Clayton Hove
3 hours ago

New cookbooklet from the past featuring canned boned chicken!

I’m trying to figure out how they made that can back then, especially at volume. Instead of a cylinder, it’s a truncated cone (frustum), so the body is maybe an isosceles trapezoid instead of a standard rectangle/square?

#cans #chicken #bonedchicken #cannedchicken #vintage #antique #recipes #cookbook #food

8 hours ago

#BBQ to change fried #chicken recipe as #oliveoil price soars

BBQ, a popular South Korean fried chicken brand, will change the recipe for its signature olive oil fried chicken for the first time in 18 years to keep their prices intact.

12 hours ago

Dr Kyle is the head of the part of the facility we follow. He was a regular man up until a few years back when he and Dr Kyleigh were involved in a freak DSO accident that left them both with chicken body parts. Dr Kyle is extremely self conscious about being part chicken, as he got affected more than Dr Kyleigh by the blast. Both his head and his feet got chicken-ified and he also grows a few feathers above his tail bone, which he plucks as they grow.

#chicken #drkyle #kyle #chibi #cute #oc

Rebecca Wang
14 hours ago

A colorful pet portrait painting of a Rhode Island Red chicken named Rosie. Acrylics on 5x7 canvas, 2021. My very first chicken portrait! I really like how this turned out.

#Art #MastoArt #AYearForArt
#ArtMatters #TraditionalArt #AnimalArt #AcrylicPainting #buyintoart #BirdArt #Chicken #Hen #PetPortrait

A colorful portrait painting of a Rhode Island Red chicken hen in bright colors.
1 day ago

I think of this at least once per week.

Original source:

#chicken #joke

A five year old carrying a chicken around. The woman who’s recording him, from behind the camera: “Alright, tell your joke.” The child: “Why are chickens so funny?” Her: “Why?” The child, sounding like a clucking chicken: “Becaaaauuse!”
Zach Nocturnal Artist
1 day ago

Inktober 2022 Day 16 prompt: fowl. An abstract chicken in Sketchbook
#abstract #abstractart #abstractdrawing #chicken #inktober #inktober2022 #Sketchbook

Erik Schouten 73
2 days ago
3 days ago

Our chickens, ducks and rabbits live together in one big pen. It’s very relaxing to watch them!

#chicken #chickens #chickensofmastodon #backyardchicken #hen #hens #rooster #duck #ducks #ducksofmastodon #rabbit #rabbits #rabbitsofmastodon #bun #mastobun #garden

1 black rabbit, 4 white sussex chickens, 1 black ancona chicken and a silver bahama duck grazing together.
Cory Moll
3 days ago

Went to Boston Market for some #rotisserie #chicken on Potrero and it was closed with eviction notices from the building owner. Search suggests corporate is behind on taxes and wages. The quality has gone down over the years, but when you crave nostalgia it's nice to still be able to find it. I'll be sad if this is the final coffin. (SF Superior Court CUD-23-672375) I wonder about the Daly City, Oakland, Fremont, Santa Clara and San Jose locations? #bostonmarket #sfba

Closed and un-lit storefront of Boston Market on 16th and Potrero in San Francisco.
Notice of Restoration posting on the door of the closed Boston Market store.
Looking through the door inside the dining room with the lights off. Tables and chairs are still in place and serving area still set up as if they could open any time.
San Francisco Superior Court filing for write of possession of real property - the Boston Market on 16th and Potrero in San Francisco.
4 days ago

Our Ancona ❤️
Her feathers shine blue and green in the sun.

#chicken #hen #backyardchicken

A sideview of an Ancona hen. She is black with white speckles and has big tail feathers. 

In this picture she is standing on straw. Other hens are visible in the background.
The Ancona hen standing proudly towards the camera. There’s a greenhouse in the background.
The Ancona hen, looking at a second, white hen standing in front of her.
A picture of the big tail and fluffy butt of the Ancona hen. She is walking towards a big pasture.
Simon Forman
4 days ago

The Sebright is curious.


A Golden Sebright hen looks into the camera from a few inches away.  Her face takes up most of the image and is blurry but the feathers on her neck are in focus.
Simon Forman
4 days ago

I took some photos of the Flock Sebright this afternoon. Here's one where a hen and a rooster are standing in a sunbeam. I put the camera on the floor so they look big. In reality they are slightly smaller than pigeons.

You can't see it well in this one but in the sun the rooster's black is iridescent green.


A Golden Sebright hen looks into the camera, behind her a Golden Sebright rooster looks on.  Their feathers are copper with black edges.

The camera POV is low, making the birds loom large.
5 days ago

So nach 3h arbeit ist dann auch der Hühnerstall sauber, desinfiziert und neu eingestreut. Das reicht dann auch für heute an Arbeit.

#Hofleben #Hobbitcore #Chicken #Hühner #Garten

Oliver Schafeld
5 days ago

Yesterday's lunch:
Thai chicken salad with peanut-soy dressing, served with baked sweet potato cubes.

I modified the recipe slightly: breaded the #chicken and added spices to the sweet potato (harissa, sweet paprika, nutmeg).

#cooking with #meat

5 days ago

> These butter #chicken #meatballs are covered in a rich and mildly spiced #tomato #gravy that is made luxurious with just a little bit of butter and cream.

Butter Chicken Meatballs


Dave Smeg
1 week ago

It's #friday #food with #friends night.
#Chicken and #beef #burgers with #curly #fries and side #salad.

No #rum allowed yet.
Also trying out a new #music player.

Music player
Clayton Hove
1 week ago

I asked AI to put chicken noodle soup in an aquarium.

#soup #chicken #chickennoodlesoup #aquarium #fishbowl

1 week ago
1 week ago

More chicken shenanigans with hiding eggs in the nettles between the fence and the shed.

Slapped together this barrier in 5 minutes, hope that will do the trick. If they're coming in from the other side, I'll have to cut away the brushes there and close it too. Currently somewhat inaccessible there, but hopefully also for chickens!

On the upside, the new hens integrated into the flock nicely. A pecking order got established and peace and togetherness reign.

#Chicken #VillageLife #Farm #Fence

A shed. Between it and the wire fence there's a bunch of raspberries and nettles and a 20cm wide gap that is now closed with a short piece of rough sawn wood fencing attached to the shed.
1 week ago

to the people posting about the horrors of Musk's Neuralink experiments on monkeys: where the fuck were you on National Cheeseburger Day?
#AnimalRights #AnimalWelfare #Peta #MeatIsMurder #AnimalAbuse #LaboratoryAnimals #Beef #Pork #Chicken

1 week ago
In the foreground is a chicken, a Rhode Island Red I think. Beyond are two sheep looking at the chicken.
1 week ago

Today: apple tasting! Red Winter-Calvill passed the test.
#Huhn #Hühner #Chicken #vegan #apple

Some different colored chickens eating an apple in my hand.
1 week ago

Mmmm! Tastes like 🐓

'I Made #ChickenSoup From Chemicals'

"How many chemicals does is take to make chicken soup? Today we find out."

#TheThoughtEmporium #Food #Soup #Chicken

Dave Smeg
1 week ago

Smeg can't handle this indecisive weather and is in need of a large #rum and #coke while making #chicken and #bacon tagliatelle with #garlic bread #ciabatta.

#Cooking #music @jango_radio

Music player
James 🌈💜
1 week ago

"Why did the chicken cross the road?"

This... Was way deeper than I expected.

#chicken #joke #vsauce

David Zappelli
1 week ago

#Minestra di #pollo con #risoni e #spinaci
#Chicken #soup with rice pasta and spinach, plus diced tomatoes, carrots, onion, green onions, and Parmigiano Reggiano. #food

1 week ago

How to eat grapes 🍇 - chicken style:
- aim for it
- peck it
- shake it
- snack it
#Huhn #Hühner #chicken

Hen Dreizehn standing on a green old plastic garden chair, aiming for some grapes in my hand.
Hen Dreizehn pecking in one of the grapes.
Hen Dreizehn shaking her head to loosen the grape.
Hen Dreizehn with a single grape in her beak.
1 week ago

The newbie chickens still got a lot to learn about where those eggs go.

There's perfectly fine nesting boxes in the coop! Middle of the path to the compost heap is probably not a good place, but at least easier to retrieve than behind the shed in a bunch of nettles.

#Chickens #Chicken #VillageLife

Chicken jungle (recently trimmed, but already growing back). In the middle of the way to the compost pile at the back, a small chicken egg lays on the floor, marked by a red arrow.
Lyle Solla-Yates
1 week ago

I will never understand the obsession with fried #chicken in #cville but clearly it’s a thing #uva #thechickenstripiseverywhere

Color photo of a crowd and news SUV and Cav Man in front of a Raising Cane’s restaurant
David Zappelli
2 weeks ago

#Enchiladas de #chorizo y #pollo en crema de #chipotle
Chorizo ​​and #chicken enchiladas in chipotle cream. There’s a spinach salad on the side with homemade zucchini pickles and our garden-grown yellow tomatoes.
#HispanicHeritageMonth #food
Day 86/94 of summer, 257/365 year

2 weeks ago

My friend’s enclosure for his #ducks and #hens back home (southern #Mizoram) for #SilentSunday. It’s fun watching their antics. #Hen #Duck #Chicken

Video a hens and ducks in an enclosure. They're roaming around pecking food from the ground and some plants.
Nudeful Art
2 weeks ago

There, all caught up again!

New material Soon™️!

#soontm #caughtup #moretocome #randomtagfornorealreason #chicken #koala 🙃

Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Animal products provide <20% of global food energy but are worst for #landuse, water, #biodiversity & GHG #emissions. Adoption of #diets low in #pork, #chicken, #beef & #milk is important for #climatechange, #health, #foodsecurity and natural resources:

The Ocean Cowboy
2 weeks ago

Despite still being well off shore, #HurricaneLee is definitely making its impending arrival known. I had to go check on my girls! #chicken #rancher

2 weeks ago

A nice egg-free weekend from Araucana Blechi and Jay!
#Huhn #Hühner #chicken #vegan

Splash colored (white with bluegrey spots) hen Blechi and the back of champagne colored hen Jay in the mid of different green plants. Blechi is looking at the camera, Jay ist looking for yummies between the plants. In the back a bit of blue sky is visible between some bushes.
2 weeks ago

Shares very much appreciated
#chicken #chickenmasto

2 weeks ago
Mobile chicken coop in the middle of dry field with chickens around it.
Muellers Kabinett
2 weeks ago

Werden hier junge Männer aufbewahrt? ...ich habe Fragen #chicken #rooster #imbiss

The advertising sign for a snack bar that specialises in poultry, The sign shows a cheerful greeting rooster in comic style. The title is Chicken House. My weird brain wonders if this is a place where young men are kept....
Erik Sagen
2 weeks ago

My second chicken-themed sketch. #Illustration #Chicken #Procreate

3 weeks ago

First eggs from the new hens. Young hens, small eggs. The big one is from one of the two old hens.

Integration is progressing slowly. The cock definitely has a new favourite and there's some jealousy going on 💚

#Chicken #Egg #Chickens #VillageLife

Small brown egg vs. big off-white egg more than twice its size in a egg-holder in the fridge.
3 weeks ago

Picked up 5 new immigrants today and clipped their right wings in the dark garage, which worked surprisingly well.

Integration is difficult, just like with humans, but we're carefully guiding them through the process.

This first one is already pecking around curiously in the yard and the cock is edging up to her with a twinkle in his eye.

Three are cowering in the coop but at least they eat. Number five is hiding in the bushes and might need help.

#Chickens #Chicken #Immigration #VillageLife

A chicken with a punky comb that hangs over to one side. It's looking through a fence straight at the camera, or rather, the dog beneath it.
3 weeks ago

Whenever I watch a video about cat rescue in the US, they always mention "chicken baby food" as the magical treat that makes cats get socialized faster.

...I can't for the life of me find "chicken baby food" here on the website of the French supermarkets I know. All I find is ENTIRE DISHES that include chicken.
Maybe it's because I don't have kids but it blows my mind. It's not that "chicken baby food" is not popular, it just doesn't seem to exist at all.

#Cats #Babies #BabyFood #Chicken

A screenshot from French supermarket Leclerc, showing 4 items of baby food containing chicken :
"Brazilian chicken", "Chicken tajine", "Vegetable chicken tajine" and "Diced potatoes, mushrooms and old school chicken"
A screenshot from French supermarket Intermarché, showing 1 item of baby food containing chicken :
"Coconut milk vegetables and chicken"
A screenshot from French supermarket Leclerc, showing 2 items of baby food containing chicken :
"Poultry blanquette" and "Mediterranean vegetables and basquaise poultry"
3 weeks ago

#Vegan dish tonight: soy-yoghurt with blueberries. The chickens beaks will turn blue. #chicken #Huhn #Hühner

Hen Berkshire with soy-blueberry-yoghurt on her beak.
3 weeks ago

Tiny #chicken, banana was too big but here’s a finger for scale :blobfoxcrylaugh:

#crossstitch #chicken

Tiny cross stitch chicken about the size of the top of a finger
4 weeks ago

A nice egg-free weekend from the Araucanas Jay, Silent Bob and Dreizehn! 🌞 And from the dwarf rooster Bembel of course!
#Huhn #Hühner #chicken

Three rumpless, bearded chickens on one old green plastic garden chair. Jay is a blue silver-necked and Bob a silver-necked Araucana. Dreizehn is brown Araucana-mix-hen.
Tina LeCour
1 month ago
This is a black and white rooster named Dashing Domino standing in some whimsical daisy flowers.
Hrefna (DHC)
1 month ago

#Rooster status.

* Fricassee has decided to start trying to have dance offs with me. So it begins.

* Coq au Vin has now developed the _fanciest_ tail and has gotten quite proficient at crowing.

* As yet unnamed Brahma has just started figuring out how to crow.

* Napoleon has decided that the best spot to be is on the top of my roommate's truck.

nb. Said roommate does not park his truck in the #chicken yard.

* Gumbo tends to not care about anyone's antics.

Andreas Lindholm
1 month ago

What is the proper term for the notion that everything tastes like chicken? It seems reasonable to believe that it is derived from Greek words and begins with "pan."

#chicken #Greek

1 month ago

I have a hankering for #Pompeii #FastFood #Chicken this morning.

"Fast Food" counter uncovered by archeologists in Pompeii
Lisa S Baker
1 month ago

I know we are no where near Christmas, heck we are no where near Halloween but I couldn't resist sharing crazy chicken, he's been hitting the eggnog already. ha ha. Happy Wednesday! 🤪

get it here:

#chicken #christmas #crazy #goofy #chickens #chickenlovers #birds #birdlovers #art #artwork #arte #homedecor #mastodon #mastoart #fediverse #AYearforArt #funart #smile #silly #artmatters #mastochicken

A painting of a goofy chicken dressed up for Christmas.
Jeremy 🇨🇦
1 month ago

Speaking of #Scheme (related to a previous toot), I have a wonderful #CHICKEN #Scheme hack for you all:

alias `chicken-install` to a function that does `mold -run chicken-install`.

This is of course I am talking about. This dramatically speeds up builds for me (most of my build time is re-linking dependent libraries / modules) since CHICKEN has many of the same toolchain deficiencies (and solutions) as C.

Alexander Hay
1 month ago

CLUCKING HECK! It's all kicking off in #Essex.

"Essex woman 'shocked' to find live #Chicken abandoned in bin at popular #Chelmsford park...

"...I thought oh God, there's an actual chicken here. I was shocked because you don't see a live chicken in the bin every day..."

#News #Weird #Birds #Poultry

1 month ago

Fox came in the night and dug into the chicken enclosure. The chickens are normally locked up in the coop, but because of the heat the door was left open, a fatal mistake as it turned out.

Two hens got carried off and three more left dead. The oldest two and the cock remain, minus some feathers. And the dog is limping, although it doesn't look serious, nothing broken, no wound, maybe just pulled something.


#VillageLife #Death #Chicken #Fox #HeatWave

Two feathers, a brownish one from a hen and a scintillating black tail feather from the cock.
Sarah Sammis
1 month ago

Progress on Glorieta Magica. The new easel makes painting larger pieces an absolute joy. #wip #CallForArt #chicken #ChickenArt #AcrylicPainting #mastoart

Chicken pained like a Day of the Dead calavera.

Interrupting your timeline to show you this roumd chimkin.

May the chimkin bless you with her wisdom.

#chicken #farm #animals #silly #ROUND #bird #birb

A very spherical chicken.
Oona is drawing animals
2 months ago

I've just submitted 3 pieces for the 8th edition of Gallery Nucleus "Power in Numbers" exhibition, with *checks clock* a plushy almost 4h to spare \o/ Plz wish me luck! 🤞

The pieces are 1) this rooster that I had posted before, slightly edited (the background wasn't quite as black yet as I wanted it to be...)

#art #mastoArt #ink #animals #chicken

a drawing in black ink of the head of a rooster in profile. the background is filled in with solid black, the feathers done with a brush pen, the details of the face with fountain pen, and the eye with fineliner
2 months ago


Video: Gathering of the peanut brains :-) #dog #chicken

One small dog and three chicken pecking at grass
Sarah Sammis
2 months ago

Rainbow Hen… a quick digital sketch to try something out. Final version will be gauche and ink on paper. #mastoart #chicken #ChickenArt #DigitalArt

Rainbow colored hen in profile.
2 months ago

Here, you can see a herd of dinosaurs killing a pear.
Hand feeding is dangerous and beginner in dinosaur-keeping should lern it from experienced feeders. #chicken #Huhn #Hühner

Different breeds of chickens eating a single pear in my hand.

🤫 shh, she's sleeping! 😴

she's a "broiler" hen: a chicken raised specifically for meat production. these are the bbq chickens you'll see at grocery stores in those black plastic containers.

they're genetically modified to grow to massive sizes, very rapidly, and are typically slaughtered at only 4-6 weeks of age. the unnaturally fast growth leaves them susceptible to a vast array of health conditions. those who succumb to these conditions or simply aren't expected to grow fast enough are gassed, ground up, or thrown out alive.

those who are unlucky enough to survive live in tightly packed, artificially lit factory farms, essentially wading in their own waste until slaughter. because their environments aren't cleaned for their entire lives, the buildup of ammonia constantly burns their skin and irritates their respiratory system. most will never experience fresh air in their lungs or the feeling of sunlight on their faces.

during slaughter, they're hung roughly by their legs onto the automated shackle line, dipped into the electric stun bath, with any birds who lift their heads proceeding fully conscious, and then have their throats cut open by a rotating blade. a worker stands by with a knife for any birds who missed the first blade.

each rescued animal i've had the privilege of getting to know at the farm sanctuary is so full of love, personality, and a deep desire to be alive. they live to frolic with their friends, explore their little world, bask in the sun, and take naps on laps like mine. how anyone thinks these sweet babies are any different from the dogs and cats we keep as companions is beyond me. i dream of a day where it is no longer normal to torture and murder them.

i'm #vegan for the animals, like her ❤️

#animals #cute #farm #meat #bbq #chicken #adoptdontshop #climate

A video of an all-white hen slowly getting petted by someone wearing a purple gardening glove. As she grows more relaxed, her eyes start to close, and she looks perfectly at peace.
Oona is drawing animals
2 months ago

More adventures in "finishing" a drawing, even just a small one. On the left is my first direct-in-ink sketch on cheap paper, same size as the drawing on the right. Sketch probably took less than 20min, maybe less than 10. With the "finished" version I am not sure, but definitely more than 20min.

(previous drawings from this batch here:
#art #mastoArt #ink #animals #chicken

a drawing in black ink of a chicken seen from the front and slightly to the left from viewers POV, the chicken is lowering its head towards the ground and looking up with. Less than a third of the background is filled in with almost solid black from the top, with the border between the black background and the white ground sloping down towards the right side of the image. The chicken itself is shown with some stark solid black shadow as well as some finer lines for details in the face and talons.
a drawing in black ink of a chicken seen from the front and slightly to the left from viewers POV, the chicken is lowering its head towards the ground and looking up with. A bit over the top third of the background is filled in with almost solid black, and the chicken itself shown with some stark solid black shadow as well as some finer lines for details in the face and talons. The tow main differences to the previous image are that the chicken is positioned slightly lower in the frame, thus completely showing some tail feathers that were cut off in the previous image, and that the details in the face and the talons are worked much more carefully.
Rainbow Ravels
2 months ago

Chicken number 4 is finished!

#knitting #amigurumi #chicken

Tiny knitted chicken seen from above
Tiny knitted chicken seen from the side
Oona is drawing animals
2 months ago

...and this is what the fully worked up version of the sketch on the right looks like.

#art #mastoArt #ink #animals #chicken

a drawing in portrait format of the head of a chicken in profile. The drawing is done in black brush pen for the feathery parts and fountain pen for the beak, eye and scaly skin, with the background filled in in solid black, and some of the white margin on the paper around the drawing visible.
Oona is drawing animals
2 months ago

But the Bristol can be affixed to a wall with museum putty without needing extra backing, my usual paper is not thick enough for that, so would need to be mounted. Mounting is kind of a faff, and always a bit risky, handling glue and all that might easily loose me a drawing if I am not careful.

These 2 chicken heads were supposed to be only preparatory sketches but then I started liking them a bit too much for that /o\

#art #mastoArt #ink #animals #chicken

a sketch in portrait format of the head of a rooster in profile, with his beak open. The sketch is done mostly on black brush pen, with some details filled in with fountain pen, and the pencil under drawing still visible, as well as a light frame around the overall image drawn with pencil and a ruler
a sketch in portrait format of the head of a hen in profile. The sketch is done mostly in black brush pen, with some details filled in with fountain pen, and without an under drawing
Frank & Joe
2 months ago

Polish hen says “Hi!” 🐓 #chicken #PolishHen #CrestedBirds #bird

A closeup of a Polish hen
2 months ago

Hühner brauchen Sträucher zum glücklich sein. Zur Not gehen auch kleine Bäume. Hühner sind keine Steppentiere und mögen offene Flächen ohne Deckung nicht.

Chickens need bushes to be happy. Small trees will also do. Chickens are not steppe animals and do not like open areas without the possibility to hide.

#Huhn #Hühner #chicken

Hühner vor einem Hollunderbusch mit kleiner Öffnung (bin da kurz mit dem Rasenmäher rein).
Gleiches Bild, Hühner weiter drinnen unter dem Holunder.
Gleiches Bild, noch zwei Schwänzchen und ein Huhn beim reingehen zu sehen.
Eve :verified:
2 months ago

#cat #cats #catsofmastodon #duck #chicken

Daffodil, Huhn: Hi guys, what's up?
Daffodil, Huhn: Hi Leute, was läuft?
Sidney, white Japanese duck: .li, the tabby cat is up to something!
Sidney, weisse Laufente: .li, die getigerte Katze hat was vor!
Wotan, red/white cat and Snickers, red cat: Chill guys, we have Mars (black cat), on it!
Wotan und Snickers: Beruhigt euch, wir haben den Mars, die schwarze Katze, die schaut!
Mars, black cat: .li, STOP IT!
Mars, schwarze Katze: Hey .li, HÖR AUF!

Hellbeiges Huhn läuft den Weg hinab, links und rechts Gras

Bright brown chicken walking down the path, left and right grass
Weisse Laufente, ringsherum Erde, links Lilien Blätter

White running duck, standing on earth around it, lily leaves on the left
Oben im Bild Gebüsch und Gras, mitten im Bild liegen Wotan, rotweisse, und Snickers, rote Katze, im Gras, unten im Bild Gras

Above in the picture bushes and grass, in the middle of the picture is Wotan, red and white, and Snickers, red cat, lying in the grass, below in the picture grass
Mars, schwarze Katze, steht in der Mitte des Bildes und schaut nach oben, umgeben mit Gras

Mars, black cat, standing in the middle of the picture looking up, surround by grass
Rainbow Ravels
2 months ago

And here's Brook the Chicken #1! I really like how it came out.

#knitting @knitting #amigurumi #chicken

A very similar-looking chicken, but less wonky and more streamlined
A slightly washed-out video of a hand turning the chicken around to show all sides of it, then sitting it on a surface to show that it sits by itself
Rainbow Ravels
2 months ago

Us, before: It would be so nice to make a fundraiser item for @coopartisans, but we don't have any yarn in the perfect colors to make, like, a hat with the co-op's color scheme...

So, meet Prototype Chicken 1! I want to change a few things in the next version, but we'll definitely be keeping this cute little friend for ourselves. It's supposed to be Brook from the #ArtisansCoOp logo.

#knitting @knitting #amigurumi #chicken

A hand holding a tiny knitted chicken, maybe a couple inches tall, mostly white with a bright red comb and wattle
2 months ago

Hmm, can't let the dog out, the #baby #quail are hanging out in the #garden. He's not supposed to chase them, but he caught one the other day. I think they smell like his favorite food, #chicken.

I've removed #vegetarian from my profile. I will still be cooking mainly vegetarian or vegan dishes, but on short term I was recommended to add #chicken to my diet. I'll keep it to a minimum and most likely won't post pictures with it. Making sure to only eat well raised chicken.

#health #diet #food

2 months ago

I’ve never wanted a #pet #chicken so badly in. my. life. 🐓

A Temu ad for helmets for your pet chicken
Tina LeCour
2 months ago
This is a vertical painting of pretty white chicken standing in some colorful daisy flowers.
Jan Matson Art
2 months ago

Chicken 🐥🐥🐥

An oil painting of a cute fluffy chicken to brighten your day! This little chick was painted with a palette knife for a nice feathery texture!

#TextureTuesday #chicken #MastoArt #JanMatson #art #artist #painting #OilPainting #gift #BloomScrolling #prints #wildlife #BirdsOfMastodon #homedecor #FediGiftShop

A heavily textured Oil painting of a young yellow chicken. This little chick was painted with a palette knife for a nice feathery texture and is on a pale pink and blue painted background.
2 months ago

Made this piece for the @coopartisans fundraiser! I’ll be turning it into #stickers if anyone needs a little #chicken in their lives 🐔

#joinartisans #art #artistsonmastodon

The artisans coop logo with some tattoo style roses around it
3 months ago

Been a long time since I did an #introduction post.

I'm a #Christian #Agorist who works in #infosec and lives in a #tinyhouse I drive an #electricvehicle and ride an #electricbike I teach #Reformed theology and am a #Father to 3. We also raise a few #pig #goat #chicken on our #homestead in #Tennessee only #TropicalRainforest

Yep, TN has a #rainforest ! And just 20m from #Chattanooga

Deep State Dude
3 months ago

If you ever find yourself hungry in the K-town neighborhood in LA, don’t pass up the chance to get the special chicken at Dino’s! It’s truly spectacular! #losangeles #foodtoot #chicken #HiddenGem

Picture of the corner of Pico and Berendo in LA showing Dino’s restaurant.
LocalAreaKnitwork 🧶
4 months ago

She's finally off the nest!

#chicken #homestead #farm #bird