolic" legislation which, also uses the wording "discrete" indicator. The law requires that the symbol on state identifications, must represent all types of disabilities under their program, in a state where history vividly illustrates the need for some type of solution. Colorado police and first responders have been responsible for causing the wrongful deaths of numerous people with invisible disabilities, attracting national attention more than once. The stories covered in part two, include several involving the same police force.

Potential Concerns:

In regard to the NJ action, the following phrase appears in the legislation:
"the chief administrator shall indicate the autism spectrum disorder or communication disorder diagnosis by notating such information on the person's driver's license ...under the column designated for restrictions".

There are many disabilities accompanied by communication limitations, that are not associated with autism, or (as NJ puts it) a "communication disorder". There are also aspects of disabilities, unrelated to communication, that can influence interactions with law-enforcement. Anyone of these may have been a factor in the known examples of police escalation causing harm or death to innocent people. NJ should consider this, designing their law to be more inclusive and respectful of the rights, privacies and protections of its disabled population.

Broadcasting diagnosis on one's license is another concern to some, and raises some questions. How much protected medical information will appear in the NJ "notation"? Will the DMV gather medical history and driver's diagnosis' for its citizens with disabilities, then add unnecessary or unfounded "restrictions" to their licenses? With varying degrees of any disability, a generalized "notation of diagnosis" could present a lot of obvious undue challenges or barriers for many drivers with disabilities.

Aside from police and first responders, there are others that may see the "notation of diagnosis" or identifier symbol on an individual's ID. Identification is shown to many people, including those at stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and hotels. Some stores even scan IDs when "proofing", essentially compiling a database of the information contained in license barcodes. Some feel that individuals could be targeted for discrimination, harassment, exploitation or abuse by corporations, employers, ablests or other unsavory individuals.

For those who do not want the identifier on their license, these reforms may do little. If an individual without the voluntary "identifier" advises police they are disabled, will they be accommodated according to said guidelines? For those with the identifier, these changes are only as good as those who implement them. Will the guidelines and training be designed to actually accommodate or, be just another hollow disability regulation, created by oblivious abled politicians.

Will police abide by the guidelines? Body cams were implemented to prevent misconduct and create accountability. However, frequent claims by police that cameras "fell off", leave many feeling they were intentionally removed to obviate the recording of their transgressions. Will a symbol on a driver's license prevent such unnecessary harm to the disabled? Colorado's designator law passed two years ago but, another murder of someone with invisible disabilities occurred last fall. The individual, experiencing an obvious mental health crisis, called for police assistance after becoming stranded and, was ultimately shot. The many recurring incidences may cause anyone to ask; is the motto to "serve and protect", or to harm and kill?

In part two, I will focus on the people with invisible disabilities, autism, mental health challenges and hearing impairment, that were harmed or murdered by police and first responders. Unfortunately, we cannot ask many of those individuals if they feel a symbol on their license would've changed anything. With all the people that have been lost unnecessarily, this is no longer a #DisabilityCommunity issue – It's something everyone should be standing against.

OutOfExile­_IDR ™ – © 2023

Identification card from IDA:

For more on "National Disability Identification" (NDID):

NJ S761 bill:

Alaska disability designator – GOVERNMENT SITE:

Utah's list of "examples of disabilities" –GOVERNMENT SITE:

Federal Bill – US HB-7217:

"Invisible Man" image by Nangreenly:

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Alt text:  Image is a work of art by Nangreenly on an all black background.  A man dressed in a black suit, white shirt and brown tie with blue stripes is the focus of the image.  A derby style hat is also part of the outfit.  White and gray highlights appear on the edges of the hat and suit, as if a faint light is shining from the back-left side of the man.  Between the shirt collar and hat is an empty void where this invisible man's face should be.  Nangreenly's "Invisible Man" is an image that to me, illustrates the experience of many living with invisible disabilities.  Too often, they are made to feel as if they are invisible by authorities, legislators and even some fellow citizens..  In the bottom right corner, I added the Invisible Disabilities Association's "i" symbol that appears on their NDID and some state issued IDs.

Link to "Invisible Man" image by: Nangreenly
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"Arrests are Almost Like Merit Badges" – Protesters Change History for Citizens with Disabilities:

Today, Out Of Exile – Invisible Disability Rights honors "The Gang of 19" and the disability rights activist group, "ADAPT" (Atlantis Community). Forty-five years ago this week, they demanded, and were instrumental in winning, independence for people with mobility disabilities across the country. This act, is considered by many, to be the birth of the disability rights movement in the US. The unique methods they used, make their story worth exploring… They're just that cool.

On July 5, 1978, as a Denver RTD bus was picking up passengers at Colfax Avenue and Broadway, a group of individuals rolled their wheelchairs in front of the vehicle. After a second bus pulled up to the stop, other wheelchair users maneuvered themselves behind it, forming a blockade. The buses remained trapped between the wheelchair users for the next 24 hours. Chanting, "WE WILL RIDE!", the protesters message of "TAXATION WITHOUT TRANSPORTATION" forced a nation to take notice of the disability rights movement. Are the tax dollars of persons are with disabilities worth less than the tax dollars of others? Are individuals with disabilities deserving of less public accommodations than their "abled" co-citizens? The demand: That one third of Denver city buses be made wheelchair accessible. Thanks to the courage of "the gang's" heroic actions, public buses across the country are equipped to provide accessibility, independence and a bit of equality for people with disabilities.

Check out the "Gang of 19" PBS documentary contained in the links below. You can also read more about the bus blockade, ADAPT's role in the Americans With Disabilities Act, or the time wheelchair user's pulverized a curb with sledgehammers thus, forging the way for inclines at crosswalks. In hindsight, it's outrageous that it took a sledgehammer demolition, to generate understanding about the barriers and safety concerns facing wheelchair users, just trying to cross the street. There is however, much more work to be done to better the lives of all people with disabilities.

Every year as fireworks explode in celebration, I raise a glass to toast the liberty that these "Denver Pioneers" fought to win, for so many with disabilities. The neurodivergent thinkers behind these creative acts of social defiance, are nothing short of legendary. The anniversary of the "Gang of 19" blockade is truly something to celebrate. It also serves as a reminder that, a loud voice or action is sometimes necessary in the fight for disability rights, equality and, to finally #TearDownTheWall.

"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed." Martin Luther King Jr.

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Don't forget the ALT text.

Gang of 19 –

"Arrests are Almost Like Merit Badges" More Stories of ADAPT Activism:

Watch the PBS special – We Will Ride: 44 years after the "Gang of 19" protests:

More on the "Gang of 19":

More Work to Be Done:

Remembering the Gang of 19:

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ALT text: "Image of a black-and-white photo showing members of the gang of 19 in action.  The picture shows Colfax Avenue in Denver Colorado on July 5, 1978, with cars in the background, driving past the barricaded buses. 

On the left, is a city bus with a woman holding a sign and sitting in a wheelchair parked directly in front.  The sign has a drawing of a wheelchair user and text that reads: "TAXATION WITHOUT TRANSPORTATION!".

On the right side of the image, numerous other wheelchair users are parked in front, and on the side of the bus preventing it from leaving the bus stop."

The disability rights heroes in the "Gang of 19":
Linda Chism-Andre
Renate Rabe-Conrad
Willy Cornelison
Mary Ann Sisneros
Carolyn Finnell
George Roberts
Mel Conrardy
Bobby Simpson
Debbie Tracy
Jeannie Joyce
Kerry Schott
Jim Lundvall
Lori Heezen
Glenn Kopp
Bob Conrad
Larry Ruiz
Cindy Dunn
Paul Brady
Terri Fowler
3 months ago

Future Impacts Of Climate-Induced Compound Disasters On Volcano Hazard Assessment
-- <-- shared paper
[Understanding how volcano activity may change over time is particularly important as climate change continues to have direct and indirect effects on how volcanoes behave.]
#GIS #spatial #mapping #climatechange #change #management #future #events #planning #monitoring #engineeringgeology #riskhazard #risk #hazard #geologichazards #naturalhazards #spatialanalysis #volcano #vulcanism #volcanichazard #naturaldisaster #model #modeling #mitigation #planning #preparedness #compoundhazards #socialscience #humanimpact #impacts #economics #publicsafety

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The Ladder of #Leadership and facilitating #change - Jason Yip - Medium

#Attitudes on #samesexmarriage in #Japan are #shifting, but #laws aren't, yet.

#Japan is the only country among the so-called #G7 #industrialized #nations that does not allow #samesexmarriage. But #momentum for #change is growing, thanks in large part to #couples who've stepped out of the shadows to push for #equality and #inclusion — despite the #PersonalRisks.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Asia #Japan #SameSexMarriage #MarriageEquality

Christy Dena
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Loving some of the key ideas introduced in this book on "Activist Affordances" by Arseli Dokumaci.

"Activist affordances are performative microacts/-arts through which disabled people enact and bring into being the worlds that are not already available to them, the worlds they need and wish to dwell in."


Interview on the Sociology Podcast:

#design #change #changedesign #affordances #disability

Boiling Steam
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So I asked RMS what he thought about the whole RHEL story, since he's one of the co-authors of the GPL, and his answer was that he's not reached a conclusion yet and that "it's complicated".

#rhel #gpl #distribution #change #linux #distro #commercial #rms


@ericatty @failedLyndonLaRouchite @maegul @stux when I first found out about the and I was thinking, wow are we headed back to the white pages and yellow pages again? Or maybe we’re revisiting the Yahoo directory years?

The Yellow Pages had one hell of a run! I wish I had saved some old ones. They were like time capsules of what your local community was on any given year. They took up so much space that you couldn’t wait to throw out the old ones, but yet if you found a really old one, it was hard not to spend the next hour just flipping through it.

#yellowpages #tech #change

3 months ago


A lot of people tell me: Nothing will ever happen until it gets worse. Human beings need it that way.

But I'm not convinced.
I have a lot of people around me who do their best since ages. But we were few.

By that time, a lot of people feel in their heart that change is inevitable. If every single one of us does all that they can and starts with themselves, we will turn the tide... (quite literally).

#hope #change #CharlesEisenstein

R. Natale Fine Art
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Just Like That - the lone tree at Lake Superior State Park, NY has lost half its leaves to the wind. Seasons change so quickly. Now, it's #summer

#seasons #change #ayearforart #buyintoart #art #BlackAndWhite #Photography #homedecor #MastoArt

A B&W photo of a lone tree losing its leaves in autumn