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2023 4 décembre


🤒 J'ai été malade ces quatre derniers jours. Ce soir je me sens mieux.

#sante #health #cold #disease

⚡ Comme j'avais du mal à me concentrer sur quoi que ce soit, j'ai repensé complètement mes cartes #anki. Les furigana reflèteront désormais la prononciation du kanji : on'yomi en katakana et kun'yomi en hiragana.

#japonais #japanese #日本語

📚 Ce soir je vais enfin pouvoir lire avant de dormir.

#livre #livres #books #lecture #reading

Over The Rainbow
9 hours ago

#Cold and forgot my had and jacket at home #today #gay

My self wearing a scarf on my head
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#temparature #winter #cold

Roni Laukkarinen
10 hours ago

@jameskoole @sebastianhahn @WTL @mlawton -20 ºC this morning, took this picture right after my morning run when I was melted down for a minute. It will most probably get colder here in Finland. Not very pleasant running temperature, it hits on hour breath and face.

#Running #RolleJuoksee #Weather #Juoksu #Juokseminen #Cold

Elevator selfie, frozen white beard

And they were fresh handmade Spätzle as well, not just cooked up dry Spätzle… 😞︎

#Potluck #LinsenMitSpätzle #cold #sickness

A short clip of Clare (from Claymore) as a child uncontrollably sobbing while embracing Teresa subtitled “When you prepare huge amounts of Lentis with Spätzle for the potluck but cannot go because you have a cold”.
Mark Dixon
20 hours ago

TIL Face ID doesn’t work mid sneeze #apple #faceid #cold

20 hours ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes

During walks, especially once temperatures drop my old pair of airpods tend to die by the time I reach the half way point of my walk. When they’re getting old the batteries in airpods don’t last as long in cold conditions but they’re fine in warm conditions.

A few years ago when a pair of airpods died I didn’t immediately put both to charge and so one of them was dead, dead, not just temporarily dead. I tried to get Apple to sell me a replacement airpods but the person I dealt with was asking me over and over what the problem was and I told him, over and over. In the end I got so tired of dealing with this induhvidual (intentional spelling) and just ordered a new pair.

I looked at the price for replacing the charger and individual earphones and came to the conclusion that it was cheaper to just get a new pair. Sometimes they sell for 189 CHF and other times the same airpods sell for 110 so I buy them when they’re cheaper. The airpods that I killed are no longer in use.

Since then I have bought two new pairs, at least one and a half years between purchases. I use my airpods for every walk I go on, so one and a half hours a day. I also often use them when cooking so that’s even heavier use.

When airpods are new they’re fine with the heat, and the cold, so you can use the same pair without worry. It’s when they have been used for a year or two that they begin to hate the cold of winter. It’s at this time that the left ear usually dies. If an airpod dies while you’re walking you’re stuck without audio. During phone calls you go from a video chat that’s easy to hear, to impossible to hear, due to ambient noise traffic.

That’s where the second pair of airpods comes into play. Yesterday when I was walking I used my old airpods until I started to run. Half way through the run the old airpods died, so I swapped them for the new airpods and continued my run.

The point about airpods is that even when they don’t last as well in cold weather they are still good for years. By buying a second pair you can have a primary pair, that you plan to use for the entire walk, and the secondary pair for when the primary fails.

Why Not Wired?

You might ask “why not use wired earphones in cold conditions and the reason is “comfort”. Airpods are more versatile and practical when you’re wearing layers of clothing, coats and more. I do use wired earphones when it’s windy, when I know I’ll be talking on the phone.

With airpods it’s hard to shelter them from the wind but with wired earphones the mic is easy to shield from the wind. You can continue your walk and your conversation, without the person you’re talking with struggling to hear you.

And Finally

Airpods come in a small convenient charging box so it’s easy to walk with a spare pair in winter. The point is not that you buy two pairs at once. The point is that you buy one pair and use it until it starts suffering in winter, and a new pair, to use as a backup when the old pair fails. The old pair then heat up and recharge as you continue your walk. Once winter is over you can go back to carrying a single pair of airpods again.

#airpods #batteryLife #cold #winter

View of Signy Centre on a cloudy day
Cinnamonbread :verified:
1 day ago

2023-12 | Cinnamonbread: Playing Sick!

So! So! That lil brat plays sick!!! She doesn't want to go to school tomorrow!! 😞 :blobangry: :blobcatpolice:

How should we handle this situation? :blobcat_sip: :blobcatsurprised:

Model: Jordan created by @skared

#3D #3DCGI #Loli #Lolicon #Cute #Pretty #Blonde #Jordan #Skared #Hot #Spicy #Sexy #Cold #Ill #Sick

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#temparature #winter #cold

2 days ago

Ugh this is me at the moment. Will I ever be warm again? Answers on a postcard...
#cats #winter #cold

2 days ago

#Raining, #cold and so dark at 13:43 that I need a light on to see what I'm doing.
#WInter #weather #rain

2 days ago

It's pretty chill outside 🥶❄️

Have a nice first Advent!

#snow #cold #selfie #outside #maingron #hoodie #beard #walking #christmas #december #chill #me #travel #germany #leipzig #happy

Selfie of Maingron in the cold. He's wearing a thick jacket, a hoodie, and others.
Jonathan Wright
2 days ago

Cold weather: What does an unheated room do to your body?

I was born with blue feet & get problems with the 'cold' every year outside of May-Sept.

Little wonder I long to go into hibernation each autumn / fall, or better still live where the temperature never falls below 18c, day or night.

Not only is cold, wet weather, and dark days, depressing, working or living in temperatures below 18c has a detrimental effect on my health.

#Health #MentalHealth #Cold

2 days ago
Tony Crenshaw's Latte
2 days ago

Of course, if I'm gonna link to that song, I have to link to this excellent Nyango Starr live drum cover. Surely most people have watched this by now, but we could always use a refresher. I know I could.

#Music #Winter #Cold #Futon #JRock #NyangoStarr #Drum #Drums

Tony Crenshaw's Latte
2 days ago

It's getting pretty darn cold now. That can only mean that 'tis the season to start listening this gem of a song again.

#Music #Winter #Cold #Futon #JRock

2 days ago

Ice drifting down the river Neris in Vilnius.

#Lithuania #Vilnius #Neris #River #Cold #Winter

View over the river Neris. Small roundish chunks of ice have formed but not yet connected and are drifting down the river with the current. People are walking along the side in winter clothes. Snow covers the banks.
Linda Sgoluppi Artist
2 days ago

When the frost is the artist and makes the wayside even more beautiful than usual. Taken earlier today. #Frost #Cold #mastodon #fedverse #art

Frost covered wayside plants  #lindasgoluppiart
2 days ago


#temparature #winter #cold

2 days ago

we are hanging out by the radiator #caturday #cats #catsofmastodon #cold

my cat n me by the radiator trying to keep warm
Fly Boy
2 days ago

Is it the #flu, #Covid or just a #cold? Ultimate #guide on how to tell your #symptoms apart this winter…

Many of us are plagued with runny noses, sore throats and coughs over the winter. But how can you tell if it's flu, Covid or a cold? Experts at Nottingham Trent University explain.
3 days ago

With all this fresh #snow on the ground, Ashika and I decided to have a #SnowFort building #contest! 😊❄️ I think I won, though her's isn't too bad either 😅

🎨: @pielordcollin
⌨️: @justyourbud

#Winter #SnowDay #SnowCastle #Snowball #Art #Snowman #Competition #Contests #WinterWonderland #Cold #Christmas #Holidays #HappyHolidays

Akaei and Ashika stand in front of their respective snow forts, with Buttercup looking at Akaei's in shock behind her. Akaei's fort is a large castle structure, while Ashika's is a sad pile of snow. Ashika looks embarassed and Akaei looks very proud of herself. Way to destroy her ego, Akaei.
3 days ago


#temparature #winter #cold

Kit Irving
4 days ago


#Yoga #HotYoga #Winter #Cold #Exercise #Silly #Meme

Pie chart meme, at the top: Reasons I go to Hot Yoga." The pie chart is mostly orange with a tiny piece that is blue. Next to the chart is the key showing blue means "Exercise/yoga" and orange means: Being Warm
China Business Forum
4 days ago

2024 The 11st China (Shanghai) Int’l #Health, #Wellness, #Fitness Expo presents fitness, #rehabilitation, and #cold treatment equipment, #sports #nutrition, functional #drinks and more. 29. February-2. March, 2024. #Shanghai New International #Expo Center, #China.

4 days ago

When I awoke to #cold #weather (for south #UK) morning my first thought was how hideous it is that the UK is supposedly #developed but across all UK #countries, in every #county there are people who cannot #afford to keep #warm. #HeatorEat is bad enough but there are thousands who don't even have a space they could #heat. #Shame on the #tories. #homeless #freezing #heating #warmth #coldfeetatchristmas #coldChristmas #Shelter #poverty

4 days ago

Here we go round the Mulberry Bush, on a cold and frosty morning... 🎵

#Edinburgh #Edimbourg #photography #cold #frost #nature

Green and red leaves with red berries, covered in ftost
Green and red leaves with red berries, covered in ftost
Christian Wöhrl
4 days ago



Im Gitter eines glänzend blau-schwarzen Zauns hat sich ein einzelnes vertrocknetes EichBlatt verfangen, das teilweise von Schnee und Eis bedeckt ist. Ein einzelner Tropfen ganz unten am Stiel des Blatts ist gefroren. Das Blatt ist von hinten beleuchtet und die Adern sind deutlich sichtbar. Der unscharfe HinterGrund des Fotos, es könnten einzelne Bäume und heller Himmel sein, ist stark überBelichtet und hat einen leichten GrünStich, wodurch die Szenerie noch etwas kühler wirkt.
4 days ago

Happy #Thursday from the #Northland!

We're watching a weak #cold #front pass through the region this afternoon. A few #flurries could fall, and it will bring #cooler #temperatures.

The #Northern #Lights did not show up as strong as one would have liked Wednesday night in our area. The #forecast for Thursday night remains favorable. Hopefully the #weather will cooperate and we won't have too many #clouds to block the view.

#wxtooter #wx #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

The satellite and radar over the Northland at 1:20 p.m. on Thursday, November 30, 2023 shows a line of clouds and a few flurries moving from northwest to southeast across the region.  Where the front is not located, skies are clear of clouds.
Temperatures in the Northland just before 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 30, 2023 range from 29 to 41 degrees.  Locations ahead of a cold front are in the upper 30s and low 40s.  Locations where the front has passed are in the upper 20s and low 30s.
Wind speeds in the Northland just before 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 30, 2023 range from 5 to 17 mph.  Wind direction is from the north and northwest.
The Northern Lights Forecast remains on track for Thursday night, which includes a high likelihood that they will be visible across the Northland.  Cloud cover may be the only reason they will not be visible.
Jason Stiff
4 days ago

It was a frosty final morning of November on Thursday... a jacket was required, Phil Collins! I'll have your 7-day weather forecast for the first week of December at noon on MTN!

#Montana #Billings #Q2 #KTVQ #MTN #Wyoming #chilly #cold #jacket #PhilCollins #Thursday #Friday #November #December #weather #wx #mtwx #wywx #MastodonWeather #MastodonWX #weatherMastodon #wxmastodon

Most of the lake is iced over this morning; with the sun, will be gone in a couple of hours. A pair of mergansers are paddling around in the open water.

5 days ago

It is 2 degrees here. It’s warmer than it has been. The cold is not bice for those who have to deal with chronic pain.


Abish Stephen
5 days ago

-2 C this morning. Saw a bloke riding a metric cruiser bike, wearing no gloves, bell moto lid and wing tips for shoes! How?! #cold 🥶

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
5 days ago

Just because: I tried to take a photo of the ancient church (with flash) across the green from my garden a short time ago (just to see). It looked like it was snowing through the lens but it's not, just fog/mist but not visible with the naked eye. #Weather #Mastodon #Fediverse #Cold

David Allan
6 days ago

A dusting of snow first thing across parts of Wearside, but it didn't last.
I would have gone out to take a photograph, but I had a photo-processing deadline to reach from a job last night.
Late autumn, but feeling like a winter's day today on Sunderland's seafront in North East England. Even when it's shining, the sun struggles to exude and real warmth.

#England #Sunderland #coast #seaside #autumn #cold #landscape #photography

A single tree growing among sand dunes on the beach at Seaburn, Sunderland, in North East England. In the distance, Roker Pier and Lighthouse.
Steve Henderson Fine Art
6 days ago

On a snowy winter day, I like to walk through the landscape and just listen to the hush: there are still sounds, like the trickling flow of water in the stream, but they are lightly muted by the cold blanket of white. Even my footsteps are subdued, quieted.

Winter Solitude framed print --

#winter #snow #landscape #art #nature #artwork #country #rural #mastoart #fediart #fedigiftshop #painting #watercolor #stevehenderson #buyintoart #ayearforart #walk #quiet #peace #cold

Framed print of an original watercolor painting by Steve Henderson depicting a snowy winter scene by the river.
6 days ago

One of the coolest (ha! pun) things about biking when it is cold is when you arrive and warm up

A 25 minute bike ride at 25F allows you to get just cold enough to really appreciate the warmth of a building

#biking #winterbikecommuting #cold

Warner Crocker
1 week ago

Yeah. It’s cold. First time for the winter gear.

#Chicago #weather #cold

Selfie taken for the first time in winter gear this season.
Markus Falk
1 week ago


What are people searching for.

google trends common cold
google trends cough
Roni Laukkarinen
1 week ago

Cold Hot
-20 °C (-4 °F) 75 °C (167 °F)

The Finnish extremes. 🇫🇮🤘

#Finnish #Finland #Sauna #Cold #Weather

Me on a walk with my goatee all frozen
My sauna ready and warm, red heat between the steamy rocks
Blurry Bits Photography
1 week ago

If you've been following me a while, you know that if it's 25 degrees outside in the morning, I've probably been out there way too long.

Taming that GoPro is proving a challenge, blown out several morning timelapses so far. 🌄
Phone was definitely easier, but with the quality trade-off.

Gonna have to go full manual I think, but should be worth the trouble once I get it right..

Yeah, frosty macros are coming up!

#orwx #GoodMorning #Cold #Frost

Fog and frost frame the scene, with Mount Hood on the horizon.

An early morning sky rich in red and ochre completes the scene
Bard :rat_pan:
1 week ago

I managed to resist the temptation to post Wildfire again for #MoodMusicMonday and the theme of #Cold

Instead I've gone for Cold Feet by Rachel Hillman. A song that I have heard a lot of over the last year as it is one of the theme songs of the current season of the Dice Funk D&D podcast. A season partially set on an ice cream company-sponsored space ship, so even more fitting of this week's theme!

Graham Downs
1 week ago

My WORD, is it hot!

It's always interesting at this time of year, watching everyone in the Northern Hemisphere (we watch a few streamers and such on YouTube), and they're all layering up with jumpers, scarfs, and jackets, and we're basically sitting on the couch in our underwear trying to stay cool and the sweat is literally dripping off us.

We have a similar thing in June, which is our midwinter, where they're complaining that it's so hot, but not socially acceptable for them to stream naked, while we're huddled under blankies and duvets trying to keep warm.

We really need more local streamers to watch... but none of them can really hold a candle to the British gamers. I mean, that guy who streams on Evetech on Saturday mornings isn't bad (Sorry ,I can't even remember his name), but it gets a bit naff after a while. Sam Wright (TechGirlZA) is pretty good, but she seldom actually streams because her shoutcasting keeps her too busy. And besides, most of her shoutcasting work takes her overseas anyway.

So I guess we're stuck with sweltering heat while our favourite streamers are freezing cold, and vice versa. :-P

#weather #hot #cold #summer #winter #gaming #streaming

John Carlsen
1 week ago

How #cold do you let your home get while you #sleep ?


MittenGirlPeach 🎄
1 week ago

Brrrrrrr. Eddy went out, I’m back in bed. Set an Alexa timer. Don’t think she’ll want to be out there for long. #PureMichigan #cold #temperature #miwx #WinterIsComing #November

It’s 17F out there on this frosty morning! Pic of my iPhone weather app.
Blurry Bits Photography
1 week ago

Ooh, very frosty this morning. 26° on my station here a bit after 4am. (Mt Angel, Oregon)

Suppose it'll be a couple hours yet, but feels like this might be a fun one for the morning macros, stay tuned.❄️

But yeah, definitely a harder freeze than last night. I'd be careful driving around the farm valleys this morning.

#orwx #frost #cold #WinterWeather

My wife has had a cold for a week and now I think I've got it. I shouldn't have taken my mask off. 🤧

#cold #undertheweather

Me wearing a plague mask from the middle ages. Black Death era mask.
Jason Stiff
2 weeks ago

Clouds, snow flurries & temps in the 20s in Billings, Montana! Stay safe and warm, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

#Montana #Billings #Q2 #KTVQ #MTN #Wyoming #clouds #snow #cold #Thursday #Thanksgiving #HappyThanksgiving #weather #wx #mtwx #wywx

Pseudo Nym
2 weeks ago

My little polar bear is going in the unheated, outdoor pool at this hotel, on Thanksgiving. ?? Ok kiddo, you do you. Low stakes consequences, learning experience.

#kid #cold #swimming

2 weeks ago

Layer up them collars!

#Cold #Clothing #Collar #Selfie #Winter

Guy sticking his badly shaved neck out of  at least three layers of collared clothes with zippers. The face is cropped off for your protection.

I either got covid or really strong case of flu 🥲

Fever was up to 39,6c

#covid #flu #cold

2 weeks ago
A hill covered in white snow with many footprints. On the left hand side there stands a tall tree. in the background you can see a couple more smaller trees. The sun is shining through the white clouds giving off a yellow-ish halo.
Windy Wilson - Weatherman
2 weeks ago

Strong MILD westerly winds on Wednesday 🔥➡️ with a NW ↘️ kicking in during Thursday, before a bitterly COLD northerly 🥶⬇️ wind blows in on Friday (bringing with it wintry showers for some)

#WindyWilson #Snow #Weather #Scotland #Mild #Cold #Friday

2 weeks ago

I just remembered that I had gotten myself a heated computer desk pad a few years ago and had it stashed away.

Just set it back up and it is time to get TOASTY.

#Cold #Cozy #Office

3 weeks ago

Happy #Thursday from the #Northland!

It is a #windy day in the region, with some #gusts over 50 mph in northwest #Wisconsin. Wind #Advisory alerts continue through this evening for gusts up to and over 45 mph.

It is also very #warm with #temperatures in the 60s. Enjoy it while it last, as a #cold #front will #cool us back to #freezing tonight.

#wxtooter #weather #wx #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

A Wind Advisory continues for northwest Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula portions of the Northland through 6 p.m. on Thursday, November 16, 2023.  This is for wind gusts up to and over 45 mph.  A Wind Advisory will also be in effect for the North Shore from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. for similar wind conditions.
Through 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 16, 2023, the highest wind gusts reported in the Northland is 53 mph in Ashland.  Other gusts around 40 mph have been reported in Hayward, Ironwood, and Duluth.
Temperatures in the Northland around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 16, 2023 are mostly in the lower half of the 60s for northwest Wisconsin, the Twin Ports, and the Upper Peninsula.  They cool quickly to the 50s in the Iron Range and Arrowhead, and to 41 degrees in International Falls.
The satellite and radar over the Northland at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 16, 2023 shows mostly cloud skies across the region.  A bit of rain and snow showers may be falling over Koochiching County, which is tracking to the east.
Jason Stiff
1 month ago

Thank you very much to Willa from New Mexico for knitting this great reversible hat for me! It will stand up to the coldest Montana winter weather! 🥶 👲 😊

#Montana #Billings #NewMexico #blue #gray #hat #knit #knithat #knitting #thankyou #gift #cold #winter #weather #wx #mtwx

Swede’s Photographs
1 month ago

Good morning. 🍂🌿🍃

1 November 2023

I just said good morning and look, it's almost noon. I haven't been myself for the past week plus. I may have mentioned that I had a cold, well it hasn't completely gone away yet, though it's abated quite a bit. Sometimes, like now, I wonder if the symptoms are more expectation that than real. Sleep is what's need and sleep is what I've been doing. I've missed my early morning sessions in the backyard with my cameras.

“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #morning #cold #November

This is a photograph of black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) autumn leaves.  The colors are red, orange, and green. 

I just read that its scientific name, Nyssa sylvatica, means forest-dwelling water nymph.
Zoom Earth
1 month ago

Who can spot the cold front 🥶

#weather #WX #cold

1 month ago

Last one. For now. A dog team heads out Adams Sound into the teeth of a storm. The landscape fades into the drifting snow. #Nunavut #Arctic #cold #landscapePhotography photography

A team of 11 sled dogs pulls a qamutiq. An Inuk in a parka sits, legs outstretched, on the sled. The scene around them is bright white and the dogs, sled, and driver are partially obscured by sifting snow.
1 month ago

Night time, below -37C. This is my home. #Nunavut #Arctic #photography #cold #astroPhotography

Night from above Arctic Bay. The lights of town glow orange and illuminate a layer of ice fog that envelops the community. Above a mountain the moon shines bright. Surrounding the moon a moon halo.  To the right and left, two moondogs, and above a faint tangent arc. Stars peak out in the indigo sky.
1 month ago

Two dog team photos. Ice fog, here, tends to form around -37C. The teams, after the bay freezes, are tethered out on the ice in front of town. #Nunavut #Arctic #cold #photography

Two dog teams on the ice. Low ice fog blankets the ice. Just above the hills the sun. Around the Sun are Sundogs, joined in circle to a tangent arc. A pillar rises from the sun to the arc.
A dog team on the ice. Ice fog blankets everything. A hove the hill the low sun had turned the sky orange. A Raven flies across the face of the Sun.
1 month ago

Earlier a comment on my photo of ice covered shore suggested that it might be the coldest photo that person had see. That struck me as a bit of a challenge.

So, gauntlet thrown, what follows are some photos of the cold from the archives. #Nunavut #Arctic #photography #cold

An iceberg frozen in the ocean. To the left of it stands an iglu. The ‘berg casts a long shadow towards the camera. The Sun just peaks the edge near the top. In the bright blue sky sun dogs circle the left and right of the sun. A pillar reach’s up from the sun to a tangent arc above.
Daniel Menjívar
2 months ago

Been staying in bed super sick with the #flu (or a #cold, #RSV, #COVID, #bronchitis, who knows?!) for over a week now. Was coughing blood at one point, but thankfully at least that much is over now.

Today I managed to crawl into my #sewing room to start making my grey flannel #threadtheorydesigns #eastwoodpajamas pants, finally! @sewing


Roy Tanck
2 months ago

Hmm yeah, that problem with our central heating that I've been postponing fixing is starting to become somewhat urgent... #cold #weather

Khalid ⚡
2 months ago

I guess we’re at that time of year when it’s cold enough that I find my finger tips are missing keys. #chilly #cold

Lydia Schoch
2 months ago

I know multiple people who have colds right now.

So far I’m staying healthy, and fingers crossed it stays that way. But cold and flu season has most definitely begun.

#Cold #Illness #MaskUp #CommonCold

Ian Livingston 🌪
4 months ago

Nice 200-degree #temperature range at world airports this morning (EDT).

122F/50C+ day after day in the Middle East/North Africa region lately. #weather #hot #cold

Observed global temperatures range from 122 in Iran to -76 in Antarctica.
5 months ago

Parts of the #Northland saw a seasonally #cold start for July 11. A number of #record lows were set, including a 37° in Brimson.

#Temperatures have remained cool during the daytime hours for the middle of #summer, with plenty of #sunshine. A light #haze is hanging around due to #wildfire #smoke from #Canada

Enjoy the dry #weather, as more #showers and #storms return by Wednesday.

#wxtooter #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

Record low temperatures set in the Northland for July 11 include 37-degrees in Brimson, 40-degrees in Floodwood, 41-degrees in Kabetogama, 44-degrees in Cook, 44-degrees in Wolf Ridge ELC, and 45-degrees in Hurley.
Temperatures in the Northland around 2:15 p.m. on July 11, 2023 ranged from 64-degrees in Grand Marais to 72-degrees in Aitkin, Ashland, Hinckley, and Superior.

#Hallowell’s #Pride #Day carries on despite #cold and #rain.

The annual #event in Hallowell drew people from across the region to its #festival, #parade and #livemusic to celebrate the annual commemoration of #lesbian, #gay, #bisexual and #transgender #pride

IT News
7 months ago
Ailantd Sikowsky
9 months ago


#Notebbok #doodle with digital flat color overlay.

Two people dressed in cold weather clothing.
Kent Pitman
9 months ago

Small blades pierce white coats
On a march to fell the cold.
Soon the field bleeds green.

#haiku #poem #spring #seasons #battle #metaphor
#MastoPrompt: #cold
#imagiku: snow (6), spring

cc @tanweerdar @MTnv @w0dz

9 months ago

As the sun came up on Glastonbury Tor this morning. The scene might look peaceful. In reality it was blowing a gale and it felt like minus 8, my eye was watering and the wind was trying to blow my contact lens out so I struggled to focus. 😂Sound peaceful?
#glastonbury #glastonburytor #somerset #landscapephotography #landscape #sunrisephotography #sunrise #windy #cold

The sun rising with a very dark sky above it.
Boots Chantilly
9 months ago

The view off our back patio today #winter #grey #cold #TimeForSoup

Pic of the mountains to our west—grey with snow clouds and mist. BRRR!
ms. liz
9 months ago

it was -7°F at the top of the mountain yesterday, not including windchill, so the only pics i have were from the tram. i had never been out in weather this cold — colder than -30° rated gloves could handle.

the powder was amazing! super fun day. extra super scary winds on the lifts.

#skiing #cold

just snow covered rock face. an aerial lift pylon is barely visible at the top, obscured by blizzard skies.
steep rock faces jut out from the side of a snow covered mountain. a few trees dot the landscape.
aerial view of village in a blizzard, from a funitel.
10 months ago

The sky looks cold even though it’s sunny. So #cold even the snow gets #frost
#Frostodon #sunset #iPhone #NorthernCanada

Thomas E. Gladwin
10 months ago

About the UK #cold weather warning for the next few days, maybe a useful tip: those 1 metre-ish long hot water bottles are amazing for keeping warm overnight.