Sal Rahman
3 hours ago

Hint for day 3: if it feels like grunt work, then you are doing it right.

There's no special tricks for this.

#AdventOfCode #Coding #Programming #Puzzles #December

Christopher K. Horton
3 hours ago

I found out recently from a coworker about #AdventOfCode . I will have to take a look at that if I have some time after finishing holiday shopping.

#coding #programming

Šimon Tóth
5 hours ago

📆 Day 3 of Advent of Code 2023 is here. Today, we are decoding an engine schematic.

😊 Part two today was perhaps the first interesting problem, so how did you do?

💡 Share your solutions.

#cpp #cplusplus #coding #programming #dailybiteofcpp #adventofcode

5 hours ago

I've managed to stumble my way through day 1 and 2 of #adventOfCode but day 3 is a whole other story.

Not sure where to start but I just got flashbacks to the knights tour style problems for some reason.

#code #coding #programming

9 hours ago

Spent hours struggling with part 1 today while living in fear of @samwho's warning that part 2 would likely require a full rewrite. My convoluted solution only required a minor tweak though, miraculously.

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Stefan Temme
10 hours ago

Heute mit 32 Minuten inkl Mittagessen voll in der Zeitgrenze. Die initiale Datenstruktur hat auch zum zweiten Stern gehalten. Dann noch ein bisschen Array<=> Set hin und her und der zweite Stern purzelten raus. Hätte schöner sein können, aber ok.

#typescript #coding

I've completed "Gear Ratios" - Day 3 - Advent of Code 2023 #AdventOfCode

Your Autistic Life
10 hours ago

(Please boost for reach.)


"Lucid dream startup says engineers can write code in their sleep. Work may never be the same"

:headache: As someone who occasionally lucid dreams, I can tell you that lucid dreaming does not work this way. I'm also a software engineer, by the way.

The last thing we need is bloody capitalists trying to colonize our dreams.

Also, dear Fortune, your ability at predicting anything is awful. I give you the picture below which shows the problem. (It includes Forbes for good measure, because it sucks too.)

#USNews #FortuneMagazine #idiots #startups #software #coding #engineering #LucidDreaming #LucidDreams #capitalism #ElizabethHolmes #SamBankmanFried #Forbes

Covers of Forbes and Fortune with Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried.
Thomas Loock
12 hours ago

I just completed "Gear Ratios" - Day 3 - Advent of Code 2023 #AdventOfCode #Python #Coding #Programming #Fun

My code for day 3 is too long to post here. Sorry.
13 hours ago

Building the new opt-in feature requires some refactoring in Keila’s email renderer.

A great opportunity to make the code much more readable:

Do you have examples of code you’ve refactored recently?

#elixirlang #myelixirstatus #coding #buildinpublic

21 hours ago

#Today I set up my own Mastodon server. I've got a project in mind for it, it's not for general use so I won't publicise it yet.

I have to say … it wasn't easy? I went with DigitalOcean's easy one-click install and some of the instructions/documentation were out of date and confusing. I got as far as the site working and being up and running but I wasn't an admin.

I got it all sorted out anyway. Mastodon and its future are very important to me and I hope to be part of it in a much more engaged way as a contributor.


#mastodon #coding #programming #code #webdev #digitalocean #webdevelopment #software #fediverse

Zelphir Kaltstahl
1 day ago

Solved day 02 of #adventofcode in #elixir [1].

Having trouble with some PEG parsing library I wanted to use for reading in the input into structured data to work with. Instead I had to manually split strings and extract parts. Meh. I hope I will figure out how to use Xpeg, to avoid having to spend time on writing functions to extract data from input.

I learned Elixir doesn't have inner functions. Functional arguments pattern matching to the rescue.



Em :official_verified:
1 day ago

Is being a "minimalist programmer" a thing? 👀

As in a programmer who specializes in coding with as few external dependencies as possible. Or is this just generally frown upon?

#Programming #Coding

Dev Leader
1 day ago

"Just build things!" is the advice you keep hearing... but what should you build?

Read more in this post:

#programming #coding #learntocode

Dev Leader Blog Post
Šimon Tóth
1 day ago

📆 Day 2 of Advent of Code 2023 is here. Today, we are parsing information about cubes.

😱 Did you struggle with the parsing?
😉 What was your approach?

#cpp #cplusplus #coding #programming #dailybiteofcpp #adventofcode

Sal Rahman
1 day ago
👨‍💻🎮 Jeff 📷 🎲
1 day ago

Most of these have been generated just by putting the cursor on my method, pressing cmd+i and typing „/tests“

Of course, you need to review the samples and check if the expected values are correct, but in 90% of the cases, it was!

There is NO (!) reason to neglect this help. Use it:

#developing #coding #code #devops #secops #developer #dev

Thomas Loock
1 day ago

I just completed "Cube Conundrum" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2023 #AdventOfCode #Python #Programming #Coding #Fun

This is the code for day 2 in python

import math

data = [line.strip().split('; ') for line in open('input.txt', 'r')]
loaded = {'red': 12, 'green': 13, 'blue': 14}
sum_1 = sum_2 = 0
for id, game in enumerate(data, start=1):
    game[0] = game[0].split(': ')[1]
    valid = True
    least = {'red':0, 'green':0, 'blue':0}
    for draw in game:
        for sub in draw.split(', '):
            amount, color = sub.split()
            # condition for part 1
            if int(amount) > loaded[color]:
                valid = False
            # condition for part 2
            least[color] = max([least[color], int(amount)])
    sum_1 += valid and id
    sum_2 +=

print(f'Part 1: {sum_1}')
print(f'Part 2: {sum_2}')

# Graphics made with
Stefan Temme
1 day ago

So... wieder ca 40 Minuten gebraucht. Insgeamt fand ich es heute einfacher als gestern, wohl auch weil ich regEx direkt in die Tonne getreten habe.
Der "Overhead" für Typescript hat es heute leichter gemacht in Teil 2.
Dafür hatte ich Teil 1 leicht overengineered, da ich Variablität an den falschen Stellen eingebracht habe (dynmischer game validator)

#typescript #coding

I just completed "Cube Conundrum" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2023 #AdventOfCode

1 day ago

With December comes Christmas season, and i just happen to change my site decor to fit a bit more with the theme:

#Coding #Chritsmas #Websites #Smallweb #Indieweb #personalwebsites

1 day ago

Hey everyone! 👋 Super stoked to be part of this community as a software engineering student! 🌐 Excited to connect with peers, fellow coders, and friends who share the same passion. 😊

Just dived into the world of Python yesterday, and the thrill is real! 🐍 Python's versatility in networking, web dev, and more has me buzzing with excitement. 💻

Stay tuned for updates on my learning journey I'd love your insights, feedback, and maybe even some collaboration ideas! 🙌 #Tech #coding

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 days ago

I'd love to use SVG, there's cool stuff you could do with it...

But it's so fucking broken and heaven forbid you comment on a 15+ year old bug with your use case because you get hit with a big fat dismissive attitude.

Anyway, this text effect could have been done without duplication & the text could have been selectable.

IF SVG worked.

That's not the case, so a non-selectable duplicated text is all you get

#svg #rant #coding #css #textEffect #frontend #webDev #filter

Text cutout with the magenta panel it's cut out of being sliced diagonally and the slices offset along their length in a direction depending on their parity. The panel slices project shadows onto those below them vertically on the page and onto the purple textured background behind.
Schenklklopfer Gaming
2 days ago

Los geht's! Der Stream läuft!

Schneefall / Snowfall

#streaming #gaming #coding

Live stream preview
2 days ago

I'm going to make an effort at doing #adventofcode this year. I fully expect to fall behind and generally be slow, because life, but these #programming exercises are interesting, and I need something to re-sharpen my newborn #parenting brain.

I'm doing everything in #nodejs #javascript because, you know what, I like it, despite all the (sometimes justified) hate it receives. Also, that's what my static site generator is written in, so that's where my #coding brain is currently most comfortable.

Jerzy Jarmasz
2 days ago

This is either complete bullshit (my suspicion) or utter depravity that needs to be stopped in it's tracks. Having people work in their sleep, ferchrissakes... #LucidDreaming #Neuroscience #coding

Does anyone know a relatively easy method for converting #Scratch .SB files into something glossier? Is there a path for that with #Godot or #Gamemaker? I thought we'd be going from Scratch to Snap to Python, but the first step is changing the games so significantly that it feels like it's a reduction instead of an enhancement.


#Coding #GameDev #Teaching #WontSomebodyPleaseThinkOfTheChildren

Zelphir Kaltstahl
2 days ago
2 days ago
Meow ?
2 days ago

Been quite awhile since I've tried to write anything. Do I attempt #adventOfCode to get out of this funk?

The few things I made were in #python and #ruby. Should I pick them back up? Try each problem in multiple languages?

#programming #coding #code

2 days ago
Which one?
Noelle :verified:
2 days ago

I feel myself getting back into learning web design. 😀

I was looking at the HTML code of a Neocities blog and realized I understood what almost all of it meant, so I have made some progress. 😅

Just feels like I haven't because I don't know a lot of CSS. 😖

#WebDev #coding #WebDesign #HTML #CSS

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

Tell me how long you’ve been in #WebDevelopment without telling me. I’ll start:

My first web page was hosted by my local dial-up Internet service provider. The URL had a tilde (`~`) in it. #JavaScript hadn’t been invented yet.

chmod 777 cgi-bin/

#WebDev #programming #coding #development

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 days ago

Came across this cool #CSS pattern - uses 35 gradients, so I instantly knew I could simplify it and make it easily customisable.

So here it is my version on #CodePen - 9 gradients with n set to 4. Because yes, you can change n! 😎

#coding #pattern #cssPattern #cssGradient #frontend #code #maths #blending #blendMode #xor #logic #trigonometry #geometry #webDev #webDevelopment

Screenshot of the linked demo with $n being 5, so we have a diagonal 5 rain drips repeating pattern.
Chris Simpson
2 days ago

That bittersweet feeling when you discover the album that you wanted to make has already been made by somebody else

Dammit, it's soooo lush and cnematic

#music #coding

album cover comprised of what looks like a pencil drawn terrain map of moutains, valleys, rivers and what looks like a small town
Noelle :verified:
2 days ago

How does my Neocities blog have over 300 views when it looks really bad?? Lol. 🤣

Which reminds me, I need to redo the home page...

#coding #blog #neocities #webdev

Šimon Tóth
2 days ago

📆 Day 1 of Advent of Code 2023 is here. Today, we are extracting digits from text.

🥰 Let me know how you managed today.

🔥 Did you take the time to implement a proper optimal solution for part two? 🔥

#cpp #cplusplus #coding #programming #dailybiteofcpp #adventofcode

2 days ago

Got some pretty neat dashing and sliding sections going on here

#gamedev #indiegame #coding
#dev #indiedev #unity #madewithunity #gaming #videogames #gameplay

2 days ago

Somehow, whenever I write Rust, I feel like it's not really for me. I always spend so much time dealing with Rust logic, and so little time on actually writing the code I want.

I can understand how it suits a lot of people to have an extremely clear visualization of the path their code takes when it runs, but I prefer to write less code, even in that means sacrificing performance.

#Rust #Rustlang #programming #software #coding #softwaredevelopment

Ana Tudor 🐯
2 days ago

So this pure #CSS gravity button has been my most popular demo in November.

You can check out the live demo on #CodePen:

#codevember #coding #frontend #gravity #webDev #webDevelopment #particles #physics #CSSphysics

Animated GIF. Shows particles accelerating towards, smashing into and then exploding upon colliding with a button. There's also the option of viewing the animation in slow motion by checking a checkbox.
Anders Thoresson
2 days ago

I’ve an itch to start exploring #Python for small personal projects using #LLM on local text files.

Did some #coding in PHP like two decades ago. Not much #programming since then.

Where/how do I get started? Tools? Libraries? Tutorials?

MacOS will be where I do this.

Code The City
3 days ago

Come to One Tech Hub, Aberdeen on Weds 13th December to hear about the importance of testing your code in Python.

Whether you are a data science student, a seasoned full stack developer or an aspiring coder, Arturo will offer words of wisdom. Bring a laptop and code along.

Come at 6pm for drinks, pizza and networking .

#datascience #machinelearning #coding #python #aberdeen #AI

3 days ago

Alright, I've set up my repo for Advent of Code. As in the past, I'll be using C# and building for readability and correctness instead of code golf or racing the leaderboards. This year I finally figured out how to keep the input files out of source control. Now I don't have to feel guilty about leaking the prompts! :blobfoxupsidedown:​

My solutions will be on GitHub, updated as I complete them:

#AdventOfCode #AdventOfCode2023 #AOC2023 #Dev #Coding #Programming #CSharp #DotNet

3 days ago

💫 Get ready for our "Frontend Rewind 2023" in December! ✨

We got daily doses of design inspiration, frontend articles, resources, and exclusive deals!

Join us as we rewind the clock on 2023's highlights! Stay tuned for the kickoff!

#frontend #webdesign #advent #webdevelopment #design #coding #inspiration #2023 #adventcalendar

Lewis Westbury 💛💙🌱
4 days ago

#AdventOfCode starts tomorrow.
Good luck everybody taking part! 🙌

Last year I made it to day 11 with a #BBCMicro... Still not quite decided what my challenge this year will be.

#Coding #Challenge #Competition #Dev #Developers #Christmas #Advent


KuJoe 💞
4 days ago

I spent 30 minutes trying to get a #PHP script working but I could not get it to display the right result no matter what. I could pull everything else from the database except the value I needed. I will revisit it tomorrow and I might have to scrap the whole database. I've run into this in the past but I forget how to fix it. Oh well.

#coding #code #dev

Multiverse Mike
4 days ago

Just a reminder I post my #coding babble and #activitypub development progress on a seperate account now -


If ya wanna talk #code and #fediverse dev I'd love to have you as a mutual over there!

4 days ago

What is your favorite tool for making software diagrams?

What diagrams do you turn to?

I often find myself using sequence diagrams in to help myself think through things

#coding #programming #SoftwareEngineering

Šimon Tóth
4 days ago

std::as_const is a C++17 utility that simplifies const-casting, specifically the safe variant of adding a const qualifier.

Notably, this utility is more ergonomic in generic contexts than the standard const_cast.

Compiler Explorer link:

#cpp #cplusplus #coding #programming #dailybiteofcpp

4 days ago

Today we have something special for you ✨ Join Yuri as he explores creating an interactive 3D glass portal using React Three Fiber with Gaussian Splatting and real-world objects! 🗿

Check it out:

#threejs #webgl #3d #gaussiansplatting #javascript #r3f #webdevelopment #coding

Ana Tudor 🐯
4 days ago


An absolutely positioned child/ pseudo with
`inset: 0`
covers its parent's `padding-box`.


If the parent has a `border` and you want the entire `border-box` covered, then you need to set `inset` to the value of the `border-width` *with minus*.

The #CodePen demo behind the illustration

#css #CSSTricks #tipsAndTricks #frontend #coding #webDev #webDevelopment

The code in the two cases described above plus the visual result for each.

It's really nice when I can complete a whole ass week one homework assignment on my Android, during my lunch break.

The assignment was to build a simple cost calculator in Python. Bonus Seinfeld reference included. I used the PyDroid editor for this one. I like the functionality it has, especially portable.

#python #programming #coding

5 days ago

When I was in my 20s, I took great pride in writing Very Clever Code™ that was amazing and impressive and very very cool.

And nobody would understand it so nobody would use it. So I may as well have never written it.

So I learned “programmer empathy” and documentation. Put yourself in the head of another developer who is coming to this code fresh knowing absolutely nothing. What are their assumptions? What questions will they have? How can my solution help them?

#programming #coding 1/2

Purple 💜🌈
5 days ago

Current progress of redoing my site. :HackThePlanet:

- Got tags (like hashtags) figured out.

- Permalinks seem alright. I think I got those figured out.

- Fixed a tag issue I had because 1 file didn't have slugify in there.

- Got post blurbs made.

- Realized that you can put pages in subfolders without ruining the permalink. So I'm organizing my code right now since I have a ton of pages.

- Need to work on art gallery next.

#WebDev #Coding #11ty #Neocities

5 days ago

Fifteen days and a week ago I already said here that I was learning #Rust. But for reasons that bother me, I'm only now starting to install and learn (once again). Today I taught the first steps in three hours :yayblob: 🦀
⚙️ Day 1/100

#100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfRust #begin #rustlang #learning #coding

Purple 💜🌈
5 days ago

Site update:

Sad to say that it's going to take way longer than I thought. I need to redo the code to make the SSG parts of the site work. ⛄

#WebDev #Coding #11ty #Neocities

5 days ago

"IP logs show that accounts for Coding Unicorn, a female tech influencer who's built a following based on her coding advice and Instagram influencer posts, are run by a male developer and conference organizer."

#technology #AI #coding

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
5 days ago

It's a bit of a mindset shift to think of #coding as an art that I can refine and master, rather than just a skill to improve.

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
5 days ago

Funny story. While watching #BlueEyeSamurai on #Netflix yesterday, there is a scene where the sword master talks about mastering your art. And the love and dedication you put into making even small improvements to your process.

This made me think of my art, #WebDev.

So today I made a tiny improvement to my #Development process that I've always thought about doing. I set up a GPG key to sign my #Git commits.

A small thing that feels meaningful.


Ana Tudor 🐯
5 days ago

#CSSchallenge2023 How would you code this with:

⚠️ 1 element, no pseudos
⚠️ pure CSS
⚠️ under 5 CSS declarations
⚠️ at most 400 bytes
❌ no JS
⚠️ no SVG, no images in general save for at most 4 CSS gradients

#css #coding #challenges #codingChallenge #frontend #webDev #webDevelopment #cssGradient

Screenshot. Shows a pattern on a white background with 6 alternating (3 on one side, 3 on the other) half circles going down along 6 vertical lines. The half circles on the right of the vertical lines are a very dark grey, close to black, while the others are in two different neon bands depending on the column's parity - for odd columns, they go from pink, through red-orange to gold, while for even one they go from lime though cyan-lightblue to blue.
Ana Tudor 🐯
6 days ago

Here's an animated illustration of how increasing the `stroke-width` in DevTools turns a dashed line into a stripe pattern.

#svg #stripes #svgPattern #pattern #coding #frontend #webDev #webDevelopment

Animated GIF. On the left, it shows the example SVG with a dashed line from the top left corner to the bottom right one. On the right, it shows the `stroke-width` in DevTools and how gradually increasing its value from 1% to 83% in this case turns the dashed line into a diagonal stripe pattern.
Ana Tudor 🐯
6 days ago

#tinySVGtip Been using this forever, but don't think I've ever shared it here.

Easily create stripes along any direction in SVG!

✨ draw a line along that direction
✨ make it dashed
✨ make it much thicker
✨ no, not like that... I really mean much thicker!

That's it! 🥳🎉

Here it is, illustrated with #code on #CodePen:

#svg #stripes #svgPattern #pattern #coding #frontend #webDev #webDevelopment

1️⃣ Draw a line along the direction of the stripes, let's say along the main diagonal.

Defaults for x1, y1, x2, y2 are all 0 and we want the start point x1,y1 to be at 0,0 (top left corner) anyway, so we only set x2,y2 at 100%,100% (bottom right corner).

<line x2='100%' y2='100%' stroke='orange'/>

This draws an orange ine along the main diagonal, from the top left corner to the bottom right one.

2️⃣ Make this line dashed.

<line x2='100%' y2='100%' stroke='orange' stroke-dasharray='20%'/>

This makes the line dashed.

3️⃣ Make this line thicker.

<line x2='100%' y2='100%' stroke='orange' stroke-dasharray='20%' stroke-width='20%'/>

This makes the dashed line thicker.

4️⃣ No, not like that... really, much thicker!

<line x2='100%' y2='100%' stroke='orange' stroke-dasharray='20%' stroke-width='150%'/>

The dashed line is now so thick that the dash lines stretch perpendicularly onto it to the point they cover the entire SVG rectangle.
kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
6 days ago

Thinking about reducing tools. I use GitHub for my code management, Notion for my internal documentation, Linear for my tickets…

Just because we use this at work and it's familiar. But I think it's too much. GitHub could do anything of that and I would probably miss nothing. 🤔

I think I should look tomorrow if I can find a tool to transfer my Linear issues to GitHub. I definitely need to keep it more simple to use my limited time for coding and not for managing tools.

#Coding #WebDev

Jeff Forcier
6 days ago

So is #AdventOfCode actually any good? I have a pile of anecdata asserting that historically, it turns into completely impenetrable wanker bullshit by day ~10 out of 24.

I /might/ actually have the bandwidth for it this year, but I would much rather put the time into personal projects or OSS if I'm gonna feel compelled to give up on an advent halfway through.

#programming #coding #advent

Code The City
6 days ago

Join us at One Tech Hub, Aberdeen on Weds 13th December to hear about the importance of testing your code in Python.

Whether you are a data science student, a seasoned full stack developer or an aspiring coder, Arturo will offer words of wisdom. Bring a laptop and code along.

Come at 6pm for drinks, pizza and networking .

#datascience #machinelearning #coding #python #aberdeen #AI

kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
1 week ago

I would like to change the request to something like: I'm looking for good a UI/UX book. I guess this would be more successful.

Has to be available in Europe with shipping in the next days.

#Coding #WebDev #UI #UX #UIUX #Learning #Book

Kevin C. Tofel
1 week ago

My son used his first #CSS pseudo-element today.

As a father, my work is done and I consider this the pinnacle of my parenting achievements. #WebDev #coding

A partial screenshot of CSS elements and properties for a web page, including a pseudo-element for the first line of any content in the question class.
Noelle :verified:
1 week ago

Lol clearly I don't know a lot of CSS code because I'm editing the CSS file on my Neocities blog and nothing I'm doing is changing the way it looks...kinda hilarious 🤣 :blobcatcode:

#coding #CSS #WebDev

Dana Hsiao
1 week ago

Hello everyone!

I'm a software engineer mainly interested in #AR, #VR, and #GameDev. I love the feeling of creating worlds for people to enjoy and solving the puzzles that #coding creates. I also have some experience in #fullstack #WebDev, though #CSS frustrates me and #backend stuff makes me a little nervous haha.

Currently my main games are #GuildWars2 and #Minecraft. I'm also a fan of #PokemonGo, #FarmRPG, and more recently #Gubbins.


Sal Rahman
1 week ago

I think I found a decent solution to unmarshalling JSON-LD in Go.

Use Mitchell Hashimoto's mapstructure library.

#Go #GoLang #JSONLD #Programming #Coding

Code snippet:

type SingleID struct {
	ID string `mapstructure:"@id"`

type SingleValue[T any] struct {
	Value T `mapstructure:"@value"`

type Person struct {
	ID   string                `mapstructure:"@id"`
	Type []string              `mapstructure:"@type"`
	Name []SingleValue[string] `mapstructure:""`
	Age  []SingleValue[int]    `mapstructure:""`
	Dog  []SingleID            `mapstructure:""`