Dhyan Nada
27 minutes ago

"Expropriate Springer!" The claim of German SDS was directed against the murderous hate against leftists stirred by the newspapers of this publishing house

Today fist gen Greens like Trittin who then belonged to the radical left found their ideological home at Springer whose commitment to the US and Israel was and is beyond any doubt. Now #Bild and #Welt are shining examples for the power of media to rule the country for the sake of capital, empire and #colonialism

Israel and its supporters have a big book of talking points that drive home a single narrative: the plight of the Palestinians is not Israel's fault. It's a big lie. Of course it's Israel's fault (and the US' fault). We are all seeing the consequences of 56 years of US and Israeli policy decisions and actions. #israel #usa #palestine #palestinians #war #imperialism #colonialism

David Megginson
4 hours ago

@Catelli wrote

Keeping the British out, still a problem.

Amsterdam isn't alone; until a couple of generations ago, about 1/4 of the world had trouble keeping the British out.


Max Gross
6 hours ago

Given the horror of colonisation - aka invasion - by the British Empire of what we now call Australia, I'm surprised there is no Aboriginal equivalent to Hamas... #Australia #FirstNations #Colonialism #Invasion

ABC Feeds
18 hours ago

Councillor loses bid to scrap 'tokenistic' Welcome to Country protocols amid Indigenous backlash
By Tom Robinson, Georgia Loney, and Amelia Searson

A local government in Western Australia's South West has rejected a controversial proposal to abolish ceremonies that pay tribute to Aboriginal people.

#LocalGovernment #RegionalCommunities #Aboriginal #GovernmentandPolitics #IndigenousCulture #Colonialism #Referendums #SocialCapital #IndigenousProtocols #IndigenousOtherPeoples #IndigenousPolicy #IndigenousAboriginalandTorresStraitIslander #TomRobinson #GeorgiaLoney # #AmeliaSearson

IT News
20 hours ago

A Victorian naturalist traded aboriginal remains in a scientific quid pro quo - Enlarge / Nineteenth-century naturalist and solicitor Morton Allport, b... - #aboriginalaustralians #historyofscience #naturalhistory #sciencemuseums #archaeology #colonialism #thylacines #tasmania #science

1 day ago


Let's start at the top: Capital.

The very idea of capital is toxic, yet it has become the true god of this world, ruling every state, including the ones that some call "socialist" or "communist" states (they are better described as state-capitalist).

The horrific concept of private property (or, in state-capitalist contexts: state-owned property) is also a fundamental thing we need to abandon. Note that this is not about personal possessions or a homestead but about the Enclosure of land and other resources or "means of production".

I don't know how to accomplish this, but I would point out that all it would take to topple capital would be for enough people to see it for what it really is (power; a claim on the labor of others, based on false premises, lies, violence, theft and genocide) and simply stop believing in it.

To that end, for more context to all this, and ideas about how people live, have lived and can live without capitalism and states, I invite you to explore this thread I compiled with abundant excellent references:

#capitalism #colonialism #anthropology #anarchism #AnarchistReadingList

Paria sans portefeuille
1 day ago

#Gaza in Context: A Collaborative Teach-In Series — Session 08

Colonial Narratives: Between Myth and Reality

"From founding myths, to settlements, to propensity for making/rejecting peace, and beyond, this conversation documents the gap between myths and realities of #Israel’s decades-long occupation and dispossession of #Palestinians."

with #YousefMunayyer

#Palestine #IsraelPalestine #oPt #colonialism #SettlerColonialism


Isaac Land
1 day ago

CFP for a special issue on "Urban colonial heritage, 1945-2024" in a critical, lieux de mémoire spirit for the journal Revue d’histoire culturelle XVIIIe-XXIe siècles. They would like 2,500 word proposals by December 20. #histodons #18thC #decolonial #heritage #colonialism #publichistory

1 day ago

Today in Labor History November 28, 1843: The Kingdom of Hawaii was officially recognized by the United Kingdom and France as an independent nation. Consequently, the date is now known as Ka Lā Hui (Hawaiian Independence Day). The nation was formed in 1795, when the warrior chief Kamehameha the Great, of the independent island of Hawaiʻi, conquered and unified the independent islands of Oʻahu, Maui, Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi. The U.S. became its chief trading partner and “protector” to prevent other foreign powers from seizing control. In 1891, the Committee of Safety, led primarily by foreign nationals from the U.S., U.K. and Germany, and some dissident locals, overthrew Queen Liliʻuokalani. And in 1898, the U.S. annexed Hawaiʻi, making it a territory of the U.S. In 1993 Congress passed the Apology Resolution, acknowledging that the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii was by agents and citizens of the U.S. and that the Native Hawaiian people never relinquished their claims to sovereignty.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #colonialism #hawaii #NativeHawaiian #indigenous

Queen Liliʻuokalani, seated on a throne, wearing a long black gown. By James J. Williams - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs divisionunder the digital ID ppmsca.53150.This tag does not indicate the copyright status of the attached work. A normal copyright tag is still required. See Commons:Licensing., Public Domain,

Who knew Rishi Sunak was so thin skinned?

The worst aspect to this story is that Labour wouldn't commit to returning Greece's stolen cultural heritage.

#Tory #Labour #RedTories #ElginMarbles #colonialism #Greece

Ben Waber
2 days ago

Last was a wide-ranging panel on the "Commonwealth advantage" in trade at the University of London School of Advanced Study with Mohammad Abdur Razzaque, Surender Munjal, Richard Burge, Radika Kumar, and Daniel Hatton. It'll be interesting to see how this effect changes moving forward, but the research and experiences discussed here about why trade between former British colonies is so robust was very informative (9/9) #economics #politics #colonialism

Caro S.
2 days ago

Just watched the whole speech and Q & A of Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur for the occupied Palestinian territory "addresses the National Press Club of Australia on why previous approaches in Israel and Palestine have failed, and why we need to recast our approach based on self-determination and human rights."

#Palestine #Israel #EndTheOccupation #Gaza #WestBank #Colonialism #PalestinianHumanRights #HumanRights #WarCrimes #journalists

Isabel Ruffell
2 days ago

So, according to the #Conservatives the Parthenon sculptures "belong" in the UK. That is a very odd use of the word "belong". And #Sunak does not even have the guts to meet Mitsotakis in person. What a coward. And #Starmer will not consider returning them either. I know this applies in so many other areas, but are we supposed to be having a *choice* in the next General Election?

#parthenon #Greece #colonialism

Jussi T Eronen
2 days ago

"The new analysis ... finds the US (21%) and China (12%) still top – but the share of former colonial powers growing significantly.

The French share of historical emissions rises by half, the UK nearly doubles, the Netherlands nearly triples and Portugal more than triples. Together, the EU+UK’s responsibility for warming rises by nearly a third, to 19%."
#colonialism #ClimateChange

2 days ago

On the island of #Okinawa in #Japan, #Indigenous #HumanRights have become a rallying cry. It’s home to a #USmilitary base used by #Canada, a base that’s been a source of #conflict and #controversy for decades. Neetu Garcha recently travelled to Okinawa and spoke with locals about what they want changed.

#AsianMastodon #TootSEA #Geopolitics #ForeignAffairs #ForeignPolicy #GetOutInvaders #colonialism #EvictCanada #EvictCAF #LeaveJapanCAF #MilitarySquatters

2 days ago

A federal #housing #advocate is accusing every level of #government in #Canada of failing to uphold the #Inuit’s #RightToHousing — and therefore denying their #HumanRights.

“The housing conditions that the Inuit inhabit are the direct result of #colonialism and a staggering #failure by successive federal, provincial and territorial governments over many decades,” says a new report from Marie-Josée Houle

#FirstNations #Indigenous #CDNpoli #CanPoli #NativeRights

mr.w0bb1t 🌐
2 days ago

AI #Colonialism · To see more on the planetary scale of how #AI entrenches power, check out Karen Hao's series tracing AI and colonialism ..

.. From #surveillance in South Afrca, to data labelling in Venezuela, to ride-hailing in Indonesia, to alternative data models in Aotearoa ..


3 days ago

Not war, it's #colonialism.

Not eviction, it's #ethniccleansing.

Not conflict, it's #occupation.

Not complicated, it's #genocide.

A piece of cardboard being held up by a hand, written on the cardboard: Not war, it's colonialism. Not eviction, it's ethnic cleansing. Not conflict, it's occupation. Not complicated, it's genocide.
ABC Feeds
3 days ago

After more than 180 years, the Indigenous side of a notorious shipwreck story will be told
By Eugene Boisvert

The killing of 26 men, women and children has been described as the largest murder of Europeans by Indigenous people in Australia's colonial history. Now, a new sculpture, signs and garden will give context to a monument marking the event.

#History #MaritimeAccidentsandIncidents #Aboriginal #MonumentandHeritageSite #Sculpture #LawCrimeandJustice #Colonialism #EugeneBoisvert

Brian Gettler
3 days ago

New documentary: "Killer Water: The toxic legacy of Canada's oil sands industry for Indigenous communities"

#documentary #Canada #Alberta #FossilFuels #cdnpoli #colonialism #pollution #OilAndGas #TarSands

Greenseer ♾️ 💚
4 days ago

A memento of the British Empire 🇬🇧💀

#numismatics #UKpol #colonialism

A Hobo Creative 1893 Great Britain silver crown coin, Queen Victoria, veiled skull head. Obverse to left and reverse to right, against black background
4 days ago


Nothing has changed to this day.
On the contrary, it has actually become much worse.

#colonialism #humanrights #capitalism

Dhyan Nada
4 days ago

Concentrating more than 2 million people on a small strip of land near the sea 4 km long and 2.5 km wide could be #Gaza 2.0

Until now a dystopian vision to displace the inmates of an already overcrowded and hermetically sealed off territory into a fragment of that space without proper infrastructure just to get rid of them might realize, when the war has started anew.

A gigantic refugee camp would be the extractive essence of a #colonialism wrongly deemed to be historic


Reality check: As late as the 1920's, Jews made up a single-digit minority in Palestine. Mizrahim may be from the region, but they sure weren't in "Israel".

The majority-Jewish population of what is now Israel comes primarily from immigration, both from Europe and from elsewhere in the ME.

Israel is a modern-day reinvention through colonization. Then again, America was created by colonization, too.

#israel #history #colonialism

5 days ago

🏅 We end the week by congratulating José Miguel Ferreira, whose doctoral thesis received an Honourable Mention in the 32nd edition of the Victor Sá Prize for Contemporary History, awarded by the Cultural Council of the University of Minho. 🥳



#Histodons #HistoryAwards #Goa #India #Colonialism #EnvHist #ColonialHistory #EnvironmentalHistory #Agriculture #ForestryPolicies #ColonialRule

Ciarán Fahey
5 days ago

Brilliant read from Liam Hogan on Conor McGregor, colonialism and Irish racism.

Did you know that Wingina, the first Native American leader confronted by British colonists in North America, was murdered by an Irishman in 1586?

There’s so much to unpack here…

#Ireland #Irish #ConorMcGregor #racism #colonialism #longread

6 days ago

🎊 Hoje é o Dia Nacional da Cultura Científica! 🎊

Querem celebrar connosco?
Temos duas visitas guiadas recheadas de história e ciência à vossa espera!


#SemanaCT #CiênciaViva #SciComPT #DiaNacionalDaCulturaCientífica #HistoryInThePublicSphere #HistóriaNaEsferaPública #Museus #Exposições #Museums #HistoryExhibitions #Collections #Photography #Colonialism #ExperimentalPhonetics #TRANSMAT #PHONLAB

Cartaz da exposição fotográfica “Phonlab: Pensar Centros e Periferias Científicas no Século XX”. 20 a 24 de Novembro no Colégio Espírito Santo da Universidade de Évora. Visita guiada no dia 24 de Novembro, Dia Nacional da Cultura Científica, às 11 horas. Vagas limitadas a 20 pessoas. O cartaz inclui uma fotografia retratando Armando de Lacerda no seu Laboratório de Fonética Experimental na Universidade de Coimbra. O cartaz é encimado pela faixa ilustrativa da Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2023, de 20 a 26 de Novembro. A 24 de Novembro celebra-se o Dia Nacional da Cultura Científica. Inclui o logótipo da agência Ciência Viva e o texto “Descobre a ciência que se faz em Portugal e quem são os nossos cientistas. Actividades em todo o país”.
Cartaz da visita guiada às colecções etnográficas do Museu Nacional Santos Rocha, no Dia Nacional da Cultura Científica. 24 de Novembro de 2023 às 18 horas, na Figueira da Foz. O fundo do cartaz é uma fotografia de uma das salas do Museu Nacional Santos Rocha onde se podem ver armários expositivos com diversas peças no seu interior. O cartaz inclui também o texto “Iniciativa organizada pela equipa do projecto TRANSMAT no âmbito do Dia Nacional da Cultura Científica, integrado na Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2023”.
6 days ago

The colonial family history of Geert Wilders is key if you want to grasp this man.
The longer I live in #TheNetherlands, the more I have to acknowledge how much this country's colonial past is present in nearly every fibre of everyday life and politics.

Must read if you want to have background and know the undercurrents:
What motivates Geert Wilders? by Lizzy van Leeuwen

#wilders #verkiezingen #tkv23 #antifaschism #colonialism

6 days ago

Lakota Historian Nick Estes on #Thanksgiving, Settler #Colonialism & Continuing Indigenous Resistance

Democracy Now!

LM Little
6 days ago
John Sóos 🍉
6 days ago

@dbattistella First Nations People in Vancouver, in the country now called Canada, well-understand the genocidal reality of settler-colonialism. Weekly demonstrations in Vancouver - on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh People - continue in solidarity with the Indigenous People of Palestine.

Free Palestine - from the River to the Sea.

#Palestine #Gaza #Israel #genocide #apartheid #colonialism

Amata (they/she)
6 days ago

Edraith says less celebrating genocide and more running in the woods today.

I wish we had a different day to get together with friends and family. I wish people knew the actual history of thanksgiving. Too many 'celebrate' because its the day they can be with people, that everyone has off work - which while we take what we can in this world, these same folk also rarely know the gruesome truth, or if so, don't talk about it.

We can hold both truths, while we fight for better.

But the past horrors we cause, repeats when it is ignored...

#capitalismkills #colonialism #thanksgiving #murder #genocide

a pretty brown and white aussie leaps over a fallen tree. background is blured and dog is in focus
Suz Korbel
6 days ago

For my first day substitute teaching in San Francisco in the '70s, the lesson plan called for making #pilgrim or "Indian feather" hats before the #Thanksgiving vacation. All of the kids were either Black, Latinx or Asian, and they were very confused about which hat they should make; what team should they support? Did they want to be an immigrant, like many of their families, or #indigenous who get wiped out? Each class ended in tears. I never taught again. 😐 #history #cruelhistory #colonialism

6 days ago

The #DoctrineOfDiscovery: Unmasking the #Domination Code

from Original Nations Advocates PRO on December 8, 2020

"#Vatican documents issued by various popes during the fifteenth century created global patterns of domination, leading ultimately to the current #EcologicalCrisis. The wisdom teachings of original nations and peoples provide a way forward for the well-being of the planet and our future generations. Based on the book Pagans in the Promised Land by Steven T. Newcomb."

Vimeo on Demand - Rent for $4.99 (72 hours):


#ClimateCrisis #Genocide #Colonialism #CorporateColonialism #IndigenousPeoples #IndigenousHistory #Truth #IndigenousWisdom

6 days ago

#DoctrineOfDiscovery: #SteveNewcomb @ #StandingRock

Oct 2, 2019

Posted by the #LakotaLawProject

"So how do we get rid of the domination system that afflicts the planet at this time? It has been afflicting it for so many centuries thousands of years that's the rule -- the real challenge..."

#Colonialism #Domination #CorporateColonialism #ChristianEmpire #Ecocide

PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
6 days ago

So today is US #thanksgiving, right?
The day to celebrate reaping the benefits of #colonialism, which is the single greatest cause of death ever (after old age I guess and only until it will be surpassed by the #ClimateCrisis which in turn is to a great part caused by (neo)colonialism).

So happy blood on your hands!

LM Little
6 days ago

A good commentary on consensus govt in the #NWT. But in reality it is unlikely that newly elected MLAs will do the work necessary to #govern with #Indigenous nations or in the interests of a fragile northern #ecosystem in these times of #climateBreakdown.

#Arctic #Indigenous #colonialism

Lisa Kalayji
6 days ago

Happy US Colonialism Day!

↪️ Tabula Mundi tarot deck

#Tarot #Thanksgiving #Colonialism

A three-card tarot spread: The Tower, the Six of Swords, and the Queen of Swords reversed
Kris Inwood
6 days ago

Just published in the Asia-Pacific Econ His Rev: age misreporting in military sources, the social determinants of patenting in NZ, innovation & growth in Australia, structural change in brewing, the long-term impact of treaty ports & a thoughtful obituary for Gus Sinclair
@APEHR @economics @demography @socialscience @sociology @politicalscience @geography @sts @anthropology @econhist @devecon #history #histodons #China #NZ #Australia #patents #colonialism #auspol

David Megginson
1 week ago

@april Hmm. Now that the Bing chatbot mentions it, one could argue that all European settler colonial countries are elaborate cover ups for mass murder (that would apply as much to to Canada, the U.S., or Brazil as it does to Australia). 🤔

#colonialism #AI

1 week ago

The paradox of the infamous "Blafour Declaration" (1917):

“The most significant and incontrovertible fact is, however, that by itself the [Balfour] Declaration was legally impotent. For Great Britain had no sovereign rights over #palestine, it had no proprietary interest, it had no authority to dispose of the land. The Declaration was merely a statement of British intentions and no more”.

Sol M. Linowitz. 1957. “Analysis of a Tinderbox: The Legal Basis for the State of Israel.” American Bar Association Journal 6 (43): 522–25.


1 week ago

Who’s your daddy 🧐 ...

Shortly after the publication of the infamous Balfour Declaration, the so called “Zionist Commission for Palestine” visited #Palestine. Chaim Weizmann was clearly worried the Palestinians were not quite impressed, and made the following request to make it clearer things are going to change in the near future:

"...[But] we find among the Arabs and Syrians, or certain sections of them, a state of mind which seems to us to make useful negotiations impossible at the present moment, and so far as we are aware – though here our information may be incomplete – no official steps have been taken to ***bring home to the Arabs and Syrians*** the fact that His Majesty’s Government has expressed a definite policy with regard to the future of the Jews in Palestine”

Military Governor Colonel Ronald Storrs replied:

“Speaking myself as a convinced #Zionist, I cannot help thinking that the Commission are lacking in a sense of the dramatic actuality. #Palestine, up to now a Moslem country, has fallen into the hands of a Christian Power which on the eve of its conquest announced that a considerable portion of its land is to be handed over for #colonization purposes to a nowhere very popular people. The dispatch of a Commission of these people is subsequently announced … From the announcement in the British press until this moment there has been no sign of a hostile demonstration public or private against a project which if we may imagine England for Palestine can hardly open for the inhabitants the beatific vision of a new heaven and a new earth. The Commission was warned in Cairo of the numerous and grave misconceptions with which their enterprise was regarded and strongly advised to make a public pronouncement to put an end to those misconceptions. No such pronouncement has yet been made; …”

British Government, Public Record Office Cabinet No. 27/23 (1918). In Ingrams, Doreen. 1972. Palestine Papers, 1917-1922: Seeds of Conflict. London: J. Murray. pp. 25-26.


1 week ago

#Israel and #Israeli settlers aren't the way they are because of Judaism. That's how settler #colonialism and settlers are. Even #people who are #political radicals, who have experienced #oppression as an ethnicity themselves, etc. can become twisted into believing and doing horrible things as Settlers. Look at the #Irish in #Ireland vs Irish #American settlers #politically. #Australia ended up with a disproportionate amount of human rights and #workers rights #activists in its initial groups of settlers (as #convicts), it lead to nothing in the face of joining settler colonialism. Colonialism routinely makes monsters of the #colonizers.

Scapegoating Judaism just lets other settler colonies off the hook for similar brutalities.

Noam writes
1 week ago

If you're going to read on thing about #Israel and #antisemitism, make it this one. A really clear view of how Israel has come to symbolise all that is #evil in the #West - this time it's #colonialism.

The New Antisemitism / Tomer Persico…

1 week ago

Scientists *must* understand that fanatical zealots among industrial and political powers actually want to *hasten* the "end times" — apocalyptic accelerationist doctrine, as @Wolven puts it ( Christian Zionism is another such example of apocalyptic accelerationism.

So we MUST stop thinking climate alarms and emergencies actually deter them or would encourage them into action.

It's the opposite: bad news actually *emboldens* them and tells them their strategies are working. They probably think it's easier to go to heaven by ending the world than it is to actually save it from their own capitalist bullshit.

Instead, we *must* stop "negotiating" with them or "informing" them of facts and figures, and instead start mobilising. Climate revolution (cc: @breadandcircuses is the way forward:

Stockpiling, prep, and mobilisation for months of worldwide strikes, refusal to pay bills, and not buying anything. As a radical pacifist who is also an eco-socialist, this highly appeals to me.

Scientists must revolt instead when big journalism, big oil, and other such industries are stacked against us.

#Climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Degrowth #Politics #Pacifism #Fascism #Colonialism #FarRight #Authoritarianism #Capitalism #AntiCapitalism

Sabine Hiller
2 weeks ago

Excellent interview with #NaomiKlein
"The Zionist version of justice said to Western powers: If you could establish your empires and settler-colonial nations through #ethnicCleansing [...] then it is discrimination to say that we cannot [...] It was as if the quest for equality were being reframed, not as a right to be free from discrimination, but as the right to discriminate - #colonialism reframed as reparation for #genocide."

#Gaza #Palestine #Israel #podcasts

2 weeks ago

I started reporting about #PeabodyCoal and #BigMountainResistance in my online 'zine back in the 1990s. I tried my best to get the word out about what was going on from my email buddy Brenda Norrell (founder of Censored News), as well as folks on the ground via written correspondence. I even sent care packages with supplies to help out grandmothers who were resisting the #BIA and #PeabodyCoal (now #PeabodyEnergy). I wish I could say that humans have evolved and changed, but alas, we've taken steps backward! #Colonialism is far from dead, and we must defend #IndigenousPeoples against #CorporateColonialism!

2 weeks ago

The grim reality of #nuclear #colonialism

RAE STREET highlights the dangers of #UraniumMining and its impact on #Indigenous peoples

November 16, 2023

"THERE is an abundance of reasons why it is folly to continue with building nuclear reactors.

"There is the cost which is huge compared with investing in more genuine sustainable energy. There is the problem with #RadioactiveWaste, for which there is no solution yet for the legacy waste, let alone producing more.

"There is the potential for attack: if wind turbines were attacked it would make for a difficult situation, but if a #NuclearReactor were to be sabotaged it would be the equivalent of a #NuclearBomb going off.

"And the latter also goes for a breakdown at a plant. We need to remember the effects of Chernobyl and Fukushima which continue to this day.

"Looking at #Britain, many of the nuclear reactors are sited on the coast and the proposed #SizewellC on the east coast. With #GlobalWarming, the sea level will rise and there is the chance of tidal surges with a threat to these reactors.

"But there is another factor which is never mentioned by the proponents of nuclear energy — the fuel used is uranium, and it will be in the future.

"This is mined mainly on the lands of indigenous people across the world. Countries and regions where uranium is mined include the land of the #FirstNations in Canada, the lands of the Navajo (Dine) in the southern United States, the land of the indigenous people of #Australia, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (the DRC), Niger, Greenland and #Kazakhstan.

"The miners and their families have suffered over the years from mining this dangerous radioactive mineral in poor conditions, with illness and early death.

"In a recent statement printed in the Morning Star, the people of Niger (note this is not Nigeria but Niger, a former French colony) said that they were fed up, 'because for over 50 years, #France has relied on uranium from #Niger for its energy security. We know that French farmers were generously compensated when their land was requisitioned in the 1970s to build nuclear reactors. But for our people the mines have only meant dangerous working conditions, ill health, and historically poor remuneration.'

"From the #DRC, a former Belgian colony, Joe-Yves Salankang Sa Ngol, of the Congolese Civil society in South Africa, said: “Before the uranium would destroy life in #Japan [referring to the nuclear bombs the US dropped on #Hiroshima and #Nagasaki] it first started by destroying life in Shinkolobwe.'

"The #Shinkolobwe mine in the DRC was owned by a Belgian company which sold its first 4,200 metric tons of uranium to the US for the #ManhattanProject.

"Here is what #JoshuaFrank said in his book, #AtomicDays, about the conditions. “Paid very little, at times less than the minimum wage, these miners would enter deep uranium shafts and chip away at the walls, often 1,500 feet below the earth’s crust.

“They filled their wheelbarrows with the uranium ore, all the while choking on soot and dust particles. It was dark. There was no ventilation. It was tremendously difficult, perilous work. They ate in the mines and drank water that dripped from the walls. The water contained high quantities of radon — a radioactive gas emanating from the ore.”

"He continued: '#Radon exposure causes lung diseases, the dangers of which were well known to scientists and the medical community prior to World War II. But the Dine [the #Navajo] were deemed expendable.'

"And Frank also said: 'In addition to the impact on #Dine health, their land too was ravaged. Upwards of three billion metric tons of waste was created as a result of extraction on Dine lands, a dizzying amount to poison native communities throughout the south-west [of the US] to this day.'

"These, and many more stories of the same situation across the globe, show how supporters of nuclear power have turned a blind eye to the suffering of the miners and their families, not to mention the devastation done to their land.

"However, in different regions the local people are fighting back. For example, in #Greenland, in 2021, a ban on uranium came into force after the Inuit government’s successful election campaign.

"There had been a ban earlier, but this was then overturned in 2013. But with the indigenous #Inuit now in control of the government, the ban will probably hold.

"If we turn to Britain, there is no significant amount of uranium to be found and there is no commercial mining. So, Britain must import uranium from #Canada and #Namibia.

"No thought seems to have been given by the two main political parties which support new nuclear build, or the trade unions, or the media proponents of nuclear power, to the shameful history of uranium mining which will continue if new reactors are built. It has been called nuclear colonialism.

"Several recent reports show that there is no need for nuclear; 100 per cent genuine #renewables can provide Britain with enough energy.

"Supporters of nuclear power should think hard about their positions. Surely, for example, workers in Britain would want to act in solidarity with their mining comrades across the world?"

#NuclearColonialism #EnvironmentalRacism #NoNukes #WaterIsLife #SeaLevelRise #RethinkNotRestart #NoNewNukes