​:skeb:​ commission
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39 minutes ago

Completed colored sketch for Connybun in stream tonight.

Them darn leaks really sneak up on you sometimes~ ;3

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3 hours ago

"Wicked things following you, Guardian. Following you all over Luna."

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4 hours ago

Just a heads up that I got slots available!

If interested, feel free to fill out a form and I'll get back to you!

#commission #commissionsopen #furryart #fatfur

5 hours ago

pngtuber for @/Zerooskill on twt!

#furry #furryart #mastoart #commission

A gif of a black, blue, and white canine. They have a happy expression. The first frame has their mouth closed, and the second frame has it open.
6 hours ago

Spirit Sword 🐼 Commission for LopsidedInk on Twitter! :3

Higher res version, timelapse video, and drawing stage snapshots on my Patreon!

[ #WorldOfWarcraft #Pandaren #FurryArt #MastoArt #Commission ]

Digital art of a Pandaren monk, in hooded green armor, facing the viewer and drawing a sword from its sheath. Her hand and the sword are glowing green, with green flames coming off the blade. A cloud of mist is coalescing into a Mogu spirit behind her - it is also holding a sword and drawing it in the same pose as she is.
7 hours ago
8 hours ago

[Sketch] VenBlueFrost
Commissioned by ScarlettGangBoss/Meris 

They commissioned me to do a sketch commission of a VTuber by the name of VenBlueFrost! Thank you so much for commissioning me!

#MastoArt #Sketch #VTuber #Comm #Commission #CommissionsOpen #Vtuber #VenBlueFrost

Done last Monday stream~

All OCs belong to their rightful owners

#furryart #blep #bleptember #september #commission #stickers

digital art of various characters sticking their tongues out for Bleptember.
Enalys 🐉
13 hours ago

Galactic Enalys. 🌌🐉
Made by Altastria from FA.

#Dragon #OC #Commission #Space #Macro #MastoArt

A picture of a galatic sized version of my dragoness OC Enalys emerging from the center of a galaxy.

#Skeb #Commission

14 hours ago

The full size blimpface for that last pic i uploaded!

RTs and comments appreciated ♥

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14 hours ago

#Skeb #Commission #イラスト

15 hours ago

Pressure Testing
Hydro transfer at 32% and subject is already on the verge of bursting. Transfer will continue until completion. Monitoring subject...

RTs and comments appreciated ♥

#zamo #male #inflation #bloat #fat #overweight #belly #gut #stomach #obese #fatfur #chub #chubby #ball #commission

15 hours ago #Skeb #Commission
🛸🍩 ありがとうございました!

【タイ語|For Thai only】
เปิดคอมมิชชั่นเฉพาะกิจในเฟสบุคค่ะ! ถ้าสนใจสามารถแวะเข้าไปดูได้นะคะ

#commission #CommissionsOpen

16 hours ago

どちらも胸が強調されているので伏せておきますが可愛いのでみてくれ~! #Skeb #Commission

16 hours ago

#commission #依頼絵

👋リクエストありがとうございました~! #Skeb #Commission

17 hours ago

#イラスト #commission
​:blobdance:​ 可愛く描けました


#Skeb #Commission

#Skeb #Commission #有償依頼 #イラスト

23 hours ago

Heyo, or rather given my OC "hewwos!"

I'm currently pooling funds and should be able to submit payments for the art by this Friday (9/29)

I'd be looking to commission some art involving my character and one belonging to PercyTheBuizel (with their permission)

The premise of the art piece I'd want done would be an illustration depicting my OC Slyther (ferret, 2-5 toddler range, feminine male) being led on by Percy's OC (buizel, 8 y/o, traditional male) taking advantage of the little ferret's innocence to get him to suckle and nurse on his tip until bringing the buizel boy to orgasm.

Additional details:
• Piece would ideally be taking place in Slyther's room, a few small background details like some scattered pastel blocks, a rattle, or one of those ring stacking toys would be a simple inclusion that would help sell the age gap between the two cubs.
• Another visual "show, don't tell" could be that the Buizel is holding Slyther's pacifier in one of his paws while Slyther nurses on him.
• Avg height for Slyther (3ft) vs Avg height for 8 y/o humanoid (4ft)
• Buizel OC has humanoid intact/uncut boy parts. Orange shaft skin and foreskin, pink tip.
• Slyther would be unclothed aside from a clean diaper being worn.
• Percy would like to come off as gentle to the little ferret and not trying to force himself down the little tot's throat.

Reference art of both characters attached.

#commission #toddlercon #baby #cub #shota #art #underage #shota #diaper


#Skeb #Commission

1 day ago

“Paying the Bartender…”

Been a while since I drew something smutty…

This was a #commission#CommissionsOpen

#futa #nsfw #NSFWart #erotic #eroticart #porn #erotica #sexy #Mastoart

A naked, busty futanari(hermaphrodite/human female with penis) bartender sits on a barstool, smoking a cigarette having just ejaculated from oral sex performed on her by a skinny male patron, who is on his knees in front of her, apparently in lieu of payment for his drinks.
1 day ago

"We're off the see the wizard! The wonderful wizard, Omnigul!"

#Commission #Commissions #CommissionOpen #Destiny2 #Destiny2Fanart

1 day ago

A friend's Pathfinder character. I enjoyed sketching this one quite a bit!

#sketch #pathfinder #commission

1 day ago

taking 4 detailed icon slots! will be completed by halloween if spooky-themed 💞

- 50 USD

- any furry-adjacent species, any gender, and any background type

reply or DM on telegram @/chronixium to claim a slot!

#furry #furryart #mastoart #commission

A headshot of a brown, tan, and white wolf with a white diamond on his forehead. He is holding a red rose in his mouth and winking. The sun is setting behind him onto a lake.
An orange were-wolfified protegen.
1 day ago

昨日スケブで描かせていただいたものです。ありがとうございます…!(依頼者様のキャラです) #Skeb #Commission

my pokemanz lemme show u em

Here's a sketchcomm (bit early for spooky month) for featuring his bun OC Emma, sharing her gf Trace with 's Ash. 

Get weekly nsfw comics for as little as $5 month at my ℙ𝕒𝕥𝕣𝕖𝕠𝕟, or Substar, 1st links at

#kennoarkkan #commission #digitalart

Character Sketch “Miyazaki Shirohime,” by Mai-sensei

Reposted with Nara-san's permission

These are less elaborate than the full illustrations I do for Nara.

Used in:

(Commissions Always Open)

#Commission #CommissionsOpen #MastoArt #FediArt #Fandom #GraphicArt #Art #Illustration

Girl with red hair. Title information on right.


They are really fashion-conscious. I have to ask Nara-san every time what they are wearing and half the time she has some photo from a Japanese fashion magazine. The other times it's anime t-shirts.

Oh, I made that sound like she doesn't give me good ref. She is good at that, but sometimes I need more detail.

#MastoArt #FediArt #WordWeavers #CommissionsOpen #commission

Helen Walker
1 day ago
1 day ago
Miss Sonja Le
1 day ago
A forest illustration with animals sitting at tables, a wolf, bear, badger, owls, fox, boar, squirrel and a bird.
1 day ago

A commission from @kragmoor based off of two of our TTRPG campaigns: Our Gundam inspired one, where my blue-haired Rena hates Krag's brown-haired John FOR REASONS. And featuring my happy-go-lucky Katt, that is the paragon of friendship and happiness from a superhero themed campaign. The complete opposite of how I play Rena.

Krag and I came up with the idea of our characters from both games meeting up, and how hilarious it would be. I showed it off to out gaming group this weekend, and everyone at the table loved it!

#Commission #MastoArt #MektonZeta #MutantsAndMasterminds #TTRPGArt

Two people in a office room. A Blue haired lady with fox ears is sitting in a chair, twirling a pencil around, looking away from the other person with look of disgust.

A light brown haired dude with fox ears is pulling up a chair next to the other person, saying "Hey Rena... How are you do-" before getting cut off
In a office room, a chair is being thrown with such force, it broke through the wall and hit someone on the other side of the wall. The two people shown in the office are in absolute shock from the throw. "NO TALKING IN CLASS" is being shouted from a third person in the office, but are off screen.
In a office room, in front of a chalkboard, a female with tiger ears and tail is standing. "Professor Katt is about to do you two a lesson in FRIENDSHIP" she says, while holding chalk with her tail.

The chalkboard is mostly covered by the character, but "Friendship 101" can be seen. As well as a stick figure with 4 tails + a stick figure with 1 tail = Friendship. as well a doodle of a cat face.
Art of OddDog
1 day ago

Commission of the wonderful @KayOhtie enjoying relaxing while camping.

Very fun and certainly up for drawing more things like this.

If YOU are a squeaky friend in need of art (or a furry or scalie friend too) head over her to grab a slot, or support monthly to see a sneak peak of an upcoming project:

#furry #art #mastoart #commsopen #commission #smallartist #digitalart #digitalpainting #painting #krita #inflation #inflationart #anthroart #coyote #odddoggoart

A tan inflatable Kay Ohtie the coyote, at a campsite in the woods. Kay is sitting and is leaning back on one arm to support the size of his round belly full of air. The other hand holds a blue  air pump. He is wearing a plaid, red, button-front collared shirt, which is open and unable to button closed due to his size.

Behind there is a green forest, with a mossy and rocky patch to Kay's right. Stretched between two nearby trees is a green hammock and rain fly covering it. In the mossy corner is the artist's signature, Odd Doggo.

Art done by me, as ever in the amazinf open-source art program Krita
1 day ago

a commission for a client I finished today
#pixelart #aseprite #digitalart #commission

1 day ago

1920×1080 B&W Commission for @/Aduro_Obscura🪶
ft. @/ArmandZhol

★ ゚・。 * 。Thank you so much for the support!。・ ゚☆

#DigitalArt #digitalpainting #art #illustration #ชุมชนสายผลิต #ชุมชนนักวาด
#MastoArt #MrDark91art #commission

Salacious Sovereign :verified:
1 day ago

New commission is out~ A Bully one too!

Beatrice Trudeau was a good girl, with good grades, and good looks. That last fact was unfortunately contested by the more popular girls of Bullworth Academy, but what did they know?

Beatrice knew that she was loved, though. Why would there be oodles of nerds lined up to use every hole in her body every week otherwise?

Read it here:

#commission #bully #beatrice_trudeau #nsfw_fic

Art of Zod
1 day ago

Pine Marten badge printed out and ready to be shipped!

➕ Follows / ⭐ Likes / 🚀 Boosts
is much appreciated
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b 🥔

#commission #painting #digitalpainting #illustration #illustrator #digitalart #art #artwork #furry #furryart #mastoart #mastodonart #twitchstreamer #twitch #artistonmastodon #creativetoots #picarto #pinemarten #glasses #printed #laminated #badge

Pine Marten badge printed out and ready to be shipped!

ゆるしちゃん! #commission #Jurbildo #pixelart

櫻李庵🌸 :skeb_logo:
2 days ago


#二次創作 #FA #skeb #Commission

cyborutchi's garden 🍀
2 days ago

My latest work… Ponyo!! 🌊💕 I hope you love her as much as I do 🥹🍀

Pattern by dumbling_crochet!
#MastoArt #art #handmade #plushie #ghibli #artist #artistsonmastodon #commission #amigurumi #shophandmade

Picture of a plushie Ponyo, handmade in crochet. She’s shown in two poses, on the left being grabbed by my hand and to the right she’s on a slight 3/4ths angle and not being grabbed. The  background is a still of the movie.
2 days ago #Skeb #Commission

Graham Groans
2 days ago

"The Beast with Two Backs."

(An annual Patreon commission.)

#GrahamGroans #Art #Commission #Gay #MaleBeauty #Mythology #Centaur #Satyr #HugeCock #Romance #GayLove

Colored drawing of a centaur and a satyr, standing in the shade of a large olive tree. 
The image is colored in dark reddish hues, like under an oppresive afternoon sun.
The centaur, a tanned man with the lower body of a horse, is standing in profile to the viewer. He's got a beard and a thick pelt of chest hair, and has his arms crossed in front of his chest. He has his upper body turned around slightly, looking over his shoulder with an ironic grin, at the satyr riding him. 
On his horse back, his shoulders resting against his human back, lies a satyr, relaxing, eating grapes. He's a muscular man wiht light brown skin, an enormous hard cock, and the hornes, tail, and feet of a goat. 
Both the satyr and the centaur are aroused. 
They are resting in the shade of a huge and ancient olive tree, its trunk grown up around an old statue of Dionysous, smiling fondly.

I stand there, the whole world passing me by, embers burning in the night sky, a lonely breeze against my palms

[ drawn by my friend as part of a commission - if you'd like to support their work they're currently taking commissions over on ko-fi ] #furry #furryart #fursona #mecha #commission #art

A drawing of me atop a rooftop, gazing into the distance with a tired glare, leaning over a railing as a cityscape fills the background, the night sky garnished with a dark blue and purple mist, wearing a tan jacket with a matching cream colored polo shirt, bowtie and pants, serving as a stark contrast to my usual depictions by using a more moody environment
2 days ago

throw me a bone?

marker sketch comm ^_^

#feral #commission #furry #furryart #furrycommission

2 days ago

meowwwwww sketch comm meow meow meow :3

#furry #furryart #commission #furrycommission #feral

2 days ago

As a reminder, my writing commissions are open! If you've ever wanted a piece written in my style to feature your characters, now's your chance!


Examples of my writing have been compiled here:

Private messages are open for any questions! I look forward to working with you~

#commission #commissionsopen #writing #writingcommity #furry #furryart #furrycommission #furrywriting #sfw #nsfw #horror #smut #erotica #fantasy

A maned fox sitting in a chair, simultaneously adjusting her glasses and snapping her fingers. A cloud of purple magic above her reads: "Writing Commissions Open! Horror, Smut, and More!"
Gatsby (Commissions Open!)
2 days ago

Play ball!!!

Basic Render commission for @Tapewolf

#art #jaguar #commission #mecha

A digital drawing of a mechanized jaguar rolled on its back, playing with a large, inflatable ball much like a house cat would play with a large ball of yawn.
2 days ago

Another #gameboy #pixelart #commission this time for @KinkyKobolds of their unnamed bird OC :3

The prompt for this one was to make them look like a Kirby character so I inspired myself a bit from Dyna Blade and their refsheet, but kept the feathers rounder to be more friendly looking like most of Kirby's animal friends

My favorite part of making this one was the flowers that rest on the vines on their head

Process wips in comment :3

Edit : Misremembered the OC's name with another one oops!

Unnamed bird saluting the viewer with a large feathered wing
She's winking and has intricate flowers and curly vines decorating her head and shoulders.
A large round 5-point star lays on the top of her chest
2 days ago

Got another commission!

Ferrets like to steal and collect things, but these girls have different opinions on what are their biggest treasures...

#FurryArt #MastoArt #Commission

Two ferret girls: Pan, wearing a short red hoodie, grey pleated skirt and dark red thigh highs and Mix wearing a short purple hoodie and denim shorts.
Pan is overly enthusiastically showing Mix a baseball with several more laying next to her, exclaiming: "Look at it! Doesn't it make you feel happy and wiggly?" while Mix looks slightly uneasy and replies: "I guess so... I still think socks are better though!"
2 days ago

This one was a challenge for me! I'll admit I've never done a split portrait before - and certainly not a split time period portrait. It was fun though! Thank you Lankie for giving me the opportunity to try something new! <3


Commissions still closed until further notice


#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Portraits #kofiCommission #Commission

Portrait of a woman, facing forward and looking upward to the left. The portrait is split down the middle with the left side done in sepia tones and styled like a 1920s flapper. On that side, she wears her dark hair in a wavy bob, held with a feathered headband. She's wearing a slender gold cross earring, and a multi-strand gold necklace with pearls, crosses, and moon designs. She has her eyebrow plucked thin, prominent eyelashes, and black lipstick. On the right side, she wears her wavy black hair long, down past her chin. Her eye color is golden yellow, her eyebrow is kept natural, and she's wearing a dark red lipstick.
2 days ago

#retro #gameboy palette #pixelart 20$ #furryart #commission for Lyze
Love how his outfit looks like a casual DND light armor set and very proud of the feathery texture I forced in on the wing especially :3

I'll grab wips in the comment for the curious!

Gameboy full-body pixelart portrait for Lyze of his owl character
He's standing relaxed, bent diagonally at his hips on which the back of his left hand rest. He gives a cheeky smile to the viewer
3 days ago

🎨 commission art i made for a lovely couple. will post the whole picture next lol.

#Art #Krita #Commission #Illustration #DigitalArt #QueerArt #SilentSunday #Sunset

a digital illustration of two men looking at each other in a sunset scene.
cyborutchi's garden 🍀
4 days ago

(Reshare please?? 🙏🏻☘️💖)

ENG] Commissions open once again!! Please excuse graphic design being my passion… But anyway shop is also open!

ESP] Abro pedidos personalizados de nuevo!! Porfi perdonadme el tremendo graphic design is my passion,,, Mi tienda también sigue abierta!

#MastoArt #art #artist #artistsonmastodon #commission #kofi #plush #amigurumi #smallbiz #shop #handmade

Picture of some of my plushes (top left to bottom right: pop mushroom, four kirbys holding different things, chibi jolteon, a harvest moon/story of seasons cow + two chicks, chubby chibi charizard,  mametchi, molang, a pawmi holding a sandwich, jiji from kiki's delivery service) surrounding bold text that reads: ''comissions open! DM me for info! or check out my stock at''
Kari Avalon
5 days ago

Hello~ I lately finished a commission of guardian cat Dalgona for my friend. Thanks for continuing to support me. Your support means a lot to me!

#kariavalonart #commission #MastoArt #CharacterDesign

Dalgona in her human form has very long, voluminous, and curly hair.

She wears miniature spectacles, a beret between her ears, a fur collar, a long-sleeved overcoat, and a layered dress reminiscent of a Taisho-era hakama. In addition, her hakama has a longer frilly skirt layer below it. Her outfit is partially patterned with flowers, petals, and waves. Her long tail is largely covered by her long hakama.

Meanwhile, Dalgona in her guardian cat form is supposed to resemble a lilac ragdoll cat with mitts. She has a small rose beret with a ribbon on top of her head, spectacles, and a scarf wrapped around her neck.

Skebご依頼ありがとうございました! #Skeb #Commission @skeb_jpより

#Skeb #有償依頼 #イラスト #Commission

Sky (she/her) (Comms open)
5 days ago

I'm excited to have commissions open, for my first time! :ablobfoxbongohyper: At #BanChan ! Would really appreciate any help to this broke college student. (why does public transport cost an arm and a leg here)

Are you looking for a dramatic#anime style #wallpaper, thumbnail for a video, an illustration for your #DnD character or campaign? Hit me up:

@Curator #art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #CommissionsOpen #commission

A digital painting of Mushoku Tensei characters illuminated by Roxy's casting in a poster-like composition.
11 preparing for a direct shot with light streaks illustrated in an anime style
A bunny and DoomGuy fighting off a undeads in a red heavy illustration.
Kari Avalon
6 days ago

Hello! It's been a while. Here was something I finished some time ago.

I was commissioned by my friend to draw her character Kalani Mahsa in her upcoming her super senshi stage. Thank you for your support!

#kariavalonart #commission #MastoArt #CharacterDesign

This illustration depicts a young woman with long, flowy hair. She is staring at the viewer while floating slightly. She is wearing a cat-earred jacket festooned with ribbons and frills on top of a sailor-themed button-up dress and skirt. Not only that, but she is also wearing oversized knee-high stockings and simple sneakers.
Mr. Completely
6 days ago

@legoktm tag #MastoArt (and maybe #illustration #sticker #commission) and ask for boosts, for paid work you should get some great portfolios

a lot of communities organize themselves around hashtags and that's def a big one

6 days ago

Showing again an old commission I made for @/Soltori at DeviantArt, because it's a cool character and I like how the model turned out 🙂
#lowpoly #blender #Commission

Sariel Snowings
6 days ago

Last two experimental portrait commissions from this first batch were both combined portraits!

#MastoArt #TTRPGArt #Commission #CommissionedArt #Commissions #OC #FediArt #Portrait #JekyllAndHyde #ArtCommissions

For twitter user @/blacksmoke1033 his version of Jekyll and Hyde (always a pleasure to draw these two, whichever version they might be) and for @/HollowHoopoe (also on twitter) her Warhammer character and fire spirit!

Digital bust of two characters, a version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde designed by twitter user @blacksmoke1033 (and drawn by Sariel). Hyde is in front, smiling and holding a glowing green vial, Jekyll is behind him with a concerned look on his face.
A digital portrait in greyscale of an elven woman with short hair and bangs surrounded by a bright flame with eyes and a mouth curled in a mischievous smile.

(I moved from mastodon[.]art, this is a repost)


Hello, I'm Tyr, also known as #CorruptedFox. I love #drawing #animals and #fantasy creatures. I also post #NSFW content from time to time, which will be tagged as such. :blobfoxghost:

My website with #commission examples/prices:


#furry #furryart #mastoart #fediart #art #commissionsopen #illustration #krita #digitalart #traditionalart #fox #anthro

My #socialmedia links are in the post below :blobfox:​

A full body of a silver vixen in front of a red background. She is looking at the viewer with red/ yellow eyes menacingly.
Digitally drawn.
A dragon flying in front of a lighting bolt, looking worried. Digitally drawn.
A sea serpent with several fins drawn with watercolour swimming in the sea. The sky is slightly clouded. The perspective of the drawing is tilted.
Brightly coloured fox looking at the viewer. She is orange and beige coloured in front of a blue background with clouds. Digitally drawn.
Kiba ( = ⩊ = )
1 week ago

Chibi commission for _Wolfyra on tweeter!🐰🪄thank you!!!

#bunny #rabbit #oc #originalcharacter #dnd #wizard #cute #chibi #commission #keebart #digitalart

Art of a chibi bunny wizard. She has a big blue hat with a carrot hanging off the end, a light blue vest, a cute dark blue miniskirt, and a shawl over her shoulders. She's holding up a mystical hourglass with one paw, and placing her other paw on her hip, as she's looking at you with a "what do you want?" expression.
Art of Zod
1 week ago

Pine Marten badge, character belongs to owner, art by me!

➕ Follows / ⭐ Likes / 🚀 Boosts
is much appreciated
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b 🥔

#commission #painting #digitalpainting #illustration #illustrator #digitalart #art #artwork #furry #furryart #mastoart #mastodonart #twitchstreamer #twitch #artistonmastodon #creativetoots #picarto #pinemarten #glasses

Pine Marten badge, character belongs to owner, art by me!

Commission for Rhythm Raccoon!
Gif commissions like this are $60, feel free to message me if you're interested!

#art #animatedgif #animated #gif #robot #furry #commission #mastoart

A blue robot raccoon stares, moving his face back and forth. Hypnotic rings continuously swirl in his eyes
neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
1 week ago

i have one slot open for an acrylic painting on canvas!
25x35cm (sizing preview on 3rd photo)

200€ for acrylic, 400€ for fluorescent acrylic (double-faced painting, visible in sun- and UV light) + shipping from Italy
accepting payment plans!

my favourite themes are classy portraits, erotica, alternative fashion, cybernetic/futuristic settings. i happily take on artistic freedom!

#commission #artistsonmastodon #furry #TraditionalArt #mastoart #painting #furryart #fediart

photo of a 24x30cm acrylic painting on canvas, stretched on a wooden canvas; it portrays two anthro characters, one statue-like cat and a deer seated in a chair; they seem to be in a server room of sorts, with racks of servers and cables in the foregorund
a fluorescent acrylic painting stretched on canvas on a wooden frame; visible in two lights: sun light above, and UV light below. The colours of the painting react differently to both lights, creating two-faced compositions of two different moods. the painting is a portrait of an anthro deer, a futuristic cybernetic queen
sizing preview of the paintings, made in a painting pewview simulator; the left ine is 24x30cm, the right one is 45x30cm
1 week ago

lofi e621 radio - beats to cringe/tag to

twitter banner #commission for @/e621dotnet!

Please support my work so I can afford my incoming student loan payments and other living expenses.

#art #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #furry #FurryArt #illustration #patreon #kofi #humor

Esix, the main mascot of in a parody drawing of the "lofi beats girl" image.
1 week ago

~ Stained Glass Illustrations ~

I have some space open for september. :)
If you're interested you can send me an E-mail:

Or Telegram:

Rt's are highly appreciated


#commission #Furry #furryart #furryartist #CommissionsOpen

1 week ago

Capture your timeless, erotic joy in paint!

Birthday, anniversary, holidays, no reason at all. Give a gift only you can give.

Or treat yourself and be the star attraction of your own art collection.

#watercolor #commission #EroticArt #GayArt

watercolor painting of nude figure leaning against a wall. the palette is dominated by golds and browns

Opening my commissions to help pay for my cat's vet bills! DM or reply to grab a slot.


#Commission #FurryArt

Art fight 2023 for Oliver (APityingofDoves)
Art fight 2023 for Malibu (Banban_Kinnie)
Headshot of Eventide (owned by me)
Wasp || $154/$4055
1 week ago

Sharing my #Commissions again because I need to save up for dental treatment and paying off some debt! My total goal is $4055 CAD and I've raised $154 CAD so far. Boosts are highly appreciated! All prices are in CAD. I also have PWYW stuff (mostly code) in the shop.

:ko_fi: Ko-Fi:

#CommissionsOpen #ArtCommissions #ArtistSupport #FediArt #MastoArt #FurryArt #Commission #CreativeToots #ArtistsOnMastodon #Art #DigitalArt #FurryArtist #FurryFandom #Furry #3DArt #3DArtist

A commission sheet that says "Art Commissions Open", with examples of a headshot of a furry character, a full body of an anthropomorphic wasp character, and a 3D render of an abstract sci-fi environment. Headshots are priced at $25 CAD and up, full bodies are priced at $45 CAD and up, and 3D renders are priced at $80 CAD and up.
Under a heading that reads "Information", the text says, "Will draw: furries, humans, feral, most character types. Won't draw: mechs, not safe for work, political, overly complex designs. Payment through Ko-Fi. Upfront only."
Under a heading that reads "Terms of Service", the text says, "All commissions are for personal use unless otherwise stated. You must provide a reference for your character or a clear description of your vision. My artwork may not be used for NFTs/AI art or related. You can expect to wait up to a month depending on the commission - I may be willing to shorten this for a rush fee. More information about my TOS is on my Ko-Fi page." It then links the Ko-Fi page. Then it says, "If you have any concerns, feel free to DM me at punkwasp on Tumblr."
1 week ago

Lightning sword ⚡

#PixelArt #commission #art

1 week ago
a light blue dragon smiles at the camera, side view

Been using too much of my credit card to cover some emergency expenses, so I need to find extra #commission work to keep up with payments.

Any support is appreciated 💕 If you'd like a small sketch for #donations, please let me know if/when you donate

#art #artist #mutualaid #commissionsopen #digitalart #mastoart #creativetoots #emergencyfunds

2 weeks ago

Would there be any interest in traditional painting commissions? I want to spend more time in front of paper, wood or canvas.
Anything from a small watercolor to a big oil painting. Can be fan-art, ships, ecopunk, fantasy, futuristic, nature.
If interested, send me a short description + ref pics, desired size, and your budget, to efflam.mercier (at )

:boost_ok: #watercolor #oilpainting #TraditionalArt #commission :boost_ok:

Here are some samples of my work:

A wooden sinagot sails past the rusted hull of a container ship in the process of collapsing, spilling out cargo silently into the cold water.
an elder and little kid watch a field of destroyed solar panels, while the sky is an eerie off-white tint.
Lilith from Diablo 4 , fan art watercolor
A wooden sinagot ship called the St Patrick. Watercolor on white paper.

Sunset commission
In experimental style

#furry #furryart #wolf #sunset #commission

Furry art
Gatsby (Commissions Open!)
2 weeks ago

Brb gotta find out where he works and promptly drown

Last of the Summer YCH slots!

#commission #furry

A digital drawing of an anthropomorphic bovine sitting on a lifeguard chair. He is pulling a whistle away from his mouth and politely shouting to swimmers to not rough house too much.

Next sketch commission (with color and a little extra detail as thanks for the nice tip that was added!) done for LiataiOfTheWood (twitch)

Thank you for commissioning me!! :drgn_nom_heart:​

#furry #furryart #commission

Liatai's Kweeta sona wearing Kirin Gamma armor from Monster Hunter
Onyx Serpent
2 weeks ago

Another speed paint commission, this time for @pyrex of their character. I've loved all the characters and scenes I've been able to draw for commissions so far, and this was no exception!

#DigitalArt #MastoArt #kobold #commission

Digital painting of a kobold sitting an old style couch while reading. Cool evening light filters through the curtains, and warm light from the interior. Tall bookshelves are on the edges of the frame and a coffee table in the foreground has a few more books and papers.
2 weeks ago

Pixel avatar #commission for Snackal on Telegram.

Please support my work so I can afford my incoming student loan payments and other living expenses.

#art #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #furry #FurryArt #illustration #patreon #kofi #jackal #PixelArt

A 128x128 headshot avatar of an anthropomorphic grey jackal.
A 384x384 headshot avatar of an anthropomorphic grey jackal.

Hello, my name is Mai and I am a professional #GraphicArtist.

I was invited here by Nara Moore and do illustrations for her novels.

Please be kind to me.

My specialty is #Yuri but het doesn't bother me. I have done drawings for #OthersidePicnic, #ImInLoveWithTheVillainess (#ILTV), #SpyXFamily, #BocchiTheRock, #LycorisRecoil, #lLttleWitchAcademia , and lot of others. I have also done #Idol #FanArt . I do #SFW #NSFW #Ecchi but nothing illegal. Don't ask me.

Below is a sample of my work, displayed with Nara's permission.

#Introduction #Intro #MastoArt #Commission #CommissionOpen #Fandom

Two girls dancing. One has rabbit headphones on. Both are wearing dresses of matching design, one teal the other black.
Gatsby (Commissions Open!)
3 weeks ago

A beautiful beach day!

This is a completed piece from my mini Summer themed YCH event!

#leopard #snep #commission

A digital drawing of an anthropomorphic snow leopard woman sitting on a lifeguard chair at the beach. She is leaning forward in the lifeguard chair and smiling wide in the warm glow of the summer sun.
Banchan Art
3 weeks ago

There’s lots of marketplaces out there, but we’re building a new kind of place: a cooperative where your voice and needs as an artist matter. We’re not driven by enriching our investors. Our only driver is enriching you, the artist, and making sure you can be safe while you do your work.

Please check us out, and come talk to us on Discord to meet the team and ask any questions!

More details:

#CommissionsOpen #Commission #ArtistsOnMastodon

Commission for Mazaradie~

#Art #MastoArt #Commission

Mazaradie (An anthro Red Panda, is standing at the side of a train, on its steps, the train is passing by some trees, at the side of a structure that is probably a station.
4 weeks ago

Inks for a Wizard of Oz commission.
#MastoArt #art #ink #WizardOfOz #illustration #commission

A digital ink drawing of Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz on a brick road floating in space.
Gatsby (Commissions Open!)
1 month ago

A fun character sheet commission I wrapped up yesterday 🩵🤍🩶

A reminder that I am open c:

#commission #mecha #protogen

A concept sheet featuring a back view, front view, and clothed view of a 6 armed protogen character.

can anyone suggest a #vegan #artist who has experience #drawing or #painting #birds?

i'm looking to #commission a portrait of my wife's favorite crow for their birthday💞

boosts encouraged!

1 month ago

Time for a little self-promotion :ablobcatbongo:
You can check my prices and book a commission here on my Artistree profile:
Quick, safe and easy 😎
Plus, with every sale there, they donate to plant trees ❤️ 🌱

#commission #CommissionsOpen #art #artist #opentowork #MastoArt #cats #boost #artbooster

A cartoon of a pink cat with yellow eyes, with a focused expression, drawing a cat on a sketchbook. On the desk there's also a pencil holder with more drawing tools, some pens and pencils on the table, and a cup with some hot liquid, the cup is yellow has a green human face painted on.
1 month ago

#WIP for a #commission I'm doing. I loved the idea of Mr. Detective Racoon ❤

#cartoon #sketch #MastoArt

Three sketches in cartoon style, of a chonky raccoon wearing detective clothes, with a magnifying glass in his hand, looking like he is investigating. One of them also has a pipe.
1 month ago

I'm opening for commissions again!
I'll leave the form open over the weekend and potentially early next week depending on interest 🙂
Submission form and prices can be found here:

#furry #furryart #furryartist #commission #commissionsopen #digitalart #mastoart

1 month ago

High Noon 🤠☀ Commission for Jestrab on FA! :D

Higher res version, timelapse video, and drawing stage snapshots on my Patreon!

[ #Avians #FurryArt #MastoArt #Commission ]

A red-feathered hawk in a cowboy hat and a large, colorfully striped poncho stands in the middle of a desert town. He has a sprig of wheat in his beak and a stern expression. One hand is lifted out from under the poncho, slightly pulling down the fringed bandanna around his neck.
Ellie 🐘🌺
1 month ago

If you are a queer artist, or know a queer artist, please get in touch! I have more ideas for commissions than I can find people to commission.

Bonus points if you're interested in any of:
- She-Ra
- Star Trek
- The Lord of the Rings
- The Matrix
- Studio Ghibli
- NixOS
- botany
- *waves hands broadly* the sapphic aesthetic

#queer #art #commission #shera #spop #lotr #startrek #ghibli #thematrix