9 hours ago

First #codeberg and first #pinxi issue:

It was a good issue, which made me finally complete the pinxi/tools/ and device ID tools to handle adding manually generated nvidia gpu ID data.

So that logic is much more solid now, and amd/intel/nvidia gpu ids are updated in pinxi.

12 hours ago

Migrated my little `unionfarm` symlink management tool from GitLab to #Codeberg and its #WoodpeckerCI. It's far from what I *should* have been doing, or what is important right now, but it felt good.

21 hours ago

No thanks #GitHub, I'm switching to #Codeberg and I'm not going to give in to you anymore.

#freesoftware #softwarefreedom #giveupgithub #foss #floss #opensource

"Two-factor authentication (2FA) is required for your GitHub account"

Completely forgot to mention, I updated #AdvancedServerList to v3.5.0 which adds a new option to set a max player count to display.
This option is different from extraPlayers by not changing max players based on online players.

Also, repo is now on #Codeberg which I'm really happy about.


2 days ago

Finally got around to migrating all my non-trivial git repositories from MS/GH to #Codeberg - just before the 2FA-MS/GH-probably-will-require-your-telephone-number deadline. :) I'm keeping my account there since some communication [1] with #TyrannyOfConvenience people can still be useful.

@Gargron 's branch of Mastodon still has issue 22572 of #GiveUpGitHub migration unsolved [2].

#GAFAM #decentralization



2 days ago

thanks @Codeberg for having #codeberg pages. Really smooth and fast experience compared to other git forges.

3 days ago

Not to be outdone, I packaged #inxi 3.3.30 for #TinyCore and shipped it off, though their systems are not as automated so that is more dependent on when the person puts it into their repo. This does not however grab inxi from a source repo, I just get it from because that's easier. So I am not the second person to package inxi from the new #codeberg source repos.

3 days ago

The #Debian/#Ubuntu #inxi packager becomes the first person to package inxi from the #codeberg repos. So the new era is under way, I should package it for #tinycore, maybe I will tonight.

3 days ago

New #inxi 3.3.30 out the door! First release that is #codeberg primarily. Note that all the new data and docs in the codeberg #pinxi repo are not on github, and that's basically all the dev data/docs for inxi.

Here's hoping the #codeberg and #gitea devs can manage to keep the servers running and not have significant issues, I'd like to stay there a while if possible.

The tags were updated on github/codeberg since gh is mirrored to cb, but that won't last forever. Hopefully packagers adjust.

Konrad Borowski
4 days ago

@JMMaok @Codeberg I believe an option to log in with GitHub or GitLab on Codeberg's login page is a single sign-on implementation (

Just as some websites allow logging it with a Google account, #Codeberg allows logging in with a #GitHub or #GitLab account.

I don't think there's any practical difference between logging in with accounts registered with those services and using a password. No matter what you use, all functionality should be available.

J Miller
4 days ago

@Codeberg #codeberg

Could someone help me understand the difference between having a Codeberg account and logging into Codeberg with GitHub/GitLab?

Are there actions that can only be performed with an actual Codeberg account?

5 days ago

I can't report a bug to kbin, because they use codeberg as their git provider and codeberg doesn't allow registrations from gmail.

Well, I guess you're not getting a report then, it's how open-source works!

#kbin #codeberg

Konrad Borowski
5 days ago

@smxi In my case, #Codeberg migration went smoothly. I only migrated repos I actively maintain.

Did it as follows:

1. Clicked New Migration button and used a GitHub token (created on with no permissions.

2. After migration, I modified GitHub repo to add README saying the project was migrated, changed description and project link. Example:

3. I also rewrote CI scripts for Woodpecker CI (access can be requested at

5 days ago

I released a small update (version 0.4.2) to Satellite, my simple #GPS / #GNSS app for #MobileLinux: (also in #Flathub).

The visible changes are the addition of 'Geoidal separation' field to the display data and a more compact display of various DOP values. As usual, there are also some small bugs fixed, and an update to the Gnome SDK version 45 in the flatpak package.

#LinuxMobile #location #Codeberg

Justine Smithies
6 days ago

Is it possible to verify your #sourcehut repo in your #Mastodon profile like you can in your #Codeberg or #GitHub ??
I tried adding the usual link in my bio but nothing. It's not important TBH just thought I'd try.

6 days ago

Check out Jogger, a great new(ish?) #MobileLinux app for recording your runs, bike rides etc., AKA fitness tracking: (also in #Flathub)

#LinuxMobile #fitness #location #Codeberg #biking #running

Konrad Borowski
1 week ago

@n0toose Harness (developers of #Gitness) would rather prefer if people wouldn't know about projects that are actually owned by the community like #Forgejo (maintained by #Codeberg e.V. non-profit organization) or #SourceHut (which is licensed under AGPL and doesn't ask to sign a CLA for contributions -

They released #DroneCI as free software accepting contributions with CLA to later make it proprietary. I think it's pretty clear to me what to expect of Gitness.

#gitness says - "“Now you have GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket from Atlassian, but that’s really it. […] If you look at any of the git repos, whether it’s GitLab or GitHub or Bitbucket, they don’t have the true one source ethos around them anymore."

I feel rather offended by this statement. How about #codeberg and #sourcehut?

1 week ago

The main git blob for #inxi is now starting to morph, I've added a stripped down inxi-perl on #github, which has only pinxi, pinxi.1, and a basic READMe, and created the standalone repo for pinxi, and I just deleted the inxi-perl branch on codeberg git. This cleans everything up nicely, and also avoids flooding anyone's wall with commits during active #pinxi development, since only people who chose to follow or watch pinxi itself now will be tracking it.

If anyone wants a REUSE-compliant template for #codeberg, you can find it here -

Drew Naylor
1 week ago

Whelp, there goes #Codeberg. Guess there were too many new users leaving #GitHub and the server broke under the stress.


#codeberg 目前由于所运行的软件 #forgejo 未考虑拓展性,再加上遇到机械人的骚扰,负载有些不堪重负,建议条件允许时使用其他的 forgejo 实例

codeberg 在年初发表的一篇博客中提到,面对如此巨大的用户量,可以增加一些资源如内存、CPU 来应对,但也要谨慎考虑增加的量以避免浪费珍贵的捐款

“捐款是珍贵的,要谨慎使用”,以前从来没有考虑过这个问题 🤔

Codeberg 关于负载问题的串:


2 weeks ago

Finalizing the #inxi migrations to - split out into separate repos previous branches:
docs > repo inxi-docs
inxi-perl > repo pinxi, then deleted inxi-perl, and rebuilt it with just 2 files plus a basic readme for github.
tarballs > repo inxi-tarballs

This gets rid of a long standing difficulty for users, explaining how the svn to git converted repo worked, now it's all just one feature, one repo.

2 weeks ago

Estoy pensando en empezar un proyecto nuevo para programar algo de optimización multiobjetivo, pero no se donde alojarlo.

Voy a abandonar GitHub por quién hay detrás (Microsoft) y la movida que hubo con el tema de no respetar las licencias de los proyectos

He pensado en Codeberg aunque están teniendo problemas por la cantidad de gente y peticiones, lo que me echa un poco atrás.

También tengo la opción de GitLab, que lo tengo por ahí como mirror de mis repos antiguos de GitHub.

¿Alguna opinión/recomendación?

#git #gitlab #codeberg #github

2 weeks ago

Migration of #smxi repos from #github to are now completed. The #inxi migration was hard for their migration tool because the git data is very large and complicated, but after numerous tries, it finally got migrated.

I've now updated all the urls used, the self updaters, so that both github and codeberg versions will give users files that have the right data.

I'll probably stop mirroring at end of 2023, the github tokens last 90 days, which should be enough.

2 weeks ago

Migration of all the #smxi projects from #github to #codeberg is almost completed, #inxi is last, running the migration now. This is a tedious process, I opted to mirror via token for up to 90 days, then I'll just start removing the code from github where it makes sense, but I can't remove it all because of the updater tools that will in most cases be pointing at github, so they need to get at least the correct path version once, so will leave up the main code for a while.

2 weeks ago

❌ Enabling 2FA on #github before they lock you out of your account

✅ Switching to #codeberg 😎
2 weeks ago

#Codeberg currently suffers from high load, and we are having a hard time to stay ahead of the scaling issues.

If you mostly test our software or sync your small private projects, consider using for the time being.

Benefits include:

- it runs on the same hardware and stack managed by Codeberg
- you can make use of the latest features
- better performance
- dogfooding helps the Forgejo developers (please report problems!)
- it reduces the load on Codeberg

Read on …

2 weeks ago

Doing initial tests of migrating all my #github repos to - so far seems ok, codeberg docs are good, stuff works as expected. Since #inxi is most complicated, I will do that in a day or two, unless I just do it. Mirroring seems to work ok, but objectively, since it's based on a github token that expires, it's not a long term solution, so I'd rather just move the repos and call it done long term, but short term, mirroring will help packagers etc adjust.

2 weeks ago

Can anyone give any feedback based on firsthand experience on switching from #github to ? I have always disliked github, but some of their most recent nonsense re their attempt to make it into a social media site, and of course, their blatant theft of copyleft code to make their copilot tool makes me ready to dump github.

I think I would miss github for maybe a few milliseconds, except maybe the much larger userbase, but objectively, I don't support anything about github or MS.

Kote Isaev
2 weeks ago

Just signed up at #Codeberg
What a breeze!
Username, email. password, and captcha.
That is all.
No 9000 questions from color of my pants to spell my late uncle used to to open time portals, from my country to my religion, etc etc.
I feel this is become a new trend, to simplify sign up process and "user profiles" at websites, for sake of simplicity and privacy.
#coding #repositories #softwaredevelopment

Konrad Borowski
2 weeks ago

I've started migrating my #GitHub projects to #Codeberg ( due to #GitHub's enforcement of "For You" home page.

Drew Naylor
2 weeks ago

I made a #Codeberg account. Not much is there yet but I'm working on migrating stuff there. Issue titles have a length limit so I also have to copy over the text for issues with long titles into the top of the body.

#programming #GitHub (relevant because I made it due to the recent feed change and the face that they doubled-down on this)

Is #Codeberg having issues for anyone else? It's being extremely slow for me.

2 weeks ago

What's with #codeberg being so slow lately?

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

@fribbledom Wait, why?

git remote set-url origin <codeberg>
git push --set-upstream origin main


#gitHub #codeBerg #dev #git #scm #versionControl

I'm thinking of trying out #codeberg?

3 weeks ago

Is anyone else having trouble viewing #Codeberg issues while logged in? I'm getting 500 Internal Server Errors for some reason and I don't understand why

@amethyst #forgejo is a fork of #gitea! gitea went weirdly commercial (see; forgejo is built by the folks running #codeberg and is just about being free

finally made a #codeberg, planning on migrating most of my code to there instead of on github

@mcc they are destroying #Github just like Windows and Office - they should never have been allowed to buy it. Hopefully Devs will soon get tired and start moving to #Codeberg or other viable alternatives.

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 weeks ago

If you were starting a new side project and you wanted to host in a git site , which would you do? #github #codeberg #gitlab #sideproject

3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

News from #Codeberg: September Edition! Recommendations for #Minigames included

Read what happened during the summer on our blog:

FOSS Android :verified_twtr:
1 month ago

Get Android App Updates Directly From the Source.

Obtainium allows you to install and update Open-Source Apps directly from their releases pages, and receive notifications when new releases are made available.


#FOSS #Android #OpenSource #playstore #FDroid #izzyondroid #obtainium #GitHub #FLOSS #OSS #Privacy #Telegram #GitLab #sourceforge #apkmirror #Signal #steam #app #mullvad #Codeberg #apkpure #Google

Robin Opletal
1 month ago

Aaaand, my new #website is out!

Check it out :)

Source code available on #codeberg

(Still have to finish up #opengraph stuff - tomorrow will be the day)

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

What am I doing? Why, voting to help decide @Codeberg policy as a member.

(Wait a minute, you can’t do that on GitHub? How odd… sounds a bit autocratic to me…) ;)

Seriously, though, check out – they’re doing everything right.

There are alternatives and if we want them to survive, we must support them.

#codeberg #git #scm #github #tech #dev #versionControl

Screenshot of

Voting System → Current Votes

 Should Codeberg, as a platform, in your opinion, opt out of having its content scraped by OpenAI's (like ChatGPT) products specifically?

Relevant discussion: Codeberg-e.V./Discussion#104 (styled as link)

The relevant PR that would enact such a policy can be found here: Codeberg-Infrastructure/build-deploy-forgejo#111 (comment) (styled as link)

Active until: 2023-09-15 00:00:00 UTC

Options are:

Yes (selected)
Abstrain from voting

Voting Token: (partial) BhYc6mmh16IXhrDTtDADe8HwGkrYR
1 month ago

@rtyler when the revolution finally comes, there will be a scramble to secure usernames on #Codeberg

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

@ghorwood I admin multiple #forgejo instances and have also contributed to projects on #codeberg. It's not weird at all, IMO, and Forgejo is awesome!


David Sardari
1 month ago

@jens #codeberg pages works, but it doesn't look good on the security headers side anymore:

The headers I would like to get set:

The "_headers" file is supported by Cloudflare pages. I suppose it's still better to host on Codeberg pages without security headers than on Cloudflare pages with those.

DK1MI // Michael
1 month ago has now a new URL:

The old URL will forward to the new one.

I furthermore did some RSS feed maintance and updated my ham radio feed collection on #codeberg:

This OPML file will always (with some delay) reflect what you see on

If you want to use your own RSS reader and it supports dynamic OPML (like FreshRSS), you can link it to the OPML file in my git repo and it will always be up to date.

#rss #hamradio

1 month ago

@erlend amazing. This would make me move my projects over to GitLab (either self-hosted or the official instance) almost immediately.

Bonus points if #Codeberg, #Gitee, and so on implement a compatible implementation.

David Sardari
1 month ago

After you copied all your repos, gists and other content from GitHub to #codeberg, which of the following would you do?

Below options allow only a limited number of characters. Thus, "point" means "point to Codeberg".

The following lists only repo content as examples for shortness sake.

1 month ago

Having decided on the license, I've put the code up as it s now on #Codeberg
You can test it locally only so far, but it's a start.
The downside is that in the coming days I'll be slowly gearing up for work again, so I'll have less time to dedicate to it.

How to export environment variables between steps in Woodpecker CI?

#WoodpeckerCI #woodpecker #ci #codeberg

Hey everyone, I could use some input on this project / issue.

What would make this most useful to you? Do you have anything to add?

Issues and PRs welcome!

Thanks 💜 :ablobcatheart: 💜


#Tech #Privacy #Data #DataPrivacy #Research # ProjectManagement #OpenSource #CodeBerg
2 months ago

Finally, it's there: Blocking users has recently been added to #Codeberg, thanks to the #Forgejo team.

You feel offended or disturbed? Getting rid of them is just one button away.

Please be reminded: If the users are likely also a problem for other users, save them the trouble and report them to or by mentioning @moderation in an issue.

Dan Jacob
2 months ago

Now I have basic CI working, I've moved my project default origin to #Codeberg. I'll keep a mirror on Github and all my work stuff and old projects there, but Codeberg looks like a good home for new side projects.

Dan Jacob
2 months ago

So figured out the issue with postgres in #codeberg CI: if your service is named "database" your host will be called "database". D'oh!

i.e. just make sure to set the correct environment variables before running tests.

In case anyone else wants to run a #django CI pipeline in Woodpecker, here is my config:

Dan Jacob
2 months ago

Next thing to get working: unable to get postgres service to talk to my Python instance, using same image/env vars as with my local docker setup. Do I need to configure network as well? Where? How?

Again, very little in the way of documentation or examples to work with, this stuff feels very alpha, which is to be expected. #codeberg

Dan Jacob
2 months ago

OK I think I figured it out with #codeberg ci. Once you have requested access you have to log into and enable CI here for your projects:

This was not in the main docs, but down this page:

Dan Jacob
2 months ago access to Woodpecker CI for my #codeberg repo, added .woodpecker-ci.yml file...but no Actions tab, no idea how to proceed or what else is needed 🤷

Magpie Market
2 months ago

For anyone on #codeberg who wants to show their support for a #federated #etsy alternative, starring the repo would be appreciated!

I'm working on getting Magpie Market set up on Open Collective, and stars would help with the approval process.

Please boost 🙂

Hibbitts Design
2 months ago

The next release of Docsify-This will include several accessibility improvements, including better contrast, removal of empty links, and better labeling of various form elements.

Docsify-This might just be the quickest way to go from online #Markdown files to simple web pages! Copy the URL of a #GitHub Markdown file (or #Codeberg, or any raw Markdown file), head over to and paste that URL into the Web Page Builder and tap 'Publish as a Standalone Web Page' button🚀

2 months ago

Why did I thought that #codeberg was a Swedish org ? 🤔

Is autism self-diagnosis valid? Yep. 💜

Hey all, after reading dozens of research papers, and meta-analyses, and living through it, I made a thing!

I'd love it if you'd check it out! 🥰


Update: I've added *a lot* of new stuff to the project.


@actuallyautistic #ActuallyAutistic #Autism #ASD #Trans #SelfDiagnosis #SelfDX #SelfDxIsValid #Research #Codeberg

AI painting of maze-like pathways through a forest, representing obstacles to getting a formal autism diagnosis.

Hey all, just moved everything from #GitHub to #CodeBerg.

I think I updated the relevant links in my posts to point to the correct #Repository, but may have missed some.

2 months ago

#Forgejo 1.20 is released. While we are porting some Codeberg changes and testing the migration, you can already experience the full potential at - hosted on Codeberg's infrastructure.

Join with your Codeberg account, let your team test-drive the new features, and report the problems you find before other #Codeberg usres experience them.

Read more about Forgejo v1.20 on

2 months ago

@alice you didn't think about moving that repo to #codeberg instead of Microsoft's Github ?
2 months ago

Did you know that "pushing your #code to #GitHub" is not how to #OpenSource a project?

It is about adding a Free #License, and you can push anywhere you want, including #Codeberg, for example :)

#FreeSoftware #ServiceTweet

📝 Blog post: I have published post about my migration to, it features guide on setting up redirect from GitHub and extended guide on setting up Codeberg pages with #jekyll

#Codeberg #Blog #blogpost

Edit: I promise this is the last edit :P

Pelle Wessman
2 months ago

@toxi How’s #Codeberg handling issues, PR:s and such?

Ideally any post- #GitHub host would make use of something like #GitBug ( or similar to have the issue data live with the code repositories

That and/or do a #Fediverse / #IndieWeb approach and have people publish their issues and pull requests on their own sites / instances and then notify the upstream repository about that. See eg:

Is #Codeberg doing any of that?

Karsten Schmidt
2 months ago

PSA: I just created a #Codeberg mirror of the #ThingUmbrella monorepo with its 180+ packages/projects (for now still remaining on #GitHub, but slowly/gradually migrating all other projects):

Somewhat related, all public projects are also archived at @swheritage: