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Great weekend #longread (especially for a #COP28 weekend): The art of the Tuvalu deal | Mike Seccombe
#ClimateJustice #LossAndDamage

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Paul Wermer
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I guess you really have to be a business writer for a major newspaper to use the word "paradox" to describe markets working absolutely as designed, at the expense of the everything else (also as designed)

The Financial Paradox Blocking Efforts to Fight Climate Change

#CapitalMarketProblems The continuing debacle of the #NeoliberalMyth #ClimateJustice

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Leaders at COP28 are pushing starkly different hopes for fossil fuels. King Charles III of Britain pleads for climate progress, seemingly at odds with the British Government.
After COP28 president Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber proposed embracing the continued use of fossil fuels, the U.N. Secretary General said: "We cannot save a burning planet with a fire hose of fossil fuels."
#climatechange #COP28 #climatejustice #fossilfuels #renewableenergy

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Das reichste 1% verursacht soviel Treibhausgase wie 2/3 der Weltbevölkerung

Hier der gesamte Oxfam-Bericht zum Download (Englisch):


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#international #menschenrechte #umwelt #presse #press
#COP28 #klima #climate #klimakrise #oxfam #humanrights #ecology #environment #pressrelease #climatejustice #climatecrisis #social #inequality #emissions #world

Es braucht eine Überwindung des gegenwärtigen Wirtschaftssystems & der Fixierung auf Gewinnstreben, Ausbeutung der natürlichen Ressourcen & konsumorientierter Lifestyles. Erster Schritt dazu wäre, Wachstum nicht mehr als Indikator für Fortschritt zu verwenden

Twra Sun
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So viel von ihrem fairen Anteil am CO2-Budget, um das 1,5-Grad-Ziel einzuhalten, haben diese Länder verbraucht:

Susi Arnott
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Not complicated! Global North sucks so much out of Africa - minerals, medical professionals, mange-tout peas - and dumps back their waste while distorting the very eco- and climate- systems we ALL depend on #ClimateJustice #HealthEmergency

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2/2 Zolang ze maar in de eigen regio blijven storten we nog wel wat bij in dat 'klimaatschadefonds.' Dat is het idee zo'n beetje toch, PVV-stemmers? #climatejustice #climatechange

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Dec 1 EWE: #ClimateJustice — Climate change is overwhelmingly a problem of wealthy people. The wealthiest 1% of humanity produce over 1,000 times the emissions of the poorest 1%. In fact, these 77 million people are responsible for more climate-changing emissions than the poorest 66% (5 billion people) of humanity. #ClimateCrisis

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My #FollowFriday list for this week has an emphasis on #EarthDefenders, #ClimateJustice and #ClimateNews! I've included descriptions from respective accounts. Suggestions welcome for the next round...!

#Climate scientist working on the #ocean #carbon cycle and verification of ocean carbon dioxide removal (#CDR). Founder, Bamboo #Bike Project; co-founder and Director of Science at [C]Worthy. Professor at University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa; also at Columbia University in NYC and École normale supérieure in Paris.”

"#Environmental Reporter for The Highlands Current: An award-winning, non-profit, independent newspaper in New York's Hudson Valley. I also teach journalism at Marist College. Not actually a cat."

"#RegenerativeAnthropology and/as #ClimateAction
#ClimateDiary; writing book about palm oil; political and historical ecology, climate justice, commoning"

"A passionate #Environmentalist curating a daily news feed about the #Environment & #ClimateChange.
My hobbies include using my DSLR camera, mapping on Open Street Maps, listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks on topics such as #Geology, #Nature, #Geoscience, #Sustainability, #Climate, technology & privacy."

"Head of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for #ClimateImpact Research; professor of Physics of the Oceans at Potsdam University; dad. Opinions my own!"

"#environnement #Montréal #Québec #changementsclimatiques #gay #vélo #polqc #climat #LGBTQQIP2SAA #pollution #égalité #femmes #gai #gauche #équité #justice "

“Le notizie più importanti e gli alert mondiali sull'ambiente e l'ecologia selezionate dagli utenti di”

“Sustainable Mid Peninsula, compost, diversity, cooking, bikes, subsistence, pedestrian cities, half earth. Born 309 ppm of CO2”

#ClimateScientist (Atmospheric) PhD | Postdoc at Princeton University & NOAA GFDL | UC Irvine and Cornell University alum | Sharing data-driven stories | Be kind | Views are my own”

“Your guide to #ClimateCollapse.”

“Global non-violent direct action movement demanding a response to the climate and #ecological emergency. Donate at”

“Independent media amplifying stories from the frontlines of social and environmental struggles."

“« Si vous voulez aider la planète, plantez un arbre. Si vous voulez la sauver, plantez un riche » - François Avard”

#FridaysForFuture – oder auch: "Dreimal F, F ist am sechsten Platz im Alphabet, also in dem Fall 666, da weiß man ja auch wieder, wer dahinter steckt.”

“Follows and boosts #climate and #ClimateScience experts.”

“Host of @ClimateHubYYC's A Climate of Change zoomcast and The Climate Lens podcast, AB Regional Organizer for @Reality_Canada. Tweets are my own. #yyc

“Mouvement international de Désobéissance Civile Non-Violente pour la protection du vivant ”

@earthfirst - Sadly, this account hasn't posted in a while...
"The Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical environmental movement. Published quarterly, it contains reports on direct action; articles on the preservation of wilderness and biological diversity; news and announcements about #EarthFirst! and other radical environmental groups. Follow for updates about the EF! Journal, snarky ecoposting, and updates on the struggle to minimize and adapt to climate catastrophe."

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Susi Arnott
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#COP28 will be missing an important voice, and channel for millions of other voices #SaleemulHuq #LossAndDamage #ClimateJustice
"For polluters to loan money to their victims was immoral, Dr Huq thought. As a matter of principle, the cash should come as open-handed grants...,"

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A shocking new ONE report reveals that rich countries are spending a lot less than they claim to support those most affected by climate change. Putting millions of lives at risk.
Messy data and limited transparency means no one really knows how much rich countries are spending to fight the climate crisis. Add your name to stop this injustice! #ClimateJustice

Fridays for Future Ulm/Neu-Ulm
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‼️ DIE Wahl zur Klimabürgermeister*in Ulms steht an! ‼️

Alle Infos für die Demo:
📅 HEUTE, 01.12
🕒 15 Uhr
📍 Vor dem Theater

🔥🌍🔥 Die globale Klimakatastrophe eskaliert. 🔥🌍🔥
❓Was wirst du tun❓
Und was tut dein*e Oberbürgermeister *in?
🫵 Du hast es in der Hand! 🫵
🗳 Wähle dein*e Klimabürgermeister*in! 🗳
💚 Und davor: Auf zur Demo! 💚

#fridaysforfuture #klimastreik #climatestrike #klimakrise #climatecrisis #klima #climate
#allefürsklima #letztegenerationvordenkipppunkten #klimagerechtigkeit #climatejustice
#forourfuture #ulm #neuulm #fff

Ende Gelände Hamburg
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Onboarding - Heute Abend!

Du möchtest Teil der Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung werden? Dann schließe dich uns an!

Heute Abend um 19 Uhr kannst du im Centro Sociale (Sternstraße 2) aktive Menschen von Ende Gelände Hamburg kennen lernen.
Wir erzählen, womit wir uns aktuell beschäftigen und wie Du Dich einbringen und einsteigen kannst.

Kommt vorbei und sagt auch euren Freund*innen Bescheid.
Wir freuen uns darauf, euch kennenzulernen :)

#climatejustice #endegelände

Share-Pic mit Aufschrift: Onboading. Die Ende Gelände Ortsgruppe Hamburg lädt ein sich zu organisieren. Wir freuen uns auf Euch beim Infotreffen, am 01.12. um 19 Uhr im Centro Sociale (Kubus).
Im Hinergrund ist eine Demo mit pinkem Frontbanner zu sehen: Burn Fossil Capitalism. Organisieren - Sabotieren - Angreifen.
Mark@RCR 🌀
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The distant future, long after the #COP climate meetings. #climatechange #climate #climatecrisis #climateemergency #climatejustice

The 2023 state of the climate report: Entering uncharted territory

A father and sibling sit in a cave below a beating sun, cooking a rat on a fire… father says… “SO, THEN WE DECIDED NOT TO DO MUCH TO PREVENT CLIMATE CHANGE BECAUSE IT WOULD HURT THE ECONOMY...”
Mark@RCR 🌀
2 days ago

What if communities and nature came before power and greed?

“Every human being has fundamental rights: health, food, and safety. Governments have the obligation to protect our human rights in the face of the #climatecrisis. Polluting corporations are using every tactic to delay meaningful climate action. People need to hold governments and corporations accountable, to accelerate a just transition to renewable energies.” #climatechange #climate #climatejustice #COP28

Stephen Aberle
3 days ago

A new report from @ONECampaign reveals rich countries are spending a lot less than they claim to support countries facing the worst effects of the climate crisis. Add your name to stop this injustice! #ClimateJustice

Mark@RCR 🌀
3 days ago

It’s taking all my strength not to be cynical.

#COP28 starts today 🌍 Broken promises have caused people all over the world to lose trust in the conference. So why are we going to #COP? And what do we want to see from it? Read our guide to COP28.” - ClientEarth
#climatechange #climatecrisis #climate #climateemergency #climatejustice

Lt. Commander Reggie
3 days ago

War is profit; war creates violence-proficient soldiers to beat poor people down specifically Black people to ensure there is always a lower class to toil and labor; war destroys the environment for the majority of children (rich people’s children will be fine for longer); and war ensures capitalists obtain more wealth through the one unlimited resource: human death

#CapitalismKills #antiBlackRacism #antiBlackRacismKills

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The UN Climate Change Conference, or COP for short, is meeting today in Dubai to discuss climate change. Here are some facts they will likely ignore. Contrary to the usual narrative, the global north is the biggest polluter, responsible for 92% of excess Co2 emissions since 1750.

#COP28 #ClimateJustice #ClimateChange

3 days ago

A Habitable Earth Can No Longer Afford The Rich – And That Could Mean Me And You


"A few days ago I was commissioned by the energy and environment section editor at The Conversation to elaborate on my contribution to the recent Guardian article, “Who are the polluter elite?”.

After a few minor edits and references, my expanded text was approved and I was advised that it would go online within a few hours. An hour later, the section editor called to tell me, rather awkwardly, that The Conversation’s senior editor had pulled the piece at the last minute, claiming it was “too polemical”. Unfortunately, the senior editor didn’t elaborate on their judgement (or contact me directly), so I can only guess that they were uncomfortable with my direct language and reference to the “generally supine media” – concerns all too easily hidden behind the façade of “too polemical”.

The energy and environment editor, with whom I had very constructively engaged, encouraged me to publish the piece wherever I could. So here is the piece in question as it was to have been published in The Conversation."

#climatechange #ClimateJustice #censorship #FossilFuelsKill

4 days ago

Here’s what’s at stake for #Indigenous peoples at #COP28

Negotiations happen behind closed doors, but for Indigenous peoples, “a lot of work happens in the hallways.”

by Anita Hofschneider, Nov 29, 2023

“Ozawa Bineshi Albert wants the world to stop relying on #FossilFuels. So last year, the co-executive director of #ClimateJusticeAlliance flew from the U.S. to Egypt to make her voice heard at COP27, the international conference on climate change where world leaders gather to negotiate new commitments to battle the #ClimateCrisis.

”But at COP27, Albert, who is Anishinaabe and Yuchi, noticed that Indigenous peoples like herself were outnumbered by fossil fuel #lobbyists. She was also struck by how many people touted #nuclear energy as an alternative to burning #oil and #gas

'#Nuclear is one of the most dirty, damaging energy sources, particularly for #IndigenousPeople,' she thought. 'It touches Indigenous communities all along its lifecycle from where it gets #mined, to where it gets #processed, to where #NuclearPower plants are placed, to where #NuclearWaste gets stored.'

“That observation was just one indication of how the perspectives, and experiences, of Indigenous peoples aren’t always reflected in the broader #EnvironmentalMovement. As COP28 kicks off in the United Arab Emirates this week, hundreds of Indigenous advocates are making their way to Dubai with the hope of ensuring that their communities aren’t overlooked by global leaders.

“Though the conference doesn’t officially begin until Thursday, the work has already started. Jennifer Tauli Corpuz is Kankanaey-Igorot from the Philippines and is managing director of policy at Nia Tero. She spent eight hours Tuesday in an auditorium with about 350 fellow members of the #IndigenousPeoplesCaucus, a delegation representing Native peoples, working on the details of a two-minute opening statement that the Caucus will be allowed to give during COP28’s opening ceremony. Corpuz says it’s not easy to distill everyone’s perspectives and issues into such a short statement and the work required interpreters in five languages. 

“Apart from ending fossil fuel reliance, Indigenous advocates at COP28 want to ensure that funding to offset the impacts of #ClimateChange reaches their communities; ensure Indigenous knowledge is seen as a solution to climate change; and prevent governments and private actors from violating their rights, especially as those actors pursue #GreenEnergy projects. 

“Corpuz said the caucus plans to approve advocacy papers outlining their positions Wednesday. Then comes the work of convincing negotiators to listen. But it’s not easy. 

“The estimated 350 Indigenous peoples at COP28 is an attendance record for Native advocates, but it’s still far fewer than the 600 fossil fuel lobbyists who attended COP27 last year. As well, the most important work at the conference, negotiating the exact language of international climate change treaties, gets done behind closed doors among designated representatives from United Nations member countries. 

“Corpuz estimates that perhaps 20 of the 350 #IndigenousPeople at COP28 this week have government badges that allow them access to negotiations. But even then, because they aren’t credentialed delegates representing a negotiating party, they are only able to watch and listen, not speak, she said.

“Still, it’s an improvement over past years when Indigenous peoples’ representatives were locked out from even more rooms, said Corpuz. At least now Indigenous representatives will be able to hear the details of the negotiations, the perspectives of international representatives, and carry the information back for advocates to lobby government delegates. 'A lot of the work of the Indigenous Caucus happens in the hallways,' Corpuz said.

“A key question that’s expected to be decided this year is how much money wealthy nations like the U.S. should pay in order to cover the costs of climate disasters in the Global South, an initiative known as the loss and damage fund. One study estimates that nations in the Global North are responsible for 92% of excess carbon emissions each year, compared with 8% in the Global South.

“‘What’s at stake is how these finance mechanisms are going to impact and be accessible to Indigenous communities and other impacted communities, how they will be funded, and to what levels will they be funded,' Albert said. 'And will those resources actually get to communities and not be taken up by agencies that will administer them?' 

“Eriel Deranger of the #Athabasca #Chipewyan #FirstNation in #Canada and executive director of Indigenous Climate Action, thinks that it makes sense that wealthy countries would be paying for climate impacts, but Deranger also wants the money to be available to Indigenous people no matter what country they live in due to already extreme climate impacts, many of which are exacerbated by #colonization and #LandTheft .

“‘If Canada, for example, or the U.S. is contributing to the loss and damage fund and we don’t have access to it as Indigenous people in North America or in the Global North, where are we going to see those kind of climate reparations and restitution for the damages that we are facing from the climate crisis?' Deranger asked. 

“But money is only part of the equation, said Kandi White, a citizen of the #Mandan, #Hidatsa, and #Arikara Nations in the U.S. and program director at the Indigenous Environmental Network, which sent a 25-member delegation to Dubai. 'For Indigenous peoples, it’s not just about the money, but it’s also about the return of our #sovereignty over our lands,' said White.  

“That sovereignty has been threatened by #landgrabs, including recent #landdeals between a #UnitedArabEmirates company and five #African nations for the #CarbonCredit trade, White said. The land deals were touted as a way to help conserve land and offset #pollution, but White is concerned about whether the Indigenous people living there truly #consented to the plan as well as how they’ll be affected. It’s part of a broader pattern of conservation deals that are creating conflict in Indigenous territories around the world.

“Both Deranger and White, who are in Dubai this week, also hope to establish a grievance procedure through which Indigenous peoples whose rights are infringed upon could hold governments accountable. 'We need there to not just be lip service of, ‘We recognize Indigenous rights,’ but we need to see language that has teeth,' Deranger said. 

“But securing that level of accountability may be an uphill battle. Even when world leaders make promises, they don’t always fulfill them: wealthy countries blew a 2020 deadline to spend $100 billion a year to help poorer nations cope with climate impacts and make progress toward #decarbonization. One study suggested that goal may have been met last year, two years late, even as the world hurtles toward 3 degrees of warming.

“The combined challenges—a lack of access to negotiating tables and tepid commitments by global leaders—have fueled disillusionment. Moñeka De Oro, who is Chamorro from the Mariana Islands and co-executive director of the #Micronesia Climate Change Alliance, says that last year at COP some Indigenous Caucus members discussed boycotting the convention, 'no longer being a part of these processes that continuously degrade our input,' she said. 

“De Oro recently helped draft a declaration for peace, unity and climate justice in the Pacific to be read at COP that called for a future free of #colonialism and #militarization. But as much as she believes in that message, she joined a boycott of this year’s convention with Grassroots Global Justice Alliance protesting the Israeli government’s war on Gaza, and questions whether to attend future meetings. 

"'If you’re going to continue to continuously be ignored and continuously be just erased from the entire process, I don’t know how much longer we want to be complicit in attending these sorts of things,' she said.

“The power imbalances can be discouraging but Ozawa Bineshi Albert still feels determined. 

“‘#COP is not a place that we go to thinking we’re going to get everything we want,' she said. To her, the overarching question is: 'How can we make sure that we at least hold the line and make sure the least amount of damage and the least amount of harm is caused to frontline and Indigenous communities?’”

#IndigenousRights #ClimateJustice #IndigenousConsent #EnvironmentalRacism #BigOilAndGas

4 days ago

#DakotaAccessPipeline Owner Slaps #WaterProtectors with New Subpoenas -- Third-party subpoenas allow #EnergyTransfer to obtain evidence, from individuals or organizations, who are not part of the lawsuit

Energy Transfer attempts to drag #Indigenous and #EnvironmentalJustice advocates into meritless lawsuit with third-party subpoenas

The operator of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer, is attempting to drag Indigenous and environmental justice advocates into this meritless lawsuit to stifle #dissenting voices.

By Greenpeace USA, via Censored News, November 27, 2023

WASHINGTON – "In response to recent third-party subpoenas issued by Energy Transfer, which target Indigenous and environmental justice advocates, Ebony Twilley Martin, Executive Director of #greenpeaceusa said: “The operator of the Dakota Access Pipeline, Energy Transfer, is attempting to drag Indigenous and environmental justice advocates into this meritless lawsuit to stifle dissenting voices.

"'For over six years, #Greenpeace USA has been fighting lawsuits brought by Energy Transfer over the Indigenous- led resistance movement at #StandingRock. This type of legal #bullying, known as #StrategicLawsuitsAgainstPublicParticipation, is part of the #corporate playbook to #silence and #intimidate #DissentingVoices who lack the financial means to fight these lawsuits.

"Energy Transfer is now attempting to expand this playbook by targeting Indigenous and environmental justice activists through the use of third-party subpoenas. Now is the moment for us all to come together to send a message to Energy Transfer, and other corporations considering this tactic, that we will not be silenced and we will not tolerate legal bullying.'

"'These legal actions are an insult to the many Indigenous water protectors who continue to lead the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline and the continual threats and degradation of their historic lands. These attacks are a threat to our First Amendment rights to speak out, a threat to #IndigenousRights, and a threat to the rights of #nature. We will not let this meritless lawsuit silence us and distract our movements from all our work to win a #green, #just, and joyful future for all.'

"Contact: Gujari Singh, Greenpeace USA Senior Communications Specialist,, (631) 404-9977

"Greenpeace USA is part of a global network of independent campaigning organizations that use #PeacefulProtest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future. Greenpeace USA is committed to transforming the country’s unjust social, environmental, and economic systems from the ground up to address the climate crisis, advance racial justice, and build an economy that puts people first. Learn more at "


#ClimateJustice #Protests #Censorship #NoDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #StandingRock #StandingRockSioux

Mark Darbyshire
4 days ago

From today’s Newsroom Pro email (abridged):

NZ has the second-highest cars per capita, behind the US. Worse, our fleet is one of the oldest and dirtiest in the developed world.

NZ’s sea breezes blow away the worst of the fumes, but that doesn’t lessen the impact of the CO2 emissions. In NZ, our transport emissions may be out of sight and out of mind, but in other countries [like Dubai] the smog provides a reminder of the harm they cause.

#NewsroomNZ #COP28 #ClimateJustice #ClimateChange

4 days ago


a useful insight into the observation that the less well off people in the world are not contributing to the #climateEmergency

though they're obviously experiencing the effects the most

private yachts, private jets, flaring & methane escape from oil wells; to name but a few

the 0.1%, the 1%, the 5%
these people owe the 50% & the 90% a future


4 days ago

«A Habitable Earth Can No Longer Afford The Rich»
(Spoiler: Includes you and me…)

Kevin Anderson doesn’t hold back!

#climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #ClimateJustice

PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
4 days ago

If the #COP is lead by a fossil CEO, then I think its just fair if we give all fossil companies into the hands of climate activists in return.


Paul Wermer
5 days ago

@RSMacKinnon #ClimateJustice #SocialJustice seem to be too abstract for many of the comfortably off to comprehend. Understanding that the vulnerable communities need to be at the table where solutions and responses are discussed seems to be difficult to grasp - even for many well meaning people.

5 days ago

Nov 28 EWE: #ClimateJustice — Human rights are a low priority for many national climate change adaptation policies, research finds. #ClimateCrisis

5 days ago

Saudi ‘oil sustainability programme’ seeks to turn African continent into a new oil-dependent colony, in return for enabling continuing Saudi oil production.

As shocking and cynical as this is, it’s also unsurprising. They’re not ready to abandon oil revenues yet.

The right approach would be to flood the continent with development grants so they can step over O&G dependency rather than transit through it. But it doesn’t meet the Saudi expectation on #climatejustice

Pauline von Hellermann
5 days ago

37/n One idea (another addition to this #COP28 #glossary of sorts) discussed for the last couple of years in this context is that #Africa might #LeapFrog in its #EnergyTransition - ie, that it doesn't have to go through the #FossilFuel stage but can skip it and go straight to clean energy and renewables. One useful summary of this is provided here by Wartsila (a renewable energy company) but there are many critics. Obviously some real #ClimateJustice issues here.

Poetry News
6 days ago

Climate protesters bold
Turning ships from coal-filled hold
Clean energy instead

#climatechange #climatejustice #cleanenergy #protest #haiku #poetry

1 week ago

#Senegalese #rural #women staged a demonstration, calling for #ClimateJustice on Saturday in #Dakar, asserting that they continue to endure the adverse impacts of #ClimateChange.

Climate change poses significant #threats to #agriculture in #Senegal, where only 7% of cultivated land is irrigated, rendering the country's agriculture highly reliant on rainfall.

The #protest precedes the upcoming #COP28 summit scheduled to take place in Dubai, starting November 30th.

The Conversation U.S.
1 week ago

When science showed in the 70s that gas stoves produced harmful indoor air pollution, the industry reached for tobacco’s PR playbook by:

✖️ casting doubt on negative findings
✖️ funding its own biased research

There’s still plenty of debate about whether gas stoves belong in homes, but it’s important to know where the “evidence” comes from, and to expose the tactics that vested interest groups have used for years.

#Climate #ClimateJustice #EnergyTransition

Mark@RCR 🌀
1 week ago

In this present special #report, we display a diverse set of vital signs of the planet and the potential drivers of #climatechange and climate-related responses… declaring a #climateemergency, now with more than 15,000 scientist signatories. The trends reveal new all-time climate-related records and deeply concerning patterns of climate-related disasters. At the same time, we report minimal progress by humanity in combating #climate change. #climatejustice

A colourful cartoon depicting a huge crowd of protestors with the caption “WE'RE NOT FROM THE LEFT OR THE RIGHT WE'RE FROM THE BOTTOM AND WE ARE COMING FOR THOSE ON THE TOP.”
1 week ago

@Lost_Paradise Wo soll das hinführen, wenn sogar Frau Neubauer an dem FDP-Ponyhof-Traum festhält, dass es ohne harsche Einschnitte in den Industrieländern zu #climatejustice und einer "ökologischen Sicherheit" kommt?
Wobei der Begriff der "ökologischen Sicherheit" ja schon leugnet, dass wir auch bei Einhaltung des Pariser Abkommens schwersten Klimastörungen und einer steigender Gefahr durch Kipppunkt ausgesetzt sind.

1 week ago

‘We were not consulted’: #NativeAmericans fight #lithium mine on site of 1865 massacre

by Michael Sainato
Fri 13 Oct 2023

"[T]he process for mining lithium is rife with #environmental impacts. Production of a ton of lithium carbonate produces three times the emissions of producing a ton of steel on average, and uses a huge amount of #water. The #ThackerPass lithium project is expected to use 1.7bn gallons of water annually to produce 60,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate a year.

"A lawsuit filed by the #RenoSparks Indian Colony and the #SummerLake #Paiute Tribe is still pending in court against the project to recognize Thacker Pass as a cultural district. Another lawsuit filed by a rancher, four environmental groups, and two other Native American tribes was ruled in favor of the project and an appeal was lost in July 2023.

"Michon Eben, the tribal historic preservation officer for the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony, said she submitted the petition report to the #BureauOfLandManagement in February but has not heard any movement on it from the agency.

"She said the regional office still has not turned it into the National Park Service to review, respond, and put it on the national register. She also criticized the federal agency for not addressing these issues in the environmental impact statement for the mining project.

"'That’s upsetting, because while they’re holding the report, the traditional cultural district has been destroyed. Because #LithiumAmericas is out there, they’re doing ground-disturbing activities in the area, which we state is a traditional cultural district,' said Eben. 'So, if any tribes or anybody wanted to mitigate that destruction, what are we going to mitigate?'

"Between 1864 to 1868, there were concerted efforts by the federal government to massacre Native Americans in the Great Basin area, a part of history not taught in schools and often ignored, Eben said.

“'The world needs to know that an important historical event occurred there, and that the Bureau of Land Management is not following the National Historic Preservation Act, one of the federal laws that has to be followed during a project like this. They failed to conduct an ethnography with Paiute and #Shoshone people,' added Eben."

#NativeAmericanHistory #WaterIsLife #LithiumNevada #LithiumMining #CulturalGenocide #EnvironmentalRacism #WaterProtectors #EnvironmentalJustice #ClimateJustice

Pauline von Hellermann
1 week ago

Another key concern at #COP28 is #LossAndDamage. This was the one area where there was real progress at #COP27 last year in Egypt: for the first time, countries agreed to set up a fund for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters. Loss and Damage is simultaneously essential and deeply inadequate as a #ClimateJustice measure: no amount of money is going to compensate for the loss of entire Islands or cities! But it must be provided

Rob Verchick
1 week ago

This holiday season, let's commit to hope and resilience. #ClimateResilience #ClimateChange #Books #ClimateJustice #hope

J de Brabander
1 week ago

Mission Statement
[but don't hold me to that]

After the devastating Dutch elections [22-11-'23] I decided to dedicate my toots back to the original goal.
I care about a lot of issues, most global some national; but I won't be 'tooting' about them all.

First and formost I WANT to 'toot' about:
* #ClimateSolutions
Because I trust that most people reading know about the dreadfull future of climate change, I want to spread the, possible, solutions to a problem rather than reiterate on the problem.
* #ClimateJustice
One of those solution might be sueing the polluters or governments on human rights, violations or #Ecoside
* #ClimateAction
Action is by all means a solution.
* #ClimateEmergency
* #Climate

As said I want to focus on the global issue. I don't want to nitpick on too much principles. Like: "What's worse: eating cows or driving diesel?" Both are devastating behaviors of intitled rich people!
On the otherhand therefore I truly respect ANY effort to make a change for the better.

Most of all... I want to add instead of preach. Bring some bits of the puzzle to the table.

I'm NOT a scientist of any kind. I'm just a disabled old white guy typing on a desk reading and searching a lot.

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Text: graphic of a time line starting with 1979 Climate conference up to 2015 Paris Agreement while getting taller and redder.
Parents For Future :verified:
1 week ago

Out of 736 members of the German @bundestag, only 1 MdB has signed the "Global Parliamentarians Pledge on Loss and Damage" so far: @KathrinHenneberger 🙏

👀 Come on, there's still plenty of headway to be made!

#LossAndDamage #COP28 #ClimateJustice

Parliamentarians from around the world have a vital role in ensuring the new Loss and Damage Fund supports communities on the front lines of the climate crisis!
Ahead of the United Nations COP28 climate negotiations in Dubai, The Loss and Damage Collaboration and the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance are inviting Parliamentarians and legislators from across the world to show their support for action to address the loss and damage being caused by the climate crisis by signing an important pledge. In doing so, those that sign will be signalling their commitment to ensuring that the Loss and Damage Fund agreed at COP 27 in Egypt is successful in design and implementation.

To reach as many parliamentarians as possible we need your help!
1. Write to your parliamentarians using this template letter to encourage them to sign the pledge.
2. Share the "Global Parliamentarians Pledge on Loss and Damage Video" and graphics.

3. Look at the list below and congratulate the parliamentarians that have already signed up to encourage others to do the same!
Paul Wermer
1 week ago

@farhanasultana thanks for the reference. Good article, raises a lot of questions I really haven't seen discussed in public (as opposed to specialist) space.

#ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis Barriers to #ClimateJustice #EconomicParadigmProblems

Dr. Farhana Sultana
1 week ago

“Who are the polluter elite and how can we tackle carbon inequality”

Read this great analysis in The Guardian, with commentary from me & other climate scientists and economists.

#climatechange #climatejustice #climatecrisis #carbonemissions #PolluterElite

1 week ago

Nov 23 EWE: #ClimateJustice — The climate emergency really is a new type of crisis – consider the ‘triple inequality’ at the heart of it. Half the world’s population, led by the top 10% of the income distribution – and, above all, by the global elite – drive a globe-spanning productive system that destabilises the environment for everyone. #ClimateCrisis

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

As a new era of environmental rule of law takes shape, UNEP’s new report provides recommendations for governments to navigate this evolving landscape. #environment #law #climatechange #climate #climatecrisis #climateemergency #climatejustice #sustainability #climateaction #COVID

Find out more:

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

“By allowing existing trees to grow old in healthy ecosystems and restoring degraded areas, scientists say 226 gigatonnes of carbon could be sequestered, equivalent to nearly 50 years of US emissions for 2022. But they caution that mass monoculture tree-planting and offsetting will not help forests realise their potential.” #restoration #trees #climatechange #climate #climatecrisis #climateemergency #climatejustice #study #environment

Sequoias in the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite National Park, Calif. Photo by Pedro Szekely / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0 Deed)
Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

“The world’s richest 10% encompasses most of the middle classes in developed countries – anyone paid more than about $40,000 (£32,000) a year. The lavish lifestyles of the very rich – the 1% – attract attention. But the 10% are responsible for half of all global emissions, making them key to ending the #climatecrisis.” #climatechange #climate #climateemergency #climateaction #climatejustice #environment

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

The richest 1 percent of the world’s population produced as much carbon pollution in 2019 than the five billion people who made up the poorest two-thirds of humanity, reveals a new Oxfam report: Before #COP28 starts, Oxfam has launched a petition:

#carbon #climateJustice #pollution #billionaires #taxTheRich #ClimateCrisis #Oxfam #MakeRichPollutersPay

Mark@RCR 🌀
2 weeks ago

“Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says
‘Polluter elite’ are plundering the planet to point of destruction, says Oxfam after comprehensive study of climate inequality.” #climatechange #climatecrisis #climate #climatejustice

2 weeks ago

Prosecutors add #HateCrime allegations in shooting over Spanish #conquistador statue

AP, November 3, 2023

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — "State prosecutors added hate-crime allegations Thursday to charges of attempted murder against a New Mexico man accused in the shooting of a #NativeAmerican #activist amid confrontations about aborted plans to reinstall a statue of a Spanish conquistador in public, at a court hearing Thursday in northern New Mexico.

"Defendant Ryan David Martinez pleaded not guilty to all charges at the arraignment overseen by a district court judge from a courthouse in TierraAmarilla.

"Assistant District Attorney Tony Long indicated that his office will pursue sentence enhancements based on the use of a firearm and try to prove that the shooting was motivated by bias against a particular social group.

"Martinez was arrested on Sept. 28 after chaos erupted and a single shot was fired at an outdoor gathering in Española over canceled plans to install a bronze likeness of conquistador Juan de #Oñate, who is both revered and reviled for his role in establishing early settlements along the Upper Rio Grande starting in 1598.

"The shooting severely wounded #JacobJohns, of Spokane, Washington, a well-traveled #activist for #environmental causes and an advocate for #NativeAmericanRights who is of #Hopi and Akimel #Oodham tribal descent.

"He had joined other advocates for Native American rights as they celebrated with song, prayer and speeches the county's decision not to install the statue that day.

"Under state law, a hate-crime sentence enhancement could extend prison time by up to a year. The firearm-related enhancements could add up to eight years in prison.

"Initial felony charges against Martinez carry possible sentences of up to 16 years and six months in prison, along with possible fines and parole, Long told the court. A misdemeanor charge of reckless driving could add up to 90 days in prison.

"State District Court Judge Jason Lidyard scheduled a jury trial for May 2024. He has ordered that Martinez remain in jail pending trial."

#ClimateActivist #ClimateJustice #IndigenousActivists #NewMexico #MAGA #HateCrimes

3 weeks ago

@remcow @mt @mfswager @edgeofeurope Hoogste tijd en goede aanleiding om je beter te verdiepen in de materie dus. #climatecrisis #climatejustice #solidarity #climateprotest

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

@mfswager @edgeofeurope @mt

"Het is volgens hem "heel jammer dat ze dat doet, omdat ik juist vond dat tot voor kort de klimaatbeweging niets politiek was. Dat had niks met links en rechts te maken."

Timmermans heeft (net als velen) blijkbaar het memo 'climate justice' niet meegekregen en verkeert in de veronderstelling dat de klimaatbeweging 'niets politiek was.' As if ...

👇🏼 #climatejustice #Thunberg

Bread and Circuses
3 weeks ago

There are a *lot* of things that I hate about late-stage capitalism and the enshittification of pretty much everything. But one of the things I hate the most is the nearly unavoidable prevalence of plastics in modern society.

Try as hard as we might, it's virtually impossible not to use and discard a certain amount of plastic containers, plastic wrapping, and plastic products. Freakin' plastic is everywhere!

Why? Because it's profitable for fossil fuel companies to produce and sell plastics, that's why. And, as we all know, almost none of it ever gets recycled. Most of what we drop into "recycle" bins ends up in landfills or is incinerated.

Here's a report from Grist that goes still further, describing the unfair impact that our profligate use of plastics in the Global North has on people in poor countries...

As plastic production has skyrocketed over the past several decades, wealthy countries have benefited enormously — from increasingly lightweight, affordable products, for example. The full social and environmental costs of this plastic boom, however, have been disproportionately offloaded onto poorer people in the developing world.

According to an analysis published last week by the nonprofit World Wide Fund for Nature, or WWF, the costs of plastic across its life cycle — from production to disposal — are at least eight times higher for low- and middle-income countries than they are for high-income countries. In places like Brazil, Ethiopia, Fiji, and India, governments’ limited capacity to control or regulate plastic production has led to growing health risks from petrochemical plants’ toxic air emissions and chemical spills. Meanwhile, a pileup of discarded plastic threatens to overwhelm these countries’ waste management infrastructure, causing widespread land and water pollution.

“Our take, make, waste plastics system is designed in a way that unfairly impacts our planet’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged countries,” said Alice Ruhweza, senior director of policy, influence, and engagement for WWF International.

Most of the disparity comes from the end of the life cycle, when plastic is “mismanaged” — in other words, polluted into the environment. Mismanagement costs low- and middle-income countries at least $149 per kilogram of virgin plastic, compared to just $17 per kilogram for wealthier nations. This is because developing countries often lack the infrastructure to properly manage the mountain of trash that they generate domestically or import from elsewhere. They simply don’t have the means to prevent it from escaping into the environment and damaging ecosystems.

Although nearly two-thirds of the world’s plastic is produced outside of North America and Europe, plastic production and design considerations — which could make plastic more easily recyclable or less toxic — are typically controlled by multinational companies headquartered in wealthy countries. Meanwhile, the world lacks common regulations to hold plastic-producing countries and companies financially responsible for the life-cycle impacts of their plastic products.

Low- and middle-income countries have an “inability to say what products are being made in the first place, but we’re asking them to have the infrastructure to manage the waste,” said Erin Simon, WWF’s vice president of plastic waste and business.


#Environment #Pollution #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice

Workers in Mumbai, India, clearing heaps of plastic waste washed up onto a beach from the ocean.

Israeli pollution is making Palestinians sick.

Israeli settlements dump their untreated sewage and hazardous materials into the West Bank. Pollution and pesticides from Israeli settlements have led to an increase in asthma, cancer, and genetic health disorders in Palestine.

Here in the U.S, centuries of land theft and racist zoning means that toxic pollution is disproportionately dumped in Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.

[Source: R. Nagra and D.M. Qato, The Lancet (2013), Photo by Al Jazeera]

The parallels are undeniable,

For communities of color like ours who live alongside big polluters, the parallels between environmental racism in the U.S. and Israel’s environmental apartheid are undeniable.

We are proud to be among the millions in the U.S. and around the world that stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.


1. Tell your representatives to support the #CeasefireNow resolution at

2. Attend solidarity actions in your area. If you're in the Bay Area, find a calendar at

3. Donate to Palestinian-led organizations like AROC, USCPR and Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)

4. Sign on to the Climate Community Pledge in Support of a Ceasefire.

Part 2 of 2

#Palestine #ClimateJustice


Israeli settlements dump their untreated sewage and hazardous materials into the West Bank. Pollution and pesticides from Israeli settlements have led to an increase in asthma, cancer, and genetic health disorders in Palestine. 

Here in the U.S, centuries of land theft and racist zoning means that toxic pollution is disproportionately dumped in Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.

Source: Ruhan Nagra and Danya M Qato, The Lancet (2013)

Photo by Al Jazeera

For communities of color like ours who live alongside big polluters, the parallels between environmental racism in the U.S. and Israel’s environmental apartheid are undeniable.

We are proud to be among the millions in the U.S. and around the world that stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

1. Tell your representatives to support the #CeasefireNow resolution at

2. Attend solidarity actions in your area. If you're in the Bay Area, find a calendar at

3. Donate to Palestinian-led organizations like AROC, USCPR and Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)

4. Sign on to the Climate Community Pledge in Support of a Ceasefire.

⬇️ important info from APEN ( ⬇️

*What does Palestine have to do with environmental justice?*

Israel's 75-year occupation of Palestine is an example of environmental apartheid.

The Israeli government has forced Palestinians off of their land, stolen their water and natural resources, and used Palestinian towns and villages as a dumping ground for raw sewage and toxic contaminants.

[source: Institute for Middle East Understanding (2022)]

Israel steals Palestinian water.

Israel steals more than 80% of water in the West Bank for use by illegal settlements, denying Palestinians access to water while supplying Israeli settlers with enough water to fill swimming pools, irrigate crops, and wash vehicles.

[source: Amnesty International (2009)]

Israel steals Palestinian land.

In 1948, the new state of Israel drove 750,000 Palestinians off their land, making them refugees and continuing to deny their internationally recognized legal right to return. Israel continues to steal Palestinian land to build illegal settlements, expropriating over 250,000 acres since 1967.

[source: BADIL Resource Center (2002), Photo by national Geographic]

Part 1 of 2 ⏭️

#Palestine #Gaza #ClimateCrisis #ClimateJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #genocide #ecocide


APEN - Asian Pacific Environmental Network

The Israeli government has forced Palestinians off of their land, stolen their water and natural resources, and used Palestinian towns and villages as a dumping ground for raw sewage and toxic contaminants. 

Source: Institute for Middle East Understanding (2022)

Israel steals more than 80% of water in the West Bank for use by illegal settlements, denying Palestinians access to water while supplying Israeli settlers with enough water to fill swimming pools, irrigate crops, and wash vehicles.

Source: Amnesty International (2009)

In 1948, the new state of Israel drove 750,000 Palestinians off their land, making them refugees and continuing to deny their internationally recognized legal right to return. Israel continues to steal Palestinian land to build illegal settlements, expropriating over 250,000 acres since 1967.

Source: BADIL Resource Center (2002)

Photo by national Geographic
3 weeks ago



"The fight for climate justice cannot occur in vacuum, ignoring human suffering and rights. In all cases, if governments let you down, ally with the people."

#XR #extinctionrebellion
#Klimaatmars #humanrights
#climatejustice #Palestine #Gaza #Westbank #solidarity #Israel #Occupation

3 weeks ago

You go girl! ✊🏼

"No climate justice on occupied land!"

#Klimaatmars #Amsterdam #climatechange
#climateprotest #gretathunberg
#climatejustice #solidarity

(video via @iAnnetnl )

3 weeks ago

#Klimaatmars #climatechange
#climateprotest #gretathunberg
#climatejustice #solidarity

Deze meneer kwam naar de klimaatmars om te demonstreren voor het klimaat, niet voor politieke statements...

#Groen Als het je maar goed staat ... 🙄

screenshot van man in groen jack, met de tekst "Groen staat je goed" 

Hij ontmeemt Greta Thunberg de microfoon tijdens haar speech op het podium van de klimaatmars, want hij komt voor een klimaatdemonstratie, niet voor politieke statements ...
3 weeks ago

#Klimaatmars #climatechange
#climateprotest #gretathunberg
#climatejustice #solidarity
#StopTheWar #ceasefire

En dan iemand op het podium die Greta Thunberg het woord ontneemt. Want #climatejustice en #climatechange hebben natuurlijk niets met politek te maken ... 🙄

Edgar Walthert
3 weeks ago
Old boys duvet cover with many streets, cars and trucks cutting through nature. Including two tank stations. All of them crossed out 🚫, replaced by bikes.
3 weeks ago

@JulianOliver This is an tough sight. Also worth mentioning that the communities around the hotel area, especially the poorest ones, have been heavily affected. Many hotels have insurance and a financial group behind them, but the poor communities don’t.

Climate injustice meets and amplifies social injustice.

#ClimateJustice #ClimateChange #Otis