6 hours ago

It was actually #stoutSunday yesterday, stopped into Litt Pinball Bar in Minneapolis and what to my wondering eyes did appear?

#rogueAles Chocolate Stout Nitro on tap. Creamy smooth with a light cocoa finish. Not as chocolate as I was expecting but very tasty!

#stoutSeason #stout #chocolate #nitro

A pint glass of dark beer with a creamy tan head
EL¡AS 🇧🇷 🇵🇸
19 hours ago

@noticias O STF tem 132 anos de história, teve 172 ministros.

Eis que destes 172, apenas 3 eram mulheres, brancas e apenas 3 homens negros.

Aqui no calabouço da #eugenia da #Bahia de #guantanamo do #Brazil, isso é chamado de #chocolate!?

#Brasil #law #crime #stj #stf #cops #police #twitter #g1 #court #ai #ia #mastodon #humanrights #racism #religion #nazis #café #legal #politics #fascist #notícias #justica #justice #direito #leaks #tribunais #lawyer #ethics #brooklyn #nyc

1 day ago

I wanted to bake something that was quick, easy, involved very few dishes, and was tasty and chocolaty. I made the peanut butter blossom bars from the Betty Crocker website! They're currently cooling. I can't wait to eat them!

I've been having the hardest time with various kinds of bars the last couple times I made them, but these worked perfectly. If they're as tasty as they look I'll be making them again for sure.

#food #cooking #baking #peanutbutter #chocolate #chocolatechip

Image shows a small pan of peanut butter blossom bars topped with chocolate disks and Heather's kisses.
1 day ago

@SinclairSpeccy That reminds me of the free chocolate generator:
#maths #chocolate

team NotLeafy
1 day ago

We've enough stuff & don't want to give each other more. So what better than Christmas gifts, pre-Christmas?

Cue another indulgent Advent box from Chococo. Thus far the macchiato truffle & cherry bakewell were amazing. Our strategy means a box each, so avoids domestic strife (or one of us having to halve each day's chocolate very, very precisely).

#food #chocolate #christmas

An image showing a Chococo advent box with a selection of 25 chocolates. To the left, the contents list from the box, listing the order & description of each day's chocolate. To the right, the advent box before we started eating.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 day ago

So I've realized that some of you might wonder why I don't generally give first impressions on chocolate, and last night's tasting is a good example of why.

We opened a Moka Origins 72% Tanzania cherry bar, and it was solid! Super strong fudgy/vanilla/berry notes and a lovely cocoa/vanilla/woody finish. (I did kind of find the dried cherries distracting as someone who likes cherries + chocolate together? But now I want them to sell chocolate-covered cherries.)

Here's the thing: this is our *second* attempt at tasting Moka Origins from this year, and the two are so different in quality that they might as well have come from different makers. (We suspect the first round got a bit warm in transit.) Moka Origins will now be given a third testing to check, but it's moved up in my mental ranks from this bar, it's that good.

This kind of thing happens every so often, and it's why I prefer to taste chocolate at least twice, and recheck when possible.

#Food #Chocolate

Spectacled Langour
1 day ago

Accidentally opened a box of Cadbury's Heroes earlier. Mistakes were made

#chocolate #gluttony #Imabigfatpig

Dr Robert Minchin
2 days ago

Happy first day of #Advent!

Note to the confused: The #Christian season of Advent starts four Sundays before #Christmas, between 27th November and 3rd December. Christmas day being on a Monday means Advent is short this year, but on average secular calendars starting on 1st December diddle you out of one piece of #chocolate!

Ida Tschichoflos
2 days ago

#christmas #chocolate #ChildLabour #childlabor #cacao #WestAfrica #ethicalconsumer
If you want to keep the Christmas Spirit alive just buy one of the 17 ethical ones out of 82 brands -
‘Brands to avoid’: Mars and Cadbury among chocolate firms criticised in ethics report | Chocolate | The Guardian

SubtleBlade ⚔️
2 days ago

‘Brands to avoid’: Mars and Cadbury [and #Nestle, obvs.] among #chocolate firms criticised in #ethics report | Chocolate | The Guardian -

2 days ago

Dear friends of Nun/non smokers,
Just been for a #Sunday #morning #walk in the #foxy drizzle. Only the occasional smoker, dog #walking it’s owner. The #leaves of #autumn for blowing wind off.

Just back in time for a crone coffee and #candle #offering to Her #Hollyness the #Chenrezig Christmas.

Oh and there was a police siren to #wake up those requiring early morning #puja.

Today I have plenty of #plans to #abandon. Letters not to write. #Chocolate to melt and … I think I may just go back to sleep with a #cat I don’t have and #chant #softly to the #ghosts of Scroogle the searching engine of Christmas gruel passed … :byebrows:

2 days ago

@Homecooking #chocolate #ChristmasGift #chanakahGift #AmCooking #YourOpinion #HelpMeDecide #invention
#Today I invented a new #Candy. Because of Post
#CovidBrain I made caramel using maple syrup and ended up with a very soft fudge.
I rollled it flat in almond flour with a rolling pin, put peanuts in the middle, rolled it into a tube and cut it into bite sized pieces. Now I need help to decide :
UPDATE: I dipped some in dark some in white. We both liked white better: Never trust polls 😀

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
2 days ago
Miro Collas
2 days ago

‘Brands to avoid’: Mars and Cadbury among chocolate firms criticised in ethics report | Chocolate | The Guardian

"Only 17 out of 82 companies investigated were found to use suppliers that paid cocoa farmers enough to live on"

#Capitalism #Cocoa #Chocolate

3 days ago

Julie fought against the hard chocolate shell that the magic chocolate dragon was slowly forcing up her body. She couldn't move her legs, and she could no longer reach her magic staff. What would happen once the chocolate reached her face??


#Easter #candy #chocolate #magic #dragon #anomalous #gazebo #afraid #scared #frightened #overtaken

3 days ago

“Leading #chocolate brands have been criticised for having “inadequate” ethical standards in their cocoa supply chain in a report from Ethical Consumer. Only 17 out of 82 brands investigated by the consumer organisation were judged to use chocolate from suppliers that ensured #cocoa farmers were paid enough to live on.

As a result, there is a risk that Advent calendars, chocolate Santas and other Christmas treats will have been produced with child labour. About 60% of the world’s cocoa comes from west
#Africa, and about six in 10 cocoa-growing households in #Ghana are estimated to use child labour, with four in 10 in #IvoryCoast.”

‘Brands to avoid’: Mars and Cadbury among chocolate firms criticised in ethics report | Chocolate | The Guardian

🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
3 days ago

I'm trapped. I would like to eat a #cooky. But I have only #chocolate 😟 So, I try to do a #vegan cooky by myself.

:rss: Hacker News
3 days ago
Rob Chapman ✍🏼🐧
3 days ago

We got this half price, because it was bought this evening (go figure). Literally less than a day into December and it's already a sale item.

Now...There better be a full size bar of chocolate on the 24th, after it's been teased. #adventcalendar #chocolate

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Adult Advent Calendar...on my small farmhouse table. It has the first door open as the chocolate inside was purposely consumed, the box has a full chocolate bar teased for the 24th. Let's hope so.
4 days ago

Tis the season to recognize #chocolate: researchers highlight high quality #cacao in #Colombia #science #SeasonalScience #FoodScience

Mostos y Destilados
4 days ago

Un #estudio sobre “Snacks en Chile” destaca a los #chilenos como los mayores #consumidores de #chocolate de #Latinoamérica. La tendencia fue #reforzada por el #confinamiento y #ansiedad social provocada por la #pandemia a partir del #año 2020

Mark H
4 days ago

We're not religious, we don't have kids, and I wouldn't even say we're fabulously bothered by chocolate, but we do have Advent Calendars because my mother-in-law was out shopping and apparently said "Ooh, Mark likes peanut butter. I suppose we should get something for Marie as well."

I do like peanut butter. It was a nice thought.

#Advent #AdventCalendar #ReesesPeanutButterCups #PeanutButter #Chocolate

Two advent calendars sitting on a wooden table with the wooden flooring of the room it's in behind. The calendar on the left is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups one; orange in the main, with a Santa in orange sliding down a snowy mountain on  peanut butter cup, holding a camera on a selfie stick. The other calendar is a Cadbury Heroes one; purple coloured with pictures of all the chocolates listed inside: Eclairs, Fudge, Wispa, Dairy Milk, Crunchie Bits, Twirl, Caramel, Double Decker, and Twisted.
4 days ago

This ad campaign has always seemed a little off to me. I wonder how many people have quietly switched out the chef for the Ark of the Covenant #Lindt #Lindor #chocolate #Safeway #advertising

A Lindt Lindor chocolate display featuring a photo of a chef in a white toque creating a chocolate dessert, with the slogan "Made to Melt You" alongside
Jenny Hansen
5 days ago

"Ultimately, the aim is to launch a debate on the chocolate production standards set by European markets and to usher in a new era of cocoa production, in which power would return to producer countries."

This is a cool initiative; I hope they succeed!
#chocolate #cocoa #decolonization #CotedIvoire

In Abidjan, Ivorians want to 'decolonize' chocolate

Raw cocoa fruits (I presume) on a table, with a man's hand in the right side of the frame, holding one of the fruits.
5 days ago


After so many years of waiting and hoping they'd bring it back, I spy a box of Ferrero chocolates that has.. CAPPUCCINO!

Back in the early 90s (I think?) there was the standard Ferrero Rocher, there was the white coconut one... and there was Ferrero Cappuccino. I used to get through entire BOXES of that in a day, they were so addictive. It was a smooth chocolate shell (not with those flaky bits on the outside) with a wafer mantle and this sweet liquid coffee syrup core in the middle and I devoured them by the truckload... and then they stopped making them :(. (I know that sounds like a Rondnoir, but it wasn't. Rondnoirs have flakes on the outside and a solid chocolate core).

Now I hear they were back in some packs and I spotted a "Grand Assortment" that had some in so of course I had to snap it up... but the packaging is different (they were in brown foil before IIRC) and then when I opened it up... it's not remotely the same thing at all :(. It's OK I suppose but it's really more like the Rafaello but coffee-ish.

Thus after all these years, my heart has been brutally shattered. DAMMIT FERRERO, YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE JOB!!! 😭

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to bitterly eat the rest of the Rochers, Rafaellos and Manderlys (that's a new one on me) in disgust now :/

(EDIT: Now the internet seems to be gaslighting me because I can't seem to find any evidence that this older Ferrero Cappuccino even existed! But it definitely did! Didn't it? I surely haven't been misremembering this for 30 years... does any recognise what I'm talking about here?#chocolate #ferrero )).

Could it be... a Ferrero Cappuccino?
Nope. It's not like the old ones at all :(
5 days ago


Had to look #Purdys up - #chocolate? At least freezing wouldn't damage it.

Yes, we've had good #carriers and bad over the years here. The worst one kept doing the "delivery attempted" thing, just leaving the go-pick-it-up doorcards without trying to #deliver them. I eventually caught him because I was passing the door as he approached. He stopped dead and looked panicked.

He offered me the door card. I said "No, I would like my package". He didn't have it, and I knew it...


Two great tastes that taste great together?

#food #cursed #chocolate

Wrapper of a bar of chocolate with chunks of embedded ham
6 days ago

Sex is good, but this might be better. 😋 😊

#Chocolate #Coffee #Mousse : Easy 5-Ingredient Recipe

#recipe #dessert

1 week ago
Retro Librarian
1 week ago

Beep Beep 1987 Pillsbury Bunt Cake Commercial
"Tunnel of fudge" 🤭
#Pillsbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #TvCommercial #Retro #Vintage #Fudge #PoppinFreash #PillsburyDoughboy #Microwave #food

1 week ago

Starter’s not ready yet, but I used the first discard to make some really tasty chocolate chip cookies. (KAF recipe, modified to use dark chocolate chunks and semi-sweet chips.)
#sourdough #cookies #chocolate

A golden brown chocolate chip cookie with a large number of visible chips on a gridded sliver metal cooling rack atop a white stovetop.

Review of Chocolate: How a New World commodity conquered Spanish literature by Erin Alice Cowling

Reviewed by Aqeel Ihsan

#Food #Commodity #IndigenousFood #Chocolate #BookReview #BooksAboutFood #CurrentlyReading

#OpenScholarship from Canadian Food Studies (CFS).

#Read all you want! #OpenAccess
#Share generously! #KnowledgeSharing
#Grow your understanding of #Food

Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 week ago

So today Sirene Chocolate announced that they're releasing two new bars, from Giff Laube's ongoing efforts to cultivate rare cacao plants. They're Criollo bars, from a rare cultivar found along a river.

A few days ago Goodnow Farms released a limited edition bar made from Giff Laube's ongoing efforts to cultivate rare cacao plants. It's a Criollo bar, from a rare cultivar found along a river.

The Goodnow Farms Yasica bar was $35 US, the Sirene bars $5.11 US. (US shipping for Sirene is so bad though.)

I've been digging into the two bars, and I thiiiink they're from two different sources in the same program? They're both Nicaraguan Criollo yes, but the sources listed are something like 150km apart, and Sirene's beans are *russet orange* while Goodnow's are a light brown.

Still, I am so tempted to message both to ask how they chose the prices, because it's not like Sirene only makes cheap bars, there's a jaguar cacao/Pataxte bar at $16.

#Food #Chocolate #BeanToBar

1 week ago

#Today I made dark hazel nut truffles for #chocolate gifting. My darn scale battery failed so I had to guess how much a pound of callebout chocolate is on the fly.... Oh well, it will still be yummy...just more or less runny after you bite the outside layer. Never a dull moment around here. 😴

Cindy Weinstein
1 week ago

Second #TJMaxx in the #SanGabrielValley (one in #LaCanada; the other in #Pasadena) that doesn't have #Hanukkah merchandise. Managers at both places said they hadn't received any #menorahs, #candles (not even the #chocolate, said one!) this year. Anyone else have this experience? No one with whom I've spoken has been able to explain why, after all these years of carrying these items, #TJMaxx is no longer doing so.

Cindy Weinstein
1 week ago

Second #TJMaxx in the #SanGabrielValley that doesn't have #Hanukkah merchandise. Managers at both places said they hadn't received any #menorahs, #candles (not even the #chocolate, said one!) this year. Anyone else have this experience? No one with whom I've spoken has been able to explain why, after all these years of carrying these items, #TJMaxx is no longer doing so.

1 week ago

Guess who went outside, while it's dark, and pouring, shortly before the stores close, just so he can have chocolate tomorrow when the stores are closed?


1 week ago

I found a recipe on TikTok and I was like there's no way that could work so I had to try it. 3 (technically 4) ingredient cookies! All that's in these is 8 oz Cool Whip, an egg, and a box of chocolate cake mix and they're rolled in powdered sugar. They worked and they were so easy!

#food #cooking #baking #cookies #chocolate

A close up of chocolate cookies with powdered sugar on them.
Chocolate cookies, covered with powdered sugar, on a blue and white plate.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 week ago

A video topic I've had on my mind for some time is taking on the concept that all American chocolate sucks.

I'm not disagreeing at all that mainstream American chocolate isn't very good, it's not. But you don't normally look at like Starbucks and say "all American coffee is bad," you might say "Starbucks over roasts their beans." So why are we like this with all American chocolate? I've been trying to figure that out, but it's actually really hard to search the history.

The bean to bar chocolate movement started in the US, and we're still home to the largest number of bean to bar makers of any single country. Bean to bar isn't perfect (and I do want to discuss that somehow), but like one of my favorite introductory bars for bean to bar, Fresco's 72% Oko-Caribe medium roast, is made in Washington state. And American bean to bar chocolate regularly wins international awards.

#Food #Chocolate #BeanToBar

1 week ago

This year i ordered the Vosges Haut-Chocolat Advent instead of my normal chocolate advent calendar (Dandelion). It’s Vosges 25th anniversary this year and they made the calendar truly EPIC. It charges via USB-C to light up and play music. When it’s open, the animals are sitting at a lighted decorated chocolate bar. I am so happy. It was expensive but apparently they sell “refills” so next year I can get the chocolate and just put it into this calendar. #chocolate #AdventCalendar #Food

Video of Vosges advent calendar with lights and music
Arne Homborg 🍫
1 week ago

Mit etwas Verzögerung haben wir jetzt mit der Weihnachtsproduktion begonnen. Neben altbekanntem gibt es dieses Jahr große Tannen mit Kokos-Mandelpraliné-Füllung.

#schokolade #chocolate #weihnachten

Tannen aus Schokolade. Streifen aus Weißer Schokolade, sind nur Milchschokolade.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
2 weeks ago

So I know the world is a nightmare, but I want to talk about how there are so many bean to bar chocolate sales this year. Because it concerns me.

That is, most of these brands don't really do big sales? They can't afford to, the margins are that small. So to see so many sales makes me wonder how many are in danger of closing.

Because the big problem here is that mainstream chocolate is cheap thanks to paying cacao farmers poverty wages. And buying bean to bar when you can is a small push towards changing that. Even just getting the word out can help.

If you want to support BIPOC bean to bar makers today, here's a start, and I can give recommendations.

- Auro Chocolate
- Askanya Chocolate
- Baiani Chocolate
- Bar & Cocoa (shop)
- Cacao Hunters
- Cacaosuyo
- Cuna de Piedra
- Fu Wan Chocolate
- Kasama Chocolate
- Madhu Chocolate
- Mashpi Chocolate
- Mission Chocolate
- Luisa Abram Chocolate
- Soma Chocolate
- Theo & Philo

#Food #Chocolate #BeanToBar

Pulin Kothari, MD
2 weeks ago

Chocolate lovers, here's a legitimate site for finding and buying chocolate sourced from all over the world #chocolate

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 weeks ago

Need to get to Lübeck one day...

I thought I would this year, but was too scared to plan for a trip to Metal Hammer Paradise in advance and then both festival tickets & accommodation in the area got sold out... so that never happened.

#lubeck #chocolate #lemmy

Niederegger chocolate bar.
A square of said chocolate bar.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
2 weeks ago

So when I have the spoons for it, I'm going to be doing a Hershey versus Meridian Cacao cocoa powder comparison. (I will do it the *second* I get enough sleep, it's just I'm hoping to make several recipes for a full test. I'm so close to being there, but also trying to not rush things.)

The thing is, Meridian makes *two* cocoa powders from two cooperatives/fermentaries, Kokoa Kamili in Tanzania and San Martin in Peru. And they're the same (super cheap) price.

Soooooo it's taste test day for both! Yay!

#Food #Chocolate

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 weeks ago

Got a chocolate bar in very pretty packaging from Budapest. Being from BV, I've obviously had Stühmer chocolates before - there are some stores stocking Hungarian sweets. But never this bar in particular.

#chocolate #stuhmer

Stühmer 90g Milk Chocolate bar. The packaging has 3D representations of flowers and colourful butterflies.

#SHORTS - I'm going to say this #chocolate bar isn't that #great.

I just found some #dark #chocolate wedged inbetween the food in my #fridge

Today is a good day :ablobcatrave:

Found this up the chimney.

#Chocolate #1970s

Torn remnants of a Rowntree’s Yorkie chocolate-bar wrapper. It’s pre-Nestlé, maybe 1970s. It’s dark blue with thick gold/yellow capitalised letters wrapped by crimson boarders.
Cynthia (Arty)
2 weeks ago

Finally found an #AdventCalendar that should be tasty and has a decent variety #RitterSport #chocolate

Jess the Dessert Geek!
3 weeks ago

Oh hey! Interested in buying ethical chocolate and paying farmers more, but looking at the bean to bar prices and going 'wtf?'

Well if you're in the US, we're entering one of the biggest sale seasons! Yay!

I can't guarantee a single sale will happen, the offerings change yearly. I'd get on mailing lists for any you're really excited about and/or see if they're hinting at sales.

But with that in mind, here's what I know so far:

- Chocolate Alchemy: If you're interested in making your own chocolate, they might have a ~20% off sale? It's hard to tell.

- Forte Chocolate: They just had a flash sale, but I'm expecting a BF sale. It'll be posted on the mailing list for sure.

- Fresco Chocolate: Usually does their annual sale BF weekend. Last year was buy two get one free.

- Sted Foods: I don't know the brand, I just ordered a test, but they're currently running a 20% off the store discount with STEDFAMILY23 until 11/19.

#Food #Chocolate

Pierre Palatin
3 weeks ago

Alors je sais pas si ça qualifie pour #MardiPatisserie vu que c'est, well, pas vraiment de la pâtisserie, mais pour moi c'est le même neurone, donc on va faire comme si.

Il se trouve que:
- J'aime bien faire du chocolat**.
- J'aime bien la pâte d'amande.

Ce qui parait simple dit comme ça, mais faire des tablettes de chocolat à la pâte d'amande, il faut normalement plusieurs étapes: préparer une couche de chocolat, poser la pâtes d'amandes, puis recouvrir encore de chocolat. Pour les petites quantités que je fais, c'est pas pratique niveau gestion de la température du chocolat. Et avec des couche uniformes, ça se tient pas très bien.

Bref, là j'ai essayé de faire plus simple: j'ai découpé des morceaux de pâte d'amande que j'ai mis directement dans chaque carré du moule, puis j'ai coulé le chocolat directement dessus.

Globalement ça marche - visuellement, la pâte d'amande à moitié visible c'est pas gégé, mais on va pas s'arrêter pour si peu. Par contre, au final, même si c'est pas mauvais, il y avait clairement pas assez de pâte d'amande, donc va falloir voir une autre technique.

**: Et par "faire du chocolat", je veux dire à partir de beurre de cacao, cacao en poudre et ce que je veux mettre dedans. Pratique pour doser le sucre et ce qu'on veut, et surtout j'ai ni le temps ni l'équipement pour faire du bean-to-bar en 20 minutes :)

#MardiPatisserie #chocolat #chocolate #marzipan #PateDAmande

2 tablettes de chocolat à la pate d'amande. La pate d'amande est visible au milieu de chaque carreau de chocolat. En fond, un couteau avec un morceau seul de pâte d'amande.
Un moule à tablette de chocolat en polycarbonate transparent. Chaque carré du moule contient un morceau de pâte d'amande.
Maitreya Levanchild
3 weeks ago

✅ Salty #snacks (bc, hashtags below) : CHECK
✅ Dark #chocolate (bc, hashtags below) : CHECK
✅ Sparkling water (bc, hashtags below) : CHECK
✅ Tray for snacking (bc, hashtags below) : CHECK
✅ Vintage #film on (bc, the #healing of #GoodVibes #movies is real) : CHECK

Happy #Saturday! 🎊🙌🏽🎊

#Food info, #AltText 🍫🍿🌽⤵️

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Migraine #POTS #hypermobility #MECFS #Fibromyalgia #disability #health #MentalHealth #PlantBased #vegan #vegetarian @chronicillness @mecfs

A square photo in colour. Pictured is a small ceramic yellow, green, & white bowl beside a clear glass, both on top of a bamboo tray. In the bowl are a few squares of dark 100% chocolate on top of the salty snack, 'Love Corn', which is similar to Corn Nuts yet so much better! In the glass is sparkling water.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
3 weeks ago

Part of me will always be frustrated that most Americans think white chocolate is 'waxy white stuff that should happen to other people,' when most of those same folks have never actually had white chocolate because the mainstream 'white chocolate' things don't contain cocoa butter and therefore aren't actually white chocolate.

Like I'm absolutely cool with folks not liking something, but if you haven't actually had the item in question that you're snarking on, the discussion always gets a smidge weird.

#Food #Chocolate

Jess the Dessert Geek!
4 weeks ago

I managed to make a pretty okay summary of the lead and cadmium in chocolate situation on Tumblr, and so I'm bringing a version here. (I'm still too exhausted for filming this, even this is a summary of a summary of the situation.)

To start, you should know that the lead and cadmium in chocolate situation that Consumer Reports article wasn't a brand new thing - CR was following up right after As You Sow's final report was posted, which was part of a lawsuit effort that started back in *2014*.

Here's AYS's page:
Here's the final report:

This is also tied to changes in cadmium limits in chocolate that the European Commission announced in 2015 and went into effect in 2019, have a summary pdf on that:

So chocolate makers have known and been discussing lead and cadmium in chocolate at minimum since at least 2014-15. On to lead & cadmium pathways!

#Food #Chocolate #Cadmium #Lead

Ana Tudor 🐯
4 weeks ago

I got one of these bars. The salted caramel one was the only one I came across, but checking the website, there are many more!

#chocolate #vienna #saltedCaramel

Many photos of various chocolate bars. With raisins, sour cherry, apricot, ginger, figs, plums, salted caramel and more.
Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

#Chocolate belongs to the fridge. I'm not going to take questions.

Martin Owens
1 month ago

TIL I'm really into #chocolate, i mean i figured i liked it well enough. But it turns out i have opinions, lore and can talk about it to a degree I did not previous self realise.

Milk is better than dark though. So I'm not allowed in the secret chocolate club.

If, like me, you were a kid of the 1970s, this is what you got for Christmas. Happy memories.

What was your favourite?

Marathon for me, please.

#Christmas #chocolate #Christmaspast #candy #sweets #growingup #retro #Selectionbox #1970s

Image of Christmas stockings and selection boxes from the 1970s full of chocolate bars and sweets.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 month ago

I'm seeing "chocolate is made with child slaves" return again on here, and this situation has Layers.

First, have my thread discussing this in more detail:

Here's a summary of what I've found from the data (links in the thread):

- The big centers for child labor and slavery in cacao are Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana, the two biggest countries that grow cacao. If your chocolate bar doesn't list a country of origin, it's sourced from one or both of these.

- While this is no joking matter, there are far more children working in cacao for their families than there are slaves because they can't afford to pay for help.

- Paying farmers more is the best way to reduce child labor. Bean to bar chocolate pays out the highest rates to farmers, the tradeoff is that it's more expensive. (Tony's is cheaper because they're buying their cacao from Callebaut, which has its own allegations of child labor and slavery:

#Food #Chocolate

Tenar Arha, 🌻
1 month ago

Boston area peeps, what happened to chocolate being # 1? What’s with the aversion to Snickers too? (I separate all nut containing candies in their own bowl, so not allergies).

I just went through so much Sour Patch Kids & Sour Punch Twists, I’m thinking of limiting the chocolate choices next year!

#boston #candy #chocolate #SourPatch #halloween #halloween2023 #HalloweenCandy

Lorena Rosaleny #AúnEnPandemia
1 month ago

🍫 ☠️ Testing extends range of US chocolate foods containing lead and cadmium

Consumer Reports investigations have previously suggested that the metals get into cacao in different ways. #Cadmium is taken up from the soil, and accumulates in the cacao bean as the plant grows. Meanwhile #lead is mostly introduced as the beans dry, gathering contaminated dust and dirt.

#Chocolate #HeavyMetals #Poisoning #Food #ChemiVerse

Kira Murasaki
1 month ago
Carob and pork rinds candy bar. Scottie carob and peanut butter fudge.

Saving to try the candy bar tonight. I'll update this when I have had a taste.

#candy #carob #confections
#candymaking #Sweets #treats #chocolate (not really) #dessert #food #foodie
Pierre Palatin
1 month ago

Bon, j'ai refais hier un brownie au beurre noisette. Alors c'est juste un brownie évidemment, mais c'est la recette de Stella Parks / Serious eats:

Et honnetement, depuis que j'ai fais cette recette, j'ai arrêté de chercher des recettes de brownie. Elle est simple à faire et en même temps donne un résultat délicieux à tous les coups. Regardez la couche dessus qui se détache juste comme il faut :) (il parait que c'est le sucre qui fait ça).

Et globalement, je recommande la plupart des recettes de Stella Parks (aka, Bravetart), elle sait vraiment ce qu'elle fait et cette recette ne fait pas exception :)

#MardiPatisserie #Brownie #Chocolate #Baking

Une photo d'un brownie sortant du four, avec la couche fine dessus qui se détache juste un peu tout comme il faut.
ambi 🦇
1 month ago

Getting the party started with #vegan graveyard #chocolate pudding and mandarin 🎃.

#Halloween #spooktober #dessert #jackolanterns

4 glasses of chocolate pudding, with cookie crumbles for dirt, mandarin puree shaped into pumpkin + walnut piece for stem sits a top, cookie planted like a tombstone with RIP written in white frosting.
Lined up next to 4 mandarin oranges carved to look like jackolanterns.
Retro Librarian
1 month ago

Spice cake who ? - I want a SPIKE cake.
Pillsbury's Best Flour, 1936
#Pillsbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

three intresting desserts. One a cake with only meringue on top and a creamy center. A Chocolate cake with nuts poking out as spikes! and some fruit fritter
Ana Tudor 🐯
1 month ago

I baked.

Basic choc cake with raisins & choc chips, cut into 2 layers, apricot jam in the middle, choc cover with coconut flakes + choc & sugar decorations.

(no idea what it actually tastes like, was to exhausted to eat any of it yet)

#baking #chocolate #chocolateCake

My chocolate cake with heart decorations.
1 month ago

Today is National Chocolate Day. Which of these chocolate treats sounds the yummiest?
#Poll #Polls #Chocolate #Food

If you think the #Boba #Pizza with #Chocolate #StuffedCrust from #DominosPizza #Taiwan I posted last Sunday was not crazy enough, may I present to you…

#PizzaHut #Taiwan's 2023 #Halloween Pizza!

featuring ghostly #BarbecuedPork rice noodle rolls (a.k.a. #CharSiu #CheungFan 叉燒腸粉), marinated #ChickenFeet (a.k.a. #PhoenixClaws 鳳爪) as toppings, and dressed in Korean #HotSauce

On sale for just NT$399 (US$12.35 / €11.64 / £10.14)!

I wish I was kidding!

Pizza Hut Taiwan's 2023 Halloween Pizza, featuring ghostly char siu rice noodle rolls, marinated chicken feet, and Korean hot sauce

Who said something about wanting a #pineapple Noosa dark #chocolate slab!?

Oh yeah - Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

When you're walking past, ikr?

Vegan gluten free Noosa dark chocolate pineapple slab, yummmm
Jess the Dessert Geek!
2 months ago

Hi! I have a YouTube channel! If you like chocolate and dessert reviews that are more than a smidge geeky, you'll probably like it! Dang it's always weird to say 'please look at my blorbos, aren't they neat?' but here we are?

Want to hear me gushing about one of my favorite chocolate brands while trying to talk with a straight face while eating one of the most sour white chocolate bars on the market? Here you go!

How about a chocolate brand that's great for learning about bean to bar chocolate because you can try multiple roasts of the same bean?

Or how about some yuzu ice cream on this fall day?

I hope you like them! If not, I'd love to hear what you might like to see next!

#food #video #chocolate #YouTube

Retro Librarian
2 months ago

Cake for Lunch?
Pillsbury (1966) Ad
#Pillsbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

nice big piece of perfectly cut chocolate cake.
Mike NuanceRhymesWithOrange
2 months ago

Anybody in Ottawa looking for chocolate today? From my fave supplier:

I don’t know if you’re planning on coming to the Ottawa Chocolate Show today or if you have tickets already.

We were given 5 tickets and intended to raffle them off but got caught up in production and didn’t get around to it.

If you, or anyone you know, can make use of them - the code McGuireOttawa2023 can be used at EventBrite to get up to 5 tickets.

#Ottawa #Chocolate

2 months ago

Today is National Chocolate Milk Day. I loved chocolate milk when I was a kid. What chocolate milk flavoring would you choose?
#Poll #Polls #Chocolate #Milk

When you go to get the sewing tin and end up with a chocolate tin.

#Sundays #Chocolate

A tin of Quality Street chocolates, perching on my lap. The lid is off and we can see a jumble of chocolates covered in jewel-coloured wrappers
Retro Librarian
3 months ago

Cadbury's Bournville Cocoa, 1952
#Cadbury #Chocolate #Cake #Dessert #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage

Chocolate cake with nuts and white cream on top.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
3 months ago

I've got a new video out on ways I save money on bean to bar chocolate! Because as much as I love bean to bar chocolate, it can get really pricey, and there's no shame in trying to save money where you can.

And for those who prefer a blog post, have a blog post! It's got more links and recs!

#Food #YouTube #Chocolate #BeanToBar