4 hours ago

if You zoom out far enough, then You will see that “Chaos” is just as much a Myth as Religion. It’s all a matter of perspective.
#GardenThoughts #Observations #Chaos #Religion

6 hours ago

Welches #chaos event würde denn einem Musik Fesival am nähsten kommen? :D Könnte mir das den ganzen Tag geben.

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#idea for some #chaos

Implement a check for cURL that checks for any sibling processes being a common shell executable AND their input FD is mapped to the current processes standard output FD. If so, no output is returned and on the standard error stream a warning message "Please do not pipe arbitrary remote files into your shell without verifying their contents."

Looking forward for the havock this would cause.

/cc @bagder

2 days ago

@CultureDesk @merriamwebster because it's English....? Gerard Noist Trenité has written the aptly named poem "The Chaos" about it
#language #chaos #poetry

Discordian Date
2 days ago

Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 13th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3189.


Members of the ultraconservative House #Freedom #Caucus refused to surrender control of the floor, forcing G.O.P. leaders to scrap votes for the week and leaving speaker Kevin #McCarthy facing what he conceded was “#chaos.”

3 days ago

How do I communicate my brain chaos through text alone?

#text #chaos #ADHD

A Fools Quest
5 days ago

Thank you to everyone that has listened to our #AudioDrama Isfet Archives!
It is off to an amazing start for the first half of this year!
#supernatural #chaos #isfet #podcast #fiction

Discordian Date
1 week ago

Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 8th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3189.


Working Class Berserker
1 week ago

¿Y si los marines del Caos fueran sólo una panda de desgraciados que sufren mutaciones porque el Imperio les negó la medicación necesaria para contener sus errores genéticos porque era demasiado cara?

#warhammer40k #Chaos #Alternative40k

Discordian Date
1 week ago

Celebrate Syaday!
Today is Sweetmorn, the 5th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3189.


#Flughafen #Köln-#Bonn kriegt das #Chaos nicht in den Griff 🤦🤦
Schöne #Sommerferien

#Flughafen #Köln-#Bonn kriegt das #Chaos nicht in den Griff 🤦🤦
Schöne #Sommerferien

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Discordian Date
2 weeks ago

Today is Setting Orange, the 4th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3189.


Marco Breveglieri - Developer
2 weeks ago

#Murphy e le sue leggi sono sempre in agguato: "se qualcosa può andare storto, lo farà!". 😱 Come evitarlo? Non si può, ma possiamo sempre non farci trovare impreparati. 😜 Al #DelphiDay2023 vedremo come! Non perdete il mio talk su #Chaos #Engineering! 🤗

DelphiDay italian  conference
Chaos Engineering in Delphi 26 Embrace your inner chaos! 2 Marco Breveglieri - ABLS Team e * conferenza - 6 giugno 6-7 Giugno 2023 | Piacenza | Park Hotel powered by . wintech italia
Kevin Russell
2 weeks ago

The insurance industry has a new name for oil stockholder caused #climate #chaos.

Here is the insurance corporation's description of your world now.

👉 "rapidly growing catastrophe exposure"👈

Insurance companies ABANDON homes in California, and its spreading. The chance of your home being destroyed is so great.

You can no longer buy home insurance.

It is easy to stop, lots of jobs, but oil stockholders would rather:

👉"rapidly growing catastrophe exposure"👈

A neighbour phood in California, the image is engulfed in roaring flames. A lamp post, mostly obscured by wild flames, you can just make the two street signs, its the corner of 37195 ave and 27102 street(?)

Not our future, our today, from Exxon, Shell and Aramco
Dezene Huber 🌻
2 weeks ago

“We have not had a strong #El #Niño, in conjunction with #ocean #heatwave in the North #Pacific, in conjunction with an #Atlantic ocean where the #temperatures are almost off the charts. This combination of factors is really nothing that we've seen before, so it's a real challenge to make any kind of a prediction. I think you said it very well, that is, you know, expect #chaos.”

-Dr Jennifer Francis (senior scientist, #Woods #Hole #Climate #Research Center)


2 weeks ago

Big impacts can arise from small events as #Chaos and #ComplexSystems theory show, so I don't mean to ignore the #ButterflyEffect of reaching average people with a great knowledge repository. Just remember big effects are unpredictable.

So wouldn't be better to focus the message on getting devs back on the right path rather than the general public?


2 weeks ago

Utterly disgusting. This is governments equivalent of sending dick pics to each other. Sad to see humanity has still not managed to progress mentally since the dark ages.

#Military #Disgust #War #Chaos #Hangarship #usmilitary #USnavy #Navy #Power #Sickness #Disease #mentalillness #Darkages #Anger #Hatred #Fear

World's largest and most disgusting hangar ship
Queen Valhalla 🫂🕊️
2 weeks ago

#Capitalism #Fascism #Chaos #ChaosCapitalism

We're in the Era of Chaos Capitalism.

"These Republicans want chaos because they know the media – and, as a result, the public — will blame President Biden, both in the short term and in the long. …

They want to ruin his presidency and they don’t care who suffers in the process."

#Republicans #default #StockMarket #economy #chaos

"Republican House members – by demanding full compliance with entirely unrealistic demands – appear hellbent on defaulting on the national debt, sending the stock market and the economy into a tailspin while depriving the most fragile members of our society of the federal payments on which they depend."

~ Dan Froomkin

#Republicans #default #StockMarket #economy #chaos

Sé 🌸
2 weeks ago

Niet om op te scheppen of zo maar ik kan vergeten wat ik doe terwijl ik het aan het doen ben.

#ikkandat #chaos

2 weeks ago

Being (like) #water is the new #agile! #ceremonies and #rituals might not necessarily help you build great #software but #chaos and #assumptions will definitely bring nothing to the table.

Yet, custom tailoring agile #methodologies to your #project, based on your #team #dynamics, while introducing a fluid project #management structure to #software #development could give you the agility you need.

Find out more:

A photo of the legendary martial artist Bruce Lee ready to strike an opponent, with a legend that says: "Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless, like water".
2 weeks ago

[Gifted article, free to read ] Prigozhin says war in Ukraine has backfired, warns of Russian revolution By Mary Ilyushina @washingtonpost #russia #ukraine #russianrevoloution #1917 #prigozhin #chaos

WarbossKurgan (Saul)
3 weeks ago

The #RumourEngine for 23rd May 2023 is going to be a hard one to solve! I mean... what could it possibly be?!

#Warhammer #Chaos #WH40K #AgeOfSigmar #WarhammerCommunity #WarHamFam

3 weeks ago

Tell the boss that the #server room is organized and running smoothly.

#unix #sysadmin #linux #chaos #windows

3 weeks ago

I know it's extremely cliché, but being a patient, or a family member of a patient, is a completely eye-opening experience and one I would not wish on anyone.

(Also, Arthur Frank was wrong, it is all chaos narrative all the time, and it sucks.)

#NarrativeMedicine #MedMastodon #Chaos

Harald Böttger
3 weeks ago

PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS, wer hat noch nicht, wer will nochmal??? Jetzt Einsteigen, die nächste Fahrt geht rückwääärts! #chaos #iphone13pro #snapseed #eastsidemall #farbrausch #fotomontag #photomonday

Eine Collage von drei Bildern aus der Eastsidemall in Berlin
szczur: ten szczęśliwy
3 weeks ago

To #Chaos!

"It is up to President Biden to protect the nation and avert the chaos Trump is aiming for. And in the months ahead, it is up to sane middle America to speak, act, organize, and vote to ensure that Trump does not get the second term for whose sake he is eager to see the economy crash."

#Trump #default #DebtCeiling #Republicans #chaos #Biden

Dennis Aftergut writes,

"Keep in mind, too, Trump’s glaring hypocrisy here: This is the self-described 'King of Debt' who spent like a drunken sailor during his four years in office, raising the national debt by $7.8 trillion.

He’s not in it to keep America safe from overspending. He’s in it for himself."

#Trump #default #DebtCeiling #Republicans #chaos

michael kegler
3 weeks ago

ja, das #Chaos des #ÖPNV in #Frankfurt und Umland ist legendär. Aber wart ihr schon mal in #Mainz?

3 weeks ago

from my notes, a silly idea:

**true #freedom is realized in the #space between deterministic order and deterministic #chaos**

3 weeks ago

Then, as his planet killed him, it occurred to [him] that his father and all the other scientists were wrong, that the most persistent principles of the universe were accident and error.

Even the hawks could appreciate these facts.

#dune #irony #chaos #order

Its Not A Hoax ☑️
3 weeks ago

Gymmy, ya gotta luv him. Runs the best fuckin clown show on the internet.

#jimjordan #chaos #weaponization #clownshow #shitshow

Mythology & History
3 weeks ago

Random #eurovision throwback - back/onstage edition!

I had an internship in a #theatre #property room a hundred years ago, and this is bringing back memories!

#stagemanagement #chaos #imold

Poetry News
4 weeks ago

Accidental #chaos move: put the shoe rack back rotated 180°.

It starts with: "oops", and proceeds to "buahahaha…"

frykitty :vilified:
1 month ago

Youtuber The Treasure Page does the "Coffee pot challenge," where she writes her different materials on a scrap of paper, puts them in a pot, draws three, and creates something. I've seen similar things, but finally did it myself. I wrote mine on buttons. Pink buttons. About 90 of them. I've been collecting art supplies for a loooong time. It's all fun and games until I have to lathe washi tape.
#craft #art #chaos

A pretty bowl of pink buttons with things like paint, stamps, etc written on them.
Kevin Russell
1 month ago


Also keep in mind that many nations have hundreds of billions of tons of carbon oil. Canada for example has 200 billion tons of pre-sequestered oil under rock and sand, that would produce half a trillion tons of CO2.

#Climate #Chaos is selfishly (mental illness level greed and selfishness) using one resource that will kill us, when there are two others ready to step in. Solar and wind.

Kelly Shortridge
1 month ago

Takeaway #3 from my #SREcon talk on #resilience and learning from failure:

⛈️ #Chaos experimentation – #resilience stress testing in software systems – allows you to proactively uncover the hidden effects of stressors to your system(s) in a way that lets you be proactive about addressing them.

Jim Stewartson: “It’s almost like Americans shooting each other’s kids in their driveway out of irrational terror was the point all along.”

Ingredients for civil war:
— Install 400M guns / 11M AR15s
— Broadcast 24/7 anti-liberal propaganda
— Deploy social media psyops
— Weaponize religion
— Infiltrate law enforcement, gov’t and military
— Corrupt the press
— Create in-group and scapegoats
— Generate chaos

#GunViolence #Disinformation #Propaganda #Psyops #Chaos

Jennifer Morency :verified:
2 months ago

Confusion as Musk’s #Twitter yanks #bluechecks from agencies "[W]hen the Elon Musk-owned platform started stripping blue verification check marks this week from accounts that don’t pay a monthly fee, it left public agencies and other organizations around the world scrambling to figure out a way to show they’re trustworthy and avoid impersonators." #Musk #chaos

Kevin Russell
2 months ago

If I tell you this summer will be the summer of dying from the heat of the day. in homes, on streets, uou might think its a problem of the poor hot countries.

Canada, the polar nation had the first mass deaths from heat two years ago. 619 died, seniors and teens, on their floors, on their beds.

#Climate #Chaos IS NOT ABOUT 1.5 degrees of excess heat.

Climate chaos is about death.

Its the first weeks of spring, and India has 40C heat.

Justin du Coeur
2 months ago

I just came across this 15-minute video from three months ago:

It's fascinating, and much of it was news to me. Basically, it's a quick overview of #chaos theory, which then focuses on the growing field of *controlling* chaos, and why that is very, very useful.

(Spoiler: this is where #AI techniques are really important.)

Brian Klaas reports about psychological researchers' identification of a group of voters and citizens tagged "Need for Chaos" voters. They are attracted to candidates who promise to unleash chaos and burn down the entire political order. They imagine that in the new social order that follows, they'll have exalted status.

#Trump #chaos #MAGA #Republicans #WhiteChristianNationalism #democracy #fascism

De pauze van #Rutte's #VVD duurt al sinds 1988. #Stikstof #Chaos

Richard Littler
2 months ago

When real life starts imitating a Doug McCLure B-movie, you know something has gone very wrong.
#cinema #chaos #ModernLife

"Scientists discover continent that had been missing for 375 years"
Poster: The Land that Time Forgot
Joel Defoe
3 months ago

@chad This game was #chaos.

Walt :ani_clubtwit:🚀
3 months ago

#ChatGPT v6.6.6 ???

"...I am an expert witness, because I say I am

And I said, 'Gentleman.... and I use that word loosely... I will testify for you

I'm a gun for hire, I'm a saint, I'm a liar

Because there are no facts, there is no truth, just data to be manipulated

I can get you any result you like....what's it worth to ya?

Because there is no wrong, there is no right
And I sleep very well at night..."

(from The Garden of Allah by Don Henley)
#AI #Chaos #AIChaos

3 months ago


All of the above. :):):)

Apart from #TomPeters and maybe @james, most people I know don't Thrive on #Chaos.

(Fun fact: All systems envilving humans are #complex, in turn involving a chaotic attractor defining its development paths. 😉...I hope I remember this correctly.)

@imklg @darren @Wrenii @juneussell @Bluedepth @Gargron @fediversereport

Book cover:


"Thriving on Chaos offers enough inspiration
and information to feed American management
for years to come." --Industry Week
"This is Peters's summa."
Michael Stern, San Francisco Chronicle"
3 months ago

Vollkommen unabhängig davon: liebes #chaos möchte jemand von euch von mir auf der #EasterHegg Plakate mit Grafiken von mir oder einen hochwertigen Stickerbogen (Motive siehe reply) käuflich für ~20€ erwerben?

Weil dann kann ich nämlich voll profitorientiert sein, wenn ich auf dieser EasterHegg bin und jaja.

(kann gern noch mehr Motive posten, wenn Leute da Interesse haben ...) :BoostOK:

Eine ringförmige Raumstation in einer blauen blase vor einem Lila Planeten. In der Mitte der Raumstation ist der Berliner Fernsehrurm.
ein kleiner Fuchs-Drache mit flügeln tritt schüchtern aus einer Böschung hervor, im Hintergrund ein See mit Bergen, über denen ein gigantischer Seepferdchen-Drache dessen Flügeln aus Nördlicht bestehen durch die Wolken bricht.
Ein schwarzer, metallischer Würfel mit vielen spitzen und glühenden Linien schwebt über einem Klaren see in einer Roten, felsigen wüste.
Am Horizont ein Gas-gigant.

Ein kleiner Rover verursacht am Rand des Sees eine Staubwolke im roten Sand.
Low-Poly Grafik:
auf einem sehr kleinem Planeten mit zwei rauchendem und einem nicht rauchenden Bulkanen sitzt neben einer Rose eine kleine menschliche gestalt, mit goldenem Haar und wehendem Schaal.

Die beiden sehen einem Sonnenaufgang entgegen.

Im Hintergrund ein weiterer Planet, mit Wüsten Ozeanen und Gebirgen, sowie Mond und sterne.
Walt :ani_clubtwit:🚀
3 months ago

The final stages towards the #Singularity have begun

#StableDiffusion, #ChatGPT, #AISearch are all now starting to generate #AIChaos on the #Internet

Software engineers are already coding #EthicalAI / #JudgementalAI to begin to filter out & control the #Chaos

SOON, ONLY #AI will be capable of discerning the facts from the noise - the sheer mass of garbage will be beyond human comprehension

Ethical/Judgemental AI will spark the emergence of the Singularity

Hail! our new AI Overlords!

Stable Diffusion prompt:
"Portrait of our AI Overlord"

CRT Green faced AI head with red and gold electric crown
3 months ago

a retroduction is in order for me. on mastodon in one incarnation or another for several years, it's much more noise now! expect slow posting/responding. requested membership here to keep myself enmeshed in this work, not to be pulled out of it by other activity in the fediverse, as valid as all those threads are. very excited to be here with y'all.

currently in bard training through #OBOD; druidry, #animism and rebuilding kinship with other are high on my priority list. also a seeker of #gnosis via #chaos magick techniques (with a firm rebuff to any edgelord antics), dirt sorcery of the Aidan Wachter paths, various podcasts like #glitchbottle, and an invested interest in intercultural exchange and appreciation regardless of traditional path.
am currently located near portland, and have been engaged as a friend of the #columbia #adf #grove.

in the supposedly mundane realms, my sustaining work is in tech (cybersec and administration), and co-founding a worker cooperative has been immensely enriching in that journey. #labor is entitled to all it produces.

#sexwork is real work. all individuals are autonomous and have dominion over their own body. firmly anti-facist, anti-classist, anti-racist, anti-QT-phobic, and more.

3 months ago

DichteStress am Zentral in Zürich (vor ein paar Jahrzehnten)

#züri #zürich #trambahn #vintage #Chaos

Kevin Russell
4 months ago

@Sheril @rosemarymosco

It is not global warming, it is climate chaos.

A system of incredible complexity, self reinforcing balancing complexity, making life possible.

The universe is blindingly, searingly, hostile to life.

Only billions of years of increasing complexity allows a gossamer mist of life to cling to this lava ball., cooled by unlikely water.

Like a childs top, it could fall wildly out of control.
We can no longer burn carbon

#climatechaos #chaos #balance #gossamer

There's something so soothing about #editing #ReferenceLists. It's probably the process of making #order out of #chaos. #AmEditing #publishing #MedicalEditors #Bookstodon

demï7en 🎗
5 months ago

@chadloder @nnscott

The obvious method to attack #democracies is by weaponizing (unlimited?) freedom of speech and ignorance as a tools to sow #fear #outrage and #chaos.

It can all be lies, because lies also help further their cause by sowing #confusion: "Can't trust anything these days! Nothing is real?!"

Freedom to lie without consequences is the one significant chink in America's armour that the axis of enemies of democracy and civil liberties are now 'capitalizing' on.

5 months ago
5 months ago

*Going to* cross the line? Throwing shit at politicians, sending threats, burning cars, politicians installing security screens and panic buttons? The line is well crossed by now. This is not how a civilised polity runs. Sure, people are angered by our hopelessly incompetent government, but that's what votes and canvassing are for
#Chaos #politics #Ireland

5 months ago

How can we expect to maintain international business with this disgraceful abandonment of health care. We have to vote out this government and vote in one that is committed to health and housing #hospital #trolley #chaos

James Gleick
6 months ago

Here is my Introduction, with hashtags. I’m an author and essayist, part of, and hopeful about, the #TwitterMigration.

I write about science and technology and their cultural effects. My books include Chaos, The Information, and TimeTravel, as well as biographies of Richard Feynman and Isaac Newton.

#Introduction #authors #science #technology #Feynman #Newton #TimeTravel #Chaos

Gia Scott
6 months ago

Stockings are nearly stuffed. Most of the gifts are sorted out.

As usual, I'm missing two gifts and have zero idea where the hell I put them.

Obviously, I chose a safe place where they wouldn't be seen or damaged.

#Solstice #Holiday #Santa #JoinIn #Chaos #SeniorLife

Steve MacLellan
6 months ago

“(They)(UCP) demonstrate that her view is actually that which is aligned with these fringe separatist wannabes like folks who drafted the Free Alberta Strategy.

“Those comments are utterly chaos-inducing.”

Alberta NDP says Premier Danielle Smith’s rejection of federal authority lays separation groundwork | #chaos #smith #separatists #ucp #abpoli

would be awesome if the #railroad workers went on #strike 🤞🏼hoping everything goes to shit, low key I want the #chaos

6 months ago

@notfunnyelle I respect that. #Chaos

7 months ago

#Introduction - Hi I’m Bumper.

I know “bumper” is a #video editing term and the coincidence and #humor isn’t lost on me. I’m a former #photo and #multimedia editor for a large regional #news org. And my work has appeared on television, film festivals, and national media.

I now work at #Princeton University in #visual #communications and #design. And I bring with me my newsroom hustle, my curiosity in finding #art in the everyday, and a healthy dose of #Jersey attitude and #chaos. Hello.

Adam Steinbaugh
7 months ago

Contra @mmasnick, I deal with my massive amount of open browser tabs by throwing caution to the wind and closing all of them. #chaos #freedom

7 months ago

"An die Polizei vergebene Kompetenzen werden für politische Stimmungs- und Meinungsmache genutzt. Es ist unfassbar und in keinster Weise hinnehmbar, dass unser Freund und Mitglied für zivilen Ungehorsam im Bezug auf die uns alle betreffende Klimakatastrophe teils schlimmer behandelt wird als ein Schwerverbrecher."

#c4 #ccc #bayern #pag #chaos #LetzteGeneration