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What If 1 - November 11, 1976

In my previous visit to Ghost Cactus Comics, I was tempted with a sweet deal on the very first What If comic. I declined, wanting to focus my comic budget on finishing Captain America. I obsessed about it.

Yesterday, while going to a nursery to pick up soil, I made a stop by and picked it up.

#fantasticfour #spiderman #comics #comicbooks #marvel #marvelcomics

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Listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto while going over Dave Cook & Craig Paton's Killtopia from BHP Comics again, ahead of chatting to Dave, @everdundas & Mike Carey at @cymerafestival this coming Sunday

#books #comics #Edinburgh #ScienceFiction #Cymera #CyneraFestival #livres #bandedessinee #Killtopia #LiteraryFestival

Cover of volume one of science fiction comic Killtopia
34 minutes ago

Adventures of Superman #483

1991-33 of the Superman Triangle

Comic Book Haiku

Superman versus
the piano is the most
interesting part.

#superman #dcuinfinite #supermantriangle #comicbooks #dc #dcomics #comics #backissues #comicbookhaiku

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¡Cuidado con una nueva información que nos llega de las prácticas de Disney con actores que son auténticas leyendas! #cine #series #comics

1 hour ago

Penny and Judge: Bed and Breakfast

#comics #webcomics #comicstrip

Jyn Erso Lives!
2 hours ago

Hey peeps, quick question: if you’re a nerd interested in #SciFi, #Fantasy, #Comics and daily #Gossip, what are your fav accounts on the Fedi to follow (can include Bot Accounts)? #FediHelp

Donald Rex Jr
2 hours ago

Darwyn Cooke 2007

#comics #comicbooks #DarwynCooke

P'Gell Spirit #2 double splash 2007, by Darwyn Cooke.
2 hours ago

4/5 stars to Masks vol 1 by Chris Roberson

#Comics #AmReading

Honestly, it's an Alex Ross Production, with all the gorgeous art and derring do you expect. Just wish they had spent a little more time with a couple of the other heroes.

dance along the edge 💬
3 hours ago

“There is nothing that you would call romantic about war. I think that we are diminished by war. Our character as a race is somehow reduced by each war that we allow to happen. Hitler had to be destroyed, there was no choice and I was glad to do my duty, but if there were another way to bring him down I would have preferred it.” - Jack Kirby, Private First Class, U.S. Army Scout 1943-1945

#MemorialDay #JackKirby #JoeSimon #ComicBooks #Comics @comics

Photograph of Jack Kirby, circa 1943 in his U.S. Army uniform.
The cover of CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS No. 1 (March 1941) by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. Surrounded by German soldiers firing at him, Captain America punches Adolf Hitler in the face. This is nine months before the United States enters World War II.

“45 thrilling pages of CAPTAIN AMERICA 


The cover of FOXHOLE #5 (July 1955) by Jack Kirby. Under intense shelling, a lone soldier throws a grenade.



“A Rifleman Makes His Pitch”
An interior comic book page from Our Fighting Forces #152 (January 1975) written by Jack Kirby and drawn by Jack Kirby and D. Bruce Berry. Four large comic book panels of an army unit being bombarded by gunfire and explosions.

Panel 1: 

Panel 2: 
“Someone’s chewing up the street!”

Panel 3: 
P O W !

Panel 4:
“Someone’s chewin’ up the TOWN!”
Donald Rex Jr
4 hours ago
Gun-fight In Grey Gulch! page 1 Western Kid #13 1956 by Stan Lee and Pete Morisi.
Gun-fight In Grey Gulch! page 2 Western Kid #13 1956 by Stan Lee and Pete Morisi.
Gun-fight In Grey Gulch! page 3 Western Kid #13 1956 by Stan Lee and Pete Morisi.
Gun-fight In Grey Gulch! page 4 Western Kid #13 1956 by Stan Lee and Pete Morisi.
The Fandom Post
4 hours ago

DC #Comics Previews May 30th, 2023 Releases

4 hours ago

For Remake Monday, I return to plantposting. #comics #plants

Panel 1 of 2: One stick figure says, "I can't garden anymore." Another replies, "Me either. How is it so impossible to keep a couple flowers alive?"
Panel 2 of 2: The first figure's face grows grim and they say, "No, I'm too good at it. The plants grow too fast, too strong...and while I sleep, they whisper such dreadful things into my mind."
Metin Seven
4 hours ago

My 3D take on a fun Dom Murphy drawing of Akira's Tetsuo.

Sculpted in ZBrush, rendered in Blender using Octane.

#akira #tetsuo #anime #manga #3d #zbrush #b3d #blender #blender3d #octanerender #comics #animation #sculpture #art #artwork #FediArt #MastoArt

Four images, showing progress from initial drawn inspiration to final 3D rendering.
3D Tetsuo character from the Akira manga / anime.
Donald Rex Jr
4 hours ago

Love Can Be Yours Again 1956

#comics #comicbooks

Pimples ad 1956
Donald Rex Jr
4 hours ago

To the boys and girls of America!
DC Guarantee 1955

#comics #comicbooks #DCComics

To the boys and girls of America- - 
Superman - DC - National Comics
This famous symbol is your
Guarantee of the best in comics reading.
Ten Cent Takes
5 hours ago
5 hours ago

¡The Mandalorian al estilo trekkie! El futuro de la saga de Star Trek pasa por su próxima serie de televisión en SkyShowtime. #cine #series #comics

5 hours ago

Japón ha alucinado con Nintendo. La empresa de videojuegos ha batido un récord legendario dentro de la historia del país nipón. #cine #series #comics

5 hours ago

¿Todos los Jedi estuvieron sentenciados de muerte por George Lucas? No, pero hubo uno que debía morir sí o sí por el bien de Star Wars. #cine #series #comics

5 hours ago

Do you recall being outraged when your foolishness was questioned?

I reach back in time,
as memory serves,
to see I stand before
the authorities,
the powers that be,
my parents

They wait,
the illusion of patience
thick upon the moment,
for I have been afforded
the opportunity
to explain my crimes,
and, if I can manufacture
an argument well presented,
reduce them to a

I know now that
my failure as a litigator
was less a matter of skill,
and more that I didn't
feel compelled
to make sense


Are you where you want to be?
Plan to Change

#comics #comicstrip #change #life #space #poetry

The Alien Life, one panel Comic. An alien son is talking to his alien dad.  The caption reads:"So, your considered argument for being allowed to borrow the saucer is: 'Yo, Pops, Earth be bangin.'"
6 hours ago

Superman #60

1991-32 of the Superman Triangle

Comic Book Haiku

Mannheim saves Clark from
nights in the doghouse, ending
his weird rivalry.

#superman #dcuinfinite #supermantriangle #comicbooks #dc #dcomics #comics #backissues #comicbookhaiku

6 hours ago

¿Cuál es el origen de los X-Men en el UCM? Esta teoría de Marvel ha dejado a todos los fans completamente patidifusos por la historia. #cine #series #comics

Burak Gürsoy
6 hours ago

Jim Lee's X-Men #1 got a facsimile gatefold reprint this month. I guess this is now Cover-F

#JimLee #XMen #Facsimile #Reprint #Marvel #Comics #XMenVol2

6 hours ago

La nueva película de Martin Scorsese va a ser una auténtica locura. Será la historia de Jesucristo, pero surge tras reunirse con el Papa. #cine #series #comics

Chris Hallbeck
6 hours ago
[a person is laying in the grass at night looking up at the moon ]

Person: Sometimes i look up at the moon and I think of you. What was your day like? Where are you now? Are you also looking at the moon?

Person 2: You know I'm right next— 
Person 1: Shh... I'm being romantic.
Alex Moore
6 hours ago

very! last!! minuet monthly newsletter has dropped!!!

(aka totally not procrastinating on this 48 board pitch deck that’s breathing down my neck)

#illustration #comic #comics #comicbookart #werewolf #CreativeToots #comicscommunity

8 hours ago


At SIDE QUESTED, Leopold has made a bold move!

And at AGAHF, Hope is forcing herself to focus. With VIOLENCE!

..........look, whatever works, people, it's hard enough to find the spoons to get through the day.

#comic #comics #webcomic #indiecomic

Two horizontal panels set on top of each other. The first one from SIDE QUESTED has Leopold in profile, asking, "And what do your books on courtly manners say about such small tokens?"

The second one from AGAHF has Hope swirling a glass of wine and saying (in my handwriting so it's obviously not from the comic) "It means Mr. Princey's gonna partake in some emergency cardio."
Brian McLachlan
8 hours ago

I felt compelled to work through my thoughts on Covid as a comic. I hope you enjoy the jokes, the feels and thoughts and share it with your circles. Read all 6 pages and End Notes here:

#CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirbrone #COVID19 #COVID #Comics

9 hours ago

Moleus Reviewicus, not to be confused with Reviewer Secondus who just hate everyone and will set your paper on fire and dance around it. ⁠ ⁠ #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon#academia #science #research#errantscience

Donald Rex Jr
11 hours ago
Panels from Horror We How's Bayou Haunt of Fear #5 1952, by Graham Ingles
11 hours ago

Al Columbia interview I have spent most of the morning sketching and listening to this.


this link leads to youtube to an interview with comics artist al Columbia.

Donald Rex Jr
11 hours ago
"That's perfect, Wayne."
Aurora The Lost Medallion
11 hours ago

The new page of the Comic "Life in the Cave" is now available on most comic platforms ✅

Read the 8th page below 👇
Currently working on the next 🔥

#AuroraTLMGame #Comic #Comics #Drawing #Art #Artist #Digitalart #Comicart #comicbooks #IndieGame #IndieDev #GameDev #Gamer

Donald Rex Jr
11 hours ago
Comment if you would like to see this feature with Alt Text.
 I would like to toot more content but I am limited in time and energy, so I will continue to 
add Alt Text to many posts, but also some will bear this notice instead.
Donald Rex Jr
11 hours ago
Comic book Breathtaker #1 1990, cover art Marc Hempel.
Donald Rex Jr
11 hours ago
Kat: Commence
Mouse: Heavy, heavy hangs over thy head.
Kat: Fime or soopa fime.
Mouse: Fime, I mean fine.
Mouse: ?
Mouse: Super fine.
Pupp: I just wanted to get a close look.
Bob Thomson
13 hours ago

Lottie Learns How.. to be in The Fall. #viz #comics #humour #funny #music #TheFall

A Viz UK comic strip satirising 50s comics where a young girl takes up music in order to join Mark E Smith’s band The Fall and is then promptly sacked.
G. Willow Wilson
17 hours ago
Donald Rex Jr
1 day ago
One Of The Wonders of the World page one by Richard Sala.
One Of The Wonders of the World page two by Richard Sala.
Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
1 day ago

Any time you mix #TwilightZone and #comicbooks it's gonna be banger...

"He inherited a fortune.. and the curse of the #cats!"


He inherited a fortune... And the curse of the cats!  Twilight Zone comic cover
1 day ago

Sometimes when a winged figure follows you around for a while, you get the idea that maybe they're a messenger or guide of some kind, probably doom-related. So you make some remark based on that assumption. Why am I explaining this common situation to you. Anyway, that's the comic today. #comics

A stick figure looks up at a stick figure with large, feathered wings who is in the air above the ground and says, "I think I'm ready to go to my doom now." The winged one says, "Don't you see? That's where you've already been all along!"
Anthony Dean
1 day ago

Today’s the day Superman first met Mr. Mxyzptlk.

(Comic art by Ira Yarbrough, John Byrne, and Al Plastino.)

#1976DCCalendar #Superman #DCComics #comics

Superman and Mr. Mxyztplk. Art by Ira Yarbrough.
Superman and Mr. Mxyzptlk. Art by Al Plastino.
"Superman" (vol. 2) #11. Art by John Byrne.
Mr. Mxyzptlk, from "Superman: The Animated Series."
Donald Rex Jr
1 day ago
#Prince Valiant, our fearless leader, is held prisoner by false Duke Piscaro, his fate unknown... if we turn from The Hun army to attack Piscaro's walled city of Pandaris we will be caught between two enemies."
All agree that Hulta speaks true.....But later they speak as follows- - Says Sir Gawain; - "I believe I shall ride to Pandaris to have this sword sharpened." And Tristram remarks: - Splendid weather for riding, I''ll join you."
T his second of command Vonderman of the foot-soldiers says: - "Take charge while I learn more about horseback-riding."
Cerario, the horseman remarks; "My war-horse grows stiff from lack of exercise, I must attend to it at once."
De Gatin of the archers shouts; "I grow weary of this waiting for the hun attack, I am off for a few days of hunting!"
But young Hulta, the messenger, says nothing as usual....He has already left to join his friend, Slith, in Pandaris!
1 day ago

So, TIL there was fan film for a "Rise of Catwoman" web series with a framing sequence starring Lee Meriwether, the #Catwoman from the 1966 #Batman movie. AFAIK, this was the only part made:


Tyler W. Weaver
1 day ago

Current reads; my complete reading list, from 2013 to the present, lives here #books #comics #bookstodon

A fan of books and comics: Kim Stanley Robinson's RED MARS; Jeff Smith's BONE; and Moench and Jones's BATMAN: UNSEEN.
Kevin McShane
1 day ago

Grandpa's making up words again…
(Secret bonus panel at
#comics #comicstrip #funnycomic #clipstudiopaint #mastoart

1: A young boy sits at his grandpa's feet. "Grandpa?" he asks, "What were the Streaming Wars like??"
2: "Well," says Grandpa, "it all started when Netflix tried to launch Qwikster. Then HBO became HBO Go…"
3: Grandpa continues, "…See, back then, we got our HBO Go through Hulu on our Roku, but then HBO Go became HBO Max…"
4: The little boy looks confused as Grandpa finishes. "…And after Roku bought all the shows from Quibi, HBO Max became just Max."
5: Later, the little boy's Mom leads him to their car. "How was your visit with Grandpa?" she asks. "Confusing," says the little boy. In the background, Grandpa waves from the porch of his retirement home.
1 day ago

Oxytocin is one hell of a drug. This Sunday, let your partner know you love them....or that you know science. Both work! 🤷⁠ ⁠ #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon#academia #science #research#errantscience

1 day ago

Ich bin heute und morgen mit meinen #Comics auf der MMC Berlin! Schaut mal in der Artist Alley vorbei!

Foto von einem Stand mit vielen Produkten. Vorne am Tisch hängt ein Banner mit der Aufschrift: the world of heavenly sin - erotic comics by Jitsch. Hinter  dem Stand steht die Künstlerin in einer gelben Jacke.
JenJen :heart_sp_pan:
1 day ago

Surgery recovery chill stream~

Easing ourselves back into work by attempting character designs for #comics


#twitch #streaming #MastoArt #TraditionalArt

2 days ago

They like it very much. #comics

Three flies have landed next to a flint-headed arrow. One says, "Here we are. 1023 BCE, May 27, Ohio River Valley." Another says, "How exquisite." Bottom caption: "Time flies like an arrow."
2 days ago

I think I'll go back to talk about #comics and #webcomics now. Helps bring out a much more positive attitude towards life.

First mocha bubble tea post-op :artaww:

Bonus #Jenitales #cowgirl
#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #Comics #Gouache

Bubble tea being held over a painting of a cowgirl. She's looking up at it like: uwu, for me?
Damon Thomas
2 days ago

Comic art makes a nice sticker. Art: @BlunderBusted #comics #stickers #jacksonville #florida

Person holds comic panel sticker
JT the Artful :autism:
2 days ago

Last RT
I think a lot of young people go into the creative field thinking its their dream. But then they find out REAL quick that the field may crush your passion for the artform, and YOU as well.

Like ex: IDK how many young people go into comics thinking drawing for 16 hrs a day at breakneck speed is normal, sustainable and how they want to live their life. But then they come out of it broken.

The mainstream creative industry MAY be the place for you. But research it. HARD.
#comics #mastoart

Donald Rex Jr
2 days ago
Panels from Judgement Day Weird Fantasy #18 1953, by Joe Orlando.
2 days ago

The name is forsteri, Aptenodytes forsteri. 🐧⁠ ⁠ #cartoon #cartoons #comic #comics #instacomic #instacartoon#academia #science #research#errantscience

2 days ago
A four panel line drawn comic in muted greys, reds and browns. 

 Panel 1: A bald man at a desk answers the phone. "Hi you've reached Bert's Refrigerators and Butthole Pictures. This is Bert."

Panel 2: He looks at a piece of paper while he's talking. "Ok, sure we can deliver a fridge by Friday."

Panel 3: He wiggles his fingers on the desk. "...and did you want any..."

Panel 4: He scribbles something with his pen. "Just the fridge then."
Damon Thomas
3 days ago

"We danced only one dance and it was just awful...!" #comics #dance #40s

Comic panel – Couples dancing
Damon Thomas
3 days ago

"Copy Cat" #comics #40s

Comic page advises against being a "Copy Cat"
Chris Hallbeck
3 days ago

Revenge peanuts. #comics #work #revenge #funny

Person 1: Hey, please get me some revenge peanuts while you're at the store.
Person 2: Is this about your nemesis at work again?

Person 1: Yes, he has a jar on his desk that he keeps nuts in. Every time it's empty he switches to a new type. He likes to announce it "It's time for almonds!" "We got cashews going on!" "It's walnuts people!" He switched to peanuts about six weeks ago and I’ve been slightly refilling his jar each morning before he arrives. 

Person 2: I never imagined a magic peanut jar could be used for evil.
Damon Thomas
3 days ago

Anywhere near-ish Jacksonville, FL? 6/10! @BlunderBusted and myself will bring our comic to the Duval Comic and Zine Fest! Piles of free stickers and buttons? Sure! #comics #jacksonville #florida

Two people in snazzy clothes stand in a lushly vegetated area.
Magical Trash
3 days ago

#TrashComicsFriday (is that a thing?): This panel from an Uncle Scrooge comic, featuring #Disneyland's It's a Small World attraction and its trash cans, debuted in Germany in 1986 as part of the “The Grand Canyon Conquest” story.

🌐 |
📷 | Disney Comics/IDW Publishing

#MagicalTrash #DisneyTrashCan #TrashCan #DisneyParks #Anaheim #Fantasyland #Comics

Comic book panel featuring the exterior of It's a Small World at Disneyland with its trash cans
Kat ♾️
4 days ago

Don’t be a sheep! 🐑

#cartoon #comics #humor

Far Side cartoon: a sheep rises above a large flock of sheep, front legs raised in the air like arms. He says, “Wait! Wait! Listen to me! … We don’t have to be just sheep!”
Tony Cliff
4 days ago

I joined Jake Parker and Lee White on their THREE POINT PERSPECTIVE podcast to talk about #making #comics! It was a good chat about getting your feet under you, as well as the ways in which #publishing feels like it's changing.

#Comics #GraphicNovels #Podcast #Books #bookstodon

a photo of my phone with the "three point perspective" podcast on screen
Chris Hallbeck
4 days ago
[a person in bed with their feet sticking out from under the blanket]

Person: Whoops the blanket is sideways.

[they turn the blanket 90 degrees]

Person: No wait, now it's sideways?

[they turn it back to the original position and now it covers the whole bed correctly]

Person: HOW?!?
Damon Thomas
5 days ago

Our endless blood soaked newscycle is placed in perspective as you learn that in 1965 young Boomers were writing to Stan Lee complaining about the Avengers not murdering enough. #comics #60s

Comic panel promises the Avengers will fight to the finish.
Damon Thomas
5 days ago

"It's gonna take some time fer me to feel well again!" #comics

Comic panel — Person is struck by objects and discusses recovery time.
Chris Hallbeck
5 days ago
Person 1: What's your wifi password here?
Person 2: There is no password.

Person 1: Oh cool so-
Person 2: All one word.

Person 1: Wait-
Person 2: With underscores between each word.

Person 1: This is why people don't like you.
Person 2: What makes you think I want to be liked?
Oliver Schafeld
5 days ago

Schon mal einen #Comic-Verlag gerettet? Hier gibt's die Gelegenheit dazu per #Crowdfunding:

Es geht um Edition Moderne. Die haben z.B. die wunderbaren Graphic Novels von Marjane Satrapi auf Deutsch herausgebracht.

Hintergrund dazu im Merkur:

#comics #graphicnovel

P.S.: Ich habe gerade per "Aboclub Saison" unterstützt.

Crowdfunding für Edition Moderne.
Nick Walker
5 days ago

New brief interview with me on the Paper Phoenix Ink site about Weird Luck and my fiction and nonfiction writing:

#books #BooksWorthReading #comics #webcomic #webcomics #weird #weirdluck #neuroqueer #writing

dance along the edge 💬
5 days ago

"Don't look back. Something might be gaining on you." - Satchel Paige

🎨 John Romita with probable assistance from Ernie Chan or Alfredo Alcala
#WerewolfByNight #Werewolf #lycanthrope #MarvelComics #Comics #ComicBooks #SatchelPaige @comics @comicstodon

From the POV of the backseat of a car we see a man in front on the driver's side and a woman on the passengers side. The man sees in the rearview mirror and they both turn to face a large werewolf with brown fur, yellow eyes and a mouth bearing sharp fangs. The werewolf reaches for them with razor-like claws.
6 days ago

Art by Jean-Claude Mézières

#SciFiArt #SciFi #Retro #Comics

Various alien races can be seen boarding some sort of transport or shuttle. A transparent, tubular, corridor protrudes from the side of a space habitat.
G. Willow Wilson
6 days ago

Final order cutoff for Issue 1 of THE HUNGER AND THE DUSK is in a few days! Hot orcs! Epic drama! Tell your local comics shop to hold a copy for you. x #comics #bookstodon #fantasy

The cover of issue 1 of THE HUNGER AND THE DUSK with art by Chris Wildgoose. Several figures clad in fantasy armor and armed with swords stand against a fantasy landscape.
JT the Artful :autism:
6 days ago

Hey, comic creators and comic readers.

There is a Mini Comics Award. You can nominate your favorite under underepresented comics, graphic novels, comic strips, etc. here! It looks like a yearly award, and it really helps out comic creators!

#MastoArt #webcomic #comics #artwork

Greg Pak
6 days ago

Also in bookstores today - MECH CADETS BOOK ONE, collecting MECH CADET YU #1-12! Written by yours truly with line art by Takeshi Miyazawa, colors by Triona Farrell, Jessica Kholinne, and Raúl Angulo, and letters by Simon Bowland. It'll be an animated series on Netflix this August!!!

#comics #ComicBooks #MechCadets #MechCadetYu

MECH CADETS BOOK ONE was written by Greg Pak (hey, that's me!) with line art by Takeshi Miyazawa, colors by Triona Farrell, Jessica Kholinne, and Raúl Angulo, and letters by Simon Bowland.