37 minutes ago

A while longer was a few more minutes. It's not a record, but it's time spent outside, sorta.
Have mercy on those in your life who find it difficult to function well outside of their homes. It's great to be outside and around the sound of shops and people and traffic. But it comes at a high cost, and a few minutes is better than nothing-- however that few minutes is ungodly short, and you should be able to enjoy your time out freely. Trust me, we know how valuable it is. #chronicpain

49 minutes ago

Today I have traded staying imndoors with what feels like a long dagger stabbed into my right upper back and coming out my right upper chest. I am pressed against the back of the car seat, hunched forward against the pain, taking steady focused breaths, and deathly determined to to be out of the house for a while longer. Just a while longer...just a while longer.. just a while longer...just a while longer...

Gia Scott
15 hours ago

Well, I officially love the hot tub. I don't love the continual fussing & filter changes with our little inflatable hot tub though. For pain relief, it's not dramatic, but over time, relaxing those muscles and being able to flex joints in the warm water is great. My skin also loves it, even with the chlorine. I also am not thrilled with the construction site decor around it,'s too hot to do much already, so its a work in progress.
#HotTub #ChronicPain #Relief #SeniorLife

Kaona (she/her) 🇨🇦
21 hours ago

Today is really hard. My regular depression, multiple anxiety disorders and PMDD are all combining to kick my ass. My pain is also really bad today. I haven’t been able to do anything but sit in my chair. Feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated. #Depression #PMDD #AnxietyDisorder #ChronicPain #NEISvoid

The headache did let up. I fell back asleep a couple of hours later and woke up to only mild pain.

And I just snapped why that migraine happened. I often get migraines after stress is relieved. Yesterday was the anniversary of Barbara passing. Today that extra stress is gone. Duh!

#migraine #stress #grief #ChronicPain #spoonie

1 day ago

Continuing to collect -ologists 🙃
Two referrals to new fields to add to my collection today.

Unsurprising, given family history with heart probs. I’ve hit that age …

#ChronicPain #ChronicIllness

2 days ago

Playing with the #WaterColor again tonight. We have a storm here and my spine is screaming at me, so I’m limited to using one color and working very fast.
#chronicpain #MastoArt

A massive storm passes over a bay with high cliffs on the right. Waterfalls cascade off the cliffs. On the right are low mountains. In the foreground is a single stone in the water. Light glares through a break in the storm to illuminate the scene.
Idris They/Them
2 days ago

I am wrecked after traveling yesterday, then not sleeping, looking after one of the cats. Today had just been me groaning, and trying not to move too much.

#ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Fibromyalgia #Diabetic #MentalHealthDisorders #Autistic #ADHD #AuDHD #SingleParent

2 days ago

#methotrexate morning! (imagining myself singing this)

ahhhhhh knowing I'm going to feel like hot garbage in the next few hours...

I realized that telling people who don't live with chronic pain that 36-48 hours of knock-me-into-bed-weakness-and-nausea every week would be a worthwhile trade off if the rest of my days weren't as painful as they are now shares pretty well about how horrible it is to live with this #ChronicPain.

Regina Granat
3 days ago

I’m so worn out. I cut the bushes this morning and bagged the stuff. There’s 12 bushes and it all went into 3 huge bags. I plowed through in 2 hours with breaks. #fibromyalgia has blown me away for the rest of the day. It sucks. Just trying to breathe and use my arms anymore. #chronicpain #chronicillness #spoonie

Erika Autumn
3 days ago

I hate to do this but I have no #income and got a notification for my power #bill due June 14th. #overdue #balance is about $80


#Venmo - ErikaAutumn
Other platforms - I'd rather not post them, but I might be able to use them on request.

I also need medical 🌳 (not as important but would be nice to not run out when I'm this stressed. I use it for #PTSD and #ChronicPain )


#MutualAid #PleaseDonate #donate #please #bills #thanks #trans #disabled

3 days ago

LRT: *sigh* Yup. My computer is 5 years old and cannot handle more than a couple things open at a time anymore.

(yes, I should crack it open and work on it; no, I don't have that kind of energy anymore)

#computers #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness

Cheryl M.🦄🐲🏳️‍🌈
4 days ago

#ChronicPain sucks. I did a task long in need of doing. I cleaned the parrot's cage. This after many days of poor sleep and various arthritis flares ( hands, knees, hips). Plus my allergies are crazy because the air quality sucks.

Anyway, CBD gummies and lots of trying to sleep are on my agenda for the next few days. I miss ibuprofen.

#Spoonie #disabled #SelfCare

Jennifer Morency :bc:
4 days ago

US govt banned NSO’s #Pegasus, but said to buy rival #spyware Paragon #Graphite "Graphite is, like Pegasus, malware designed to break Apple’s security and allow governments to remotely access and control phones belonging to their own citizens. Using Graphite may not be quite as bad as using Pegasus, but it is still unethical and unacceptable." The monstrous war on #ChronicPain patients and their doctors continues unabated.

Julie R
4 days ago

I interviewed ennis rook bashe about their new poetry chapbook, beautiful malady.
#disabled #disability #chronicpain #neisvoid

Robert Roy Britt
5 days ago

#ChronicPain is complex, goes way beyond any physical injury, which may or may not even exist or persist. Sufferers can benefit from understanding the incredibly powerful #mindbody connection.

Harry Potter and this writer, therapist Giana Porpiglia, explain.

(I posted the wrong link for this story earlier; deleted it and reposting here.)

i think I like speedrunning because in meatspace I am slow as shit and tired af but in games I can run and run and run and run and run!!!

I wish I could run in meatspace and just need like a normal amount of sleep and it worked as rest. :blobfoxsad:

#MEcfs #PwME #chronicPain

5 days ago

I got cocky over the weekend and did some work around the house. Now I'm flat on my back all morning, haven't brushed my teeth or had coffee, and had to take three breaks to write this. Hard lesson, but it's been so long since I felt good that I had to relearn where my limits are. #fibromyalgia #ChronicPain

Rita Giordano
6 days ago

Last week, I gave an in-person presentation at the #VisionPlus conference by IIIDinfodesign. I used #dataviz, #informationdesign and #illustration to talk about #ChronicPain. It was strange to speak in front of an audience and not a computer. #rstats #sciart #infographic

Poster: The invisible persistence of pain. The poster is divided into three sectors on the left, description of pain. The top left figure is the human body with a bell drawn in the brain. On the left, a red ball shows a point that hurts, and there is the impulse that goes from this point to the brain.  On the bottom left, is the human body, with the brain that sends signals to the body. In the centre, the human body with a red ribbon.
Sampath Pāṇini ® ✅
6 days ago

The participants completed questionnaires to report their level of physical activity (sedentary, light, moderate or vigorous). #physical #sedentary #moderate #vigorous #exercise #painmanagement #chronicpain

Bruno Miguel
6 days ago
6 days ago

Tell me you have chronic pain without telling me you have chronic pain

I typed "melodica" and didn't realize the autocorrect until I had already sent this to #midjourney 😂

Amazing results regardless though

#ChronicPain #AIart

A discord screenshot with a reply from midjourney bot that says"a possum playing a Meloxicam -chaos 50" with a grid of 4 images below it

Spending the day relaxing, and gaming a little. I'm listening to the doctor's orders to not overdo it and just know my limits. But also try to work out a bit, so I can build up strength.
For the past two or three days I've taken to pushing myself a bit, not by much, but I'm seeing where I have limitations.
Which sucks, but this is life now.

#fibro #Fibromyalgia #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicallyill #depression

6 days ago

8:30am, been up for over 2 1/2 hours, and I'm already exhausted from pain.

Can we get a do-over here?

#ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Insomnia

1 week ago

for the Instagram-enabled:

My new phone wallpaper is a reminder of my #priorities. A few weeks back, my podiatrist told me that the pain #rheumatoid disease damage causes in my feet is only fixable with steroid shots in the short term and surgery that will cost me #mobility...
#Galapagos #chronicpain #accessible
#Rheumatoiddisease #frigatebird #rheumatoidarthritis #motivation #perseverance #thisiswhatsixtylookslike #thisiswhatdisabledlookslike #Ecuador

Joyce Lionarons
1 week ago

I managed another 1000 words today despite very bad chronic pain. A little over 23K total on my WIP, a new Matthew Cordwainer medieval mystery.
#Writing #ChronicPain

I've had the worst tension/possible occipital neuralgia induced headache all day. Was supposed to go to the big town to Walmart with roomie today, but that didn't happen. It's finally starting to calm down, but it's been a rough day. Almost cried just standing making a sandwhich.
I spent most of today in my room, in my bed. Not sleeping, just miserable. But I'm okay now, and hopefully my occipital nerves in my neck stay calm. We figured out thats what it was when wife presser her elbow at the base of my skull and it felt sooooo good. Felt like actual steam and pressure was coming out of my ears. I have 2 slipped discs in my neck, but this is different.
#headache #badday #chronicillness #chronicpain

One thing I had forgotten about growing up somewhere very rural was the lack of noise pollution and how it feels to stand outside in the quiet at this time of year and just listen to the hum of the bees around you. I think I needed this vacation more than I realized. It's weird to say you need a vacation when you've been basically unable to work for almost a year, but the change of scenery has done something really nice to my inner monologue and made me feel hopeful in a way I really wasn't before. Grateful for the love and support of my partner and the sunshine on my face. #mecfs #pots #chronicPain

Taking care of your needs is vital.

#disability #chronicpain #Fibromyalgia

Tumblr user princesafemme:
i mean this completely seriously but… a cup of coffee can save your life a little, a shower can save your life a little, making your favorite meal can save your life a little…….little things actually add up to really big things in the long run if you let them, the secret to surviving everyday is infusing a little bit of magic into the mundane i truly believe that
Funkatron (Ed Finkler)
1 week ago

“I have a lot of illnesses. I don’t talk about it much, for a variety of reasons. I feel ashamed to have an illness. (It sounds absurd, but there still is an enormous stigma around being sick.) I don’t want to use being ill as an excuse. (Although I sometimes wonder how much more productive I’d be if I wasn’t so sick.)”


"So I hope you’ll forgive me for not doing more.”

- aaronsw

#mentalhealth #depression #chronicpain #suicide

2 weeks ago

Doctor: You need to take your cholesterol and high blood pressure meds a few hours before noon, because noon is when human blood pressure peaks.
Me: Um, I sleep until noon or 2:00 PM.
Doctor: 😧

2 weeks ago

Please don’t scroll by.

I have to #crowdfund.
In addition to saving for everything else, (longer post w more details: I have an expensive #healthcare year underway.

Right now I’m fundraising for an essential treatment: One Magnesium + Hartmanns IV is 400+ each & I need at least 1 a month. No #Medicare rebate.

Right now I’m stuck here 23 hours a day in a darkened room. Give me a chance to get out please.
Stops #migraines.
Reduce #ChronicPain
Reduces #POTS/#Dysautonomia
Increase #cognition.
Helps nearly all my symptoms.
Brings me back to 50% or normal!

Can’t use the public hospital system right now due to medical neglect (my doctor had no idea to present my care plan to a hospital), but I’m in a long queue to see gateway specialists (who give minimal/no rebate), another cost ahead. Getting into the public system also takes a long time (at least 18 months from time of referrals, but I’m still on the waitlist for a gatekeeper).
I can’t wait in bed anymore.

I have a referral from a different GP and will start getting these IVs as soon as details are sorted.

I need to get up and better before I can get away from #abuse.

If you can help:

Or to @halcionandon no platform fee!

Please #Boost. Every dollar & boost counts.

Much appreciated💜

#MutualAid #Mutual_Aid #DisabilityCrowdfund #ChronicIllness #AbuseSurvivor


2 weeks ago

saw this on tumblr and it has me spinning fr its truth. it's about how those of us living with chronic pain also can have high pain tolerances and also can seem like we don't and how messed up the whole thing is. especially resonating for me is the "I wake up at a 4/10" because I don't remember the last time I didn't have at least a 4 in pain, typical is 5/6 (that's where I start to have a harder time ignoring it).

#tumblr #ChronicPain #PainThreshold #PainTolerance

been a while since I posted my #introduction and it's time for an update.

some of my interests include

#bikes #cycling
#ebooks #music #drumming #percussion

love all #dogs and #cats and most other #animals of course.
Adore snoring dogs but put a snoring human next to me and the knives come out! Why is this so?

#ChronicPain #meditation #CranioSacralTherapy
#SydneySwans #Matildas #Succulents #Nature #Bushwalking #Hiking
#Adventure #Spirograph
#Photography #Music


Monica K. Shields
3 weeks ago

Super cool resource & literature. Need more time in a day!!! I just read the interview with Sofia Jeppsson

The series is designed to provide a public venue for discussion with disabled philosophers about a range of topics, including their philosophical work on disability; the place of philosophy of disability vis-à-vis the discipline and profession; their experiences of institutional exclusion and personal and structural gaslighting in philosophy, in particular, and in academia, more generally; resistance to ableism, racism, sexism, and other apparatuses of power; accessibility; and anti-oppressive pedagogy.

BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY: Dialogues on Disability

Hashtags & Group mentions below

#Madness #MadMastodon #MadPride #MadThought
#MadMovement #MadStudies #Mad #Madodon #TransMad

#Ablesim #DisabilityCommunity #InvisibleDisabilities
#PsychiatricSurvivor #AntiPsychiatry #DisabilityJustice
#LivedExperience #PsychSurvivor #ChronicPain
#DisabilityMastodon #Neurodivergent #RadicalMentalHealth
#CripCamp #DisabilityRights #NeuroDiversity
#Sanism #Disability #DisabilityStudies



3 weeks ago

New Substack Post:

Accepting My Differences & Limitations As Self-care
Part 1: Chronic Illness

"Accepting is a process and sometimes part of that process is facing your own feelings of powerlessness to get to it. "

#growth #selfcare #compassion #understanding #chronicillness #chronicpain #trauma #photography #amwriting #writing #blog #essay #family #community #fear #disability #spirituality #process #progress #selflove #rest

Read & Subscribe for free at:

Background photo: A man-made stack of rocks on top of a larger rock retaining wall along a body of water. There is a water vessel in the distance in the water. It is a mostly clear day. Writing: "" at the very top. Title reads: "Accepting My Differences & Limitations As Self-care Part 1: Chronic Illness"
Sick Kid
3 weeks ago

This is what pain looks like in a diabetic. I haven't had food or meds recently, so now dinner will be scant. Bc it will be hours trying to get numbers back down to normal. Pain causes my numbers to increase rapidly from normal to over 300 and that's ALWAYS an emergency room visit. Why can't diabetes docs take pain into account when prescribing insulin? I'm tired too, and now I'll be up hours after bedtime to try to reverse these numbers. Which stresses me which also causes high sugar numbers. Lovely catch-22; also pain is off charts today n meds ain't doin jack-shit-all for me. But if I smoke 2 bowls of weed, boom, pain n sugar both under control in about an hour. But why should we legalize something that improves ppls lives yeah?

#spoonie #diabetes #disabled #chronicpain #MMJ

CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) device reading showing blood sugar level at 252gls normal would be between 90 and 108.
Ed Suominen
3 weeks ago

@LewisHarrington @luckytran I’m not immunocompromised but have recovered from an injury that gave me two years of #ChronicPain and am not about to go back because of some stupid virus inhaled just so I could eat something in the presence of people outside my household.

Went from accepting that I might never be free of pain again to being really damn grateful I am, and determined never to get infected. That means never. Which means goodbye social life.

Oh well. See “pain free” above. Worth it.

3 weeks ago

Would anyone be willing to help me get bread, milk, & other food my kid eats? She's #neurodivergent, so same foods, safe foods. I also could really use more CBD gummies. I'm #disabled & unable to work normal jobs, and I have severe nerve pain and chronic pain, which the gummies help with, but I haven't had any in two months because they're kinda expensive. Quality & potency. The brand I use is called Moonwlkr btw, if you wanna check it out!

Cashapp/Venmo: spooniewolf
#MutualAid #ChronicPain

EmmaLee Cassidy
3 weeks ago

I have #endometriosis and #CFS Every day is a struggle with pain and fatigue but it has helped me appreciate the little things in life
#EndoWarrior #spoonie #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #chronicpain

Lanie Carmelo
3 weeks ago

Wide awake tonight because I slept until 3:00 PM yesterday and spent a lot of the rest of the day in bed. Just doing stuff on my computer. Had a rough day with #headaches, sound sensitivity, and whooshing in ears from #IIH (high pressure in skull), neck pain, and #fatigue. Lol actually wanted to go back to sleep but headache meds didn't knock me out like they usually do. Anyone else awake? #NEISvoid #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

4 weeks ago

I'm having a hard time finding people to follow on here, so if you meet one or more of the following, lmk (or favourite!)


and if your political and social leanings are very much on the left

That's... tip of the iceberg, really, so even if it's an adjacent thing still let me know.

Monica K. Shields
4 weeks ago

carceral logics.
carceral sanism.
coercive policy approaches.

assumes black, poor and unhoused people are disposable—
specifically those in “mental health crisis.”

Article includes links to multiple intersectional grassroots organizations.

Psychiatric Incarceration Isn’t Treatment — It’s Violence, Survivors Say

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#MadMovement #MadStudies #Mad #Madodon #TransMad

#Ablesim #DisabilityCommunity #InvisibleDisabilities
#PsychiatricSurvivor #AntiPsychiatry #DisabilityJustice
#LivedExperience #PsychSurvivor #ChronicPain
#DisabilityMastodon #Neurodivergent #RadicalMentalHealth
#CripCamp #DisabilityRights #NeuroDiversity
#Sanism #Disability #DisabilityStudies



I've had to reschedule my shoulder cortisone injection.. it was meant to be tomorrow, but I have to go to the podiatrist because I have a spot on my foot and being diabetic means you don't fuck around with feet stuff lest you find out. I'm pretty sure it's a bit of an ingrown toenail, but I intend on keeping all my toes so I'm getting it looked at.

Unknown foot issue > known shoulder issue (no matter the severity of the pain)

Luckily my doctor listens to me and has prescribed me some palexia sr because the panadeine forte/naproxen combination stopped working a couple of weeks ago when the inflammation got worse.

I'm nowhere near pain free, but it's sitting about a 6/10 and that's as settled as its been for about a month.. I might actually get more than two hours sleep at a time tonight.

#medical #disability #ChronicPain #Diabetes

Mike. he/him. 🩼🇨🇦
1 month ago

Hello, I am a 42yo straight male from rural #Canada (the industrial southern part), I'm into: #Politics, #Truth, #Canpoli, #Music, #Philosophy, #Ally, #Antifascist, #NOLOGO, #Science
I am living with #ChronicPain, and #ChronicAnxiety (my story is in the comments)

My alter ego #1 does a weekly online radio show (

My alter ego #2 posts positive precious pet pics on my farm pic account (

Rita Giordano
1 month ago

I'm thrilled to be speaking at IIID Visionplus #VPXIX conference in information design for healthcare. I will talk about how information design with scientific illustration and #dataviz can help people suffering from #ChronicPain. #scicomm #sciart #informationdesign

Lorraine Wilson
1 month ago

Really *really* happy to be bringing my first novella out in fabulous company with the stellar Luna Novella series 🌙🖤📚

THE LAST TO DROWN is a very personal exploration of chronic pain; plus PTSD, family secrets and cool Icelandic ghosts and I cannot wait to share it with you!

@bookstodon #newbook #ghoststories #Iceland #spoonie #chronicpain #novella

I need breakfast #help.

I used to eat oats, but started putting more fruit in it than there were oats.. which wasn't great ( #diabetic and fruit has a lot of sugar) and was getting expensive.

I had muesli and yoghurt for a while, but the only muesli I can eat also pushes my blood glucose too high.

Then I started eating weetbix, which is ok for my #diabetes but I'm now at the point where I'm adding sugar to it, which is bad.

I have a #ChronicPain disorder, #MentalHealth issues, #audhd with #ExecutiveFunction issues and I'm pretty sure I have #PathologicalDemandAvoidance. I have #SensoryIssues with some foods.

Does anyone have any suggestions or help? Because I can't keep eating rice crispy treats for breakfast...

Thank you! 😊

#food #health

(also, please don't give me advice on how to lose weight. I'm just trying to feed myself in a way that won't make me sick)

2 months ago

Finally completed a #WaterColor in a single session again. Over two years… that’s how long it’s been since our daughter died. In the intervening time I changed jobs, underwent a major back surgery, and was diagnosed as #bipolar. I’ve tried to watercolor multiple times, but always failed. This isn’t my best work and it’s an old composition, but it’s still an accomplishment.
#cPTSD #mentalillness #chronicpain

Watercolor of a misty mountain lake with a maple tree with red leaves. Birds flit about in the air.
Ed Suominen
2 months ago

Ten seconds of pushing too hard on a wrench got me over a year of disability and a nightmare of #ChronicPain. I thought about those ten seconds a lot. It took a long time for me to stop reliving them and trying to negotiate with them. But they were over ten seconds later, as I walked inside from the garage holding my chest and wondering what I’d just done.

I’m fine now, more than two years later. It’s easy not to regret those ten seconds when they aren’t hurting me anymore. The trauma is… 2/

I work in many areas, try to be an aide to #activism for #antiFascism, as a lifetime #chronicPain sufferer I celebrate/embrace all forms of #neurodivergence, including #artists, #autistics, #cptsd, #diabled, am always available to sing ANYTHING a bass can, from busking to Gregorian chants to oratorio to opera to any and all Janis Joplin's rep(I'm her reincarnation, by the numbers) j. Cash, j, Morrison, Neil diamond, cat Stevens, Dylan, Nina Simone Broadway, German lied, Melodie, songs, sacred...

Mike. he/him. 🩼🇨🇦
2 months ago

i've learned that so many people are forced to live with invisable pain and illness. i now live with debilitating chronic pain, and you can take this woman's story about debilitating chronic fatigue and replace the chronic fatigue with pain caused fatigue, and this is my life exactly. every single movement has to be planned in advance, and walking across a room can actually be dangerous

#ChronicPain #ChronicIllness

2 months ago
acidblues :verified_coffee:
2 months ago

So the pot of my pineapple plant (that I cultivated from a chopped-off pineapple head, yay) became a breeding ground for those annoying as hell gnats... cue the montage of me trying to get the giant pot out on the balcony all by myself, depotting the beast, completely changing the soil and adding a drainage layer with leca and then getting it indoors again. I did it, no casualties. In ya face, #chronicpain

2 months ago

folks who live with
I'm finding this discord channel to be delightful but without enough users to keep conversations going well on a regular basis. Come see!

2 months ago

Creative space #introduction post *ahem*...

Hello! Please call me Kai or Mimicry. I'm a #nonbinary , #Canadian (they/he) who lives with #chronicpain and is #neurodivergent .

My creative endeavours include #digitalart , #cosplay and various #crafts .

I'm very much inspired by #anime , #JapaneseCulture , #fantasy and #supernatural themes.

Below are some cosplays I've done within the past 2 years. All shot and edited by myself.

A collage of seven pictures of myself in different cosplays.

1. Asra (The Arcana)
2. Junji Ito comic-inspired look
3. Grell (Black Butler)
4. Shuichi (Gravitation)
5. Watanuki (xxxHolic)
6. Subaru (Tokyo Babylon)
7. Prompto (Final Fantasy XV)
2 months ago

Hi, friends I have and haven't met yet! I'm Kellyann, and this here is my #Intro. I recently (like, a year and a half ago) moved from #Vermont to #NewHampshire with my spouse, Tim. I'm #queer, of the #pan variety, and #genderqueer, though I don't talk about the latter much because in the past few years I've become femme. I dunno, maybe it's part of the glorious cycle that is genderqueerness.

Tim and I have two #cats, #Pip the Golden Boy, and #Dayenu, whom we also call Nubbins.

My spouse and I enjoy #hiking, #nature (we're both amateur naturalists), #LeverageRedemption, and the #Horizon games, #HorizonZeroDawn and #horizonforbiddenwest.

I work from home as an #indexer and as-yet-unpaid #Writer. I take lots of #Photographs; they're not good but I share them anyway.

We belong to a local #Reform synagogue, despite being Christians (one of us [me] a former professional Christian). There are many reasons for this: a lifelong appreciation of Jewish ritual and ethics, a Jewish step-mom who's closer to me (and my spouse) than we are with our bio-moms, and an aversion to supersessionism and bad theology in general in Christian churches. (When I left my last church, under very unpleasant circumstances, a fried, the organist, said, "I didn't think I could be a Christian, but you made a place where I could be a Christian." Turns out I did the same for myself.😢​

I'm #autistic and have #cPTSD. Also #ChronicPain, #asthma, and a scarred trachea, making this #pandemic both incredibly tedious and yet full of suspense!

Too tired! More later!

White person in red and maroon Baja hoodie holding two large cats outdoors. The one of the right is Dayenu; he's a long-hair dark brown tabby. The one on the left is Pip. He's a short-haired ginger tabby.
2 months ago

Awkward #introduction post, go!

Please call me Kai or Mimicry. I live in #Ottawa and am currently a full-time #catparent and #geek . I'm #queer & #nonbinary (they/he). I also live with #chronicpain and am #neurodivergent . #INFP .

My hobbies include #digitalart , #cosplay and casual #gaming .

Former ESL teacher in #Japan -- best experience! Yes, I like #anime and 自分の #日本語 はさびちゃって… Currently interested in #Thai language.

2 months ago

Ok... #introduction

Mid-40s human (she/her) based on the Dartmouth side of #Halifax. Married, have two #cats, no children.

Into learning #languages, currently focused on German.

Love #plants, #hiking, #fitness, #peloton but very anti-diet culture.

#vegan for almost 15 years.

Living with #ChronicPain #Spoonie

Web & graphic designer but honestly, that's the least interesting thing about me. Firmly anti-hustle culture, more about slow, intentional living.

Part of the #twittermigration.

My husband and I last summer, standing on the pier waiting to board the sailing ship The Bluenose II. I am wearing a brown and black floral print hat and have mid length brown hair with pink highlights. He has on a wide brim khaki hat and has a beard. We are both smiling like dorks and wearing sunglasses.
A photo of our two cats Stacey and Stella. They are tortoiseshell - Stacey is black and orange and Stella is gray and cream. They are snuggling together on a knitted blanket that is on a blue velvet sofa. They look very content.