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Jorge Alis escapó de la crisis argentina y se hizo conocido en Chile por sus rutinas humorísticas criticando a su país.

Pero luego en sus shows llama a votar por las mismas ideas que arruinaron a su país en primer lugar.

Los humoristas tienen facilidad para detectar patrones ¿cómo es que en plena crisis económica el Gobierno pide recaudar más impuestos para agrandar al Estado y él no es capaz de verlo?


Bob the Traveler
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Marmaduke Grove and other Chilean military officers led a coup d'état OTD in 1932, establishing the short-lived Socialist Republic of #Chile #travel #history

Bob the Traveler
4 hours ago

Marmaduke Grove and other Chilean military officers led a coup d'état OTD in 1932, establishing the short-lived Socialist Republic of #Chile #travel #history

Bob the Traveler
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Marmaduke Grove and other Chilean military officers led a coup d'état OTD in 1932, establishing the short-lived Socialist Republic of #Chile #travel #history

El Deportero :verified:
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Benjamín Hites logró el segundo lugar en los 1000 Kilómetros de Paul Ricard 🏎🥈

#automovilismo #chile #deporte #deportes

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Today in Labor History June 4, 1932: Chilean politicians and the military carried out a coup d'etat, installing Marmaduke Grove, who declared Chile a "socialist republic." However, workers were given no means to participate. The Communist Party and many unions opposed the new government because it was run by the military and not by the workers. However, the “socialist” government did temporarily halt evictions and ordered the “Caja de Crédito Popular” to return tools and clothes that workers had pawned there. They also pardoned everyone who participated in the Sailors' mutiny of 1931, when enlisted men rebelled against their officers and the state. Furthermore, they provided free meals to the unemployed. Twelve days later, the military ended the "workers republic." That same year, Farabundo Marti led a short-lived, but successful communist revolution of indigenous peasants in El Salvador. It was violently suppressed by General Martinez a few months later in La Matanza, a genocide of up to 40,000 mostly indigenous people. Martinez then became the first head of state to officially recognize Hitler as leader of Germany.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #socialism #communist #Revolution #uprising #massacre #indigenous #genocide #hitler #nazis #fascism #chile #ElSalvador #FarabundoMarti #mutiny

March in support of the proclamation of the Socialist Republic of Chile, in front of La Moneda Palace (June 12, 1932). By Unknown author - El Nuevo sucesos. Santiago : [s.n.], 1932-1934 (Santiago : Talleres Gráficos de El Nuevo Sucesos) 47 nos., n° 1567, (17 jun. 1932), p. 7, Public Domain,
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Glacier Exploradores


March 2023

13 hours ago

Cerro Castillo
March 2023


Bernardo Oyarzúns Beitrag zur HKW-Eröffnungsausstellung „O Quilombismo“ bezieht sich auf eine Insel in Chile. Sie hat eine bewegte Vergangenheit.
Künstler über Ausstellung im HKW: „Man empfängt und gibt Dinge“
The Big Picture examines whether old prejudices against Indigenous people still hold the key to Chile's future.
The Mapuche and the Myth of Chile
20 hours ago

🇨🇱 An #earthquake (#sismo) happened in #Vallenar, #Atacama, #Chile 4mins ago at 7:30AM on 04/06/2023 UTC. The earthquake had a magnitude of M4.7 and it was 30km (18.6 miles) deep in the ground. Stay safe! #sismo #quake

Site Used:
Information from EMSC.

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¿Que es Baseball? ¿Se come? ¿Rock? Por supuesto. 🔥🤘Tom Morello vendrá en unos días a tocar en su lugar favorito, dónde ha tenido su audiencia más intensa, lo ha dejado claro varias veces. 🇨🇱🤘
#tommorello #regreso #conciertos #chile

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Instancia de Mastodon en español con temática general orientado a la comunidad chilena para generar un espacio seguro, abierto y democrático en internet:


Administrado por @pablo

#FeaturedServer #Chile #Chilena #Chilean #Santiago #Español #Fediverse

Informationsstelle Peru e.V.
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Kapitalflucht in #Lateinamerika hat weiter zugenommen
Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen in den fünf größten Volkswirtschaften Lateinamerikas ziehen offenbar enorme Geldbeträge aus ihren Ländern ab. Nach Angaben von Bloomberg belief sich die Kapitalflucht aus #Argentinien, #Brasilien, #Chile, #Kolumbien und #Mexiko im Jahr 2022 auf rund 137 Milliarden US-Dollar. Das ist ein Anstieg um 41 Prozent gegenüber 2021 und der höchste Wert seit 2010.

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Fast fashion has spawned a mountain of LEFTOVER CLOTHING in the Chilean desert that's so massive it can now be SEEN CLEARLY FROM SPACE

#clothes #greed #Chile #ClimateCrisis

Brazilian President Lula da Silva's push for more integration across the region will need to overcome major challenges.
South America: A hard road to unity
2 days ago

the view from our hotel room
February 2023 in #Patagonia
#Cochrane, #Chile

#travel #photo #travelphotography #nature

rolling hills, a blue sky with cotton-white clouds, and rolling verdant terrain thru 3 panes of a sliding glass door looking out into the wild.
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3 days ago
u doge
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Chantajea al congreso, y porfiando en robarle más a la gente para sus programas.

Porque no hay plata para eso, pero si para contratar a 100 mil amigos, familiares y compañeres de partido.

Además, pagar deudas con plata de gente que no se endeudó no es precisamente "justicia".

Como que a una palabra le ponen "social" para que termine significando lo contrario: justicia social, igualdad social, etc


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La Cuenta Pública era para mostrar los logros del gobierno. No para seguir anunciando promesas.

Lleva más de un año siendo presidente y todavía sigue en campaña.

El discurso más largo de la historia chilena desde el regreso a la democracia, pero los logros cabían en un tik tok.


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u doge
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Como ganó la derecha conservadora (la ULTRA EEEEREEESHAAA!!!) en votaciones legítimas. La izquierda quiere "sacrificar la democracia" haciendo trampa.

Luego no se digan democráticos.


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Para Boric, el gas licuado de 15 kgs a 28 dólares era un abuso capitalista.

Amante del Estatismo, saca el programa "Gas a Precio Justo" con un costo de 145 dólares por cilindro.


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Tus impuestos pagan estas aberraciones. #chile

4 days ago

começando da esquerda para acabar com a direita(!) temos #venezuela #suriname #guiana #colombia #bolivia #brasil #argentina #chile #equador #paraguai #uruguai #peru

Foto do presidente Lula na última reunião com 10 presidentes de países da América Latina, e um representante da presidente peruana. Lula está ao centro de mão dadas com o presidente argentino e o presidente boliviano. Todos estão com as mãs levantadas e as bandeiras de seus respectivos países atrás de si.
RLM Art Studio
5 days ago

Ricardo Levins Morales poster catalog run-through, p060: Chile 11 de Septiembre. Made in 1978.

The 1973 CIA coup vs. the Chilean people was the first famous atrocity to claim the date of September 11. Chile had been the model for challenging oppression through electoral victories and its destruction had a powerful impact on Latin American consciousness. The quote from Simon Bolivar captures widespread rage against the U.S.

Avail here:

#Arte #MastoArt #Chile #History

A vertical poster mainly featuring a black background topped by the silhouette of four military figures holding rifles with bayonets. In scrawled red text across the middle are the words "CHILE 11 de Septiembre 1973;" underneath this in white are a series of concerned faces. In the upper left (in black) and bottom right (in white) in small block capital letters is this quote in Spanish and English from Simon Bolivar: "The United States appears destined by providence to plague America with miseries in the name of liberty." "Los Estados Unidos parecen destinadosd por la providencia para plagar la America de miserias a nombre de la libertad."
Juan Carlos Muñoz
5 days ago

In case you missed it, ESO's Very Large #Telescope in #Chile just turned 25! To celebrate this, the first episode of our new hosted show Chasing Starlight recaps some of the coolest science done with this facility.

Check it out:

#astrodon #astronomy #space #scicomm

RLM Art Studio
6 days ago

Since we've just recently started up on Mastodon, we thought it might be fun to run through Ricardo's whole catalog from start to finish. With 5+ decades worth, this may take a while... lets see how it goes!

Starting in 1978: this poster honors Chilean folk singer Violetta Parra. "Yo no tomo la guitarra por conseguir un aplauso. Yo canto la diferencia que hay de lo cierto a lo falso. De lo contrario no canto."

Available here:

#MastoArt #Arte #Artwork #Chile #FolkMusic

A one-color red screenprint style poster, showing a woman (Violetta Parra) with long hair facing forward slightly off center playing the guitar, with a thoughtful expression. Above her and to the left is a quote in small block lettering, in both English and Spanish: "I do not play the guitar for applause. I sing the difference that there is between what is true and what is false; otherwise I do not sing. Violetta Parra, Chilean folk singer."
Juan Carlos Muñoz
1 week ago

Memories from #Chile 🇨🇱 This is a Pakana Monk, a gigantic wind-molded pillar of volcanic rocks in the Tara area, close to San Pedro de Atacama, 4000 m above sea level. Pakana Monks (also known as Tara Sentinels or Tara Moais) are scattered over several hectares in this region, creating a rather eerie and alien scenery. This one is a few dozens meters high, and in the background you can glimpse the Aguas Calientes Salt Flat. #geology #geoscience #EarthScience #LandscapePhotography

A tall and thin rocky structure, brown and with a roughly cylindrical shape, rises above the ground in an otherwise flattish desert landscape. In the background there's a blue and white salt flat, and some mountains in the distance, under a clear blue sky. comes with the evidence we always knew existed.

Declassified #US government documents detail Henry #Kissinger's role in:
-overthrow of #Chile's democracy, installation of fascist dictatorship
-disdain for human rights
-support for genocidal wars
-secret bombing in SE Asia
-involvement in #Nixon admin crimes

Deirdre Saoirse Moen
1 week ago

Meanwhile, in Chile today: waves that don’t look so big, but then you realize some of those little things aren’t birds, they’re surfers.

Not big enough to require tow-in, though. 20-25 meters, maybe?

#chile #surfing

The globe's southernmost town is hoping to become a hub for biocultural and environmental education.
Puerto Williams: A journey to the end of the world
Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 weeks ago

Happy #TowelDay to those who celebrate! Pro #astronomy tip: never install Genuine People Personality software in a #telescope. We did that at Paranal Observatory in #Chile and, well, bad idea.


A night image of a white telescope dome with a spherical top on which two green eyes have been digitally added, making it look like Marvin the Paranoid Android from the 2005 film adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Behind it we can see a starry sky and the Milky Way, with the following lyrics overlaid:

Now the world has gone to bed,
Darkness won't engulf my head,
I can see in infrared,
How I hate the night.
Nick Appleyard
2 weeks ago


I’m old enough to remember when “so big that you can see it from space” only applied to the Great Wall of China.

Don’t do single-use clothing, kids.

#fashion #waste #satellite #Chile #pollution

Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 weeks ago

Many people imagine professional astronomers hunched over a #telescope and taking notes. We no longer work that way, as light captured by the telescope is registered by complex instruments. But sometimes it's fun to use your eyes!

I took this pic a few years ago, when we removed one of the instruments of ESO's Very Large Telescope in #Chile. A screen was temporarily attached in its place, and we used it to project the #Moon and show it to everyone at the observatory

#astronomy #astrodon #space

A photograph of a huge telescope looking up to the blue twilight sky. At its side, facing the viewer, there's a rectangular screen where a large crescent Moon is being projected by the telescope.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 weeks ago

As a teenager I used to read about the construction of ESO's Very Large #Telescope, not knowing I would end up working there. Still rocking at 25! The VLT, not me; I'm 40 and my back hurts.

More about this image:

#astrodon #astronomy #space #universe #chile

Here are two images of ESO’s Very Large Telescope, as seen from the air above the mountain top where it sits. The surrounding area is a mountainous desert region, the Atacama Desert in Chile. The left picture shows the telescopes under construction. Each of the large unit telescopes is cylindrical in shape, with the leftmost one nearing completion while progressively less has been built of the telescopes on the right. By comparison, the right hand image shows the VLT today, with all four Unit Telescopes and surrounding auxiliary equipment complete.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
3 weeks ago

Pew pew! Here's a pic of the #MilkyWay I took a few years ago from ESO's Paranal Observatory in #Chile. The four yellow lines are lasers from the Very Large Telescope –– we use them to excite sodium atoms high up in the atmosphere, creating artificial "stars" that allow us to correct atmospheric turbulence and get very sharp images.

Occasionally we also use the lasers to play with cats on other planets 🐱

#astrodon #astronomy #astrophotography #space #universe #scicomm

An image of the night sky sprinkled with thousands of stars. A bright orange band crosses the image diagonally like a river, split in two by a central dark band of dust. Many other thin dusty filaments fill up the image, like smoke. Bright nebulae with vivid colours like yellow or magenta are spread throughout the image. Four bright yellow lasers appear from the bottom, converging towards a point at the centre of the image.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
3 weeks ago

On 15 Jan 2022 the #volcano Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha‘apai erupted in the Pacific Ocean. The tiny particles ejected into the atmosphere scatter and redden sunlight, as can be seen in this image taken several months later from ESO's Paranal Observatory in #Chile, more than 10000 km away.

The new issue of The Messenger includes an article about this and other effects of the eruption observed from ESO's sites:

📷 ESO/F. Selman

#astrodon #astronomy #astrophotography

This picture was taken at ESO’s Paranal Observatory at sunset. The silhouette of Chilean mountains occupies the lower part of the picture, with a higher peak on the left and one lower on the right. Above, the red-orange twilight sky overlooks the picture. The sky is darker on the left, where the Milky Way appears.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
3 weeks ago

The Gran Torre Santiago –– a 300 m tall tower in Santiago, #Chile. An old #BlackAndWhite pic I took a few years ago back when I lived there. #architecture #photography

A black and white image of a tall and modern-looking skyscraper. The image is framed at a slanted angle, with the building spanning from the lower left to the top right part of the image.
Copernicus EU
3 weeks ago

⬇️This timelapse shows Lake Aculeo in #Chile🇨🇱 between 2016 and 2023

The lake was once a big tourist attraction near #Santiago, but it's now dry

A recent study found that, although other factors played a role, human activity was the primary cause of the lake's disappearance


3 weeks ago

flamingo reflected in the salt flats
San Pedro de Atacama
high desert of #Chile
February 2023

#nature #photo #birds #photography #travel #travelphotography #wildlife

like a #dream

Carlos Moffat
3 weeks ago

So proud of my little sister’s movie, Chile ‘76, being reviewed in The New Yorker:

“BlackBerry” and “Chile ’76,” Reviewed | The New Yorker

#movies #chile

4 weeks ago

Today in Labor History May 11, 1983: Workers called a General Strike in Chile in order to support textile workers who had been striking since 1982. The police attacked protestors with tear gas. Two people were killed in La Victoria; 600 were arrested.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #GeneralStrike #Chile #dictatorship #pinochet #PoliceBrutality #police #acab

British poster for demonstration in solidarity with Chile. Shows a red fist and says, “1973-1983 10 Years of Resistance in Chile. Peace and freedom for Latin America. U.S. out of El Salvador and Nicaragua.”
Brian Small
4 weeks ago

... people’s needs — food, shelter, water, transportation — are not always explicitly connected to energy, and even when they are, there are ways to dramatically reduce the amount of energy required to meet them.
That conclusion contradicted several decades of economic theory that suggested that increased energy use and, by extension, increased consumption would always equate to a longer lifespan and improved quality of life.

“Fossil fuel use does not contribute significantly to improvements in life expectancy.”


#IPCC #IntergovernmentalPanelOnClimateChange #JuliaSteinberger #Demand #SupplyAndDemand #PlannedObsolescence #TheIntercept #EnergyTransition #ExtractiveIndustry #Lithium #Chile #AtacamaDesert #TheaRiofrancos

1 month ago

Amazing Sara Hebe track, featuring Ana Tijoux. Love that strange beat! #musica #argentina #chile #music

After a failed progressive majority rewrite, a collection of conservative parties will now draft a new constitution.
Chile’s conservatives win most seats on constitution rewrite body
1 month ago

Reenvío mi #introducción #presentación. Una cálida bienvenida a los que van llegando y gracias a los que abrieron estas alamedas.

Hago #cine. Productor de oficio, aunque me apasiona la dirección de fotografía y suelo hacer ambos trabajos juntos. Radico en #Chile con un pie en #Centroamérica. Vivo en el campo con mi esposa, rodeado de los árboles que hemos plantado y que cuidamos.

Mis intereses: la #naturaleza, la #fotografía, la cotidianidad, las historias mínimas, los #árboles nativos. Alucino con las #estaciones y sentir cómo el entorno cambia a lo largo del año.

Me agrada pasar tiempo acá, leerles y conocer sus mundos. Si desaparezco, suelo regresar en un #SilentSunday.

From France to Chile, constructing water reservoirs for irrigation threatens communities and violates water rights.
The struggle against mega-basins is a struggle for life
Steven Bodzin
1 month ago

Something that really struck me in my last trip to #Chile was the decline in US soft power. Rock is pretty much dead. The cool cats are now much more into Tiktok fads and anime, Kpop dancing and Fortnite. The kids have pivoted to Asia. And why not? What is a more pleasant escape from the pain of adolescence, war movies and mass shootings? Or the dogged pursuit of cuteness?

Altiplanic roads.

Probably our favourite day in the southern Atacama was spent driving up to altiplanic lagoons, lakes at and above 4000 metres above sea level. But equally gorgeous were the views and yellow-striped roads on the way there!

#photography #landscapephotography #travelphotography #chile #atacama #altiplano

A road with yellow markings in a scrubby landscape, leading to snow-capped volcanoes in the distance
A road curves to the right leading towards a salt flat, a lake and rolling hills
Another road with yellow markings in a scrubby landscape, leading to snow-capped volcanoes in the distance!
A road with yellow markings surrounded by yellow plants, and a very blue clear sky
People seeking to leave Chile amid increase in restrictions have been stuck in extreme climate with few supplies.
Peru sends forces to Chile border where hundreds stranded
Backpack and Snorkel
1 month ago

#Chile has it all: busy cities, beaches, sand dunes, endless salt flats, colorful lagoons, majestic mountains and endless prairies. Join us to explore the highlights of this beautiful country. What was your favorite place in Chile?

1 month ago

Frige alla politiska fångar!
50 år av minnen Chile-Suecia

As always a collaborative effort. Lot's of people stopped by to talk, some helped us paint, some helped us with translations.

In all a good day.

#BrigadaLuna #FrigeAllaPolitiskaFångar #LibertadALosPresosPoliticos #Chile #Sverige #Suecia #Sweden #50ÅrAvMinnen #50AñosDeMemorias #50YearsOfMemories #Malmö #KvinnaLivFrihet #ZanZendegiAzadi

Current mural for BrigadaLuna in Malmö, Sweden.

Orange-ish background, like fire, with black/white art and white text.

The art is based on the iconic photo from "el estallido" in Chile, with people covering a statue and waving flags. It looks like a tower.
We have changed the flags to the Mapuche flag on top and also added the Palestinian flag.
The tower of people is centered in the mural.

There is also a jailed eye set in blueish greys and red, behind fat, black bars.

In the background of the b/w art; a huge setting sun.

Hovering within the sun: The lanografias sent by Chilean women to their imprisoned loved ones.

The text:
Left of the tower: Frige de politiska fångarna (translation: Free the political prisoners)
The letters have bars in them, to represent imprisonment.

Right of the tower: 50 år av minnen chile-suecia (transl: 50 years of memories chile-sweden)

There's eyes in all the "hollow" letters, representing the 467 eyes shot out by Chilean police (many of those mutilated by Swedish bullets.)
Peacemakers Trust
1 month ago

#Chile takes on ‘moral duty’ of finding the disappeared of #Pinochet regime. “…During the 17-year…regime…an estimated 40.000 people were tortured, & more than 3,000 killed. Only 310 of the forcibly #disappeared have been identified & estimates for those still missing range from 1109 to 1469. This March, Chile’s president…announced the launch of a new plan to find the missing...” | Guardian

Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 months ago

I really miss the night sky in #Chile , in particular the Magellanic Clouds – two dwarf galaxies orbiting our home galaxy, the Milky Way.

In the Mapudungun language in south-central Chile they are known as lafken, labken or künchalabken (“the lagoons”), as well as rünanko (“the water wells”).

Here I photographed them above ESO's Paranal Observatory in northern Chile.

#astronomy #astronomia #astrophotography #astrodon #space #universe

A vertical image of the night sky over a desert landscape. There's a road, flanked by very faint yellow light indicators, leading to the flattened summit of a mountain. Several metallic-looking telescope domes are on that mountain-top. In the starry sky there are two blue nebulous clouds, one larger than the other – the Magellanic Clouds.

⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #Shriveling
in Loc.: #Chile 🇨🇱 - Title: Series "The Sea of Solitude" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Monochrome #Photography #Fotografie #PhotoArt ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. Black and white photo of a man in a bog landscape.  The man is dressed in a dark coat and wears a white sleeping mask. At some distance from the viewer, he is standing by a fence in front of water, holding an arm as if he were holding a hand. Beside him there is nothing. In front of him his image is reflected in the water and there is someone standing next to him. Probably it is he himself.
Gabriel Guerrero Caroca is a  chilean photographer. He created a dreamy and silent world, where there are solitary people, or birds that are hidden or present, and in this monochromatic world, loneliness is the norm of life.
Juan Carlos Muñoz
2 months ago

I see some new faces from the #TwitterMigration so here's an #introduction for the newcomers.

Hi! I'm an astronomer and science communicator at the European Southern Observatory. I used to work in #Chile with big telescopes like the one below (I'm also an avid astrophotographer!) but now I work full time in #scicomm as ESO Media Officer in #Germany.

So follow (at your own risk 😅 ) for cool #astronomy news and #astrophotography

A long exposure night image showing a telescope dome in front of a starry background. The telescope is shooting four yellow-ish laser beams, and the dome is partially bathed in that yellow light. In the background, the density of stars is higher in some areas: part of the Milky Way and two smaller smudges, the Magellanic Clouds.
Alt Film Guide
2 months ago

The story of a #transgender woman (#DanielaVega) whose life is turned upside down following the death of her lover, #Sebastián Lelio's #AFantasticWoman (2017) won the Best Foreign Language #Film #Oscar.

Also in the cast: #FranciscoReyes.

#movie #transdayofvisibility #cinema #ClassicMovies #films #movies #Chile