16 hours ago

Can I install chromium on windows and transfer bookmarks in my chromium to google chrome or FireFox? #googlechrome #chromium #sync #bookmarks

1 day ago

#Chromium 115 で実装される animation-timeline: view() とか animation-timeline: scroll() って、これすごくない…パララックスみたいな JavaScript ライブラリが全部不要になるのでは :tony_grinning:

Holger Hellinger ✔️
2 days ago

Ein Leben ohne #Chromium und Firefox ist möglich: #Safari unterstützt #JPEGXL

Ich finde das so traurig von #Firefox
>Überraschend unterstützt Safari in der Beta seiner Version 17 das Grafikformat JPEG XL. Google hatte den potenziellen JPEG-Nachfolger schon abgeschrieben.

Some behavior on Chromium that I want to replicate on Firefox, if anyone knows how to do this.

I have my bookmarks bar set to hide unless I'm on the home page. On Chromium, if I middle-click a bookmark, it opens it in a new tab, and doesn't move me away from my active tab, the home page. This lets me open multiple bookmarks quickly.

On Firefox, if you middle-click a bookmark, it opens the bookmark but also switches to the new tab that was opened, which also hides my bookmarks bar as I have it set to do, but to open many bookmarks I have to go back to the home page over and over. Is there any way to make Firefox do what Chromium does in this case?

#firefox #chromium #chrome

Lautaro :mastodon: :pixelfed:
2 days ago

Chromium 114 ya "soporta" modo oscuro en Linux sin necesidad de usar el tema GTK del sistema.
En otras palabras, sigue el tema del sistema.
Algo había leído hace unas semanas pero lo acabo de comprobar ahora ya que se actualizó en Manjaro.
#Chromium #Linux

Timo Tijhof
2 days ago

How does Code Caching work for Chromium's V8 JavaScript compiler?

Deep dive by Leszek Swirski on how repeat views not only leverage the browser cache for the network response, but also the compiler bytecode. It even includes a limited amount of state snapshot if the initial execution appears deterministic (eg save runtime execution logic for defining and exporting functions).

Good reason to keep library code definitions simple.

#webperf #v8 #spidermonkey #chromium

Gabriela Salvisberg
3 days ago

Wer #Chrome oder einen #Chromium-basierten #Browser verwendet: Tut euch einen Gefallen und installiert den #Patch baldmöglichst.

3 days ago

HUGE news! #Apple #Safari to support JPEG XL! This increases the chances that #chrome / #chromium and #Firefox will eventually add support #jxl as well! #jpegxl #webdev

Bradley Taunt
3 days ago

Since #vscode is not directly available on #openbsd I decided to write about a "hacky" way to do so in #chromium

"Running VSCode in Chromium on OpenBSD"

#linux #openSUSE nach Update von Mesa zeigt #chromium bis auf die Browserleiste nichts mehr an!

3 days ago

Users of #Chrome or #Chromium #browser should check their #extensions that could possibly carry #malicious code.

More malicious extensions in Chrome Web Store | Almost Secure

[via German heise ]

#security #malware

1 week ago

When can we expect #Vivaldi being rebased on #Chromium 114 @Vivaldi? Since 114 video hw acceleration is available again on my #Linux system.

2 weeks ago

Several snap applications crashing at startup #snap #chromium #2304 #keepassx

2 weeks ago

Why does the latest set of video drivers break Chromium browsers? #drivers #nvidia #chromium #browser #gpudriver

Since many #developers don’t test on #firefox anymore, I had to go back to using #googlechrome , if you’re developing something, consider running tests on browsers other than #chromium based ones

Walker Boh🛡
2 weeks ago

Just in case this is ever useful to anyone else - Chrome(ium) stoped rendering half of all of my pages a few days ago.

I fixed it tonight by deleting the .config/chromium directory in my home directory.

#chrome #chromium

Jennifer Morency :bc:
2 weeks ago

@Andreas_Sturm As much as I like #Firefox for its versatility, I find it uses enormous amounts of memory and lags #Chromium #browsers in certain areas like stopping #autoplay.

Alien BOB
2 weeks ago

Chromium 114 Early Release on Slackware

An "early release" of Chromium 114 source code was published a few days ago, the release notes are on the developer blog.  Since Chromium 110, Google rolls out new major releases to a small sub-set of its users to monitor any potential breakage and apply fixes before the majority of users get upgraded. The formal release of Chromium w

#Software #Slackware #chrome #chromium #google

Andreas Sturm
2 weeks ago

@JenMorency I gave up firefox last week. Using Vivaldi now.

Vivaldi is easier and more detailed to configure, supports real sandboxing and protects the user profile better.

#vivaldi #firefox #edge #chrome #opera #internet #www #chromium

Mohammad Rafigh - Tech
2 weeks ago

One feature that every #Chromium based browser misses is native support for auto scrolling that #Firefox already has it. It's really handy when I'm using my mouse and I love it. Auto scrolling extensions are not even near to what Firefox offers officially, specially they are not working well on many websites.

2 weeks ago


calculang issue #5: a browser extension to facilitate transparency for the numbers we read on the web: in our #banking portals, #news websites and more like #Mastodon discourse, ++

#ShowMeTheNumbers #web

Extension authors: help wanted 🥰 🙂

#w3c #firefox @firefox @mozilla #mozilla #chromium

2 weeks ago

LMDE5 - Chromium Update V113.0.5672.126.
Web browser that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable internet browsing experience. This package contains the web browser component.

Unlike Firefox, there is no built-in option to disable WebRTC leaks, so you must install a plugin.
#Chromium, #Webbrowser, #Linux, #LMDE5. Read more:

2 weeks ago

Wieso löscht #Chromium eigentlich bei jedem Beenden die Erweiterung?

2 weeks ago

@nixCraft #Firefox is an absolute #chromium killer with the BetterFox user.js

Delta Chat
2 weeks ago

Earlier this year we got into a surprising and somewhat annoying struggle with Web browser sandboxing failures related to our "web apps shared in a chat" feature. After much background work we released the hardened Delta Chat 1.36 series, also addressing a dedicated fourth independent security audit, and can finally share more of what was going on behind the scenes

#chromium #deltachat #security #webxdc

Dan Gero
3 weeks ago

I read an article regarding #Brave removing reader mode for ad reasons. I decided to switch back to #Mozilla #Firefox. I never really liked the #Chromium interface to begin with, and now that I've learned about You Block Origin and Sponsor Block for YouTube videos, as well as how much better these extensions are at blocking unwanted ads, I don't think I'll ever go back permanently. Thanks @weirdwriter for telling me about You Block Origin! #web #browsers

3 weeks ago

@Wolkenreich bspw. #Palemoon läuft wesentlich sparsamer als #Firefox:
#Chromium soll auch etwas schlanker sein, es gibt auch #UngoogledChromium :

Für 3 GB RAM ist aber vielleicht #Ubuntu auch schon etwas zu schwergewichtig, um schnell zu laufen.

Cyril I. 🧮📐👨‍💻
3 weeks ago

Je viens de remarquer que l'outil s'adapte super bien au format #téléphone ! 😱
Gé-ni-al ! 😉👍

EDIT 1 : Testé sur #VivaldiBrowser (sur un #chromium)
EDIT 2 : Pour que le texte s'affiche plus gros je l'ai mis en `> citation`

#ViteUnDiapo #Markdown

Copie d'écran sur téléphone d'une diapositive portant sur le théorème de Thalès réalisée avec l'outil "Vite un diapo".
3 weeks ago


Apart from the Brave browser, you should also try the Mullvad browser. See how they stack up against Safari and other popular browsers in this page.

#Brave #Mullvad #Browser #Desktop #Privacy #Infosec #Security #Tests #Safari #Chromium #Firefox

Jae 🐧 ☕
3 weeks ago

#Chromium #browsers are all so.... ugly wtf

Andreas Sturm
3 weeks ago

Zuletzt habe ich gelesen, daß #firefox das sandboxing nur unzureichend unterstützt. Also habe ich mal #vivaldi in ähnlicher Konfiguration installiert und eingerichtet (mit den addons die man halt so braucht). Da jedes addon einen eigenen Prozess bekommt, startet der #Browser mit 1,2 Gbyte und 30 Prozessen 🙄 Natürlich ist dann bei 5 oder 6 offenen Tabs die Performance nicht mehr so großartig. Bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob ich das will. #webbrowser #internet #chromium #chrome #quantum #edge

3 weeks ago

Menudo chasco me he llevado, #Chromium ya no sincroniza con la cuenta de Google desde hace 2 años! Y Chrome está basado en Chromium... El mundo al revés.

Me voy a instalar Chrome desde los repos de #AUR en #Manjaro, pero preferiría evitarlo. Usaré más #Firefox 🔥 a partir de ahora.

Surya Teja K
3 weeks ago

My adventures with #wayland on Chromium and Electron apps have come to a halt. I am unable to scale the UI (not web page content) to my screen resolution.

Setting `--force-device-scale-factor` to more than 1.0 makes the window much smaller.

I give up. I will be sticking with xwayland on all things Chromium based for the time-being.

#Linux #chrome #Chromium #hidpi

ra-mon ✌️
3 weeks ago

@sebsauvage @Vivaldi

Yes, c'est possible via les réglages de #Chromium, rubrique "DNS sécurisé" de chrome://settings/security

Ça sera peut-être un jour mieux intégré aux réglages de #Vivaldi

Rodion Borisov
4 weeks ago

#Mozilla's decision to get rid of #SSB / #PWA support has the most lingering effects. You've just created an entire instance where enthusiasts will complain about it day and night.

@hen To be fair, apps like VS Code Web ( perform nicely without SSB shenaniganry, so most of the time I just put website into my bookmarks and it works. Websites can request a persistent storage nowadays, they can do WebXR and many other things on #Firefox and #Chromium.

Beanface42 🧿
4 weeks ago

Pulse, un fork de Firefox en test en ce moment. Pour l'instant, j'aime bien, surtout les tabs latéraux. Et puis ça fait plaisir de voir autre chose qu'un browser sous #Chromium.

#firefox #fork #firefork #pulse

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
4 weeks ago

@michal no dosłownie. Minus taki, że musi to być przeglądarka #Chrome LUB, czego część osób nie wie, bazująca na #Chromium, czyli może to być także #MicrosoftEdge

C-onner :tux:
4 weeks ago

Guten Morgen ;)

Eine Kleine #Umfrage zum morgen.
Verwendet welchen Browser verwendet ihr?
( Chromium steht für alle #Chromium basierte Browser gerne als Antwort deinen #Browser nennen! )

omg! ubuntu
1 month ago

Ubuntu and Intel test hardware accelerated Chromium snap for Intel hardware #ubuntu #chromium #intel

the chromium logo with the ubuntu logo overlaid on it has a speech bubble coming out of its mouth with the words "test me".
OMG! Ubuntu!
1 month ago

Chromium Fan? Canonical and Intel Team Up for Hardware Accelerated Build

If you run Ubuntu on a laptop or PC with 7th-generation Intel chips or later and you’re a fan of the Chromium browser, Canonical has something for you. It has partnered with Intel to create a Chromium snap that boasts hardware accelerated video decoding and encoding. Thus, the bespoke build offers better performance and extends battery life for Kaby Lake (7th Gen) and newer platforms when using VP8, VP9, and H.264 codecs. And those codecs are pretty ubiquitous in online content. So what’s the “catch? Well, for the moment this souped-up snap is a “beta” and not 100% ready for :sys_more_orange:
#News #Chromium #HardwareAcceleration #Intel #SnapApps #Snaps


Media source:
1 month ago

LMDE5 - Chromium Update V113.0.5672.63.
Web browser that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable internet browsing experience. This package contains the web browser component.

Unlike Firefox, there is no built-in option to disable WebRTC leaks, so you must install a plugin.#chromium, #LMDE5, #Linux. Read more here:

Moa (extinct) | flo
1 month ago

Je mehr ich mich mit dem #Vivaldi #Browser (basiert auf #Chromium) beschäftige, desto besser gefällt er mir, weil er stark individualisierbar ist.

(Ja, gefällt mir besser als #Firefox, oder den Fork #LibreWolf, den ich momentan noch als Standard nutze.)

@ParadeGrotesque @khm @torproject @mozilla yeah...

Also everyone and their uncle doing a shitty #Chromium-Fork is quite useless...

Jason Pester
1 month ago

💡 Verification on Mastodon.Social requires a secure Web site using an SSL certificate (https, not http)

You can obtain free 90-day SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt (

For Use with GoDaddy*

*If you need wildcard subdomain coverage, #PunchSalad has a tutorial for that also - 'great info!

#Mastodon #Verification #WebDev #WebSite #Web #Browser #Chrome #Chromium #Firefox #Edge #Safari #SSL #Secure #Certificate #MastodonSocial #LetsEncrypt

1 month ago

#Development #Techniques
Adaptable components with CSS Style Queries · Expand your CSS design options with custom view queries

“With this new pattern in my back pocket, I’ve now got three ways to change how a component looks: based on the viewport, based on its inherent size, and based on where it lives on the site, all without JavaScript.” — Snugug

#ResponsiveDesign #WebDesign #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #CSS #Chromium #Components #ProgressiveEnhancement

1 month ago

Well, this is interesting: there is already a community-supported patch for #Chromium derivatives that restores #JpegXL suppot
I'm looking forward to it being adopted by Linux distributions that roll their own Chromium, and by other Blink-based browsers with a claimed interest in open standards (glances at #VivaldiBrowser @Vivaldi)


Build lightweight cross-platform desktop apps with #JavaScript, #HTML, and #CSS

An alternative to #Electron, not based on #Chromium and #NodeJS. Neutrinalo uses the existing web browser library in the operating system.

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

Right, well, first the good news: It doesn’t look like anything has changed in how Chrom(ium) handles certificates installed in the system trust store.

Now the bad news: I have no idea why the certificate authority that was previously trusted on my main development machine is now showing up as untrusted. Could a Fedora Silverblue update have broken it? Will keep looking into it.


#Kitten #AutoEncryptLocalhost #SmallWeb #Chrome #Chromium #tls #web #dev

1 month ago

#Business #Previews
Opera One · The Opera browser is being redesigned from the ground up

#Browser #Opera #Chromium #AI #UI #TabGroup #Messenger #Player #Windows #MacOS #Linux

1 month ago

I managed to file a bug at Webkit, but not at Chromium. If anybody with a google account wants to, feel free to file it there.


#css #color #lch #oklch #bug #browser #chrome #chromium

1 month ago

Does anyone know if it is possible to file a Chromium browser bug without a google account? And I would also like to know where I can file a Safari bug?

#browser #chromium #safari

👓 📖 Savez-vous s'il existe, sous #Android, un navigateur web très léger qui ouvre directement le lien qu'on lui donne (par l'option "partage" ou "ouvrir avec") en mode lecture pour n'avoir que le contenu d'un article.
Je sais que #Firefox et même d'autres navigateurs basés sur #Chromium permettent de basculer en mode lecture, mais cela se passe après le chargement de la page "normale". Sur certains sites, quand on a un vieux smartphone, c'est long d'attendre ce chargement.

2 months ago

Du benutzt den #Chromium-browser und willst mal die default Bookmarks als Json gelistet haben?

Ich hab da einen Einzeiler für #Bash:

cat /home/lolo/snap/chromium/common/chromium/Default/Bookmarks

2 months ago

@jon I have been following the raft of #WebBrowsers launched in the last year or so and find it fascinating. Having tried and reviewed many of them, including #Vivaldi and #Brave, I have yet to find a compelling reason to adopt any one of them as my primary browser for many reasons, not the least of which is the use of #Chromium as the base. None of these browsers, including #Edge and #Chrome, is ready for prime time, and for the new entrants I would have concerns on business model.

Tim Chambers
2 months ago

@MarcinW @davidslifka @spreadmastodon

And that is always a fight to keep vigilant on, that a corporate solution takes over.

But Firefox made it so the only thing that could win would be something based on Open Source - #Chromium - and based on open standards. Even Internet Explorer, now Edge, is that. Firefox made that the only option and it might not have gone that way.

So the lesson there is after you won the battle, keep fighting the war as the war on the new landscape. Vigilance.

Chee Aun 🤔
2 months ago

I suppose this is one of the reasons why not many sites use HTML <datalist> element. This affects some Android browsers where the datalist overlaps on top of the keyboard (and sometimes just stuck there).

On latest Chrome Android, it shows a horizontal list *above* the keyboard, same like iOS Mobile Safari.

#WebDev #HTML #Chromium #Chrome #Android

UI for <datalist> on, on Brave browser on Android
UI for <datalist> on, on Chrome browser on Android
2 months ago

@mattwilcox @bitchwolf Thankfully #Chromium does not seem to have those settings, yet, at least on #linux

This is why I will always tell people this: If you NEED Chrome for whatever reason, get Chromium. Contrary to popular belief, Google Chrome is NOT open source, not at all. Chromium is the open source variant, and for extra security you can get Ungoogled Chromium (which is what I use).

Sofía Aritz
2 months ago

I am desperate. I'm building a big #webapp that needs to play #audio. The problem is that #Chromium needs support for the Range header from the server in order to have proper seek support.

What is the issue? I've implemented the Range header according to RFC 9110. But Chromium still doesn't seek the audios properly (???)

@itsfoss not really new, unless @mullvadnet literally made a new engine and not yet-another #Chromium fork...

Patrick Stewart
2 months ago

You know, I hate to say it. but #Microsoft has made a pretty great #browser experience in #Edge nowadays. I know it's built on #Chromium, and there are lots of issues with that, but it's really about their extra enhancements. From the fonts to the new AI features, it's pretty great. A little bloated, sure, but It runs really well.

Y'know, I would've stayed off of #Chromium based #browsers... but when I tested out @Vivaldi today, it was so hard to resist avoiding it :blobcatsweat:

Switched today, customized it a bit, now I'm really enjoying it here on #ArchLinux :blobcathearts:

2 months ago

Small personal cheev yesterday - a button in my #kodi theme that closes kodi and launches #chromium in a fresh x window session as a #systemd service. When you close the browser, the service ends, the kodi service is automatically restarted.

Now my partner doesn't need to turn on my gaming pc when my kodi setup doesn't quite match her expectations for watching twitch and youtube!

I plan on doing a write up on the blog about it, and releasing a gist of how I achieved it. Definitely welcoming feedback - could be cool to have it as an addon eventually?

2 months ago

@bravegpt @adam

Here's a little ditty that might interest a few folks out here in the Wild, Wild, #Fediverse...

It's a Brave Search add on for your browser of choice - i.e., #Vivaldi, #Chromium, #Firefox, #Edge, #Brave, #Opera, and more (oddly enough, I didn't see #Kiwi on the list).

It's called #BraveGPT and after installing it whenever you choose to use #Brave_Search it includes a sidebar with your search results from #ChatGPT along with the regular #SERPs you expect.

It's pretty new, and there's also links to other projects like a similar facility for #DuckDuckGo too.

But there's another question that this raises for myself - what happened to userscripts and greasemonkey?

Lemme know what you think, k?

#tallship #FOSS #search #search_engines


Gianni Rosato
2 months ago

Thorium’s JXL patch is now BSD. This more permissive license will allow basically any Chromium-based browser to implement JPEG-XL support, as the hard work has been done for them.

#chromium #chrome #internet #jxl #jpegxl

2 months ago

The snapshot version of #Vivaldi Desktop already has #Chromium v112, but the stable version is now v110, so I wonder if v111, which is the same as the latest version of #Chrome at the moment, will be effectively skipped on Vivaldi...?

Or will Chromium v111 come to the stable version of Vivaldi with minor updates in the future? (I think it's unlikely) :tony_astonished:

2 months ago

#Vivaldi Desktop のスナップショット版はすでに #Chromium が v112 になってるけど、安定版はいま v110 で、現時点の #Chrome の最新版と同じ v111 は Vivaldi では実質スキップされるのかな…?

それとも今後マイナーアップデートとかで安定版に Chromium v111 が降りてきたりするんだろうか(なさそう

3 months ago

Well since using Brave has become more than a little problematic any thoughts on a #Chromium based browser for #webdev that’s not Chrome or Edge that I can use. I tried Ungoogled Chromium but there’s no obvious way to install extensions (I rely on the React Dev Tools extension for my job).

3 months ago

#LinusTechTips was hacked due to vulnerabilities on Google Chrome, Google YouTube and Microsoft Windows.

It is, as I always tell everyone. If you want to be secure, don't use Windows and #Chromium based browsers.

By using #Windows, it is not a matter if you're going to get hacked, it's a matter of "when" and even "how often" it is going to happen.

No mattery how tech-savy you and your company is. No matter how much money you have. You will fall.

All because of a simple #PDF email attachment.

Robert Mader
3 months ago

#Chromium landed support for fractional scaling on #Wayland a couple of days ago. It was reverted again today. Reason for revert: This change completely broke Chromium Ozone/Wayland on compositors that support fractional-scale-v1.

Nobody had ever tested it and the authors missed the whole actual scaling part with wp_viewporter.

Anyhow, here's a working initial patch for #Firefox:

Linus Groh 🐧
3 months ago

TIL #Chromium has an about URL that will actually make the browser crash (not just present the crash UI like `about:crash` does): `about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz`;l=78-82

Gianni Rosato
3 months ago

My image codec benchmarking blog post is up! Please have a look if you're interested!

#jxl #AVIF #av1 #chrome #chromium #internet #jpegxl

3 months ago

#Development #Launches
Carbonyl · A Chromium-based browser built to run in a terminal

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Browser #Rust #Chromium #API #Terminal #CLI

Justin Ferrell
3 months ago

What is stopping #WebKit from being the engine powering a bunch of browsers the way Chromium does? Aside from the “Safari is the new IE” bs, what is stopping someone like Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, DuckDuckGo, etc. from picking WebKit over #Chromium? Same with Gecko/Spidermonkey. Is there something special about Chrome’s engine that makes it more portable than that of Safari or #Firefox? #webdev

Niklas Korz
3 months ago

Trying out the real #Chrome / #Chromium with #Blink on #iOS #iPhone

WebGL2 running on Chromium on iOS on Chromium on iOS showing availability of Media Source Extensions and VP9 on Chromium on iOS showing a score of 525 out of 555 points

Let’s be real. If #Netscape came back, it’d probably be a shitty, proprietary #Chromium browser run by #Yahoo! that mines your data and nerfs adblocker extensions.

I actually feel incredibly disgusting when I use the #Chromium browser

I was forced to use it for a bit because of #Google Slides (for school) being unusable on #Firefox for some reason. And I was in pain.

Now I tried it again and the trouble went away somehow, but I feel better in Firefox even if the experience is still somewhat inferior

Krijn Soeteman 🎙 🏳️‍🌈
3 months ago

Ik zit in een soort van rare loop met #MicrosoftTeams Ik heb een bedrijfsaccount (have I?) en een persoonlijk. Beiden gekoppeld aan hetzelfde mailadres. Het bedrijfsaccount moet ik 'upgraden' (lees: betalen, ik gebruik het nooit). Als ik het wil opzeggen, moet ik inloggen met mijn bedrijfsaccount. Maar dat kan dus niet, want blijkbaar is mijn email met mijn persoonlijk account gekoppeld... (oh en werkt niet in #Chromium, alleen in #Firefox, all fine, but weird)

Screenshot van aanmelding bij Microsoft Account, bedrijfsversie, met een e-mailadres dat ook geregistreerd staat als persoonlijk account... Er staat:

"U kunt zich hier niet aanmelden met een persoonlijk account. Gebruik in plaats daarvan uw werk- of schoolaccount.'
3 months ago

@DanCWilson How do I make it work to produce sound? No sound on #Linux on #Firefox or #Chromium. What do I press?

Andre Polykanine
3 months ago

Note to my #Blind fellow readers: if you, like me and many other folks, are unable to add Youtube comments in #Chromium browsers on Windows with #JAWS and #NVDA, either downgrade to Chromium 109 or wait for a fix. I filed a bug report in Chromium under

4 months ago

Riot.js ならコンポーネントファイルはほぼ素の HTML だし、拡張子を html にすればシンタックスハイライト効くし…という負け惜しみを言ってみる

#RiotJS #WebDev #DevTools #Chrome #Chromium

Mike Kuketz 🛡
4 months ago

Ist die folgende Annahme korrekt?: Microsoft Edge basiert auf Chromium bzw. der Blink-Engine. Alle Sicherheitslücken, die Chromium betreffen, betreffen somit auch den Microsoft Edge. On top kommen noch die Sicherheitslücken drauf, die Microsoft durch die Anpassung/Erweiterung von Edge einbaut.

#edge #chromium #browser #blink

Looks like #Google created their own #Mastodon instance, this time for #Chromium. The instance is, and the one account mostly running there is @developers.

Please don’t let Google control the #fediverse.

#Chrome #GoogleChrome

@jon Is @Vivaldi currently working on a #Chromium based version for #iOS? :apple_inc: :vivaldi_gray: