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Elizabeth Austin ’24 has been selected to receive a #Udall Foundation #Scholarship in acknowledgement of her work in the field of #conservation #paleontology, which uses past climate records through #geology and paleontology to inform future environmental decisions.

Sarah Primate
10 hours ago

Please boost this post and help me get more followers! Love to connect with people who love nature, environment, animals, conservation, history and anthropology/archaeology as much as I do! Let's connect also if you love cats (big, small I love them all!), sharks and of course non-human primates! #FollowFriday #Conservation #History #Anthropology #Science #Cats #Sharks #Primates

Gray and black ape walking on its knuckles.
13 hours ago

Informal settlements, which lack necessary infrastructure and are often at the forefront of climate change and other natural disasters, can benefit from nature-based solutions and improve residents’ quality of life.

A recent study explored the different forms of nature-based solutions in practice in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, their benefits and disadvantages, and identifies factors that make them successful.

By Spoorthy Raman

#News #Conservation #Environment

Scientific Frontline
15 hours ago

Wild #bees facing a global decline, largely due to #habitat loss through #urbanization, it is vital to understand their preferences. Although urban areas often have a diversity of #flowers compared to natural #habitats, many of these flowers are #exotic species
#Conservation #EarthScience #Environmental #sflorg

17 hours ago

Human-wildlife conflict is on the rise in the cloud forests of Colombia’s northern Andes, exacerbated by drivers such as deforestation due to the rapid expansion of agriculture.

Retaliatory killing due to predation of livestock and crop raiding is a major driver of the decline of the black-and-chestnut eagle and spectacled bear, both of which face their greatest risk of extinction in Colombia.

By James Hall

#News #Conservation #Environement #Wildlife

Registrar Trek
18 hours ago

The reviews are in and we are really going towards a second edition of "Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections".
If there are #gaps in the first edition, please let me know.
Especially looking for real-world examples from #native and #digital #collections

Re-toots appreciated!

#museum #museums #archive #archives #RegistrarLife #MuseumDocumentation #CollectionsManagement #databases #CollectionCare #Conservation #Documentation #UnmanagedCollections #MuseumStudies

Calico cat guarding a copy of mananging previously unmanaged collections
1 day ago

#Nunavut & many #Inuit communities are already #leading the charge; establishing over 40 million hectares of #marine #protected areas & #investing in the #BlueConservationEconomy of the #Arctic .

A blue #conservation #economy is how #CoastalCommunities can #GenerateWealth by using #NaturalResources in a #sustainable way. This includes industries & activities that benefit from #ocean #stewardship - fishing, eco-tourism & research.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #Canada

Nell Greenfieldboyce
1 day ago

When people suddenly stayed home during COVID lockdowns, wild animals started traveling more.

A new study of over 2000 mammals from dozens of species (elephants, pumas, reindeer, etc) found that animals traveled substantially longer distances and ventured closer to roads when traffic sharply declined.

The findings, in Science, adds to previous research suggesting that temporary road closures could help wildlife management.
#wildlife #traffic #conservation

2 days ago

In 2015, African countries launched the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative, committing to restore 100 million hectares of degraded forests and landscapes by 2030.

Malawi, which has committed to restoring 4.5 million hectares by 2030, is seen to be making progress with a raft of frameworks formulated to support the initiative and more partners joining the cause

By Charles Mpaka

#News #Environment #Conservation #Africa #Forests

Prof Felipe Gusmao
2 days ago

Happy #WorldOceansDay
Feliz #DiaMundialDosOceanos
"In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Annual World #Oceans Day #Photo Competition in 2023, the Photography for #Sustainable Oceans exhibit draws on winning entries from past editions of the competition and centers around the three core, integrated and indivisible elements of sustainable development: #EconomicGrowth, #SocialInclusion and #EnvironmentalProtection"
#Conservation #Sustainability #MarineSciece

Fishing boat
Marine Mesocosms at the Australian Institute of Marine Science 
Fishing boats
The C Word Podcast
2 days ago

In the spirit of #OceansMW we recommend listening to our highly #waterlogged episode on maritime finds and all sorts of soggy archaeology:

#TheCWordPodcast #podcasts #conservators #maritime #archaeology #conservation

An illustration of an anchor on the sea floor, a cannon ball, a Roman leather shoe, a piece of rope, a leather hood, a bone comb, a knife sheath, a tub of water with a piece of wood in it, and a bowl full of mudlarking finds. (Illustration by Jenny Mathiasson)
The C Word Podcast
2 days ago

Today's hashtag is #OceansMW for #MuseumWeek as it coincides with #WorldOceanDay

Show us your best #ocean based #collections and #conservation projects!

Could be:
🌊 Boats, ships, ocean bound vessels
🌊 Things that lived in the sea
🌊 Waterlogged artefacts
🌊 Shipwrecks and other maritime archaeology
🌊 Seascapes in art format
🌊 Maps (the more piratey the better)

Have at it, people!

A Museum Week banner showing a landscape of water and snowy hills with a bunch of penguins in the foreground. In the top right corner is a Museum Week logo, in the top left corner is the next "8 June 2023, #OceansMW" and in the bottom left corner is the text "n674_w1150, BioDivLibrary, Public Domain"
2 days ago

A recent report documents the seizure of 25,000 live animals and more than 120,000 metric tons of wildlife, parts and plants from the Sulu and Celebes seas between 2003 and 2021.

The animals trafficked include rays, sharks and turtles, mostly between Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia, for which the region forms a maritime border zone.

By Keith Anthony S. Fabro

#News #Conservation #Environment #Wildlife

2 days ago

🐆💔 The Clouded Leopard is in Danger! 🚫😢

🌍🌟 Let's unite to protect this majestic creature from harm. Together, we can make a difference! 💪🐆

🌿🔒 Raise awareness, support conservation, and ensure a future where the clouded leopard thrives in its natural habitat. 🙌🌿

#CloudedLeopard #ProtectWildlife #Conservation #TogetherForNature 🐆🌍🌿💪

Dan Bowman
2 days ago


I appreciate your continued journalism about #climate issues.

The changes required to make a difference are coming, but will be forced by nature's increasingly destructive forces.

After more extreme weather events, #insurance will become so costly that consumers will be forced to #abandon coastal and forested properties.

The cost of living will rise to the point where #conservation will become a necessity. This may be a decade out, but I believe it is coming.

Dezene Huber 🌻
2 days ago

If you’re concerned about ocean #biodiversity and #conservation 🦈, this new review article is an important read.


The number of shark products is amazing. The health risks from consuming shark are substantial. The human rights abuses in the shark fishery are abysmal. And…

“…based on IUCN criteria, a third of shark species are considered to be threatened with extinction (Dulvy et al., 2021) and only 4% of the current global catch of sharks is managed sustainably…”

2 days ago

🚨 Attn #UK #Conservation, #History, #Geology, #StoneMason, #Architecture, & #Surveyor peeps!

Together w #BritishGeologicalSurvey, #HistoricEngland has launched a #BuildingStones #database for #England, the country's first online searchable tool featuring over 4,000 types of building stone, their uses & sources, with 45 illustrated guides to the distinctive stone buildings, geology, & #quarries that define local areas.

#BGS #GIS #England #Heritage #Lithology #Histodon

Atlas Obscura
2 days ago
Once on the brink of extinction, the massive birds now number in the hundreds.
How the California Condor Comeback Was Hatched
3 days ago

Discover how population #genomics tools drive conservation efforts! This course covers study design, data collection, analysis of population structure, local adaptation, and more.
Gain #bioinformatics skills to interpret genomic data in a #conservation context. Join us now:

3 days ago

Large-scale soy production for European markets has long been associated with deforestation in South America’s forests, including in the continent’s second-largest, but lesser-known, forest, the Gran Chaco in Argentina and Paraguay.

A new historic deforestation legislation by the EU is trying to bring an end to the destruction, by prohibiting the import of products found linked to deforestation abroad, including soy.

By Kimberley Brown

#News #Conservation #Environment

3 days ago

In Madagascar, the August-to-December bushfire season wreaks havoc on the southwest and west of the island.

Dry Forest, a young Malagasy NGO, is attempting an extreme form of reforestation to save the forest in Kirindy Mite National Park.

In addition to the bushfires, the NGO faces many other challenges linked to local poverty.

By Valisoa Rasolofomboahangy

#News #Conservation #Environment #Madagascar #Forests


With a long white tail, reddish brown legs, a bright yellow-orange face, and pale lavender eyelids, the “Queen of the #Primates”—the red-shanked douc langur—is a brilliant sight within the dense forest greens of their home.

#video #animals #monkeys #vietnam #endangered #forest #conservation

Scientific Frontline
3 days ago

#Pandemic prevention requires a global taboo whereby #humanity agrees to leave #bats alone—to let them have the #habitats they need, undisturbed.
#EarthScience #Environmental #Conservation #Virology #sflorg

#Fungi may offer ‘jaw-dropping’ solution to climate change

> A study published Monday in Current #Biology found that fungi gobble up more than a third of the world’s annual #fossilfuel emissions.

> As such, fungi “represent a blind spot in #carbon modeling, #conservation, and #restoration,”

#PaulStamets: **glares**

#mushrooms #mycology #mycelium #mushtodon

4 days ago

Industrial fishing is prohibited in the coastal waters of the Cantagallo-Machalilla Marine Reserve in Ecuador’s Manabí province, which is home to numerous threatened species.

Yet between November 2020 and March 2022, more than half of the government alerts for unauthorized fishing in Manabí province occurred within the marine reserve, according to a Mongabay analysis.

by Yalilé Loaiza

#News #Conservation #Environment #Oceans

Atlas Obscura
4 days ago

Maryland's Rare Seabirds Get a Life Raft and Babysitters

Scientists don bike helmets and dodge bird poop to care for a colony of endangered common terns.
Maryland's Rare Seabirds Get a Life Raft and Babysitters

4 days ago

Cambodia’s largest island, Koh Kong Krao, off its southwest coast, is covered in largely untouched old-growth forest, but recent satellite imagery shows deforestation is spreading.

Much of the forest cover loss is in areas tightly controlled by Marine Brigade 2, a navy unit stationed on the island that has historically been accused of facilitating the illicit timber trade.

By Gerald Flynn

#News #Conservation #Environment #Cambodia #Forests

Rick Gaehl
4 days ago

Here's a picture combining two of my favourite things - trees and cycling. It was taken last month in Borthwick Copse, which is a small remnant of ancient woodland that was once part of a much larger Mediaeval hunting forest. These days, it is in the care of the National Trust.

#FatTrunkTuesday #Photography #Nature #Trees #Cycling #Conservation #Psychogeography #IsleofWight

This is in portrait format - you need to enlarge it to see the full image.

An ancient oak tree in spring, with a bike propped up at its base.
juli g pausas
4 days ago

Lots of conflicts between #biodiversity #conservation and the continuous expansion of #astronomy & #astrophysic observatories in the summit of Caldera de #Taburiente NP (La Palma, #Canary Is.). The summit is a unique ecosystem, relatively small, with lots of endemics.

Happy World Environmental Day

@ecology @plants @botany @plantscience @nature @biodiversity @conservation

Brian O'Meara
4 days ago

@ProfBatGirl eDNA is amazing. Scary with law enforcement / surveillance applications, but TREMENDOUS impacts for ecology and conservation.

Thank you for your work on this paper!

#eDNA #conservation

4 days ago

"Breeding threatened mammals in fenced, predator-free areas is a common conservation strategy in Australia. The method is designed to protect vulnerable species and breed animals for release into the wild.

But our research – involving a cute, digging mammal known as a woylie – suggests the strategy may put animals at a distinct disadvantage once they’re fending for themselves.

We found animals bred in fenced conservation areas, known as “havens”, lost traits they need to detect and escape predators. It’s likely this made them less able to survive in the wild." #science #conservation #Australia #CaptiveBreeding #animals #nature #endangered #AnimalBehaviour #rewilding #woylies #bettongs #mammals #marsupials

'Too small and carefree': endangered animals released into the wild may lack the match-fitness to evade predators

Close-up photo of a woylie, a small Australian gerbil-like marsupial, being held by a person's hands. The woylie is part inside a bag - possibly about to released back into the wild.  Woylies help improve soil health through prolific digging. Photo: Aiden Holmes
5 days ago

Researchers analyzed never-before-used satellite data to calculate how much carbon is stored in protected areas worldwide.

The Amazon Rainforest’s protected areas accounted for the highest rate of carbon stock, according to the unprecedented study.

The results can help policymakers and conservationists assess areas for protection to fight climate change — and not just forests.

from Sean Mowbray

#ClimateChange #News #Conservation #Forests #Amazon #Nature #Environment

1 week ago

Indigenous communities with land rights in Brazil’s Amazon not only curb deforestation, but better restore deforested land in their territories than the privately owned and unincorporated lands around them.

Secondary forest coverage on previously deforested lands grew 5% inside Indigenous territories with tenure over the 33-year research period. This is 23% more growth than directly outside their borders.

By Roxanne Hoorn

#News #Conservation #Environment #Indigenous

1 week ago

The Shipibo-Konibo-Xetebo peoples, living in Peru’s Ucayali department, near the border with Brazil, have created an Indigenous guard that will help patrol this part of the Amazon and protect their land and resources.

Indigenous leaders say the rainforest is being destroyed by drug trafficking, logging, oil palm plantations, oil spills, new highways, illegal fishing, and expanding Mennonite communities.

By Maxwell Radwin

#News #Conservation #Environment #Indigenous

1 week ago

To fight food insecurity and climate change, Senegal is increasingly employing a relatively new strategy for growing rice, known as the “system of rice intensification”.

Developed in Madagascar in the 1960s, this method of growing rice intentionally stresses the plants, which allows the farmer to use less water, improves soil fertility, decreases methane emissions, and, most importantly, increases yields.

By Noah Tobias

#News #Conservation #Environment #Agriculture

Ian Rose
1 week ago

It may seem like a technical detail, but the definition of "use" on Bureau of Land Management land (250 million acres in the Western US) is a big, big deal for species conservation, climate, water, and more. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and the Biden Administration essentially want to make conservation a "use", something Congressional Republicans are going to fight tooth and nail, claiming it threatens cattle ranchers.

#PublicLands #conservation #USPol #ClimateCrisis

Dezene Huber 🌻
1 week ago

There are five so-called "#garbage #patches" in the earth's oceans – areas where #currents concentrate surface and near-surface #trash (particularly #plastics).

Obligate #neustonic #organisms#animals and #plants that must live at or very near the ocean surface – also concentrate in those locations.

So what does that mean for the #ecology of this unique #biotic #community?

See Chong et al (2023) if you would like to know more.

OA 🔗:

#biodiversity #conservation

Quote from Fig. 1 heading in the paper: "Fig 1. The neustonic organisms represented in this study, based on [1].
(a) Top-down view of by-the-wind sailor Velella sp. (b) Top-down view of blue button Porpita sp. (c) Side view of Portuguese man-o-war Physalia sp. (d) Side view of violet snail Janthina sp. (e) Top-down view of the blue sea dragons Glaucus sp. Images by Denis Riek."
Alex Wild
2 weeks ago

4. But when we say "save the bees!" we are referring mostly to these many hundreds of native bees that are declining. Not honey bees, which are fine and still outnumber pretty much all the other bees now, in spite of elevated winter losses some years.

#bees #conservation

2 weeks ago

Three of Indonesia’s largest Indigenous and civil society organizations have launched a new initiative that will be first to channel climate funds directly to Indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) on the frontlines of protecting forests, restoring land and ensuring food security.

By Hans Nicholas Jong

#News #Conservation #Environment #Indonesia #Indigenous

Ele Willoughby
3 weeks ago

For #WorldTurtleDay I’m sharing my ‘Turtles all the way down’ #linocut. Made for an exhibition about #cosmology I also took the opportunity to highlight the #biodiversity of #turtles. This hint of an infinite stack includes from the top down: …

#printmaking #sciart#turtles #biodiversity #conservation #cosmology #turtlesallthewaydown #MastoArt

My linocut print of ‘Turtles all the way down.’ The blue and green globe of the Earth is on top of a never ending stack of turtles of various species against the starry background of space. This hint of an infinite stack includes from the top down: an eastern mud turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum), a red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), a black pond turtle (Geoclemys hamiltonii ), a painted batagur (Batagur borneoensis), a Oaxaca mud turtle (Kinosternon oaxacae), a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the hint of something larger.⁠ The print is on 11” x 14” beige washi paper with bark inclusions.
3 weeks ago

Increased pesticide and fertiliser use driving bird declines across Europe: #conservation #birding #birds #birdwatching #birdphotography #ornithology #UKbirding #RSPB

3 weeks ago

Mosses cover a China-size area of the globe and have a significant impact on ecosystems and climate change, according to a new study.

Soil mosses can potentially add 6.43 billion metric tons of carbon to the soil globally, an amount equivalent to the annual emissions of 2.68 billion cars.

By LizKimbrough

#News #Mosstodon #Conservation #Environment #ClimateChange #Carbon #Nature

3 weeks ago

Bangladesh has recorded the highest number of olive ridley turtle eggs this nesting season, a conservationist group says.

The species’ main nesting grounds in Bangladesh are the various small islands off the southeastern district of Cox’s Bazar in the Bay of Bengal.

By Farhana Parvin

#News #Conservation #Environment #Wildlife #Bangladesh #Turtles

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

A thousand northern spotted owls once lived among the sweeping cedars and towering Douglas firs of southwestern British Columbia’s old-growth forests. Today, only one female survives.

The owls hold deep cultural significance to First Nations, and the Spô’zêm First Nation, on whose traditional territory the last owl is found, are among those advocating for their protection and a halt to old-growth logging.

By Ruth Kamnitzer

#News #Conservation #Environment

3 weeks ago

In the early hours of May 14, Indigenous chief Lúcio Tembé was shot by two gunmen on an unpaved road in Brazil’s northern Pará state, Indigenous leaders say.

This is the latest episode of violence in an area facing an outbreak of land conflicts between a major palm oil company and local communities, the so-called “palm oil war,” as reported on by Mongabay since October.

By Karla Mendes

#News #Conservation #Environment #Indigenous #Brazil #Violence

Dr. Ruben van Treeck
4 weeks ago


The #EU Nature Restoration Law (#NRL), an ambitious, bold & much needed European (#freshwater) conservation initiative, is at risk of being thwarted. If it failed, it would set back international #nature #conservation and restoration efforts for decades! But we can re-emphasize the necessity for this incredibly important piece of legislation by signing and showing our support here:

The Conversation U.S.
4 weeks ago

A new study looks back into history to assess human impacts on the habitat of Asian #elephants and finds sharp declines starting several centuries ago.

Habitat loss has increasingly driven Asian elephants, like these foraging at a garbage dump in Sri Lanka, into human areas.

#Science #Ecology #Conservation

A herd of elephants outside a wire fence enclosing a dump

Non-profit returns 12 ha along Wallowa Lake to the Nez Perce Tribe.

#conservation #Oregon

Nate Chamberlain
1 month ago

I’m celebrating my halfway point through my #KansasCity Zoo Docent training and have decided to raise $1,909 (the zoo officially opened in 1909) for the zoo’s Foundation! 🎉

Please help me reach my goal by donating any amount you can and sharing the fundraiser. Your donation will make a huge difference in supporting the zoo’s mission to promote conservation and education.

🙏 Donate here:

#KCMO #fundraiser #fundraising #conservation #zoo #nonprofit

1 month ago

Last fall I met an #Indigenous fisherman who still fishes from wooden scaffolds as Columbia River People always have. His name's Lew.

“I would give myself to the fish when I die," he told me. "Cause everything I’ve got in my life has come from this river.”

Here's some more of our conversation, accompanied by Lew's photos of his community:

#PNW #Oregon #Washington #Fishing #Conservation #Photography

1 month ago

New research has found that a “state-of-the-art” plastic recycling facility in the U.K. could be releasing up to 75 billion microplastics per cubic meter of wastewater annually.

This amount of plastic waste accounts for about 6% of the plastic that enters the facility to be recycled, according to the study authors.

By Elizabeth Claire Alberts

#News #Conservation #Environment #Pollution #Plastic

1 month ago

A recent study found that the western and southern Amazon will struggle to survive against increasingly extended periods of drought brought on by climate change, which will reduce the areas’ ability to store carbon.

Researchers sampled more than 540 trees across 129 species at 11 separate sites in the western, central-eastern and southern Amazon, covering Brazil, Peru and Bolivia.

By Maxwell Radwin

#News #Conservation #Environment #Forest #Climatechange

Friends of Liberty Hill is a #conservation group trying to protect the namesake hill in St. Helens, #Oregon from basalt mining. The hill has large meadows and seasonal streams hosting plants and animals that are becoming more rare in Western Oregon.

#environment #Portland #pdx

Catherine Babault
1 month ago

Images from my photo book: Vancouver Island Marmot, The World’s Rarest Marmot

‘’Like Babault’s earlier book, this work is a feast for the eyes.’’ - Tom Sandborn, Vancouver Sun

Learn more and order your signed copy here:

#books #bookstodon #marmot #marmotte #conservation #nature #photography #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography #PNW #VancouverIslandWildlife

dew on a mountain plant with purple and green leaves
fog in the mountains on Vancouver Island with pine trees in the background and bushes in the foreground
adult Vancouver Island marmot resting on top of a boulder with some plants in autumn foliage on its right
Raff Karva
1 month ago

Caught this foxy friend taking a break among blooming wild leeks!

As the season brings new growth and renewal, it's a reminder of the endless wonders of nature. It's always a privilege to witness these moments of peace and tranquility in the wild..

Let's do our part to protect and preserve these precious ecosystems.

#fox #wildleeks #springtime #naturephotography #wildlife #ecosystem #conservation #outdoorphotography #naturelovers #photographylovers #natureisbeautiful

A fox sitting in a blooming wild leeks field.
Dr. Scott Ford
1 month ago

I started working with Alaska Dept Fish & Game to surgically place trackers in emperor geese in 2019. Since then, we've implanted 189 over 8 different trips, mostly to remote areas with no electricity. It's been a fun challenge with a lot of hard work by many people. Our survival rates have been phenomenal. The data collected has already taught biologists a lot about this remote species, helping to make informed decisions for conservation and for management of an important food resource for Alaska natives. Slowly, the transmitters that were designed to last 18-24 months are starting to blink off after almost 4 years of faithful service. Seeing those dots on a map, moving around, living their lives has been really cool. It's a little sad to lose touch but they've more than "earned" the chance to live the rest of their lives in privacy and peace, swallowed up in a vast wilderness where they rarely see humans. Good luck to them!
#birds #research #geese #tracking #conservation

Our team at Shemya Island in January, 2023 with the Bering Sea in the background.
Me holding an emperor goose, just before release, at Shemya Island in January, 2023. You can see the transmitter antenna protruding from the bird's tail near my left shoulder.
Me performing a transmitter implant surgery on an emperor goose in a warehouse in Kodiak, Alaska.
Dillon Jones - Biologist
1 month ago

I am blown away by how nice and helpful everyone is on here! Thank you for the very warm welcome.

I'm still figuring everything out, but here's a cluster of red eye tree #frog eggs hanging off a leaf in Belize.

If under threat from a predator, fungus, or drying out, the developing tadpoles will drop into the water below to continue their development.

I now know #hashtags are important!

#herpetology #amphibians #conservation #biology #biodiversity #scicomm

a cluster of several dozen spherical frog eggs that look like clear jelly hang from a leaf. Inside each egg is a yellow tadpole with dark eyes
1 month ago

Nice to see that rare albino Echidna spotted in Bathurst region has been left in the wild: #conservation #Australia