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ICYMI: A small team of #DPRK doctors is working at a neighborhood clinic in the #Congo’s second-biggest city of Pointe Noire, an NK News investigation has found, providing what locals say is high-quality medical care at an accessible location.

元 Wenge のAdolpheさんもか。
まぁ、彼も 4th gen あたりだよな。

◖|•ᴥ•|◗♫♡ < #NowPlaying ADOLPHE DOMINGUEZ - FATSHI BÉTON ( plus unis ) CLIP

#Music #マストドン音楽好き部 #DRCongo #Congo #RDC #DRC #Soukous

最後にひっそり Fally 出てきたぞ。

ファリたそ、相変わらず(残念な) pops 路線で仏方面で売りたいはずだけど、これだいじょぶなんかな。


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Ziek zijn heeft één voordeel: ik kan weer eens rustig doorlezen. Ik ben begonnen aan 'Terug naar Kongo' van de reis van Lieve Joris uit 1985. Daarmee combineer ik twee dingen: mijn steeds maar toenemende interesse in de geschiedenis van Afrika plus mijn interesse in de favoriete schrijfster van mijn moeder.

En ik moet zeggen: ik kan haast niet stoppen met lezen. #leestip #boekentip #boeken #lievejoris #schrijfster #afrika #kongo #Zaire #congo


◖|•ᴥ•|◗♫♡ < #NowPlaying Tatu Séraphin FATSHI BETON (clip officiel)

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要するに Soukous 3-4th generation はみんな現大統領 Tshisekedi に買われとるってことか。



#Music #マストドン音楽好き部 #DRCongo #Congo #RDC #DRC #Soukous



#Music #マストドン音楽好き部 #DRCongo #Congo #RDC #DRC #Soukous


◖|•ᴥ•|◗♫♡ < #NowPlaying KOFFI OLOMIDE - FATSHI BÉTON N•20 ( clip )

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12/20の大統領選に向けて現地 Soukous ミュージシャンも応援キャンペーンに駆り出されとるのう…。
元 Zaiko Langa Langa の Bozi さんは現大統領の応援ですか。最近あちらの政治ニュース追ってないけど、また長期政権化して続投しそうなのかすら。


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"the #Congo Basin is now the only #tropical #rainforest in the #world with enough #trees still standing to #absorb substantially more #CO2 than it emits." "in #Africa, ... an area larger than France and Italy combined has been #licensed for #oil and #gas #exploration since 2017" -

African Stream post on Threads:

It often feels like, to the West, African lives are totally expendable.

A new article in The Atlantic loudly proclaims that war in Congo has “kept the planet cooler” - i.e., has been good for Mother Nature… as if the devastation inflicted on the Congolese were a price worth paying for a healthier environment.

To be fair, the subheading is: “the grim ironies of climate change.”


For #Palestine #Kurdistan #Sahara #Sudan #Congo "If I had a rocketlauncher" (Some son of a bitch would pay)

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Battle of #LithiumMining at #Paiute Massacre Site Links Struggles Against #Greenwashing Around the World

By Brenda Norrell, #CensoredNews
December 6, 2023

"The struggle to protect #PeeheeMuhuh, #ThackerPass, from lithium mine links the #global struggles of uncontacted #Indonesians battling #nickel mining, child slaves in #Congo's #cobalt mines, and the peoples' battles against lithium mining in #Serbia and #Argentina. They are all battling the greenwashing of the false solution of #electricvehicles for #ClimateChange.

"The desecration of the sacred Paiute Massacre site by #LithiumAmericas of Canada is proceeding because federal laws do not protect massacre sites. Further, a man camp of lithium miners threatens the rural communities of #FortMcDermitt Paiute #Shoshone Nation, and the town of #Winnemucca with crime, specifically sex trafficking.

"Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, #RenoSparks Indian Colony Chairman Arlan Melendez called for a new mobilization of #PeacefulProtests that will bring awareness to the public about the ongoing desecration to the sacred place and the damage to the #environment. He called for support from #SouthDakota and elsewhere to bring this desecration to the forefront.

"'We lost the lawsuit because the law favors #mining, especially in this state,' Chaimrnan Melendez said.
'Without water, there is no life,' said Dean Barlese, #PyramidLakePaiute, who offered the opening traditional prayer honoring all created things, all sacred creation. 'We're teaching our young people these prayer songs.'

"'Our songs are still out there on the land.'

"Chairman Melendez said they are concerned about the crime that the mine will bring to Fort McDermitt region, in a rural area, including man camps, especially with the concern for missing and murdered women.
The lithium boom is like the gold rush, the whole state has lithium deposits, and #Nevada's 28 bands and tribes are sure to be affected. Already, sacred sites are being desecrated by lithium mining.
Chairman Melendez said the strategy is to mobilize tribes to speak with a louder voice so that the people will understand the devastation."

Read more:

#MMIW #EnvironmentalRacism #CorporateColonialism #WaterIsLife #Mining #OpenPitMining #StopThackerPass

NB la ligiloj por aŭskulti tiun kantiston troviĝas en la artikolo.

#kongo #congo #rumba #CongoBrazzaville #drc #rdc #70smusic #ManuDibango #afriko #esperanto #lang_eo #muziko

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ICYMI: A small team of #DPRK doctors is working at a neighborhood clinic in the #Congo’s second-biggest city of Pointe Noire, an NK News investigation has found, providing what locals say is high-quality medical care at an accessible location.

Franklin Boukaka – Le Bucheron

Franklin Boukaka (1940 – 1972) was a Congolese singer, guitarist, and songwriter, recognized as a pioneer of Congolese popular music. He performed in bands based in each of “the two Congos” and toured worldwide.

“Le Bucheron” is part of an album recorded in Paris in 1970 and arranged by Manu Dibango. […]

#70smusic #Congo #ManuDibango #Spotify

Franklin Boukaka - Le Bucheron
African wildlife
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A live view from a corridor that connects the gorillas' night quarters with their forest habitat.
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Voici la vie de 40 000 enfants esclaves congolais dans les mines de cobalt. Doit-on changer de mobile tous les ans ? A-t-on besoin d'une voiture électrique ? ou de vapoteuse ? (nuisible à la santé en plus d'avoir l'air de dépasser les Borne)


dans un paysage rocheux terne et poussiéreux plutôt désertique, fourmillant d'ouvriers en plein soleil :  et sans aucun moyen, ils piochent à la main
argumento :socialiststar:
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"Unless you speak out about the ongoing genocide in #Congo you can't speak out about the genocide in #Gaza" <- Someone that has NEVER spoken out about the genocide in Congo, unless it's about silencing people talking about the genocide in Gaza.

#Palestine #FromTheRiverToTheSea @palestine

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The European Union has canceled its election observation mission for the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Dec. 20 general elections, saying it would not be able to deploy people across the country for security reasons.

#VOAAfrica #DRC #Congo #Elections

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オロミデ🇨🇩 + Davido🇳🇬 で CoupéDécalé 的ポップス?

◖|•ᴥ•|◗♫♡ < #NowPlaying Koffi Olomide ft Davido - Legende (Official Music Video)

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#Kenyan troops at #Goma airport on Sunday as their withdrawal continues from DR #Congo

Kenyan troops at Goma airport on Sunday as their withdrawal continues from DR Congo
Kenyan troops at Goma airport on Sunday as their withdrawal continues from DR Congo
Kenyan troops at Goma airport on Sunday as their withdrawal continues from DR Congo
Kenyan soldier in Goma airport
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Questioning what they puff
TikTokers quit vaping for Congo
Cobalt awareness grows

#congo #cobalt #tiktok #vaping #haiku #poetry

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TOP NEWS OF THE WEEK: The #NorthKorean Embassy in the Democratic Republic of #Congo is set to close, the central #African country’s foreign ministry told NK News, making it the seventh #DPRK overseas mission to shut its doors since late October.

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𝗛𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗯𝗮𝗹𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝘄𝗶𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗻 𝗼𝗼𝗸 𝘁𝘄𝗲𝗲𝗱𝗲 𝗴𝗿𝗼𝗲𝗽𝘀𝗱𝘂𝗲𝗹 𝗼𝗽 𝗪𝗞 𝗿𝘂𝗶𝗺 𝘃𝗮𝗻 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗼

De Nederlandse handbalsters hebben ook de tweede groepswedstrijd op het wereldkampioenschap in Denemarken, Zweden en Noorwegen ruim gewonnen. Oranje versloeg in het Deense Frederikshavn Congo met 40-20 en is daarmee al zeker van een plaats in de hoofdronde van het WK. Bij rust leidde de...

#Handbalsters #WK #Congo

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𝗛𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗯𝗮𝗹𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗼𝗽 𝗪𝗞 𝘇𝗼𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗧𝗲𝗻 𝗛𝗼𝗹𝘁𝗲 𝗲𝗻 𝗩𝗮𝗻 𝗩𝗹𝗶𝗲𝘁 𝘁𝗲𝗴𝗲𝗻 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗼

De handbalsters spelen de tweede groepswedstrijd tegen Congo zonder keepster Yara ten Holte en Loïs van Vliet. Bondscoach Per Johansson heeft beide handbalsters op de tribune gezet voor de tweede groepswedstrijd.

#HandbalstersWK #TenHolteVanVliet #Congo

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Photo of writing on side of building that states "END U.S. Supported Genocide."
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ICYMI: The North Korean #Embassy in the Democratic Republic of #Congo (DRC) is set to close, the central African country’s foreign ministry told NK News, following the #DPRK’s withdrawal from #Bangladesh, #Spain, #HongKong, #Uganda, #Angola and #Nepal.

🇨🇩 Élections en #RDC: un cadre du parti du candidat Moïse Katumbi meurt lors d'un déplacement dans l'est du pays 📰

#RevuedePresse #politique #international #Congo #Kindu #MoïseKatumbi #DidoKakisingi #Presidentielle2023 #elections2023 #election2023

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Fantastic #Cuprite from the Democratic Republic of the #Congo ❤️🩶
Photo Copyright ©️ @qileisi1987
By #GeologyWonders
#Geology #GeologyPage #Nature #minerals #crystals #gems #Nature #NatureLovers #NaturePhotography #Photographer

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Haven't met him myself, but I work with folks who work with Dr. Mukwege. He's one of the good guys. Wishing him a safe and successful campaign. #Congo #Africa #Politics #DenisMukwege

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

"Militants from a shadowy extremist organization with ties to the Islamic State Group killed at least 14 farmers in Congo’s hard-hit eastern region, a local official said Saturday.
The Allied Democratic Forces attacked Mamove village in North #Kivu province on Friday night where they beheaded the farmers working on their fields, said Samson Simara, a delegate of the provincial governor..."

#news #DRC #ISIS #Congo

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Sounds like #China has fully embraced #CorporateColonialism! Welcome to the club?

#Africa: #LithiumMining in Africa Reveals Dark Side of #GreenEnergy

By Kate Hairsine
Deutsche Welle (Bonn)
16 November 2023

“The new rush for lithium in Africa risks fueling #corruption and harming local communities and the #environment, investigations have shown.

“At a Chinese-run lithium mine in #Namibia, local workers have complained for months about squalid living conditions and #unsafe work practices.

“An August fact-finding mission by the Mineworkers Union of Namibia into the Uis mine -- which is operated by Chinese mining company #XinfengInvestments -- found the the local miners living in tiny and hot corrugated zinc shacks without proper ventilation.

“The union also faulted a lack of privacy in the sanitation blocks where toilets and showers are lined up without partitions between them.

“In contrast, the Chinese workers at the mine have comfortable air-conditioned rooms and decent bathrooms.

“The union also criticized Xinfeng for failing to provide protective clothing and ensure safety measures for local workers.

“This is not the only controversy surrounding Xinfeng Investments. A new investigation into lithium mining in Africa by UK-based nonprofit #GlobalWitness outlines accusations against the firm ranging from acquiring the #Uis industrial mine through #bribery to developing it using permits intended for artisanal miners.

“Developing the mine with small-scale licenses meant the company paid 'a staggering low amount for access' to the lithium deposit and allowed it to skirt some #EnvironmentalRegulations, the investigation says.

Concerning trend of #corruption

“As well as in Namibia, the report also documents human rights abuses, corruption, displacement and unsafe working practices in lithium mines the Democratic Republic of the #Congo and #Zimbabwe.

“Going back decades, the mining sector in Africa has often involved corruption and communities not really getting a share of the profits,' said Global Witness senior investigator Colin Robertson, one of the report's authors. 'What we found in the lithium sector is that this trend is set to continue. ... This is very concerning.'

Race for lithium

“Called the 'white gold' of the renewable energy revolution, lithium is a key component of the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power everything from cell phones to electric cars (#EVs). Such #batteries are also vital for storing energy produced by clean energy like solar or wind if the world is to make the break from #FossilFuels.

“Globally, the lithium supply is currently dominated by #Australia, #Chile and China, who together produced 90% of the light metal in 2022. But with about 5% of the world's lithium ore reserves, Africa still holds enormous potential, most of which is untapped. Currently only Zimbabwe and Namibia have exported lithium ore, while projects in nations such as #Congo, #Mali, #Ghana, #Nigeria, #Rwanda and #Ethiopia are under exploration or development.

“With demand for the critical mineral expected to boom -- it could grow 40-fold by 2040, according to International Energy Agency projections -- major economies and international companies are racing to secure access to lithium on the continent.

“And many African nations are embracing the lithium rush.

Mineral of the future

“'Lithium is the mineral of the present and the future,' Zimbabwe's president #Emmerson Mnangagwa said recently.

“Zimbabwe, which has Africa's largest lithium reserves and is ranked sixth globally for lithium exports, earned $209 million (€193) from the mineral in the first nine months of 2023. That's nearly treble last year's earnings.

“The southern African country, along with Namibia and Tanzania, has banned the export of raw, or unprocessed lithium, as it seeks to get added value from the lightweight metal.

“Zimbabwe's ban is far from watertight. Global Witness' research discovered that large amounts of lithium ore are still being trucked out of the country.

“In addition, Zimbabwe Defence Industries, a military-linked company subject to US and EU sanctions, has been granted a special exemption to export lithium ore to China. The director of the Harare-based Centre for Natural Resource Governance, Farai Maguwu, is appalled by this.

“'Even though they don't own a single lithium mine,' he told DW, 'they were given an export permit.'

Lithium is a curse

“Maguwu is pessimistic when asked if lithium mining brings any benefit to Zimbabwe.

“’Not at all,' he answered. 'If anything, this abundance of lithium deposits in the current system of governance is actually a curse to the country.'

“If anything, it will bring the country down because there are no systems in place to ensure that the country can generate revenue for the benefits, first and foremost, of the host communities which must pay the cost of mine, loss of land, loss of #biodiversity and the social intrusion into their space.'

“He gives the example of the #SandawanaMine where a lithium rush saw thousands of locals digging out lithium. In early 2023 though, the mine was reportedly taken over by companies with links to Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party and military.

“'Even where the local people are able to mine and sell legally, the government sent troops armed to the teeth to stop people from accessing the lithium,' Maguwu said.

“There is 'no silver bullet' to the problem of corruption in Africa's mining sector, he said, but he would like to see more Western mining companies invest in extracting Africa's lithium, as they are often bound by stricter environmental, social and governance standards and practices.

Fear of Chinese monopoly

“China has a virtual monopoly on lithium extraction in Africa. More than four-fifths, or 83%, of Africa's forecast lithium supply this decade will come from projects at least partly owned by Chinese firms, estimates Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, a consultancy.

“Three Chinese mining giants have acquired lithium mines and projects worth $678 million in Zimbabwe in the past year.

“'Domination [of lithium mining] by one country may led to undesirable results such as under-valuation of mineral resources, #TaxAvoidance and #HumanRights abuses in the sector,' according to a recent report by the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association.

“The Global Witness researcher Robertson calls on the European Union and the United States to ensure increased transparency of lithium mining and more oversight by local activists in order to improve governance and combat corruption.

“'It can't just be about [the EU and US] trying to increase their own supply of minerals,' he said.

“As for Farai Maguwu, he stresses that the proceeds from extractive projects must be plowed back into the community in terms of public goods, such as roads, health clinics and schools.

“’We consider our unmined assets as our natural capital and the local people, even children, should enjoy the benefits of the extraction of their natural capital.’”

2 weeks ago

#Mining company hunts for precious #minerals under #Aberdeenshire #farms

By John Sleigh
9th September 2022

"A North East mining company is searching for cobalt, nickel and copper under Aberdeenshire farmland.

“Starting this weekend, Aberdeen Minerals will be flying a helicopter in the area between Maud in the north down to Belhelvie in the south and from the coast to Insch in the west. Using a machine which produces an electronic pulse, the helicopter will produce data to map the geology of the area with the daily flights taking a month to complete the 3700km survey. The aircraft will travel in strips at 200metre intervals at a height of 100m off the ground, moving at the relatively slow speed of 50mph in a bid to discover the precious minerals.

“The project is being led by a group of #investors who set up a company in 2018 after working in mineral exploration across the globe. They picked Aberdeenshire as previous surveys have suggested that there are deposits of #cobalt, #nickel and #copper. The minerals are in high demand for making #LithiumBatteries which are increasingly important as the economy phases out #FossilFuels. The nickel price is currently sitting at around $21,000 per ton which has nearly doubled since March 2020.

“The focus on the search is around the #Arthath area which is 6km north of Ellon. Currently the company has agreements with around 20 farms for access and exploration. Most of the farms own their mineral rights – however in some cases the original owning estates have retained the rights [through #ManorialRights ], which has resulted in a three-party split on the agreement.

“CEO of Aberdeen Minerals, Fraser Gardiner, said: 'We are looking at where the demand will be in five to ten years and all the indications are that cobalt, nickel and copper will be needed and we don’t produce any in the UK. There was a lot of work done in the area in the 1970s and again in 2006 which all indicates there is deposits under the ground in Aberdeenshire. At the time when the original research was conducted the price environment was different and the technology was not as advanced so little was done to bring it to extraction.

“'But the mineral potential is there, it is even recognised by the local authority planning authority,' noted Mr Gardiner. 'The historic data and the research we have done since has been sufficient encouragement for our investors to progress with an aerial survey.'

“The particular type of rock which the company is searching for is gabbro – coarse-grained igneous rock, similar to granite. The rock type is common across the North East of Scotland but rare in the rest of the country and can hold copper, cobalt and nickel.

“Mr Gardiner explained: 'The rock often holds small but rich enough deposits of the precious minerals to make extraction financially viable. We are at a very early stage, as we don’t know where the deposits are and if they even exist.'

“Typically in other areas with similar geology, these types of deposits are 300 to 400 meters below the surface and in concentrations which suit underground mining. Some of the initial public reaction has been mixed to the prospect of mining, with many locals nervous about the enterprise. However, Mr Gardner is keen to stress that they are staying away entirely from an open cast mining system.

“If the helicopter survey indicates that cobalt, nickel and copper are in the ground then further agreements will be needed with some land owners for investigations to take place.

“Mr Fraser explained: 'If the helicopter survey shows further investigation is worthy then it would be between three and five years of work to get to a position where we needed to decide if a mine is to be developed. To put this into context, prospects like here have a one in 100 chance of coming to fruition. There are so many technical, economic and environmental factors at play. But having said that, all the indications so far make it worthy of further investigation.

“Currently all three minerals which are being searched for are imported to the #UK. However the UK Government publish a #Mineral Strategy which is encouraging more domestic production. At the moment the nearest copper mines to the UK are in #Spain, #Poland and #Scandinavia. Nickel and cobalt are also mined in Scandinavia. But globally the biggest producers of coppers are in #SouthAmerica, #cobalt from the #Congo and Nickel from #Russia and #Indonesia."

#AbolishTheMonarchy #ExtractiveMining #Scotland #environment

2 weeks ago

"Business has resumed in Mweso but under the control of the M23,"

#M23 rebels seize strategic town in Eastern DR #Congo - The East African

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 weeks ago

"WHO Confirms First Sexual Spread of Mpox in Congo Amid Record Outbreak"

"U.N. health agency said a resident of Belgium traveled to Congo in March and tested positive for mpox, or monkeypox, shortly afterward. The WHO said the individual 'identified himself as a man who has sexual relations with other men' and that he had gone to several underground clubs for gay and bisexual men.

Among his sexual contacts, five later tested positive for mpox..."

#Congo #LGBTQ #Mpox

2 weeks ago

#Corruption and Rights Abuses Are Flourishing in #LithiumMining Across #Africa, a New Report Finds

The global #CleanEnergy transition could be a game changer for Africa, but exploitation of miners continues as many foreign mining companies ignore local opposition.

By Katie Surma
November 15, 2023

"Some Zimbabweans have found formal employment at the country’s seven industrial-scale lithium mines, but thousands of others have flocked to informal mining sites where they use basic tools like picks and shovels to dig up chunks of lithium ore, which they then sell to traders who truck the ore across the border to South Africa for export and processing abroad.

"While Zimbabwe’s president Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the lithium industry will buoy the nation’s flailing economy, watchdog groups and local communities say Zimbabweans have heard similar promises made about diamonds, gold and other resources, only to see the benefits accrue to wealthy elites while locals’ labor and #ecosystems are exploited.

"Zimbabwe made over $200 million in revenue from lithium in the first nine months of 2023. But economists have estimated that Zimbabwe lost roughly $12 billion from 1980 to 2012 through illegal trade and capital flight involving multinational businesses in the resource extraction industry. The nation’s national debt as of September 2022 was $14 billion.

"A new report from the nonprofit #GlobalWitness validates civil society groups’ concerns about exploitative labor practices and environmental destruction associated with lithium mining. The report, released Tuesday, identifies multiple alleged incidents of #corruption, unsafe working conditions, forced evictions, child labor and harmful environmental practices tied to lithium mining in #Zimbabwe, #Namibia and the #DemocraticRepublicOfCongo.

"'History is on course to repeat itself,' said Colin Robertson, a senior investigator at Global Witness and one of the report’s authors.

"Family members of Vito, the man shot adjacent to the mine, told Inside Climate News that they are not aware of any formal investigation into the killing and that they lack the resources needed to pursue legal action against the mine’s foreign owner. No criminal charges have been filed. Earlier this year, the mine was forced to temporarily suspend operations related to alleged labor law violations and has faced allegations from civil society groups relating to its environmental record and treatment of local communities."

Read more:

#HumanRights #CorporateColonialism #Congo #Africa #Greenwashing #EnvironmentalRacism

2 weeks ago

what's going on in the #congo since there's also a #genocide happening over there as well:

to sum it up, #people in the congo are literally being #worked as #slaves to mine for this material called coltan, which is very valuable as its used for things like phones, laptops, just electronics in general. Congo is the number 1 producer for this material and the places behind this genocide is #America, #Britain, #France, and #Israel, wow what an absolute shocker. The worst places probably to ever exist benefit from a genocide. These places are funding #Rwanda and #Uganda military groups, to go into the Congo and kill MILLIONS of people. This has also been going on for YEARS. Many women have been SA'd and men are forced to #work in INHUMAN conditions, resulting in their death and the #colonizers are absolutely benefitting from this. 6 MILLION people have been killed and half of them are literally kids. Many of the Congolese people have also been displaced.

Please speak out about and raise your voice

Erasing 76 crimes
2 weeks ago

Trans women in the Congo face new dangers during election campaign. Nine need financial aid after being relocated for their protection.

#LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTrights #humanrights #LGBTQrights #Africa #Congo #DRC #trans

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 weeks ago

"People on TikTok Are Quitting Vaping to Protest Child Labor in Congo"

"As people in the Western world look for ways to help Congolese people from afar, calls to limit electronic waste have gone viral on TikTok."

#TikTok #Congo #vaping

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Josephine Moulds: ‘They’ll have to kill me first’: locals in DR #Congo oppose plans to drill for oil: Small communities who were not consulted about exploration schemes in protected areas are standing their ground

#drcongo #fossilfuels #ClimateChange #rainforest

Alice Marshall
3 weeks ago

Humanitarian Crisis in #Congo Is the Sinister Underbelly of “Green Tech”
The “green tech” industry is reproducing the same colonial and extractive patterns that got us to the #ClimateCrisis.

3 weeks ago

I made some art last week to protest the wars & advocate for nonviolence

#palestine #russia #ukrane #nato #usa #congo #israel

Thoughts? #politics #art #stopwar #ceasefire

Buddhist monk walking on tightrope of human condition
Man observing the city of Jerusalem looking through barbed wire
Ben Higbie
3 weeks ago

images of the Forescom Building in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, completed in 1946 #architecture #architects #design #designs #designing #world #africa #african #congo #artnet #travel #travels #traveling #traveler #travelers

a photo of a wedge-shaped building in a city, it is a futuristic-type design
a black and white photo of the building taken decades ago facing the front of it
a modern photo of the building, facing the front, cars parked on the street in front of it
the building photographed from an angle, from the left side of the street
Palm Oil Detectives
3 weeks ago

Known for their menacing stare, gentle #shoebills are iconic in #Uganda #Congo #Tanzania. They are vulnerable from #hunting, #palmoil #deforestation and other threats. Help them and be #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife! via

Known for their menacing stare, gentle #shoebills are iconic in #Uganda #Congo #Tanzania. They are vulnerable from #hunting, #palmoil #deforestation and other threats. Help them and be #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife! via 
Known for their menacing stare, gentle #shoebills are iconic in #Uganda #Congo #Tanzania. They are vulnerable from #hunting, #palmoil #deforestation and other threats. Help them and be #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife! via 
Known for their menacing stare, gentle #shoebills are iconic in #Uganda #Congo #Tanzania. They are vulnerable from #hunting, #palmoil #deforestation and other threats. Help them and be #vegan and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife! via 
LA Legault ✌🏻
3 weeks ago

Do you hear that #tech bros? #Congo 😎 . You sure you don’t want a #ceasefire?

(That’s why #Musk stopped supporting Israel)

LA Legault ✌🏻
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Someone send it to Doug Ford for me? lol #onpoli

“From #Palestine to #Congo we won’t forget, from the 🇨🇦 Ring Of Fire to the Jungle, we won’t forget” ✊🏻 #LandBack

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We are not getting the clear picture of what is going in #Congo, some sort ethnic cleansing or genocides are taking place there. Media doesn't come out clean over these allegations.

M23 rebels retake DRC village where they're accused of massacre - The East African

Alice Marshall
4 weeks ago

#Congo: Another Genocide Ignored By The Media

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text: #gaza has #oil, #congo has #cobalt, west #papua has #gold. all these #genocides are happening because the only #god #colonists #worship is #money.
#classwar #eattherich #killyourlocalfascist

text: gaza has oil, congo has cobalt, west papua has gold. all these genocides are happening because the only god colonists worship is money.
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Islamist militants tied up at least 19 villagers and killed them with machetes and other weapons in a raid in the eastern Democratic Republic of #Congo late on Sunday, a civil society leader said.
Other villagers fled but may have drowned as they tried to cross the Lamia River into Uganda, Maurice Mabele Musaidi told Reuters.

Islamist militants tie up, kill Congo villagers

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Alongside so many human-caused tragedies (#Gaza, #Sudan, #Congo, #Haiti), there's a natural disaster unfolding slowly-ish in Grindavik, Iceland, where a magma intrusion has prompted the evacuation of all the town's inhabitants (under 3,000 people all told). If you can, spare them a thought.

#Iceland #VolcanicEruption #Grindavik

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VIDEO - #UN drone found in DR #Congo loaded with 900 pounds of pure gold, guns & escape parachutes

Video from Congo showing drone with gold, guns and parachute
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UPDATE: #Burundian media reporting that at TAFOC camp in #Bujumbura, soldiers are reluctant to show up to be prepared for deployment in eastern DR #Congo. Bodies of 15 soldiers killed there, were returned on Monday. Military officers suspect soldiers don't want to die in #DRC

Burundian soldiers in a parade
Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

UN says a record 6.9 million people are now internally displaced #IDP within the Democratic Republic of #Congo #DRC due to escalating violence.

The Intnl Org. for #Migration has collected tracking data - the vast majority of those displaced live in the east where conflict is cited as the primary cause.

In North #Kivu alone, up to a million people have fled their homes this year due to the ongoing fighting with #M23 rebels.

Crash Course
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Again and again...

The 2nd Congo War.

"In 2008, the International Rescue Committee estimated that the war and its aftermath had caused 5.4 million deaths, principally through disease and malnutrition,[11] making the Second Congo War the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.[12] Another 2 million were displaced from their homes or sought asylum in neighboring countries.[9] Conflict minerals were a major source of funding for the war, and for subsequent fighting.["

Let me repeat that:

Conflict minerals were a major source of funding for the war, and for subsequent fighting!!!

#mining #war #Congo #minerals #Cobalt #CrashCourse

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The fact that #mastodon is so populated by #tech people and no one seems to understand what they’re doing in the #Congo to get the critical minerals for your gadgets is something.

LA Legault ✌🏻
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What an utter embarrassment the U.N. is, once a post WWII project with meaningful purpose and now we watch careless diplomats dither while thousands die. 7000 people have now been killed in #Palestine. The numbers in #Congo, #Sudan, #Armenia, and #Syria are too horrible to say. And they’re people not numbers, but even numbers don’t matter anymore to them.

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

Fighting has again erupted in the east of the Democratic Republic of #Congo #DRC between pro-government forces and rebels from the #M23 group.

Residents say the rebels have occupied the town of #Kitshanga in North #Kivu province since Saturday.

Several people have been taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, a local radio station reported.

"The rebels are in Kitshanga and we are trying to find a way to retake the town," a security source told AFP news agency.

@JimmyB @popolon @LALegault Hamas is a terrorist organization. If you can not understand that basic fact, then you are no better than a sympathizer of #BokoHaram in #Nigeria 🇳🇬, #M23 in #Congo 🇨🇩 or #IslamicState (aka #ISIS) in #Syria 🇸🇾.

Kriszta Satori
3 months ago

The #Congo-Brazzaville government has denied reports of a #coup attempt against President Denis #Nguesso , who has been in power for 39 years.
It follows unconfirmed social media reports that the military was trying to oust the 79-year old leader, who is currently in New York for the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

Preston MacDougall
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@fulelo #Russia , Russia , Russia in the #DRC , too? #Congo

#Kinshasa (DRC) viewed across the #Congo River from #Brazzaville (ROC) with #SilentSunday vibes.

Open calm water that stretches for miles with the Sketch of another city’s skyline on the horizon — Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. The sky is bright daylight with soft clouds. The foreground has some overgrown river grasses. There’s the silhouette of someone standing erect paddling from the right a long boat that stretches out to the left.
John Scott-Railton ☕
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5/ This may describe a criminal act.

#Torture is widespread in the #DRC

As are #extrajudicial #executions.

I find @afink claiming to not know about this to be laughable. #Congo #Africa #humanrights

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#Conservation is violence for the #Batwa people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

From Fortress Conservation: A Legacy of Violence

By Gord Hill (Kwakwaka’wakw) for High Country News and @grist

☠️ 🏞️ ☠️ 🏞️ ☠️

#conservation #ecology #NationalParks #hiking #DRC #Congo #Indigenous #Native #Batwa

Check out the full comic here:

Four panel comic page showing a burning village, Indigenous people leaving their lush green home, white tourists taking photos, and a close up of a snake on a branch. 

Text: Batwa women were subjected to group rape and children were burned alive in their homes as government forces burned their villages to the ground.

Hundreds of Batwa were expelled, but many are returning to rebuild their villages and face ongoing repression by park authorities and military forces.

The aim of these operations is to maintain an uninhabited wilderness to be accessed and enjoyed by tourists and conservationists, a practice emblamatic of the fortress conservation strategy.

And with a seven year deadline to protect another 14 percent of the world's lands and oceans, Indigenous leaders are worried. Nearly 80 percent of the planet's remaining biodiversity is located within Indigenous territories, which make up a quarter of Earth's surface area.
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In the #Congo basin forests, the batwa/Ba aka no longer live in their habitat because national parks removed them in the interest of conservation. Now they're considered "conservation refugees". They're victimized like pariahs, often suffering a myriad physical & social abuse.

By Adams Cassinga

Batwa pygmies children in Congo
Eldery pygmy and a child in Congo forest basin
A pygmy family, a child and a mother in the Congo forest basin
Victor Silverman
8 months ago

A breathless article in @nytimes on the falling price of lithium and other metals is illustrated by a photo of #miners poisoning themselves in Democratic Republic of #Congo. The caption admits "conditions are very poor" but fails to note the men have been dyed blue - likely by cobaltite that is poisoning them. They have no protective gear. #Cobalt like other metals mining is dangerous destructive, & dirty. But we rich folks get to drive guilt free in our electric cars...

Two men hauling bags of minerals out of hole in ground
katch wreck
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`What Morton called "Spanish" were the tresillo and habanera rhythms of the Cuban contradanza ("habanera"). Morton demonstrated the "tinge" to Alan Lomax in the 1938 Library of Congress recordings. What is known in Latin music as the habanera rhythm is also known as the congo, tango-congo, and tango`

#jellyRollMorton #jazz #history #music #rhythm #spanish #tango #contradanza #habanera #alanLomax #libraryOfCongress #latinMusic #congo

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L'Eclair. Organe de combat de l'Union des Jeunesses Révolutionnaires Congolaises by Union des Jeunesses Révolutionnaires Congolaises; Gongo-Musengere, ; Fédération des Etudiants d'Afrique Noire en France; William Nguembus; Christophe Kahindo; Constantin Kibwe; Comité National de Libération; Mademoiselle L.; Ajet Simixhiu; François Fosso; Titus

#CongoKinshasa, #CongoLéopoldville, #CongoBrazzaville, #PierreMulele, #Congo, #Marxisme-Léninisme, #MaoTsétoung, #antirévisionnisme, #antiimpérialisme, #Chine, #LeonardMitudidi, #PatriceLumumba, #RébellionduKwilu, #RébellionSimba, #OsendeAfana, #luttearmée, #néocolonialisme, #journalismerévolutionnaire, #Unionsoviétique, #Belgique, #impérialismebelge

L'Eclair, Avril 1967
Troisième Année
Numéro 12 (2/67)
L'Union des Jeunesses Révolutionnaires Congolaises - UJRC était un mouvement clandestin de jeunes intellectuels congolais (Léopoldville/Kinshasa), étudiants en Europe en majorité, partisans des thèses chinoises et albanaises et soutenant les maquis mulélistes et soumialistes. Fondé début 1965, il appela début 1967 à la création de noyaux marxistes-léninistes, préalable à la fondation d'un parti marxiste-léniniste, mais son existence prit fin au cours de la même année.

Martin De Wulf
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This introduced me a bit to #GIS, a field in which I'm more and more working these days and that I love. It happens that there a tons of stuff that is not mapped yet, like villages in DR #Congo, for example.

It's a field where there is still room for tons of software improvements. Some features that you would think would be done by now, are actually still challenging, like getting tons of interactive shapes on a map in a browser.