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Dec 6 EWE: COP28 — Activists say their voices are stifled by increasing rules and restrictions at COP28 climate talks. This year's United Nations climate talks may have seen record numbers registered to attend, but activists who have spent years demonstrating at the annual event say their space to voice their demands is shrinking year on year. #ClimateCrisis #ClimateActivism

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Dec 5 EWE: #ClimateActivism — As school students strike for climate once more, here's how the movement and its tactics have changed.

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Dec 5 EWE: #ClimateActivism — Scientists skip COP28 to demand climate action at home. Members of two activist groups, Scientist Rebellion and Just Stop Coal, blocked a train track on 4 December to demand that the Netherlands rapidly phase out fossil fuels.

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Dec 4 EWE: #ClimateActivism — More than 1,000 climate scientists urge public to become activists. ‘We need you,’ says Scientist Rebellion, which includes authors of IPCC reports on climate breakdown, as diplomats meet for Cop28. “Wherever you are, become a climate advocate or activist.”

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It's time to end the persecution of #ClimateProtestors #ClimateActivism "Police make 630 arrests of climate protesters in London in one month" #COP28 #UK #London #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange

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This week's #No2APEC resistance showed examples of #ClimateActivism and social justice actions. We offer #meditation and ways to support direct care for climate activists as part of our #sacredactivism.

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77 year old retired lawyer shoots and kills two climate activists at big protest against copper mine in Panama.
#climateactivism #environment

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Nov 8 EWE: #ClimateActivism — Extinction Rebellion’s future is far less radical than its past. In the past few months the process of climatic decline has dramatically accelerated, and we are exceeding many of the supposed worst-case scenarios laid out in climate models. We are plainly hurtling towards 1.5C of global over-heat, long before most seemingly well-informed people thought we would. #ClimateCrisis

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How criminalisation is being used to silence #ClimateActivists across the world

Guardian investigation finds growing number of countries passing #AntiProtest laws as part of playbook of tactics to intimidate people peacefully raising the alarm

“Criminalisation is the most common tactic used against #HumanRights defenders, because it’s so easy and has such a big impact.”

Nina Lakhani, Damien Gayle and Matthew Taylor
Thu 12 Oct 2023 07.00 EDT

"As #wildfires and #ExtremeTmperatures rage across the planet, sea temperature records tumble and polar glaciers disappear, the scale and speed of the climate crisis is impossible to ignore. Scientific experts are unanimous that there needs to be an urgent clampdown on fossil fuel production, a major boost in renewable energy and support for communities to rapidly move towards a fairer, healthier and sustainable low-carbon future.

"Many governments, however, seem to have different priorities. According to climate experts, senior figures at the UN and grassroots advocates contacted by the Guardian, some political leaders and law enforcement agencies around the world are instead launching a fierce crackdown on people trying to peacefully raise the alarm.

"'These defenders are basically trying to #SaveThePlanet, and in doing so save #humanity,' said Mary Lawlor, the UN special rapporteur on #HumanRights defenders. 'These are people we should be protecting, but are seen by #governments and #corporations as a threat to be neutralised. In the end it’s about power and #economics.'

"#Climate and #EnvironmentalJustice groups report a significant increase in draconian, and often arbitrary, charges for peaceful protesters as part of what they claim is a playbook of tactics to vilify, discredit, intimidate and silence activists.

"The Guardian has also found striking similarities in the way governments from #Canada and the #US to #Guatemala and #Chile, from #India and #Tanzania to the #UK, #Europe and #Australia, are cracking down on activists trying to protect the planet.

"The legal contexts vary, but the charges – such as #subversion, illicit association, terrorism and tax evasion – are often vague and time-consuming to disprove, while a growing number of countries, including the US and UK, have passed controversial anti-protest laws ostensibly intended to protect national security or so-called critical infrastructure such as #FossilFuel #pipelines.

"The systematic criminalisation of environmental defenders is not new. Natural resources on #Indigenous land have long been exploited, driving big profits for some but also fuelling violence and inequality.

"Experts say the Marlin mine in Guatemala was one of the earliest documented cases of a transnational #corporation – and its state allies – weaponising the legal system against environmental defenders. Since then, the Inter American Commission on Human Rights has repeatedly condemned what it describes as the alarming rise in the misuse of criminal justice systems against environmental, land and other human rights defenders across #LatinAmerica.

"'Criminalising defenders encourages collective stigma and sends off an intimidating message,' the IACHR said last year.

"According to Lawlor, this criminalisation of environmental #protestors has since become a #global phenomenon, and is now the most common tactic used to silence and discredit defenders.

"'At its core it’s about maintaining the #PowerStructures in place. This is true regardless of whether it’s a #dictatorship, #democracy or a corrupt #NarcoState, and regardless of the state’s professed commitment to human rights, protecting the environment and combating #ClimateChange.' she said.

"'Smearing defenders as lawbreakers or anti-development distracts from the cause and changes the narrative … What’s clear is that states learn from each other.'

"#ClimateActivism is well and truly back. Paolo Gerbaudo, an academic at King’s College London who studies social movements, said that before the 2008 financial crash, the climate emergency felt like 'the challenge of our time'. But it 'largely slipped off the social and political agenda” as activists such as #Occupy turned their attention to opposing #austerity policies and pushing for global economic reforms.

"As scientific warnings grew ever more dire during the 2010s, there was a deepening feeling that traditional environmental campaigning was failing, and that politicians were not delivering – with potentially catastrophic consequences.

"It was into this context that more #DirectAction, and more #radical environmental protest groups emerged. Over the past five years, the UK has been not only at the forefront of these new forms of non-violent activism, but also novel means of silencing it."

Full article:

#ClimateJustice #ClimateActivism #AntiProtestLaws #BigOil #Corruption #Lobbyists

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Oct 30 EWE: UK — Met arrests more than 60 climate activists at Just Stop Oil protest. Force makes first use of new powers under Public Order Act to curtail slow march protest outside parliament. #ClimateActivism #ClassWar

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Oct 28 EWE: England — Cambridge students disrupt ‘the Oscars of Oil’. #ClimateActivism

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⚡️ Update: Climate activists from the Netherlands staged a blockade on a key road in Berlin, with around 100 participants gluing themselves to the asphalt. Police intervened, arresting the activists for non-compliance with orders. The action was reportedly inspired by Extinction Rebellion's A12 blockade. #ClimateActivism #ProtestArrests

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Hill Heat - my daily climate politics newsletter - is about to hit its 3000th subscriber! Will it be you?
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Rishi Sunak has admitted a right-wing think tank that received funding from US oil giant ExxonMobil helped the government write its draconian anti-protest laws.

It serves as confirmation by the prime minister of openDemocracy’s revelations that last year’s controversial policing bill, which became the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Act, may have originated in a briefing from Policy Exchange.

#UK #ClimateActivism #protests

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It is no longer possible for me to make "normal" #art. The #exhibition of my #BiodiversityShrines is meant to be #activism but also to encourage people to change their perspective through the #sciFi #fiction #storytelling. For me, it was a project to learn to deal with my #EcoGrief. And it's a hell of a lot of fun! In #Alsace with a QR code leading to the #virtualVisit in Fr/En/De: ▶️ You'll see moss! #biodiversity #climateActivism #biodiversityLoss #butterflies #mosstodon

The object is called a Supplication Stick. It's embroidered moss and lichen on a piece of bark from a 200-yr-old oak. More on my website.
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"Controversy over European climate activists’ criticism of Israel"

My sympathies lie with the [...] Rebellion movements, especially Scientist Rebellion, but with the political ineptitude on display here a cynic would ask whether Extinction Rebellion cares about the extinction of Jews.

#ExtinctionRebellion #XR #Israel #Palestine #ClimateActivism #FridaysForFuture

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If you're in the UK with access to watch Channel 4 online.

Chris Packham: Is it time to break the law?

#ClimateActivism #JustStopOil #CivilDisobediance

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Oct 19 EWE: #ClimateActivism — A spokesperson for Fossil Free London, which organised the protest, told the Guardian: “We are here at the entrance to JP Morgan because they are, in the last seven years since the last Paris agreement, the worst financier of fossil fuels. They poured $434bn into fossil fuel financing, and this is a company that makes tens of billions of dollars in profit every year.

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Oct 19 EWE: UK — Driver ploughs through Just Stop Oil protesters blocking migrant coach heading to Bibby Stockholm. #ClimateActivism

#ClimateActivism #LondonProtests
#GretaThunberg arrested at #London #oil summit #protest organized by #FossilFreeLondon, #climate group. Meeting of #fossilfuel executives & ministers was denounced by #protesters who believe these industries are responsible for #climatecrisis. Consequences of this crisis are causing suffering & death around world. It is concerning that these industries have privileged access to our politicians. Met police took Greta away.#ClimateActionNow

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Ich bin gerade wütend aus der XR-Versammlung in #Berlin gegangen, weil sie #Antimilitarismus nicht unter #ClimateActivism subsummieren wollen, obwohl doch bekannt ist, dass der militärindustrielle Komplex samt deren Kriegen #Klimakiller Nr. 1 ist.

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Der letzte link dazu wurde von
@xrgermany sogar kürzlich noch geteilt.

Ich würde es auch begrüßen, wenn dies mal von #LetzteGeneration zur Kenntnis genommen würde.


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@PIK_climate 2/2 I know that you are making #SciComm in #ClimateCrisis. It will and should never work to culpabilise vulnerable people. We need #ClimateJustice if we want to get the "unfit" (as a German, I do hate that word) to become climate activists, too. We need better #healthSystems in these countries, not blaming ill people. #solidarity #climateActivism

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Human rights experts warn against European crackdown on climate protesters

UK has led the way, with countries across the continent making mass arrests, passing draconian new laws and labelling activists as eco-terrorists

-How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world
-Threats to Germany’s climate campaigners fuelled by politicians’ rhetoric, says activist

#climateactivism #police #politicians #criminalization_of_protests

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@gdeihl and so it spreads.
The closer to the tipping point we get, the worse this will become.

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Oct 12 EWE: Germany — “It’s not a shift any more, it’s a slide,” said Luisa Neubauer, from the German branch of Fridays for Future, the protest movement that grew out of Greta Thunberg’s school strikes. “There’s an increase in hate language, there’s an increase in threats, and the threats are getting more concrete. So they’re not saying any more ‘I hate you’ but they’re saying ‘We should come to your place, we should go get you.’” #ClimateActivism

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Oct 12 EWE: #ClimateActivism — Climate and environmental justice groups report a significant increase in draconian, and often arbitrary, charges for peaceful protesters as part of what they claim is a playbook of tactics to vilify, discredit, intimidate and silence activists. “Smearing defenders as lawbreakers or anti-development distracts from the cause and changes the narrative … What’s clear is that states learn from each other.”

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Oct 12 EWE: Germany — Climate expert, Gianluca Grimalda, ‘sacked’ after refusing flight to Germany over carbon emissions. “In this era, wasting 4.5 tonnes of CO2 (the difference between the flight emissions and the slow-travel emissions) to comply with the absurd request to be physically present in Kiel at such short notice is morally unacceptable and epitomises the ultimate privilege of the global elites.” #ClimateActivism

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How criminalisation is being used to silence climate activists across the world

Because let’s be clear, power is more terrified of losing power in the status quo than they are of losing their children’s futures when the status quo gets ripped away by sheer circumstance.
The collective failure to envision a better future and the lack of leadership or imagination to do it condemns us all.
You have to ask who the real criminals are.
#ClimateCriminals #climateactivism

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Oct 11 EWE: USA — "My interest in the environment started in fifth grade when my science class completed a unit on climate change, and I found it very interesting. As I've grown older and learned more about climate change, I've also become a lot more concerned about the issue and about our planet. So, in the past couple of years, I've become a lot more involved with some of the climate organizations and coalitions in Massachusetts." - Julia Bae #ClimateActivism

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Oct 9 EWE: #ClimateActivism — Climate activists are attempting to prevent a global rise in temperature of 1.5 degrees Celsius over the average temperature around the Industrial Revolution. The Earth is already over 1.2 degrees Celsius above this average. Dr. Lori Weeden said, “Now if we want to survive, we have to take drastic measures, and that’s what this protest is about.”

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Oct 10 EWE: #ClimateActivism — Participation in climate protests partly depends on expected size, study finds. Whether or not people choose to attend a climate protest partly depends on its expected size. When they expect a larger protest, they are less likely to take part—as Universität Hamburg's Cluster of Excellence for climate research (CLICCS) shows in a publication in the journal Nature Climate Change. #ClimateCrisis

Is climate activism like the German “Last Generation” harming the climate movement?

There is no direct evidence for this.

"The accusation is an example of successful framing: It diverts the public’s attention from the fact that national and international climate policies alike are still insufficient." -
says political scientist Dr. Jan Wilkens from Universität Hamburg

Read more in the interview:

#cliccs #ClimateActivism #climatechange

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Scorched for signing off the Willow Project, Tommy Beaudreau is leaving the Department of Interior
#climate #uspol #climatedefiance #climateactivism #stopwillow

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Oct 3 EWE: #ClimateActivism — “I don’t understand why, but the fact is that more and more politicians in more countries are comparing people who are actually peaceful demonstrators with violent terrorists,” Michel Forst told Lusa, noting that he sees this “in Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Germany and Switzerland”.

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Oct 3 EWE: UK — Extinction Rebellion protesters who spray-painted Telegraph office convicted of criminal damage. Hempstock said in his evidence that he wanted to “amplify the message” of the newspaper’s “culpability for spreading misinformation about the climate emergency”. #ClimateActivism

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Oct 2 EWE: USA — Eight arrested in Extinction Rebellion anti-fossil fuel protest at Massachusetts State House. Individuals participating in direct action targeting governments to make large changes and regulate mass corporate polluters is the most effective means for people to make a difference.  #ClimateActivism #ClimateCrisis

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Oct 1 EWE: USA — Extinction Rebellion stages ‘die-in’ on Newbury Street. Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion organized a “die-in” protest and march on Newbury Street on Wednesday. The “die-in” was a part of the “Week of Rebellion,” a series of events from Sept. 18-27. #ClimateActivism

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Sep 15 EWE: #ClimateActivism — 5 years of Fridays for Future: Researchers say climate strikes bring slow but sure change. It seemed important to show to those who might feel tempted to marginalise protesters - especially young ones by downplaying their requests because of their young age - that researchers stand together with protesters and support their action. #ClimateCrisis

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Northern Arapaho and Akimel O'otham Hopi Interrupt Biden at #COP27: No Time Left for False Solutions

November 11, 2022

#JacobJohns, Akimel O'otham and Hopi, and #BigWind Carpenter, Northern Arapaho, were among four climate activists whose credentials were removed after their war cry and banner drop during President Biden's address.

“Johns told the Guardian, 'We’ve been locked out, our voices silenced,' said Johns, 39, a Washington state-based community organizer. 'The climate collapse is coming, we are literally fighting for our lives. If we’re not allowed to advocate for our future, who will? It’s shameful.'

“‘The world is falling apart but inside the destruction, there is creation and a healthy liveable future, and we try to bring this energy to the chaotic negotiations. International spaces have been historically off-limits to indigenous peoples, but different perspectives can hold a lot of power. I’ve been denied that basic right.'

“Johns raised his own funds to attend COP27 and was then locked out.

“Big Wind, Northern #Arapaho, told the Guardian, 'This is a clear example of radical #Indigenous people and youth being silenced, we’re muted when we try to express our frustration in these spaces. It shows the UN’s true colors.'

“‘We need to accelerate the transition but that’s not going to happen by partnering with big polluters like #Amazon and #PepsiCo, and so we needed to call that out,' he said, in reference to an announcement earlier this week by US climate envoy #JohnKerry, the #Bezos Earth Fund, PepsiCo and others about plans to design an energy transition accelerator.

“Today: Biden's speech was interrupted before the suits moved in, as #Egypt forbids protest in the #BlueZone at COP27.

“The Guardian reports: Protesters interrupt the US president's speech by Nina Lakhani: ‘Four protesters holding a banner which read ‘people vs fossils’ interrupted the speech of Joe Biden, the US president, to Cop27.
'The protesters were youth and Indigenous activists from the US, and they were calling on Biden to stop pushing fossil fuel extraction. They spoke with the Guardian shortly after being escorted out of the plenary hall by security staff.

“‘The president, members of Congress and the state department have come to this international forum on climate change proposing false solutions that will not get us to 1.5C,' said Big Wind, 29, a member of the Northern Arapaho tribe in Wyoming.
“We need to accelerate the transition but that’s not going to happen by partnering with big polluters like Amazon and PepsiCo, and so we needed to call that out,' he said, in reference to an announcement earlier this week by US climate envoy John Kerry, the Bezos Earth Fund, PepsiCo and others about plans to design an energy transition accelerator.

“'Biden referenced Indigenous peoples in his speech, yet has failed to leverage his power to support them directly through direct access to funds needed by communities to adapt to the #ClimateCrisis' said Big Wind.”

#ClimateActivism #NativeAmericanActivists #IndigenousNews #Activists

2 months ago

Some background about #JacobJohns

‘Shameful’ UN silencing Indigenous voices, say banned Cop27 activists

by Nina Lakhani Climate justice reporter
Fri 18 Nov 2022 09.08 EST

"Four US activists who had their #Cop27 accreditation revoked after briefly interrupting the US president, Joe Biden, in Sharm el-Sheikh have described the UN as 'shameful' and say it has silenced Indigenous voices.

"#BigWind, Jacob Johns, #JamieWefald, and #AngelaZhong missed the second week of the climate conference after being suspended for standing up with a 'People vs #FossilFuels' banner during Biden’s speech last Friday. The #Indigenous activists, Wind and Johns, gave a war cry to announce themselves and draw attention to the fossil fuels crisis before security officials confiscated the banner. The group then sat down and Biden continued.

"The activists appealed against the suspension to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), but the case has not yet been resolved.

"'We’ve been locked out, our voices silenced,' said Johns, 39, a Washington state-based community organiser from the Akimel O’otham and Hopi tribe. 'The #ClimateCollapse is coming, we are literally fighting for our lives. If we’re not allowed to advocate for our future, who will? It’s shameful.'"

Read more:

#ClimateActivism #IndigenousNews #Activists #ClimateActivist #ClimateJustice

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#JacobJohns Shot at #Onate Prayerful Protest Undergoing Surgery

By Carlos Martinez Censored News, September 29, 2023

"#Indigenous #ClimateActivist, artist, musician, and father Jacob Johns was shot in the chest this morning, Sept 28.2023, during a No Juan de Oñate statue peaceful protest in #Tewa territory (more commonly known as Española, New Mexico). Jacob put his body between women and children when the shooter charged towards the altar. He was air-lifted to a hospital in Albuquerque and had surgery.

"The shooter, who was wearing a red #MAGA hat, is in custody of tribal police. We ask everyone to please pray with us that he survives this surgery and that doctors have the strength and wisdom to help him.

"Jacob, who is Hopi and Akimel O'odham, has dedicated his life to Indigenous and #ClimateJustice. He is a skilled muralist and speaker, and specializes in non-violent, peaceful 'artivism'. He has a teenage daughter, Lily, she and his other family are currently flying from Washington State to Albuquerque New Mexico to be by his side.

"This inspirational man has put his life on the line over and over again to make a better world for his fellow humans, and now he and his family need your support to recover from this terrible hate crime. As you can imagine, being a climate activist is not lucrative work to readily afford major life- saving surgery. We are humbly requesting your donations to help cover his recovery, his medical bills, and to help support his family needs during what will likely be a very lengthy recovery period.

"This comes just two months before Jacob will be leading an #IndigenousWisdomKeepers Delegation at #COP28 to advocate for #IndigenousSolutions to #ClimateChange. Please pray with us for his recovery and donate if you can."

GoFundMe link:


#ClimateActivism #IndigenousNews #Activists

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But hey, good job criminalizing #ClimateChange #activism

#Australia #wildfires rage as #Sydney breaks all-time September heat record

Although the worst of the heat has ended, persistent dry weather and gusty winds will prolong wildfire dangers, AccuWeather meteorologists warn.

By Renee Duff, AccuWeather meteorologist
Published Sep 20, 2023

Sydney records official heat wave, highest all-time temperature in September

"The Sydney airport recorded its fourth consecutive day of temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) on Wednesday, local time. At this point in the spring, historical average high temperatures are only around 67 F (19 C) in New South Wales's most populated city. Meteorological spring officially began in Australia on Sept. 1.

"Prior to the latest heat wave, the hottest it had been at the airport in September was 96 F (35.6 C) on Sept. 29, 2000, according to climate records from Australia's Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). This record was surpassed this week, with a temperature of 97 F (35.9 C) on Tuesday.

"'A strong area of high pressure has led to the intense heat,' AccuWeather Lead International Forecaster Jason Nicholls said.

"The hot weather created brutal conditions for runners in the Sydney Marathon on Sunday, as more than two dozen people were taken to the hospital with heat-related illnesses.

"The spring heat burst in this part of the world follows Australia's warmest winter on record."
Read more:

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #ClimateActivism

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#NSW parliament passes new laws bringing harsher penalties on #protesters

By Heath Parkes-Hupton
Posted Fri 1 Apr 2022

"The NSW Parliament has passed tough new punishments for protesters the state government says wish to wreak 'economic chaos' on #SydneyAustralia.

"Under legislation that cleared both houses today, people could be fined up to $22,000 and/or jailed for a maximum of two years for #protesting illegally on #PublicRoads, #rail lines, #tunnels, #bridges and #industrial #estates.

"The new offence applies to #ports in #Newcastle, #PortKembla and #PortBotany, but the government says it intends to add more facilities.

"Attorney-General Mark Speakman said the laws applied to activities that 'shut down major economic activity'.

"It comes after a string of demonstrations by #ClimateActivists last month disrupted operations around Sydney's Port Botany, the largest container hub in NSW.

"Members of #BlockadeAustralia staged protests on bridges, roads, freight rail lines and a crane to call for greater action on #ClimateChange.

"This morning, four people were arrested after blocking peak-hour traffic on the Princes Highway in Sylvania.

"#FireproofAustralia has claimed responsibility for that incident, which saw traffic blocked by people holding banners across the road."

Read more:

#Australia #Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #CriminalizingDissent

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20 arrests made during #ClimateChange #protest outside #BankOfAmerica in #BryantPark

By Eyewitness News WABC Tuesday, September 19, 2023

"At least 20 people were arrested during a climate change protest outside Bank of America on Tuesday.

"Police said 11 women and nine men were charged with civil disobedience and most are expected to be processed and released.

"Critics say that the bank is the third largest financier of fossil fuels.

"On Monday more than 100 people were arrested on Wall Street during a climate change demonstration and protest.

"A total of 114 protesters were arrested and taken into custody in #LowerManhattan. Those arrested were charged with civil disobedience.

"Despite the arrests, the group is promising more activism this week during the U.N. General Assembly.

"'This is our last resort,' said Alicé Nascimento of New York Communities for Change. 'We're bringing the crisis to their doorstep and this is what it looks like.'

"The aim of the protesters is to demand an end to fossil fuel financing.

"On Sunday, yelling that the future and their lives depend on ending fossil fuels, tens of thousands of protesters took to the Upper East Side in a march.

"Organizers estimated 75,000 people marched Sunday."

#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #FossilFuelIndustry #Oligarchy

3 months ago

#Mexico: Land, territory and #environmental #defenders are being criminalized for exercising their right to #protest

September 13, 2023

"The disproportionate use of criminal law is one of the main threats facing the right to protest peacefully in defense of land, territory and environment in Mexico, Amnesty International said today upon publishing a new report. Mexico: Land and Freedom? Criminalizing defenders of land, territory and environment documents the disproportionate use of the justice system to deter, punish and prevent defenders from protesting in demand of their rights.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights. It is alarming to see that Mexico ranks among the countries with the highest number of murders of environmental defenders and yet, far from the State addressing and preventing this violence, other serious human rights violations are also being committed such as stigmatization, harassment, attacks, assaults, forced displacement and disappearances, said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas director at Amnesty International.

"This report focuses on four cases: (i) Colonia Maya in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, where a diverse group of people came together to protest against the construction of residential housing in a protected area where it would cause #environmental damage; (ii) #Zacatepec, where Miguel and Alejandro, #Nahua communicators and defenders, opposed the construction of a drain in Ciudad Industrial Huejotzingo, Puebla, that would flow into the Metlapanapa River, polluting it; iii) Chilón, #Chiapas, where César and José Luis, Tseltal defenders, were criminalized for opposing the construction of a National Guard barracks in their territory; iv) Sitilpech, Yucatán, where residents such as Jesús Ariel, Arturo and Juan Diego are opposing the activities of a mega pig farm in their territory because of the #pollution, water contamination and health problems it is causing.

"The disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters forms part of a broader strategy of disincentivizing and dismantling advocacy for land, territorial and environmental rights.

"Criminal prosecution and stigmatization

"Our report highlights the use of vague or ambiguous offences that ignore the principle of legality, such as rioting, obstruction of public works and variations on the offence of attacks on roadways. It was also noted that events occurring during protests have been conveniently adapted to fit other crimes through broad interpretations of criminal offences and statements that misrepresent the facts. The accusations are largely fabricated on the basis of statements made by public servants and company workers directly related to the events being denounced by the communities. There is no hard evidence in any of the criminal files that would enable any crime to be established.
#AmnestyInternational observed some alarming similarities in these cases. The complaints filed are overwhelmingly directed at people who are considered leaders, or those who are most visible in the protest movements, and they are being prosecuted for vague offences, without hard evidence and solely on the basis of their peaceful actions. The proceedings often drag on for various reasons, and there is a constant worry that cases could be revived or new crimes fabricated.

"Criminal proceedings against defenders are intended as a deterrent to others advocating for the same causes as it leads them to fear that their legitimate demands may end in stigmatization, repression or threats to their lives and safety. While we’ve observed the hope and dignity of some who are being unjustly criminalized when they enjoy the support of their communities, we’ve also seen others who have decided to abandon the struggle to demand their rights, said Edith Olivares Ferreto, executive director of Amnesty International Mexico.

"Differential impacts of state pressure

"These processes are often accompanied by a stigmatization of defenders and serious problems for their security and physical and mental health. This situation also affects their legal representatives and people who support them on an ongoing basis. The use of the criminal justice system against those who dissent or speak out in relation to local government projects and #corporate interests takes place without consequence and with complete impunity. Other violations that occur in the context of protests have also not been investigated, such as violations of the right to liberty and security of defenders, as well as the excessive use of force.

"The unjust #criminalization of defenders who protest peacefully has both individual and collective impacts. Some of the most common effects on an individual level are physical, psychological and economic, such as illness, physical pain as a result of blows received, fear, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, stress, impotence, feelings of injustice at what has happened to them, and effects on their work defending their rights.

"Collective impacts include the intimidation or repression of demands for rights to land, territory and the environment among people advocating for the same causes.

"The unjust criminalization of #HumanRights defenders draws attention away from the root causes and challenges facing land, territory and environmental defenders. The right to protest must be handled in such a way that recognizes that punishing those involved in social conflicts generally only exacerbates the problem rather than resolving the substance of the issue. Defenders’ demands must be properly heard and analysed and their right to protest guaranteed.

"Amnesty International’s report offers a number of general recommendations for addressing the disproportionate use of the criminal justice system against protesters, in addition to other recommendations specific to the cases documented in the report. Among the former, the authorities must recognize the valuable work done by land, territory and environmental defenders; refrain from stigmatizing them; guarantee their participation in issues affecting their communities; strengthen the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists; and refrain from using militarized security forces, such as the National Guard, to monitor protests.

"Among its specific recommendations, Amnesty International calls on the state to immediately cease the criminalization of protest and to properly investigate the human rights violations in the cases documented in the report in order to ensure that the defenders receive full reparations.

"The report accompanies the launch of the campaign #ProtestarNoEsUnCrimen, which seeks to raise awareness of the problem of the unjust criminalization of human rights defenders and its impact on the defence of land, territory and the environment."


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‘Not What You’d Expect in a Democracy.’ How #Britain Is Waging War Against #ClimateProtesters

By Yasmeen Serhan/London
December 16, 2022

"As the #ClimateCrisis worsens, and as the international efforts to mitigate its effects continue to fall short, activists like #CameronFord have become more daring. Over the past year and a half, the 32-year-old British carpenter has blocked highways by gluing himself to roads and chained himself to an oil tanker.

"Like most #environmental campaigners, Ford never wanted to do anything that could land him in jail. 'I was hoping to emigrate to Canada one day,' he says from his home in Cambridge. But Ford changed his mind about the need for bolder activism after attending a talk hosted by the climate group #InsulateBritain last summer. 'It made sense to make that stand earlier, whilst there was still a chance that we could actually mitigate the worst of it, rather than once it’s too late,' he says.

"Ford is hardly alone in that view. Other British protesters like him have gone so far as to tunnel under major infrastructure projects, throw soup at famous works of art, and scale a 190-food bridge—all in a desperate bid to draw the public’s attention to the looming climate catastrophe.

"But their democratic right to protest is now at risk as the British government declares war on tactics that it regards as disruptive and, ideally, illegal. Draft legislation that the House of Commons approved in October [2022] would pose unprecedented restrictions on the right to #protest in #England and #Wales.

"'When [#ClimateCollapse] is what we face, I believe the only thing that would curtail us is the death penalty,' says Ford, 'because the alternative to us not standing up is death.'"

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#ACLU Condemns Unprecedented #RICO Indictment of People #Protesting Construction of Controversial Police Training Center in Georgia

September 5, 2023

"Georgia’s attorney general has obtained indictments against more than 60 people, alleging violations of the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law over ongoing efforts to halt construction of #Atlanta’s planned $90 million police training center, known by many as 'Cop City.' Some are also facing additional charges of #DomesticTerrorism and #MoneyLaundering.

"'We are extremely concerned by this breathtakingly broad and unprecedented use of state terrorism, anti-racketeering, and money laundering laws against protesters,' said Aamra Ahmad, senior staff attorney with ACLU’s National Security Project. 'Georgia law enforcement officials are disproportionately wielding these overbroad laws to stigmatize and target those who disagree with the government.'

"Since late 2021, protesters under the banners of 'Stop Cop City' and '#ProtectTheWeelauneeForest' have raised concerns over #ClimateJustice, displacement of #Black communities, and increasing #militarization of #police forces. #Protesters have camped out in the #forest, staged marches, and hosted community events. At times, a small minority of protesters have allegedly damaged property.

"'Democracy requires dissent and our state’s officials should not be exposing individuals to potentially decades in prison for engaging in protest,' said Christopher Bruce, policy and advocacy director at ACLU of Georgia."


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#US States Take Aim at Protesters’ Rights

Right to Peaceful Assembly at Risk

by Jonathan Pedneault, February 16, 2021

"#Peaceful #protests are protected by the #UnitedStates Constitution’s First Amendment as well as #international #HumanRights law. But a legislative assault aimed at eroding these protections is underway in several state legislatures.

"It’s nothing new. Various states have long-tried to curtail the right to #protest. They do so by legislating wide definitions of what constitutes an 'unlawful assembly' or a 'riot' as well as increasing punishments. They also allow police to use catch-all public offenses, such as #trespassing, obstructing traffic, or disrupting the peace, as a pretext for ordering dispersals, using force, and making arrests. Finally, they make it easier for #corporations and others to bring lawsuits against #protest organizers.

"While proportionate restrictions on the right of peaceful assembly, like creating buffer zones around abortion clinics to ensure access, may be necessary, the use of catch-all offenses against peaceful #demonstrators or the imposition of increased penalties to deter assemblies are not.

"At a time of large mobilizations across the US, attempts by states to deter and impose criminal penalties on peaceful protesters should be stopped.

"According to the US Protest Law Tracker, created by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, there are currently 51 bills under consideration in 24 state legislatures, including as many as 10 in #Oklahoma, that they warn would threaten the right to assemble peacefully.

"Among the proposed laws are nine, including three in Oklahoma, that the Tracker reports would provide civil and/or criminal immunity for drivers injuring or killing protesters unlawfully disrupting traffic and one stand-your-ground bill in #NewHampshire that would allow deadly force against protesters 'likely' to use 'any' degree of unlawful force during a riot.

"Other bills would increase penalties for participating in unlawful protests, something that happens automatically in many jurisdictions once someone marches without a permit, or for committing an offense – including jaywalking or trespassing – while in an unlawful assembly.

"International human rights law protects the right of peaceful assembly and requires authorities at all levels to facilitate such assemblies and avoid unnecessary or disproportionate restrictions on them. The mere act of planning or participating in a protest should not be criminalized. Authorities are also required to protect people participating in such assemblies – bills that encourage or allow violence against protesters are inconsistent with those obligations, and states should abandon them."

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Conditions on Earth may be moving outside the 'safe operating space' for humanity, according to dozens of scientists

By Laura Paddison, CNN

Published Sep 14, 2023 2:12 PM EDT

"The nine boundaries, first set out in a 2009 paper, aim to establish a set of defined 'limits' on changes humans are making to the planet – from pumping out planet-heating pollution to clearing forests for farming. Beyond these limits, the theory goes, the risk of destabilizing conditions on Earth increases dramatically."

Read more:

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A rally of mostly myself today (there was a bigger one dealing with homeless issues down the road). A few folks showed up for a bit. Got honks and cheers. I plan on doing another one at some point soon. A few folks commented on my "Climate Change Weather Wheel".

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Person with white hair, wearing sunglasses and black clothes, holding two signs on a sidewalk in a city. One sign has the words, "Water Is Life," while the other depicts a "Climate Change Weather Wheel" with different sections representing our unpredictable weather.
A "Climate Change Weather Wheel" containing 10 sections of various sizes, representing various weather events that seem to be more common these days. The events are:
1. Wildfires
2. Drenching Rains
3. Tornadoes
4. Hurricanes / Tornadoes
5. Wetbulb
6. Sudden cold
7. Hazy / Dusty
8. Blistering Sunshine
9. Ice / Hail / Snow
10. Habitable
Sign painted black, with a hazy planet Earth with dry, brown areas, and an ocean filled with green at the equator. The words, "There are no jobs on a dead planet" are written in red, yellow, red and orange letters -- the colors of "caution" and "danger".
Jack of all trades
3 months ago

From a thread about hatred of climate activists:

"They don't want the protesters to win. (...) No one wants to contemplate the harsh reality of climate. They especially don't want to contemplate how they personally fit into the situation, in terms of both morality and mortality."

That's right. Everyone wants to carry on with their lives with minimal disruption.

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3 months ago


"Did you like this welcome in Belgium?"

"Ryanair boss hit with cream pie in Brussels

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary got a rude welcome in Brussels today when he received two cream pies to the face while standing next to a cardboard cutout of EU chief Ursula von der Leyen."

#climate #climateCrisis #noFly #flyingLess #stopFossilFuels #climateActivism #Ryanair #ilmasto

for those who don't remember, 🎂🧁caking is an old practise esp popular in the -- late nineties?

Jack of all trades
3 months ago

Climate activists have deflated the tyres of "gas guzzling" SUVs in the affluent Melbourne suburb of Toorak overnight.

Tyre Extinguishers, a global environmentalist group, targeted 10 vehicles and left behind notes on windshields instructing drivers to take public transport, cycle or walk instead.

“ATTENTION: Your gas guzzler kills," the note reads. "We have deflated one or more of your tyres."

#ClimateActivism #SUV #Australia

Miguel Afonso Caetano
3 months ago

#EU #ClimateChange #Protest #ClimateActivism #CivilDisobedience #HumanRights: "As a wave of similar protests sweeps Europe — targeting key infrastructure, causing travel chaos and sparking widespread public outrage — governments are getting tough on activists.

Too tough, say human rights advocates.

United Nations experts, the Council of Europe and other rights groups warn that European countries are increasingly employing disproportionate methods to stymie climate activism.

“There are a number of human rights that are currently not being respected by EU states,” Michel Forst, the U.N. special rapporteur on environmental defenders, told POLITICO. “It’s a matter of great concern.”

Forst is currently finalizing a report on the issue, which he plans to present to EU institutions in the coming months.

Since he took office a year ago, he added, the situation for European climate activists has become “more and more difficult.”

The crackdown comes as a growing number of European activists turn to direct action and civil disobedience, frustrated at what they see as inadequate government action in the face of mounting climate disasters."

European News 🇪🇺
3 months ago

Young climate activist tells Greenpeace to drop ‘old-fashioned’ anti-nuclear stance

Swedish teenager Ia Anstoot says group’s ‘unscientific’ opposition to EU nuclear power serves fossil fuel interests

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Ca EWE: #ClimateActivism — Adam Bandt urges Australians to ‘embrace’ civil disobedience and join climate protests. Greens leader says Albanese government is ‘hellbent on opening more coal and gas mines’ and people must ‘fight back’. #ClimateCollapse

3 months ago

If you're only posting about & or promoting books about #ClimateChange then you're not helping, unless that is, you're also taking part in & advocating climate activism.

Take a look at any historic cultural evolution, the protesters made the change, not the academics, not the government & certainly not the industries.

#ClimateActivism #XR

What a great advise from @ingridrobeyns:

'At the very minimum, those who are not joining the activists but who agree with their goals ... should voice their appreciation to the activists. And of course, it’s even better to join them.'


Ariel Kroon
4 months ago

Calling all folks who work in #academia - if you want to help with the #ClimateCrisis this is a good article to read to get started. Might not fit your situation exactly, but it could lead to inspiration.

@academicchatter #ClimateChange #ClimateActivism #Pedagogy #Research #Climate #AcademicInstitution #University #College #Professor

Petra van Cronenburg
4 months ago

🧵 3/3 Let's collect ideas and practical help:
Do you know of #communication and action methods or other strategies against #backlash in #change situations? They can come from any area of life - perhaps they can be customisable for #climateActivism?
Do you know #climateActivist groups teaching powerful #strategies?
Example from COFEM (pdf):
(Perhaps these methods don't reach a president, but if they reach only one mayor, it can be a change. We are many). #solutions

Petra van Cronenburg
4 months ago

🧵 2/3 #Resignation is what the die-hards want. They are happy when we believe in an apocalypse.
People can fight #backlashes in #change situations. The internet and books are full of methods coming from sociology, psychology or even business. Often you read: The greater the change, the greater the need for #communication.
We have #strategies in other areas of life, f.e. here:
It's time to use effective proven methods & #strategies against backlash for #ClimateActivism!

4 months ago

Jul 24 EWE: Sweden — Thunberg returns to protest after being fined for contempt in Sweden. #ClimateActivism

Jack of all trades
5 months ago

The group [Extinction Rebellion] said maintaining golf courses in Spain uses more water than the cities of Barcelona and Madrid combined, claiming just one hole needs more than 100,000 litres a day.

In a social media video, XR Spain said only 0.6% of the nation's population plays golf and the sport's heavy use of water was continuing despite "one of the worst droughts that Europe has suffered".

#ClimateChange #water #ClimateActivism

Rekha Murthy
7 months ago

Carbon Countdown 2023: Reaching Our 2030 Climate Targets in Massachusetts

Join this free virtual event on May 20 9-11a

Explore climate actions in our state, from local initiatives to statewide legislation. Feat. MA Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer and Senator Mike Barrett, plus breakouts with MA climate activists + leaders.

#climate #massachusetts #cleanenergy #maclimatetargets #carboncountdown #electrification #climateactivism
#biodiversity #affordablehousing #geothermal

N COUNTDOWN = . ONWARD! Reaching m Our 2030 Climate Targets === th NEW | May 20" only! 9:00 am P Virtual « Climate Chief Hoffer: An equitable and sustainable future —A vision for Massachusetts [EIg5[E] |- Senator Mike Barrett @ e :;'; « Climate Solutions Breakout Rooms E‘B‘ o <« BIODIVERSITY Protecting ecosystems, in our backyard and beyond Speaker: David Morgan = BUILDING ELECTRIFICATION A future without fossil fuels Speakers: Anne Wright and Bob Zogg « NETWORKED GEOTHERMAL Neighborhood scale heating and cooling Speaker: Zeyneb Magavi « AFFORDABLE HOUSING Healthy, Efficient, Resilient Speaker: Neal Mongold LG CCE T A S com| Sponsored by Sustainable Middlesex | Spread the word to your networks! Enianmental Action Team- BostonCan - Garle Enviramental ustanabilty ommitee - Climate Coltion f Somervlle - ClmateRealityPrect Boston Hetro Chaptr- Concard cademy - ConcordCN - Coler Cancord ool Winchester - ootk Energia Bborough - Enrgae Framingham Energie Wptand- nvironmental League of A - it Parish ConcrdEnvironmentol eam - s Tansiin les- Gren Heedham - Green Newtan GreenPepperel- HeatSmart lance - HEET - HousingCrporatianf Atingtan-JCAN- exCAN-esngtanGren Networ - Litan Sustanabily Cammitte. PSGren Teams - MassEneoize- A - elose Enrgy Comision Sl cio Justice Tama Fallen- ustainbleAlngton - sustanable Belmont - Sustinae LeingtonCommitce - Sustanabl Sherborn - SustinaleStow SustaiableWellesty-Upper Charls Cimate Ao
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The problem I have now, is that I’m not part of any sort of #ClimateActivism community, and so I’ve been floundering around a bit, sending awkward emails, pitching friends, pitching friends of friends, and now, joining Mastodon of all things (In general, I hate the time-suck of social media. I dropped off of all platforms in 2008, and my quality of life immediately improved) to find comrades, and more immediately, alpha testers for the game.

There was a rumor (that turned out to be false) that Romania was able to locate and arrest alt-right influencer Andrew Tate on sex trafficking charges after they recognized a local pizzeria named Jerry's Pizza on the pizza box in Tate's pathetic video response to climate activist Greta Thunberg's epic clapback to his equally pathetic attempt to troll her on Twitter.

Someone created a parody Jerry's Pizza account on Twitter, and used it to post this exquisite reply to Elon Musk. 🤣

Edit: It has been pointed out to me that the rumor that Tate was located due to the pizza box was false, and I updated this post accordingly.

#AndrewTate #GretaThunberg #JerrysPizza #ElonMusk #AltRight #Twitter #parody #pizza #politics #USPolitics #geopolitics #romania #climate #ClimateChange #ClimateActivism #ClimateAction #GlobalWarming

Screenshot of a Twitter thread

Elon Musk: Sometimes it's just better to make pizza at home

Jerry's Pizza: That's not always true! When you have 10 kids that's a lot of pies! Or if you're stuck at work because your boss made offices into bedrooms, you might not have a good oven. Let Jerry's do the cooking for you!

I wanna expand my network in #Mastodon :mastodon: !
If you're interested in #Python :python: #FreeSoftware #climateactivism #Linux :tux: #LeftWing and #Coffee ☕ , #follow me and I'll follow you back!
I Toot in 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 :flag_ir_freedom:
Please boost, Thanks.

drought lizard 🦎
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I mostly post about #fiberarts on social media, including #crochet and #knitting but also some #crossstitch. I don’t spin or weave but love watching people who do.

Located in #California; interested in thoughtful #climateactivism and #leftist discourse, but I don’t typically post political content myself. I’d love to find interesting female and #BIPOC voices for my feed. #LGBTQIA friendly.

2 years ago

Hej, it's me again. I've been told to write an introduction post. So here it is.

I am Matze. Live in Hamburg, Germany. Team Lead Engineering at XING / New Work.

I have more ideas than time and many, many projects that all spin around my medium, the computer. Here is an incomplete list with all the necessary hash tags:

I'm into #software. Especially web frontend development with #reactjs and #typescript. In the meantime, the focus lies more on coaching than coding.

Since my early youth, I've been creating #stories in my head - #sciencefiction and #fantasy. Together with my wife, I've even managed to write a novel (#diehermetiker) and work on the second one.

And there is: #photography, #veganism, a little bit of #climateactivism and a lot of #tvshows. And, last not least, my #musiclove, mainly #postrock, #metal, #alternative, #stonerrock and #grunge.

Looking forward to hearing from you!