@marcibadwolf303 @blamellors
I recall brouhaha. Not much, but some, circa 65? 66? 😜 But from German media! (my mom would pick up Der Stern and Der Spiegel from the import shop) Egypt was a very different place 60 years ago. Nasser was head honcho, and very much trying to bring Egypt "back from the dead."

Anyway, I'm watching #Cleopatra, and am digging on the spectacle. It holds up well, and is still glorious cheese.


They don't make spectacles like this anymore.
#Cleopatra #ElizabethTaylor

Daniel Pielke
3 days ago

"The shame is that #Cleopatra gets so much attention as THE ancient queen, (...) Let me introduce you to (...) #Amanirenas of Meroë, who unlike Cleopatra held off Octavian and kept her kingdom."

6 days ago

@ScarletLotus "white actors portraying the Greeks" Greeks are white :) .
The worrying thing about the Netflix queens up till now (Nzinga and Cleo) is rather that, historically, both were authoritarian, colonialist/expansionist enslavers. Why were they the first 2 coming to mind for a series on queens ?
#Cleopatra #CleopatraNetflix

1 week ago

@MartinM Maybe it is better to skip youtube's (lack of) quality alltogether, and read a text.
about marketing and confrontational casting.
which confirms the drama is cringe. Their assertion "We have no securely identified portraits of her other than those found on her coins" is disingenious, but they admit that "the narrative takes a turn to the speculative".

#cleopatra #netflix #marketing #cringe #jada #black #radicalRight

Luis Bermejo
2 weeks ago

¿Era Cleopatra negra?
Una reciente serie-documental de una conocida plataforma de streaming que pierde subscripciones como aceite en un cárter rajado asegura que Cleopatra VII es negra. La plataforma se empeña en seguir con su política woke tan estridente en series como “La reina Charlotte”, pero esta vez intenta mediante argumentos “¿científicos?”, imponer que Cleopatra era negra.
#cleopatra #serie #documental #woke #podcast #con nombre de podcast

Luis Bermejo
2 weeks ago

SIMETRÍA DE SATÁN | Con Nombre de Podcast 04x39
A lo largo del día pasan por nuestros ojos un gran número de iconos, de logotipos de empresas o de páginas webs o de podcast. Muchos, no todos tienen algo en común: La simetría.
#arqueología #civilizaciones #cleopatra #curiosidades #diablo #documental #historia #iconos #leyendas #mediterráneo #mesopotamia #minotauro #mitología #representación #satán #serie #simetría #vodó #vudú #woke #podcast #con nombre de podcast

2 weeks ago

After filmmaker Curtis #Woodside and #Egyptologist Sofia #Aziz were tapped to work on #Netflix’s #QueenCleopatra "documentary," they set out to create their own documentary about #Cleopatra. Without reanactment, but with
contributions from trusted Egyptologists and historians.
As far as I can tell it is based on historical evidence instead of unproven speculation and wishfull thinking, allbeit with a bit of Egyptian patriotism.
Spoiler: Cleopatra was not Black!

2 weeks ago

Just watched the first 5 min of this #netflix series, that is pretending to be a documentary... This pretenting accurate depiction of #Cleopatra is horseshit!

Netflix’s Queen #Cleopatra Is A DISASTER

Wiliam (a.k.a. "KzArashi")
3 weeks ago


Discover the true #Cleopatra: 90min documentary with contributions from trusted Egyptologists and historians who themselves hailed from Egypt.

While #Netflix use revisionism. Here Scientist depict documented and real facts.

3 weeks ago

YouTuber #RebalD has some important points about the #Netflix "documentary" #QueenCleopatra I can agree with:
Two of his points were not clear to me until now:
1. Since #Cleopatra belonged to a dynasty of #Macedonian-#Greek origin, she was not only not Black, but also a quasi-#colonial ruler.
2. Because Egyptian history is reinterpreted by outsiders in a way that denies contemporary Egyptians part of their identity, it is #CulturalAppropriation.
#Racism #PseudoHistory

Archaeologists searching for the tomb of Cleopatra, the last queen of ancient Egypt, have uncovered a remarkable tunnel in a temple complex. The tunnel, which is 2.4 meters wide and 120 meters long, has a perfect square cross-section and a smooth floor. This shows that the ancient Egyptians had advanced engineering and mathematical skills.

#Egypt #Cleopatra #tunnel

3 weeks ago

I hope everyone upset about #cleopatra #netflix who hasn’t seen #HBO’s excellent miniseries #Rome watches it asap. It never claims to be anything but a drama & even though it portrays actual people in a fictional way it gets closer to historical accuracy ( especially Cleopatra ) than #netflix ridiculous insulting #culturalappropriation POS. #Ptolemy #hellenism #egypt #africa #alexander #GreekQueens

Global Museum
3 weeks ago

Egyptian jurists, archaeologists demand that Netflix should be prosecuted, pay financial compensation of $ 2 billion for distorting Queen Cleopatra’s image #Cleopatra #Netflix

4 weeks ago

@blamellors What social media sites did people use in the 1960’s for their hysteria? Taylor’s #Cleopatra was a huge flop & lost lots of money. Looks like people voted by staying away. #netflix

4 weeks ago

#cleopatranetflix I don’t have a problem w/ #cleopatra portrayed by a biracial British actress. British ppl always play her! Ask yourself why didnt Hollywood hire Greek #MelinaMercouri instead of Liz Taylor?
No, I care more that a Hollywood actress didn’t bother to study her subject just like all the white ppl b4 her. Even little things are factually wrong. It’s a mess! #greekheritage. #jadasmith . #culturalappropriation #netflix #insulting #history

oatmeal 🐧
1 month ago

@KorraSaqqara what’s really important here is that if there’s no manufactured “controversy” when she’s played by a White actress wearing a bronzer, there shouldn’t be any issue with a Black actress in the same role. The default is not White, be it #Jesus or #cleopatra.

SimonRoyHughes 🌹
1 month ago

The submerged temple of Cleopatra in Alexandria, Egypt
#history #Cleopatra #temple #mastophoto

1 month ago

@oatmeal You shouldn’t assume Ancient Greek statues were white. Or Roman ones for that matter. The paint wore off. I’m not an expert but I have studied the issue at hand. There are several books & documentaries in which #cleopatra is described by Roman historians. Hellenistic Greeks weren’t racist in the modern sense, they thought their culture made them superior to everyone. I can recommend books if you’d like.

1 month ago

@oatmeal I see by your post you haven’t seen it yet. I’m watching the show now & Im not sure my silly comparison was too far off. Actually, we do know Cleopatra was Greek, we know from coins & depictions of her made in life what she looked like as much as Caesar. The artistic quality of this #Cleopatra is bad, historically, it’s hit or miss,poorly written & cheaply produced. In a better production, her depicted race wouldn’t matter. She didn’t look like Liz Taylor either.

1 month ago

@histodons @EgyptianAphorist @oatmeal Whitewashing has been going on so long perhaps Jada Smith decided to just Black wash #cleopatra in a tit for tat sort of like casting Ryan Gosling as Frederick Douglas. I’m watching it now. BRB

Yahia Lababidi
1 month ago

A friend and scenic #artist who studied / visited Egyptian ruins and is a big fan of #Roman #history wrote this #review of #cleopatra on #Netflix 👀

#Egypt #documentary #film #movies #histodons @histodons #history #culture #TV #JoinIn

1 month ago

Sehr gut und plausibel erzähl.
Es ist und bleibt eine faszinierende Persönlichkeit.
Adele James Ist eine großartige Besetzung für die Rolle der Cleopatra.

Wenn Ich eine Kritik habe dann sind es die römischen männlichen Schauspieler die eher nach britischen Drogen konsumierenden Bänkern aussehen.

Hast du schon „Queen Cleopatra“ auf Netflix gesehen?

1 month ago

Er is dus blijkbaar een Netflix "documentaire" over Cleopatra en ze wordt gespeeld door een zwarte actrice en Egyptenaren zijn er behoorlijk van streek over.. Er is zelfs een petitie opgestart om te voorkomen dat "Netflix en Jada Pinkett Smith de Egyptische geschiedenis vervalsen".

Het is hartverscheurend hoe racistisch de Arabische wereld is en het is vervelend dat niemand het benoemd of behandeld alsof het iets slechts is.
#Cleopatra #Arabs #Racisme

Cleopatra had kroes haar .
1 month ago

Egyptians complain over Netflix depiction of Cleopatra as black
#AdeleJames #Cleopatra

African Queens: Queen Cleopatra features British actress Adele James as the Egyptian ruler
The Conversation Africa
1 month ago

A new Netflix series, Queen Cleopatra, has caused controversy over the portrayal of the Greek queen by a black actress. Her role in history and portrayal in media is explored.


oatmeal 🐧
1 month ago

#tv #netflix #cleopatra it’s landed, can’t wait !

Queen Cleopatra poster
Scottish Lass
1 month ago

Warming up for the #Coronation tomorrow by watching #AQueenIsCrowned with #LawrenceOlivier doing the narration. My the parade passing through #AdmiraltyArch reminds me of the #ElzabethTaylor version of #Cleopatra where she arrives in #Rome - wioot the cheeky winking.

A Queen Is Crowned - Wikipedia

Menno 王 Ong
1 month ago

Daniel Soliman (conservator Egypte en Nubië, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden): “Aangezien we nooit een nauwkeurig beeld zullen krijgen van het uiterlijk en de etniciteit van #Cleopatra, moet er ruimte zijn voor verschillende perspectieven.” (Met dank aan @pierre)

Patrick Vanhoucke (no parody)
1 month ago

Historici houden zich al eeuwen bezig met de etniciteit van Cleopatra. Onlangs bracht Netflix een docudrama uit waarin de koningin zwart is, maar de historische bronnen vertellen een ander verhaal.

#Cleopatra #Netflix

Bill Lamb
1 month ago

I hate to see this argument so lightly covered in modern terms. Egypt's history deserves more. From Egypt's defeat by the kingdom of Kush to the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty, Egypt's culture was rich and deeply diverse.

"#Cleopatra was light-skinned, #Egypt tells #Netflix in row over drama" #history

Miro Collas
1 month ago

Cleopatra was light-skinned, Egypt tells Netflix in row over drama | Television | The Guardian

“To ask whether someone was ‘Black’ or ‘white’ is anachronistic and says more about modern political investments than attempting to understand antiquity on its own terms,”

Certainly true. But she was undoubtedly Greek, not from sub-Saharan Africa.

#Cleopatra #History #Netflix

2 months ago

Demandan a #netflix por poner a una actriz negra en un documental sobre #Cleopatra

Una cosa es que pongas al actor que quieras en una película para interpretar ficción de cualquier tipo y otra muy distinta es engañar al público, si quieres hacer un documental lo haces ciñiendote a la realidad, no manipulandola como te salga de los cojones

2 months ago

Director of Netflix series starring a #Black #Cleopatra fires back at #Egyptian #backlash

If they used a Liz Taylor hologram I could see getting pissed, but that damn woman isn't white enough? Seriously? BTW, I have no problem with a not white person playing a white role but it's still creepy using a white actor to play a not white part because of
history and current wave of racist BS.

2 months ago

Brain decided to remember the earworm whose cassette tape I wore out on the way to and back from school.

:mastodance: :mastodance: :mastodance:

Cleopatra "Comin' Atcha (Cleopatra's Theme)" 1998 DVD Quality - YouTube

#Cleopatra #CominAtCha #CleopatrasTheme #music #90s

Daily Twerk
2 months ago

Suddenly lots of people care about depictions of ancient Egypt

The trailers for the new Netflix documentary about Cleopatra have caused a lot of outrage. Who knew people were so passionate about ancient Egypt.

#Netflix #Cleopatra #news…

Queen Cleopatra
Del Carmen
2 months ago

This is what Cleopatra looked like. This is one of the depictions of Cleopatra VII Philopator. You can find the other representations attributed to Cleopatra on her Wikipedia page. It's not that complicated. 🤷‍♀️

#Cleopatra #History #GrecoRomanCulture #AncientEgypt #AncientRome

The Berlin Cleopatra, a Roman sculpture of Cleopatra wearing a royal diadem, mid-1st century BC (around the time of her visits to Rome in 46–44 BC), discovered in an Italian villa along the Via Appia and now located in the Altes Museum in Germany.
The Berlin Cleopatra, a Roman sculpture of Cleopatra wearing a royal diadem, mid-1st century BC (around the time of her visits to Rome in 46–44 BC), discovered in an Italian villa along the Via Appia and now located in the Altes Museum in Germany.
The Berlin Cleopatra, a Roman sculpture of Cleopatra wearing a royal diadem, mid-1st century BC (around the time of her visits to Rome in 46–44 BC), discovered in an Italian villa along the Via Appia and now located in the Altes Museum in Germany.

This image demonstrates a profound lack of historical understanding of Ancient Egypt and the Ptolemaic period.

Even Hypatia would have face-palmed.

#history #ancientegypt #ptolemaic #histodons #cleopatra #netflix #neoplatonism

Si è ormai oltre il ridicolo. Se un documentario può rappresentare #Cleopatra nera, perché non ne facciamo uno su Martin Luther King interpretato da Daniel Craig?

#blackwashing #neftlix

His & Hearse Press
3 months ago

🥳 My kittens are three weeks old today! They’re starting to wrestle and play, so look forward to more exciting kittenish content in the near future.

Mama Jezebel (Belly) has adapted to her duties admirably. It’s so neat to watch instinct direct her actions. The babies have finally been named:

The spicy tabby: Ivan the Terrible
The dark tabby: Arfurr Conan Spoiled
The calico one: Cleocatra
The black one: Edgrrr Allan Purr

#HisAndHearsePress #CatsAndKittens #Cats #Kittens #NameMyCat #LiteraryNames #Literature #IvanTheTerrible #ArthurConanDoyle #EdgarAllanPoe #Cleopatra #Jezebel #CatsOfMastodon #KittensOfMastodon #Caturday #CaturdayEveryday #Bookwyrm #Bookstodon

A purple damask frame around four separate photos of kittens. A light fluffy tabby with text reading “Ivan the Terrible.” A darker tabby with text reading “Arfurr Conan Spoiled.” A fluffy calico with text reading “Cleocatra.” A black kitten with text reading “Edgrrr Allan Purr.” They are all adorable.
5 months ago

"The other Cleopatra

Daughter of #Cleopatra and #MarkAntony, she became the influential #queen of a mysterious, abundant North #African kingdom

Catherine Cavendish
6 months ago

An obsession beyond reason. A passion that transcends the grave...

Quintillus will stop at nothing to possess his long-dead queen

Nemesis of the Gods

Out in January - pre-order available now

@WeirdHouse #horror #occult #supernatural @c_lawson #Cleopatra #booksofinstagram #horrorcommunity #ancientegypt #amreading #scary #creepy #undead #cursed #egyptiandeities

Scottish Lass
6 months ago

Cleopatra’s daughter given new voice as modern icon for feminists and women of colour - The Sunday Post
#Egypt #Cleopatra #CleopatraSelene

6 months ago

👃𓈎𓃭𓇋𓍯𓊪𓄿𓂧𓂋𓏏𓄿 #ChatGPT #Cleopatra #Caesar #JuliusCaesar

Nasus Cleopatrae, reginae forma
Regalis et pulchra, sed quae naribus ornata
Quae supercilia movet, quae labra movet
Quae corda captat, quae regnum movet
O nasus, nasus divinus, nasus pulcher
Quae tantum pote imperium suadere
O nasus, nasus regium, nasus admirabile
Quae tantum pote adorari a populo
Haec nasus est Cleopatrae, quae nasus est
Quae tantum pote regem movere
O nasus, nasus pulcher, nasus admirabile
Semper te adorabo et semper te admirabor.
Jennifer de Guzman 🪲
7 months ago

My most recent #comics story was “Battle Ready” with Andrea Shockling in Insider Art.

Now, I’m concentrating on writing #graphicnovels. I hope to have something to say about The Queen of Smokey Mountain, a #Filipino Cinderella story for middle grade readers, co-created with Jamie Parreno.

I am also working on the script for a graphic novel series about #Cleopatra.

There are a few samples of my comics stories on my website, but I really need to update it!

Steven Saus [he/him]
3 years ago

From 22 Jun: The volcano that caused famines in ancient Rome? It was in Alaska - Enlarge / The 10km-wide caldera on Alaska’s Unmak Island formed during the 43 BCE Okmok II e... #ancient-egypt #ancient-rome #archaeology #augustus-caesar #cleopatra #greenland #history #ice-cores #julius-caesar #ptolemaic-dynasty #roman-empire #science #volcanic-eruptions #volcano #volcanoes