@ukuku @electrek If we’ve learned anything about the #ChiefTwit recently, it’s that he’s desperate for money from any and every source.

The subscription model is what he’s had in mind for #Tesla all along, just like HP Printers: sell the printer at a loss, or for zero profit, but make 80% profit on the ink tank sales.

3 weeks ago

Brilliant #Business Strategy - Stable Genius II, the insanity continues..

Elon Musk Defends George Soros Tweets And Other Conspiracy Theory Posts: “I’ll Say What I Want to Say, And If The Consequence Of That Is Losing Money, So Be It” #Twitter #ChiefTwit #ElonMusk #Musk #GeorgeSoros #ConspiracyTheories #ChildDevelopment

🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
4 weeks ago

Well Musk reminds us of a wannabe Iron Man. When he's more like the tin man. #ChiefTwit

@3nzof3rrari3 #Musk to #NPR: I'll be the chief decider and sheriff in this town. #ChiefTwit

@mastodonusercount #Mastodon looking strong 💪. #Twitter #ChiefTwit Let's GOoooo!

Kim Mi
2 months ago

Moin #Mastodon! Noch hat sich bei #Twitter nicht viel getan mit den „blauen Häkchen“. Man darf gespannt sein, was dort noch passiert und ob #ChiefTwit nicht doch noch zurückrudert…

Is Elon Musk @elonmusk to Management what Rosa Kleb was to Hospitality?

Elon has moved from the approach of "whipping" his employees. #Twitter #ChiefTwit #SpaceKaren

@ZoeSchiffer NEW: Elon Musk just announced Twitter will be making significant performance-based stock and compensation awards for remaining employees. 10:23 AM - Feb 27, 2023 - 443.5K Views

Elon's Twitter glory continues.

#FreeSpeech #Censorship #ChiefTwit #Tesla

Adam Something (YouTube) posted  MOTHERBOARD TECHBY VICE ‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Elon Musk Censors BBC Doc Critical of India’s PM on Twitter Twitter is censoring links to a BBC documentary that examined Prime Minister Modi's role in violent 2002 riots that saw over 1,000 deaths.

@aristeon I find no real need to go on #Twitter. Frankly #ChiefTwit repulses me. Sure it's tempting to drop in and see what calamity is going on but then I'd disrupt my good vibe. #Twitter #TwitterMigration

@mastodonusercount Hmm, what's the cause of this mini surge? Is it #ChiefTwit testifying? 🤔 #SpaceKaren

@Norobiik Musk has no shame and the rise of far right extremist. #ChiefTwit #SpaceKaren

5 months ago

@cranky_david Let's keep him tweeting but offer users an opt out option from receiving his tweets which are spoon feed to us through Twitter notifications, please. #ChiefTwit #Twitter

Science Blue
5 months ago

I've now been active on #Mastodon for two months, although it seems a lot longer.

Some observations:
:trek_delta_black: My experience on here has been extraordinarily more pleasant than the #Birdshite. I recognize, of course, not everyone has had that experience. The admin of the instance I'm on just happens to be a hypervigilant beast that blocks any and every horrid instance he comes across. The instance you're on really matters as far as your day-to-day experience goes.
:trek_delta_black: Since there's no algorithm, what kind of post goes "viral" is completely random on here. The only microviral posts I had on the Birdshite were #StarTrek posts. Even though 90% of my posts on here are Trek posts, some of my most boosted are on other subjects.
:trek_delta_black: I recognize that a lot of the people I knew on the Birdshite are never going to leave (for various reasons), no matter what kinds of horrible things #ChiefTwit does. I've made my moral decision to completely abandon it, but as far as others not leaving, like Pope Francis said "who am I to judge?" I am beyond grateful that a few dear friends from Twitter are active on here too.
:trek_delta_black: With no algorithm dictating things, I really love the interactions on here with people beyond North America and the UK!
:trek_delta_black: I really wish I would have known that Mastodon and the #Fediverse existed long before I needed somewhere to jettison to! The truth is that Twitter was less than stellar long before Chief Twit took over.

Peace! :vulcan_hmn_g1:

@klonick No more luster, just #ChiefTwit going about his business. #Twitter

@markmetz Musk has always had this underlying mentality. Consider all the massive projects that Musk took part in in which he over promised and under delivered which in the hands of someone more qualified would have done a much superior job. #SpaceKaren #EgoElongated #ChiefTwit #Musk

Michael Ryan
5 months ago

#TwitterDown #Twitter users made their frustrations known to @elonmusk
after receiving error messages & crash today, #chieftwit killing TWITTER with his #BrainFarts So over #Musk being on my TL, I dont need his BS or Scams to make money, Lets not talk about #Dogecoin $$$ Fiasco #Mastodon to grow

@shawnwegner Unhygienic, should now be called #Sh*tter #Twitter #Qwitter #ChiefTwit

@shawnwegner too simplified of an opinion and denies the views of those that hate Musk because Musk is a con man. Shrugs it off to polarization, which is an easy out belief for the pro-Elon camp.

I've been hearing this from many outlets.
It's the Elon prop up tour. #elonmusk #musk #ChiefTwit

Preston MacDougall
5 months ago

#TSLA stock price still on depressed autopilot ⬇️.

In hindsight, maybe the #ChiefTwit ‘s idea to rebrand #Tesla cars 🚗 as $40,000+ #MAGA hats on wheels wasn’t well thought-out! 🤔

Jeremy Kamil
6 months ago

💥 When you read what #ElonMusk said under oath recently, it’s easy to see why $TSLA is crashing. The dude is hypomanic & worse.. Butt naked emperor 😳 #ChiefTwit#Technoking #TwitterFiles

@dkompare #Twitter users and employees walking on thin ice now that #Musk is around. His new "decreased" role as head of software and servers is just optics. #ChiefTwit

@cranky_david I approve of #Musk in this misguided endeavor. Genius. #Twitter #ChiefTwit

@taylorlorenz We all have reasons to celebrate.

#Christmas #EatTheRich #ChiefTwit

@Ary Too bad AOC is engaged to be married (last I heard), or else AOC could marry this dickwad and the world would be a better place with Musk's money in the hands of a responsible woman. Of course AOC probably wouldn't be happy in that timeline. #Fued #ChiefTwit #AOC #ElonMusk

Michael E. Pilarczyk
6 months ago

MuHa, nun da haben sich ja zwei "Richtige" gefunden ... 🥴 Ein rechtskonservativer Kapitalist & ein hoch krimineller Aufschneiden! 🤮

#Musk #KimDotcom #Twitter #ChiefTwit #Tesla #SpaceX #USA #SocialMedia #FCKNZS

No real change, #Musk is staying on. #ChiefTwit

@sashaperigo Nothing has changed at #Twitter, same Musky smell. Aimed at Elon's critics, more odorous Twitter policies are to be expected. #ChiefTwit

6 months ago

@lolgop @antonioserrata

And then the guy reneges on resigning and starts gaslighting for a do-over. Typical of a #ChiefTwit I guess.

twit - 1 of 2 - noun ˈtwit
1: a silly annoying person : FOOL
2: an act of twitting : TAUNT

6 months ago

Looks like $TSLA was up, down, then up again on Musk’s #birdsite poll asking whether he should step down as CEO. Stock hit a new 52 today. Tesla investors really seem to also be voting for #ChiefTwit to step down.

6 months ago


Exactly my thinking.

I have been laughing so hard. 🤣🤣🤣
Unbelievable, he did not see this coming (and worsening).

BTW, if he has any wits left, his voting will end 50.5 to 49.5 for him stop being #ChiefTwit tomorrow.

He has been doing unrepairable damage to the #ElonBrand.

6 months ago


Hm, ja genau.

Allerdings: werden die Zahlen stimmen? Nur max 30% der US-Nutzer sind #MAGATs.
Zu ausgeglichen.

Zudem: mit #Tesla im (noch nicht) "Freien Fall" sucht er vllt. nur eine Exit-Strategie vom #ChiefTwit-Posten..."The people have spoken"...

Ich könnte mir deutlich über 50% Wahrscheinlichkeit für einen #Rücktritt von #ElonMusk vorstellen.

Science Blue
6 months ago

Odds that Chief Twit uses the poll "results" to name Jared Kushner as the new CEO of Twitter?
#Twitter #BirdSite #ChiefTwit

Elon Musk and Jared Kushner hanging out together at the 2022 World Cup Final in Qatar.

@jackyan Agreed, he was born with a silver spoon, which is fine, but the wealth has gone to his head and ego. He's gotten to where he is through manipulation of the relationships he's come across and not because he's a genius. What he is good at is using his wealth for #gaslighting which he does in his personal life and business. #ChiefTwit #ElonMusk

Science Blue
6 months ago

It's clear that Elon is going to lose his own poll in a few minutes about whether he should stay as CEO.

Since vox populi will be out the window, here's a nice Latin phrase for the occasion: barba tenus sapientes.
#Twitter #ChiefTwit

6 months ago

Well, there is some fun to have on the birdsite. Elon makes a snipe remark and on a sidenote equates his birdsite to a publishing site. Whoops!

So all birdsite user are elevated to unpaid employees and any legal qualms are suddenly Elnooo's little problem. 😆 Just pass any expense for legal battles to your 'newly found employer' and lean back.

#twitter #USCode230 #chiefTwit #Publisher #ContentProvider #HostSite

Screenshot of 2 tweets:
Elon Musk (Twitter CEO) "Exactly. Twitter should be easy to use, but no more relentless few advertising of competitors. No traditional publisher allows this, and neither will Twitter."
Renato Mariotti (prosecutor) "It appears that you admit that you're a publisher for purposes of Section 230 of Title 47 of the United States Code.
Have you thought about the consequences of the position you're taking, or are you just winging it?"

I then immediately deactivated again 😁

#ChiefTwit #birdsite

John Minnihan
6 months ago

@msw when asked about the plateful of boogers upon which he’d been observed snacking, the Chief Twit said, “they have been removed in the spirit of the #opensource movement”.


6 months ago

Das ist ein Gesamtkunstwerk. #Twitter #ChiefTwit

Vivienne Dunstan
6 months ago

Well that’s me probably going to be thrown off Twitter, since I list my Mastodon profile in my bio. Good riddance. I like it here more.
#Twitter #Mastodon #TwitterMigration #ChiefTwit

Science Blue
6 months ago

I've made it! Chief Twit is following me!👍🏾🤣

Science Blue
6 months ago

It's somewhat fascinating that the world's (previously) richest man spent $44.5 billion to take down a kid that refused his offer of $5,000 to shut down a feed of publicly accessible information.
#Twitter #ChiefTwit

DJ Khaled saying "you a genius."
6 months ago


This is, IMO, plan B (or actually, "A-"): if you cannot control it, destroy #Putler + #Ukraine.

The "political + diversity cleansing" R going quite well so far, but the #Birdsite might not be economically viable in a not too distant future.

50% of advertisers have already jumped ship, the #Chieftwit keeps alienating the "liberals" who buy his cars, as well as the content providers b/c of which they were there. #TwitterExodus; 1 bn. interest payments per year...#Chapter11?

6 months ago

@caseynewton Fitting for a platform I no longer trust and regard a security risk!

cc: #ChiefTwit

Preston MacDougall
6 months ago

@SocraticEthics First there was #TwitterExodus 💼, then comes #TwitterPlague 🦠. Wouldn’t want to be the #ChiefTwit’s first born!

Arie Goldshlager
6 months ago


You inspired my more general note on:

Is #ChiefTwit recreating @twitter in his own image?

Arie Goldshlager
7 months ago

@mkapor Not in my view. I am also a dual citizen [@ariegoldshlager]. I am very reluctant to concede the platform.

I am hoping the #chiefTwit will walk away from Twitter again, before it's too late. He is exactly the opposite of the right leader for it.

But we can't just stay on Twitter as observers. We need a strategy and a few operating concepts...

Science Blue
7 months ago

A full 11 days after changing the display name on my #TrekTwitter account to "Elon Musk (Official)," it finally got permanently suspended. I'm surprised there are enough staff left to suspend accounts. But you know, #ChiefTwit has his priorities.
#Twitter #RIPTwitter

Screenshot of permanent Twitter account suspension.
:clubtwit: Roboli88
7 months ago

@leo awesome #chieftwit I've added some new custom emojis.:dealwithit:

Doug Parker
7 months ago

For the record, I'm personally skeptical #Mastodon will ever go mainstream or that #Twitter will die anytime soon (though the #ChiefTwit has outdone himself so far).

But ultimately all that matters to me is the community, personal interactions, and relationships. If we can successfully move that to Mastodon, it works for me. 👍

Johann van de Bron
7 months ago

Wenn alle Pläne von #ChiefTwit so genial sind, wie der mit dem blauen Haken, dann werden wir das Ende von Twitter erleben, bevor jemand "Frohes 2024" rufen kann.

Jo pensava que seria el nou CEO però no, Elon Musk és el #ChiefTwit de #Twitter.

Elon Musk és el Chief Twit de Twitter
Wirr ist das Volk! ✅
7 months ago

Darf ich vorstellen: Elon Musk - Chief Twit

(Das Bild habe ich vor Jahren gemacht und mich heute wieder aufgrund der aktuellen Geschehnisse daran erinnert 😉)

#elonmusk #chieftwit #twitter