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All of the Original #Illustrations From Charles Dickens’ Novels Are Available To View Online


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Adattamento dell'omonimo racconto di Charles Dickens ed è probabilmente l'episodio più riuscito della serie antologica "A Ghost Story for Christmas" prodotta dalla BBC dal 1971 al 1978...

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Warner Crocker
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All of the Original Illustrations From Charles Dickens’ Novels Are Available To View Online
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#books #leatherboundbooks
My personal library #henrydavidthoreau #nathanialhawthorne #CharlesDickens #Thucydides #Herodotus #Homer #plato #aristotle
There's nothing like creating and having your own
Library.These are some book collections I have in my office library.Im currently reading Civil Disobedience and Other Essays by Henry David Thoreau.
Actually I read this in High School,long ago.

Book Binding Civil Disobedience
By Thoreau
Open book with yellow bookmark
Nathaniel Hawthorne
My Library of books
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#OTD 6May1817

The £50 fight btwn Harry HOLT & Jack Randall is finalised at the Old Grotto Public House in Lant St, #Southwark. It sits roughly between 3 prisons, the Marshalsea, Kings Bench & Horsemonger Lane.

#CharlesDickens lived in Lant St while his father was in the Marshalsea Prison

#HarryHolt #Holt #Genealogy #Bareknuckle #Boxing #Pugilist #Regency #Georgian #C18th #C19th #History

The Pickwick Papers
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#CharlesDickens readers, now we get to choose which round to read first. Below is the selected rounds, choose which book selection to read first. Make your 📗choice count.

* Round 1/
* Round 2/
* Round 3/
* Round 4/

The Pickwick Papers
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#CharlesDickens readers, we need your vote for the final book selection round. Make your 📗choice count.

Round 4

The Pickwick Papers
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#CharlesDickens reads, the 3rd round of voting is here. Make your 📗choices count.

The Pickwick Papers
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Dear readers of #CharlesDickens, 📗 we will commence voting soon. I will list the books and you get to decide what you want to read.

Rusty Ring
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"I won't go so far as to say, that, as it is, I've seen wax-work quite like life, but I've certainly seen some life that was exactly like wax-work."


Joanne Fisher
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I hope that real love and truth are stronger in the end than any evil or misfortune in the world.

Charles Dickens

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Dierk Haasis
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Es stört mich schon, dass so manch #CharlesDickens-Geschichte/-Szene heute wieder wie aktuelle Reportage aussieht.

Old British Telly
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[1976] Dickens of London – Not long before his death, novelist Charles Dickens looks back over his life, mainly focussing on the influence of his father. Both Dickens and his father are played by Roy Dotrice. First episode.

#OldBritishTelly #CharlesDickens #RoyDotrice

A rainy night in #London featuring the Old Curiosity Shop - a genuinely old building but from what I've read its claim to fame is dubious.

Find this here:

Sharing always kindly appreciated - this is how I pay ye olde billsy. 😉 ⭐

#DigitalArt #Painting #WindowFriday #FensterFreitag #RainArt #LondonArt #British #Dickens #CharlesDickens #Dickensian #MastoArt #FediArt #ArtMatters #AYearForArt #MarkOnArt

Digital Art painting of a London shop that holds the dubious claim to having been immortalized by Charles Dickens in the Old Curiosity Shop. 

Night scene, wet cobblestone streets, warm lights through the windows, falling rain

9 April 1894. New York Times: DICKENS FIGURE IN REAL LIFE ... Suicide of a Woman Like a Character in “Great Expectations.” More than 60 British newspapers wrote about Alice Pinard-Dôges, a French Lady, Musician, and a Jilted lover.
#Gothic #Romance #tragedy #suicide #CharlesDickens in #GreatExpectations #novel #novels

Olivia Colman as Miss Havisham in Great Expectations (BBC, UK, 2023)
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Charles Dickens wanted to personally exterminate the Indian race:

#charlesdickens #racism

David Anasco🐘
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The current #book I’m enjoying. This edition originally published in 1962 and priced at 95 cents!

#DavidCopperfield (not the #magician)

“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.”

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Neue Folge: Ellen Ternan traf als junge Theaterschauspielerin auf Englands berühmtesten Schriftsteller Charles Dickens. Er machte sie zu seiner Geliebten und Muse – und zu seinem größten Geheimnis. Dickens versteckte Ternan bis zu seinem Tod vor der Öffentlichkeit.

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Allen Michie
2 months ago

Here's my latest for the Arts Fuse: a review of Nick Hornby's "Dickens and Prince." I love these kinds of unlikely comparisons--they shake loose our regular categories of thinking about the arts. What pair would you select for a comparison book like this?

#prince #charlesdickens #dickens #nickhornby

Old British Telly
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[1960] Barnaby Rudge - Murder mystery interwoven with the historical events of England's Gordon riots of 1780, based on the novel by Charles Dickens.

First 4 episodes:

#OldBritishTelly #BarnabyRudge #CharlesDickens

Elizabeth Morgan
3 months ago

Hello it's Tuesday (again) and FINALLY we come to the end of my 2022 reads:

Lets talk about:
Sanderson's THE LOST METAL

Do you hate video that could have been an email? I got you:

#bootube #bookstodon #brandonsanderson #charlesdickens #katherinemansfield

Vivienne Dunstan
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For #WorldBookDay here’s a repost of my blog about my top 10 favourite #fiction books. I have many other much cherished books, but these are the absolute standouts for me. #books #reading #WorldBookDay2023 #novels #TerryPratchett #DouglasAdams #Tolkien #CharlesDickens #NeilGaiman #AgathaChristie #ConanDoyle

Old British Telly
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[1977] Hard Times - Thomas Gradgrind, a wealthy, retired merchant in the industrial city of Coketown, England, devotes his life to a philosophy of rationalism, self-interest, and fact. He raises his oldest children, Louisa and Tom, according to this philosophy and never allows them to engage in fanciful or imaginative pursuits.

Starring Patrick Allen, Timothy West, Rosalie Crutchley and Jacqueline Tong.

#OldBritishTelly #HardTimes #CharlesDickens

Starchy Compliment
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a dynamic process* led to this result;

#dickens #charlesdickens #ataleoftwocities #philosophy #meme #mamema

*duh; when arent #memes a dynamic process?!

this is fine meme shows a cartoon dog sitting next to a table with a mug in a burning room.

pic1: dog face replaced with dickens head. sits at table says: the best of times
pic2 (variates from the common meme);
the room is on fire, the mug lies on the floor, its contens spilled

dickens: the worst of times
Richard Tracey
4 months ago

Happy Birthday to you, #CharlesDickens. Today I finished reading The Turning Point: 1851--A Year That Changed Charles Dickens and the World, by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. Inimitable. We are all parts of the same story.

Seán Costello
4 months ago

1953 US edition of Charles Dickens’s Bleak House, illustrated by Edward Gorey #CharlesDickens #EdwardGorey #BleakHouse

Jacket of the 1953 centennial edition of Charles Dickens’s Bleak House, with illustrations by Edward Gorey
Seán Costello
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“He has few (if any) equals in the art of presenting a character, fundamentally natural and probable with just one strange, wilful, wayward moral and physical deformity which upsets the equipoise and bears off the character from the world of tiresome reality and as far as the borderland of the fantastic.” James Joyce on Charles Dickens, born #OTD in 1812 #CharlesDickens #JamesJoyce

Mike Palumbo
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#365Stories in 2023 - 38/365
"The Signal-Man" (1866)
by Charles Dickens

A signal-man tells the narrator of being haunted by a spectre, whose appearance foretells tragedy on the railway.

Dickens's classic ghost story, first published as part of the MUGBY JUNCTION Christmas anthology, may have been inspired by the real-life Clayton Tunnel rail crash of 1861.


Accompanying engraving by Edward Dalziel. Depicts two men sitting and talking. The railway signal-man, dressed in his uniform hat and coat, and the narrator, dressed in a top hat and coat.

A #DigitalArt #Painting that I started back in December and recently finished. I don't often do portraits so it took me longer to get there. What made me think of it was my annual viewing of #CharlesDickens #AChristmasCarol - and yes, I've read it and his other work too but an embarrassingly long time ago.
#Authors #Writers #Dickens #Literature #MastoArt #FediArt #ArtMatters #MarkOnArt

Prints etc. on my site:

Digital art painting - Portrait of the English Author Charles Dickens - Profile view that is colorful and has stars and other celestial bodies as a backdrop
4 months ago

#literature #CharlesDickens #books #writing #illustrations #BookIllustrations

'Welcome to the Charles Dickens Illustrated Gallery! Here you will find all the original illustrations to Charles Dickens's novels (and Sketches by Boz), where you are free to download, browse, share, remix, research, or use in whatever ways you can imagine.'

Timo Tijhof
5 months ago

Today, an Ash tree that grew for 160 years with hundreds of gravestones around its rootstock, fell!

The tree, located in St Pancras Gardens (London, UK), has a history that involves authors Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens.

#CharlesDickens #ThomasHardy H/T @abundance

A large tree, fallen atop a dense pile of gravestones in St Pancras Gardens. The following info panel is placed nearby in the park:

The novelist and poet Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) is best known for his novels set in rural Wessex, however before turning to writing full time he studied architecture in London from 1862-67 under Mr Arthur Blomfield, an architect based in Covent Garden.

During the 1860s the Midland Railway line was being built over part of the original St. Pancras Churchyard. Blomfield was commissioned by the Bishop of London to supervise the proper exhumation of human remains and dismantling of tombs. He passed this unenviable task onto his protege Thomas Hardy in circa 1865.

Hardy would have spent many hours in Old St. Pancras Churchyard during the
construction of the railway, overseeing the careful removal of the bodies and tombs from the land on was it was built. The headstones around this Ash tree (Fraxinus excelsior) would have been placed here around this time. Note how the tree has since grown in amongst the stones.

A few years before Hardy's involvement here, Charles Dickens makes reference to Old S:. Pancras Churchyard in his Tale of Two Cities (1858), as the churchyard in which Roser Cly was buried and where Jerry Cruncher was known to 'fish' (a 19th Century term for "tomb robbery and body snatching").
Brian McGackin
5 months ago

Reading A Christmas Carol and reminded for the millionth time how funny Dickens was? Like hilarious? Why don’t we talk about this more #CharlesDickens #AChristmasCarol

Mistigris computer arts
5 months ago

Mistodon: For months, we puzzled over how to dovetail DosDoc's mission, of drawing block #ASCIIart infofiles for canonical authors, with our own artpack release schedule. #BahHumbug! Here, with #CharlesDickens' #AChristmasCarol, we found the middle path. This #ANSIart screen was included in our wintery new MIST1222 artpack collection. #GodBlessUsEveryOne!

In front of a Victorian top hat bedecked with sprigs of holly float logos celebrating the book A Christmas Carol by the author Charles Dickens, all drawn in blocky ANSI art.

Today, we're looking at the 'Man Who Invented Christmas' - Charles Dickens! Did you know Dickens worked as a Parliamentary Reporter? His coverage of debates was praised by leading politicians. Find out about the role of reporting Parliament👇

@histodons @histodon #Histodons #Parliament #CharlesDickens #MerryChristmas

The Paperback Psychologist
5 months ago

Merry Christmas from The Paperback Psychologist 🎄🎅🏻

Welcome to my Christmas special and let me reintroduce you to Ebenezer Scrooge. Aided by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come, we explore the events and circumstances that have shaped Scrooge into the miserly, Bah Humbug proclaiming man we meet in Victorian London.

@bookstodon #bookstodon
#psychology #clinicalpsychology #scrooge #achristmascarol #charlesdickens #christmas #xmas

Psychological formulation of Scrooge
Richard Littler
5 months ago

This was my 2020 #Christmas card. Seeing as the sentiment and social dangers still haven't changed, I'm posting it again... #AChristmasCarol #CharlesDickens #books #illustration

IIlustration of the Ghost of Christmas Present from Dickens' Christmas Carol. Beneath his robes, two emaciated children "This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware of them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased."
5 months ago

The most common search that gets people to my site is:
"which #Victorian writer hated millais's Christ in the House of His Parents" (It must be a question on some junior college art history test.)

You can find out in this #essay, "How one bad review can really change your life-
#JohnEverettMillais, #CharlesDickens, and the #PreRaphaelite vision."

Read it here:

#writing #art #artist #ArtHistory #creative #history #ArtCriticism #JohnRuskin

"Christ in the House of his Parents" by John Everett Millais. A peasant boy with a hand injury stands in the center of a wood shop. His family attends to him in different ways; His father is inspecting his hand, his mother is kissing his cheek, and a boy is coming in with a bowl of water. In the background, a dove sits on the rung of a ladder and through the door sheep are grazing in a field outside.
Bishop Joey (he/him)
5 months ago

@neilhimself reading A Christmas Carol might be (haven't listened yet, not sure) the best version of A Christmas Carol to be had....

#NeilGaiman #CharlesDickens

@fraying And there's nothing authors talk about so much amongst themselves as the writing bizness itself.

There's a collection of letters I'm vaguely aware of involving Leo Tolstoy talking of Charles Dickens's apparently novel practice of serialising his novels in magazines. That's part of the financing / production bit I was alluding to above, though I left it out of that toot.

(I'm not sure where this appears, though if it rings a bell with anyone I'd hugely appreciate a pointer.)

And of course the Golden Age of the American Short Story existed mostly to sell cigarettes and booze. Which were also consumed by the authors themselves, as an early instance of the circular economy ....

@annaleen @danhon

#LeoTolstoy #CharlesDickens #writing #authors #serialisatiion

Bernhard Huss
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“I think I know the delights of freedom,” I answered. “Ah,” said he, shaking his head gravely, “but you don’t know it equal to me. You must have been under lock and key, dear boy, to know it equal to me.” —
#CharlesDickens, #GreatExpectations @bookstodon @litstudies

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Today in Labor History December 2, 1867: British author Charles Dickens gave his first public reading in the United States at Tremont Temple in Boston. He described his impressions of the U.S. in a travelogue, “American Notes for General Circulation.” In Notes, he condemned slavery and correlated the emancipation of the poor in England with the abolition of slavery abroad. Despite his abolitionist sentiments, some modern commentators have criticized him for not condemning Britain’s harsh crackdown during the 1860s Morant Bay rebellion in Jamaica. During his American visit, he also spent a month in New York, giving lectures, and arguing for international copyright laws and against the pirating of his work in America. The press ridiculed him, saying he should be grateful for his popularity here.

#charlesdickens #slavery #abolition #poverty #workingclass #copyright #books #fiction @bookstadon

Dickens in New York, c. 1867–1868

By Jeremiah Gurney - Heritage Auction Gallery, Public Domain,
Patrick Cates
6 months ago

#Introduction I'm the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs at the USC Marshall School of Business. I also teach organizational behavior and leadership to undergraduates and doctoral students at USC Marshall and the USC Rossier School of Education. I was born in London and have lived in LA/Pasadena since 2008. Interested in #Leadership, #WorkplaceCulture, #IOPsychology, #SocialPsychology, #Technology, #LosAngeles, #London, #CharlesDickens, #Jazz, #Metal, #Tattoos, and #CrypticCrosswords.

Douglas Dodds
7 months ago

Here's a brief #introduction. I'm an independent #curator and #researcher , interested in the history of #digitalart #generativeart #computerart and #algorithmicart

I've worked at the #VictoriaAndAlbertMuseum so I follow #museums #galleries #digitisation #collectors and #collecting

I've also been involved in various #digitalhumanities projects, about #CharlesDickens #WilliamGodwin #DegenerateArt and others