EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
9 months ago

@Fredatron That sounds extra challenging! I refer to the image repeatedly! Just put away my #ChristmasPuzzle and I don't dare to take out another one because I want to put all of my creative energy into #Sewing. I need to pledge to avoid Eurographics puzzles from here on out. Nice image but every piece is the same shape, they stick together very poorly, and I wound up with one piece that didn't really fit into the only place I could find where it should go! I've likely misplaced pieces.

Erica Hargreave
9 months ago

The #Christmas #puzzle from Aunt Wonderful completed! With the #furrylove it was in honour of watching on, and my #Godzilla #PuzzleNemesis (aka the #TortieTerror) with her back turned, as if she fails to acknowledge its completion, it didn’t happen!

#golden #goldenlove #tortie #tortielove #FurryFamily #ChristmasPuzzle

Festive winter scene of dogs, 2 cats and 2 mice, sitting on and around a red pick up truck.