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Where did BETTER BALLOTS land on the US PUBLIC POLICY LEADERBOARD? Welcome to SUPERMAJORITY SUNDAY, when we update the Sweet Sixteen and the Voting Reform standings. We've invented a nonpartisan scoring system to make dry public policy more like watching the big game in a sports bar. "May the best ideas win," says the leaderbard. Where can we agree? #politics #nonpartisan #congress #scotus

Where did BETTER BALLOTS land on the US PUBLIC POLICY LEADERBOARD? Welcome to SuperMajority Sunday, when we update the Sweet Sixteen and the Voting Reform standings. We've invented a nonpartisan scoring system to make dry public policy more like a cross between sports and a juicy menu. May the best ideas win.
The Times Of India
40 minutes ago

The people of Hindi heartland have rejected the Congress raising questions about the grand old party's strategy to win elections. What should worry the Congress is that neither its poll guarantees seem to be working in the Hindi heartland nor its strategy to rely heavily on established regional leadership. The assembly election results have once again exposed the inability of the Congress to take on BJP in a direct contest. The Telangana victory comes as the only compensation for the Congress.
#Hindi #Congress

The Times Of India
40 minutes ago

The recent assembly polls highlight India's political divide, with the BJP dominating the Hindi heartland while the Congress emerges as a strong alternative in the South. The BJP's success rate in retaining governments surpasses that of the Congress. However, the BJP faces challenges in the South, losing power in Karnataka to the Congress and struggling to gain support in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Despite setbacks, the BJP shows improvement in Telangana.
#BJP #Hindi #Congress

The Times Of India
40 minutes ago

The leaders of opposition's INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) are likely to meet in Delhi on December 6 to chalk out strategy post assembly poll results. The INDIA, launched to counter the BJP in Lok Sabha elections, had been lying in a limbo for the last two months. The assembly election results will have a huge impact on the way forward for INDIA and the bargaining power of the Congress. If the Congress victory is limited to Telangana, it will put the grand old party in a spot of bother as the regional parties will bargain hard.
#Congress #INDIAbloc

45 minutes ago

Having won 64 out of Telangana's 119 seats, Congress state unit chief Revanth Reddy and Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar met the governor on Sunday night to stake claim to form the government in the state.
#Congress #TelanganaGovernor #Stakes

4 hours ago

What does BJP’s hegemony in the Hindi belt mean for Indian politics?

A glance at a map of India shows the stark geographical division between states that have BJP-led government and those led by the Opposition. This divide is unprecedented in Indian politics. What does this mean for Indian politics? Shoaib Daniyal writes.

#AssemblyElections2023 #BJP #congress #INC #BRS #chhattisgarh #MadhyaPradesh #rajasthan #telangana #HindiBelt #hindutva #delimitation #democracy #BJPStates #india

4 hours ago

Three Things BJP’s Definitive Victory in the Assembly Elections Tells Us

Things cannot look darker for any opposition alliance hoping to stand against the BJP at this point. The state assembly poll results are a hard wake-up call for all the INDIA alliance members. Deepanshu Mohan writes.

#AssemblyElections2023 #BJP #congress #INC #INDIAAlliance #elections2024 #BRS #chhattisgarh #MadhyaPradesh #rajasthan #telangana #HindiBelt #hindutva #democracy #BJPStates #india

Hindustan Times
5 hours ago

Union Minister Smriti Irani has welcomed BJP's victory in three out of the four states, attacking Congress for reducing Chhattisgarh to "just their ATM."
#ATM #Congress #SmritiIrani #BJP

Frankie ✅
7 hours ago

#McCarthy was ditched and #Santos expelled. The #House is making history, but not as the #GOP envisioned

I am sure they have not envisioned the self-consuming shit show they have become

#news #politics #gopcult #congress #USHouse

9 hours ago

Just three hours into counting of votes for Rajasthan assembly polls, the BJP has surged ahead and is on course to displace Congress in the state.
#Magic #BJPLeader #Jibe #AshokGehlot #Congress

9 hours ago

The Congress is losing in three states and in a sort of consolation winning in one, according to the early trends of the assembly election results in four states today.
#TelanganaSolace #Congress

9 hours ago

The BJP's electoral juggernaut may have faced a setback in Karnataka earlier this year, but it seems to be peaking just when the party needs it to.
#BJPRetains #States #Scoops #Congress

Hindustan Times
13 hours ago

Election results: The BJP is also leading in Madhya Pradesh. In Chhattisgarh, the gap between the BJP and the Congress is narrow.
#BJP #Congress

13 hours ago

Kamal Nath has declared himself "very confident" the Congress will win the 2023 Madhya Pradesh Assembly election and told news agency ANI, "I have not seen any trends, I don't need to look at any trends till 11 am."
#Trends #KamalNathConfident #Congress

13 hours ago

Counting of votes for the Madhya Pradesh election began this morning with the overall narrative pitting the ruling BJP against the opposition Congress in a two-way fight for the state.
#Battle #MadhyaPradesh #Congress #Revenge #BJPPlots

14 hours ago

Read the full article: Countdown to Chaos: Government Shutdown Threatens National Security

#NationalSecurity #GovernmentShutdown #Shutdown2023 #HouseFreedomCaucus #Congress

18 hours ago

BETTER BALLOTS: Voting for the person you hate the least is absurd when you could so easily vote for all the candidates you approve of, perhaps even in order. The SATURDAY KEYSTONE lands this week’s flight of articles on replacing Plurality Voting with either Approval, Ranked-Choice, or STAR voting. We've invented a nonpartisan scoring system for private and public sector solutions. May the best idea win. Or we could just settle. #politics #nonpartisan #congress

BETTER BALLOTS: Voting for the person you hate the least is absurd when you could so easily vote for all the candidates you approve of, perhaps even in order. This is the SATURDAY KEYSTONE when we land this week’s flight of articles on a critical political flap of POLI THE AI’s left and right wings.
Old White Dude
19 hours ago The more you see of the #MAGA cult in the #Congress, the more you realize that they are doing everything they can except #govern to benefit the American people.

20 hours ago

#Unions and Elected Officials Are Joining the Movement for #Palestinian #Freedom

When a group of pro-Palestine state legislators and activists launched a five-day hunger strike outside the #WhiteHouse this week, members of #Congress and major unions showed up in solidarity. The movement against Israel's war on Gaza keeps growing.

I’m quite exhausted,” admitted #socialist Zohran Mamdani yesterday, speaking by phone a few hours before ending a five-day hunger strike

Zohran Mamdani
21 hours ago


One of the reasons #Santos lasted this long is knowing what his fellow 'representatives' do all day.

imo, if he drags any of the ENDEMIC & BIPARTISAN #InsiderTrading, #SexualAbuse, & corruption into the light of day, it's a way God can redeem the stench his brief tenure uncorked in the halls of #Congress


22 hours ago

Counting of votes will be held today in assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Telangana in what is seen as a semi-final contest ahead of the general elections in less than six months.
#BJP #Congress

Lita Xú Líng Kelley
22 hours ago

'As folks move forward in solidarity with Palestinians, either as individuals, small groups, or within organizations, we hope you ask yourself how you will hold the elected officials accountable who have authored the deaths of thousands of loved ones. You only need to ask yourself a few guiding questions: if I continue to vote and donate to the politicians who have enabled this genocide, what happens to Palestine? If I don’t pressure my friends around me to move boldly to hold decision-makers to account, what happens to Palestine? If I allow organizations to prioritize access to power over Palestinian life, what will happen to Palestine? '

From article;
To ‘push them left’ we will need more than protests

Following the passage of H.R. 888 it is clear that organizers and activists will have to adopt new strategies to hold elected officials accountable.

#FreePalestine #GazaGenocide #antizionism #antisemitism #palestine #hr888 #congress

1 day ago

To hell with this place?
Nah, to hell with you, George, you miserable conman and liar!

When growing up I guess we all knew that one child that would either be allowed to join and play or would destroy all the sand castles of the others if not. Let's be honest: Nobody ever liked that child. And hardly anybody would still side with #GeorgeSantos after the #shitshow that was his short term in #Congress and his belated expulsion.
#UnitedStates #politics

Queer Lit Cats
1 day ago

Pink News: George Santos: Controversial gay politician expelled from Congress in historic bipartisan vote #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #georgesantos #Politics #Congress #News #US

The Japan Times
1 day ago

Donald Trump is not entitled to absolute presidential immunity against criminal charges over his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election, a federal judge ruled, saying the office doesn’t come with a "lifelong ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ pass.” #worldnews #politics #capitolriot #washington #donaldtrump #congress #2020uspresidentialelection #joebiden

BBC News
1 day ago

News at 9AM: Qatar mediated in the Israel-Hamas negotiations, but a seven-day truce has ended. The BBC special covers the negotiations and hostage releases, with 110 Israeli and 240 Palestinian prisoners freed. Child hostages face lasting trauma. Palestinian detainees claim abuse by #Israel; UN experts condemn it. George #Santos is expelled from #Congress, and world leaders meet in #Dubai for the COP28 #climate summit to discuss food's impact on climate change. #BBC #News

BBC News
BBC News
1 day ago

Good morning. It's 6AM, Saturday, 2nd December. The headlines: The seven-day truce between #Israel and #Hamas has ended, with Israeli military operations resuming in #Gaza. During the ceasefire, Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners, who now allege abuse. Qatar played a key role in the negotiations. George #Santos has been expelled from #Congress, facing multiple federal charges. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the US Supreme Court, has passed away at 93. #BBC #News

BBC News
Finder of Impossible Things
2 days ago

#Journal, Day 1352
Friday, 01 December 2023
#UkraineWar: Day 647
#HamasIsraelWar: Day 55
#MassShootings in the USA in 2023: 620 & holding

#cleaninghouse #congress
#history #supremecourt

2 days ago

🚨 LIVE: House #votes on EXPELLING #GeorgeSantos

Brian Tyler Cohen, after the vote: "I think my official analysis is going to be, My God, what a piece of sh!t." (after discussing a letter in which a member of the #GOP disclosed that Santos charged his *and his mother's* credit cards over $3,300 each, without their knowledge).


2 days ago

The problem is we have to vote for the candidates we dislike the least. The solution is open primaries and BETTER BALLOTS where we can vote for all we approve of, perhaps even rank them. Welcome to BOX SCORE FRIDAY, when we recap public policy solutions like the big game. We've invented a nonpartisan scoring system and are open to private and/or public sector solutions. Are you? #politics #nonpartisan #congress

The problem is we have to vote for the candidates we hate the least. The solution is open primaries and BETTER BALLOTS where we can vote for who we approve of, perhaps even rank. Welcome to BOX SCORE FRIDAY, when we recap public policy solutions like the big game. We've invented a nonpartisan scoring system and are open to private and/or public sector solutions. Are you?
2 days ago

claimed he was jew-ish and true-ish
clearly he's this year's rubb-ish

#georgesantosexpelled #congress

former New York congressman George Santos getting into a vehicle while ignoring the media
Ricardo Harvin
2 days ago

It's great and right that #Santos has been expelled from #Congress but am I the only one thinking that the #Republicans did this solely to establish a current precedent that they will use against the #Democrats every chance they get, regardless of the situation?


2 days ago

I loved the fact that they changed the locks on Santos' office.

Ole Dirty Rice :jeb:
2 days ago

My favorite George Santos crime was cutting a bad check to the Amish for a puppy (or maybe puppies).
#GeorgeSantos #Congress

News Views
2 days ago

Santos expelled from Congress; the race is on for a replacement

According to CNN, Governor Kathy Hochul said, “I’m glad he’s gone.”

“When you look at his lack of ethics and the fact that, you know, he has not served the people of our state, particularly New York 3 where he resides, it's be
#Congress #ethics #expulsion #GeorgeSantos

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 days ago

"The #House voted Friday to expel Rep. #GeorgeSantos (R-N.Y.) from #Congress — an action the chamber had previously taken only five times in US #history and not for more than 20 years — in response to an array of alleged #crimes and ethical lapses that came to light after the freshman lawmaker was found to have fabricated key parts of his biography."

#GOP #Politics #USPol #USPolitics #USA #News

News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Rep. George Santos expelled from Congress on bipartisan vote

By Amy B Wang and Mariana Alfaro
Updated December 1, 2023 at 1:43 p.m. EST|Published December 1, 2023 at 6:30 a.m. EST

Photo with caption: Former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) is swarmed by media while leaving the Capitol after being expelled from the House on Friday. (Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)
2 days ago

@uspolitics typical #gop #hypocrasy if there was a #shame test for #congress the place would clear the hell out in a heartbeat.

David August
2 days ago
[23 photos of The Count from Sesame Street] 

What George Santos faces after being expelled from Congress.
2 days ago

who do i know going to #37c3 ? I need to make a list of folks to track down :D

If I don't know you but you follow me I'd also love to say hi!

#CCC #congress

David Ano
2 days ago

Members of the #HouseofRepresentatives voted 311 to 114 Friday morning to expel N.Y. Rep. #GeorgeSantos from #Congress. #Santos is facing more than 20 federal criminal charges, including: wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, conspiracy against the United States, aggravated identity theft, and credit card fraud.

#ushouseofrepresentatives #news #politics #USHouse #HouseofReps

Representative George Santos, a Republican from New York, departs the US Capitol following being voted out of Congress in Washington, DC, US, on Friday, Dec. 1, 2023.
Photo: Al Drago | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Peter Nimmo
2 days ago

To be fair, George #Santos isn't the worst criminal in the #US #Congress. There are members of Congress who continue to support Donald #Trump, even after he encouraged a mob with his election lies to a violent insurrection at the #Capitol itself, putting members, staff, Congressional employees and #police in deadly danger, causing millions of dollars in damage, and leading to at 5 deaths and at least 4 subsequent suicides

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 days ago

Oh. A GOP history maker.

"Rep. George Santos expelled from Congress in historic vote"

"The House on Friday voted to expel Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) over his many fabrications on the 2022 campaign trail and his two federal indictments.

The vote makes Santos just the sixth lawmaker – and first Republican – to be expelled from the House in U.S. history."

#GOP #Congress #Santos

2 days ago

Raids, Seizures, Searches: How Central Agencies Have Taken Poll Position

ED’s latest round of searches and seizures have, again, been directed against important opposition leaders of states which are in the midst of high-pitched electoral battles, with BJP among the principal players.

#ED #BJP #EDRaids #PMLA #OppositionParties #congress #BRS #rajasthan #telangana #MadhyaPradesh #chhattisgarh #india

2 days ago

Exit polls predict Congress win in Telangana, BRS likely to be close second

With the BRS having been in power for two terms since 2014, the party helmed by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has faced a huge anti-incumbency challenge in the 2023 elections.

#AssemblyElections2023 #telangana #ExitPolls2023 #congress #BRS #india

2 days ago


Some good things still happen...even in this #Congress. 🥂 🍾

Alexander Hay
2 days ago

Are we sure it's #GeorgeSantos who's been expelled from #Congress, and not 12 squirrels in a long coat?

#News #USA #USPol #USNews

Carolyn Barber, MD
2 days ago

Good riddance! George Santos expelled. "He is the first person to be expelled from the House w/o first being convicted of a fed crime or supporting the Confederacy."

He told colleagues after they booted him, "To hell with this place." Goodbye, sir.👋
#politics #santos #congress

Flipboard News Desk
2 days ago

The U.S. House has voted to expel New York Republican Rep. George Santos over ethics violations, making him only the sixth lawmaker ever to be kicked out of the chamber.

CNN has the latest:

#Santos #GeorgeSantos #USPolitics #Politics #Congress #News

Ryan the hepcat
2 days ago

So can someone do the math to figure out how many Scaramucci's #Santos lasted? #Congress #Expelled #USPolitics

SpaceHistory, etc
3 days ago

@RickiTarr Cripe, I’ve had so many careers - US Senate press secretary, talk show producer, news reporter, documentary producer, singer/comedian, podcast producer, historian, author, museum exhibit researcher. I studied history and what was called “broadcast journalism.” So I *guess* that’s *mostly* what I studied to be. But I fell into some awesome stuff out of the blue. Congress because I wanted to. Comedy because of #Congress. Singing because of #comedy. Wonderful life so far.

3 days ago

apparently fedi folks know who stashed all the #37C3 tickets,,, does anyone have a spare they'd be willing to send my way? Never been before but but would love to make it this year!

EDIT: wow fedi is powerful, managed to get a ticket, thanks everyone :D

#CCC #Congress

Frankie ✅
3 days ago

How Wealthy #UFO Fans Helped Fuel Fringe Beliefs

There is a long U.S. legacy of plutocrat-funded #pseudoscience
#Congress just embraced it

#conspiracytheory #gopcult

Paranoid Factoid
5 days ago

Here comes a well deserved boot in the ass for Dirty Santos.

#politics #USpol #HouseOfRepresentatives #congress #Santos #GOP #Republicans

Two weeks ago James Comer said he would testify publicly next to Hunter Biden. Why is he backing down?

James Comer lashes out after Hunter Biden demands oversight testimony be public

#congress #news #politics

Mina Hanse
6 days ago

Speaker Mike #Johnson (R-La.) said he is “confident and optimistic” that #Congress can push through supplemental funding for Israel and Ukraine — but he did not commit to tying the two together, saying Ukraine funding must be accompanied by border policy changes.

#Ukraine #Russia #US #Israel

Tim Mak
6 days ago

Almost half of Americans, 45%, believe the U.S. is sending too much aid to #ukraine

38% say the US is sending the right amount, 14% say too little.

The AP-NORC poll comes as #Congress deliberates #JoeBiden 's $106b Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan request.

Justin Scholz
6 days ago

Hi, anyone still has a voucher for me and my girlfriend for this year's #ccc? I've been on the #36c3 and on the #rc3 as well, if someone has a spare voucher, I would be eternally greatful :)

#ccc #37c3presale #congress #voucher

Carolyn Porco
1 week ago


Toto ... I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

More than 3 dozen incumbents are running for the doors and *not* for re-election.

Can you blame them?


1 week ago

@mapto @markgrieveson @LALegault

If ever there was #horseShoe politics in #Israel-#Gaza War, it's a #JEWISH-led group claiming that a #HAMAS sympathizer in #US #Congress "truly represent our values"

Jewish-led #IfNotNow said this is "a clear example of how groups like #AIPAC and [its #superPAC, #DemocraticMajorityforIsrael] try to undermine the will of voters and attack representatives who truly represent our values"

#BDS #BDSMovement #BDSHorseShoe #HorseShoe #Tlaib

1 week ago

Hotel ✅
Ticket ✅
Bahn-Ticket ⏳

#37c3 #ccc #congress

Joanne Freeman
2 weeks ago

Just talked threats in Congress on CBS Streaming, & after my comments, was asked re: calming things down at T’sgiving tables.

Desperate to focus on the dangers of now, I said: if Uncle Bert acts up at the table, move on. But we CANT just move on from this increasingly threatening presidential election.

I have no Uncle Bert.
No idea where he came from.
But I made my point! 🤣

#politics #congress #gop #history #unclebert

Randahl Fink
2 weeks ago

Every time I change my socks, Marjorie Taylor Greene changes her story.

My comment on the liar for hire:

#MTG #uspol #congress

TheRojam 🚄✔
2 weeks ago

Hier ein kleiner Servicehinweise bzgl. des DB Veranstaltungstickets für #37c3 #congress

Seit 01.01.2019 ist das Veranstaltungsticket ein offizielles Angebot der Deutschen Bahn, welches auch in den Beförderungsbedingungen codifiziert wurde. Daher werden ab sofort bei Fahrscheinkontrollen auch die Voraussetzungen zum Erwerb eines Veranstaltungstickets geprüft!

One Direction Train GIF by Yellowstone
2 weeks ago

“The #colonial #JusticeSystem is broken,” said Kim Beaudin, the national vice-chief of the #Congress of #AboriginalPeoples (CAP).

#CAP is disappointed with a lack of progress in addressing the #OverRepresentation of #IndigenousPeoples in the broken #CorrectionalServices system – especially the traditional #Elders & #IndigenousWomen. It also points to the lack of investment in #HealingLodges.

#NativeIssues #Indigenous #RestorativeJusticeNeeded #UnjustSystem

DAME Magazine
2 weeks ago

The state of #abortion #rights across the U.S. remains bleak more than a year without #Roe. Come 2024, the threat of a national abortion ban looms if Republicans take #Congress and the #whitehouse Running on abortion—and exposing #Republicans’ lies—could be a deciding factor in preventing such an outcome. Kylie Cheung on what the anti-abortion candidates are planning:

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 weeks ago

"Amid a torrent of legal threats, #Biden has repeatedly called on #Congress to pass a comprehensive bill that sets the rules for when & how companies can charge extra fees. But even some of the more #popular, bipartisan efforts to promote price transparency have faltered in an ever-divided, heavily lobbied #Capitol...

Biden has tried... to pressure companies into changing their practices even without new legislation."

#Economics #Finance #Politics #USPol #USA #News

Text from article:
‘Companies are making billions of junk fees’

Amid a torrent of legal threats, Biden has repeatedly called on Congress to pass a comprehensive bill that sets the rules for when and how companies can charge extra fees. But even some of the more popular, bipartisan efforts to promote price transparency have faltered in an ever-divided, heavily lobbied Capitol.

A proposal from two unlikely allies, Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas), would mandate that ticket sellers show their full prices upfront. The duo released the Ticket Act this summer, after a public outcry about major outages and steep fees on Ticketmaster sales for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.But the bill remains stuck in the upper chamber after Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) blocked a vote out of a belief that such regulation is unnecessary, according to two legislative aides who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe his stance.

The inaction has emboldened some states, including California, to adopt their own laws, while Biden has tried to use the power of the Oval Office to pressure companies into changing their practices even without new legislation.
U.S. Politics in Real Time
2 weeks ago

George Santos Is a Buffoon. The Bigger Story of Corruption in Congress Is Less Funny. The New York lawmaker’s biggest mistake was not mastering the way the get-rich-quick game is played in Washington.

#NewRepublic #GeorgeSantos #Corruption #Congress #GetRichQuick #Washington #Politics #News

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 weeks ago

"When Moody’s Investors Service lowered its outlook last week on the US govt’s creditworthiness, it specifically cited Washington [ #GOP ] dysfunction: “renewed debt limit brinkmanship, the first ouster of a #House Speaker in US #history, prolonged inability of #Congress to select a new #HouseSpeaker, & increased threats of another partial govt #shutdown ”"

Read all the details of the latest GOP insanity with this #GiftArticle #GiftLink:

#GOP #Politics #USA #News

News headline: Opinion
I will fight anyone who says congressional Republicans are competent

By Dana Milbank
November 17, 2023 at 7:30 a.m. EST
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

Apple! Congress has some questions for you!

Congress wants to know what Apple's problem is with Jon Stewart - Desk Chair Analysts

#Apple #AppleTVPlus #China #Congress #HouseofRepresentatives #JonStewart #TheProblemWithJonStewart #TechNews

A promotional image for The Problem with Jon Stewart featuring Jon Stewart holding a pen on the left side of the image.
Joanne Freeman
2 weeks ago

This Mother Jones reporter asked wonderfully thoughtful questions about the meaning, importance, & history of this week's congressional mayhem.

Perhaps most important: it's a sign of weakness.

Of desperation.

Not strength.

A sign that we should stand up & resist in the name of democracy.

#history #congress #politics #GOP

Twitter_expat ✅(Fedi Resident)
2 weeks ago

I don’t think it really went “viral” but the enemies of #America and what represents love to expose its vulnerabilities. #TikTok owners are scrambling censuring that content because they are rightly convince that something like this will make #congress ban the app in a heartbeat.

2 weeks ago

11-16-23 Nicole Sandler Show – Thursdays with Howie Klein
View on Zencastr


George Santos will not run for re-election, MAGA Mike averted a government shutdown, temporarily, but only thanks to Democrats, Tuberville is certifiable and more from Howie Klein at today.

But first, my interview with Turi Ryder at WCPT/Chicago abou
#NicolesBlog #canceled #Congress #dysfunction #GOP #HowieKlein #KPFK #TuriRyder #WCPT

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

A bipartisan ethics report concludes there is “substantial evidence” that U.S. Rep. George Santos violated federal criminal laws, which will almost certainly trigger another attempt to expel him from the House.

Politico reports the embattled Congressman allegedly "spent campaign funds on Botox treatments and lavish Atlantic City trips with his husband."

#Santos #GeorgeSantos #Congress #USPolitics #Politics

Joanne Freeman
3 weeks ago


Looks like I'll be on CNN talking about congressional violence at 11:00 PM ET.

#history #politics #congress #HouseOfRepresentatives #GOP

Joanne Freeman
3 weeks ago

<goes offline to grade a paper and then checks email>


Man, oh man.

I'll have more to say soon...

#politics #congress #history #WTF

3 weeks ago

11-13-23 Nicole Sandler Show — Saturday was Veterans Day
View on Zencastr


Veterans Day this year fell on a Saturday. It always falls one week after my birthday, and 8 days before my father's. My dad never talked about his time in the Army. I always thought he was in the Korean War, but it turns out he was in WWII.
I don't think he ever saw battle though.
#NicolesBlog #Congress #EricAdams #MyDad #radio #Trump #VeteransDay #WarCrimes

Flipboard News Desk
3 weeks ago

The Biden administration and fellow Democrats are panning a proposal by House GOP leaders for a two-part U.S. government spending bill that would fund certain agencies through one date and other agencies through another.

NPR reports on House Speaker Mike Johnson's plan:

#Biden #House #MikeJohnson #Congress #Shutdown #GovernmentShutdown #USPolitics

3 weeks ago


“Rep. Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.) announced on Sunday he plans to resign from #Congress in February after 19 years, citing frustrations in Congress during a particularly tumultuous year for the chamber.

Higgins, who represents New York’s heavily Democratic 26th Congressional District, cited growing dysfunction in Congress, in announcing his departure.”

3 weeks ago

Odd to think that Lord Kaufman would have been censured if he'd given this speech in the #US #Congress.

#Politics #Israel #Palestine #UKPol #UK

3 weeks ago

Nothing shady to see here ... move on. /sarcasm

QuiverQuantitative tracks trades made by members of Congress. Overall, it beats the market by 20% which is bad enough but some members of Congress are making a _killing_, banking 60% returns on $600K positions held for only 30 days.

Are these politicians (like #TommyTuberville) blessed with crazy luck ... or ... maybe just maybe objectively corrupt?

#uspolitics #congress #corruption

> I built a trading bot that buys stocks that are being bought by politicians.

> It is up 20% since it launched in May 2022.

> The market has been flat during the same time period.

How is this legal? Politicians should simply not be allowed to invest in stocks.

#politics #uspol #stockMarket #stocks #congress #corruption #insiderTrading

Stock chart showing that American politicians are insider trading
Steve Loudermilk
3 weeks ago

Good riddance!

But, I'm sad to say that seat will flip from blue to red unless the Dems can pull a rabbit out of the hat. Then again, how will we notice?

When I grew up in the 60s and 70s, West Virginia was solidly Democratic.

It pains me to see the State's residents have lost their way. And I don't even know why.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is the only Palestinian American serving in Congress. She was formally censured by her peers supporting Palestine.

“My criticism has always been of the Israeli government and Netanyahu’s actions. It is important to separate people and governments. No government is beyond criticism.”

Correct. A government beyond criticism is not a democracy.

More on Rashida:

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Rashida with black rim glasses and shoulder length black hair, smiling widely in a large room with a blurred colorful mural behind her.

ICYMI, I covered a new anti-#surveillance bill in #Congress yesterday: "The #GSRA is a Christmas list for #privacy hawks and a nightmare for authorities who rely on secrecy and circumventing judicial review to gather data on Americans without their knowledge or consent."

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4 weeks ago

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib has made headlines after being censured by the House this week. But what does censure mean?

The Tennessean explains the process:

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#House lawmakers on Tuesday censured Rep. #RashidaTlaib, the sole #PalestinianAmerican in #Congress, over her remarks and actions in response to the #Israel - #Hamas #war.

The #censure resolution, authored by #Georgia Rep. #RichMcCormick, R, passed 234 to 188, with 22 #Democrats voting for it and four #Republicans opposing the measure. A censure vote only requires a simple majority to pass.

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1 month ago

“Wait. I thought we weren’t doing that anymore?” If you believed the U.S. ended the practice of adjusting the clocks twice a year, you’re not alone. In 2022, the Senate passed the bipartisan Sunshine Protection Act, which promised to make daylight saving time permanent once and for all. But Congress failed to pick it up, and attempts to revive the issue have fallen flat. Read more from NPR about where the legislation stands.

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