5 months ago

Never thought I'd wake up to a tweet from Chris McCausland on my Twitter timeline discussing Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade and Back To The Future, but just goes to show that the internet is nothing but full of surprises! #ChrisMcCausland #BackToTheFuture #IndianaJones

Mark H
5 months ago

Somehow missed the first episode of this, but now catching episode two of Wonders Of The World I Can't See on Channel 4. A #travel show for blind presenter Chris McCausland with the locations described by a different companion each week; this week it's #Rome. Like #TravelMan with #AltText added. Hoping it's as good as we expect it to be.

#ChrisMcCausland #WondersOfTheWorld

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿
7 months ago

#HIGNFY #Satire

Have I Got News for You S65 E6. Mel Giedroyc. 19 May 23

#MelGiedroyc is guest host, with panellists #ChrisMcCausland and #KirstyWark joining team captains #PaulMerton and #IanHislop.

Mark H
9 months ago

Fantastic. Just seen a promo for Wonders Of The World I Can't See featuring Chris McCausland visiting historic sites. Comedian Chris is blind and will be accompanied by celebrity guests providing him with audio descriptions. A nice #AltText for the #Travel crowd on TV. Should be both entertaining and also a nice eye-opener (if you'll excuse the phrase) for sighted people in general.

#ChrisMcCausland #Channel4